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Gifset: Jaime x Brienne - Traveler AU

Jaime Lannister, manager and right-hand man to the CEO of the company, his father Tywin, lives a life that goes its course almost entirely by itself. From the early beginnings of his life, he was framed to, one day, inherit his father’s “family empire.” And Jaime never bothered, really, being a natural in what it takes to fill in such a position. It just seemed like the most natural conclusion to go with the flow.

Nothing out of the ordinary happens – until it does.

A car accident right outside the family company’s office building leaves Jaime’s right hand permanently damaged. And this experience shows Jaime one thing: He didn’t witness anything exciting, anything extraordinary, and almost died not having achieved much of anything outside the family business.

At first, he is simply depressed, caves in at home, does not show up at work, is done with life. But then, perhaps by a wink of fate, Jaime finds an old map, from the last holiday he took when he was still in college, and bought himself a ticket to Lys out of the blue. He almost completely forgot over business life that this was his last actual holiday, and a good one, actually. And as he sits there, going back over some of the good old memories, Jaime has to realize that he hasn’t taken any time for himself, hasn’t traveled – beside for work – in ages.

In a cloak-and-dagger operation, Jaime buys backpack, boots, tent, and whatever else he can gather, only to wind up by the Citizens Advice Bureau first chance he has to get the papers needed. After that, Jaime takes a taxi to King’s Landing Airport and wants to board the next-best plane he can catch, much to the irritation of the woman sitting behind the counter.

When asked to where he would like to go, Jaime simply replies, “Doesn’t matter. Just away from here. So long I can fly right now, I don’t care what the location is.”

And so, Jaime finds himself walking on Dornish soil soon thereafter.

Already at the airport, as he waits for his luggage to arrive, Jaime gets one confused phone call after the other from his family members, asking him where he is.

“Dorne. What would you want to do in Dorne?!”

“Making holidays,” Jaime replies simply, again and again.

“And you couldn’t have told anyone beforehand?”

“I got the last ticket.”

“When are you going to come back?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?! But Jaime…”

“As I said, I don’t know, and my bag just arrived. I am hanging up now, bye.”

Jaime reckons that the vacation will do him good, but he soon grows dissatisfied. Doing the usual tourist routines has him rather annoyed. Even the prospect of seeing some of the most beautiful sights Dorne has to offer has Jaime shockingly little excited. He thought that this would be it, that this is what he is seeking, but… it’s not.

The realization comes to Jaime one late night, watching a travel documentary on a small TV in his hotel room: He doesn’t need vacation, he needs to travel.

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Stradivari (An Adlock x Eurus Fanfiction)

(I get waaaaay too crazy when I write fics, and switching from Irene, Eurus, and Sherlock’s characterisation here is an internal experience on its own. This is exhausting to write tbh. Should I make a blog post about it? Gaaaaaah, whatever. On to the fic!)

The wind howls intimately against the crashing waves as the helicopter touched the cold cement of the building. Sherlock turned up the collar of his coat to hide his neck from the chilling breeze, entering the confines of Sherrinford to provide company for his sister. 

It was devastating just to think that he had promised her home and yet she’s still locked up like nothing’s changed. But if there is one thing he has gotten into terms with through the years, it’s that home is not a place, but it is a sanctuary found in the arms of the people you hold dear. 

His eyebrows furrowed as soon as he heard the echoing tune from her chambers, the familiarity of the curve of the notes making him sigh. 

With her back to him, she played the theme he wrote for The Woman, her head slowly swaying to the solemnity of the music. She paused for a moment, recognising that he had entered the room, and continued playing until the edge of the last note she had heard from him when she asked him to play once before. 

“Can you teach me the rest?” Eurus said calmly, putting the violin down to her side and turning to face her brother. 

Sherlock squinted at her, trying to guard his expression. “You told me we’re playing Chopin on my next visit.”

Eurus tilted her head slightly, raising an eyebrow at her brother. “That’s way too easy. No story. No excitement. I want to know more about this.”

Taking his own violin in hand, he started to tune the strings, eyes avoiding his sister’s. 

“We both know where this is going. Just tell me and save us both the agony.” her voice had a sing-song tone to it, drawing near the glass to look at her brother closely. 

“I’ve written it a long time ago.” Sherlock muttered, plucking some of the strings. 

Eurus’ stare was boring deep into him, and he could tell that she was studying him closely. 

“Oh, I’m not interested in when. I want to know why you changed the way you play it.” 

Sherlock put down the violin to meet his sister’s eyes, reading into her knowing expression. “Did I?”

Eurus smiled. “Oh, yes. I can tell. The way your fingers caress the strings… The absolutism in every stroke of the bow… When you wrote it, it was meant to show grief, frustration… confusion.”

The older Holmes remained stoic, still waiting for his sister to conclude her own amused inquiry. 

Her eyes turned to look at his fingers against the bow, a smile creeping up her face. “Now it’s full of passion,desire, longing… How long was it then when you last slept with her before we met for the first time? A week ago? More like two… three days?”

Sherlock looked at her pointedly, sensing a challenge in his sister’s voice. He figured there was no point in arguing. “Just out of a quiver of a note?”

Eurus smiled, looking pleased with herself. “That… and the cuffmarks on your left wrist that day. I’m quite surprised Mycroft didn’t notice.”

The detective gave an amused smile. “Oh, he did. He just got caught up with everything that he failed to make a fuss about it.”

There’s a slight relief that came with the sight of Eurus’ eyes twinkling with glee, and he could already tell she wasn’t giving up the matter at hand. It was not the best idea to have her be curious of Irene Adler, but it was already a lost cause. Needless to say that even if he didn’t want to admit, Eurus somehow made it easier to talk about The Woman. 

He saw his sister walk over to her bed to reach for her violin once more, looking at him expectantly as she claimed the form to play. 

“From the beginning, then.” Sherlock commanded, holding his bow to start the melody.

With Mycroft’s request, his next visit dawned earlier, much to Eurus’ demand. 

“I can’t play it right.” the younger Holmes snapped upon the arrival of her brother. 

Sherlock studied the tense movements of his sister, amused at her rampage. “Mycroft tells me you’ve memorised the piece entirely.”

“It wasn’t complicated, Sherlock, but what I can’t accept is why it doesn’t sound right. With you it was easy to read everything into the music, hardly a difficult deduction, really, as you are already well aware… but even if I try to channel the intricacies of the emotions you weaved into playing, it doesn’t work. As I’ve said before, what’s the point if the piece being beautiful and right isn’t the same thing?” 

There was spite in her voice, as if she was given a problem she cannot solve and the situation was foreign. Sherlock could recognise the same tone, similar to a tantrum, as he was also prone to such when he finds himself blind on a case. 

Still, how does a mind surpassing Newton unable to come into terms with a mere violin piece? 

Breathing heavily after playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Sherlock could not hide his surprise upon seeing how quickly Eurus had recovered from the extraneous piece, her fingers curving once more to start what happened to be a screeching mess of notes. 

“What is it now?” he tried to hide the annoyance in his voice, but failed evidently. 

Eurus looked livid, playing an earsplitting tune that caused a violin string to snap. Sherlock looked at her, bewildered at her actions, to which her expression turned blank. 

“I would need another violin.” she said in a deadpan voice. 

Sherlock took it as a dismissal and turned to take his leave when his sister called once more, still in the same chilling voice, with another request. 

“And on your next visit, bring her.”

Eurus was not accepting any visitors unless her request was merited. 

“Oh for God’s sake! Have we really gotten to the point where family affairs and petty arguments involve bringing in national criminals in an institutionalised facility, who, by the way, are supposed to be officially dead?” Mycroft sighed, rubbing his temples in exasperation.

John couldn’t help but snort at the statement. “And this is new because…?”

Mycroft glared at the doctor, to which Sherlock laughed. The eldest Holmes darted back to look at his brother, a sour smile in his face. 

“You think this is funny, Sherlock? Who thought it was a clever idea to confuse our dear sister with matters of the heart?” Mycroft hissed. 

“You’re blaming me?” Sherlock spat back, rolling his eyes at Mycroft as if the suggestion was preposterous. 

John scoffed. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but Mycroft does have a point. You fed her this obsession, mate.”

Mycroft scorned. “Sentiment is not something she’s very familiar with, dear brother. She sees romance and love on a spectrum that is to be analysed logically — something you claim to be unfamiliar with but we all see the obvious. I believe — and hope in the heaves above — that she will come into a conclusion once she meets Irene Adler.”

The helicopter ride to Sherrinford was silent. 

Sherlock could feel Irene’s eyes trained on him curiously, but with only the information that Eurus wants to meet her, he couldn’t blame the burning look she was giving him.

“This will be interesting.” Irene mused, sliding the coat off her back before entering the room where the youngest Holmes resided. “Should I expect her to be worst than you?”

“You’ll know when you meet her.” Sherlock simply said as he followed her in. 

They saw Eurus sitting on her bed, expectant upon their arrival. Sherlock saw that his sister’s eyes were quick to scan Irene’s gait, expression turning from unreadable to purely amused.

“You exceeded my expectations.” she said bluntly, completely ignoring her brother, eyes only focused on The Woman. 

Irene gave her most intrepid smile, meeting the other woman’s challenging gaze with a spark from her own. “And that is?”

“I know you will be easy on the eyes, but I didn’t expect you would… sting.” Eurus simply replied. 

Sherlock studied the two of them, eyes piercing towards each other. It was like watching a dance on flames, and he was sure that if someone was going to get scorched, it would most likely be him. 

“I take that as a compliment. You’re not so bad yourself.” Irene addressed Eurus with a slight nod, causing the latter to narrow her eyes. 

Walking closer to the glass and still not acknowledging her brother, Eurus asked Irene to draw nearer. Sherlock wanted to protest but clearly they are lost in their own game, and he remained where he stood. 

“When you walked in, I thought the song made less sense, but seeing how my brother has been hovering nervously at the corner since you entered, I go back to where I stand.” Eurus affirmed haughtily. 

Irene grinned. “He pretends to be distant than he really is, but he’s easy to read. But I’m sure you already know that.”

Eurus looked amused. For the first time since her visitors arrived, she turned to her brother, and as quick as a whip, her voice was demanding. 

“Play it.” 

Sherlock looked affronted. “Why does it matter that much?” 

“Because I want to know why I’m wrong. I don’t like being wrong.” she said, deadpan, reaching for her violin as well.

Irene was watching in full interest, a smile playing on her lips as Sherlock rolled his eyes, giving in to the request. 

He sighed, fingers slightly trembling. He realised that he only played the piece for Irene once, a couple of years ago, the courage supplied by slight intoxication.

Taking his bow, he started, as accompanied by his sister. Halfway, he realised she stopped and left him to finish on his own, eyes fully focused on his movements, mirroring Irene’s own steady gaze. 

Lingering on the last note, Sherlock gave the bow one last stroke, before ending completely. 

Gathering his composure and trying to ignore the heat rising up his neck upon meeting Irene’s eyes, he turned to his sister. 

“Well?” he asked, trying to sound nonchalant. 

Eurus pursed her lips slightly, before giving him a nod. “Interesting… I need to rest. You may leave.”

Irene raised her eyebrows in amusement, walking towards Sherlock. “Pleasure to meet you.” 

Instead of replying, the youngest Holmes took her violin in hand and started to play Paganini Caprice No. 1 with brevity.

“Until my next visit, Eurus.” Sherlock breathed before heading out. 

To his surprise, Eurus abruptly stopped in the middle of playing, sniping a remark at both him and Irene before she continued to play as if nothing happened. 

“Judging by the tension, I suggest you take the third room three corridors from here. I assure you it’ll be free from disturbance. ‘Til next time, Sherlock, Ms. Adler.”

“You didn’t take my advice. Was it easier to have sex in your flat? I assume the landlady wasn’t very happy about the creaking floors.” Eurus stated bluntly after finishing another piece from Bach. 

Sherlock let out a sigh, expecting his sister’s comments were long overdue ever since he arrived. 

“So, Eurus, what was your experiment about?” he asked, also curious about the conclusions her sister drew from the brief encounter with Irene. 

He saw her studying him, as if he was nothing more than a specimen for her to dissect. “I won’t play it anymore. Only you can play it. You make it beautiful. I can only play it right.”

“I thought you believe the two has to be the same thing?” Sherlock mused. 

“You proved me wrong. It was a song only you can play because you play it for her. I can’t play it because I don’t see her like you see her, and clearly romance or whatever is it you have with her is not something I’m akin to. But for all graciousness, and as I am fond of you, dear brother, then I would not butcher the song you obviously hold so dear.” 

Eurus recited the words as if it was a monologue she was merely reading, but Sherlock figured it was as sincere as she could get. 

“I… ah… thank you.” was all he managed to say. 

“Oh, but one last thing Sherlock.” Eurus noted.

Sherlock’s brow furrowed, wondering what could it possibly be at this point. 

“I’d like Irene to be my Christmas present. 5 minutes of unsupervised conversation would do.”

Familiar, popular settings circled around with new variations: Derek as a talented musician, a dedicated college student, and a man with more feelings - about his family, relationships, his sexuality, his future - than he knew what to do with. The strength of these new stories demonstrated that fandom was alive and well, constantly stretching into beautifully heart-wrenching territory.

House of Gold | horchatita394, weathervaanes, wishingonalightningbolt | 51,812 | Explicit | Sterek | 7 July 2015 - 12 July 2015

Derek, Isaac, Boyd, Erica, and Malia make up pop/rock/whatever-the-hell-we-wanna-play band, Side A/Side B. Erica, on a night off, “discovers” Stiles Stilinski playing in a packed bar in San Francisco. It’s pretty fair to say she changes his life.


“So,” Erica says, dropping down onto one of the empty plush arm chairs. Isaac and Boyd are inhabiting two others, and the fourth is empty, Derek standing in front of it with his arms crossed. “Did Malia show you the video?”

“I did,” Malia says, kicking her foot out to nudge Derek’s thigh. “He liked it, didn’t you, Der?”

“It was fine. But you,” he says, pointing at her like she’s about to get grounded, “aren’t a scout. Is this Peter? Did he put you up to this?”

Something Missing | @billtheradish | 40,840 | Mature | Sterek | 13 July 2015

“There’s–always been something wrong, I think. Or maybe it just started in middle school. I don’t know.” That was when he’d started noticing, at least. He already knew he was different, wasn’t human. Had to keep track of what everyone else was doing anyway so he could fake it, if he had to. He just didn’t know what to do when he realized he was faking something his sisters hadn’t had to. “I just know I’m not–haven’t ever–wanted. People. Like that.”

Just to See You Again | MellytheHun ( @loserchildhotpants ) | 14,842 | Explicit | Sterek | 14 July 2015

A sterek college!AU where writing student Stiles specializes in love letters, runs a blog about it and can be commissioned to write love letters on behalf of lovers who are at a loss for words.

He makes some cash, he’s good at what he does (especially when he gets to be a little more explicit in his letters), it pays for his textbooks and that’s all he’s really looking for and life is fine. That is, until someone anonymously commissions him to write a love letter to mathematics student, Derek Hale.

i could never find the words | stilinski ( @obroech ) | 2,821 | Teen | Sterek | 14 July 2015

Stiles scoops up the food before Scott can get any ideas. “I talked to Derek for almost six hours straight this morning,” he says. “I’m having an internal crisis.”

There’s a pause, and then: “Finally gonna admit you want to tap that?”

Shared Canvases | @butyoureyessaidyes | 18,167 | Teen | Sterek | 15 July 2015

Apparently, Derek is being stalked by a renegade graffiti activist.

Or the college AU where Derek is a serious art student, and Stiles is the graffiti artist ruining his life (until he’s not).

After The Storm | @matildajones | 41,357 | Mature | Sterek | 13 July 2015 - 15 July 2015

Derek’s mind flits to Stiles’ face. It’s a hard face to forget and for some reason Stiles is one of the only things Derek can think about without feeling like he’s lost something.

Erica grins. “When are you going to see him next?”

“He’s a cop,” Derek says gruffly.


Derek remembers being at the station, he remembers all those fucking people who thought he had killed his own sister. Laura. He hates all of them, and says as much aloud.

Erica hums. “Sounded like you didn’t hate him.”

Dealing with the death of his sister, Derek spends most of his time helping out his family. He meets Stiles and as soon as Derek’s willing to admit his attraction towards him, he discovers that Stiles is dealing with his own problems at work. He needs help - help that Derek’s all too willing to give. There’s something about Derek with his strange, glowing eyes and quick ability to heal that makes Stiles trust him when maybe he shouldn’t.

Drinking Games | bibliosexual ( @bibliosexualll ) | 1,967 | Teen | Sterek | 17 July 2015

The day Jennifer dumps Derek very publicly in Starbucks, he goes back to the apartment and gets very drunk.

Stiles gets drunk with him, in brotherly solidarity. He would bet one hundred dollars and his vintage Elvis poster that Derek’s never been drunk before. No way is he leaving Derek to do it on his own.

Also, he may be just a tad bit curious what Derek is like when he’s not entirely sober.

There’s also the very important consideration that if Stiles doesn’t get wasted right now, he’s going to do something even stupider, like go murder somebody. Somebody whose name starts with “J” and ends with “ennifer” and who dumped Derek. Who even doesthat? It’s Derek.

Derek Hale’s Guide to Proper Train Etiquette | kitsunequeen ( @stilesbansheequeen ) | 1,385 | Gen | Sterek | 22 July 2015

“you took the train seat I always sit in and refused to move, so I sat on your lap and now we’re both too annoyed and awkwardly turned on to move” au


Stiles pulls out his own phone and actually starts texting somebody, and for whatever reason, that’s what offends Derek.

“What’re you doing?” he demands.


“On my lap?”

“What do you want me to do? Hold a conversation with you? Tell you what I want for Christmas?”

Instead of being a normal person and saying, ‘I want you to get the hell off of me,’ Derek’s mouth decides, completely of its own accord, to say, “Well, it would be polite.”

At the Heart of the Matter | @notenuffcaffeine | 2646 | Not Rated | Sterek | 24 July 2015

Derek makes the choice to leave after Mexico and that choice wasn’t all about the Desert Wolf. The problem is that nobody ever wants to just say what they mean or say what they want. It leads to missed chances and frustration. Stiles has to live with it.

Corruptible Mortals and Monsters | Surreal | 10,316 | Mature | Sterek | 24 July 2015

The sheriff and Derek are spending more and more time together and Stiles begins to feel left out. Meanwhile, people are starting to go missing around town.

/Rules Whilst in the Laboratory~/

Fast Mun Note:

//Not a rule, but I’ma start this off real quick with credit to@doc-rick-a106 for the permission to use their lovely Doc art as a mun faceclaim. Their art, as well as Justin Roiland’s (creator of the Doc and Mharti pilot/Rick and Morty) will be used to represent as a visual for Number 22 (munny me!!)

//I do not claim this to be my art nor my character in any way shape or form, though I do heavily suggest you go ahead and check out that Doc blog linked above, as too, you support Justin Roiland in any way possible!! They’re both wonderful people who deserve all the love!

//With that said and out of the way, let us begin with the lab’s rules!!

1. Best to Stay Out of the Lab..

An important thing to keep in mind before making a starter or sending in an ask of sorts. It’s just something that’s very important on this blog:

Click here please!

Regarding this issue, your muse in NO WAY should know of Dexter’s laboratory. Those who DO know of it, like Dexter or his sister for examples, tend to keep a really good secret of the entire thing. Its not something you know about on demande just because you meet/talk/ or even know of him.

That’s like deadnaming Mandark and calling him Susan even if he’s never told you about his actual name. No difference when it comes to the lab and Dexter.

Now an exception of this is when you ask a question that doesn’t relate or lead into a thread, because, on this blog, the asks are non-canon to Dexter or his stories, so leaving little comments about it is completely fine.

If you happen to “ enter the lab “ or “ say something about it “ during a thread, and we have not plotted on something like this, nor has Dexter accidentally revealed or told you about it, I, as the mun, will ask you to edit your reply so it may fit differently, and if it continues after I’ve asked, then the thread will be dropped.

I deeply apologize if this seems harsh in any way, but these occurrences have happened a lot more often than they really should – trust me. This is for Dexter’s and My comfort.

Please keep all that in mind with starters, plots, and, things.

2. NSFW – Not Just Smut Ladies and Gentlerobots!

Obviously, since the main muse of this blog is a child, nothing of smut will appear here – ever. Even on the off chance that we’re using his adult verse, I still won’t do it, sex ‘n things just ain’t my thing

Any advances to do anything sexual towards my muse here, regardless of which verse I’m using, will guarantee you a blocking with no hesitation.

Now then, while smut is off of the table, blood and gore may be present and is welcomed to this blog!! I am a HUGE fan of angst and will be more than willing to plot/write it out with people who are just as willing! 

–But rest assured, those who are not a fan of gorey things, they will be tagged accordingly: tw; gore, tw; blood – ect!~ Let me know if you need anything especially tagged, and I will do it! Its all about our comfort, everybody.~

3. Relationships with a Dork?? It’s More Likely Than You Think!!

–Rolling from one topic to another~ While smut won’t be tolerated, platonic shipping of any kind is definitely allowed here! 

Though it’s important to keep in mind that Dexter is not the kind of child, like most his age, who falls or gets along with just anyone; he’s a very, VERY picky child when it comes to stuff like that. 

Please don’t be too upset if he doesn’t click with your muse right away, if at all! Its all about how he feels!!

But if you would ever like to establish a relationship between our muses, whether it be crushing, one thinks of the other like family, or, something like that, don’t hesitate to discuss it with me! I love shipping, one way or another, as long as everything’s accepted by the other mun!

And hey!! For those little crushes that Dexter may develop, this blog is multiship! Meaning, that there’s a possibility that, with each love my boy finds, these are in separate timelines - just so no one thinks there’s any ‘ cheating ‘ going on.

4. Gotta Keep a Schedule Going in the Lab..

This really shouldn’t be a rule, but PLEASE don’t harass the mun/me if I can’t pick up your roleplay/ask/starter/ect. right away. I’m not always answering things and I’m not always on Tumblr. 

There’s a person behind the screen, remember that, I have a life outside of this website, so its very likely possible, due to where my interest may lie, that your reply could be delayed for awhile – though I am trying to be a bit quicker with them in general. 

I request that you don’t constantly remind me about whatever you’d like me to respond to, either. It can make me lose interest in whatever it is, fairly quickly and will more than likely result in me dropping it altogether.

But!! If you at all think I may have forgotten about whatever you may have sent me, please wait at least a week before reminding me, I will try to reply asap and thank you for the reminder!

All I ask of you guys is to be patient with me~

5. Not Mutuals Only.. Yet.

I may not be mutual exclusive as a roleplayer, but I am very selective with who I follow and choose to interact with – nearly is the mun as picky as her muse.

Be But!! I will try to give anyone and everyone a chance to interact at a point.

With that said, if you’re ever interested, don’t ever hesitate to hit me up on the IM system or the ask box if you’d like to plot something out, I’m all about the plot! –Or if anything, tag or send me a starter! I’ll be sure to look it over and reply if I’m really interested, which more often than not, I am~

6. Mun Doesn’t Equal Muse: A Simple Equation

Should this be considered a rule?? Mun obviously doesn’t equal the muse just as the muse doesn’t equal the mun.

Dexter can do some questionable, rude, even downright stupid things at times, if not all the time. Whatever he does, its his own actions, and I, as the Mun, do not condone, would ever do, recommend doing, fetishize, or, romanticize all that he does.

This is basic sense when it comes to roleplaying so..??

7. A Preference in Writing

With writing in roleplays, I tend to mostly write novellas and multi-paras, if you don’t write like this, that’s completely fine! I can type A LOT so I don’t expect everyone and anyone to write an entire book to keep up with me. Just give me something to work with and we’re all good!

I also don’t expect everyone to have a fancy set up when they write, but I typically don’t interact with blogs that never use proper grammar (little mistakes are fine, we’re all human), or write with script, which is basically this:

Dexter: *gives Dee Dee a box* here you go sister!

It’s completely fine if you write like this, but I will be very hesitant to interact; it just doesn’t sit well with me and feels cluttered, even if it doesn’t look like it, y’know what I mean?


Dexter is really supposed to be the only muse of this blog, but Dee Dee may tend to interact and interrupt interactions to keep the plot going, or because someone may want to meet her. 

But she is not someone you can directly interact with, without Dexter being the main one involved, you can ask her stuff but other than that..– It is also by pure chance or by special request that she could appear.

–Just something to keep in mind when Dee Dee occasionally pops onto the blog!~

9. Personals OH THE PERSONALS–

Personals are welcome to follow, and even send in questions. But I ask that you don’t reblog my arts, unless they’re not made for someone in particular, and don’t reblog headcanons – drabbles, and stuff that’s made SPECIFICALLY for THIS blog. If you do this, you could easily risk yourself a blocking.

–I also don’t interact with them, RP wise. Sorry!!

 Final Note + Thanks for Reading!

~Overall, just have fun on this wacky thing I call a roleplay blog!! Thank you so much for reading these rules, and I look forward with interacting with you all in the future!

One last thing~ If you did read these rules, would you mind please liking this post or letting me know that you did? It’d make me happier than Mandark scoring a date with Dee Dee!~ Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!!~

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A Series of Completely Incoherent Thoughts about The Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy (Shigeru Miyamoto & Takashi Tezuka, 1986)

I told myself I’d write this before the Switch and Breath of the Wild came out. And I told myself I’d start as soon as I’d finished the game. So of course I had to finish it on The Dawn of The Last Day. Of course.

I wanted to outline. I wanted to make illustrations. I wanted this to be something I could look back on and smile at. But never mind. Let’s just do it. I know this is is going to have a terrifying word count for something written in a single day, so I’m just hammering away here. I hope whatever it is about the game that’s worth talking about manages to shine through nonetheless.


The last time I mentioned the original Legend of Zelda on my blog was…wait, let me check…okay, yep, it was a year ago. That was when I was actively playing it. I’d stopped in the time since, and I came back to it in recent weeks after a long break.

It was a very long break, and the countryside was vast and elaborate, and I had little in the way of a map, just a blinking green dot to give me my relative location, and given all this, you might expect me to spend my first few minutes back in the game ambling awkwardly about, confused and disoriented.

My first few minutes in the game, I had a nice walk along the beach, followed it up to the place where the shore met the mountains. I didn’t stumble. I didn’t even trip up. I might as well have been picking up from yesterday’s session.

That’s a nice feeling. It’s a lot like coming back to your hometown, right? It’s new, but it’s not. I missed this place. And I missed my map.


I made a map of the Hylian countryside.

It’s not a very good map. It’s colorless, its grid is lopsided. It’s battered, and you can see the white-out. It’s not even finished. But it helps.

It helps you figure out where you are and where you should be going, of course, since the game doesn’t give you a map to work with. But it also helps in other ways.

It helps the place take shape. Once you get a bird’s eye view, and you can look at the game’s stage in its totality, beyond the little snippets of scenery it manages to cram onto your screen, you start to notice things. Like how those randomly placed shorelines are actually the edges of a lake. Or the way you can guess which general area might be hiding that last hidden dungeon because come to think of it, you’ve already looked everywhere else.

Or how big the graveyard is.


In developing The Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto drew heavily on memories of his own childhood hikes through the wilderness surrounding his old home in Sonobe, Japan.

The Legend of Zelda is, essentially, a hiking simulator. This is an idea would, put in these exact terms, most likely cause revulsion in people already ambivalent ambivalent about technology. Is this what we’ve come to? Why play a hiking simulator? Why not just go outside?

To that, I would say that asking why somebody would play Zelda when they could just go outside is exactly like asking why somebody would travel halfway around the world to see a painting about a boxing match when they could just punch somebody out themselves, and think I’ve said all I need to say about that.


…Actually, wait, no, I’m not done. Because this is a TERRIBLE way to view art. The Great Outdoors is wonderful and all that, I agree. And I’m not being sarcastic, really, I agree. But if you’re asking me why I’m playing Miyamoto’s hiking simulator, it’s because it’s not just any hike the same way Dempsey and Firpo is not just any boxing match. Zelda is Miyamoto’s hike. It’s hiking as he saw it. It’s hiking as viewed through the eyes of this wide-eyed child who made his own toys out of wood and string and found a lake or a cave after stumbling through the woods without a map and thought it was this fantastic, mysterious thing where other people might just worry if they were going to be home in time for dinner and got lost in a maze of sliding doors and actually found that fascinating and dizzy and dazzling and not frustrating and this is why all the rooms in all the dungeons look almost alike and this might be even more emblematic of what the game is because who the heck pays attention to sliding doors anyway?

Who pays attention to any of it, really?

Zelda is hiking through the eyes of somebody saw mystery and adventure in the kind of scenery that we would often ignore. Like sliding doors. Somebody who saw beauty in the kinds of space that for most of us are things to get through so that we can get to someplace else. And it tries to make us see things his way. You can’t treat Hyrule like something to get through so you can get to someplace else because the game won’t let you play it like that. You have to invest yourself in it, know every corner of it, if you want to get anywhere at all.

So then it’s a game about the re-enchantment of the mundane. It’s this clever way of saying that the world, your world, is as mysterious as you want to make it, so don’t take it for granted, and that’s easily the closest thing to a bonafide artist mindset that I’ve ever seen Miyamoto willingly, knowingly, take on. I mean, it’s also the closest thing to a bonafide artistic mindset that he’s ever tolerated out of anybody, but that’s a rant for another day.


The composer of the score for this game, Koji Kondo, had wanted to use classical music for the opening of the game. He’d been using a lot of classic music back then; Devil World opened with the “Nutcracker March”, and The Mysterious Murasame Castle closed with Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, among other examples. This time around, he’d sprung for Ravel’s Bolero as the title theme to this game.

I don’t blame him. Bolero sounds perfect for this game, for a march into unknown, forbidding and yet beautiful wilderness. It even suits the broad arc of a Zelda session, from beginning to end, though he was obviously never going to employ the entire song. You set off at the first minute; You’re fighting for your life, worn and outnumbered but still pressing onward, by the 8:46 mark. Pressing onward and onward, ever more drained by battle, into ever more treacherous territory, more hot water. It’s boiling by the time we get to the midway point of the 13th minute.

And what does the fourteenth minute represent? Maybe a dungeon, maybe a fairy. Maybe both.

Maybe a lake. Maybe a cave.

Some of you might know how the story goes from here: Koji Kondo, we find, for legal reasons, cannot use Bolero, and so he must make a song of his own. Many people correctly place this point as the origin of the title theme to The Legend of Zelda, a piece which is, in my opinion, one of his best. However, I have also seen people conclude the overworld theme sprung from this, perhaps in an attempt to hammer home what a convenient coincidence not being able to use Bolero was. What’s more likely is that the overworld theme came first, and inspired the title theme, as we now have access to prototypes in which the overworld theme is in place but the title screen is silent.

I’m fairly sure that in the end, whether Bolero was secured or not, the song you hear while ambling about Hyrule would have survived intact. Still, I’m glad Kondo went with the title theme that he did, because it’s an even better fit for the game, as it has one advantage that Bolero does not:

It’s sad. Sadder, anyway.


I’d always figured something horrible must’ve happened to Hyrule in its past. It’s not the typical JRPG high fantasy realm of its day, with towns and a king and official guards and a sense of civilization. It feels like they were going for the generic Dungeons and Dragons aesthetic that was practically mandatory in ‘80s RPG videogames, save for those you weren’t headed to the far future instead (I remember hearing somewhere that Tezuka was into Lord of the Rings and that Death Mountain is totally Mount Doom), but they couldn’t commit, because they had too many other things they wanted to more, which is to say that they had better things to do. And that’s not to say it isn’t full of RPG Maker cliches like slimes and dragons and evil wizards and princesses and so on and so forth, because it is. But honestly? That’s not what you remember about the place. It’s definitely not what I remembered.

What I remembered was scenes like this:

This is the graveyard, the Hylian Necropolis. I remember it because it takes a big, a disconcertingly big chunk of the map, and it’s like, six full screens of nothing but gravestones, preceded by a small clearing in the woods with trees the color of wine.

You know what else I remember? These guys:

*plays Laputa music*

Officially, they’re called Armos. I called them Sentinels. I first found them in a secluded alcove on the northwestern shore of the lake. Six of them, brown with rust, in two neat little rows of three across. You touch one of them, and it either wakes up and starts marching around like it only fell asleep yesterday or it goes completely berserk and flies at you like there’s a war going on, like you were whatever it was supposed to be fighting when it and its comrades got into formation, and you hack at it until it blows up and you’re left not knowing any more about it than you did at the start, other than that it bleeds.

And otherwise? They just stand there, in those neat little rows. And you know that they’re not arranged like that to provide challenge, or to teach you anything, or for any “level design” reason. You know, you can already guess I’m sure, that the reason they were arranged that way is so that you could ask why they were arranged that way.

So like I was saying, once you have a map, you start to see things. And even though you can find these guys all over the place, you notice, eventually, that most of them are clustered in one single area, in a line that extends over a few screens, going straight down the side of Death Mountain. Not at the top, not at the bottom, just halfway through, and that’s where they froze.

Hyrule Classic leaves a lot to your imagination, and most of it? Not pretty. Monsters roam the overworld while people hide in caves and secret houses under bushes and rocks and gravestones. Everybody’s underground now. Rock, desert and sand abounds. And you spend enough time among this wreckage, you take a good long hard look at it, and it starts to gnaw at you, and it slowly dawns on you that Oh my goodness this is place is a wasteland. It’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

There are more gravestones than there are humans. I know. I’ve counted. Fuck.

But it’s also the place where you have your Happy Nature Hike, and that’s the best part, that this place is green in as many places as it is brown or gray, that it’s death and liveliness at the same time, that it’s tragic and pastoral at the same time and that matters sooo much more to a setting’s sense of identity and originality than whether it’s an Ice World or a Desert World or a Water World or whether or not anybody has pointy ears or not.

So you can imagine my squeals of delight at this:

Originally posted by zeldasisland

Holy Hell, they remembered.


You know what else I remember? I remember the woods themselves, because of that one screen where the exits would loop back over and trap you in there, and you just keep going straight because you’re that if you loop enough times something good will happen, and nothing happens, and this would be the perfect place to see a skeleton on the ground.

I also remember the kind old lady I asked for advice, because she was actually kind of a jerk? And wants you to pay her for info? Because in this lawless land it’s everyone for themselves, I guess? And you go back out into the woods, and you grind, and you pay her the maximum you can pay, and you know what she says?

Moments like these don’t ever really leave your mind.

That’s why you don’t really notice the bland coat of paint slapped onto the world. Because it really is just a coat of paint, a coat of paint for this wildly quirky set of people places and things. Eventually, fifty Rupees later, you get the information you need out of her, and you learn the path to trace through the looping woods such that you break the loop and end up in the clearing I just talked about, the entrance to the graveyard.

And I remember that moment most of all, because I wasn’t sure if it would work, until it did.


“I wasn’t sure if it would work, until it did”, sums up a good deal of what it’s like to explore in Zelda. There aren’t any cracked walls or floors, no tells to giveaway that anything you try will definitely work, and that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a logic to the way that dungeons are laid out and treasures hidden, just that logic is your only tool. To spend the game trying to outwit the designers, to get into their heads. Alternatively, it’s abstract pattern recognition, with an uncertainty stemming from the fact that the patterns are more abstract than usual. You can push some blocks, so maybe a block in this ordinary-seeming room is pushable. There are rooms on the map that I haven’t been in, but I’ve gone through all the doors, so maybe this wall is fake. There are no doors on this overworld screen, so maybe one of the rock walls is bombable or the the bush burnable.

Maybe. That’s the best you’ll ever be able to reassure yourself in cases like these, because like I said, you can’t see it, you can’t know for sure. And you’ll poke around at a bunch of walls and rooms and blocks and bushes and find nothing, too, for a long time sometimes, and all of this is why whenever you do find something, even if you think you know you’re going to find it, even if you’ve exhausted every other hiding place, even if there’s no other way it could’ve worked out, it still catches you by surprise and that song still throws you off.

But a huge part of the reason why it works is that Hyrule, as big as it might have seemed in 1986, is relatively compact all things considered, so you can actually go out and try to light up every tree in the forest and not get tired because the world isn’t too big for you look carefully and slowly and patiently under every stone. The brought in cracked walls in A Link to the Past precisely because the world had gotten so huge that this wasn’t feasible. And that does make me worry about Breath of the Wild, somewhere way in the back of my head, seeing as they’ve gone from a world inspired by Kyoto to a world the size of Kyoto. But only in the back. Maybe I should worry more, I dunno.


I can say that one reason I’m not more worried is because of an interview I stumbled across on a YouTube walk where Eiji Aonuma mentioned that they started development the same way that they did with the first game, by placing Link in an empty field and continuously throwing items and features into this playground to see what stuck. Breath of the Wild wasn’t made with a clear ending in mind. It’s more of an elaborate doodle, this team constantly experimenting to see how we can bring out that feeling. And it’s not going to happen the same way, but it doesn’t have to. That’s what we learned from Zelda 2.


Fighting in this game is like fighting with tiny swords you hold with chopsticks. Which is a complement. 


That said, it has a different pace overall from a game like Super Mario Bros, which it was designed to be the polar opposite of, or even a game like The Tower of Druaga, which it ripped so many things from, broad strokes of the combat system included.

To put it one way, Super Mario Bros. is a game to play with popcorn, while The Legend of Zelda is a game to play with a cup of tea and a map.

Which is, coincidentally, part of the description for STRAWBERRY CUBES.

Not at first, and not always, but eventually. This is especially true late in the game when you’re finding more important things less of the time. I spent a lot of my final sessions just poking around, trying to keep track of where I had and hadn’t been. At that point, with most of the items and no reason to feel threatened by overworld foes, the game became very relaxed. That was when I started bringing tea. That was also when I felt the most that I understood what was meant when Miyamoto said that he was trying to produce a “miniature garden” that you could fit in your dresser.


I have a map, and if you saw it you might notice that some of the places on it have names. Generally, they’re goofy names. Demon Bay. Pandora River. Hideaway Beach. But I guess that was just what happened after I spent enough time going down the same routes over and over again.

Everything in that game, from the action to the visual design, is designed to bring you to that point, that point where you start naming places or mythologizing about its statues, the point where this garden, for all its roving bands of monsters and the whiff of disaster in its air, starts to feel as comfy as home.


Couldn’t finish in time. I wonder what Tevis Thompson thinks of Breath of the Wild.

rustedrobonerd  asked:

hiya~ just passing by and thinking about reaper76 (no reader insert) and their pretended marriage au 😏 whatcha' thinking 'bout that love? p.s. just wanted to tell you that your writing always bring smile on my face, the way you have with words captivated me from your first posts and i don't think i will ever forget your style (just really love your humour the jokes in it work every time) (although i find your blog only when you started writing overwatch fics i wish i found you sooner)

(my jokes work, thank god. You have no idea how long I’ve been chewing on that one, waiting for someone to tell me if my attempts at humour land. This really made my day <3

Also Fake Marriage, yes pleas.
Because just, hnnngh. Gabe more or less reluctantly teaming up with Overwatch after it turns out he’s been set up/lots of misunderstandings/shenanigans. But he and Jack have been drifting apart for so long and even though both technically know they’ve been played out against each other, knowing it and acting accordingly are two very different things. 
They fight, they argue, they can’t stand being in the same room and it’s worse because both remember they used to be inseparable.

So, shit happens and they have to pretend to love each other. They have to dig deep under all the baggage to find that affection they used to hold for each other, and what’s scary is that it’s easy.
The first morning Gabriel shovels six spoon fulls of sugar into his coffee cup, hesitates, then just upends the whole damn sugar bowl into his coffee, Jack doesn’t have a problem hugging him from behind and kissing him good morning.
And when Jack loses horribly at some video game because he’s too busy admiring the scenery (”look at those trees, Gabe, they’re all handcrafted. Every one of them. Look at the trees.” “Will you please look at the giant venomous spider instead?”) Gabriel laughs like he hasn’t in ages.

I will go down with that trope tbh, and because I have no restraint, I wrote just under 2k words which may or may not be the beginning of a multichapter fic I’ll be putting on AO3.

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Podcasts & Style/Substance

I must share to you readers that I am in the middle of a very much expected but somewhat rough decision at the moment. After about six or more years of having the same black Toshiba laptop that has stored information from middle school crossover fanfiction to job resumes to questionable png files, I’m afraid it has officially kicked the bucket or at least fallen into some kind of cybernetic limbo. 

After one faithful day when it gave itself one less kick to grant me the privilege of finishing Miss Koboyashi’s Dragon Maid and was forced onto an infinite black screen for all eternity, it dawned on me that my little pal that has been my partner in blogging for years just couldn’t pull through the strength anymore. 

It was an old, busted thing by now-touch pad now replaced by a wireless mouse, brown-gray dust permanently caked onto the screen and in between the keyboard from lord knows wear, a severe lag that regularly musters an effort to keep my video files and word documents secure as I mindlessly surf the internet, and a battery that kept my computer at a pathetic half way point that threatened to undo all of my current progress if a passing dog were to trip the wire at the slightest. 

Little Tobi (as I called them) was a good friend and I will dearly miss them and the disposable information I will lose from letting it rot in the bottom of my bed for now. I write this now from my mother’s laptop as I secretly plan out my next move. 

The likely preceding from here is that I have plans to buy a new laptop to continue my work, to which you are entirely right. I am already aware that the simple black Toshiba with its decent screen size and functional keyboard are all I need for a few extra years of blogging and book pitches, but it’s so…boring. 

Beyond my desktop customization, there’s not much to old Tobi that really sparked the imagination of what kind of person I am and what business I have with a laptop from the get-go. To any passerby I could easily be an accountant or an overworked college student grinding through an essay. 

It’s a bland but perfectly usable piece of machinery that has done me no wrong for years, and yet I find myself eager to pursue something different. Something more pink.

I am set for my next laptop to be a pink one and my itchy buying finger might just make that happen before the summer ends. And my strong, personal desire for every item within my reach to be pink-or something related to pink-tends to skew my idea about features and actual quality. 

My sights have been set on a smaller computer with less memory and detachable keyboard for about a week and I am so very close to just finalizing the deal without anyone else’s input because…it’s pink. And I like pink.

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The In-Depth Play-by-play of Our David Duchovny Experience That You Never Asked For, and Didn’t Know You Needed

Written by: Liz @2momsmakearight, and Kris @kateyes224

We really hope you find this an entertaining as we did…because we think we’re hysterical. (It’s long, but worth it)


Liz:  Where to begin? I never thought the story of our collective deaths would revolve around David Duchovny. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, really, given the amount of times I’ve died on Tumblr… See…there’s those hyperbole’s we’ve talked about. “Slay me with a toothpick…”

 Kris: “FLING ME INTO THE SUN."  "FUCK MY ENTIRE ASS” is my personal favorite.

 Liz: Anyway… What time did we wake up again? The ass-crack of dawn? 

 Kris:  Too early.  Especially considering I didn’t sleep whatsoever the night before.

 Liz: No, there was no sleeping… We shared an air mattress, which could be a post entirely of its own, really. There was no sleeping. It was still dark when we left your friend’s house. But THANK GOD you got to shave your legs…

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"Let it go" but what to let go?

When you’re in a separation with your Twin Flame, you’ll often find this advice (which keeps repeating on many websites) - ‘let go’. But what does it mean? Should you give up on your TF? Never! (unless you’re trying to force someone to be your TF while they are not, things are easy to detect for both). If he or she is your real Twin Flame however, you will never 'get rid’ or 'let go’ of them, because the bond you share which connects your minds and hearts is unbreakable.

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witch au

last week i got bored on the busride home and i accidentally came up with this whole universe to place a tfc au in. i dont have time to write anything for it at the moment but here are all my thoughts from that night as well as a few additions i made while talking to my tfc squad about it , all mashed up in a big messy post!! 

(I’ll also make a tag for it on my blog, so if i’ll ever add something to it it’ll be in the ‘tfc witch au’ tag on my blog xx)

  • i got the idea from my friend talking about the part where neil calls the ravens a cult
  •  because they are. a dark magic/ necromancer cult
  • idek if this au has exy
  • maybe its more quidditch than exy who knows
  • kevin can be his ultimate oliver wood self
  • EDIT: exy here is some kind of dueling-sport-magic thing
  • anyways so the ravens are part of the dark magic part of society, while the trojans are the embodiment of the white magic part
  • the two different kinds are distinguished by marks on their skin, not unlike tattoos, usually on their arms
  • the foxes take in rejects from both sides, they come to call their kind of magic grey magic  or neutral because they have influences from both sides (which makes them pretty strong once they get over differences etc) (which is why the Trojans pick it up)
  • wymack himself is a “bastard” so to speak (mixed, his father was a dark wizard, his mother a white witch)
  • Abby is a healer. she never developed special magic abilities but knows her way around simple spells, potions and plants
  • kevin grew up around the ravens but, due to his mother and paternal grandmother ,has a draw to white magic. he’s determined to master both sides and be the Best Like No One Ever Was
  •  now with kayleigh it was complicated. she was something that happens only about once in a few centuries - a white witch born to a family of dark wizards.
  • she never had prejudice against either side and never planned to act upon her magical abilities until she met tetsuji
  • kayleigh lived undercover as a dark witch, which is important bc dark wizards of high prestige like the moriyams wouldn’t have anything to do with a random white witch
  • and idk together they make this special magic fight sport thingy and they call it exy
  • the monsters come from a relatively powerless white clan, influenced partly by south american techniques (such as nicky’s family)
  • aaron turned out, well,like a minyard, “normal”, he thrives to become something like abby, a healer, he wants to use his limited powers to help others, so endearing.
  • but andrew
  • oh andrew
  • this is probably a common thing with twins and maybe they were born on a blood moon or sth anyways, andrews mark was completely fucked up when he was born
  •  it was neither dark or white magic, it was something entirely new, powerful
  • and tilda gave him away because of it
  • the thing is, , their father,let’s call him killian, was a bastard too. and since its becoming more and more common magic evolution is doing its thing and andrew is infact one of the first actually “grey” or “neutral” or whatever you wanna call it wizards
  • which is why he gets this special potion/medication/spell stuff to keep him at bay and why he spent a good part of his teenage years trying to get,,,rid of the marks on his arms by creating more marks. eventually he just sticked to the armbands to cover them up
  • it was not only magic evolution though, but also kilians doing. he planned it all to have andrew as his very own powerful soldier (or rather, weapon) and to overthrow the (magic) government. he didn’t take two things into account: 
  1.  the kid that you abandoned 19 years ago isn’t all too pleased with your plans of using him for world domination
  2.  your other kid that you abandoned 19 years ago and that never even had a place in your plans is not all too pleased with any of your doings and will kick your ass (Aaron is the one that kills Kilian in the end, you can be sure of it)
  •  neil was born to a dark clan but during their years on the run he and his mother usually relied on the most simple spells/none at all which is why he poses as a noma (non-magical) (note: i had no idea that jk rowling used nomag for american muggles. all i know is that i came up with noma in 2 seconds while sleep deprived and i’m kinda disappointed in jo’s creativity)
  • thats one of his big secrets, that he is actually capable of the most powerful dark magic WHOUPS
  • his mark is probably covered in scars by the point he comes to palmetto
  • BUT
  • its some dramatic fight thing with the ravens and neil needs to step up and be the angsty dramatic protagonist he is and he does this really complicated and powerful spell and his scars just begin to glow in the colour of his mark
  •  like avatar-mode just creepier
  • as for the other characters:
  • seth & betsy are nomas
  • allison and matt come from white clans
  • dan& renee from dark ones
  • the knoxes are a very nature/herbal based white clan (actual molly weasley!martha knox)
  • alvarez comes from an urban white wizard network (like digital spells and shit its amazing)
  • laila is crazy good with divination but otherwise not very powerful
  • when the trojans and foxes meet up jeremy talks to kevin about his plans to make the trojans neutral too, which gives kevin the idea to trust jeremy with jean (because what other clan will take in a refugee from the darkest dark magic clan there is other than the foxes?)

if you have any questions/ideas for this au please tell me about it!! it’s very dear to my heart and i will take anything that i can get

Art advice post: Gaining fans

OK! :D I promised a few of you I was going to write this advice post and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to sit on my butt and get around to it. (I have the flakiest motivation ever). But here it is, it’s a biggie. I get asked this question a lottttt. Here’s something of an answer.

Question: How do I get a fanbase to care about my work/project/art. How do I even GET a fanbase?

Answer: The first thing I’m going to say is that unless you’re lucky enough to create something that strikes as viral and gains quick popularity from minimal work (like mini comedy comic strips) you are in for a VERY VERY LONG SLOG. I’m not talking a month. I’m not talking a year. I’m saying you’re going to be VERY SLOWLY getting people to care about your stuff over years and YEARS of hard work that very few people will even end up seeing, let alone caring about. If the thought of that pisses you off or makes you want to look for a magical shortcut- just give up now or don’t even bother starting. The most important part of trying to get a following for anything creative is understanding that NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING NOMATTER HOW HARD YOU WORK. The attention of strangers is something that is gained after people see you’re in for the long haul and serious about your own work. People don’t like flakes. They dont like it when people hate on their own stuff constantly or fish for compliments disguised as self loathing. It gets tiring fast. You have to 100% WANT to succeed. When i wake up in the morning I don’t think ‘wahhh what if everything fails, what if nobody cares’. I get the hell up, sit at my desk, and work towards MAKING people care about my work, by making my work the best it can be. If you’re going to be negative at least channel your frustrations into working on your project instead.

Consistency of work and sharing is vital to keep peoples interest. If you vanish offline for months at a time people will simply move onto the next thing that grabs their attention or updates regularly. You have to engage your audience and potential audience. That is nobodies responsibility but your own. So don’t moan about nobody seeing your stuff if you can’t put the personal effort in to get it out there. I see so many people do this. Nobody will come to you looking for you. Nobody is going to find a marble in a ballpit unless they have some damn knowledge that the marble is even IN there to begin with. This is about EFFORT. TIRING HORRIBLE DISGUSTING EFFORT. Lazy people can sometimes gain a following but personally I wouldn’t be happy with myself creatively if I knew I wasn’t giving it my all.

You need COMMITMENT to your project and skills. The one person that should love your thing the MOST is YOU. If you don’t go to bed at night daydreaming about your characters and stories, thinking about how to improve your skills or even hoping for people to care then nobody else will either. Why should they? People will emotionally invest in something that has real emotions. Don’t just do something for the sake of it. You really have to believe in what you’re trying to create. If you can convince yourself that you have something good then you’re a step closer to making someone else care.

Now i mentioned that this takes years and it does, but one of the best things you can do for yourself (and others) is to get involved with other things around you. Draw for other people, show your love for other peoples work, openly show your love for the things that inspire you to make your own stuff. You’ll make friends, you’ll LEARN things, your skills will improve and you will become less cautious about sharing when it comes to your own projects. The things closest to us are the scariest to share right? So you need to get used to that early on. The more you do it the less disappointed you’ll get when you expect a certain response and don’t get it *lol*.

As an artist who gained popularity through fanart before my own original projects I’d say draw fanart- but don’t get hung up on it. I don’t believe that every single artist out there is destined to make something of their own. Some of us like watching sports while some play them. It’s the same with art really. Not everyone has that enthusiasm to follow through on an idea. Fanart is safe, it’s comfortable and it’s a group activity. Everyone already knows what their dealing with so you’re adding to an already solid concept. Draw fanart sometimes, it’s cool. HOWEVER if you want to get further on with your art as a career you REALLY REALLY need to develop and share your own ideas too. I say this because you do not own another persons property nomatter how much you may love it. If you’re building your own reputation off another creators back you’re walking on shaky ground. Employers will often like to see a bit of fanart to show you can commercially deal with existing IP in a professional way, but what they really want to see is how your brain ticks and what new ideas you can bring to THEM, not something legally unusable.

So fanart. It’s a gateway into originality and getting people to care about your skills or even you as a person. If two people like the same thing then there’s a chance they might also like something entirely new together. So keep that in mind. Make friends who share your interests!

On the subject of friends. Something I cannot stress enough. DO NOT spam, harrass, ass kiss, stalk or be a tryhard to befriend an artist you look up to. They have absolutely NO obligation to share your work with their readership. Getting in with a famous artist does not= overnight instant fame for your stuff. Get that out of your head right away. It makes me so fucking sad when people use creative folk as stepping stones simply to forward their own popularity. People can spot a fake friend a mile away. I have to deal with more than a few :\ and it makes you very very jaded. Be a friend, not a opportunist. I’ve had a few great artists share my work over the years and i try to do the same for my own friends too, but I never approached them with only THAT in mind. Don’t be an art creeper be genuine.


Another big thing, you need to have an online presence. People need to remember your name, your brand, your style and where to find you. Get a website. Get a blog. Get ALL THE THINGS on social media. Talk into the void about your work and eventually people will slowly (very slowly) read what you have to say. If they can find you that is. Singular websites are incredibly difficult to stumble across, even with Google. You have to get your ass into communities, events, public events and NETWORK LIKE CRAZY. You are the only person who can do this for you! Unless you pay for an agent, lol. But you are the person who best knows your work and what you want to do.

YOU ARE NOT going to get a following for your work with 1 twitter account that uploads maybe 1 character sketch every 8 months. Nobody will give a shit. I wouldn’t. Make a CONSTANT effort and people will make an effort for you.

Something i’ve had a few times at conventions which drives me potty (in a nice way) is when artists come up to me at the table looking for advice and they pull out a single bit of art they drew on paper like its the crown jewels. They just have a character design, nothing else. Yet they want to make a comic or be hired or whatever. Why are you not already drawing comics of your own? If you cant write why haven’t you teamed up with a writer yet? What is your excuse? When I was 12 I was sending 60page full color comics across the ocean to companies to try get their attention. I was a kid. You are an adult. Get on it! Nobody will care unless you put in the hard work VERY REQUIRED of this type of work and they can see you have high output.

What else… hmmm. I think a lot of you get discouraged when you have indeed tried for years yet the uptake has been torturously slow. You get self hatey on your projects. What would I do rather than hate my work I’m supposed to care about deeply? Stop, realise that I’m obviously doing something wrong, then try to remake it entirely into something people might care about more. You can really drag a project by not being honest with yourself or being willing to bash your own stubborness and try something new. Some of the most famous stuff out there was rehashed like 8 times before it became what it is now. When i had to entirely press the self destruct button on my old story it was actually the breath of sanity and fresh air that allowed me to create Engelbaum from scratch. And years later I am SO GLAD that I did. So sometimes, if something isn’t working, try something new. Salvage the bits you genuinely care about. We improve all the time, so just keep working on it.

It might be easy to look at other artists or writers and see the GIANT HUMILIATING SIZE of their fanbase and think 'wow I’m an unremarkable piece of shit’. But chances are they’ve been at it for years and they will (everyone does) started off with 0 fans. We all start at the bottom. Some of us have it easier and some of us struggle. Sometimes luck and random happenings, chance meetings and so on play a big part. But the only time “luck” happens is when you’ve worked hard to put yourself into a position to receive good news in the first place. It’s a chain reaction, not luck. Not magic. Nothing or nobody owes you anything. Repeat repeat repeat.

Long story short, if you’re serious about your work, see it like a child. You have to be committed to take care of it, introduce it to the world and instil good values into it. Don’t halfass it. Don’t be a bad artmomma and expect the world to throw you gratitude for a halfbaked potatochild :|

I hope that helps a few of you. Harsh truths, lol.

A Million Kisses and More 😺(Part 6/8)

Word Count: 2064
A/N: Longer part this time, but Adrien needed development and I was feeling inspired.
I still can’t believe how much positive feedback this has gotten, thank you to everyone! I’m excited to share the rest of the story with you :)

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Luck had never been something Adrien was really graced with, even before he had become Chat Noir, but for once it seemed to be on his side. 

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If you really ship naruhina why do you agree with that faker ass angrynaruhina (who at this point is sure to be a salty narusakutard) ?

Yes, I really do ship NH.

It has been my OTP for eight years.

Before you go poking through my blog to “prove” that I am in fact an NS shipper in disguise: I do not ship NS. Yes, I have reblogged NS art, graphics, etc, and I’ve even made pro-NS posts. I have NS followers and friends who I know would appreciate it and if I see nice art/graphics/etc, I reblog it. I love Sakura and Naruto’s relationship/bond — I just prefer them as friends. That doesn’t mean I don’t fucking love NH to death. There are even shippers who like both NH and NS, btw.

I agree with angrynaruhina because… I… do? I’m not happy with how Kishimoto made NH canon or the things he’s said about the ship in interviews (actually it’s more what he’s said in interviews than what we got in the manga that bothers me).

NH was just blooming as a romantic relationship and having them suddenly together in 700 — to say nothing of my many other issues with the chapter — was a bit jarring. They have a great basis for a romantic relationship, but they still had a long way to go. Naruto liked Hinata as a person and valued her as a friend and his attitude towards her during the war arc clearly pointed towards a growing admiration. Her confession redefined their relationship and Naruto’s attitude towards her was changing from a kind of general appreciation of her as a person who embodied qualities he himself valued, to admiration of her as a person in her own right. But Naruto wasn’t in love with her yet and his feelings were only just on the cusp of turning romantic.

Plus, I’m really uncomfortable with Naruto’s love of Sakura being dismissed as an offshoot of his rivalry with Sasuke. Not only does that not jell with the way his feelings for her were always presented in the manga, but it’s incredibly fucking creepy/sexist? “Naruto didn’t like Sakura on her own merit, it was all about Sasuke!!” (which, actually, adds “queerbaiting” to the list of gross things about that particular explanation). 

But, back to NaruHina.

When I heard we were getting The Last to explain their relationship I was… dubiously excited. The ending of the manga was so rushed — nobody should even try to deny that — and I felt at the time (still feel) that Kishimoto ended the manga before he intended to. I feel that perhaps the ending he presented WAS the ending he always intended, but there was a lot more of the story he intended to tell before reaching that point. I was disappointed that we weren’t going to see the NH relationship evolve the way I had envisioned it and felt that would be most true to the ship, but I was excited for The Last… right up ‘til we found out it was set 2 years after the end of the manga.

Hinata confessed two years ago.

Two years.

Naruto not responding to something like that is just… so bizarre, even if he didn’t understand that she meant it romantically.

Goddamn, Naruto values the people who care for him, who see him as precious, and even if he thought that Hinata meant “I love you” in a platonic way or in a distantly admiring way or the way he loves ramen (okay), I still feel he would have responded to it. Would have thanked her or something. Yes, he thanked her in 615 and was shown to think of her saving him in the “its in your eyes” scene, but that’s still not a direct response to her confession and Hinata deserved one.

Not two years later, either.

Then — and don’t get me wrong, Hinata is my favourite fucking character in the entire manga and one of my every day inspirations to better myself and move forward in my life — there’s the fact that I’m irritated by how much Kishi wrote her character to hinge on Naruto’s. I’m irritated that literally everything in her databook entry this time around relates in some way to Naruto.

Hinata had so much potential as a character — she’s (barely) the heiress of an extremely prestigious and Draconian clan in Konoha, considered “weak” and disgraceful to her father, grew up being harshly criticised, etc, etc. And we got to see how that affected her in the Chuunin exams. We got to see her struggling and being inspired by Naruto and that was fucking beautiful. It was beautiful to see her take strength from that and aim so determinedly to improve herself. It was beautiful to see her beginning to overcome her childhood and her father’s shitty behaviour.

But… Kishi never really uses all that again? He just kept throwing in new characters and new arcs and bringing Hinata back in every now and again with very little exploration of her issues/how she’s grown since then and how her relationships have changed, etc, etc, which would have been so interesting to see?? SH shippers have pointed out how well Hinata’s life parallels Sasuke’s, so it would’ve been really interesting to explore the Hyuuga clan and how the clan/village relationships work as a precursor to exploring the Uchiha Clan’s coup. It would have been a great way of laying the foundation and giving Naruto the means to understand Sasuke’s perspective a little better, and, christ, a great way of setting things up for Naruto and Sasuke to redeem the Uchiha/change Konoha (meaning Sasuke’s “revolution” plot didn’t have to be dropped).

And, hey, great way of getting more NH interaction and more development on their part. Hell, we could’ve had that entire arc between the Pein arc and the Kage Summit arc, when Konoha was rebuilding and Sasuke was off doing whatever he was doing at the time, for Naruto and Hinata to bond and talk about her confession. We could have had Naruto telling Hinata that he’s sorry, but he needs to sort things out with Sakura and Sasuke first, or something like that, instead of just ignoring the confession until like 200 chapters later or something. 

I love NH to pieces but it is a flawed ship and Kishi did not give us the NH we deserved. I get that not everyone feels this way and I’ve never tried to force anyone to see it my way, alright? That doesn’t mean I can’t state my opinion or that angrynaruhina can’t. I always tag even the slightest anti-NH content with appropriate tags and don’t stick it in the pro tags, and as far as I can tell, angrynaruhina hasn’t said anything particularly inflammatory in the NH tag either. If she has, I stand corrected, but regardless, you’re the one who came onto someone else’s blog to insult, hurl accusations and generally be a jerk to someone who’s simply expressing an opinion contrary to yours.

Also, don’t use “narusakut*rd”. T*rd is derived from ret*rd, which is a slur and is really something you should cut from your everyday vocabulary.

Lastly, why on earth is angrynaruhina “almost sure to be a [NS fan]”? Because she doesn’t agree with the majority of the NH fandom? She’s far from the only one, anon.

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1/2 I understand not waning your favorite showrunners and writers to leave a show and wondering how it will affect everything, but everyone worrying about the brodependency and destiel: you don't get this kind of continuous progress on these storylines unless *everyone* is in agreement and on board, and on the same page on some level. They've been telling a cohesive story for years now, and you don't achieve without everyone in agreement on certain things.

2/2 Robbie Thompson by himself did not keep destiel going. Carver by himself did not keep destiel going. A slew of other writers, set directors, directors, costume designers, etc, keep these arcs/plots/stories flowing and moving. No one is going to suddenly drop two solid seasons worth of progress and years worth of subtext just because Carver and Thompson are gone, because that would imply that they were solely responsible for every bit of the destiel storyline. And that’s not how it works.

Yes. This.

And do you know who’s responsible for some of the most destiel things that have happened? Dabb and Singer.

Yes, yes. We know the Unforgivable Sin that Singer committed (or at least had a major hand in the commission of, and the subsequent falling out with fandom in the horrendous aftermath…) but as far as destiel and the brodependency go? Yeah. The entire writing, directing, editing… every department… they’re all on the same page. If they weren’t, we’d be seeing a really uneven, disjointed, incoherent mess of a narrative. And we really, really aren’t.

S11 especially has been honing on two main narrative points: You can’t outrun your past (wrestle your demons! Sam’s quote from 11.01: “What happened to us? Hunting things – were good at that, sure we’re great at that. But that’s only half of the bumper sticker, man.” They are literally revisiting the past and getting a chance to undo past mistakes, to make different choices, i.e. breaking the codependency through better understanding and effective communication, which is my stupid tag for this whole deal.) And the second main narrative focus of the season is love (in all its forms, negative, positive, romantic, familial, obsessive, supportive… just all of it.) And frankly, if ANY of the writers weren’t onboard with the direction the story’s been going (and it’s been going this way for the last four years or so), they’ve had plenty of opportunity to, you know, STOP writing for the show. You don’t write a rich, consistently layered narrative if you’re being forced to write something you fundamentally disagree with, you know? Well, I suppose you could, but it would be soulless and flat. And this show is not soulless.

*under a cut for length, you’re welcome people who Do Not Care about this stuff :P*

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Alright kids let me tell you why recoloring whitewashed photos is wrong and how getting called out for it doesn’t make the other person “colorist”


Y'all are getting hella bold with your reasoning where you think fansites won’t be able to find you.

This is a long ass post and I encourage you all to…at least skim through it.

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Star Wars Rant-Along: TFA EDITION! (Chapter I)

Yo! So here it is! The first edition of Star Wars Rant-Along: TFA EDITION! For those of you who don’t know what this is all about, basically I read through the TFA Novelization chapter-by-chapter drunk on cheap wine and cheaper chocolate, annnnnn’ I rant about it. You can find a less drunk explanation of this ting here. sOME of this will make sense. Most of it won’t. You have been warned.

Alright, let’s get this trainwrek started. S’cuz the spelling. We will leave it in for nostalgiaS saké.

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CHAPTER I (In which Ohtze decides she can write a better Star Wars fic than Alan Driver)


  • we neet Leia, Finn, Poe, BB-fuckin’-ATE, Lor San Tekka, and Kylo, but no one gets a name except for my-hair-is-perfect-Hoe and bb8-aka-death-on-wheels. Lorry calls Kyle a sadist, and Kyle does nOT take this lying down. Finn has a breakdown. Leia does jack shit, but she;s old and Leia can do whatever Leia want. Old people privledge.

Notes (Livebloggin’, progressively drunker)

  • “SHE NEEDED HIM. AND HE WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. There was no one else she could rely on. No one like her brother.” – I THOUGHT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT REYLO. REY NO, you don’t do that with your brother Keith! Keith is evil and shredded and his face is the best bUT it looks like this isLeia. No name though – where is Leia’s name? You shouldn not be doin’ thins in professional story!
  • This is short wine. Shit wine. I want red wine.
  • Alan driver writers in passive voice. Wtf is this. Passive voice, no names yet and we on page two?!!1
  • Everything in this chapter is summarized. Alan Driver never shows us anything, which is what ur supposed to do as a wiener. There is a different between showing and telling and you’re fucking it up. You fucked it up, driver. You gave a perfectly good man anxiety!
  • So yeh. More description is needed. When u describing imagry you need to SHOW it, specially if its sci fi. I could write hole meta on why u should never do this as a writer and why alan dunker is fading. Failing. But less wine would be needed.
  • Brb. Getting more wine.
  • BACK. White wine. aGAIN
  • oh no
  • no
  • Pg 10: “The worlds of the galaxy were full of secretions and there was no reason to suspect Jakku was any different. But this particular secret…”
  • PG 11: “The phenomenon he was seeing might signify nothing, except…” and “If they continued in the observed fashion they wouldmake a controlled touchdown at…”
  • AND ON PG 19: “If he could scrounge certain critic components, find a machine=grade cutter, then maybe, just maybe…”
  • So by this time in the story (pg 13) death-on-wheels has spotted the ship, hoe-my-hair-is-perfect has fluffed his hair, and hairdude is talking to Lorry Tekka. Kyle has nOT yet made his appearance, but his minions are gonna. Honestly I would have started chapter 1 with poe’s introduction. He is one of only characters that is named in this chapter and he’s much more interesting than Leia waxing poetic about her youth. I luv leia but this chapter does her no justice
  • Pg 13, Lorry says “These days I can only do so much. Would that I could doso much more.” He sighed heavily. “And there is so much more that needs to be done. But… this will begin to make things right.” IS THIS A DIG AT THE PREQUELS, CUZ I THINK IT IS
  • Pg 14, Lorry said “I’ve traveled too far and see toomuch to ignore the collective anguish that threatens to drown the galaxy in a flood of dark despair.” gOD, LORRY. YOU’RE SUCH A CLICHÉ. I found our new emo, everyone. Lorry has Kylo beat.
  • Pg 15, battle on Jakku begins. This whole scene was sUPER EXCITING DURING THE MOVIE but is summarized down to TWO PARAGRAPHS. Two. Like WHY. You never should do this wit your stories. You should be summarizing the timesbetween action, not the action itself. I could ALSO write meta on this
  • Pg 16, “To an outraged poe there seemed no reason for it. but then, to those behind the first order, sowing fearand terror was merely politics by another means.” I hate the exposition in this story. Like I thought the MOVIE was blatant, but this shit is handled with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Ohtze could writeWAY better than this. Someone hire me!
  • Oh no I’m running out of wine again
  • NOES
  • Delicious wine. Delicious.
  • Pg 16, the attack is going on. Hoe-my-hair-is-fabulous and death-on-wheels have made it to the xwing, but they are being found! Alan driver says “the pair of stormtroopers had come up on him unseen. Whoever had planned the attack was too smart to rely on a simple front assault.”
  • Anal driver, the word you are looking for it “pincer movement.’ If u are gonna write military sci fi, know your shit. Ohtze knows ur shit better than u do.
  • Pg 17, attack is still going on! (even though “die-hard inhabitants” apparently gave in a couple pages ago, so make up your mind cuz this stuff is hurting my brain). Anyways, attack is now going on from finn’s POV, but we never get his name! ever! Like wego through the ENTIRE ATTACK through his POV without getting his name! this is a horrible thing to do as a writer because when you don’t give names it prevents the readers from forming an emotional attachment to the characters; it prevents them from caring about them.
  • you give readers names for the same reason you give serial killers names; so they can look at their victims like real people instead of sacks of flesh.
  • I am goin to regret that metaphor in the morning
  • Attack finishes. Finn goes back on ship??? Lorry the techmaster and kyle-is-shredded finally meat.
  • Lorry calls kylo a sadist. Kylo does not like this and then procedes to immediately act like sadist and skewer lorry like a pig.

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FINAL THOUGHTS (definitely drunker)

  • The writing in this book is nOT GOOD, but passable. Ohtze will get through it drunk
  • Anal driver summarizes everything, writers in passive voice. Both are really bad habitsto have as a story
  • Ohtze could write better. Srsly I coul write better drunk. I probably AM
  • Question for readers: do YOU think kyle is a sadist? Or just poor impulse control???

Let us keep the convo gong. Ohtze will be drunk-blogging all tonite until she drops.

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anonymous asked:

ok i am hella salty about cas and how he has been benched most this season, and now misha saying that there will be no closure for cas because there is no time? -_- theres all these blogs over analyzing everything and saying its not too bad and we gotta read between lines but i have a right to feel bitter about cas dammit! thoughts?


(Sorry for the late reply, but I didn’t have a short answer, plus I was on a JIB high, forgive me. :p)

First of all; I follow a ton of bitter Cas girls, and if I watched the show more closely than I currently do (which is a stray episode every now and then), I’d probably fit into that category as well. :p

Still, I also follow plenty of blogs that are a lot more positive about Cas’ story arc for this season, because honestly I do like reading from different points of view, and I think it’s interesting to see where both sides are coming from.

There is some awesome meta out there, and I’ll gladly admit that sometimes things are pointed out to me that make me go; ‘Okay… yeah, they have a point, I didn’t think of it that way’. I greatly respect what these meta writers are doing, and they often pick up on really cool things that I hadn’t even considered.

That being said, to get back to your question; basically the two things that Cas fans have been waiting for this season, are A) for Cas’ PTSD/not feeling loved being addressed, B) Cas finally getting to talk to God and get some closure after his endless journey from soldier-of-Heaven, to human, to everything in between.

So when we’re talking about the obvious-canon versus meta issue: ‘Sometimes you have to read between the lines’. Agreed! ‘Not everything has to be blatant’. Agreed! ‘You’re not always going to get what you want how you want it.’ Agreed!

And then we have the popular ‘it’s not the Castiel show!’ (This one has nothing to do with the meta community or others who analyze the show by the way, this one is mostly from the anti-Cas corner.) But again, agreed, it’s not the Cas show! So agreed, in all cases really, BUT only to a certain degree.

It depends on the show, it depends on how many main characters you have; do you have enough main characters to have that excuse to drop the ball on certain characters repeatedly because you simply have to juggle too many characters and their development, and there sadly isn’t enough screen time to explore everyone’s emotions every season?

I watch a lot of TV shows, and some of them have like 2 or 3 leads, and on top of that like 5 to 8 other main characters on the side who are all considered equally important. I can imagine that it’s one hell of a task to make sure that all of their stories are being told, plus to ensure that all of their emotions are being considered on a regular basis.

In my humble opinion though, for SPN that isn’t the case. Because there are only 4 regular characters to begin with, and that already includes the 2 leads; you have no excuse to not properly consider the emotions of the few main characters that you have. And although Cas is the biggest victim in this scenario, the same thing also happens with Sam and Dean at times. (But that’s a different story for a different day, lol.)

Regarding Cas; with all due respect, what we’re talking about here is one of the main characters, who’s also a fan favorite, and literally hasn’t been in like 75% of the season so far. And I’m guessing that a lot of Cas fans can deal, if they had the promise of at least one of the above things being addressed before season 11 ends. Maybe Cas talking to God, maybe Cas saving the day and proving his worth, maybe the Winchester’s talking to Cas to try and understand why he did what he did. But seeing as Misha already strongly hinted that there’s no time in the season finale to truly explore any of this, chances are that Cas fans will be left unsatisfied yet again.

So do I think that they are asking for too much for wanting to see at least some of this being addressed after a fairly Cas-less season? No. Do I understand why they’re bitter if once more Cas’ feelings are ignored altogether and there is again nothing to resolve any of his story arcs? Yes. Do I feel them when they’re not optimistic when they’re being told; but there will be season 12! Yes, I feel them, for the sole reason that they’ve been burned like that before. Whatever Cas goes through emotionally, is often already dropped if there’s like two episodes in between, let alone an entire hiatus.

The guy gets raped by a reaper, and it’s never addressed again, even more, they’re joking about it a couple of episodes later as if it’s nothing. Cas almost gets killed by MOC Dean at the end of S10, and again, it’s never properly addressed, no actual civilized talk follows outside of a gruff ‘I had it coming’ from Dean, as there should’ve been between two best friends. Now Jensen claimed at a con that there would be a talk, so it’ll be forever a guess whether it was cut or not filmed at all, but the fact remains, the Cas fans were again left with zilch, their only option being to ‘fill in the blanks’ themselves.

Besides, I do believe that some story lines take longer to play out, and need time. But to be honest Cas’ PTSD/depression was already introduced like three episodes in, and the Cas/God storyline has been there since season 5 (!!!). It’s utterly ridiculous if none of that isn’t at least briefly mentioned after Cas was sidelined for over half a season.

If you are, at this point, still reading, you deserve a medal!

Anyway, I think that reading between the lines is awesome, I think that meta can really add something to your experience as a viewer, and it has for me on a lot of occasions. But what I’m witnessing more and more often when it includes Cas, is people saying ‘that episode was okay, but as a Cas fan I’m very disappointed yet again’, and later on they wrestle themselves through like 10k of meta, and sleep on it, to THEN come to the conclusion that maybe it wasn’t all bad. They write or read several codas after the episode ends, to get the briefest hint of artificial satisfaction from it, and of course it is totally okay if that sometimes happens when there wasn’t time for your favorite character’s struggles to be addressed, but when it includes Cas, this happens like 90% of the time.

And that’s the entire point; sometimes you have to fill in some blanks yourself, read between the lines when it comes to your favorite characters. But on a show that has THIS FEW regulars, you shouldn’t always have to be forced to try THIS HARD. You shouldn’t have to try this hard all the time to get some simple satisfaction every once in a while about how your favorite character is handled.

Either a talk with God about everything that’s happened, or a talk with Dean/Sam about his depression, is the least that would make sense after all this. And I don’t think that people are bratty for demanding that for once Cas’ feelings aren’t swept under the rug. If anything, they should for once get a little tangible reward after hanging on for an entire season 11b with barely any Cas in it, without having to read through a post about the size of Canada to feel remotely okay about it when hiatus starts.

In the show’s defense, there’s still a chance that Misha didn’t speak the whole truth because spoiler alert, but we’ll find out soon enough either way. 

This is all just my opinion though, and I will kindly tag it with ‘negativity for ts’. :p

Eclipse - Chapter 1: Lavender Mint


Chapter 1: Lavender Mint

“Are you robbing me?” Iris walks up behind Barry and peers over his shoulder as he shamelessly rummages through her purse where she’d left it behind the counter at Jitters. She absently begins closing out her register without really expecting a reply.

It’s Wednesday, which means that while she has to be at work to open at 6 am, she only works a half shift. Barry always comes over for his break in time for her to close up, and they have a coffee together and catch up before she heads off to study or, more often lately, write her blog.

Wednesdays have become Iris’ favorite day. She would never do it without the motivation of having to be somewhere, but she has come to love being awake at dawn. Last week she’d made Barry come over to walk her to work and watch the sunrise with her. He’d called her on his way over to grumble about having to be up so early and they stayed on the phone until he arrived. He had shown up adorably sleepy and fake-grumpy, going silent only to watch her put on her make-up with a look in his eyes Iris couldn’t quite place because she never understood why he seemed to enjoy watching her get ready so much given how often he’d seen it over the years.

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