it's the dj's fault

Her fingers wrapped around the stem of her glass, and she smiled slow and small when her his eyes met hers. He looked relieved and had obviously been afraid he’d frightened her–no doubt to the point where he would have had to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to coax her into his bed, which would have been a most taxing and unhappy endeavor for any mortal man to undertake.

The music had struck up a tempo, perfect for dancing.

“Caroline.” He laid his hand on the table, palm up. Something maddeningly imploring about that single gesture, almost sweet. “If you would do me the honor.”

She gingerly laid her fingers across his palm; he closed them over the back of her knuckles, a trapping more delicate than any.

Room on Fire, by flesh and bone telephone
“All creatures should be romantics, what a tragedy it is that no one cares for such things anymore.” — AU. Socialite, Catherine the Great’s St. Petersburg, a married woman and the beginnings of an illustrious affair.
[klaroline, forwood, kalijah, every x everyone basically; ensemble fic]

i dont know why martin garrix gets so much hate for animals, its not his fault that it got super popular and all the djs started playing it out. If that were me I would be fucking stoked that a track that I produced got that much attention. 

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Melody: "Jualian. I'm Dissapointed in you." Paige: "Cut him some slack!" Fritz: "It's not his fault!" Scott: "JUST LET HIM BE A DJ"