it's the chunky sweater

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So my boyfriend is taking me to Paris next week. We will be staying there for three days I really hope he proposes lol anyhow what should I wear while we're there?

Something warm, it looks like its cold over there. Oversized/long coat, chunky scarf, knitted sweaters, jeans, ankle boot, wool blazer or faux fur jacket, basic  ribbed top and the dress that you love the most.

Holy Fuck Imma Homestuck

Ok mini-storytime!

SO! Yesterday I was digging around in my mom’s old room at my grandparents house and I find this old red sweater. Its like the coolest thing, its huge and chunky, its blood red, and its older than me. Ergo I fucking fall in love with it. My grandmother tells me that I can have it because it won’t fit anyone else. Nobody knows that I plan to causally cosplay Kankri Vantas with it.