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this isnt 3 fucking sentences im a fucking sasquatch egg beast…anyways im sorry it sucks i got so overwhelmed by my love for the au i couldnt decide how to write it out & i dint want to make it too long… help

Louis likes to think that he’s quite smooth. 

Most of the time he’s able to sneak Harry shirts from his closet without him noticing, can wear them off and on for weeks while Harry stays completely clueless about it. Louis has been doing it for years, since they were on The X-Factor, even.

There’s one particular shirt of Harry’s that Louis’ come to love. It isn’t that comfortable and feels almost scratchy on his skin, but Louis finds himself stealing it more often than not because of how beautiful it looks, how it just hangs off his shoulders in a way that makes him feel like something more than he is. 

And, it might have something to do with the fact that it’s got Harry’s last name embroidered right across the front pocket. 

Louis doesn’t like to think too much into what it means that he loves having Styles written across his chest, almost like he’s belonging to the name. Belonging to Harry, even. He usually tells himself that it’s just because he knows how badly it would get on Harry’s nerves if he found it, even if he knows that Harry probably wouldn’t mind.

It’s easier to believe if he keeps telling himself that it’s meaningless. 

Except, when Harry does find out one day, Louis’ little charade comes crumbling down. He’s sat on the living room couch, lounging around in nothing but a pair of boxers and Harry’s notorious Styles shirt. Harry wasn’t supposed to be home until late, so Louis figured that he would be safe just chilling out until it got closer to the evening.

He was obviously wrong, though, seeing as he looks up from his phone to find Harry staring down at his chest from across the room, keys in hand and brows furrowed like he’s thinking extremely hard. It takes a second for Louis to process, but when he follows Harry’s line of sight and lands on the very definite word printed across his breast bone, Louis practically jumps from his seat to cross his arms over his chest. 

“What are you doing home, Harry?” Louis asks, trying to sound as normal as possible. As expected, his voice is off, a little breathless.

Harry takes a step forward, dropping his keys into the little dish on the side table. He says, “I got finished with my meeting early,” and moves to copy Louis’ body language. “Why are you wearing my shirt, Louis?”

Louis gulps. “All mine were dirty.”

“I did laundry yesterday,” Harry says. Shit. 

“Well, this shirt is more comfortable than any of mine,” Louis tries.

Harry snorts and raises his brows, almost amused. Louis can feel the tips of his ears burning, can feel the heat rising from his chest to his neck, perching on his cheekbones. 

“The first time I wore that shirt you told me to burn it,” Harry says, going for blood, apparently. “Said that it was made of the worst material known to man, and seeing how we’re the wealthiest boys on the planet I should invest in satin or velvet or some shit.” 

Louis huffs. He’s going to run for the hills, to be honest. Confrontation has never been his strong suit. “Well. I don’t know. Would you like me to give it back, then?”

“No, no,” Harry says, taking another step forward. A soft, sly smile works its way onto his lips, and when he closes the distance between them, Louis entire throat closes up. “I think it looks nice on you.” 

“Thanks,” Louis croaks, not sure what else to say. 

Harry’s hand comes to rest on his shoulder, and he gently drags his thumb across the words on his pec. “It’s lovely, even. I’ve been missing this shirt for weeks, but now that I know where it’s been, I might just have to invest in some more like it.”

It feels like Harry is mocking him, but the playful glint in his eye clears any worry that Louis’ harboring. Still, it’s all a game and he’s been caught. “Okay, get your laughs out now, curly boy. I like wearing your clothes, woohoo.” He goes to pull away and turn for their room, but Harry grabs his hand in halt. 

“Hey, no, I’m playing,” Harry says, sweet. “I quite like seeing you repping the Styles name. Might have to step it up a notch someday, though.”

Again, Louis feels weak in the knees. He wants to punch Harry, but he also wants to kiss him. He settles for the latter, and if later that night he feels Harry writing Styles across his bum with sharpie, no one has to know just how excited it makes him. 

Happy Mother's Day

“Dear Mama.
It’s likely you’ll never get this, but if a message in a bottle can make its way home across the ocean then why can’t a signal across galaxies?
I wonder how long I’ve been gone…
Maybe even years?
I wonder what they told you?
That I was missing or that I was dead.
I hope you didn’t cry mama.
I don’t deserve you to cry for me, but I know you will.
Like I cry for you.
I suppose I always have been a mamas boy, but nothing wrong with that, after all I have the best mama in all of existence…
Sorry I could t be there to say that in person for you.
Like I did every other year but this one for Mother’s Day.
I’m sorry that I missed your special day.
I’m sorry that you cried for me.
I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be getting home in time for your birthday…
Or Christmas…
Or maybe even ever.
I don’t know if this message will ever actually make it home, but I hope it does even if I don’t because you have to know mama that your little screw up helped save the universe.
Not bad for someone who’s teachers said he would never amount to anything.
…I guess I don’t have anything else I can say. There’s just so much I want to talk to you about, all the amazing places I’ve seen and people I’ve met.
I hope I can come home just so I can make you proud.
Happy Mother’s Day, mama.
Love Lance.”
Mrs McClain chocked hearing her son for the first time in years, as she looked up at the man dressed in red holding the device that played her sons message.
“I love you too my baby.” She whispered before collapsing to her knees knowing now that her son may be gone but he had lived as a hero.
She only wished she could of held him one more time and told him that she was proud of him.
That he was her hero.

  • 6 year old cousin: what does shipping people mean?
  • Me: shipping is the concept of a fictional couple; to "ship" a couple means to have an affinity/Liking for it in one way or another; a "shipper" or a "fangirl/boy" is somebody significantly involved with such an affinity/liking..
  • Cousin: who do you ship?
  • Me: I tend to torture myself by shipping couples that may never happen like Lena and Kara,always remember love is love as long as it's consensual and both parties are adults or kids..
  • Cousin: isn't supergirl dating that mean guy,you've always told me to never hit a girl or call her names,I'm 6 and I know that,he's older than me and I know more than him but she likes it and I don't understand
  • Me: you actually listen to me? And no you're right follow what I taught you and not the show,who would you rather see her with?
  • Cousin: I personally ship Kara with Kryptonite or myself over the jerk
  • Me: No DNA test needed we are related..
Lover boy ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader X Jack X Y/B/F X Conor X Joe

Word Count: 1395

Summary: “He is always staring at you like you’re a Queen. So I’m calling him your lover boy.”

Requested: Yepppppppp

Notes: I have been struggling to write lately and I felt like shit for not posting any imagines lately… *My friend legit slapped me and told me to get my shit together* It wasn’t until I started writing this that I fell in love with writing all over again. I know someone of you want ‘Its been years’ but ever since my laptop shit down on me, I can never get it to go the way I want.

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Part One ~ Ghost girl

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The First notice…

You hated public transport, you can stand the public transport part it was just the waiting that made you despise the whole thing. The buses in London were always late and making you late for important things, like your best friend’s meal which you were supposed to be arriving at in 15 minutes. 

But oh the Gods were on your side today once you spotted the Bus in the traffic further up the road, but spotting the hottie across the road from you was defiantly the more pleasant sight. 

He had brown hair with what seemed like blonde highlights on the top, he was wearing a white t-shirt with some blue ripped knee jeans matching with some white shoes and a tanned colour bomber thrown on to match the whole look.

 He was heart stopping.

When you first noticed him, you realised he was already staring at you with those bright blue eyes. Having caught him staring at you, you felt a teasing smirk stretch across you lips. He was so invested in staring at you, he didn’t realise the bus was coming to a stop in front of you.

You gave him a little cheeky wink and a two finger wave just as the bus stopped in front of you. You only took two steps before you were on the bus, showing the bus driver your seasonal pass before making your way up the stairs to the top level of the bus, where your other friend was sat.

Once you sat yourself down next to your friend you told her all about this boy, describing him as heart stopping but all she did was laugh and say you were imaging things because no one can be that beautiful.

The second notice…

A causal Friday night was where you usually found yourself hitting the clubs with your friends.

You had gone to the bathroom and were making your way back to the table where your friends had settled for the night. As you walked past the bar and mount of people sat around it, a certain blue eye boy caught your attention a few seats up. 

Smirking you walked closer to the bar and putting that extra sway in your walk, you were bound to catch his attention. Just as you walked past, you heard that beautiful laugh, that everyone should be jealous of. 

It was so damn perfect.

Feeling his eyes burn through your back as you walked past you decided to spin around and face the beautiful boy and his clueless friend. You saw his lit up in realisation and a small smile was tugging at his lips, while a smirk tugged at yours when you knew he was memorised by you too. 

You were just building up the enough courage to go speaking to him when you heard your best friend calling your name, sparing a quick glance at her, you saw she was calling you other with an excited look on her face. 

Turning back to the blue eyed boy, you gave another wink and two finger wave and slipped yourself back into the crowd, feeling a little pit of excitement in your stomach at the thought of seeing him again. 

Once you got back to the table your best friend and your other friend asked who was the man you were staring at, you told them it was the same man from the other day by the bus and they instantly smiled. 

“He was so memorised by you!” Y/B/F said.

“Yeah, babe if you don’t go get his number right now. We are having a falling out.” Your friend said, giving you a push out the booth. 

Laughing, you quickly traced your steps back to the bar where you were met with the disappointing sight. 

He was gone. 

The third notice…

You and Y/B/F were walking through the park on your way to meeting your brother and her brothers. She had two twin brothers whom were the same age as your brother and happen to be very good mates and have just came back to London after traveling most of Europe. 

Y/B/F was in the middle of telling a story about her brothers and your brother trying to pick up this group of girls and all tripping over each other and embarrassing the hell out of themselves. 

“Remember that one girls face? She looked so disappointed.”

“Oh my fuck.” You laughed loudly, “She probably thought they were some type of bad boys.”

Hearing someone shout “fuck”, you and y/b/f turned your heads to see him, laying on the grass looking directly at you.

“It’s lover boy.”

“Lover boy?” You asked with a frown on your face, feeling some concern wash over you for the boy.

“He is always staring at you like you’re a Queen. So I’m calling him your lover boy.” 

“I am a Queen but right now I want to make sure he was okay.” You started to walk forward but y/b/f grabbed your arm and held you back, making you face her.

“I know you want to but we are late.

Nodding your head, you turned back to the boy and went to mouth “hope you’re okay” but his two friends had dived down in front of him. Smiling slightly, you and your best friend walked away with her talking nonstop about how hot lover boy friends were.

Of course after the park incident, you saw him a lot more times in the past three months. Your friends still called him ‘lover boy’ as every time you saw him, he still looked at you like were a Queen. 

The final notice…

You were late for a meeting with your friend, so you quickly decided to run to the restaurant. Not looking where you were going he had run into someone.

Both of you fell onto the floor with loud groans by the impacted of your running and the person’s strong frame. The person you had knocked over was the first one up, sticking his hand out for you while you were groaning in pain on the floor.

“Oh my fuck. I am so so sorry. I was running and I didn’t see you.” You found yourself rambling in shock. You were about to ask if they were okay when the person lifted his head.

There stood in front of you was Lover boy. 

“It’s you.” He uttered.

You looked up at him and uttered the same thing, “It’s you.”

“Ghost girl.”

“Lover boy.”

You stared at each other in shock before large smiles grew on your faces.

You spoke first in a flirty voice  “I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Jack.” He smiled, bringing you into a hug, which you gladly gave back and you honestly thought you were going to faint from his hug.

It was so good.

However, their hug was interrupted by his friend, “Who’s this Jack?”

Jack smiled pulling away, his arm resting over your shoulder as you leaned into him. You smiled at the two boys in front of you as Jack spoke.

“Conor, Joe. Meet Y/N. Ghost girl.”

“Y/N, meet my brother Conor.” Jack pointed at the boy who asked who you were and he gave you a little wave, “And this is one of my mates Joe.”

“Hi love.” Joe smiled.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” You smiled snuggling a bit more into Jack but the beeping of your phone made you jump. “Oh my fuck. I am so late to meeting my friends. Are you guys busy? You can come along too.”

“Uhh.” Jack muttered looking towards Joe and Conor who shrugged with smirks on their faces, “Sure we will come.”

You smiled brightly and lead the boys towards the restaurant which was a good 10 minute walk. Throughout the walk you and Jack talked about the basic things and you swear you fell in love with him from the minute he started talking about himself.

Arriving at the restaurant your best friend was stood with a glare on her face while your other friends were looking a little angry. Your best friend went to open her mouth to have ago at you, when she noticed the three boys behind you and instead a large smile grew on her face. “Who’s this Y/N?”

Holding Jacks hand you smiled up at him, “Guys. This is Jack. Lover boy.

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I know you're swamped with prompt requests but please hear me out!! What if it hadn't been Taki and Tanuma that had passed by when Natsume was de-aged, but Nishimura and Kitamoto instead?? Thanks for taking the time to read this, I love your work!!

i had a bunch of people ask for a young!natsume fic ;v ; hopefully just this one is sufficient! i have a lot of requests to work through ladgldgh


Taki forgets the cupcakes. Tanuma says, “Natsume won’t mind if we’re a few minutes late,” and they double back to her house to retrieve them. 

When the Days Eater has gone, and Nyanko is left with a pint-sized Natsume where the proper one should have been, Taki and Tanuma aren’t there to intervene and the child slips away from the unfamiliar tanuki yokai, moving as silently and certainly as a little ghost. 

Natsume is fairly certain he’s lost, and fairly certain he hasn’t been missed. But he wouldn’t want to cause the family he’s staying with any trouble – not sooner than he can help, at least. So he’ll follow the road into town, and figure things out from there. 

He can’t go far before he has to stop and roll the legs of his pants up. They keep slipping down so he cinches the belt tighter, and loses the long socks completely. The grass feels good under his feet anyway, sun-warm and springy. He’s surrounded by fields that seem to sprawl forever. He doesn’t know where he is, but it seems calm and welcoming. It seems nice.

“–told you, look at him! He looks just like Natsume! Right down to the thousand yard stare.”

Natsume jumps, whirling around and loosing his footing as he does. He lands with an oof and looks up to find himself face to face with an older boy. A high school student, maybe. There’s two of them, but only one is at his eye level, crouching in the road with an expression of wonder.

“Kitamoto, seriously, are you seeing this? Hey kid, what’s your name?”

He’s shrinking from them automatically – bigger bodies and bigger numbers usually don’t mean anything good for him, and he doesn’t want to go home with bruises on top of everything else he’s put his current family through – but there’s no real fear in his heart of these older boys, none at all. 

That’s… surprising. 

So he says, softly, “Natsume.” And blinks when the boy in front of him grins, like his name was the right answer. 

“I knew it! Natsume never told us he had a little cousin. Your family must have super genes or something, ‘cause the resemblance is scary.” 

“Do you hear yourself when you talk, Nishimura? You’re freaking him out.” The other boy – Kitamoto – yanks Nishimura back by the hood of his sweatshirt so he topples backwards, but not in the mean way Natsume’s classmates do. Nishimura squawks in outrage and scrambles for a second like a stag beetle tipped on its back, and Kitamoto offers Natsume a hand with a warm smile. “C’mon, you’ll catch cold out here. What are you doing, running around without shoes on?”

“You’re not his mom, Acchan. He might look like Natsume, but there’s no way he gets sick as easily as him. No one gets sick as easily as him.“

Natsume takes Kitamoto’s hand tentatively, and the high schooler doesn’t hold it too tight or pull too hard; just brings him up to his feet with a friendly yank, and then tousles his hair a bit. 

“You – you know my,” he swallows hard, and says, “Natsume? You know him?”

“Well, sure,” Nishimura says, dusting himself off. “We’re his buddies. He’s in my class, too.”

The tanuki yokai said the same thing, sort of. About being a high school student, and living in this area with people called the Fujiwaras. And he doesn’t think these people are lying to him. They’re too warm and lively to be monsters, the human or the spirit kind. They’re smiling at him nicely. 

He likes them. 

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This might not work but pre apocalypse, ricks daughter and Negan were v serious (probably engaged) then when it hit ricks daughter stayed with Negan and left Rick with Lori and Carl. Flash to the hilltop, Negan comes out of the RV with pregnant wife; skip to group’s reaction ECT. Too specific? Thanks Doll!!

loved this request, hope I did it justice, probably a part two coming your way.

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“Are you ready?” you asked the older man sitting beside you, turning towards you with a sombre look on his face. “To get the shit kicked outta me? Yes sweetheart, I am.” You lightly chuckled, Negan always was a dramatic. “You’ll be fine, you’re a big boy.” You playfully squeezed his cheek like an old lady would do a child.

This was the first time you were bringing your boyfriend, now fiancé, to meet your parents, Rick and Lori. Keeping the relationship a secret for the past 2 years was tough but now you and Negan were serious, you decided it would be best to tell your parents. You had both traveled to Georgia, back to your childhood home to see your parents. You had moved to the state of Virginia, to gain independence as a young adult and to take a job as a teacher.

Negan took an interest to you, as soon as you had been introduced by the principle of the school. You knew that you were good at your job and many of the teachers were jealous of your monthly pay rises, even though none of them wanted to put the amount of effort as you did. You got along with everyone in your classes and many praised you, saying you were their favorite teacher. Negan had come to you for advice on a certain student that liked to cause trouble in his lesson; the boy was in your tutor group, so it was your responsibility to make sure he behaved in Negan’s lesson. That day, Negan had asked you to dinner, strictly business he told you. In a turn of events, you ended up in Negan’s bed that night, causing rumors to run wild around the school, people questioning why you were wearing the same clothes as the day before. From that moment, you became inseparable. He opened up to you about his previous wife’s passing, a woman called Lucille. As many other women would probably feel jealous that he had been married but you weren’t. From what he had told you, you felt like you and Lucille would have got along.

Before long, you and Negan had become a couple and moved in together in a small apartment in Virginia. You sometimes visited your parents and your little brother Carl, mostly at Christmas and Thanksgiving. It was fastly approaching Christmas and you wanted Negan to spend the first Christmas as your fiancé with your family.

“Well, let’s get this done then.” You said, unclipping your seat-belt and getting out of the car. Negan followed you, making your way to the front door, knocking on it. The door opened to reveal your dad, in his brown sheriff attire with his hat. “Y/N!” he exclaimed, pulling you into a tight hug. “Carl will be so happy to see you, who’s this?” he asked, looking over at Negan who had his hands in his pockets. You mentally cursed him, thinking he could look a little more interested in meeting your parents. You smiled nonetheless, grabbing Negan’s hand intertwining it with yours. “Dad. This is Negan, he’s my fiancé.” Your dad looked shocked, eyes wondering down to look at your hands joined together. “You’re engaged? Are you kidding me Y/N?” you knew he would be annoyed that you hadn’t told him, but what were you meant to say?

‘Hey dad, I’m dating a man twice my age and we’re getting married but I haven’t told you because I know you would probably fly to Virginia to murder him.’

It just wasn’t easy to explain to your dad, or any of your family to be honest. You bit your lip, looking up at your dad. “Look, I probably should have told you sooner…but I didn’t know how you would react! I’m sorry dad.” He sighed, moving to let a space through door. “I guess you better come in; speak to your mother Y/N. She’ll want to know.” You walked through the door, going into the house. Negan went to follow before Rick placed his hand in the way, stopping him from walking into the house. “What are your intentions with my daughter, Negan?” he asked, making eye contact with Negan. “Well, I’m going to marry her, if you hadn’t caught on to that yet.” Rick dryly chuckled. “She’s half your age and you’re old enough to be her dad. Now, from where I’m standing, that ain’t a very good match.” Negan raised his eyebrows, baffled that he was being interrogated, what else was he expecting from a sheriff.

“Look, the only reason I am here is because Y/N wanted me to ask for your blessing and to meet you guys. Now, I honestly don’t give a fucking fuck if you bless us or not, I am marrying your daughter. So, if you would excuse me.” He said, pushing past Rick’s arm. You were chatting with your mom when Negan came in, with a smile on his face. “Hi, you must be Y/N’s mom, Lori. I can see where Y/N gets her good looks from.” He shook your mother’s hand placing a kiss on the top of her knuckles, much to your dad’s disapproval. You and Negan got talking about how you met and how he proposed, your mother listening intently. Your dad had gone to work early, not wanting to be around your future husband for much longer after what had said.

You left your parents’ house at about 7 that night, after seeing Carl and spending time with him. He seemed to really like Negan and he got along with him pretty well.

You were driving back to the hotel you were staying at, when you asked Negan if he had asked your dad for his blessing. “So what did he say?” you got a little excited, you had really hoped your dad had said approved your marriage to Negan. “He obviously wasn’t happy with his little girl being taken away from him, but I think he’s okay with it.” He explained, leaning closer into you. You smiled, this was the beginning of a brand new chapter for your life and you were glad Negan was a part of it.

“Let’s meet the man.” Simon banged on the RV door, walking over to the side of you. “You know he’s going to parade you in front of Rick, right sweetheart?” he whispered into your ear. The group hadn’t noticed you yet, with you being hidden at the back of the group. Your heart felt like it was going to drop, you knew that Negan was going to rub the fact he had Rick’s daughter, married and pregnant, in the group’s faces.

The door of the RV swung open, Negan stepping down with Lucille sitting on his shoulder. “Are we pissing our pants yet?” he asked walking out of the dark shadows, into the lights of the various cars and trucks. Rick looked up at Negan, knowing who he was. He knew since the name of the leader had been told to him, he just wanted to know where his baby girl was. “Oh boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close.” He laughed; looking at the group like a lion would its prey. “Yeah, it’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon.” Negan smirked, looking over in your direction. You knew what was coming next.

“Now, which one of you pricks is the leader? Oh, wait! I already know. It’s nice to see you again, Rick.” Negan waltzed over to Rick, kneeling down in front of him. The rest of the group looked on at the two in confusion; Rick had never told any of them that he knew Negan before. “Where is she?” he asked, quietly. “Who?” Rick looked up at him in desperation, hoping that Negan would stop playing games. “Oh, you mean you’re hot as fuck daughter? She’s right here, in this very forest.” He rose back up into a standing position. “Baby, come out. Don’t keep your old man waiting.” You stepped out in front of everyone, walking to the side of Negan. You played with the sleeves of your plaid shirt, in nervousness. It had been a good couple years since you last saw your dad, and it hadn’t been on good terms.

“I don’t want you marrying him Y/N. He’s a pervy old man looking for a young girl to show off!” Rick shouted in anger, Negan gave him a bad feeling and he didn’t want his little girl being taken advantage of. “You only met him a few weeks ago, dad! You don’t know him like I do! He makes me happy, why can’t you accept that?” you shouted right back, tears streaming down your face. You wanted your family to get along with Negan; he was going to be your husband for god sakes. “I’m sorry Y/N, but I can’t sit here and accept him. It’s either your family or him.”

You had gone with the latter, choosing Negan over your family. You really didn’t want too, but you couldn’t just drop Negan from your life. He bought so much into it, you were truly happy with him, even to this day. He obviously had to change a little, hell everyone had changed because of this apocalypse.

“Hi dad.” You whimpered, scared of his reaction. There was no hiding your bump, being around 5 months along. Rick’s face said it all, a cocktail of shock, anger and disappointment. Carl couldn’t believe what he was seeing, a man who had been so kind and played games with him on that day, was now standing in front of the group, waiting to kill someone. “See that Rick, your daughter is carrying my child. Remember that day when I first met you, goddamn! I bet you never thought anything like this would happen, huh?”  He laughed, placing an arm around your shoulder. “Since you had been gone for so long, Y/N had to have a new daddy and I happily obliged.” he laughed, guiding you to the RV. “Now baby, stay in there and no peaking. This shit is about to get messy.” He smirked, kissing you before you went into the RV.

You just hoped he wouldn’t harm your dad or brother.


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the one where you only see color once you meet your soulmate + peter maximoff ? 👀

prompt: the one where you only see color once you meet your soulmate

pairing: peter maximoff x reader

rating: e for everyone

tagging: @dicckgrayson @paperclipmac @thrussyphobe

authors notes: i feel like it’s been forever since ive written for him, im halfway dying, also. im trying to make it a goal to write something like, once a day, so here’s this,

The world had always appeared drab to you — at no fault of your own, of course. No, no, it was the fault of the ever stupid soulmate thing, which constantly seemed to be a complete hack.

It wasn’t that you didn’t really believe in the whole idea of a “soulmate” – evidence literally proved that they existed, otherwise you’d be seeing in color just as clearly as some others who had already found their soulmates had – but you hated the fact that not having a soulmate meant that you couldn’t see in color.

So maybe you’ve never been able to really experience colors in their full form, whatever. But still. You still wanted to be able to see things as clearly as others did, and you couldn’t help but blame the soulmate bond — or lack thereof — for your inability to do so.

It also didn’t help that you were stuck in a school for mutants, which limited your exposure to the outside world by fifty percent. A majority of the people you saw weren’t your soulmate; and only 4% of the student population had actually found their “other half”.

The odds of finding your soulmate at a school for mutants was slim, and that annoyed you to no end.

Whatever, you had continued to tell yourself. It doesn’t matter. You still have time—

Your train of thought was lost as you felt someone bump into you when there hadn’t been anyone around you. “Watch it—” you began, shaking your head as you turned to face whoever had just ran into you, only to find colors seeping into your vision one by one; vibrant, bright, colorful.

His hair was grey (silver?), his eyes a gentle brown. His skin was pale, his lips a flushed, light pink.

Color. That was the first thought to run through your mind. Your gaze fell from paying attention to him as you looked all around the room, mesmerized with the beauty of seeing all of the different shades of colors around you.

This. This was what you had wanted; a soulmate was really just a perk to something as wonderful and fantastic as this.

“It’s beautiful,” you breathed, turning to look back at the boy who had bumped into you, finding that he was looking around the room in awe as well.

“I never could imagine what it’d look like,” he said, his voice serious and clearly in awe. “It's—”

“—magical,” you finished, and he nodded, sticking out one of his hands.

“My name’s Peter,” he said, and you smiled gently, giving your name and your hand, shaking it once.

“It’s very nice to meet you,” you told him, and he smiled a goofy, dorky smile.

“Right back at ya.”

t a g t e a m// triple h & shawn michaels

prompt- takes place in the 90s because ohmygod they were so fucking hot holy shit wowwowow and broo this is dead ass my fantasy god damn i mean have you seen them like really??

warnings-bissshhhh its a threesome so: oral sex, unprotected sex, (wrap it 4 dan) diRTy tAlk, teasing, anal??? (try it once b4 u judge) (i haven’t done it b4 just saying keep an open mind k anways) triple h is a warning and so is shawn sexy boy michaels

“when’s our scheduled date for the european tour?” shawn was discussing travel time with vince because he never told us the important information about the trip.

“uh-hu. mhmm. yea. yup.” he turned to you. you were sprawled out on the hotel bed in nothing but a lion onesie, because why the fuck not. he winked at you and you rolled your eyes playfully.

“oh what? yeah im listening.” he said to vince making you giggle and shake your head.

“listen dumb ass!” you whisper yelled and he stuck his tongue at you. you rolled your eyes for the second time in 60 seconds and got up off the bed.

“oh yeah, sure.” shawn mumbled, his eyes never leaving you as you walked into the bathroom. you heard slight mumblings coming from the previous room as you discarded of your onesie. you put on a cropped “dx” shirt when you heard the incoherent mumbling stop. about five seconds later, shawn appeared behind you. his arms snaked around the bottom of your bare torso.

“did i ever tell you how much i love that underwear on you?” you smirked. you were currently wearing plain black panties that were high waisted (the ones miley cyrus used to wear) showing off your long legs.

“maybe…” you responded, lightly grinding yourself onto shawns crotch.

“babe… hunter is coming right now.” he groaned warning you.

“you say it like it’s a bad thing.”

“i don’t like sharing my girl.” he said before flipping you over to face him. he propped you up on bathroom counter and attacking your lips. you moaned at how rough he was being, he knew you liked it that way. you heard a key card slide and the door unlock. shawns face buried into your neck groaning.

“stop fucking! im entering.” hunter yelled making you laugh. shawn groaned very loud.

“you’re such a fucking cock block dude!” i laughed even louder. he looked at you and shook his head, adjusting his semi hard on in his pants to not be visible and kissed you one more time before going out to greet hunter. —————————————-

“thank you guys so much!” you yelled to the crowd before disappearing behind the curtain. the cheers of the adoring wrestling crowd was one of the things you loved about meet and greets. shawn suddenly slapped your backside making you jump.


“what? i can’t help myself.” shawn smirked at you when you turned around.

“he’s an ass-man.” billy gun arrogantly stated. (ha get it) i sighed and shook my head at the comment.

“are we still going to lita’s room for an after party?” you questioned checking your watch. you looked back at both men who were nodding.

“im so ready to get pissed off my ass drunk.” and im so ready to finally ask you.

“what was that?” shit, i said that out loud. shawn narrowed his eyes at you for a couple of seconds.

“hmph.” —————————————-

the atmosphere was wild. almost all the men and women that made up the main roster were in lita’s suite. it was the biggest out of all of ours because she had just won the title. music was blasting and everyone was tipsy, and having the time of their lives.

“dance with me baby girl.” shawn asked invitingly as he gently took your hand and led you to the big space were everyone else was dancing. you turned around onto shawn and pressed your body up against him. shawn hung his arms around your neck as you slowly but gradually pressed your backside against his crotch. you felt his cock twitch in his denim jeans. he started to grind back into you, soft whimpers falling from his lips. the sounds coming from his mouth and his cock grinding on you made you feel incredibly hot.

“you like that baby?” you teasingly whimpered in his ear. he quickly nodded making you smirk.

“y-yes i love when yo- oh!” you pushed your ass back against his semi-erect cock.

“baby, please, we need to leave.” shawn begged. you continued to repeat your actions.

“make. me.” you stated. when you looked back at shawn, you didn’t see the face of a begger. you saw the new face of…(aMerIca) dominance. he pulled you away from the crowd and out the room. as soon as the door closed, he pushed you against the wall and your eyes locked. your chest rose and fell heavily and quickly before shawn connected his lips with yours. his hands roamed from your back to your bum and squeezed making you gasp.

“shawn,please…” you mumbled as his kisses started to travel down to your neck.

“what baby?” he whispered in you ear and you groaned. he knew what you wanted, he just wanted to tease. you huffed out as his lips attached to your neck, nipping and sucking.

“g-go to o-our room” you breathed out. shawn tapped your legs signaling you to jump and you complied. he carried you down the hall to your room, his lips still attached to your neck. he let you down gently and his lips made it’s way back to his favorite pair of lips. shawn came off as a play boy, but really he was absolutely whipped for you. your hands snaked around his neck and you went on your tippy toes to get a better angle. his hand went into his back pocket, fishing around for the room card. he pulled it out of his pocket and placed his hand on your lower back. he slipped the card in the slot and pushed the door open pushing you in. he closed the door, still attached to you and you both made your way to the bed. he lightly pushed you down and threw his shirt over his head eagerly making you giggle.

“im gunna fuck you so hard.” his hands raised your shirt over your head exposing your bare chest. he looked up at you eyes wide.

“it’s like you’re trying to murder me (y/n).” you smirked and pulled him close to you.

“maybe.” you lifted your hand to his crotch and began to palm him through his jeans. he whimpered and quickly kissed you again. his lips were firmly against yours, his tongue exploring your mouth. his plump lips molded into yours like two puzzle pieces. his heart was beating fast and so was yours. the love you had felt for each other wasn’t able to be formed into words. shawn never told you this, but he wishes there was something more than sex to show how much he loves and cares for you. how he’d do absolutely anything for you. but, until they make something up, sex would have to do. not that he was complaining though. he loved to feel your every warm tight muscle surrounding him when he was buried deep inside you. guess he was to in the moment to realize that hunter just entered the room.

“woah.” hunter breathed out. surprisingly, he had never walked in on you guys before even though the amount of rooms you shared together was more than you could count. shawn looked up at hunter and his eyes widened in shock, his heart beating even faster. he didn’t want anyone to see you like this. no one deserved to see you this vulnerable, this sexy. he was about to cover your chest up with the nearest covers, but you stopped him.

“wait…” you murmured and softly put your hand on shawns chest. shawn immediately shook his head.

“no. absolutely not.” you looked up at him and tried using your infamous puppy dog eyes that he ate up so much.

“(y/n), don’t look at me like that. please, you know i can’t resist those…” he trailed off. he looked up at hunter who had an obviously uncomfortable bulge he was trying to hide. he looked back down at you, your chest was rising and falling heavy. you had talked about how you wanted this for a while. and if the tables were turned with two girls, (one being you) he’d probably be asking too. he nodded his head and you smiled and looking over at hunter.

“hunter baby, you wanna join?” hunter swallowed and nodded.

“then what are you waiting for? come here.” hunter walked over to you and shawn with a smirk on his face.

“rules.” shawn stated sternly. “hunter, do not kiss (y/n). you c-”

“baby.” you said to shawn and he sighed.

“i just don-” you cut him off with hard kiss on his lips. you reached over to hunters crotch and lazily started to palm him through his loose basketball shorts. he groaned which almost made shawn pull away to see what you were doing, but you started to palm him again too. you opened your eyes and looked to see your hands feeling on two thick cocks and you moaned at the site. you’ve always wanted them in you at the same time and your wettest dreams were coming true tonight. hunter nudged shawn a little and he reluctantly moved over while still kissing you. hunter dipped and attached his wet lips to your left nipple making you moan and slowly lay down on the bed. you decided to get more handsy with shawn and slipped your hand into his jeans. you shakily started rubbing his naked cock up and down but had to stop a couple of times because of hunter.

“ohhh… hunter…” you moaned out as he brought his nipple between your teeth, gently biting it. his big hand cupped your right breast needing it in his hand. shawn had shimmied out of his jeans by now and he had kneeled infront of you, his long thick cock in front of your face. you looked up at him with your most innocent look to see his chest quickly rising and falling. you looked back down at his cock and sat up a little before taking the whole thing in your mouth.

“shi-fuck.” shawn huffed out and you mentally smiled. you slowly bobbed your head back and forth, your tongue gliding against the veins on his cock. you were so focused on sucking shawns cock, you didn’t realize hunter already had slid your baggy sweats off of you until you felt his hot breath on your pussy. you gasped when you felt him chuckle on your pussy.

“no panties? god you’re bad.” shawn released his cock from your mouth with a pop that made him shudder lightly.

“if you’re gunna eat her pretty little pussy, you gotta do it right.” shawn said and shuffled over to your jewel.

“open up baby, daddy and hunter are hungry.” you moaned and spread your legs as far as you could without any discomfort.

“jesus, you’re so wet, fuck. her pussy is so pretty.” hunter said to shawn as they were captivated by your juices sliding from your pussy to your second hole.

“i know, and i get to fuck it everyday.” you whined in annoyance which made both men chuckle.

“please someone just do something.” you moaned out.

“thats no way to talk to daddy like that.” you swallowed and felt your pussy quiver. shawn smirked.

“im sorry. daddy, can you and hunter please lick me?”

“yes princess, we can.” immediately after those words fell out his mouth, you felt two tongues flat on your pussy.

“shit!” you exclaimed. shawn planted small kisses on your heat while hunter waisted no time inserting his tongue directly in there. you felt hunters tongue deep inside your heat exploring every warm muscle. shawn kissed your clit and attached his lips to it. he began to suck making you scream. the pleasure was too much.

“im gunna cum!”

you gasped out for air as both of their tongues managed to fit in your small hole.

“fuck fuck fuck!” you practically screamed out, your orgasm hit you like a fucking truck. your heat clenched and you felt your cum oozing out of you. your whole body trembled and your vision went blurry. you fell back onto the bed and tried to catch your breath as both boys softly lapped at your heat cleaning up. as you were calming down with closed eyes, you felt shawns body hovering over yours.

“you think you could take two cocks at once baby?” shawn whispered in your ear making you shudder and then whimper. you were still sensitive but you wanted this so bad. you nodded as you felt hunter kissing your inner thighs.

“she’s still incredibly wet, i think she’d be able to.” hunter said rising up and jacking off his cock. hunter stripped down to bareness, and you must say, his cock wasn’t anything short of a disappointment. he wasn’t as long as shawn, but he was still pretty thick.

“come ‘er baby.” hunter laid down on the bed and his cock stuck up. your pussy was dripping in anticipation. you crawled on top of him and you felt shawn standing at the edge of the bed. you and hunter shuffled down to where shawn was so he had better access.

“you ready baby girl?” shawn whispered into your ear, pushing your hair on the back of your ear. you nodded your head yes and your heart began beating fast again. hunter lined up with your heat and shawn lined up with your second hole. you had done anal once before with shawn but it was around a month ago.

“just relax. it will feel good if you relax.” he said noticing your breathing getting heavy. you nodded and took a few deep breaths. your eyes fluttered shut when you felt shawns fingers spreading lube on your hole. you moaned when he stuck two of his fingers in, readying you.

“im ready.” shawn planted a soft kiss on your lips and looked to hunter. they both nodded at each other and at you before their cocks slowly entered your holes.

“oh!” you exclaimed. you felt the veins, their skin, how hard they were once their cocks entered you.

they thrusted at a slow pace making sure you were comfortable and were feeling good. once when they heard you moan, they began speeding up.

“holy shit you’re so god damn tight.” shawn struggled to say as his cock entered deep in you again. the way his cock looked nestled between your ass made him all the more horny. he spit on his cock and rubbed it around adding even more lubricant.

“uhhh…” you moaned out. you could barely even open your eyes at the amount of pleasure you were receiving. shawn pulled on your hair lightly and pulled you back at a new angle making hunter hit a new angle. you cried out in pleasure while hunter kneaded your chest and toyed with your nipples.

“god (y/n) you squeeze my cock so we-holy shit” you tried to ride him as much as you could but the pleasure was coursing through your body and almost paralyzed you.

“ooh fuck yes! go-im gunna cum!” you screamed out as the two cocks continued fucking your tight holes.

“i already did.” hunter chuckled out and slapped your bum.

“just hold on a few more seconds.” shawn groaned out and you shook your head.

“s-so good… i can’t…” hunter rose his upper body up and began to suck on your nipple. he took it between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. you new you couldn’t hold it in.

“shawn baby…”

“now” both of you simultaneously released and rode your orgasms out hard. profanities tumbled out of shawns swollen lips and you were too tired to form coherent sentences. you all breathed heavy, sweaty bodies collapsing on the bed.

“you see?” you turned to shawn. “wasn’t so bad.”

Written On This Skin - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 2

Part 3



“‘History test - Tuesday, Psych hw pages 120-124’, and oh look ‘coffee with Tom 5pm.’ Its like she forgets she has a Soulmate!” Luke wines to his bandmate, Ashton. Ashton was the only one left who would listen to his nagging about a soulmate.

Once your soulmate is born, whatever you write on your skin will appear on their’s. With the annoying exception of specific locations and full names. Luke particularly didn’t like that rule, because whenever he tried to write to his soulmate he could never put his full name down.

Trying to communicate with your soulmate through writing is very common, and most of the time people find loopholes to the system, song lyrics for example. But Luke’s soulmate was not having it. She wouldn’t respond to anything he wrote. Instead just putting little notes for herself on her body. It drove Luke crazy, looking at all these little notes about her life, but not being able to be there with her.

“Ashton, I’m never going to find her,” Luke whines. Ashton shakes his head, “Maybe its not a her” He says with a smirk

Luke groans at Ashton’s antics. “Let me check…. Yeah I’m positive its a her.” Luke snaps back, causing Ashton to laugh. “I just wish i could be like… Hey its me Luke Hemmings and then like meet her at a concert or something,” Luke dreams

“You’re so lazy.” Ashton accused. “It should be more natural than that. ‘Hey Im Luke Hemmings come find me’” Ashton says, mocking the boy next to him.

“But that’s exactly what you did. You told Emily that you were the drummer in 5 seconds of summer, and you met at a concert” Luke accused back at the drummer.

“So? You can’t just take our story” Emily says coming into the room. The rest of the boys from 5sos had already found their soulmates, Luke is the last one still stuck wondering. Luke liked the rest of the girls, they were down to earth and they are all fans of 5sos previously.

“Hey, Em, How should I get my soulmates attention?” Luke asks the girl, who sat down next to Ash. It’s common to have the girls on tour with them since after a few days of not seeing your soulmate, you will get ill or be in physical pain.

Emily contemplates the question for a second before saying, “Have you tried to write her some song lyrics?”

“You mean like Michael and Jackie?” Luke asks, trying to remember their soul story.

“Damn, I forgot about that!” Emily yells, causing a scolding from Ash for swearing. “I don’t know, do what feels right”

“What feels right right now is to call her out on stage,” Luke mutters, but Ashton and Emily hear him.

“Do what?”

“Thats a bad idea” Emily and Ashton say this at the same time, causing them to look at each other and smile. Then they are back to serious-problem-solving-couple.

“Have you never read a fanfic?” Emily asks, her eyes wide.

“Not really,” Luke answers scratching the back of his neck.

“Well, I’ll tell you how this ends. Thousands of girls are going to claim to be your soulmate, and then you are going to actually think one of them is, and then one day your going to discover that they aren’t and you and your soulmate are going to be heartbroken. Trust me luke. Let fate do its thing.” Emily explains to Luke. Luke doesn’t have a comeback this time.

He stares angrily at his skin.

Y/N stares angrily at her skin.

She wishes she was clever enough to come up with song lyrics to tell him where she was and maybe who she is. When Y/N was younger she claimed that she wanted her soulmate to come naturally. No loopholes, no nothing. So here she was stuck writing stupid notes on her hand, so he at least knows she exists. He used to write back, with clever lyrics. It killed her to not respond.

Y/N gets a text on her phone suddenly. It’s her best friend. She had been blabbering on about a concert in a couple days that she couldn’t get tickets to. You were a fan of the band but not a huge fan. She just texted you that she won some tickets. You decide to write a quick note on your arm about the concert

Luke is surprised when he sees whats written on his arm now.

“Guys look!” He yells, calling his bandmates and their girlfriends over. They all ooh and ahh at the ink on his arm.

Imagine being another woman Kit Walker loved and running into him five years after escaping from Briarcliff in the coffee shop you own.

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“(Y/N)” Lana said as she was about to walk out of the shop. Kit turned in his chair to see you for the first time in five years. “tell Scarlett and Robb, I said hello”

“Will do Lana” you smiled at your friend as she walked out. As you turned to go back to your work, your eyes land on the blonde. “Well if it isn’t Kit Walker as I live and breath.”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” Kit chuckled hugging you. “Its good to see you.”

“You to” you told him. “Sorry about never writing or anything. I’ve been busy keeping this place open. But I’m truly sorry about Grace and Alma.”

“It takes time but the kids and I are dealing with it” Kit said as the front door opened and a brunette woman walked in with a set of twins, one boy and one girl each with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes just like Kit.

“Mommy” the two shouted running straight to you.

“How was school” you asked them.

“Awesome” your son Robb said “Ms. Blake let our class have an extra rescue.”

“and we got cupcakes for Austin’s birthday” you daughter Scarlett told you.

“Sorry Miss (Y/L/N)” Mrs. James said. “there a bit hipper”

“It’s okay Laura” you told her handing her this weeks check for watching them before she left. “you two run on to the back room and play.” Once the twins at went to the back you turned back to Kit. “Sorry about that. I complete forgot they would be dropped off early”

“It’s fine” Kit told you with that smile you fall in love with back when you first meet him. “So your mom”

“Yeah it’s kinda hard to believe” you told him. “but eight month after escaping Briarcliff those two showed and have been a pain in the ass just like the father since day one.”

Even though you didn’t up and say they were his, Kit know the were. Back in Briarcliff you always told him he was a pain in the ass. He know he had to wait for you tell him yourself though. So you talked a few more moments before saying goodbye and promising to stay in touch. As he walked out to his truck he turned back to see Robb and Scarlett run out to you and grab hold of your hands. He smiled to himself, hoping he’d at least get to know them.

Title: Go drunk, I’m home
Fandom: Monsta X
Member: Wonho
Genre/Warning: crack!fic ?, fluffish, drunk antics
Summary/Request: In which Wonho nearly accidentally kills you 
A/N: This isn’t anything special really haha, a random thing I wrote to get me in my writing zone, its like a filler ?? 
Word Count: 1991

The world was definitely round. And you didn’t believe that because of scientific fact, you believed that because you could actually see the curves of the streets right now, how oval and rounded everything had become and boy, did it mess up your balance. “The world would be easier flat.” You told no one in particular as you continued to stumble on what was actually flat surfaces.

The air was cool, yet you felt overly warm. The street’s had never felt so complicated to you as it had tonight, circling numerous times you believed. “I swear I saw that tree.” You whined into the air after seeing what was in fact a different tree. But how were you to differentiate tree’s in your state.

The star’s were a messy blur, like some kind of painting and you felt yourself become hypnotised by the tiny gems in the sky, holding your gaze upward while your limbs dragged all over the place, at one point you slumping on a car before you unconsciously moved again. Tiredness was beginning to wash over you, the stars, you were convinced, making your drowsy and you were tired to the point that you would have slept on the street.

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one door down

⌝ a/n: new format, thought it looked a bit nicer than the previous ^^ -admin L

⌝ words: 1.4k

⌝ group/member/genre: jaemin of nct, fluffy neighbor!au

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“Y/N, go tell your our neighbors to quiet down!” Your mom yelled from the kitchen. By now, it was a monthly occurrence; the neighbor’s son blasted music a lot, but sometimes he blasted it too much.

You got up from your bed, sighing as you slipped on a pair of tennis shoes and headed for the door. You had never met the son himself, just the parents, and you weren’t so sure you wanted to meet him. He seemed loud and obnoxious.

As you walked to the front door, you had a sinking feeling by the absence of his parent’s car that he was the only one home right now. Which means that you were going to have to meet him. Great. You went up and knocked the door, waiting for him to answer.

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anonymous asked:

Momma a boy from high school (who I never talked to) messaged me today out of the blue. We were talking about cars then suddenly he brought up that he sold a car to the girl that took his "v card" as he called it. I was kinda uncomfortable with this, as it's a weird thing to say to someone you barely know. I told him it was weird, then told my mom what happened and she said I was "scaring all the boys away" and "hedidn't do anything wrong."I feel like I've done something wrong now? Makes nosense

You didn’t do anything wrong, that is weird. You’re not scaring any boys away, if anything he just scared you away.

I really don’t know how that could be interpreted as not weird. He could’ve just been like “oh I sold a car the other day it was pretty nice” or something like that. It’s an unnecessarily detail to be thrown in.

-Lou the Lobster

HEARTBREAKER || a darkiplier mix

sleep - my chemical romance // 1940 (amplive remix) - the submarines // an unhealthy obsession - the blake robinson synthetic orchestra // volatile times - iamx //  i want you - summer camp // (i always kill) the things i love - the real tuesday weld // seven devils - florence and the machine // reaper man - mother mother // sound of madness - shinedown // the widow - the mars volta // child psychology - black box recorder // neighbour - mother mother // dead! - my chemical romance // i love you - the dandy warhols // haunted - shirk 

CHEAP IMITATOR || an antisepticeye mix

body - mother mother // afraid - the neighbourhood // i don’t care - fall out boy // forest fire - andrew jackson jihad // emperor’s new clothes - panic! at the disco // the flipside - griffinilla ft. shadrow // control - halsey // little pistol - mother mother // animal impulses - iamx // handlebars - flobots // wires - the neighbourhood // it’s murder - mayhem //i never told you what i do for a living - my chemical romance // lights out - mindless self indulgence // cult - kikuo 

i hold fate in my arms like a lover, swirl cities into the skin between its shoulderblades – their futures will settle there, and the way the lines connect between fate’s freckles will dictate salvation or damnation. bow to me, boy, for i see empires crashing like cymbals before your hands, and i see your name etched into the earth like a kiss, but without me you will never make it out of this slow town that does as it is told and only speaks in words. you, boy, you speak in immortality, but only if i cast these truths into your bones, where no scavenger can root them out.
so bow, boy. come here; come closer.
—  the prophetess speaks // abby, day 234
Why I ship Harmony

I ship Harmony because from the moment my dad started reading those books to me, I was Hermione. And I had boys like Ron and boys like Harry in my life. And no matter how many years its been since I’ve interacted with some of them, I will never forget the horrible things the boys like Ron said, and I’ll never forget how they made me feel horrible and worthless for being smart and for caring. I will always value the Harry’s who always told me I was clever, who never made me feel worthless, who actually looked for me when I wasn’t around. So even though Ron’s can grow up and care and stop the bullying, you always remember what they did to you. And I cannot imagine Hermione doing that. I’ve read it, I’ve watched it, but that isn’t her. Hermione is the strongest woman I know, she’s my role model, always has been, always will be, and I will never see the justification behind her marrying her former tormentor.

The Wrong O’Hare

Prompt: Being Tulip’s Sister and Cassidy rejects you.

Warnings: Angst, Self-Hatred, Jealousy, Sibling Rivalry

Notes: Reader’s name is Daisy or Dai, (pronounced Day) for short.

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Today was the day you were finally going to ask Cassidy out. You knew he wasn’t the dating type. His history with drugs, alcohol and hookers didn’t make him the most appealing man on paper. Yet, there was something about him that got under your skin. He always had a joke ready that could make your laugh until your ribs hurt. He always knew how to make you smile when you had the worst of days. He was always honest with you, no matter what. Underneath all that, Cassidy was more than dirty jokes and hungry for an escape. He was masking a deep sadness and self loathing that you knew all too well. He was someone you wanted to get to know better and this was the first step in doing just that.

You were cleaning a pile of dirty dishes in Jesse’s little yellow kitchen. Cassidy was keeping you company and you listened to another of his crazy anecdotes. You watched him out of the corner of your eye as he leaned against the refrigerator and pointed one finger at you.

“And that is why ye don’t steal from a one-eyed meth dealer named Big Bloo,” Cassidy concludes. He laughs at his own story, his eyes twinkling and recrosses his arms. You laugh with him before swallowing. You stare at the small soap bottle on the edge of the windowsill to calm the butterflies in your stomach. You pondered about the risk of rejection. You were rejected your whole life but it felt different with Cassidy. Your relationship with him was nothing like anything else you had ever experienced. You took a shaky breathe in and closed your eyes. It was now or never.

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Hinata and Kageyama are heirs to yakuza families with a deep-seated rivalry. A fated meeting during childhood sets them on a spiraling decade of debilitating fear and love.

A ficlet collection based on Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album.

Rating: Mature |Pairing: KageHina |Tags: Yakuza, Halsey, Romeo & Juliet



In the sea-salt coddled Fukushima prefecture, there exists an expressway that etches down the center and signals the branch territories of two rival yakuza families: the Yamaguchi-gumi on the left and the Sumiyoshi-kai to the right. Despite a history of ceaseless feud, both branches have more in common than they can perceive. Each has a male heir, currently the bright-eyed and gentle age of twelve—Kageyama of the Yamaguchi-gumi and Hinata of the Sumiyoshi-kai. Each is loyal, dangerously stubborn, and so blinded by their thirst that when fate’s blindfold comes upon their eyes, they sense no difference. And each will be left helpless to fate’s slick handiwork.

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