it's the bicycle

Wait. Halt.
Stand there,
Don’t take off your shoes
Just yet
Don’t slip off your coat
Just yet
Yes, I know I invited you here
But hear me out first
Before you cross the threshold
And cause irreproachable
Ruin in this room full
Of ruinable things
Let’s be well versed
In the irreversible nature
of painted proclivities
Before you step in here
Before you step up to me
Before you press your lips to mine
Promise me unapologetic savagery
And I’ll give you the key
That unlocks more than the liquor cabinet

valentine's date with taehyung

- seeing him play with your little cousins while waiting for you “you only came for them huh” “yes” “okay bye” “I wAS KIDDING”

- having him play with your hands and make shadows in the car “look its a turtle on a bicycle” “what”

- your waitress nearly spilling your water bc of how handsome Tae is and him smirking cause he knows “come here so I can slap that smirk off your face” “WOW THIS BREAD TASTES GOOD”

- you casually staring at him and realizing how attractive he actually is and approving of your choices “why are you staring at me now” “your mole is funny” “yoU KNOW WHAT YOUR FACE IS FUNNY”

- walking with his hand on your waist to get ice cream “tae this is uncomfortable” “okay” then picking you up like a potato sack and running to the store “that was faster anyway”

[exercise cw]

anyway i biked 20 mi today and also climbed some routes i definitely couldn’t have managed even 3 weeks ago, Project Get Buff is proceeding apace as is Project Oof My Everything

anonymous asked:

"It's like removing a bicycle from a cyclist and making fun of the position." So you basically missed the entire point. Because people are addicted to their phones, they are not addicted to their bicycles.

I know what the guy was TRYING to convey he just did it in a bad way because how is a picture of a person looking at their hand a SHOCKING REALITY CHECK? It’s just taking it completely out of context because staring at your hand is supposed to make that couple seem unreasonable, silly and disconnected from reality, when it is not even remotely the same as staring at a phone which offers you endless possibilities to communicate with virtually everyone in the world.
This is one of those “damn you millenials with your technology and phones and ~pacman video games~ *shakes fist*” arguments that Old People™ like to bring up. Please just let people enjoy things and stop trying to make every technological invention sound like the devil himself sent it.
Edit: have you ever met a Dutch person, they are in very much addicted to their bikes

      In all honesty, he should have seen this day coming. His voice just wasn’t drawing in enough money for him and his elderly mother. The night club was dear to his heart, yes, but there were other places that offered him more. How typical, he was always wanting more, more.

      As he packed up he looked out at the empty tables. He grew use to staying a bit later, if only to see his dear friend Lucina. A smile quirked as he thought about her, his eyes now scanning for her. He had to tell her– and to ask her.

      It was important to him.



so…sriracha and pumpkin spice will not double-awesome.