it's the best thing i could find

I was recovered,
I thought
yet I am comforting myself
by relaying on something
silver, small and sharp
something reminding me of the bad days
of the days where I could barely move,
barely sleep
barely talk
of the days, I, myself,
was my own worst enemy
the days where my mom asked me where all the blood came from,
I wonder many times if she will ever find out the truth
I don’t think so
the sharp small and silver thing
was once my best friend
it made me tear myself apart,
now it’s a childhood memory
I would rather forget
yet sometimes I’m going back
because I never learned another way
to survive this consuming darkness.
i could write thousands of poems about
how i loved you like you were the first air of fresh morning
or like the stars never come out without you
or like my heart only find its beats when you hold me
but this is all bullshit
the words coming from my mouth flow through the air and touch your lips so desperately
i can spill my heart on papers about how you made me feel
like i was the sun in your morning sky
or the moon on your night sky
but still bullshit
you are the best thing that happened to my heart
and the worst thing that happened to my mind
—  k.m

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What are considered Gmos? My friend says that they have to be manipulated in a lab, but many biology blogs say that a selectively bred animal or plant is a gmo.

Hey! I can understand your confusion, and I apologize for being one of those people who purposefully muddies the water around the definition of what exactly is a genetically modified organism.

The best description I could find was the one legally defined by the European Union: “An organism is genetically modified if its genetic material has been changed in a way that does not occur under natural conditions through cross-breeding or natural recombination”

These would include things like, in agriculture, introduced resistances to things that crops would normally be susceptible to - either natural pathogens (fungi, parasites, bacteria, viruses, etc), or something like an artificially-created herbicide to facilitate weed management (“Roundup Ready” crops that are resistant to the glyphosate herbicide Roundup). Ideally, it is used to enable more sustainable and efficient farming.

This would also include genetically engineered animals - a phrase that likely sparks fear into the majority of people, but, like in the plants mentioned above, boils down to just the addition of recombinant DNA (essentially a controlled version of DNAs natural reproductive process of genetic recombination) that produces the desired trait. For example, AquAdvantage Salmon that reach adult size faster due to an introduced growth hormone gene being controlled by an ocean pout gene promoter; VERY good news for the fishing industry, and as a result, the environment - since this means less demand on wild-caught sources. Science is so cool, you guys.

On the other hand, you’ve probably heard terms like artificial selection or selective breeding bandied about - and this is essentially the pre-labs, extremely long-game version of GMOs. Not to mention the version that is usually touted as being better since it’s “natural”, as though anything produced in a lab is sent straight from the ninth circle of Hell itself (looking at you, anti-vaxxers)

These are things like most of our basic food crops and domesticated animals, where humans have affected the evolution of the target organism to get the desired trait over hundreds and thousands of years. Such as how the extinct aurochs became more meat-heavy cows, wild teosinte became higher-yield corn, and Brassica became literally everything else, to a point where I wouldn’t even be surprised if dogs had some B. oleracea in them. 

So, artificial selection and GMOs overlap in a lot of ways, but I hope I clarified the subject a little bit better. Enjoy your Brassica oleracea canis


There’s an au where the character has one eye matching the eye colour of their soul mate right?

Rukia likes to make fun of her soul mate for having such an ordinary eye colour then realizes its the only normal thing about him when they meet.

Ichigo wonders where the hell he’s going to find someone with purple eyes.

Orihime secretly likes her soul mate’s eyes but she won’t tell anyone because of how strange it is. 

Ulquiorra doesn’t realize he has a soul mate, he just thinks its just some weird mutation. 


(Check it out, I realized I’m spamming my own blog so have your replies this way now… the HCs asks I’ll do separate once I’m done with work <3)

1.  Honestly, my friends link me stuff or specific blogs and I just start trolling through them, and then follow to the sources and if I find a blog I like I either follow it (or bookmark it like an asshole if I like the content but its too nsfw for me to risk having it on my dash in public *sweats*). Hit up some of the places I reblog these from to find these things ;)

2.  Exactly! He’s confident, but he’s also very insecure and definitely puts a huge like expectation on his own shoulders to be the very best possible. And projecting confidence definitely helps reach the goals he’s set for himself. Like, I wish i could project confidence as well as JJ does despite insecurity, seriously.

3. SEE ABOVE but also, Otabek would TOTALLY remix him theme of king JJ and play it in the club for him on his birthday. I need to see JJ tear it up to that song on a dance floor tbh. Someone send me hcs about JJ in the club I need this

4. THANK YOU DEAR <3  I’m always flattered people like me so thank you T_T

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.


OHGOD OHGOD *composes self* Thank you so much to my dear, beloved crumpet @okimi79, who sent this to Cory some months ago in hopes that it might actually find its way to him, because having a signed bone saw was my fucking dream. I’m damn near speechless (alternating with bouts of inhuman screeching), and I cannot believe I am holding this fucking thing in my hands. I swear to God, I have the best girlfriend in the entire world. I’m gonna go die now UGH. <333333

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Ahhhhh I would love to send a commission but shit trying to pull good references is a pain. Much less describing the shitlord that I would love to have drawn. What's the most vital thing to put down, detail wise?

what i find best and easiest to use for people who send me characters with 0 ref, and it could be different for other people but,

a few sentences broadly describing the characters personality helps, it makes me gather a good mood for their face and figure, and helps with posing, faces are the most important part to a character or at least for literally everyone including me that ive met, so a lot of points should be made to it. but its not necessary, some people dont really see sense in describing beyond something like ‘a fat face’ or ‘big eyes’, or sometimes it can be confusing to figure it out especially if you have no art of them. hair style is important but is a really good one for finding refs of, because well just about everyone has hair and theres some great examples out there. but again, describing all parts of things is the importance so ‘bangs above eyebrow, frizzy hair, down to their shoulders’ while again is a small note, can still get a lot of the point across. more detail on a face in example could be ‘short but fat nose, sturdy cheek bones, pointed chin, sharper eyes, thick longer brows, soft ears’ etc etc etc

face claims to me can work really well for people that are just unsure and they maybe see a celebrity or a photo of someone and honestly it just lights up for them. i think that becomes a matter of how close is the artist referencing that face is where half the issue lies. sometimes people mesh a few characters from games or photos of people and picks and choses a little bit of each, frame weight height and all the essentials of course and hEY im babbling and i apologize for that

me personally ive worked a LOT with people who have had no refs, and im ususally willing to work back and fourth with someone until we can land a face that works for them. narrowing that back and fourth is made possible though, by being descriptive usually

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man, I'm feeling so rough. I feel like I've weirded out my only friends. We were hanging out together but I just felt like the third wheel. I wish I could be someone's best friend, I'm worried people are just being nice to me bc they're polite. I don't know how to talk to people and I'm scared that's weirding them out. Everyone gives each other a cute nickname and everyone but I'm just me, sitting in the corner. I know people care about me but it's just hard to believe right now

listen pal.

i totally get you. im here for you.
making friends and maintaining friendships is hard thing so don’t worry. its not just you. i believe you’ll find some friends that you can truly be yourself around. even if they are miles and miles away from you.

you are sweet and loved. you are always welcome here.

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  • Who’s my bias; nayeon and sana i caNT CHOOSE ONE
  • Whose voice I like the most; jeongyeon and mina omg
  • Who’s my bias wrecker; jeongyeon fgkjkfjgk
  • What’s my favorite moment (I’ll try to post a link); i cant find the original vid but ya its the 2x speed dance on the left
  • What’s my otp; namo
  • The last song I heard by them; knock knock
  • Who I think dances the best; momo 
  • Who’s I think is the funniest; dahyun
  • Who I wish I could grow up with; tzuyu !!!

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i loooove ur blog!!i remeber when i saw the originals and started getting obesessed with the show i looked for Originals Blog related and i found you and it was the best damn thing i could've ever find. It helped me during thought times, made me happy when i was sad, your blog was also there in my life when everything was fine. I already finished college , started working, starting my second college and you're still in my life, that's how long its been and how much you mean to me, thank you 💕💕

Oh you’re going to make me cry!

Title: Satan learns how to take a shower

Rating: PG:13, Natan 

Summary: Satan kind of likes dinner and finds a new way to tease natalie 

a/n: This is my first natan fic (oh lord what have i gotten myself into) and im trying to get back into the swing of things 

Natalie continued to cut up the vegetables in her hand as she read over the recipe she had displayed on her phone. She was determined to make this meal the best one yet, and prove Lucifer wrong. She could be a good cook if she tried hard enough.

The door to the bathroom slammed, indicating that he was out of the shower.

He walked through the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his waist and another hanging over his wet hair.

Ever since she introduced him to showering he probably took two a day now.

“Nice shower?” she snickered.

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How would you act as Shawn’s Girlfriend

I was tagged by my lovely best friend @illumeshawn . Thank you sweets. Sorry it took so long. 

When he’s on tour:

I would want to talk to him all the time. We would probably fall asleep talking to each other when we could. I would snapchat him all day. Anything I was doing, he would get a picture of. I would want to see all the cities he went to and the weird things he does. Most definitely steal one of his sweaters. Probably the biggest, comfiest one I could find. He wouldn’t even know its missing until he starts looking for it.

“Hey babe. Have you seen my sweater?”

“Nope. I haven’t. Why?”

“Well its missing and somehow my sweaters always end up in your closet.”

“Stop accusing me. Thats rude.”

“But do you have it?”


But he wouldn’t care because he just wants me to be happy while he’s gone. Even though he knows it wont be 100%, he knows that helps. I’d tell him to bring me something fun from all the places he visits. I’d have a whole self of knick knacks and postcards or what not.

When you’re together:

We would cuddle so much. That is all I would want to do. Just be in his arms. Always touching him. Not in a clingy way but just because I love physical love. I would love to hold his hands and just melt into them. I would just want to hug him all the time. I think we would sit in bed or on the couch and just listen to music. We would always be laughing. I’m a very giggly person and I feel like Shawn would just laugh at me laughing.

When you’re supporting him:

I would blast his songs all the time. Like he would get so flustered when I start belting out Mercy in the car. Every time it comes on I shout, “MY BOYYYY.” I would want to go to any show I could. My bitch ass would buy tickets to his shows and he would ask “Why didn’t you just ask me for one?” But lord knows that I support him too much for free shit. I would make him posters with pick-up lines on them or puns about him. I think I would constantly tell him how proud I am of him because I think he’s too hard on himself. My babe works so hard, and he just doesn’t see it. And we all love him so much. I would just tell him that all the time. That I love him, I’m proud, and he is the greatest person I know.  

When he’s sad:

Lots of cuddles. I would let him rest his head on my chest while we lay in bed. I’d run my hands through his hair, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. I would tell him the same things I would when supporting him: that I love him, I’m proud, and he is my sunshine. I would reassure him that he is stronger than he’s feeling at that time. I would be that person who makes him his favorite food. Or whatever he wants. I would bring him soft, warm blankets and just make sure I’m there for him. I want him to know he has support. I would do anything to make him feel better. I would tell him how much I loved him for eternity just to see him smile.

When he’s happy:

When he’s happy, I would be so happy too. I would just sit and watch the cute smile on his face. I would be happy with him. We obviously would have weird dance parties where we both look ridiculous. Not that we care because the only thing that matters is us being happy in that moment. When he’s happy, I would just smile at him. Everything would be right in the world. If I had a bad day and he was happy, nothing that happened would matter. Everything would melt away. My smile would mirror his, no doubt.

When you’re on the plane:

I have no idea. I would want to hold his hand just because thats the shit I like. I’ve been on lots of planes so I’m pretty chill with them. I would want to sleep on him, and I would want him to sleep on me. We would watch movies together, depending on how long the flight is. We would get told to be quiet so many times. We’d probably be so loud from laughing at stupid things like the guy across from us with his mouth open. If Shawn fell asleep and I didn’t, I would watch him in hopes that he wakes up and finds the humor in my stare. I would let him rest his long legs on me because “I’m so tall babe. I don’t fit.” Eye-rolls would always be happening. Playful of course, but eye-rolls none the less.

When (he releases a new album):

I love Shawn’s music so much. He has made me feel things that don’t even make sense since I’ve never been in a relationship. When he releases something new, I would buy it on the spot. I would pre-order, listen to it at midnight (despite his arguing about sleep), and buy an actual copy. The teasers would be playing and he would laugh like a little ass because I would beg for more snippets. He would say no because I dont get special treatment for sharing my bed with him. When I finally listen to it, he would find me laying on the floor. Maybe crying or screaming. Maybe both. I always listen to Shawn’s music on the floor. You cant fall if you’re already down, right? He would see me there, scared at first and then he would just laugh and tell me to get up. But I think the fuck not. I’m going to lay there and wallow about my failed relationship that never actually happened. Once again, he would ask why I didn’t just ask for the album for free, but I support him too much to not pay for it.

I am going to tag @shit-to-kinda-okay @nike-shawn @gentlemanmendes and anyone who wants to do this. Have a great day lovelies. 

I want to trace the line
From your ring finger to your heart

Following it with soft kisses
Never to stop, once I start

This existence it finds me
Wasting away
Without the catalyst of you
It’s just not the same

I know that together
It would be bright
Best it could be

Stars in the sky
The bright moon
The blue sea

The heights and the depths
The highs and the lows

I’d give all of anything
To stand in your glow

Your heart 
Your mind
Your soul
To forever learn and know

And through all this love learning
Together to grow

E.R.S. 💙🌹

Tarot reading pet peeve

When someone asks for like a 5-card reading, but their question has a yes or no answer. 

“Will I get married?”

-struggles to find a direct answer in the mass of cards, that could be done with a single card or a pendulum- “Uhhhh…. Looks to me like before you can get married you’re going to have to figure out your financial security and get a few other things in order. In other words, its probably best that you take care of yourself before you worry too much about marriage.”

“So… am I or aren’t I?”

“With the path that you’re on now, probably not. Circumstances have to change before the momentum gets rolling.”

…. -querent looks very disappointed-


I’ll be good for all of the times I never could.
For all of the bruises I’ve caused and the tears,
for all of the things that I’ve done all these years.

“I just wanted to be a better man for you, Swan.”

I don’t need you telling me I’m screwed up. I find more flaws within myself than you ever will. Yes, I’m a crumbling mess, but only because i’ve had to give bits and pieces of myself away. I’m left with remnants of the person I used to be. I’ve stitched those sections back together the best I could and even though my soul looks like a patchwork quilt - it’s warm.. and it’s home now.
—  Its my home now

Hearing definitely…. sometimes its bit overwhelming actually……I see why dogs bark at sirens and stuff, they are the most horrible sounding thing.  well…dog whistles are pretty bad too…vivi decided to test out whether I could hear those or not…..the answer is yes, yes i can and its awful

Smell…..well…yeah, I…dont really like it though…I can like…smell everyone…like everyone has a different scent and its weird.  I try my best to ignore it, but it has come in handy, like if we get separated I can find the others by scent. But its still weird to be smelling your friends… least they smell nice…


I try
and try
and try some more
to feel something
I just can’t anymore
The pain that was caused
I tried to save myself from
to numb just where it hurts
but the numbing has spread to far
Its taking over my body
Its taking over my mind
I need to feel something
How could I have been so blind
I need to find an antidote
I need to find a cure
I found it once
But now it’s lost
That is the pain to bare
Had it run away?
Did I push it to the edge?
I guess I’m addicted to the numbness
A safety net at it’s best
You’re the only thing to stop the numbing
The only thing that can make me feel
But this is an evil, endless circle
I’ve been gone too long to heal
- @im-sick-of-sleeping-alone

  • (Following "In Hushed Whispers")
  • Blackwall: What happened at Redcliffe, have you ever seen its like, Solas?
  • Solas: The distortion of time? I have seen magic accomplish many things, but ... no, that is new.
  • Blackwall: Magic has little place in a war between men.
  • Solas: Many mages are brutes, seeing nothing more than a larger ball of fire.
  • Solas: But those with imagination, those who use war to push the limits of the possible...
  • Blackwall: I wish the Chantry could better enforce restrictions against its use.
  • Solas: Such rules never hold. Any who want victory will find some reason their cause merits exception.
  • Solas: The best we can do is ensure the world still stands when this fight ends.