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I just wanted to let you know that the last picture you reblogged (this one on you're blog /post/84081651999/) is actually a religious picture! It depicts Jesus being taken to heaven by God, and it's a sacred symbol to lots of people. I know you think they look like your anime characters, but next time try to do some research before tagging something :) Cheers!


…..wait are you being serious?

this is literally a picture of johnathan and dio

I know its not midnight there yet but it is here & i couldn’t wait any longer to show you this. This day last month we were lucky enough to spend our 3 months together which was by far one of the best days of my life. Even though this month, for our 4 months we can’t be physically together, I put some of our pictures & videos that we were lucky enough to have taken together. I cant believe it has been 4 months already since I watched that youtube video. I’m not going to write a big long message here because ill say it to you when its actually going to be midnight there but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make me so happy & I will always be forever grateful for you. HAPPY 4 MONTHS MY LOVE!💙 I love you so much!

Three in one.

A fogbow, solar glory and Brocken spectre are all coexisting in this wonderful picture taken from San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge. As Marc Twain famously quipped, the worst winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco, and the bay is famed for its heavy mists that sap the heat out of the air. For these to be visible, the fog must be below and the sun above the photographer. Seeing all three of these together, the first two covering 360 degrees is uncommon at best. Fogbows are similar to rainbows, due to reflection and refraction of the light passing through them though their colours are usually weak. Glories resemble saint’s haloes, and are caused by complex optical phenomena that are still being debated, to do with resonance between different light paths within the drops. The spectre is the large magnified shadow of the photographer in the centre of the halo, and only arises when the sun is behind the observer. What a wonderful combo…


Image credit: Mila Zinkova via EPOD.


At last, here are my drawings from the commemorative stream last Friday!! It ended up becoming an FMA stream, heheh.

First up, some Royai hurt/comfort for @xennariel; the cursed Edwin Twilight AU for @gomboc123; a Maria Ross that was collectively requested by @thestaffofra @sevenfairysins @egalitarian-nature-blog @haganenobeato @toomuchfreetyme2 @annablume and @gomboc123 I think… 

And finally this… Riza Hawkeye as Sailor Moon… with a gun djkkjhgs!! Requested by @haganenobeato!! Have a little bonus meme because I couldn’t get the phrase “I won’t hesitate bitch” out of my head for the life of me djkjgdgjf

There’s also a little easter egg on the “proper” “Sailor Riza”!! It is at 1% opacity, so tilt the screen and find out what it is. ;D

You guys know how much I had fun drawing these and hanging out with you dsksgkf, it was the best!! I doubt I’ll ever be taken seriously after this, though!!

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Sabrina Patel

😫 😫 😫  my ultimate fave omgggggg

  • favorite thing about them: uhhhh everything. ❌ people who don’t stan sabrina patel don’t interact ❌
  • least favorite thing about them: uhh nothing. she’s perfect. ❌ people who don’t stan sabrina patel don’t interact ❌
  • favorite line: everything she ever says ever hhhhhh sign me tf up
  • brOTP: ✅ sabrina/icon status ✅
  • OTP: 💁 no one’s good enough for her so 💁
  • nOTP: sabrina/even looking at anyone who doesn’t stan sabrina patel
  • random headcanon: 🙌  that she’s literally the backbone of this world come on 🙌 nevermind that’s not a headcanon that’s a fact 🙌
  • unpopular opinion: lol this isn’t unpopular but❌ people who don’t stan sabrina patel don’t interact ❌
  • song i associate with them: this list of the 100 best songs of all time applies 💁 b/c she’s the best character of all time 💁 
  • favorite picture of them: all of them are amazing, every picture she’s ever taken

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Okay but leaning over to kiss Harry's cheek but he turns his head the last second so you end up kissing his pouty lips

MAYBE you’re at a friend’s wedding. MAYBEEEEEEE  you’re flirty best friends. (Lmao why is this turning out to be a theme of the night.)

You’re both a little tipsy, just having the best night ever, and you decide to get in the photo booth. The pictures are silly, you’re cracking each other up, posing with all the props that are provided.  And for the final photo, you turn to him. 

You press your lips to his cheek softly and the camera counts down.  3… 2…..

Last minute, Harry turns his head and your lips are together.  You don’t even have time to react when the picture is taken, and when its over you gasp.  “HARRY.”

He smiles at you, wiping at his lips.  “Sorry… just… wanted to.  Sorry.”  His facial expression changes slowly and starts frowning, scanning your face.  “Was that bad?”  

You, in your slightly tipsy state, giggle and grab his face.  You pull him in for one more kiss, to answer his question and tell him that no, it wasn’t bad.  In fact, you actually wanted that.

You end up making out in the photobooth while your pictures print, and you only realize what’s happening when another couple tries to get in and says “OHHH SORRY” when they see you making out. 

pll- truth or dare- part 3

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request: pll preferences- the boys asking y/n truth or dare questions (with both options of truths and dares)??


It was your birthday and you decided to invite some of your friends over to your house; you invited wren, Jason, toby, Ezra, mike, Caleb and noel. You also invited Emily, aria, spencer, Hanna, Alison and Mona.

With everything that was going on you wanted to have some fun, so you all decided to play truth or dare in your living room. Everyone sat in a circle and placed an empty glass bottle on the floor to spin. You all took turns asking and answering questions, depending on who the bottle landed on.

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jacobwhitesides “If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph” I’ve seen this quote many times, but never truly understood what it meant until i spent good amounts of time with you. Ive thoroughly enjoyed every single moment we’ve had together over these short 4 years, and you’re the most precious and beautiful thing i have ever witnessed. I get so caught up in the moment when I’m with you that our already limited hours feel like seconds, and those seconds fly by at rapid speeds. It’s days like this I’m relieved you let me take so many pictures of you. When I’m miles away battling a horrible FaceTime connection after not talking to you for days, its these pictures that get me through. I scroll through every picture I’ve taken of you, even the blurry ones, and with every click I’m reminded more and more how truly lucky i am. Thank you for never giving up on me, thank you for always pulling me in and never pushing me away, thank you for never letting me go a day thinking I’m alone. I love you bea, thank you for opening my eyes to all the little things in life that i never truly appreciated until i met you. Thanks for the best year ever. I hope we live to 110, and spend every anniversary at Disney.”