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Birthday Morning w/ Zen

Happy birthday @haveyoumetsakii!! Hope you have a great day… no, a great year ahead of you! Allow me start it off with something sweet. I hope you like it <3

(Wow, it’s been awhile since I last touched Mystic Messenger. I decided to write the one whose route we’ve both finished already!)  

Zen entered the room slowly and quietly. In one hand, he balanced a tray of the best breakfast he could muster up; stacks of pancakes, toast with jam, and of course, two steaming cups of tea. The other hand, he used to closed the door behind him, careful not to let it creak. It was a special day and he didn’t want to wake up his sleeping beauty.

Upon seeing her form under the covers, a smile crept onto his face, as naturally as it always did whenever he was near her. He couldn’t help it. Something about her just swept his heart into a waltz. It made him feel so alive, and almost embarrassingly giddy, like he was a teenager experiencing love again for the first time.

As he set the tray of food down on their bedside, he watched amusedly as her nose twitched. Did she smell the food? He held back a chuckle, kneeling to the floor so he was eye level with her. He studied her calm, sleeping expression, the smile still fixed on his face, although his eyes eventually wandered down more forbidden regions; to her neck, her collarbone…

He looked away despite himself, a blush already beginning to form on his cheeks. You’d think being together for a year would mean he’d gotten used to this by now. He shook his head. Seriously… how could it have already been a year?

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