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Well, a creppy boy started talking to me on the Tumblr chat saying weird shit and asked me to be his valentine out of the blue, so.. Yeah can I request RFA+V+Saeran reacting to that? A creep talking to MC and saying creppy stuff lol. Love ur blog 💕

Is he still bothering you? If he is PM me and his ass is grass
Or if you’re just in need of a fake girlfriend/boyfriend/SO also say the word I’m there y’all don’t even know how good I look in drag

Forreal tho, if someone online is ever making you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to get assertive or reach out for help.


 RFA+V+Saeran react to a Creep creepin on MC


  • Yandere Yoosung: ACTIVATED i imagine a magical girl animation sequence whenever I say that
  • You had shown him the messages immediately because you two were playing games on an online server together when you got random, creepy PMs from GameFreak90
  • ‘hey there, I see you’re a high level. U must be pretty good with your hands
  • want 2 play a game together sometime? it doesn’t have to be online ;)
  • its almost valentines day you know. we can hang out. ‘
  • You were so uncomfortable, and it went from uncomfortable to freaked out when you asked GameFreak90 to stop messaging you and he kept going, starting to talk about all the things he’d like to do to you
  • Yoosung searched the guys name immediately and pulled up his profile
  • His hands never moved so fast
  • ‘Hey. Quit messaging MC28. She’s a good friend of mine and you’re freaking her out. -ShootingStar’
  • ‘fuck off’
  • Yoosung was not having it. He didn’t have Seven’s hacking skills, or Jumins money, or Jaehee’s wit or anything the others had
  • But what he did have was his games
  • He pulled up TeamSpeak for his LOLOL guild immediately
  • “Guys, I need backup for an emergency raid”
  • It was over in minutes
  • Yoosung’s guild had raided and completely emptied GameFreak90′s base
  • Yoosung got a string of messages immediately after
  • hey man what the fuck
  • dude give me my shit back
  • fine im sorry im sorry give me my shit please
  • dude please
  • Yoosung just turned his mic on and with one last request of his guild “Hey, can everyone here flag this guy for inappropriate behavior”
  • In about 10 mins Yoosung went to pull up GameFreak90′s profile
  • It had been deleted
  • Yoosung had the smuggest of smirks on his face
  • Until
  • “My hero” You giggled and kissed him on the cheek
  • He went from war hero Shooting Star to blushing, stuttering, Yoosung real quick


  • It was a slow day in the coffee shop so you were just sitting at a table playing on your phone and sipping coffee
  • Ding.
  • Huh? New message.
  • Ding ding ding
  • You had a bad feeling before even opening your Fumblr app 
  • When you did open the little social media site, you were met with a bunch of unwelcomed advances from some strange follower
  • Hey valentines is coming up and im lonely
  • r u lonely to?
  • how about u be my valentine and we can go out??
  • You grimaced and replied with a curt “I’m sorry but no thanks”
  • come on babe
  • dont b like that
  • we can have fun
  • Jaehee had noticed to look on your face and immediately popped to your side
  • “Mc is everything alright?
  • “Yeah..I’m just getting creepy messages from some guy on Fumblr.” You handed her the phone so she could read them and her nose crinkled in distaste almost instantly
  • “Well your first problem is you apologized.” 
  • “Huh?”
  • Jaehee started tapping away as she spoke “Don’t apologize for not being interested. When you apologize it makes you seem more …docile. Submissive. If these creeps think you have an ounce of shyness or even politeness in you they’ll try to exploit it.”
  • “o-oh.” You stammered, surprised by how irritated Jaehee suddenly seemed
  • “Secondly,” Her expression softened a bit with a final tap on the screen “You didn’t block him immediately” She looked to you with a smile on her face, pleased with herself for whatever she said to your Fumblr follower
  • She handed the phone back to you and a light blush fell across your cheeks. Jaehee never seemed to be the protector type but when it comes down to it
  • Baehee isn’t letting anyone bother you
  • ever


  • He’s gotten his fair share of creepy fan mail, but he understands it comes with the job
  • But when you get creepy mail from his followers
  • You two have all the fan mail sent to a P.O. Box so fans don’t have your home address
  • One time when you went to get the batch, the two of you found a handful of letters with your name on them
  • “My fans must see us together all the time” Zen said as he handed the letters to you, a cautious look on his face. He was worried it was going to be some fangirl writing a mean letter about how she deserves Zen instead of you
  • It was much creepier
  • It was a bunch of letters from some guy 
  • ‘My sister is a big fan of Zen so I have to watch TV shows with him on them all the time. One time there was a news story about him, but you were in the picture with him…’
  • The letters go on to say how once the writer saw you with Zen he started searching you more and claimed you two would be a perfect match. He started suggesting you break up with Zen (offering for him to date his sister) and for the two of you to get together.
  • You have to literally hold Zen back so he doesnt march to the return address and beat the shit out of sender
  • “Zen it’ll be such bad press do not do not do not”
  • 20 mins later
  • He’s not calm, but he’s not bum rushing the door so…calm enough
  • “Let’s think of a reasonable way to handle this” You slump into a chair, exhausted from being the only thing standing between Zen and a physical assault charge
  • After a few minutes of silence
  • ..”I have an idea.”
  • Zen pulled out a pad and started scribbling. “He said his sister is a fan of me? Well I’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse.”
  • Zen ended up writing a very heartfelt note to the sister of the sender, explaining the situation and how uncomfortable you were feeling because of the brother. And if the sincerity of the letter wasn’t enough to get her to make her brother stop, the VIP pass to Zen’s next show was a good bribe. 
  • He sent it out the next morning, and a few days later you guys checked the PO box to find a letter from her apologizing profusely for her brother’s behavior and how she’d handle it. And about 10 pages of ‘thank you’s and compliments for Zen of course. 


  • Elizabeth would only chase a laser pointer for so long, so you had a lot of free time whenever Jumin was at work
  • You were no stranger to social media sites as they were the best way to distract yourself for hours at a time until you had something entertaining to do
  • And you’ve gotten spam bots before, but never a human who was actually so forward enough to send you enough messages to make you a small novel
  • you look really nice in your profile picture
  • is that designer? man you got money to
  • you’re a rich bitch. wanna come see what its like on the other side of town?
  • You were appalled. 
  • “Leave me alone” was the best you could muster since you were in such a state of disgusted shock. 
  • The messages continued, and you ended up just blocking the guy. But even after that just looking at your phone made you a little nervous that you were going to see more messages from another douchebag
  • But nope
  • Same douchebag. Different site. 
  • why’d you block me? playing hard to get?
  • “How’d you find my profile?”
  • it’s not hard to figure it out since I saw your name on the other one ;*
  • You just blocked him again and put your phone down, resolving to entertain yourself with anything else that wasn’t social media.
  • Eventually Jumin came home, and the first thing he noticed was your phone sitting on the coffee table and a specific lack of…you.
  • He went into a panic for a moment before you stepped into the hall, freshly showered. 
  • “Oh, MC, there you are. I was worried for a second. You’re usually not far from your phone.” 
  • “Yeah..” You muttered. “Some guy just keeps bugging me”
  • What
  • What do you mean
  • What guy
  • How
  • You explain the situation to Jumin and his phone is to his ear almost immediately as he picks up yours with his free hand.
  • “Luciel? I’m cashing in on a favor….”
  • You knew immediately where this was going and you had a slight grin on your face, knowing the creep who kept messaging you wasn’t going to be bothering you or anyone else anytime soon


  • You don’t even waste time
  • The second you get the first creepy message
  • hey hot stuff
  • You hand your phone to Seven
  • He just looks down at the screen, and a devious smile spreads across his face
  • Sure he could mess with anyone he wanted, but this time he has an excuse to go all out and ruin this Creeps life.
  • Seven whips up a program in a matter of minutes, connects a USB from his computer to your phone, then texts the man back
  • Hey cutie…wanna see a picture? ;)’ and he attached a file 
  • It says the message was received and viewed, but no response was given.
  • “What’d you do?” You ask as Seven hands your phone back
  • With a big smirk on his face:
  • “Once he opens that file his phone is going to run through his chat logs and play back all his creepy messages  on a permanent loop on his screen. And if he has any wireless connection to his computer, say, cloud storage, it’s going to happen to his computer too. And every few minutes he’s going to get a picture of me dressed as a maid, because I have to deliver, you know?”
  • You give Seven a huge hug “Ugh, thank you. How will I every pay you back”
  • “You already did” He laughs
  • “Huh?”
  • “You’ll see” He winks and goes back to his computer.
  • You shrug and walk away, figuring you’d find out soon enough
  • And you did
  • The next time you opened your phone, your background was a nonstop slideshow of 707′s Greatest Crossdressing Pics
  • And all your app icons were selfies
  • And your gallery was filled with pictures of the red headed hacker


  • V was sitting on the couch and you were upstairs cleaning up and putzing around
  • Ding
  • V looked to see your phone light up on the table 
  • “MC, I think someone messaged you!” V yelled up the stairs
  • “Will you check it for me? It’s probably just a guest with a question about the party.” You called back 
  • “Sure.” And with that he opened your phone to find a rather crude picture  “What in the world”
  • my friend gave me ur number, thought you’d like this ;)
  • V was horrified that someone meant for you to open this 
  • ‘I dont’ He typed back.
  • awww come on. you can tell from the pic im a good looking guy and my friend says ur cute. why dont we hang out
  • No.” V glared at the number displayed at the top of the message board
  • playing hard to get? i like
  • V realized there was no reasoning with this idiot, and he thought it would be a waste of time trying to further communicate with a fool like his, so he bit down his better instinct and just sent a picture of himself glaring at the phone camera and typed “You’re talking to a man”
  • there was no reply for a moment
  • my friend said this was a girl
  • I can assure I am not a female. Your friend gave you the wrong number. Go away
  • There was no response but V was sure he could feel the embarrassment from the other side of the connection
  • With a satisfied huff he deleted the messages and number, figuring it best if you never have to worry about the situation
  • He also plans to find out which one of your friends would give your number to such a vulgar creep. 


  • You two were watching a video on your phone when you got a sudden chat request on Kiik, a messaging app
  • Saeran cast a quizzical look at you and you return it with a shrug, signalling you had no clue
  • When you open it up theres just a bunch of weird messages
  • hey babe
  • hey
  • wanna be my valentine
  • i dont want to be lonely and i bet you dont either
  • we can keep each other company ;)
  • You didn’t even have a chance to respond before Saeran took the phone from your hand
  • Fuck off” He was holding your phone so tight you thought he was gonna snap it in half
  • wow ur not very polite
  • “I said. Fuck. Off.” Saeran let out a breath that sounded like a growl
  • come on baby dont be like that
  • You could see a fire in your friend’s eyes and you knew things were about to get bad
  • Send one more message and I’ll end your miserable existence, Scum.” 
  • “Saeran let’s just ignore it” You tried to take your phone back but he wouldn’t let go, too hyper focused on the screen. Instead he looked at you and said “He shouldn’t be talking to you this way.”
  • Ding
  • Both your eyes shot back to the screen
  • so you’ll come see me ;)
  • Whoever was on the other line had nooo clue who they were taunting
  • Saeran got up slowly, so slow it was a little creepy, when you looked at him you could see the gears running in his head
  • He walked over to his computer and started typing away, looking to the phone every now and then.
  • After about 20 minutes he finally came back to sit with you and handed your phone back.
  • “You….You good, Saeran?” You asked, surprised at how calmed he seemed.
  • He looked to you with a smile on his face and a glint in his eye. “I’m very good.”
  • You were almost worried to ask but “What’d you do?”
  • “Not much. But he’ll leave you alone soon enough.”
  • You stopped asking questions, he wouldn’t tell you the details anyways.
  • ..
  • That night you were awoken to 
  • Dingdingdingdingding
  • You fumbled around in the dark and eventually opened your phone to see messages from the Kiik app
  • Iuwefjkgl
  • ahfuoieqhwf
  • please helpfehofejijeqiue
  • …..
  • I’m very sorry for what I said to you earlier. I will never contact you again. If I do my fingers will be broken.
  • You knew immediately. 
  • Saeran what’d you do???” You sent the text
  • All you got back was “:)” 
All That Matters

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requested. || Anonymous.

genre: angst / fluff

characters: Min Yoongi.

word count: 10,332 (I didn’t edit anything IM SORRY)

a/n:  First off, I feel like my writing style is so strange in this and I’m sorry if it turned out weirdly…. I got carried away ^^’ Honestly this entire thing is just a big mess so apologies in advance but I hope you all still like it :’) Tagging @pjiminnie thank you for talking to me about all this and giving me advice hehe even though it turned out quite differently from what I had thought of originally ;-; also tagging @zephyoongist and @taesthetes I hope you guys like it! I hope you’ll enjoy it too anon (you know who you are, hopefully), sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted ;;;

warnings: very tiny hints of smut (not explicit)

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A/N: I just did preferences since it was easier.

Altaïr: He was really unsure about adopting a pet, he had no idea how to care for one and felt like you were making a spur of the moment decision. But when he looked into your eyes and saw how determined you were to make it happen he couldn’t have stopped you even if he really tried. The two of you ended up bringing home an adult cat, and Altaïr fell in love with it.

Ezio: He was rather excited to go and adopt a pet with you. He couldn’t stop talking about how you two were going to care for it and how often he’d play with the pet. When you two got there he took a long time deciding on what to bring home. But eventually he settled on a young playful kitten

Connor: He was ecstatic when he found out you wanted to adopt an animal from the shelter he volunteered at. He couldn’t contain his excitement when he walked into the shelter as a pet parent and not a worker. He couldn’t decide between adopting an older dog, saying, “All pets deserve love.” And a young rambunctious puppy. You decided the two of you would get both of them.

Edward: “Of all animals you want a bird?” You asked Edward on your way to the shelter. “They’re colourful and cool okay?!” He argued back. Edward was drawn in by the exotic birds but ended up bringing home an African Grey since he wanted to teach it a bunch of words. Honestly he was such a child at heart sometimes

Arno: “This is the pet you want?” you asked as you eyed the small guinea pig in Arno’s hands. “Please?” He pleaded at you with the best puppy eyes he could muster. Sighing you walked over and gave the small animal a pet before nodding at your smiling boyfriend.

Jacob: “You know, I thought you would have wanted some sort of big strong dog or something.” You said to Jacob. “Nope! I want this one!” Jacob said as he help up the small munchkin cat, who was currently mewling at its new parents.

Evie: “So what pet were you thinking of getting?” Evie questioned as she eyed the various animals around the shelter. “This one!” You cried as you held up a soft white bunny. “This one? Are you sure?” You nodded eagerly at her and she smiled at you as you two went to fill out fo the adoption papers.

Title: Sokovia Accords (fem! Reader x Steve Rogers)

Summary: Reader is Sam Wilson’s best friend from the field and insists that her medical talents will be needed on the other side of the world, in Steve’s trek to find Bucky Barnes.

Word Count 1700

A/N: CACW SPOILERY CONTENT. Not much but DEF SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I changed it up so it’s not a total spoiler overload. I loved writing this. It’s been a while since I’ve written some Steve. Enjoy!

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One Hot Lifeguard

I just figured we all needed hot lifeguard Natsu in our lives. Also, some fluff before I make you guys cry.

NOW HAS A SEQUEL! Read it here :D 

Summary: Lucy didn’t know what was hotter, the temperature or the pink haired lifeguard.

Lucy could barely breathe.

She honestly didn’t know if it was the outrageous amount of humidity in the air…

Or the very attractive male lifeguard that took her breath away the moment she laid her brown eyes on him.

Her face heated at the sight of him, or maybe it was the sun beaming directly down onto her pale skin. Whatever the reason was, Lucy couldn’t tear her eyes away from the man.

He was just so sinfully good looking. From the rose color of his hair down to little droplets of sweat that caressed his perfectly tanned skin. Lucy had to refrain from biting her pink lips at the sight of liquid droplets made their way to the perfect abdominal muscles he possessed, some even making their way through the cracks and slipping right into his red swim trunks.

Wow he was such a-

“Lu-chan!” Lucy whipped her head around to look at her petite best friend, she didn’t ignore the fact that Levy’s boyfriend was snickering behind the tiny female. “Are you going to go or keep making us wait so you can keep ogling the lifeguard?”

“Yeah bunny girl, I bet another area of you is wet right now.” Gajeel commented, he cocked his head in the direction of the good looking lifeguard. “Looks like you caught his attention too.”

Lucy gulped and turned to see that indeed that quite possibly the greatest looking man she had ever seen in her life was now looking at her. His head was tilted sideways, as if he was confused. A metal whistle was hanging out of his mouth and a pair of aviator sunglasses rested over his eyes.

Lucy wondered what color his eyes were.

“Y-Yeah I’m going.” Lucy announced, deciding to direct her attention to the waterslide her and her friends had waited over an hour to ride on. It was finally their turn, and seeing the twists turns, and long drops Lucy began to have second thoughts. “On second thought, why don’t you two go before me?”

The young couple looked to their friend with a wary look. “Well, suit yourself Lu-chan.” Levy made her way to the platform on the slide and sat down. “Either way, you’re riding it.” And with that she took off. The ride supervisor instructed for Gajeel to step up.

“See ya at the bottom bunny girl.” And with that he was gone, screaming like he was scared to make the blonde more anxious than she already was.

Oh boy did it work.

“Next!” Lucy looked to the person who spoke, having second thoughts. “Its not that bad, I promise.” Lucy nodded, her gaze landed on the pink haired lifeguard who was still sitting in his white lifeguard chair twenty feet below her. His head was no longer tilted and the whistle was now out of his mouth, hanging on the black lanyard around his neck. With a new confidence arising, she took a quick peek behind her. All Lucy could see was a man who was at least four times the size of her. She knew she couldn’t go back, so instead she took a deep breath in, took a seat and slid down.

She regretted it.

Her stomach tickled with every drop, tickled so much she couldn’t breathe. Every twist and turn she screamed, eliminating more oxygen from her already depleted supply. Finally she spotted the final drop that lead to the waiting pool of chlorine filled water.

Lucy thought she’d never seen anything more beautiful.  

Well, except that lifeguard.

She was submerged in water, grateful the terrifying experience was finally over. She started to kick her feet, more than ready to refill her lungs with fresh oxygen. The sight she was greeted with when she looked up in the water made her mouth drop, water filling in the now gaping hole.

The man, that was four times the size of lucy, came crashing down on top of the blonde haired girl. She went deeper in the water, the chemical infested water filling in her mouth. Lucy could feel her eyes grow fuzzy, maybe from the chlorine water or from lack of oxygen. Her mind was beginning to pound begging her to give it the air she couldn’t get since she was surrounded by five feet of water. She felt the sensation of the man kick away from her, either totally unaware of what he did or not caring what he did.

Her senses barely recognized a splash, the two strong arms that wrapped around her small waist were even more unrecognizable. The water began to move again, or more like it was Lucy who was moving. Her eyes closed, at least trying a little to shield her eyes from the burning chemicals in the water.

The compressing feeling of the pools water pressure soon was uplifted, and Lucy felt herself being lain on the scolding hot cement surface, the pounding in her head was at full force. She tried to breathe in, to give her body the air it needed, but water was blocking the entrance way to her windpipe. She felt a pressure to her chest, right about her heart area and dangerously close to her breasts.

She couldn’t fight the two hands that tilted her head back, or the way it pinched her nose so the airway way blocked. She was trying to breathe, not die! All thoughts ceased when the pressure transitioned to over her lips. She felt two breaths go in, trying to push the water down. The routine continued, a pressure over her heart that transitioned to over her lips with a few breaths exhaled. She began to feel as if she could control her own body again. She began to cough, feeling the water finally go down. She sat up quickly, taking a desperate inhale of breath. She began to pant heavily. She opened her eyes, which widened rather quickly.

Oh shit, it was him.

“You okay?” He inquired looking at her with concern etched on his face. Her face heated, but nodded nonetheless.

“Y-Yeah.” Her voice was hoarse. She felt two arms rushing around her neck, she knew who those arms belonged too.

“Lu-chan!” The bluenette said, tears rushing down her face. “You had me so worried! Don’t you ever so that again!” Lucy tried her best to laugh, though it killed her throat.

“Its not like I want to, Levy-chan.”

“Might wanna refrain from that.” The two teens looked up at the lifeguard. “Your throat is probably hurting right? I wouldn’t take for a little while.” His black eyes were locked in her brown ones. “I wouldn’t talk until you let me take you out to dinner.” The blonde’s mouth gaped open again, as did Levy’s.

“U-Uh…” Was all Lucy could muster out, she was so lame. His chuckle rang through her ears, was there anything that wasn’t attractive about this man?

“I’m just gonna assume thats a yes.” He said with a beaming smile.  He held out his hand. “My names Natsu by the way.” Lucy stuck out her small hand for him to shake it with his larger hand.

“I’m Lucy.”

“Well Lucy, I get off at seven. So, just give me your address and I’ll pick you up around eight? We’ll go see a movie and grab some dinner, my treat and your pick.” He winked at her. Lucy smiled.

“Sounds perfect.”

[Her: A Short Story]

Honestly, I’m not insane. I promise you that I’m not. I’m as normal as anyone could possibly be. I was born into quite a normal family. My mother was a stay at home mom, while my father was a businessman at the local sales firm.  I had a bike, played in the yard, and said my prayers every night before bed. Believe me, you could take a picture of us and stick it in a magazine promoting better lifestyles. We perfectly fit the cliche of a normal, white, suburban family.

I live in an apartment complex in the middle of the city, nothing too fancy. It’s a standard, one bedroom apartment containing the average messes of any single man; stained clothes scattered aimlessly throughout the floor, black trash bags filled with day old meat and beer bottles, piles of newspapers resting on the living room. Nothing out of the ordinary, just average. I work at a tax firm called Norm & Al’s Tax Office, across the street from J.J.’s Diner. I order my lunch every day from J.J.’s, a medium rare cheese burger with a side of fries and a Coke. That’s about as average of a lunch as you can possibly get. I have no girlfriend, no wife, no kids. I’m just a single man, living life as normally as I possibly can. I’m no different from anyone else. I love how my life is so normal and I strive to keep it that way. So just exactly how can I insane? My name is Michael Nathaniel Scott.

However I’ll say this again, I’m not crazy. Honestly, I’m really not. But I am in love. I am madly in love with Jennifer Watson. Jennifer works at the same tax firm as I do. They just hired her a few weeks ago as a new accountant. She sits exactly five cubicles down and three to the right from mine. Trust me, I’ve counted, about 521 times to be exact. That’s half the number of times I’ve stared at her from afar. 

I first met Jennifer at J.J.’s Diner. Well, I didn’t actually meet her, she sat exactly two booths away from me. I did, however, watch her for a couple of minutes. I thought it was quite romantic that she orders the same exact meal as I did. She even removes the pickles and places it on a napkin just the way I do.  It was if it was fate for her and I to be together.

Jennifer lives in an apartment complex called the Sani T. Inn, exactly 3.2 miles away from my apartment. It’s located on the corner of Rutherford St. and Dawson Ave. It really is a beautiful building, much nicer than mine. She lives on the 13th floor of her apartment complex, Room 1366.  She really has a wonderful home and her bedroom window overlooks the city skyline. It’s such a beautiful site. It really is. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

I haven’t worked up the courage to talk to Jennifer yet. She doesn’t even know I my name. But she does pass by my cubicle every day, at exactly 2:32 p.m., to go to the restroom. Honestly, I’m not crazy, but Jennifer stares at me whenever she walks by. In the brief five seconds she walks by, she glances at me with lustful eyes.  She must be in love with me as well. We’re two peas in a pod, you know? Her heart must beat for me, as mine does for her.

The time was 2:20p.m., September, 31st 2001, exactly twelve minutes before Jennifer makes her daily routine bathroom break. I had planned to finally confront Jennifer about our romantic tension today. Maybe, her and I can stop playing this staring game and move on to a real relationship. I peek above my cubicle partition to see if she was getting up, but all I could see were the bad hairdos of all my co-workers and the lovely grid pattern of our cubicles. I sat back down in my perfect 6x6 cubicle with its beautifully normal grey walls and the mountains of paperwork to my left. Unlike my apartment, my cubicle is perfectly organized. The cubicle is graced with the aroma of freshly printed documents. Nothing is out of place. The staples are all neatly stored in their box inside the top right drawer. The stapler is placed at a 45 degree, so my hand doesn’t have to struggle when I reach for it. I simply wanted my office space to be the prime example of a normal, working man’s cubicle. It was my own little slice of heaven. Sweet, perfect, normality.

I checked the clock again. All I can think about were the precious seconds Jennifer used to walk passed my cubicle. I haven’t been this nervous in quite a long time. My stomach feels like ribbons, my hands are drenched with sweat, my lips wet from the salivation of excitement. My head pounded with the sound of reverberating drum beats. This is the feeling of love, I just know it. The time is 2:31p.m., just a single minute away from seeing Jennifer’s beautiful figure grace its way through these lovely halls. I peek above my cubicle once more. Drum beats sound in my head once more.

It’s exactly 2:32p.m. and I can see her gorgeous black hair radiate the room. Today is the day, I said. Over and over inside my head like a broken record.

Today was the day.
Today is the day.

Today, she’ll know just how perfect we are for each other. I’ll expose her love for me. My face clenches up, putting on the best smile it could muster. I check myself in the small mirror to my right. I see an image fit to be her boyfriend. I see her pass by my cubicle taking such small, yet graceful steps. Tremors dance their way throughout my hands and chest.
She briefly turns her head towards me with the same stare she always has. Her eyes meet mine and I knew it was the time. I whispered to myself:

“Get up
Get the fuck up!

It was too late. I turn around and watched her pass me with a look of sadness on her face. She wanted me to say something. She wanted me to make her my queen.


The sound of my voice echoed across the building. I felt every bit of air from my body exit out of my mouth. I was standing in the middle of my cubicle, trying to catch my breath. The office was silent, shocked at my display of frustration. One after another, they rose up out of their seats and turned their heads toward my direction. Each had glancing at me with their hollow judgmental eyes. I wanted to tear their fucking eyes out. All I could see is jealousy radiating from their bodies, they were angry that Jennifer was mine for the taking. Millions of eyes all begin to simultaneously focus their glare towards me. The longer they stare, the faster my heart races. I can hear their whispers and their smirk little comments.

They’re looking at me as if I’m crazy. Honestly, I’m not crazy! More eyes fixate on me. It feels as if my heart is ready to burst through my sternum leaving entrails scattered across the office floor. I’m not crazy, I’m just like all of them. I’m just as normal as all of you. Why do they stare at me like I’m insane?


Their eyes quickly turn away from me. My heart begins to slow down. I’m calm. I’m normal. I’m fine. I sit back down and notice Jennifer exiting the restroom and walking back towards back her cubicle. This time I’ll do it. My face clenches up once more, putting on an even better smile than before. I check myself in the mirror just in case the yelling messed my hair up. Nope, still an image of the perfect, normal boyfriend. Once again, she turns her head towards me and stares into my eyes, smiling and waiting for me to make my move. Come on Michael, you can do it. Move. Say something. You’ll miss your chance. MOVE!


“Yes?” she asked, quickly turning towards me.

The tone of her voice sounded so welcoming, so loving, so accepting. She’s perfect for a normal guy like me. My body felt the need to leap towards her and kiss her so tenderly.

“Would you like to grab some lunch with me in a few minutes? We go to the same place every day and we wouldn’t be so lonely if we’re eating together. Right?”

She looked at me with a face of confusion but she soon realized that this was my way of asking her on a date. A smile emerges from the cracks of her beautiful pale skin.

“Sure.” She said, quickly walking back towards her cubicle.

I can tell she’s smiling right now. Her body must be feeling adrenaline coursing through her veins as well. She’s probably imagining the wonderful evening we’re going to have. How her and I will order the same burger, remove the pickles, and place it on the same napkin. How it will end in a kiss as I walk her towards the office building. How later that night we’re going to make love and proclaim our feelings for each other.

Hours go by and all I can feel is the anxiousness setting in. My knees are shaking, violently rocking my desk up and down. My hands are trembling so quickly that not even vice gripping my leg could stop either of these movements. All I could do was watch the clock tick the irrelevant seconds away. But this is all I could do. Wait. Wait for her to get up and exit the building. That’s it.

She must be feeling this way too, right? Her hands, her knees, her heart must all be nervously dancing to the beat of our future together. I know she can’t wait either, I just know it. Our connection, our normality, our love, they binds our actions and our thoughts. I will wait for you to leave, as any normal man should. I peek over my cubicle and notice Jennifer grabbing her purse. She gets up and makes her way towards the exit. My eyes follow her path, waiting for her to turn to me with her dull, dazzling dark brown eyes and tell me to follow her. She’s only just a few steps away. I stare at her beautiful, pale face once again, waiting for her signal. Two more steps. One.

Jennifer! Look at me! Jennifer! JENNIFER! LOOK AT ME! YOU FUCKING CUNT!

She passes me and makes her way towards the door. She must have forgotten that I was coming along.  I stare at her once again and notice that she fumbled her keys and bent over to pick them up. Was this her signal? Was this her promiscuous way of telling me to follow her? I can tell that the gesture was for me and me alone. This was her way, her method of catching my attention.

I get up and make my way to the door as well, taking quiet steps so Jennifer wouldn’t assume that I’m desperate to be next to her. Just walk normal Michael. Slowly. Just the right distance behind her for her to notice my presence, but not close enough for her to pay it any mind.

I turn my head for a quick second and I notice the J.J.’s across the street. It’s neon blue sign illuminating the place where and I shall speak of our love. I turn back to Jennifer, watching the way her hips move in tiny unnoticeable motions. She’s at the stoplight, not too far ahead of me. I wanted to maintain my distance, so I hid behind the entrance of a coffee shop just a few feet away. I could tell that she knew I was behind her. She started to grip her purse tighter out of anxiousness and excitement. Her breathing became a little faster paced due to the nervousness. I’ll comfort you Jennifer. I’ll take care of you.

I peek my head out of the corner just a little and notice that she was getting on the bus she takes home. She smiles in my direction, right as she boards the bus and proceeds to take her seat at the rear. I knew what this meant. She wanted me to be with her and follow her to her apartment with the beautiful view, into her bedroom with her white satin sheets and soft pillows that I’ve placed my naked body once upon a time. An act that I’ve dreamed of doing simultaneously with Jennifer on plenty of occasions.

I snap myself out of my fantasy and run towards the bus to catch up to her. I pay the fare and still kept my distance. I stood in the front while she rested in the back, enchanting me with her eyes of lust and love. She turns her head in a way to send me a message. A message that’s saying that she can’t contain her emotions. Me too, Jennifer. Soon, we’ll be together alone as any normal couple should be. My eyes are still fixated on Jennifer. Hers are glancing out the window watching the scenery go by. The bus stops a few times letting the insignificant people off. It would have been better if I threw them into on coming traffic. One by one, they stepped off the bus and each time blocking my view of her. I take my eyes off of her for a minute and stare at the rear view mirror that reflected back at me. I smile and fix my tie, dusting off any debris left on me by people passing me by. I wanted to look as nice as possible. I wanted to look as normal as I possibly could for her. I brush my hair off to the side, smile once more and turn back to her.

She was getting up, ready to leave. I noticed her hand she gripping the center bar with such eagerness. She turns back at me once more and quickly exits the bus. I get off a few seconds after and saw her walking faster towards her apartment building. She looked in a hurry, same as I, excited to seal our love with flesh. Her breathing has grew louder, as did mine. Her paces have sped up, as did mine. Her hands shook more and more, as did mine. She constantly turned back with a smile on her face. Her eyes filled with temptation and love. I chased her to heart’s content. She hurried into the building and ran for the elevator, pressing the button to make her way up the building. She turned to me and as I stared directly into her eyes, I froze. For the first time, I froze.

The doors of the elevator shut and I was left standing still. I calmed myself and entered the next elevator. It was probably best that I didn’t get on the elevator with her, things would have started too early. The music elevator music only made me more eager. I’ve lost the patience I’ve been storing within myself. It feels like an eternity, waiting inside this iron cell. Floor after floor passed until finally arriving at the 13th Floor.

The elevator doors slid open and I could see that Jennifer was by her door. I hear the sound of her  heavy heartbeats and she shifted through her purse to get her keys. I waited in the hall corridor, biding my time. I knew that Jennifer noticed me because she was staring right at me. She looked for those keys even faster, alternating her gaze between me and her purse. I could hear her squeals of joy. So I ran. I ran towards her as fast as I could. She was only down the hall not more than twenty steps away.

Her door violently swings open and she runs in. She tried to close the door shut but I managed to force it open. She was such a tease, laughing as I entered the room. Her screams of happiness fill her apartment. I shut the door behind me and chase after her. The adrenaline in my system was too much.

I slammed her back against the wall, wrapping my hands around throat, and started to kiss her passionately. Her arms flailing as I tore her clothes off. Piece by piece. Her muffled screams of ecstasy only grew louder as each article of clothing was sliced off. I swung her light body onto the bed and pinned her arms down. I kissed every portion of her body, squeezing her limbs so she wouldn’t escape from the pleasure I was serving her.

I could tell she couldn’t wait for it anymore. I licked her naked body once more then pierced her flesh. Penetrating the pink matter that rested within her over and over. Each thrust was just another symbol of our love. She screamed more after each thrust. Louder after each movement of my body. The color of her red lipstick dyed my body as she kissed me all over. She gave into the ecstasy and just laid there perfectly still. I was out of breathe. Adrenaline was still pumping through my system.

I stood above her and turned her head towards me. Her body was still warm. Her eyes open, staring directly into mine. I kissed her on the forehead and let her rest. I cleaned up the place while she recovered. I threw her clothes still covered in her red lipstick into the bathroom. I wiped down every area we made love in. I looked at her once more and smiled at her beauty. I stare out her window and admire the view I’ve seen many times alone. But now I can share this view with her with her in the bed, sleeping. Resting her perfect self. I turn and stare at her once more, kiss her now colorless lips and make my way out of her apartment.

Honestly, I’m not insane. I promise you that I’m not. I’m as normal as anyone could possibly be. I was born into the most normal family anyone can imagine. I live in a standard apartment containing the average messes of any single man. I work at a local tax firm called Norm & Al’s Tax Office across the street from J.J.’s Diner, where I always go for my lunch break. I always order a cheeseburger with a side of fries and a Coke. I’m just living life as normal as I possibly can. I’m no different from anyone else. So how can I possibly be insane? My name is Michael Nathaniel Scott.

However, I am in love with named Jennifer Watson and she is in love with me. As I make my way down the elevator, through the crowded lobby, passed the sliding glass door, and out of her building; I think of her beautiful, sleeping body. I take one more glance at her bedroom window, I reach into my pocket, and smile with the knowledge that her heart is now mine.



Just Keep Swimming (Siegbert x Velouria)

Mod Siegbert’s OTP

Modern AU with a swimming pool

Siegbert loathed it. He hated it. He wanted to crumple it up into pieces and toss it in a trash can. 

The thing he hated? The thing he abhorred the most? The public swimming pool. 

“Its going to be okay Siegbert.” Velouria squeezed his hand as they stood by the facilities snack bar. No matter how many times the other teen kept telling him that, he refused to believe it.

No one in his family could swim. Not a single person. His father was the best swimmer of them all and the only thing his father could do was doggy paddle.

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The Double Dare (Pricefield #1)

Okay. Sooooo the last fanfiction I’ve actually finished and uploaded was a RWBY fanfic called “They call her Nora” over on FF.Net (if anyone is interested, I’ll upload that here, too). I uploaded that October of last year and I haven’t actually completed another fic since then.

Until today.

Life is Strange

Ship: Pricefield (Max/\Chloe)

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: T for language

Summary: A retelling of the kiss between Chloe and Max in episode 3.

She didn’t think Max would it. She didn’t think her time-traveling best friend would agree to it. It honestly caught the punk off guard.

So I haven’t written and finished a story in almost a year, and I haven’t written a kissing scene in even longer. This was something that came to me after I finished Episode 3 awhile back, but I never had the balls to actually write it out and publish. I apologize in advance for any OOCness, as the proper character studies I do before writing haven’t been done yet. I will definitely do so in the future when writing these stories.

I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to critique my work and offer up suggestions. Although I’ve written stories before, I have a mountain of room to improve.

Thanks in advance for reading ^^ I hope you enjoy.

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STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT taking their family ( the s/o and children/child ) on a family trip. Where would they go and how might they react to the kids being bored / annoying ?

Natsuki - This would be the Shinomiya family’s hundredth time visiting Shining Land. Maybe the ninety-ninth time his kids were still enthused, but now they could only complain. The amusement park was practically the same each time, and they wanted to spend time with their father at a place that just…wasn't there. “Daaaad, can’t we go somewhere else for once?” they whine. Natsuki scratches his head, puzzled. In spite of his older age he continued to enjoy the park, never tiring of its magic. “We’re already here. Open your eyes to the true beauty of this place, and not just what you see on the outside,” Natsuki nodded.

Tokiya - Fukuoka held a different taste than the Ichinose family’s home in Tokyo did. “This is where you grew up?” they inquired to their father, wrinkling their little noses, “Where’s the Shibuya 109, or even Don Quixote? It’s so plain!” Tokiya was taken back slightly, a bit offended that his children would insult the city he’d been raised in. He furrowed his eyebrows, scolding them firmly. “This might not be like Tokyo, but that doesn’t mean you can talk down on it. There are many different kinds of cities in this world, and they all have something wonderful about them. Don’t judge a place before you’ve really seen it!” he chastised. 

Cecil - He realized that taking the family around Agnapolis wasn’t exactly the trip they had in mind, but Cecil found it to be an important lesson for them nonetheless. “Oh, look! Sand, sand, and more sand,” his children would grumble in their car. Cecil frowned. He’d lean closer to his kids and poke the glass of the window. “I don’t see only sand,” he said, “I see brave soldiers sprinting across a sandstorm on their camels, I see the great Wang Shi Tong’s Library rising for the first time in a millennia. You have to use your imagination.”

Ren - Yoyogi Park during the cherry blossom season was crowded with tons of flower viewers, much to the chagrin of Ren’s children. “This is so lame! Why are we spending Dad’s vacation here when we could be in Rome, or Paris?” they protested. Ren flicked their foreheads, holding the hand of his partner tightly. “This is where we met, you know. Cherry blossoms are the flower of our country, and no matter how caught up we get in what we have, we must always remember where we come from,” Ren wisely advised. He gazed deeply into his significant other’s eyes, drawing the adoration of his daughter and fake retching from his son.

Ittoki - The family loved nothing more than a good soccer match on the weekend. Unfortunately, the first time they decided to see the Tokyo Spirits’ game live, it was extremely dull a majority of the time. Neither team scored, and each time someone was about to score, it was a shameful miss. Though Otoya was happy enough to be there with the people he loved, his partner (with little interest in soccer to begin with) and children yawned on the sidelines. “This is history you guys are watching, you know!” Otoya chimed in. “It’s almost impossible for the Tokyo Spirits to not score for this long. Don’t think about the number of points and focus on how hard everyone is playing down there,” he pointed.

Syo - Watching their grandmother conduct an orchestra in this modern era didn’t exactly appeal to Syo’s children as he had wished for. By intermission he found them either on the brink of sleep or already snoring. He’d slam a soft fist into their heads, “Oi, be respectful to your grandma!” Of course, being Syo’s children, they shared a piece of his personality and wanted to argue back, running to his partner to protect them from his wrath. “That’s right, go run crying to Mama! She won’t save you for long!”

Hijirikawa - As an heir to his family’s business, Masato had been invited to a fancy soiree in Karuizawa. Since this would occupy his weekend, he thought it wouldn’t hurt to bring his children with him to their family house in the town. His kids were polite, but that didn’t stop them from pestering him during the party asking to go back to the vacation home because they were bored. Masato sympathized with them, and in place of getting angry, he’d simply kneel to their level and pat their head. “This party is important for our family, so please try to handle it as best you can,” he encouraged.

Ranmaru - They were traveling to Nagano for their long-planned camping trip, now that Ranmaru had a decent break from his tiring schedules. The whole time the kids would pester him with questions, causing him to tighten the grip of his hands on the steering wheel. “If you guys don’t quiet down and leave Papa alone, he’ll turn this car right around!” he threatened in the best patient tone he could muster.

Reiji - An onsen was a place of great relaxation. The destination Reiji had picked in particular was frequented by celebrities, where the inn promised total privacy for its customers. Reclining in the steaming waters, Reiji let out a sigh of relief. “Hey, hey Dad! Watch, watch what I can do! Dad? DAD! You’re not watching!” his son yelled, flailing an arm at his father. “I’m watching, I’m watching,” Reiji insisted, even though his eyes were closed when he tried waving his son’s words away. Moments later the loudest crashing sound could be heard. Sitting up at once, he noticed that the wall separating the gendered baths had collapsed, all because his kid had done something dumb.

AI - His children were thrilled to be at the beach, but they grew annoyed the more they noticed Mikaze staying to the side, sitting under the shade of an umbrella. They’d complain to him, whining at their other parent to do something. “I’m fine where I am, don’t let me ruin your fun,” Mikaze waved his hand at them, going back to reading his book. Fed up, they scooped seawater into their buckets, splashing it all over him. He didn’t look particularly amused, especially since his novel was soaked. “You’re gonna pay!” he heaved a sigh, standing up and sprinting after the troublesome brats.

Camus - “It’s so cold!” Camus’s children cried, shivering in their wool coats as they approached the Silk Palace. The temperatures didn’t really adjust inside of it either, prompting them to pester their father. “Can’t we go back home? We’re gonna freeze!” they pouted. “Patience,” he replied, though it was more like he was trying to tell it to himself. “The Silk Queen requested we visit her, and as nobility we cannot deny her.” Unfortunately their chattering never ceased, so Camus sent them out with his partner to go get some hot cocoa from the kitchen while he personally spoke with the queen.

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Well, Stiffler made us a salad with a balsamic dressing for lunch, but it wasn’t my favorite thing. The salad mix we usually buy happily proclaims on the package that they’ve tossed a few herbs in here and there; things like rosemary, chamomile, thyme, etc.

Only, this time, it seems that the people at Salad Headquarters Inc., have taken to getting a big bunch of cilantro, roughly equal to half the lettuce, and putting the entire fucking thing in. I love cilantro, so I felt excited instead of the emotion I should have been working up to: fear.

I happily munched away on the 1-herb salad, then slowly came to the recognition that while, yes, I love cilantro – there were usually flavors to balance it out. The meaty stock of pho, the sulfur-sweet onions of guacamole, or the delectable spice of curry chicken made cilantro a pleasant garnish. None of these were present here. There was only bland pieces of lettuce, the tangy sweetness of balsamic vinegar and… cilantro. A lot of goddamn cilantro.

My fifth bite came. The bitterness crept up, along with something that vaguely reminded me of the time I ate soap as a toddler.

Another bite.

I chewed, the creeping taste of All-Is-Cilantro-Cilantro-Is-Zuul overwhelming my senses.

Another bite…

I realized that, starving children or no, I couldn’t eat any more of this Devil Salad. Without looking my spouse in the eyes, I slowly set down my partially eaten Asshole of Satan and mustered up the best casual smile I could.

“I’m so full,” I managed to croak, between cilantro trying to claw its way back up from the abyss of its dead, chewed-up relatives.

“Thank you so much for lunch, baby,” I smiled in appreciation while Stiffler happily munched away on their own salad. Their taste buds, I can only assume, made of lead. God Speed, you weird cilantro-loving son of a bitch. 


**Yes, I’m doing that thing again where I answer Asks that I don’t want to answer with things I actually want to answer, including short writing warm-ups. 

***Yes, that now includes shit like this. Thanks, Anon!

#191 He has to see you
  • Louis: It's stupid really, that he has to see you. It was just a few hours ago you were in each other's arms but now that you're gone - it is almost as if he craves you even more. It's not just stupid it's desperate. And it's the desperation that got him at your doorstep. Having a mental battle on whether he should or walk away to avoid the embarrassment of not being able to wait for the next morning but before he could even knock on the door, you had opened it. You had a large smile and small mascara rings under your bottom lashes. He tried not to cry because you had on a spider man shirt and pink footies. "Hi." You whispered, a blush tinted on the apples of your cheeks and if he wasn't staring at you intently he would of missed it. "Hey love - I just, god, you've made me a little flustered." He laughed, and stuffed his hand in his pockets, pursing his lips cutely while trying to not to smile as big as he wanted to.
  • Niall: 'Come see me love X' He shot you a text around midnight and if you weren't already up studying for a final. 'Can't' You sent back, and focused your attention back to your biology text book that was lied out in the center of your bed with all your notes surrounding it. And you wanted to - anything, any excuse to walk away from this disaster. 'Please baby, im needy i want you' He texted back fast, the ache increasing as your typing bubble popped up on his screen. 'Skype? Sorry bb :( I can't leave.' He smirked and pulled his laptop from its jacket so fast he might of dropped it if his grip wasn't so tight. It was a good excuse for you to stop working and close out the studying tabs and reluctantly call him. He answers pretty quickly and smile widely into the screen. "Hello beautiful."
  • Harry: "I need to see her." He mumbles under his breathe. He was suffocating in his tux, it was too tight and the air was too stuffy and - Niall, poor baby was hyperventilating because it was honestly so stressful for the both of them. "Mate, it's bad luck or something." Niall hums, trying to contain his deep breathes. He still walks out if the room, head up high and searching for the room you'd be in. He saw his mom shuffle out of a room, he darted behind a wall before anyone that shuffled out after his mum couldn't see him. He came out from behind the wall and went to the room. He knocked softly and sucked his bottom lip between his teeth and bit down. "Who is it?" You asked from the other side of the door and he couldn't help but smile. "It's me, darling, Harry." He hummed and rested his head on the door. "I just wanted to see you." "It's bad luck!" You yelled, your voice coming closer and closer to the door. "I'll close my eyes, how bout that? I just want a kiss.." You laughed on the other side of the door. "Fine." You huffed, giving into his soft voice. "Just close your eyes." He screwed his eyes shut and heard the door open followed by the breeze and your soft lips were suddenly on his and he felt his eyes shoot open.
  • Liam: He tries to claim it's because he thought he left his phone and then miraculously found it in his pocket on the way over to your flat but you knew it was a lie. "Don't lie." You giggle and swat at his chest playfully. He shrugs and smiles down at you, there was a tinted pink to his cheeks and his nose was blotchy red and his neck was rushing with bright red. "I - uh," He stammers, then laughs to himself, looking down to the ground in defeat because there was absolutely no way around your proud smirk. "Fine, I wanted to see you." He forces himself to look up at you and put on the best smile he could muster with his embarrassment. It's wiped off his face though when you crush your lips to his.
  • Zayn: He has to see you, he needs to see you, he wants to see you. It was always the same thing. You were always on his mind, on his tongue - on his whatever, it didn't matter he wanted you to be in his arms like to were a few days ago. It was a desperate action of love, he told himself because he wanted to mask his need for you. He walked into your flat, nostrils flared with concentration to find you. "Babe!" There was no answer, again and again. He was alone. He sighed and found himself falling down onto your couch to wait because it was such a strong need. "Zayn? Are you here?" You laughed as you walked into your flat with grocery bags on both arms. "I saw your car." You said softer, he stood up from the couch and smiled softly at you, his need finally quenched.
Why I Love Fitzsimmons

It literally started with the first episode! God, these two grabbed my heart in their first scene! It showed them as the best of friends, thick as thieves, and our resident science babies :)

In Season 1, it showed the slow progression of Fitz falling in love with Simmons and everyone around them noticing except her. For me, “F.T.Z.Z.” and “The Hub” show how deep their friendship/love went and how Fitz fell in love with Simmons. She loved him, yes, and perhaps the same way deep down, but at that time nothing less than her best friend in the world

There may be some hate, but I’m one of those people who think she had felt something for him all along but just didn’t realize it. I mean come on, they were best friends for how many years? The chances of her not thinking about it at least once are astronomical. In the words of Dr. Harrison Wells, “The subconscious mind, Barry, its….its a powerful thing.

Despite many chances to tell her how he felt, Fitz did not muster up the courage to do so until the very last minute. And who can blame him? Why risk ruining probably the closest relationship in his life for feeling something she may not return? However, he could not die without telling her, leading to one of the most gut-ripping emotional scenes I’ve ever watched on television. Their conversation at the bottom of the ocean was nothing short of heartbreaking, and the actors did an amazing job of capturing their respective feelings. 

Her reaction to him pressing the button letting the water in still makes me cry, and I do not apologize ;’(

Fitz fully expected to die, his only consolation was that he told Simmons how he felt and that because of him, she would live. The fact that she was unable to leave him and refused to live without him is a testament to their friendship and love for each other.

Season 2 was all about Fitz recovering and the two science babies finding their way back to each other. Simmons cared for Fitz so much that she was willing to leave him if it meant he got better, something that she desperately wanted for him. I don’t think it was discussed enough how hard it was for Simmons to leave him during that time, it must have broken her heart to be away from him. Notice how when Coulson visited her while undercover, when she asked how everyone was, he immediately said, “Fitz is fine.”, knowing she really wanted to know how he was and how relived she seemed. 

Season 2 was also about Simmons gradually falling in love with Fitz. I think when she came back to the team, she was in love with him but was still going through her feelings, hence the conversation with Bobbi where she stammered when asked in she and Fitz were ever a thing. Even Bobbi wasn’t fooled, and she was not around when the two of them were inseparable. 

Simmons trying to reconnect with Fitz was initially unsuccessful because he was trying to push her away. To him, Simmons left because of both his injuries and the fact that she did not feel the same way about him. He didn’t understand that she just needed time and was trying to help him recover in the way she thought she could best. Although I’m a fan of angst, it really hurt when Fitz told her he was leaving the lab. I could literally see her heart breaking.

Ow, my heart SEND HELP!! 

As the season progressed however, Fitz and Simmons were able to slowly find their way back to each other. They found a common enemy in the RealSHIELD and managed to trick a facility full of highly trained agents and spies (including Melinda May!). Also that sandwich!! I thought they were done for sure until that sandwich :) 

Simmons finally began to realize her feelings toward the end of the season when they began to spend a lot of time together again. The scene with them discussing May and Andrew’s relationship was awesome :) The sideways heart-eyes looks and small smiles made my heart melt every time <3

Oh God :)

The finale sealed the deal for me. Simmons finally accepted her feelings for him, and tried to tell him. Fitz was under the impression that she would never love him back that way and immediately thought her trying to bring up the conversation in the pod was an effort to make it perfectly clear. But from her perspective, it seemed like he no longer felt that way about her. Her face in that split second made me cry :’(

Thankfully, she stuck with it and said those now infamous words, “Maybe there is.” His face!!! 

Fitz awkwardly asking her out on a date was so precious and sweet. Her little “OH MY GOD HE ASKED ME OUT, INTERNALLY SCREAMING WITH JOY” smile after he left made my heart soar for the two of them! But, then of course THE WRITERS HAD TO NOT GIVE THEM A BREAK EVER. *deep breath* its okay, Season 3 will make up for it!!

These two are perfect for each other not just because they look cute together, but because they have been through hell and back, fighting alongside each other the whole damn time, even if their methods were not always the best. These two are best friends, and they love each other more than life itself. They compliment each other, they fit together, they are Fitzsimmons. When the characters of the show give them their own ship name in the first episode, you know they are meant to be :) I love Fitzsimmons because they are precious in every way and their story is a privilege to go back and watch over and over again. 

Season 3, here we come!!