it's the accessories that make the difference

Okay, Head Canon Time

Marinette only ties her hair with ribbons.

Not hair ties.


It’s just a rule she has. Okay, now imagine all the scenarios that can arise from this

• Tikki helping her tie her hair up in the morning

• Ladybug bringing it up once during patrol to chat

• Chat suddenly buying her loads of different bows and accessories for her to experiment with

• Ladybug letting him play with her hair (after much begging, of course)

• Of course, he learns how to make all these fancy and cute bows and braids

• And of course she’s pleasantly surprised by this so she lets him do it more often

• And they teach each other loads of tips and tricks and its just cute fluff

• And she starts showing up to school with all these new hairstyles and accessories that Chat bought her

• Adrien is too oblivious to figure it out, obviously

• But just imagine if he found out that Marinette does the same thing

• Just fluff

Feel free to add onto this

Protecting Your Skin Against Harmful Summer Rays

Hey sunshine lovers! Summer will be here before we know it, which means long days spent under the sun. While the sun provides a healthy dose of vitamin D, too much of anything can be a bad thing – especially if you don’t protect yourself. Follow these tips for protecting your skin against harmful summer rays.

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Things I wish I had known before moving into my own apartment

  • Walk around the neighborhood when you’re going to see the apartment. What’s in walking distance? Having to drive 20 minutes to get milk is a hassle.
  • Landlords can be a pain. Look over your lease with a lawyer (most schools offer this service) and know your state laws regarding housing. Any arrangement with your landlord must be in writing, otherwise it is invalid.
  • Renters insurance. Usually costs about $15-$30 a month and insures all of your stuff in case of flood, fire, theft, etc.
  • Make a budget and keep track of bills on a word document or similar. Its a easy way to keep track of what bills you need to pay when, and its simple enough for anyone.
  • Toilet paper should be the first thing you bring.
  • You can find amazing deals on furniture and decor at thrift shops. My TV stand, coffee table, dresser and living room decor is all from thrifting.
  • You will be amazed at what you can find for $1 at Dollar Tree that would more expensive anywhere else you go. Seriously. Anything you need that you can find at a Dollar Tree, get. (Tupperware, kitchen utinsels, bathroom accessories, etc)
  • Clean up for 10 or 15 minutes every day. It really makes a difference and prevents it from becoming a disaster.
  • Clorox wipes will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning. (Also found at Dollar Tree)
  • Buy a plunger, set of tools, duct tape, super glue and first aid kit.
  • Groceries are expensive. Try to shop at discount grocery stores, for example in my state it would be Aldis. Same food, off brand and so much cheaper.
  • This goes along with the last, but dont buy anything you wont eat/make in the next two weeks. Food expires fast, especially fresh food. Try to refridgerate/freeze as much as possible.
  • Before moving, get rid of anything you dont use/need. I cannot stress this enough. It helps with keeping organized and clean.
  • Place a wall air freshener by the doorway.

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Do you have any hcs regarding proposal traditions of the different races?


- i believe its pretty straightforward that the hylians would propose much like people do irl

- getting on one knee, ring or some other promise/commitment item, “will you marry me?”


- its canon that a female (i believe) zora will hand-make armor for her husband-to-be (zora or not)

- BUT in the case of if a male zora were to propose, i feel they may hand-make accessories for their wife-to-be (again, zora or not)

- in other cases, female zora could make accessories for their potential wives, and male zora could make armor for their potential husbands


- much like birds, a flash mob performance/dance is how a rito proposes to their love interest

- gifts are also presented to the love interest in question!

- sometimes, challengers will join in and a dance off will ensue


- i don’t know why, but i feel that similar to otters, gorons have their favorite rock or gem stone

- when they find someone they want to spend their life with, they present their favorite rock as a proposal

- entrusting their favorite rock to the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with means “i’m offering this to you because if you’re with me forever, so will my rock” so cute lol


- in the game, on top of the gerudo being taught how to speak to men which seems closely related to regular flirting, one gerudo marries in a traditional ‘hylian’ wedding

- with that said, i feel the gerudo have the most room for flexibility. traditions are strong with them, but because they often seek other races for marriage, they adapt to their partner’s proposal/wedding traditions

- among the gerudo though, it might’ve been tradition to forge a scimitar for their potential life partner, specialized in a decorative hilt or engraved lettering in the guard/blade

[mod makar]

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I'm sorry but, all of those ocs look the same. All of these examples you've shown have the same basic face shape, same body type, but slightly different skin tones, eye colors, and hair, along with other accessories to make them "different". You have a lot of potential, so it's really frustrating to see you purposely limiting yourself because it's what you prefer/it's your "style". It'd be nice to see those diverse ocs you're keeping to yourself instead of your usual catgirls is all. Cheers.

I’m sorry it’s not enough to please you, but they definitely won’t be the last poc characters I ever make. I am a growing artist and I am always learning to experiment before I publish. I also do sketch A LOT offline, so I’m definitely not  “purposely limiting myself”. I love challenges, and I love expanding my potential. I don’t classify having a majority of non-poc characters as my “style”. I classify drawing lovely ladies as my style. Ladies of all shapes, sizes, and color. You don’t exactly know me on a personal level, and I can’t blame you for thinking I’m “limiting” myself due to what you only see what I post here and on other social media. But, please try to keep an open mind. 

Solah Shringar - The 16 adornments of the Hindu bride

Why 16?

According to traditional Hindu beliefs, the 16 phases of the moon have a negative effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle, that is why the 16 adornments, considered to correspond to the 16 phases of moon, are believed to nullify such negative effects.

The word shringar can be translated as adornment/jewel, and even make-up; it contains the particle “shri/shree”, from Shri/Shree/Shriya/Shreya, another name of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and success. Every bride is considered to be a ‘Lakshmi’, bringing prosperity to her new family and home.

1. The wedding dress

Be it a sari/saree, or a lehenga-choli (skirt-blouse ensemble), the bride’s outfit depends on her ethnic heritage. Red is considered to be the most auspicious color, the color of purity in Hinduism, however, the attire may be of other colors, as well, such as golden, green, and even white (Kerala). Embroideries and patterns differ, as well.

2. Hair-style (kesha-pash-rachna)

Be it a bun, or a braid, a bride’s hair is adorned with flowers (gajra) and even jewelry. If braided, the 3 parts of the hair are considered to represent Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati - the three holy rivers of Hinduism; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva - the Hindu trimurti; the groom’s family, the bride’s family, and the new family now created.

3. Hair accessories (maang-tika, maang-patti, borla, etc.) 

Made of precious stones, gold, or silver, it is worn in the center parting of the hair, the area where the most important chakra resides;

4. Bindi

Donned on the center of the forehead, the bindi represents a circular red dot made of vermilion powder; its name literally means ‘ornament’; brides may chose more elaborate designs and also different colors to decorate their forehead.

5. Kohl

Traditional kohl was obtained from earthen lamps (diyas); this make-up element is applied on the upper and lower rims of the eyelids and, besides being a tool of beautification, it is also considered to protect the bride and ward off the evil eye on such an important day; 

6. Nose ring(s)

Worn, generally, in the left nostril (may be in both nostrils, as well); some nose rings are extended till the ear by a chain that is hooked across the cheek and tucked to the hair;

7. Ear-rings

Consisting of different designs, patterns, gems, their form may vary from region to region, etc.

8. Armbands

Worn on the upper part of the arm, even on the sleeves, they are considered to protect the bride from evil;

9. Bangles

Worn on the wrists, bangles are another sign of marriage; these may be made of glass, iron, metal, ivory, ceramic, gold. Punjabi brides add kalira to their bangles.

10. Rings

Rings come in different shapes, sizes, having different precious stones; in many regions, the thumb ring is the most important, and has small mirrors incorporated;

11. Waistband 

A type of belt, tied around the waist, embellished by gems; besides helping to keep the dress in place, people connect it with the idea of fertility.

12. Anklets and toe rings

In many regions, rings placed on the second toes is a sign of a married woman; many people make these adornments of other metals except gold, since they consider that wearing gold on an area lower from the waist is disrespectful.

13. Henna (mehndi) designs applied on the hands and feet; 

Usually, the day before the marriage, henna paste is applied in various intricate designs; It is said that the darker the color of mehndi, the deeper the love of your soul mate will be; brides chose to add the first letter of their future husband’s name in their mehndi, as well. In some regions, a red-colored ink-like paste (aalta) is applied.

14. Perfume

A natural sweet floral fragrance has always been considered to be auspicious and add further charm to the bride;

15. Sindoor/sindooram/kumkum 

During the wedding rituals, this sign of wedlock, a red powder, is applied by the groom to the bride’s central parting of the hair. It is believed that if a woman wears sindoor, goddess Parvati wards off evil spirits and safeguards her husband, bestowing on him a longer life.

16. Necklaces and the mangal sutra

Besides various necklaces worn by the bride, after the wedding rituals, a necklace of black beads is given to her by the groom (or his mother). This necklace is called mangal sutra and symbolizes the sanctity of marriage; a bride wears it all her married life;

The current trend of “choosing” a new gender identity is a reflection of a society that has become increasingly conservative in its rigid adherence to gender roles. When I was a student at Wellesley in the 1970s, we relished in the experience of bucking those gender stereotypes. The photo of [a Wellesley transman] – short hair, men’s shirt, jeans, and sneakers - could easily have been me or one of my friends in those days. The difference was, we knew that our affinity for accessories and passions more traditionally associated with males did not make us any less female.

It makes me sad that, rather than learning at Wellesley that it is okay to be a female who embraces a style more stereotypically associated with being male, these students are learning that they can change their presentation and pronouns and then “own” the entitlements of being raised male, making demands on the college and on their professors to change 140 years of a proud history of educating females.

I have no problem with keeping students at the school who wish to experiment with gender roles and presentation, but demanding that the language used in the classroom and in the dorms no longer focus on the female experience is erasure of the generations of Wellesley women who have fought for recognition in a male centered world.

Wellesley is a women’s college. Those students who cannot appreciate the reality of studying at a women’s college should choose another place to study.

—  A comment on “When Women Become Men at Wellesley,” a good read.
How to cosplay

This may sound stupid and incredibly basic, but I continually surprised by would-be cosplayers who don’t know how to ask for help. Beyond the sort of vague cospositive slogans, I haven’t found a great guide for the actual nuts and bolts of how to cosplay, and how to ask for help when you’re stuck. 

Now, I will put the disclaimer on this that there are many reasons that people cosplay, so your end goals may be different than mine. My goals (and the goals of this tutorial) are to help you decide on and create a reference accurate cosplay of a specific costume. You may decide that you don’t need to get every detail right, and that’s fine too. Enjoy where this process takes you. 

Tutorial below the cut!

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so yeah the more I think about what Earth C is like the more it horrifies me. Like, from the start:

The kids look at this fledgeling society that they have built, small and fragile, and decide “hey, this is boring. let’s skip ahead all the boring hard stuff to when these guys have REAL civilization!” Ignoring that this is still EARTH, with all of Earth’s volcanos and earthquakes and whatnot that could seriously damage a new civilization, events that they are more than capable of preventing or mitigating - this society doesn’t have NEWSPAPERS so let’s get to the good stuff.

So the kids skip out on all the hard work to get to the fun, and immediately discover that the new society has racial segregation. This is not a situation that was going to develop at last look at the society, since everyone was being raised together, so it’s likely that there was some kind of massive societal upheaval that led to everyone only living with their own race. The kind of situation that might have bene preventable had some kids been around to see this coming and try and get people to see a better way.

They are then immediately handed rulership, despite them having maybe a few semesters of high school civics combined and absolutely 0 knowledge of the histories, economics, or laws of their new domains. Also, no one points out that, hey, handing complete control to a few traumatized, immortal creator-gods who have no possible way to relate to any of their subjects might be a bad idea. 

Then… Jane. Look, I like Jane, but let’s take a look at some of her actions? She immediately begins CrockerCorp again, and has record profits, presumably because literally all her competition looked at the company being run by Actual God, decided they didn’t want to commit blasphemy, and quit, or were driven out of business because no one wanted to buy from anyone who wasn’t god, because that’s probably against their religion. Then she’s elected Mayor, which gives her two different political positions, one corporate one, and one religious one, which is ground for so many conflict of interest issues.

And then today. Jane is on the moonbase, fine, Jack Noir attacks… and Jane’s solution is not to merely beat him up, which she is completely capable of doing, or fly away, which she is also capable of. Instead she takes off her accessory - her accessory she was planning on wearing to a dinner date, the one she has probably had for some time - slaps it on him, and activates its mind control capabilities. What the fuck did you make that for, Janey, and why the fuck did you wear it to dinner. She then removes the cloth dressing a wound, reopening what would be an injury that would be very quickly fatal to a human, and ties it on as a leash. A leash on another sentient being. A leash she, because of aforementioned mind control accessories, gets no practical use from. A leash that she is therefore only using because it makes her happy to and because it humiliates Jack.

She then follows that up by talking about how they haven’t been very good gods (accurate) and then saying that the people need divine supervision. Right after casually using a mind control device.

And then, she does the oven thing, and pointlessly gets one of the Felt maybe-killed. Potentially Cans could have survived, but she really had no way of knowing that. She is more than capable of making sure EVERYONE gets out of there alive, but she decided to put one of the ‘gentlemen’ in mortal danger for shits and giggles.

Our heroine! Apparently. The only hope is that Aradia and Sollux appear to chew everyone out. 

Random Miraculous Headcanons

in no specific order or relevance (all post reveal unless stated otherwise):

- Adrien, as a model, has astoundingly good posture. He was trained to look professional since he was little so he has amazing posture. Marinette, on the other hand, has the fabled Artist Posture (ie, constantly sitting hunched over like a gargoyle). Adrien has made it his quest to fix her posture. Even in a battle, he’d shout “Nice shot, babe! But distribute your weight better or you’ll have lower back pains by the time your 20!!!! Sheesh”

- As hilarious and ironic as it is, Adrien is crazy “camera shy” when it comes to random impromptu selfies/pictures. He’s so used to posed and controlled pictures that taking random pictures is so new to him and Marinette takes FULL advantage of this and constantly takes surprise selfies with him and loves his little “ahh!!” face

- Marinette likes to sew little accessories for Adrien, like hats or gloves or whatever else, and he CONSTANTLY wears them (occasionally into battle as Cat Noir, even)

- Adrien used to make a different nickname for Marinette every single day, but he eventually settled on “lovebug”, because its subtle enough to be a normal couple nickname, AND it works as their own inside joke. Also, he takes great pride in calling Ladybug his Lovebug.

- Marinette also comes up with a few simple nicknames for Adrien, too, but nothing overthetop like he came up with. Her favorite is “sweet-pea”, which he absolutely adores.

- Adrien loves taking Marinette out on dates, things like bowling or mini-golfing or anything simple like that, because he never really got to do too much fun stuff growing up, so now he gets to not only do these fun things, but also with Marinette!!!

i think the relationship between gay man and straight women (and especially black women at large) deserves a lot of exploring. its complicated, and involves a lot of opportunity for oppressing on both sides. while straight women, even in a close and intimate friendship, with a gay man can often easily and readily stereotype their gay male friends and treat them as objects and accessories, gay men, vice versa, frequently treat women as props and ignore their agency and influence as human beings as concepts they can adopt as their own, i.e. “there is a strong black woman ‘who don’t need no man’ inside of me”, the appropriation of trans black women in the ballroom scene into a larger gay culture that can be accessed by white gay men regardless of their own privilege that may supercede that of the women they’re stealing from. 

growing up i was afraid of straight men. in public school i was genuinely afraid to seek friendship with other boys because i felt it was inevitable that my femininity as a gay man would be discovered, othered and ultimately attacked by my male peers. therefore i almost exclusively looked for friendship and support from girls. i feel like this helped me a lot in understanding, from a second person perspective, the truth about what it was like to be a woman in america, and that’s why i so strongly support feminism from an outside male stance. that being said, i feel like its important to note that even my closest female friends, once i came out to them as gay, shifted dramatically from seeing me as a human being (a cool, respectful straight or ambiguous male) to “finally!” that gay friend they always wanted who could shop & talk shit with them. i’ve always felt hesitant to come out to my female friends because i’ve worried that once i did, they’d see me differently, that my humanity would be erased and i’d become an accessory to their hip & liberal lifestyle that they’ve always dreamed of. and this is an example of harmful heteronormality and fetishization in our society.

but its worthless to call that out without also acknowledging that as a man, queer or otherwise, i have a power to oppress these female friends in a different way. I have the power to be misogynistic and attack my friends’ femininity, even specifically as a gay man, that is increasingly becoming more celebrated in mainstream culture.

i’d even argue that gay male specific misogyny is inherent in the fetishization of gay men, which is what makes the relationship between gay men and straight women so damaging and insidious. its expected of gay men to attack cis-women’s anatomy, (calling vaginas scary and disgusting, acting as if we know more about women’s fashion than women do etc. [not to mention that fashion is a medium women have been given as a creative outlet primarily over men, yet are still chastised for accessing and celebrating]) and further creating a violent atmosphere in the queer community for both trans men and women.

the sexual assault of gay men on women is all but ignored or accepted, but in my experience, the same can be said about my straight female friends to me. i’ve been in several situations where my genitalia has been groped by a straight woman, or i’ve been grinded on despite the expression of my discomfort to the act, but its “all cool” because we’re not actually sexuallly attracted to one another. or, if a straight woman is attracted to me, we both know it will never come to fruition because of my lack of consent. the deciphering factor here however is that if i, as a man, were to grope a woman (as opposed to a straight woman groping me as a queer man) has gender-specific implications of violence and a power-dynamic to back it up as oppressive although both may be equally wrong morally.

the ultimate issue comes down to how persons who operate outside of hegemonic masculinity and heteronormality can access components of both of those concepts to oppress one another, creating a volatile and often violent environment even though we seek support from one another. i think as a cluster of communities, we need to take responsibility for the behaviors we permit or even celebrate that negatively effect one another, and make steps to change this environment so we are more sensitive to one another’s need for safety.

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Could you maybe explain the 5 color, 5 textures in a bit more detail? Not just why it's important but how to go about it properly?

Sure! Basically it’s five colors and/or five textures. Difference in color or texture makes costumes more interesting and appealing to look at. And it’s not just the garments themselves- hair, makeup, jewelry, and detailing like embroidery and trim count as colors/textures. When you’ve got a combination of both, people spend more time studying your cosplay/costume, studying you, and appreciating the work that went into it. 

One of my biggest pet peeves as a costumer is when cosplayers use the same fabric/texture for an entire outfit, including accessories. While animators and designers are bound to color palettes (particularly in animation) to make the work feasible (this is why a lot of characters have solid or unadorned clothing) you are not. I’m sorry friend, but you’re not a cartoon. You’re a person. And while you can make yourself LOOK like a character AND mimic the style of media (like some brilliant Borderlands cosplayers) most people don’t- which leads to flat looking costumes on three-dimensional people.

Guzzardi cosplay did this awesome Handsome Jack, which included cell-style shading on the outfit and makeup.

Of course, there are variations on the rule. If you’ve got a LOT of colors going on, then the texture variation doesn’t have to be as great. Ditto for a lot of texture and little color variation. There can be too much of a good thing and a lot of times, that’s how to look like a hot mess…. so 5’s a handy middle of the road.

Then there are exceptions, like minimalist designs. For example, there aren’t a lot of color or texture variations for gajinka designs of GLaDOS because the contrast and shape are enough visual interest and conveys ‘robot’ rather than ‘person’. Similarly if a costume has a very complex cut or tricky fitting, that can be the visual motif or interest- for example, Stacker Pentecost.

(And there was a great homina throughout the land….) See, even without five different textures and colors, there’s enough going on with the detailing and the cut to create interest. SO. MUCH. INTEREST.

Anyhue, how to use this practically. 

For example- take Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender:

You could do her costume all from cotton broadcloth which is perfectly fine- particularly if you’re a beginner cosplayer or sewer. But we’re trying to create some more visual interest and organic quality. A good thing to do is break down the costume: So tunic, necklace, armwraps, pants,shoes.

Then break it down into colors: tunic body, tunic trimming and belt, pants, shoes, armwraps, necklace.

At this point, the trick is not to use the same texture twice, or at least not noticeably. How about we make the tunic body out of cotton flannel, then trim it in a faux suede? Or maybe the armwraps out of a cotton gauze, the pants out of unwaled (non-grooved) corduroy, and the tunic out of linen? Use your inner character developer and ask- what kind of materials would this character have access to? Are they rich or poor? From a hot or a cold climate?

I wouldn’t make Katara’s whole tunic out of satin. but her necklace band could be. Just like (to use another Avatar example) I wouldn’t make Zuko’s clothes out of plainer woven fabrics.

Remember that texture doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! With a little planning, you could use cheaper cottons and basic materials for the large pieces with smaller amounts of more expensive materials for the trimmings. (Like making Katara’s tunic from cotton, but trimming it in slubbed dupioni silk or some nice linen or a suiting).

Also don’t be afraid to add trimming! Instead of plain bias tape binding, how about velvet ribbon? Piping is a great way to add visual interest and it’s pretty cheap! Or if you have accessories, try a bit of weathering for texture.

There are a ton of ways to use the 5/5 rule and not look like a circus or stick to a pre-developed character design. I hope this helped a bit!

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terrific blog, thanks for sharing your knowledge! Is there any symbolism to the color of the obijime? I've read that flat is generally for casual and round is for formal attire, and black is for extremely respectful events like funerals and wedding. How about the rest of the color spectrum? Thanks!

In fact I think you have nailed it pretty accurately! Flat is generally casual, round is generally formal, and for furisode there are obviously fancy obijime that have beads, braiding, gold threads, sparkles etc.

As with other kimono things, the more gold involved, the more formal it is.

For summer kimono, you can wear summer-weight obijime (unbelievably, yes, the one accessory that makes NO difference whether it’s thick or thin is changed to a “cool” summer weight) which are made in an open weave like Ro silk. 

As for other colors, there are not really any rules about colors having particular significance. Red, as in China, is auspicious, but you don’t always see it at weddings. Although black is traditionally worn only at funerals, in modern fashion you will see it just matching the outfit. The ‘make’ of the obijime, its weight and formality, seems to be much more important than simply the color.

For a general rule of thumb, though, I believe older ladies often wear subdued colors and younger ladies saturated colors. 

Have fun!

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How do you do pixel art like that? I don't understand how to do it and your little bouncy pixels are so adorable! Could you please possibly make a tutorial or direct me to a simple one? Thanks :3

Oh well, here.  I’m sure there are a million better tutorials out there and I’m sure I’ve found the most dificult way possible to do this, but I’ll explain how I do it.

I start out with a little sketch of what I want to pixelate.

Its real simple, just a little sketch so I know the basic idea of what i want to draw.  This can be in whatever size you normally draw in.  I usually start in 2000x2000 then crop it so that its just the part of the pony I want.

Then I resize it.  The sizes I use vary a lot, but I usually have the smallest parameter be 100 px.  This drawing is 100x143 because its original size was 1400x2000 or something.

Then I turn down the opacity to about 15, I take my brush on its hardest setting at size 1px and i start to draw.  Make sure if you are using an eraser, it is also at its hardest setting.  I use Mangastudio 5 so my settings will look different then if you use Sai or photoshop or gimp or something.  However, the important part is that your brush is solid and doesnt have a fuzzy outline.  This is howyou get the nice pixel effect.

Then you just draw.  Theres not really much i can tell you about that.  I tend to put the hair, body, eyes, and accessories all on different layers.  This makes it easier for me to color the lineart later.  Some people prefer to use use one layer though so it really is just preference.

When you finish up, it looks something like this!

Then you turn off the sketch layer and add your colors!

Now what I do to shade is I have two multiply layers clipped to the original layer, both with a very light blue.  This gives me two shading levels, one lighter and one darker.  When I’m shading yellow, orange, or red I use a very light red on a multiply layer.  Thats when I get this.

Now I make a clipping layer over the lines to color in the lineart, but a lot of people just prefer the strong black lines.  Thats just up to you.  I personally like the inner lines to be colored but have a nice strong outer black line.

I save it as a .png with a transparent background and I have this.

Now for how I do the bouncing :

I open that .png file, cut a single line of pixels from all her legs that touch the ground.  Then I lower everything above that cut layer one pixel so that the drawing is just over all one pixel shorter.  

Then I save that version.  Though you cant see much of a difference, here are the two versions near eachother.  The top is the original, the bottom is one pixel shorter.

I take those into photoshop and put the two over each other.  It is important that they are on separate layers and that the base lines up with eachother.

I’m working in photoshop cs6 and I know it varies with which version you are using.  I open up timeline and choose “create frame animation”.  I make two frames.  The first layer has one of the bubbles, the second layer has the other bubble that is one pixel shorter.  This gives it that double outline on top.  I set them to point 5 seconds each.

And thats it.  I save for web so I can save it as a gif in a small file, and viola.  You have a tiny bouncing pixel!

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What is your view on each of the generations show and toys? For an example, here is my view on G3 (G1, G1.5, G2, G3, G3.5, G4). G3 - Show: It needed some work, especially along the later years. Toys: They were pretty nice, and lots of them too!

G1 toys - The BEST toyline hands down.  Simple yet carefully crafted.  Magical, exuded quality.

G1 “Rescue at Midnight Castle” - Amazing animation, amazing designs for the ponies.  Very horse-like, yet at the same time appropriately anthromorhpic expressions, etc.  Amazing villain.  Megan didn’t suck.  The best MLP animated feature.

G1 “Escape from Catrina” - Pretty good, weaker animation than RaMC.  I didn’t like how Catrina “turning good” was handled. She’s this bold, independent person while she’s bad, and suddenly when she turns good she’s all meek and demure?  What does that say about the writer’s view of what makes a “bad” woman versus a “good” woman?  Why couldn’t she be good and still be bold?

G1 show “MLP ‘n Friends” and the movie - I hate Megan.  She is a total canon sue. The last time I checked the show was “My Little Pony”, not “The Adventures of Queen Megan, Great White Savior of Ponyland.”  Inconsistent and often sloppy animation. Also the baby ponies talking baby talk—WHY?  

The basic plots are often quite good, though, with good villains. Ponyland being turned to glass?  Good.  The heart of Ponyland being disrupted and magic going crazy all over the land?  Yes.  So it does have an awesome epic vibe to it. I just can’t get over the ponies needing a twelve year old to run their lives.  It’s kind of pathetic.

G1 show “MLP Tales” - MUCH better animation than “MLP ‘n Friends.”  Terrible male characters.  Ace is a jerk.  Teddy and Sweetheart are headed for an abusive relationship.  Snoozer plots in Boringworld.  Too bad, because this was the first show to really focus in depth on individual characters.  I know Sweetheart is a fan favorite, but I loathe her.  Patch is the best.

G2 toyline - I don’t like their faces.  Specifically, I don’t like their muzzles / mouths.  They just look half-formed and, as I’ve mentioned before, I like pony toys that have more prominent nostrils.  

That said, this was THE toyline for accessories, often producing individualized accessories for each pony.  The US releases were a blob of muddy pinks and purples, but once the line became European exclusive they started utilizing some great color combos.  

Their symbols are disappointing, though.  Not in content, but in design.  They’re usually monochrome and just seem a little “clip-arty”. Few poses and the poses are all rather “samey”.

G2 show - None.

G3 toys - Second best toyline, despite being the start of the stupid “symbols on only one side” thing.  NOSTRILS. YES. Their heads are sometimes a little large compared to their bodies.  I love their ears.  Awesome variety of symbols.  Good variety of ideas (Jewel ponies, scented ponies, etc) without getting too gimmicky.

G3 show - If you look at them as the tales of a group of desperately, falsely cheerful survivors of some unknown apocalypse, they’re interesting.  (Why the heck do the Ponyville ponies not know about the unicorn kingdom a day’s walk away? Because they can’t leave home, because of RADIATION.)  

But that is delving more into fanon than into the shows themselves.  As shows, they have consistent animation, great voice actors, and boring, safe plots.  Except “A Very Minty Christmas”.  I flipping love that one.  Minty is the best.  I still enjoy watching them in the background while I’m cleaning or something, but there’s just no substance.

G3.5 toys - No.

G3.5 cartoon -  They changed G3 Rainbow Dash’s voice.  For this, no forgiveness.

Newborn Cuties toys - NO.

Newborn Cuties webisodes - The quality is so low it’s actually amazing.  The voice acting, the animation, the “plots” … It must take some dedication to reach that level of suckitude!

G4 toyline - Terrible.  The designs which work so well in the cartoon do not work well in real life.  The ponies have about an acre of forehead, disproportionately large ears, and, again, “invisible nostril syndrome.”  Their symbols are limited by their tiny, tiny bodies.  On the bright side, the best designed pegasus wings of any generation.  On the minus side, stupidly short unicorn horns.  (Shorter than their EARS?  REALLY??)  

But the main problem with this generation is that it barely has any characters.  Mane Six, Mane Six, Mane Six … I get that they’re the main characters and that lots of kids will want them, okay?  But do kids really want eight different Twilight Sparkles?  Maybe they do, I don’t know.  I know I don’t.

It’s not just the lack of characters, either.  It’s also the lack of poses.  It is RIDICULOUS that there are only two “normal” (i.e. not Celestia / Luna / other special char) brushable pony modes—the “standing there” pose and the oh so exciting “standing there with one leg bent” pose.  To put this in perspective, G1 had eight poses by its second year and G3 STARTED OUT with eight different poses.  For G4 MLP to be this popular and have so few brushable molds … It makes no sense. Especially with the Mane Six focus, since that would be a way to make the ten million versions of Pinkie Pie less “samey”.  

(I should add that blind bags, while cute, are not “the real My Little Ponies” to me.  Just like “the real Care Bears” are the plush toys, not the PVC figurines.)

As if this was not lazy enough, Hasbro often reuses G3 Ponyville accessories for the line. Oh yes, Hasbro.  Don’t think I don’t recognize them.

G4 cartoon - The best cartoon series (although “Rescue at Midnight Castle” is still my favorite piece of MLP animation overall).  Great world building, great characters.  I do think they should move the ponies out of Ponyville and have them go on more epic quests, because the whole “learning Friendship Lessons in Ponyville” thing is getting kind of stagnant.  But still.  The best series, with extremely consistent animation.  The animation is not what I’d call beautiful—I don’t really think it can be, being made as it is.  But it’s very functional, which is more important.  I really appreciate that the ponies act and move like horses in this (using their mouths to pick things up, etc).

Equestria Girls toyline - Not just a travesty, but a cheaply produced, overpriced travesty.  Sad Monster High wannabes.

Equestria Girls cartoon - Haven’t watched it.  I’ve heard it’s good, but … I watch for the characters who are ponies.  Take away the “who are ponies” part and I have no interest.

littlesnowcat-deactivated201507  asked:

Just wondering, what culture would you say Khajiit clothing would suit? My main Skyrim character is a Khajiit and when I draw her, I can never seem to make her outfits work. The outfit board thing you made for Demir looked amazing and made me wanna research different culture fashions. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find one which fits. Sorry if this is not one of your strong points, seeing as how you find Khajiits difficult to draw and all. Thanks <3

hooo boy, this is a difficult thing to tackle honestly. Doing the research for my own purposes and mucking it up is one thing, but giving advice on it and mucking it up is another. I will admit I did just spend the past couple hours (maybe more???) looking it up and trying to pin point some stuff. 

I could try to offer a bit of help, but I won’t offer anything I would call concrete because I am by NOOOOO means an expert on this sort of thing (maybe some day but certainly not now) 

The thing to understand is there is never one single culture behind the inspiration of a fictional culture (especially in the ES verse). You can definitely make connections but chances are there are several behind an idea, not to mention any creative or original ideas added in. 

Even with my Demir research I was looking at several different cultures, there wasn’t a single one I drew from.

If anyone reads this and I totally miss something, screw something up, say something incorrect, etc PLEASE let me know and I’ll fix and/or address it. Also if you have any input on the matter that will help me or other people, please leave a comment. 

Under the cut because its a LOT of word vomit

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Some realistic expectations for Pokemon GO

So, if you are like me and the thousands of other fans on this site, you are pretty friggin pumped for Pokemon GO, but a lot of the posts I’ve seen on the site seem to make some unrealistic assumptions about what the game will be like. I’d like to provide some context and speculate what the game will be like based on the history of the company developing it, the previous mobile games that Nintendo has released for pokemon, and what is realistic based on modern technology. Check in after the break

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Oh, I forgot to mention one more issue that’s been jarring me.

Design inconsistency.

None of Usagi’s faces here are all that terribly drawn per say, but they all look like they came out of four completely different anime. Her eyes, hair, shape, and hell, even accessories like the crown, are completely inconsistent. The last frame is without a doubt the one that looks the most like the design style that Crystal set before even airing, and it should be the design we’d see throughout the show. Instead it looks like the episode was handed to half a dozen different key animators.

InstyleMagazine: I just made my own pair of sandals for the very first time with the help of the women at @ssekodesigns. Their level of craftsmanship is unreal. And they are the first women in Uganda operating machinery that has traditionally been used only by men. Chic accessories meet women’s empowerment, while transforming gender stereotypes? Sign. Me. Up. –@sophiabush #UgandaBeInspired #WhereItsMadeMatters | photo by @hazelandpine

anonymous asked:

can you please explain how what theyre doing is offensive? like i dont understand how theyre mocking the culture or anything. its like someone taking offence because someone from england wears a t-shirt with the american flag on it. its not making sense to me.

LMAO white people being “stereotyped” is not the same and will never be, you CAN’T compare the POC struggle to the white bc it’s not even CLOSE and will never be. What they’re doing is wrong because they’re taking a culture they know NOTHING about and mocking it by using it like their accessory and completely making a joke out of it, they think it’s SO FUNNY to get a bunch of sombreros put on some fake mustaches and call themselves Mexicans as if the WHOLE WORLD didn’t make fun of Mexico enough. There’s a BIG difference between admiring a culture and taking it and making a whole joke for your fans to laugh at like thanks so much.