it's the 2nd here

just a friendly FYI for pokemon go players - I know Gen 4 is a looong ways off lol, but here’s a list of the Gen 1 and 2 candies you’ll probably want to be stocking up on in preparation for Gen 4.

it includes [common] ones you might be ignoring, like Murkrow, Swinub, Aipom, Misdreaveus, Sneasel, Gilgar, and more, so it might be worth keeping an eye out for [low CP] ones you can grind into candies for the future.


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

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Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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signs as madeon (adventure) songs

aries: you’re on ft. kyan

taurus: ok

gemini: nonsense ft. mark foster (from foster the people)

cancer: home

leo: imperium

virgo: innocence ft. aquilo 

libra: zephyr

scorpio: la lune ft. dan smith (from bastille)

sagittarius: pay no mind ft. passion pit

capricorn: beings

aquarius: pixel empire

pisces: only way out ft. vancouver sleep clinic


some lines in agust d tracks converted in emojis ©
click for the caption to see the lyrics


There’s no need for such ceremony for us to be friends.”
↳ Happy birthday to my most precious Sylvia bae! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・☆

Harmony’s fingers flitted over the piano keys as she slowly played out a tune, “So, we’ll piss off the neighbours. In a place that feels the tears, a place to lose your fear. Reckless behav-” She cut off, her fingers pausing on the piano as she glanced over. “You staring at me like that makes me feel like i have spinach in my teeth. What is it?”


Album Art Wallpapers: Muse

Panic! at the Disco

Fall Out Boy

My Chemical Romance

twenty one pilots

Pierce The Veil

Sleeping With Sirens

Of Mice & Men

All Time Low

Bring Me The Horizon


Green Day

adventure time was the cartoon tht rlly pushed me into drawing and im really gonna miss it
its been here ever since i was in the 2nd grade and i loved it so much growing up
it helped me gain friends, it helped make me happy when i was down and it’s taught me so many things i can’t even describe
so #thankyouatcrew for everything❤❤