it's the 16th in the uk so

‘Do The Bartman’ - The Simpsons

Number one week ending 16th February 1991 for 3 weeks

A weird collection of number ones in 1991 so far, and this continues that theme. A rap by Bart Simpson, it has that thin early 90s production sound to it. The catchy groove has more than a passing resemblance to early 90s Michael Jackson songs. This is because bizarrely, the man himself actually produced it and provided backing vocals, but refrained from attaching his name to the song, perhaps unsurprisingly. Having no musical value besides its status as novelty record, this reached number one despite The Simpsons only being shown on Sky in the UK at this point. You have to wonder how bad things were in the charts when this was the best of the bunch. Thankfully though, the cartoon family weren’t to trouble the charts again.

So the Growlers are back, cleaner sounding but still retaining their notorious delayed, reverberated and psycedelic sound. Big Toe is a catchy number with Brooks vocals sounding more Reggae with the slap back delay and delivery. I for one, have had this track on repeat the last few days and cannot wait for the release of Chinese Fountain, 23rd September. The Growlers are an odd band, never really deviating from their style, sound, song structures but somehow always managing to sound fresher than their past efforts. Fans of the first album will be very fond of this pretty little ditty with it having an Old Cold River vibe.

Get yourself comfortable, get stoned, and stick this on repeat, you won’t be left dissapointed. Stoner/psycedlic rock at its best, to be put simply. They have three dates in the UK this August, London (16th), Bristol (17th) and Brighton (19th)

‘She’s a lost cause so count your losses.’

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I feel like I haven’t informed enough people of weird and wonderful facts recently, so I’m going to change that. Did you know that the smallest city in the UK has a population of less than 2,000? It gained city status in the 16th century when the general rule was that a place could gain city status with the presence of a cathedral. They changed the law in the late 1800s so that it was based on population instead, thus making this city, St Davids, lose its status. People protested so much that about 100 years later, it was granted city status again, by the request of Her Majesty herself. Welcome to the United Kingdom.