it's that time of year where you want snow and sleigh rides and fun things

Snow Dayz

Soooooo this is a little fanfic thingy that I decided to make for the person I was paired with for the PJO Secret Santa ( @pjosecretsanta2016 )!!!!! :D

I hope u have an amazing holiday season @tigerlilyfm14 and I hope this little Kids!Snowday!AU for Solangelo makes ur day extra special :3

Winter was always a special time for Nico di Angelo and Will Solace. Memories went back further than they could remember of glittering white snow and chubby fingers clutching sleighs. When they thought of winter, they saw pink cheeks and fingers wrapped around mugs of of chocolate as the fire cackled over their voices. They thought of black hair dusted with snowflakes and long scarfs trailing in the snow as they stuck a carrot nose on a snowman. 

When they where kids, they would always sleep over each other’s houses the night before a snowstorm, waking up to find frost clinging to the window and the world covered in a white blanket. They’d rush downstairs in fuzzy pajamas, pouncing on the remote to turn on the TV. They would squeeze each others hands and close their eyes, crossing their fingers as the man read the school closings. 

They would bounce up and down with joy as the man read out their school district, causing Nico’s older sister to rush down the stairs as if somebody was murdered. 

But the only crime that was committed was keeping these two boys inside as fluffy white snowflakes danced in the air. They’d build snowmen and ride sleighs, cheerful giggles ringing out through the air and small hands clutched in one another. Those winters where joyful and merry, filled with snow angels with their wings touching and toothy grins. 

But sometimes, as you got older, the brush of a finger or a hug could mean a lot more than it should. 

They where thirteen. Thirteen, the age where you seemed to lose yourself, starting to question things you whole heartedly believed in and wondering what the future holds. But at the same time, it was too much for their brains to process, how shy smiles made hearts flutter and feather like fingers on skin made stomachs drop. 

Because the early teens where a time of sorting through emotions and finding yourself lost in a world full of giants, questioning things that shouldn’t be questioned. How come it’s gotten so hard to talk to him? What’s changed between us? Why is he being more closed off? How come I can only think of him? What is happening?

The truth was, they weren’t sure what to think of. Nico didn’t understand why his heart skipped a beat when Will showed up on his doorstep, his hands covered with gloves and a snowball in his hand. Will couldn’t fathom why his smile brightened 100 degrees when he made eye contact with Nico in the hallway.  And when Nico flashed one of his rare smiles, it was as if the world was set on fire, burning everything in its wake.

Neither of them could define this emotion, they just knew they wanted it to stop. They longed for simpler times where Nico could lay on Will’s lap and both of them thought nothing of it. 

They where fifteen and sixteen when they faced the problem head on. They where in the middle of their sophomore year of high school, and winter rolled around again, filling the air with promises as families put up brightly colored lights for the holiday season. The first snowfall came, bringing with it school cancellations and teens sighing with relief. 

There was a knock at the door of Nico’s house. Groggily, he got up from where he was camped out on the couch with a blanket wrapped around his head, picking at the hole in the helm of his t-shirt as he rewatched the Netflix series “Voltron”. He groaned, getting up and dragging himself to the door, the blanket still wrapped around him like a cape. 

When he opened the door, he was met with flurries trying to make their way in to the house and a gust of cold air. And, leaning in the door frame, was a boy, three inches taller than Nico with golden curls and bright blue eyes. He had a mischievous smile on his face that caused Nico to roll his eyes. 

“’Do you wanna build a snowman?’” he sang by way of greeting. Nico shook his head, not because the answer was no, but sometimes his friend was a huge dork. 


“Is that a yes?” Nico thought for a second, then nodded his head. 

“Just let me change into something warmer.” Then they where outside, the cold air biting at their cheeks and the snow soaking into their shoes. It was a little awkward, since neither of them really knew how to talk to the other. Both where scared that something would slip, forbidden words and strong emotions. It didn’t get easier with age. They both where falling hard.

They chose to go sledding. The only problem with sledding is that they had two people and one sled. They would have to share. 

At first, they took turns, one going down first, the other going down second. But it was a little boring considering their weight didn’t propel them forward. Nothing like when they where kids. 

“Hey I have an idea!” Will exclaims. 

“Yes?” Nico says, dusting his pants off. 

“What if we both went at the same time? Maybe then it’d go faster!” Will tried to hide the fact that actually it would force them to sit closer together and that was all he wanted. Nico didn’t pick it up.

“Sure. Couldn’t hurt,” he says, shrugging his shoulders. They sat down on the sleigh, Will in the front and Nico in the back. Will gripped the string.

“You know you’re probably going to have to put your arms around my waist to keep yourself from falling off, right?” Will says, wiggling his eyebrows. Nico blushed and timidly put his arms around Will’s waist, and both of their breaths caught when they settled there. They where so close that Nico could smell something like lavender and baking bread on Will’s skin. It was the most beautiful thing ever, just like Will, who was forbidden territory. 

“Are you ready?” Will says, trying not to think about Nico’s chest pressed to his back.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“One….” Nico counted.

“Two…” Will pushed off. 

“You where supposed to wait till three!!” Nico yelled as they rocketed down the hill. Adrenaline rushed through him and he hated it. It caused him to tighten his arms around Will and bury his face in the back of his neck. He was vaguely aware of his hat flying off and Will’s scarf catching on the snow, sliding away. Will gave a whoop of joy. 

Then, they hit a rock of a hunk of ice or something. Both of them where propelled through the air, landing in the snow on top of each other. Will was giggling. 

“That was fun. Let’s do it again!” he says happily. 

“We will not!” Nico scoffs. “I think you lost a tooth,” he says, eyeing the gap in Will’s teeth. 

“Oh, did I?” he says, putting his tongue in between the space. 

“I guess I did,” he says, answering his own question. 

“Your an idiot,” Nico says, giving him a slight shove. “We could’ve been badly hurt.”

“But we weren’t,” Will chimes, sticking a finger in Nico’s face. He pushed it down. 

“Oh yes. We weren’t hurt, you say as you have a gaping hole in your mouth from where you lost a tooth.”

“Aww you care.”

“Of course I care I–” Nico stops himself from saying “I love you”. Then, oh god,  then, Will leans forward on his hands, right up to Nico’s face, and pecks him on the lips.

“I know,” he says, flashing a grin. 

“Well that was a lame first kiss,” Nico says. 


“Try again,” he says simply, a small blush creeping into his cheeks. Then he leans forward and kisses Will. And kisses him. And kisses him.