it's that the name of the other guy right

video games are so incredibly hostile and unwelcoming to mlm and im really feeling this more than ever after Watch_dogs 2 decided to continue to queerbait its audience with Wrench and Marcus w/o ever confirming their relationship as anything other than a joke, and after Mass Effect: Andromeda decided to not include gay men in major roles out of fear of backlash from the straight male audience, and Persona 5 preferred teacher/student relationships to relationships between two boys of the same age and etc etc etc

like these are all on varying levels of being overtly homophobic but the theme is fucking unignorable; video games dont want to have gay or bi men and its undeniably because theyre scared of upsetting the core straight male demographic by confronting them with things like gay and bi men. 

like right now im desperately waiting for blizzard to reveal who the gay characters in Overwatch are because if any of these men are gay theyre going to be the only male player characters who are canonically gay or bisexual (and not just player choice) that i know of who havent just been “confirmed gay” on twitter. and even the characters that do fall into the latter category add up to a grand total of two (and i hate including Axton from Borderlands 2 because i will never forget that his one off line flirting with guys was originally a fucking programming glitch gearbox chose not to fix. the other guy in question is Jacob Frye from Assassins Creed if anyone is curious)

im sick and tired of this like its exhausting just not existing to anyone. its not like the situation in film or television or any other media is that much fucking better right now, but at least i can name movies and tv shows that have gay men in them. its so unendingly depressing being a gay man and trying to enjoy video games because unless im willing to build them for myself they just dont fucking exist. 

What’s The Plan? (Peter Parker x reader)

Anon asked:

HI! I JUST SAW HOMECOMING AND IM IN LOVE. Anyway can I get a Peter X reader where the reader is Tony’s daughter (a teleporter) who has a deaf best friend (Fury’s son) who reads lips and has hyper awareness and she just invites Peter and Ned (who now has a Stark internship for his computer skills) and ned and the readers best friend just try to get the reader and Peter together bcs they know they have feelings for each other? (sorry if it’s too much and btw my best friend is deaf in real life💗)

(AN. I really think this is an adorable idea and I warn you, there are tons of fluff in this!!!!! And guess who became literal Tom!spidey trash and less than four hours after seeing Homecoming???? THATS RIGHT. ITS ME! aaanyway these guys helped a me come out with ideas for this fic > @raisafatika @ciaa11 @harukatrash so kudos to them)

-(B/f/n) : best friend’ s name-


(B/f/n) is a curious human being. He was born deaf, and that made him optimize the use of his other senses. He was given a hyper-awareness serum by his father, Nick Fury, at a very young age to help him go through the world.

Over time, the serum given to him as a tool to face the world became more like a superpower. He had awareness beyond any human being. He could feel even the tiniest vibrations.

Another challenge in his life was having to pretend that his father is dead.

Nick Fury faked his death a few years ago, and he hadn’t seen him since then. He sent his father anonymous letters from time to time, but Nick couldn’t send anything back to him in fear of giving away his location.

He was grateful to have (Y/n), his best friend. (Y/n) was Tony Stark’s daughter. Her mother died after giving birth, so Tony raised her. She was a genius, much like her father. (Y/n) played a huge role in Tony’s life. After all, six year old (Y/n) was the one who insisted Tony to take things seriously with Pepper.

(Y/n) also had a superpower. As a child, (Y/n) got trapped in her father’s matter transporter prototype. The incident broke the machine, but Tony didn’t care about that. He cared more about his little girl.

The accident gave her the ability to teleport. If she could focus enough, she could scatter her molecules to reform somewhere else. She could control her powers now, but if she teleported too much or too far, the exhaustion could kill her.

They were both avengers to an extent. They went on easy missions, but Tony insisted that they didn’t go on harder ones.


(B/f/n) stepped in the lounge. It was another regular day in the Avengers facility. Nothing to do. Neither he nor (Y/n) has school because lessons from Tony and Bruce was better than what any academic curriculum could offer.

He saw (Y/n) sitting contently in the couch watching Star Wars, her Hulk plushie conveniently cuddled in her arms. She was exhausted after teleporting to Manhattan and back. That’s the farthest she’s ever gone.

He smiled at his best friend.

Something else caught his eye. There was a phone on the iron kitchen in the back of the room, flashing with notifications. It wasn’t (Y/n)’s or his, so who’s phone could it possibly be?

He stepped closer and saw the messages.

From: Peter Parker

Hey Happy! Just checking in today!

So apparently, Happy left his phone.

(B/f/n) grabbed a piece of paper and crushed it into a ball and threw it to (Y/n) to get her attention.

“What is it?” (Y/n) asked, turning to him while pausing the movie.

Why did Happy leave his phone? (B/f/n) signed.

His actual gestures were actually: Happy. Leave. Phone. Why? but (Y/n) has gotten good at interpreting ASL.

“I don’t know,” (Y/n) shrugged and went back to watching Star Wars.

Suddenly, an idea came to (B/f/n)’s head.

He unlocked Happy’s phone. It wasn’t that hard. The passcode was Happy’s birthday, and since (B/f/n) had near-photographic memory, it was a piece of cake.

He scrolled through his phone and saw Peter literally spamming him with text messages Happy never bothered to read.

How are you Happy?

I just got home from school.

How’s (Y/n) btw?

Tell her I said hi.

Anyway does Mr. Stark have any missions for me?

I’ll always be ready if you need me, you know.

Don’t forget to tell (Y/n) I said hi.

And it goes on and on like that for at least three months.

There was one thing that (B/f/n) noticed. Peter always asked about (Y/n).

Nobody asks about someone that much unless he had a crush on her.

With blunt realization and sudden excitement, (B/f/n) smiled with glee.

(B/f/n) knew (Y/n) has a crush on Peter. She didn’t tell him personally, but he just knows. He’s aware of the slight blush that colors her cheek whenever Peter is mentioned, or the tension released from her posture whenever Peter enters the room.

He just knows.

(B/f/n) couldn’t tell (Y/n). She wouldn’t believe.

He needed a plan.

So he texted Ned frantically.


“(Y/n) invited us for movie night?” Peter asked incredulously, not believing his ears as his cheeks turn as red as the Iron Man suit. He only goes to the Avengers facility for training. He couldn’t believe (Y/n) invited them to movie night.

“That’s r-right,” Ned confirmed, “nothing behind this invitation- not at all!” he stuttered, ending the sentence with a nervous grin.

Peter gave him a suspicious look, but it did not last. His head was already imagining scenarios.


“You invited Peter for movie night?” (Y/n) asked incredulously. (B/f/n) shrugged and signed, Technically, I invited Peter and Ned.

“I don’t care! What if I mess up? What if I embarrass myself?” (Y/n) said with pleading eyes.

(B/f/n) rolled his eyes. You’re not gonna mess up, he signed, you’re not gonna embarrass yourself. You’re going to be just fine, okay?

(Y/n) sighed, “Okay,” she said grudgingly.


“Do I look okay?” Peter asked Ned, “Please tell me I look okay.”

“Relax, buddy,” Ned reassured, tapping his shoes.

(Y/n) opened the door. “Hi,” she said, smiling playfully. She was wearing an oversized sweater with pajama shorts while Peter was trying his best not to melt into a puddle.

“Hey,” Peter answered, trying to sound brave, but instead it came out more like a squawk. (Y/n) giggled at his reaction as she welcomed them in.

(B/f/n) waved at them and crashed on the couch, followed by the rest.

They agreed to watch Lord of The Rings. (B/f/n) set the subtitles and flopped back on the couch.


Halfway through the movie, Ned tapped on (B/f/n)’s shoulder. “what’s the plan again?” Ned whispered.

It’s dark, (B/f/n) signed, I can’t read your lips.

Ned gave him a confused look. “Huh?”

(B/f/n) face palmed. He remembered one thing that he did not think through. Ned doesn’t understand ASL.

Oh, how he hated excitement that ruined his near-perfect memory.

(B/f/n) took out his phone and opened the notes. He typed, what did you say?
And passed the phone to Ned.

Ned took the phone. I said, what’s the plan again?

(B/f/n) took the phone again. Excuse yourself to the bathroom, and I’ll do the same a few minutes after you.

He handed Ned the phone again. Okay. He gave the phone back to (B/f/n).

“Are you guys passing notes on your phone?” (Y/n) asked, slightly confused.

“What? No,” Ned said nervously.

Since (B/f/n) can’t hear a thing and can’t see in the dark, he typed, Who are you talking to?

“You guys are passing notes,” Peter observed.

“O-okay,” Ned stuttered, “I think (B/f/n) is sleepy, aren’t you?” he asked, as (B/f/n) tilted his head in confusion. “and I need to go to the bathroom!” he announced, pushing (B/f/n) out of the lounge and into the hallway. “I’ll be back soon!” he called and disappeared through the door.

“Well that was… wierd,” (Y/n) said uncertainly.

“yeah,” Peter agreed, blushing because he was alone with (Y/n) on the couch watching The Fellowship of the Ring.

(Y/n) scooted closer to him.

Peter noticed something dangling from the girl’s arms. “Is that a hulk plushie?” Peter asked.

(Y/n) blushed in embarrassment. “Umm… Yeah,” she admitted.

“I think it’s cute,” Peter smiled.

(Y/n)’s eyes brightened. “Thank you.”

Then, Peter realized, that if he wanted to confess, this is the perfect time to do so.

“(Y/n)?” Peter called softly.


“I sorta.. Kinda, y'know…” he started, scratching the back of his head, “you’re just… And I’m, well… I don’t know how to say this and I’m really scared right now… It’s like… You know, when you’re in a room… I, ummm, I get nervous, and I-I don’t know how to act- I just have these feelings, and stuff and- I sorta- kinda like you- but- but y'know if y-you don’t feel the same…but I think I-I’m in love with you -”

Before he could finish his sentence, (Y/n) leaned up to press her lips against his.

Peter couldn’t believe it. (Y/n) Stark was kissing him.

He melted into the kiss in a matter of seconds.

His heart was beating out of his rib cage as he sighed into her lips, happy that he didn’t have to hide anything from her anymore.

They pulled away, out of breath and smiling like idiots.

“Was that your first kiss?” (Y/n) asked smiling contently.

“That obvious, huh?” Peter grinned.

“It was mine, too,” (Y/n) admitted, pecking his lips one more time.

They stayed in silence for a while.

“Hey, Peter?” (Y/n) called.


“I think I’m in love with you, too.”


From the hallway, (B/f/n) and Ned high-fived in happiness that their fatally flawed plan actually worked.

Nick Fury would be so proud.





Operation Soulmate Masterlist

Pairings: Steve x Reader || Bucky x Reader || Steve x Bucky || Bucky x Nat

Summary: How far will you go in the name of love? In other words: a soulmate AU with a whole lot of miscommunication and self-sacrificing. Really, this is just a bunch of complicated love-and-friendship triangles. 

Rating: T (Teen and Up Audiences)

Warnings: Mild swearing, mentions of sex, descriptions of violence. Angst.

Notes: Written for #amarvelousfvckingwritngchallenge with the prompt: Heart.

Being completely honest, you guys? I saw the word ‘Heart’ and my first thought was “Yes. Hearts. I shall break them to small pieces,”. This piece became a lot longer than I originally planned, but it’s good in its own right. 



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dating wen junhui would include: 

a/n: inspired by myself + @holystilinski who is just too talented in my opinion :’) hope you all enjoy this, ill definitely be writing more abt jun in the future! 

- jun’s the “chase me” type 

- what i mean is, he won’t be easy to tame 

- but secretly he wants you just as much as you want him 

- he’ll tease you senseless but its part of his appeal

- such a flirt o god

- the cheesiest pick up lines 

“guess what type of material my jeans are y/n?” 

  “shut up junhui” 

- a triple text kind of guy 

- sharing clothes/ stealing each others 25:8 

- pet names !!! 

- skinship 

- i think jun would initiate skinship first 60% 

- piggy back rides / carrying you round  

- “you love me more right?” 

- would want to introduce you to his friends straight away

- he thinks you’re the coolest person ever trust me 

- both of you using excessive amounts of emojis 

- minghao third wheeling? of course 

- him teaching you Chinese in his free time 

- he’d be so proud even if you could only manage a few words 

- jun would just love spoiling you + spending time doting on you 

“but…baby please,” 

- pouty! jun 

- if he isn’t getting his own way he’ll just pout at you until he does or until he’s bored of being moody 

- meet wen junhui, cuddle champion 

- back hugs

-  so many back hugs

- short or tall he’d think you were magnificent 

- “i love you” 

 “sorry couldn’t hear you over my handsomeness” 

 “why are we dating again?” 

- sight seeing !! 

- he’d have a whole folder in his camera roll called “y/n” 

- its adorable 

- would adore taking candids of you 

- jun would want you to attend every concert  

- he’d smile so big when he found you in the crowd waving up at him :’)

- seventeen would of course by extension be a big part of your life 

- watch them commentate everything you do as a couple

“really? in front of my salad?”  - wonwoo 

- cooking together 

- being each others rock 

- like he’d be so helpless whenever you cry around him

- he’d kiss you all over, holding you super tight and rocking you back + forth

“dont cry baby i love you, please dont cry” 

- i think he’d fall in love with you so quickly

- probably would consulted his friend’s on what to do about it 

- shy! jun

- despite appearing confident he’d be a mess when it comes to you

- promise rings??? i think he could be the type to gift you one

- not speaking to your s/o even for day? jun can’t relate 

- singing you to sleep at night 

- making you soup and looking after you when you’re sick 

- wanting to baby you at any given chance 

- jealous! jun

- being each others first kiss/ possibly first time 

- he’d take it all very seriously 

- night-ins consist of your favourite movies, warm blankets + a ton of snacks 

- soft kisses everywhere

- forehead kisses 

- hickeys??? on your collarbones/neck etc

- whiny when he doesn’t have your attention

- your health and well being are his first priority always 

- jun sending you cute snow filtered selcas !!!

“im not in love with you i swear”

- but he totally is 

- hand holding is a must

- unnecessary arguments over stupid stuff but you usually work it out because jun would hate drama when it came to you 

- spoiling you with gifts 

- the type to use kisses as a distraction when he’s done something wrong

“did you spill coffee on the rug?” 

 *kisses* “i love you” 

- i mean you’re just THAT visual couple 

“y/n, my sugar cupcake muffin baby dearest” 

  “okay what did you do,” 

- the type to be 3 years behind on memes because wen junhui

- but he’s a cutie so you let it slide 

- can’t keep his hands off of you honestly 

- jun stealing other members phone just to text or snapchat you 

- talking about your future together

- he’d be so excited at the prospect of spending his life with you 

- matching sweaters 

- moody! jun whenever the other members spend too much time with you

- like don’t get me wrong he loves you being around them but he’d still dislike it when hes not included 

- him trying to teach you dance routines (good luck) 

“i love you more no question about it” 

- jun asking the members for help when it comes to anniversaries because he’s clueless when it comes to organising 

“i love you jun” 

 “not as much as i love you sweet pea,” 


Title: I Can Count On You after All That We’ve Been Through

Author: Love_someone_special

Pairing: Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson

Word Count: 10K

Summary: The one where Harry and Louis have a little too much to drink on Christmas Eve and do some late night, overly enthusiastic karaoke to celebrate Louis’ birthday. Needless to say, Santa Clause makes a few mistakes that night. Poor Harry and Louis don’t know how to set it right.

Or the Christmas AU written in July that no one literally no one asked for but it’s here anyway so you may as well enjoy it.

This fic was written as part of an ongoing challenge. We each select random numbers and are given a specific emotion from the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. To read the other fics written in this challenge, click here, or you can find the masterpost on tumblr here.



So I was in algebra and it was the end of class, so I asked my teacher how his weekend was. He said it was great and asked me how was mine, to which I responded with, “I binge-watched my favorite show. I watched like two seasons.”

“Which show?”

I got really nervous because I’m worried about people knowing I watch it and kept darting around it. Eventually I just thought ‘Screw it’ and just said-

“Ah it was a Lego show…”


AND MY HEART WANTED TO DIE HE KNEW HE WATCHES IT- I SAID YEAH AND HE SAID “NINJAGO’S AWESOME!!! I watch it with my kid all the time- He loves it!!!”



BEST DAY EVER- My algebra teacher’s like 5'4, possibly nearing his late 30s, bald, very loud, talks really fast, and honestly is a bit scary since he can roast literally anyone he talks to but knowing that he watches it with his son makes me really happy.

Heathen (2)

Ivar x reader

You screeched in shock as icy water was splashed over you, and any sleep that might’ve lingered was gone when a sharp foot nudged your ribs. The other captives around you had also been hit by water and were spluttering, many of the younger ones began weeping again.

A man with dramatic eyeliner giggled above you as he tossed an empty bucket away from himself and traded it for a knife. You started to scrabble away from him but he grabbed the taught rope that held your wrists and ankles together and yanked you back towards him. He snickered at your yelp of fear as he sliced the rope and then yanked you up and over his shoulder, ignoring your attempts to pummel his back with your conjoined fists. He walked into a building that was overflowing with people and the smell of food. From the sounds of it there was some sort of celebration going on.

“Let me go you anim- ah!” You landed on a pile of furs after the man had thrown you off his shoulder, nodding to something behind you, causing you turn quickly to see the blue-eyed pagan from the boat. He smirked at you before exchanging a few words, then dismissing the man.

“Hello, dove,” He took in your wet and shivering state with a small chuckle. “Floki, woke you up, I see.” You sat up to gather some of your remaining dignity, flicking some cold hair from your face.
“What is your name?” He asked.

“Y/N.” You answered wearily.

He repeated it slowly, as if savoring each syllable. He said it once again to get used to it rolling across his tongue. “I am Ivar.” He introduced simply, and you nodded stiffly in return, this whole conversation getting awkward. “Come here, and let me cut your bonds If you promise to not run.” He ordered, beckoning you forward with a flick of his wrist. “Given I won’t be able to chase you, I can still throw an ax.”

You struggled to stand up considering your wrists and ankles were still bound tightly, and you hopped up to him, unable to hide your flinch when he pulled out a unique looking dagger. The little movement didn’t go unnoticed by him, causing a cold smirk to twist his lips.

“Aw, don’t be scared, little dove.” He crooned mockingly, slicing the rope easily. “I’m disappointed to see my claim has washed off,” He grabbed your chin, forcing you to look to the side so he could examine your cheek.

The smear of blood was only a faded smudge now, and Ivar sighed as if this were a major inconvenience and dragged you even closer by the neck of your shirt.
“I suppose I will have to…” He trailed off, his blue eyes rolling around the room for a moment in thought before landing back on you. “do something more permanent.” He said slowly, running a dangerous finger over the jugular notch of your throat.

He sunk his sharp teeth into his bottom lip and scanned the dim room once more, and when he found what he was looking for he gave a shout. You followed his line of sight to find him waving a burly man forward, icy fear coursed through your veins as they spoke, casting an occasional glance at you. Ivar’s hand shot out and grabbed your collar to drag you next to them, he then poked at the notch of your throat and looked at the man who made a small grunt and brushed Ivar’s fingers away to gently prod at the spot as well. After a moment, he finally gave a nod to Ivar. The prince pushed you away, sending you stumbling back as he finished up with the conversation.

“Follow us, I want to get this over with,” He grabbed two crutches, leaned against his chair and slowly stood up unsteadily. You held your hands out nervously in case he fell, but he only sent an indignant glare at you, him taking obvious insult to your caring offer.

You walked behind the two men as they weaved through the dirty streets, often stopping to watch some sort of drunken game (usually involving axes) or fights in small clearings around the town. You soon arrived at a small building, too cramped to be a home, so you assumed it was some type of shop. The man, whom Ivar said was named Magnus, walked in and gestured to a low standing table before walking off into the corner of the shop and gathering supplies.

“Why are we here?” You blurted, curiosity outweighing your fear of the needles and bowls of dark liquid Magnus was setting out.

“To give you my mark,” Ivar settled into a nearby chair with a heavy sigh.

“Your mark? L-like a brand?” You gulped, images of hot metal pressing into your flesh flashing in your head.

“No, like a tattoo,” Ivar rolled his eyes and waved his hand, telling you to lay down on the wooden table Magnus was sitting next to.

“I don’t want a tattoo,” You spat shakily and defiantly, but laid down anyway when a dark look passed over Ivars face. The prince pointedly ignored your protest and started speaking with Magnus once again.

Ivar pulled out two identical knives as he spoke and arranged them side by side with one facing up and the other down. He jabbed your neck again as he spoke and pointed to the knives. Magnus leaned over and studied them, nodding to what Ivar was saying as he prepped the needle. You watched him wrap a bit of string around it before dipping it into the ink and shuffling his chair closer. He held up a grimy rag and wipe the skin of your neck before settling his heavy arm across your chest.

You glanced anxiously at Ivar who was observing with a bored look. He blinked and stared back, then leaned forward and grabbed your forehead to force you to look straight up.

“Don’t move,” He reclined back and pulled out a chicken leg, chewing on it and watching Magnus do his job.

You whimpered at the first poke of the needle on your neck, hands gripping the edges of the table. You stamped down the urge to turn your head away from Magnus’ retched breath and it felt like forever before he moved away and nodded to Ivar. The prince eagerly leaned forward and studied the new ink decorating your throat. He gave an approving grunt and flipped a coin to Magnus.

“C'mon, we’ve got to get back before one of my brothers decides to start making new rules while they’re drunk. It’s always a mess.” He situated himself on the crutches and started his staggering gait away, not even looking back to see if you were even following. You considered trying to run the other way but once glance at the ax swinging on his hip and the warning from earlier kept you trailing right behind him.



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Prisoner (Baekhyun Scenario) Part 1/3

Part Two | Part Three

Requested By @byunshim

Request: Can i request a Mafia!AU scenario with BaekhyunxReader? Can the plot be centered around an untamed but SERIOUS Baek Hyun who changes for a kidnapped victim? They were holding you as leverage or something… and you are forced to work for Baekhyun… making him breakfast, cleaning up after his late nights with girls…. and eventually, he falls in love with you… but you are scared of him. He has to prove his sincerity to you. LOTS OF ANGST & maybe slight (M)? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Genre: Angst / Mentions of smut

Member: Baekhyun (with appearances of EXO)

‘Wait here until you’re given orders to do otherwise,’ said the man, whose name I think was Chen, told me in a cold voice as he shoved me into a room. I stumbled over my feet and found balance against one of the walls. I heard the door slam shut behind me and took in my surroundings. I was in a living room of a house. I didn’t know who it belonged to, except that he was part of the Mafia, the same group that’s holding me hostage.

I was kidnapped two days ago, left tied to a chair in a dirty cellar until they decided what they wanted to do with me. Apparently I’m meant to look after the owner of this house. Basically do everything he asks me to do. A maid, if you ask me.

I got strict orders to do whatever he wishes, keep my nose out of his business, and not to leave the house under any circumstances. The reason I’m in this mess is all because of my brother mixing with the wrong group of people, and being abandoned by the same group. He holds information that the Mafia need, but he has been missing since, and until he gets back and gives the Mafia the information that they want, I’m stuck here.

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Interviewer: “how did you meet Y/N Y/L/N?”

Nick: “We met on the set of Jurassic World. She was one of the people that got attacked by a pterodactyl.”

Interviewer: “ When did you ask Y/N out? How did you do it?”

Nick: “Well it was our last day on set, and Chris gave me the idea.”

Interviewer: “What did you guys do at that point?”

Nick: “Well, we asked our director if we could used the Indominus’ animatronic. He luckily said yes, then we came up with a really good plan at the time.”

Interviewer: “Why do you say good at the time?”

Nick: “because it ended up going terribly. Which removed all the awkwardness from our relationship right in the beginning.”

Interviewer:“ please continue on.”

Nick: “ Chris made almost like a robust banner. He told me that I just had to ask, and that he would take care of the rest, so I trusted him.

The day came when I was going to ask Y/N. Bryce and Ty got her to the set, saying they got her some sort of surprise.

Once they got her there, we signaled the director. He nodded and gave us the indomius, he set him up where Chris told him too. Chris paid off the guy who did the movements of the animatronics.

Bryce and Ty guided her to the location, her eyes covered with a bandana. She tripped at first, Ty helped her back up. I knew she was going to to trip when I saw her, she is such a klutz.

But Chris then nodded to the left side of him. Tons of people running out, there were woman in flashing suits, men in tuxedos and hats. They lined up, forming a dance line. Chris cued the man, the indomius walked out wearing a large banner, with our ship name on it.

The banner basically said this, ‘Let happen! Don’t blow holes in the ship’

The Disney song, ‘At Last I See The Light” started to play over the loud speakers. Bryce pulled off Y/N’s blind fold, and the dancers started to dance together move in let’s say provocative ways.

Y/N was as surprised as I was. Then Chris made some acrobats come down from the buildings. They grabbed Y/N by the waist, making her scream loudly. Chris was cheering as she kept screaming from the surprise.

They put her down in front of me, and I couldn’t speak, I was only shaking. Then I tried backing up and explaining everything. But I tripped on one of the dancers, causing them all to fall like dominos. I was left standing, trying to help everyone up, but made it worse.

She laughed the whole time, Chris stood there, he looked almost hurt. He walked up to both of us, “you ruined it Nick. Ruined.”

At that point the acrobats didn’t know something was wrong, so they grabbed me by my stomach. Pulling me to the sky, Y/N was only laughing. They then threw me into the water as Chris yelled to stop.

Y/N ran over to the side, she smiled and said, “don’t get eaten by the mosasaurus before you ask me out.”

I was stunned at what she said, she dived in the water and swam towards me, kissing me and saying yes.“

Interviewer: “So the whole thing went terribly wrong, embarrassing yourself, and Chris feeling hurt?”

Nick: “Yes, I wanted to ask her in the most generic way I could. Maybe a coffee and or a nice walk through the park, just something we could go back to and say. 'Hey this is where we started dating’ But how we got together was something to remember”

Interviewer: “Just one more question before you go. How have things been between you and Y/N?”

Nick: *blushes* They have been good, she just recently turned 20, she is going to college to become a director. We have decided to move in with each other.“

Interviewer: "Did you know right know, your guys’ ship name is trending. And you are in the lead to win the cutest couple award?”

Nick: *smiles and blushes* Our ship name has become such a large thing, it even has its own fandom with fan fiction and such. Thank you for all of you voting! I think we’re cute too. *winks at the camera”

Commission for coffee shop au klance. Kinda just the beginning of klance, because of the word limit, but awkward bois are the best bois

Also I took a test on what kind of coffee/drink Keith would be and then added espresso lol 

Lance knew that choosing the perfect coffee to start your day could be a crucial thing; you had to take into account how much caffeine you needed, what you wanted to taste on your breath until lunch, how many times you wanted to get up to pee in the next two hours, things like that. He understood that coffee was an important staple to many people’s mornings.

But it didn’t usually take the assholes twenty plus minutes to decide what kind to get.

He had long since finished serving the morning rush and was now waiting, somewhat impatiently, for this guy in the red biker jacket with the mullet to figure out what the hell he was ordering. He had been standing off to the side for a while now, leaving Lance to wipe down all four counters of their island coffee bar that was nestled in the middle of the room and restock the pastry case.

Lance was now tapping his fingers against the wood of the counter, watching the guy from the corner of his vision. Coran didn’t allow phones while people were out front, so he was reduced to reading their menu (which he had memorized) about fifty times in a row.

Finally, as the clock ticked over to 8:30, the guy shifted, glanced at Lance, and then opened his mouth. “Do you um…do you have alternatives for people who are lactose intolerant?”


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Hi please don't ignore me I need help this user on Google plus Ryan Pratt is stealing art like alot including loud house art and he's so horrible he legit stole box art for a doll from monster high and didn't even get the name right I can't find the real artist to help them and aware them please help me find me them and aware other loud house fans who make art I beg you its a getting ridiculous

Hi there! So I looked this guy up, and turns out he has been stealing A LOT of art, and claiming it as his. He’s also stolen pictures of girls and saying that it’s him. I took some screenshots to show you guys. (I’m going to put it under a read more though so it doesn’t get really big)

If you are an artist and you draw My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Pokemon, Monster High, The Loud House, or Teen Titans, then this guy might have reposted your art and claimed it as his. So I suggest you check out his account and report him.

Even if you’re not an artist, please go report this guy.

(This isn’t even fan art. This is the box art of a doll, and it’s not even Draculaura)

I think that’s enough. I looked through this guy’s page and he has stolen art for more fandoms as well, but the ones listed are the main ones.

Anyway please go report this guy! Art theft is never okay!!

miss jesus | michael gray

anon wanted isaiah’s sister and michael

Michael was desperately trying to finish these books before the meeting on Thursday. He’d be three pages ahead if everyone outside would just shut up already. After three glares at the closed office door, he pushed up from the desk, abandoning the jumbled accounts spread across the desk.

He wrenched the door open, stepping out into the huddle. He was ready to start his tirade when the crowd burst into laughter once again.

“And then this one-“there was a pause as he pushed through the barrier of men between him and the cause of the noise. When he broke though he saw Isaiah with his head dipped, shaking off his embarrassment with a lopsided grin. There was a woman perched on the edge of the counting desk, pointing right at him with a beam on her face.

“This one goes arse over tit, straight into the cut, and the horse goes bolting off”

The circle burst into hysterics once more and Michael scowled, looking around as if everyone had lost their senses. He turned to catch Tommy’s eye, chuckling to himself as he leaned on a support beam across the gathering.

“Alright everyone. Storytime’s over. Back to work” he untucked his hands from his pockets and gestured for everyone to move away. He clipped Isaiah’s shoulder as he passed, giving it a reassuring shake “Alright, Michael?”

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Power Rangers (2017) Classic Superhero AU
  • Jason: Hi, my name's Jason, AKA "Toro Rojo." I was your average high school boy getting into trouble, playing football, and getting into pranks, until one of them went wrong and I crashed into a forgotten Superfund site. Somehow, the toxic waste there didn't outright kill me, and my exposure to a bull earlier that night turned me into a super-strong cow/human hybrid. Now I fight crime for the government in exchange for them trying to turn me back to normal.
  • Trini: Hey, I'm Trini, AKA "Gata Alejandra," and before you ask, no, I am NOT Jason's sidekick, we're partners--besides, I'm the better superhero. Anyway, it turns out I'm descended from a line of Luchadoras--masked wrestlers, except female--and I inherited a wrestling mask that gives me super cool, cat-and-professional-wrestling themed powers. It's pretty lit.
  • Kimberly: Hi, I'm Kimberly, or just Kim, and I'm the reincarnation of the Hindu Goddess "Kali"--well, a partial one, some Really Bad Dudes interrupted the process, so now there are bits and pieces of me all over the world and I don't have nearly as many awesome, destructive Goddess Powers as I should have. Coincidentally, these pieces tend to be found by supervillains, so I fight them and get what's mine back.
  • Billy: Hey everyone, I'm Billy, AKA "Bright Boy"! I'm actually a highly-complex android modified by my "dad" after the company he worked for tried to replace all their human workers with robots. I was meant for the scrapheap until he saved me, modified me, and turned me into the son he never had, except robotic, with a jetpack, drills, and the ability to handle and create high explosives, plus other forms of technology. He died after the robots in the mine went crazy and we tried to stop them, and his dying wish was for me to improve myself and help save other people, so that's what I'm doing.
  • Zack: Sup, name's Zack, AKA the current "Purifier!" My mom had the job originally, until a bunch of vampire-wannabes tried to kill her and poisoned her blood. Unfortunately, she's pretty much incurable, but fortunately, she passed on her kickass sword-of-pure-light and her powers to me so now I'm slaying demons, criminals, and other villains left and right to make sure that NO ONE ever has to suffer like I did ever again. Also, I get to use and shout the kickass names of all my secret techniques like the "Final Light" slash, and carry an entire armoury's worth of firearms on me at all times, so it's not all bad, I guess.
  • Tommy: Name's Tommy. Tommy Oliver. You might also know me as the newest "Justice Rider." Managed to find the last guy's bike in a scrapheap somewhere, put in some long nights fixing it back up from a rust bucket waiting to fall apart to a lean, mean, green machine, and out of gratitude it gave me superpowers, a kickass suit of armour complete with helmet, and lets me ride it even when we're not bringing the hurt to baddies, so now I can ride all around the world in a straight line if I wanted to. It's a PRETTY kickass deal.
  • Zordon: Greetings. My name is Zordon, I am an alien sent by an ancient civilization of warriors to protect this world from extraterrestrial threats, and your own people in the mutual interest of the civilized galaxy at large. I was betrayed and killed by my former ally, Rita Repulsa, so now I use my old ship and my vast amounts of alien technology to help monitor and manage this world's various dangers and direct "heroes" to the appropriate ones.
  • Alpha 5: Hi, I'm Alpha 5, I'm Zordon's robot sidekick doing everything he can't do while he's stuck in a wall!

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hey could you do 6 and 99 together with archie and jughead where the secret is you have a really embarrassing first name and it's just super friendly and fluffy and not romantic because guys and girls can be friends....

6. “Stop looking at me, like that!”
99. “Tell me a secret.” (w/ Archie and Jughead.)

“Truth or death (Y/N/N)?”

You glanced up as you heard Veronica speak, blushing as you noticed that everyone was looking at you expectantly.

“Uh, dare,” you mumbled.

“I dare you to…..tell us a secret,” Veronica said.

You looked around the room, noting all the interested faces.

“Well,” you started. “(Y/N/N) isn’t my real name. Its a nickname.”

It was like a scene from a movie. The room got quiet, the only sound being Archie and Jughead’s gasps.

“(Y/N/N) isn’t your real name?” Archie shrieked. You shook your head.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jughead said right after.

You shrugged. “You never asked.”

“Well what is your real name?” Kevin asked.

You smirked mysteriously before turning away. “Betty! Truth or dare?”

You were sitting in Archie’s room, next to Jughead. Both boys were playing a video game while you read a book. In less than five minutes, they had both lost and they turned to you, exasperated.

“What’s your name?” Archie asked.

“(Y/N/N),” you replied.

“Your real name,” Jughead clarified.

You sighed. “Guys why is this such a big deal? I don’t like my name. There’s a reason why I go by (Y/N/N). Kind of like Jughead.”

Archie turned to Jughead. “She’s right.”

Jughead rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but you guys know my real name. Its Forsythe.”

You and Archie snorted, laughing at his name. You guys were so loud that Fred decided to check up on you.

“Everything alright in here?”

“Yeah dad,” Archie answered. “Just trying to find out (Y/N/N)’s real name.”

Fred chuckled. “You guys still don’t know?”

The two boys looked at each other before rushing at Mr. Andrews, begging him to tell them what your name was. Mr. Andrews simply chuckled and shook his head before walking away.

“Please, please, please.”

Three hours later and your two best friends were still begging you to tell them your name. Sighing, you finally gave in.

“My name is (Y/N),” you mumbled.

The boys went silent. “What?”

“My name is (Y/N)!” you shouted, finally getting it over with. You glanced up to see both of them lookin at you. “Stop staring at me like that! I know its a weird name.”

“No, uh, its not,” Archie finally said. You scoffed.

“No, he’s right,” Jughead chimed. “Its nowhere near as bad as Forsythe Pendleton.”

All three of you chuckled as they wrapped you up in a big bear hug.

“Why were you so ashamed?” Archie asked.

“I dunno Arch,” you whispered. “I’m just so used to (Y/N/N) that I don’t like (Y/N) anymore.”

“Well you better start getting used to it (Y/N),” Jughead said as you scowled at him before laughing.

All three of you began laughing, which led to you toppling over, making you laugh even more.

As you lied on the ground, you knew that you could never replace the two boys. They were your best friends, your brothers, and you would always stick together no matter what.

(Ok so this one was kinda rushed but I hope y’all enjoy <3)

Carlos vs. Audrey Part Two
  • *Ben and Carlos are in line at lunch*
  • Ben: Babe, I'll be right back.
  • Carlos: Ok...
  • *Audrey walks up*
  • Audrey: Aw, isn't that cute, you guys have pet names for each other.
  • Carlos: Thank you...*Rolls his eyes at her obvious fakeness*
  • Audrey: Too bad, it won't last. It's only a matter of time before Ben realizes he's meant to be with me.
  • *Carlos places pepper on Audrey's tray*
  • Audrey: What is this for...
  • Carlos: Oh I thought it would help with how salty you are right now...
  • Audrey: UGH! *Storms away*
  • *Ben walks back up*
  • Ben: Carlos, where is my pepper?
  • Carlos: Over there with that salty bitch...
Meeting Mates

AO3 Link  
Square Filled: Soulmate Marks
Ship: Endverse Castiel / Dean Smith
Rating: Teen
Tags: Alpha Castiel, Omega Dean, Drug Use, Homeless Cas
Summary: Dean Smith never expected his soulmate to be some homeless guy. But he can’t leave him on the street even though he’s a stranger.
Word Count: 1,893
Written/Created for @spnabobingo

A/N: to be turned into a series with other squares. Many thanks to my lovely beta @blue-reveries

It was a hot day outside, so when Dean Smith decided that he needed a quick break and should run to the nearby Starbucks for an ice coffee (no milk or sugar, he doesn’t need the calories); he left his jacket in his office and rolled up his sleeves.

He paid for his drink in cash. There was a little bit of change leftover that he threw to the homeless guy sitting outside on a cardboard box.

He wasn’t expecting the guy to grab his arm.

Dean was about to say something rude when the guy looked at him with hopeful big blue eyes and asked “Dean Smith?”

Dean’s mouth dropped open. “How did you know my name?”

The guy didn’t let go of Dean’s arm, he kept a firm grip on Dean as he used his teeth to raise the sleeve on his other arm. He presented it to Dean. “You have my name on your arm, I have yours on mine.”

Dean just stared at him.

“I’m Castiel Novak.”

Dean can’t believe that he finally met his soulmate, the man whose name has been etched on his arm since he presented as an omega as a teenager.

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- sheith is pining after lance, lance was pining back but as per stereotype is 100% convinced he has no chance in the relationship, ends up making out w an alien at a party, sheith intervenes after “mistaking it for noncon” (they didn’t they were just jealous), lance yells @ them ??? do they make up?? who knows @transmothmun

Something was up. Lance knew that much, but he couldn’t for the life of up figure out exactly what is was. Well, he knew why his, um, “lower parts” were up, but that didn’t explain Shiro and Keith’s behavior.

The entire Voltron crew knew the two of them were together, even before they announced it to the team. Shiro and Keith were always looking at each other and mouthing things when they thought the rest of the team wasn’t looking.

News flash: they were, well, Lance was at least. He was always looking.

From the moment Lance had seen Keith, he’d known he was attracted to him, that ugly mullet aside. And anyone could see how hot Shiro was just by looking at him once, not to mention how brave and strong and just perfect he was- they both were honestly.

But lately, the two of them having winking at Lance. Hell, Keith even spanked him on the ass last week and said, “good job,” after a training session. Which really wouldn’t have been too odd had it come from someone other than Keith, but it was Keith. Keith who didn’t touch people. Keith who barely spoke to people other than Shiro. Well, and Red. But she didn’t count as human.

Shiro hadn’t been avoiding touching Lance either. Oh, no. He took every excuse he had, patting him on the back, putting his arm over Lance’s shoulders; at one point he even moved a hair from Lance’s face and told him it was getting too long.

Lance knew what this would be coming from anyone else. It’s flirting. He’s done enough of it to recognize it anywhere, but there’s no reason that this beautiful couple would be flirting with anyone.

Much less him. Not annoying Lance. Lance who couldn’t shut up. Lance who really didn’t have a purpose being a paladin. There was no way they were flirting with him.


The crew of Voltron had been invited to a party on a friendly planet, a banquet held in their honor as thanks. Aliens on this planet had the ability to speak any language they heard. Which paid off well for Lance.

He’d been getting hit on left and right all night, by guys and girls. Which didn’t bother him in the least. By the end of dinner, Lance found himself in a corner with an alien who had introduced himself by a name that had made Lance go, “mhmm.”

Lance was a moaning mess not two minutes after the alien had started kissing him. One webbed hand held tight to the back of his neck, the other slowly making its way into his nice pants.

The alien parted from Lance, “mm, you taste so good, human.”

Lance’s head dropped back and he let out another moan as the hand in his pants tightened around him.

“Hey, let him go,” Lance would recognize that voice anywhere, even though it was a bit more high pitched and frantic than usual.

He pulled away from the alien, “Keith?” he looked in the direction the voice came from, “Shiro? What are you two doing?”

“I’m getting this guy away from you,” Shiro pulled the alien away by his shoulders.

The alien put his hands up in defense, “I wasn’t doing anything he didn’t want.”

“I’m sure you weren’t,” Lance watched as Keith rolled his eyes and Shiro dragged the male away, “are you okay?”

Lance huffed, “I was perfectly fine, thank you for ruining the most action I’ve gotten from someone other than my own hand since I joined Voltron,” he turned away from Keith and missed Shiro’s return, “I don’t understand this. For the last month, you and Shiro both have been all flirty with me. With the winking and the touching. And I can’t do this anymore!” Lance turned around seething and saw Shiro standing next to Keith, both looking saddened. “I can’t do the confusion of you all flirting with me when I know you don’t mean it. I’ve been so desperate for someone to actually touch me; and just when someone was, the two of you come in here and pull him away from me!”

“What do you want us to say, Lance?” Shiro started, “do you want us to say that we really thought he was doing that against your will? Or do you want us to tell you the truth? You want us to say that we saw the two of you together and got jealous and we had to come in here and stop it? Do you want us to tell you that for over a month we’ve been plotting ways to get you to be with us? What would you like to hear, Lance?”

Shiro was practically in tears at this point, whether they were tears of frustration or tears of sadness Lance wasn’t sure; but then he looked over at Keith and saw the saddest look possible on his face and knew it was probably the latter.

Lance ran to Keith first, desperate to get the pitiful look off of his face, “I’m so sorry,” he threw his arms around Keith’s shaking body. Lance then over at Shiro, “I’m so, so sorry. I was too busy thinking that you all wouldn’t want me, and I never stopped to think that you all might feel the exact same way. I don’t think I even stopped to think,” a wet laugh left his throat; and suddenly Shiro was next to him.

Wet, tear filled kisses were planted over his face. Shiro’s were concentrated on the cheek, because in a display of affection Lance never would have imagined, Keith was hogging his body.

Kisses on his forehead. Kisses on his chin. Kisses on his mouth, his neck. Lance wasn’t sure there was much uncovered skin Keith didn’t kiss.

Keith seemed to realize what he was doing when he had about three buttons of Lance’s shirt undone and pulled back.

He cleared his throat, “so, we’re good now, right? Point made?”

Lance looked down and smiled; then looked at Shiro whose eyes were still watery. “Yeah. Point made.”

Here’s an odd little thing,
in Hindu myth the deity Agni is associated with fire and the sun, he’s seen as a messenger between the humans and gods because he’s associated with ritualistic flames and sacrifice. He’s invoked with Indra and sometimes Soma.

Here’s the fun thing- Soma is a moon deity, usually called Chandra (two names, one in the same)

So our Agni calls Soma his sun, while he’s the actual sun and Soma is the moon.

Other fun thing- in one of the creation stories Agni’s body is cut up and used to create the world. Agni had to die so his world (Soma) could live.

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hiya! hope this isn't annoying but i was just wondering the context behind that picture of the group of boys who might be new characters? like where's it from and who are they? thank u! :)

halla anon, thats not annoying at all!! :) 

they are from this new fb profile for a character named yousef acar! it had a that picture i posted as well as several others (including one of even!) but they’re not public anymore, unfortunately. as usual, nothing is confirmed, but it seemed legit since the only two friends he had was mari magnus (web producer of skam) and one other women who i cant remember the name of right now, but she also works with skam! 

we dont know who they are, but this yousef guy seems to have gone to elvebakken (evens old school as im sure you know) and therefore knows mikael and even it seems like! 

i have no idea what happening right now, but im excited!! i still think and hope for a sana season, but its so exciting that it seems like even will be involved in it in a way where its not just as isaks boyfriend! we might be getting some more backstory. and these new guys might connect with the girl squad in some way - they might be the guys with the balloons in that scene shot yesterday? 

these as just speculations though! beware and dont take anything as 100% legit and true before the trailer/season drops!