it's that sort of night it seems

i know that its said aquarius is detached, at times sterile, so intellectualized they can seem cold even
no aquarian hands have ever been cold, ones i have held anyway. i know god left aquarians an umbrella when they were born. it’s as invisible as their ingenious thoughts but it reflects into the night sky. it’s sort of a protection from the spiritual rain 
aquarius is so sensitive. the earthy substance is weak or non formed. they would absolutely absorb every feeling and, therefore every pain so severely it would grate like razorblades. they hold up this umbrella over their minds to stop absorbing the thoughts of others, often bound with worries and anxieties 
… aquarians were already made to think too much
they hold up this umbrella over their hearts as a shield from heartbreak. that humanitarian love is love exaggerated and enlarged, it’s too big for a single person, aquarius heartbreak is the cause of lightning storms 

they hold this umbrella up over their body, just to guard the only parts of themselves they have left as their own, the sun is in detriment in aquarius, the ego is not inherent but floating in and out of other realities. aquarians are holding an umbrella of protection, a blessed gift from the heavens, without it earthly air would be too toxic 

I wrote a story for a friend as a birthday present, and since she likes gothic fantasy, I thought Elsewhere University would be a good setting for it.


You weren’t sure what to do when your six choice universities all rejected you. You’d expected at least one of them to accept you, since your grades weren’t bad and your student record was clean.

But none of them did. The day you got the last polite form rejection letter, you set it down and sat there, staring out the window. What went wrong?

Elsewhere University offered you an opportunity, one you thought was a joke. But you took it anyway.

And they took you.

Not Them. That would be a different kind of Taken. But you went to Elsewhere.

Move-in day was normal; the dorm was nice, and while it looked old from the outside, the rooms were spacious and comfortable, and you only had one roommate. Yours was a young, rather timid girl named Melanie. She didn’t talk to you much, though you and her were both fans of the same shows and generally had the same sleep patterns, hence the match.

She was quiet. She put up some posters; you put up some posters. Your stuff stayed in boxes for the first few days.

There were immediately meetings. Your parents weren’t invited; no one’s were.

Your RA was a tall girl with an incredible afro and a few jangling silver necklaces that didn’t match her outfit. “I’m Kiera,” she said, standing on a rock and gesturing with a packet of papers. “I’m your RA for the northern wing of the third floor. The southern wing belongs to Jordan.” She indicated the young man standing next to her; he waved, hand half-buried in the sleeve of his blue hoodie.

“First things first,” Kiera started, “welcome to Elsewhere University! You’re very brave.”

What? You wished you knew someone well enough to make confused eye contact. As it was, most of the freshmen looked a little baffled.

“A couple of notes about common courtesy. One, no extraneous loud noises after ten PM on weeknights, except for Fridays. The curfew for Fridays and Saturdays is midnight. Don’t run or throw things in the hallways, it might hit the fire extinguishers. Also, don’t touch anybody else’s bowls or cups that they leave in the hall. If you find a piece of lost jewelry, don’t touch it. If you see anything that isn’t yours, don’t touch it. Don’t run out of salt and don’t take it out of the kitchen. Don’t eat food you find in the kitchen.”

And on and on and on. You were baffled by a few of the rules, but most of them made sense (be careful about who you accept food from, be careful about going places with strangers, et cetera. You weren’t sure why they stressed it so much. That was just basic college knowledge – hell, basic life knowledge.

It got weirder when you noticed that most people seemed to leave bowls of milk by their doors, and seemed to have salt spilled under their windows. Metal jewelry seemed popular; iron necklaces and earrings, dark metal rings, silver studs and bangles.

After a month, you’d started to make some friends, and you and Melanie were comfortable being around each other. And you’d started learning about Elsewhere, and what Kiera had meant by brave. Extra footprints in on the pavement. Strangers at parties, queens striding past robed in shadow, parts of the campus where time didn’t pass or parts where it went too quickly.

Another month, and your delusions were dispelled. You bought iron jewelry, learned how to scrawl sigils on paper and pin them on doors and windows, ran a thin line of salt on the windowsill. Melanie didn’t complain.

You sat on the quad on sunny days, because in early spring (and it was always early spring, somehow) those days were nice, and it was good to be outside.

There were sculpted gardens to sit in, but those were more dangerous. You were playing with fire if you stayed there until nightfall. You came perilously close a few times.

The first time, you found your way out. The second time you did not.

The gardens held such strangeness, and were absolutely a fascinating place to be. Horticulture students set up projects here, taking care not to disturb the ones they didn’t make. So it was usually safe.

But you were caught wandering after dark. And you didn’t realize, marveling at a rose-vine and honeysuckle trellis, that the sunlight was fading until it was nearly too late.

You tried to follow the path out, but it led you in circles, and to places you didn’t know existed. This is how people get Taken, you thought desperately, hoping and praying that somehow it would be okay.

As if it were answering your prayer – and perhaps it was – the cat appeared. You froze at the sight of slitted eyes, but realized it wasn’t one of Them when the eyes leaped down and came over to rub against your leg and stare upwards.

Green Eyes, the cat was called, because that’s what it had. Green eyes set deep in its long face, sandy fur with black hints at the ears, paws, and tail-tip. You didn’t learn its name until later, and you never really figured out if it was an ordinary cat, or one of Them, or something else entirely.

“Can you lead me out?” you asked it, and it stared back. Your heart was pounding; you had no other lifeline.

It flicked its tail in the air like a banner and trotted away through the dusk. You followed it (because you had no other choice) and like a charm you found yourself stumbling out onto the quad. A few surprised upperclassmen watched, and when you looked for the cat, it was gone.

You tried to figure out how to repay the cat, if in fact you could. Next time you saw it, you promised yourself, you would give it something.

And you did see it again. Quite often, in fact. It was skirting the parking lot behind the biochemistry building, and when you crouched down and held out your hand, it came over and sniffed at your fingers before rubbing on you.

Then it was over by the dining hall, then walking alongside you on your way to one of your classes, then to all of them. Eventually, it came up to you while you were on the quad.

Melanie was there (though, like most other students, she’d quickly adopted a pseudonym and now went by Melody), and a few other friends you’d made, including a couple of upperclassmen. At Elsewhere, for some reason, the classes mixed a lot more than they did at other colleges. You weren’t sure why.

Green Eyes trotted up to you while you were sitting on a blanket in the grass. The upperclassmen stopped talking entirely and tried to avert their eyes, but when you reached out your hand and let Green Eyes sniff it and rub against you, they couldn’t help but stare.

“How are you doing that?”

You glanced up, at Shine, a girl with spiky white hair. “Doing what?”

“Green Eyes. You…” she paused, indicating the cat. Green Eyes looked to her – she shuddered – and lay down next to you, allowing you to stroke its fur and play with its ears.

The other upperclassman looked you in the eyes. “What did you do?” they asked, dead serious.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“It’s claimed you.”

That you didn’t understand. You didn’t know how to ask if it was one of Them, but you said, “In… what sort of way?”

“I’m not sure.”

That answer wasn’t good.

Green Eyes didn’t interact with others much, and seemed to seek me out often. It always rubbed against me – I knew that’s how cats designated things as theirs, but I didn’t realize the full extent of Green Eyes’ claim.

During a party one night you found yourself stepping outside with a handsome boy, a soft-spoken boy with white hair and the whisper of fall wind (you missed fall, here in this place where the seasons never seemed to change properly) in his voice. You saw Green Eyes watching from the top of a fence, and the boy excused himself after a moment and didn’t come back. Your hands itched under the skin where he’d held them, but looked no different; your lips remained numb for days until you shook off the longing, kept inside by the memory of lantern-green eyes in the night air.

Labs never ended after dark, but your study session did, and when you braved the night (because the library closed, and you did not want to interrupt any of the Courtly business that goes on there) and the sound of baying hounds and the fell piercing blasts of hunting horns, when you stepped along the solid concrete while the rest of the world shifted and you passed the student center and the native plant garden and the towering trees that dropped leaves like silver and shadows like blood, Green Eyes went with you. You felt it join you when you walked outside, and it brought you to safety, tail held high.

You saw it everywhere. Legend said Siamese cats had kinked tails because they’d once held rings for royalty. You wondered which royalty; tall tales said Egyptian, but Green Eyes felt like something Else.

It’s hard to remember when you graduated. A lot of your time at Elsewhere is blurry, indistinct, like a fogged glass. But you have never forgotten Green Eyes, and when you return to Elsewhere – because all those who love Elsewhere come back eventually – you see it waiting for you on the sidewalk next to the drive, tail curled over its paws, the stream of students dividing gently around it.

You don’t lean down to pet it, because that’s not what you’re supposed to do right now. But it does rub against your leg again when you get out of the car, and when you step inside your new (old, very old, old enough to have memories and old enough to act on them) house, it waits patiently for you to invite it inside.

Its motives are mysterious. The aura it gives you is one of fear and mystery. The librarian who hunts monsters eyes it occasionally, but never makes a move; she doesn’t understand it either.

But you go into the sculpted gardens, and you go there at night. Green Eyes is always with you, to lead you out. Someday, you fear, Green Eyes will abandon you in the lilac labyrinth and you’ll finally be Taken; but it doesn’t feel like that’s what it wants to do.

You asked it one night, sitting on a bench surrounded by fireflies and watching shadows silently pass by with no people to cast them. Green Eyes sat on your lap.

“Why do you help me?” you asked it, glancing down. “Why did you do all of this?”

Green Eyes stared back up, and flicked its ears back and yawned; a smile, you recognize, from reading its behavior over the years.

“Is it because I asked for help? What did you want in return?”

Silence, but Green Eyes bumped your hand and began to purr loudly enough to shake. There’s something about Green Eyes that resists Them and Their works; its ability to navigate the gardens, and its aid to you over the years, has proved that. It does not need  your companionship; it does not need you as you needed it.

You look up. Green Eyes flicks its tail back and forth and you realize that while you are its companion, now, and it wouldn’t leave you, you don’t actually need it to get through the gardens. You know them in your mind, like a house you’ve lived in for a long time. When you step through the flowers and topiary you go where you want to go, not where anything else wants you to go. Green Eyes has taught you how.

When you walk through the gardens sometimes you see lost students stumbling under the trellises, eyes haunted, breath rasping in their mouths as they struggle to get out. You approach them.

You look about their age (Age is funny at Elsewhere; when you came back, you seemed to return to who you were when you left. The rest of the world is all iron and highways and radios, and you remember the things you learned here when you came back) and you realize now that they are too scared of Green Eyes to ask for help.

But they don’t need to ask you. You can offer. And when they see your human features and Green Eyes at your feet, they accept.


New Moon Incantation

“ Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. “ 

From The Old Astronomer by Sarah Williams

I use this to sort of meditate on New Moons. Its a beautiful poem to space out and listen to, but this quote especially says to me that though it seems a little hopeless right now, let of your worries and remember that they aren’t so terrible while they are here, and will go away eventually anyways. It’s sort of a mental cleansing for me. You can use it as a journal prompt, to meditate, as an incantation for a cleansing spell, anything you can think of!


A/N: The Tom Holland Royalty!AU with a bit of Fairytale aspects thrown in.

Excitement was coursing through the air as the royal messengers announced in the surrounding villages that the King and Queen were organizing a festival lasting three days. It wasn’t specifically mentioned, but the townspeople knew that Prince Thomas has yet to find a wife. They believed that his parents had set this up so he might talk with a few princesses that were invited.

The royal family was very closed off from the villages, excluding the King and Queen. Neither Prince Thomas nor his younger brothers have set foot outside the castle boundaries due to what had happened to the neighboring kingdom’s princess all those years ago. She had been curious and wandered out of the castle. Her parents searched every end of their kingdom, but could never find her. It had been years since, so the princess would have been Prince Thomas’s age.

The villagers gathered around the messenger and began discussing what they might wear or, among the younger girls, what Prince Thomas might look like. You, on the other hand, had no time to even see the messenger. If you were anyone else in the village, you might have been pondering over what gown to wear while seeing the royal family, but you were a poor orphan.

Without a penny to your name, you found yourself stuck in the town that didn’t seem to want you. They whispered terrible things about why you had no parents. You had been called a bastard child by a few drunken men. You were reminded of your lack of position, wealth, husband, and worth daily in the town. As you grew older, you were too beautiful to be ignored, yet with no dowry to offer any suitors, you remained an unmarried maiden.

As the messenger announced the shocking news, you were cleaning the house that had paid for your service. They offered you a little money and a place in their servant quarters for you. The family who lived there were not as cruel as the townspeople could be to you, but they knew the importance of reputation in the town. Even the other servants didn’t willingly talk to you, in fear that someone would see.

You had heard about the festival from the other servants. They weren’t talking to you, but you could hear them as you cleaned the floors. Most of them didn’t plan on actually going since they didn’t have a fancy gown or anything like that. After they left, you were alone with your fantasies of dancing under the colorful decorations at night. A beautiful gown adorned your frame, making people forget of your reputation.

Of course, the fantasy ended. You could never get a dress in time. Even if you did, you were sure that people would be embarrassed by just being in your presence. You always had some sort of dirt on your face, no matter how many times you washed it during the day. Your hair didn’t shine like the young girls in the village. Taking care of a house had taken its toll on you.

The first day of the festival seemed like every other day. You woke up before dawn to start your duties and made sure to kept your head down when you walked through the village. All the women of the town were preparing for a magical night under the stars while the men were working so their women could afford to dress and perhaps catch the royal family’s eye. Despite the distraction, some townspeople still took it upon themselves to remind you of your place in society by whispering among each other.

Each whisper made you curl up slightly more into yourself, until you could barely see where you were going. You just wanted to get back to the house and hide away. As you hastily turned a corner, you ran into an elderly woman and tumbled onto the ground, getting more dirt on yourself. “I’m very sorry, ma’am,” you immediately apologized. 

“It’s fine, child,” the woman replied with a shaky voice. She waited until you were on your feet to ask, “Shouldn’t you be preparing for the festival?”

You offered a small smile. “I’m not going. I haven’t got a dress and I’d make a fool of myself if I showed up.”

The old woman’s eyes held a mysterious glint in them and she smirked knowingly. “I wouldn’t be so sure. One must remain optimistic in these troubling times. No one knows when their life could be turned upside down.” With that, she excused herself, ignoring your confused glance. You turned around to look at the unfamiliar woman again, but she had disappeared in the crowd.

By the time you were done with your tasks of the day, you were alone in the house. The family had left a little while ago for the festival while the servants had gone back home. You entered the little servant quarters you got to call your own and almost screamed at the sight. Hanging by the window was the most spectacular dress, suited for a noble woman. It glimmered in the moonlight and you hesitantly prodded it, wondering if you were hallucinating.

The dress fit perfectly and was made of silk. Woman in the town would die for a silk dress. When you looked in the grimy mirror in the room, you couldn’t help but notice that wearing the dress had made the dirt on your body disappear. It was like you had a proper bath with soaps that you couldn’t even imagine. You could barely recognize yourself. 

After putting on the slippers that came with the mysterious dress, you heard a slight commotion from outside. You left the house from the front door to see a carriage stopped. The man complimented you on your outfit and hurried you in the carriage since you were “already late”. You were in an absolute daze, thinking that you must be dreaming. All you knew is that you didn’t want this dream to end.

Even before the mysterious girl appeared, Tom was utterly enamored with the festival. He was shielded his whole life due to the missing princess and he was taking advantage of the brief freedom he was granted. He loved socializing with the townspeople, enjoying the pleasant conversation that rarely happened in the castle. Wanting to interact with as many people as he could, Tom couldn’t stay still. That is, until he saw you.

You, in a stunning gown illuminated by the lights, had made Tom stop in his spot, gazing at you with wide eyes. He found himself slipping out of his cloak, displaying his family’s coat of arms. For some reason, he didn’t want you to know him as the prince just yet. There were two other days for those sort of details. Without another thought, Tom approached you effortlessly and asked politely, “Miss, might I be so fortunate to steal a dance from you?”

After years of being the dregs of society, you graciously met the man’s outreached hand and allowed yourself to be led out to dance. At first, you were nervous to dance, but if you were truly awful, the handsome gentleman didn’t appear to notice. “I do apologize if I’m not very good at dancing,” you mentioned with a slight smile.

“I don’t mind at all,” he answered without hesitation, “I’m willing to dance if that means I can be in your presence for the night.” 

“If I don’t find someone that interests me more.” You had no idea where this coy behavior had come from, but you relaxed at the man’s laugh.

“I can assure you that I’m rather interesting.”

“Then, interest me.”

You and the man danced for hours, while talking. For some reason, certain girls were glaring at their direction, but you ignored them, not wanting to even consider that they knew who you actually were. The handsome stranger surprised you with his charm and wit, since the attractive men in your town rarely had any intelligence to talk about anything substantial. He, on the other hand, kept you laughing, which had been foreign to you lately.

The festival was meant to go on well into the night, but you saw the clock and knew if you didn’t leave now, you would be too tired to properly perform your duties. Despite your wish to act like the noblewoman that you knew you weren’t and dance with the gentleman until the first night of the festival ended, you couldn’t lose the job you had. When the man left to receive a drink for you, you subtly left the festival in the carriage that brought you.

Leaving almost made you mourn the life you could never possess, but you reassured yourself that there were two more nights. Two more nights to enjoy yourself before going back to your tragic reality. Still, you thought about the handsome stranger that you had danced with. You forgot to ask for his name, but you also didn’t want to reveal yours, in case he found out who you really were.

Tom managed to find two glasses of wine and returned to the table where he left you. To his surprise, you weren’t there. You hadn’t given the impression that you were leaving so early in the night. Perhaps you were visiting the garderobe and would be back soon. Tom took a sip of his wine as the minutes passed by. He considered asking if anyone knew you when he realized that he hadn’t even asked you for your name.

After his father had found him, still sitting at that very table, Tom put his cloak back on, as his father had asked him to, and resumed socializing. Although he still found excitement from talking to people, he couldn’t get you, the woman who spoke vividly to him without knowing his place in society, out of his head.

It seems very likely to me that Garak and Julian would be the type to just sort of accidentally drift into a relationship without realizing it. Overtly flirting without realizing, they start giving each other gifts every time one of them goes on a mission, can’t make it to lunch today so how bout dinner at my place instead? Everyone else knows before they do sort of deal. Then one day someone offhandedly mentions “Julian’s boyfriend” and the convo moves on before he can reply and he’s like okay??? wtf???? Then that night him and Garak cuddling on the couch watching a movie as per usual and something just clicks and he’s like oh. OH.

Roses |Joe Sugg|

Summary -  could I please have an imagine where Joe and the reader (his fiancé) have an argument over the wedding planning in front of the boys and then the reader walks out and the boys get them back together!! Thank you!❤

Word Count - 1,874

Warnings - N/A

A/N - I changed it slightly so it was Joe that walked out and not Y/N.

You sighed as you leaned your elbows against the table, your chin resting on the palm of your left hand, staring down at the bright purple notebook that was lead in front of you.

You wished you had the peace and quiet that you needed to be able to figure out which flowers would look better as centre pieces but no. You were currently joined with 7 incredibly, loud, annoying guys. Your fiancé and his 6 best men. Yeah, that’s right. 6 of them.

“Well, what are we thinking? Roses or lilies?” you asked, trying to bring the conversation back to the wedding. The boys were currently sat talking about a new video game that was coming out in a few days, not exactly your topic of choice at the minute.

“Whichever you want, love.” Joe smiled, gently kissing your cheek. You sighed quietly as he turned back to his friends.

What was the point of you being sat at the table with them, being disrupted every time you tried to ask a question about the wedding?

Joe didn’t even seem bothered, he had basically let you pick everything out and he’d just be happy showing up on the day, not knowing any plans.

You buried your head in your notebook again; thankful that there were only a few details left, most of the wedding had already been planned. By yourself, obviously because Joe’s input wasn’t needed apparently.

“I think this Outlast game is going to be better than the last.” Oli told the rest of the boys, taking a sip of beer from one of the bottles in the middle of the table.

“You shit yourself when the last one came out,” Caspar laughed loudly.

“Only because Joe kept screaming when he was playing it, he kept making me jump.” Oli argued in protest.

Even though you were slightly annoyed that Joe wasn’t being very helpful, Oli’s memory made you smile. You remember that night very clearly. Oli and Caspar had stayed over the night, and all three of them were downstairs playing the asylum based video game.

Every few minutes, you would hear a girly scream, and it would be coming from Joe. Then seconds later, Oli and Caspar would tell him to shut up as they had both fallen asleep on the sofa and Joe’s screams had woken them up as he had been playing the video game with his headphones in. Though hours later, Joe had joined you in bed but had refused to go to sleep, so spent most of the night sat up with you nuzzled up to him, your head resting in his lap. He had spent most of the night telling you about the game, because apparently people were telling his character to go down the drains.

And Joe didn’t want to go down the drains.

That memory seemed like it was years ago, when in actual fact it was weeks ago but a lot had happened since then.

Joe had spent most days at meetings, and most nights with the boys. Usually this wouldn’t have bothered you, but with you and Joe getting married in just a few weeks, you would have thought the wedding would have been Joe’s priority, but clearly not.

His priority was his stag party.

Where as you had spent the days planning the wedding, and the nights well … Still planning the wedding.

Joe had decided his stag party was going to be a mad one around London, with all 6 of his best men. Your hen party was a little more low-key. You were spending it in Brighton, having a girly night with Zoë.

You weren’t much of a drinker anyway, so a quiet one was much better in your opinion.

Caspar dropping his beer bottle on the wooden floor disrupted your thoughts as you sighed quietly, standing up.

“Shit, Y/N. I’m really sorry.” Caspar looked up at you, like a child that was about to be told off.

“It’s fine Caspar.” You smiled slightly, going into the kitchen and grabbing some towels before starting to clean the mess up, not even noticing the cut on the palm of your hand until Caspar did.

“Come on, I’ll clean it up,” Caspar smiled sympathetically as he took you over to the sink in the kitchen. You have spoken to Caspar about the wedding, more than anyone. More than Joe. He wanted to be as helpful as possible as he was the one, out of all of the boys, that you were closest to and you had been close since you and Joe first started dating.

The others were completely out of ear shot of yours and Caspar’s conversation at the minute, not that they were listening anyway.

Caspar quickly took the towels off you with the glass inside and binned them, before running the cold water and sticking your hand underneath it.

“Is he doing your head in again?” Caspar mumbled lowly, but still keeping his eyes on your hand.

“How did you guess?” you chuckled weakly, watching Caspar intently as he started to wash the blood off your hand.

“Just a wild guess, you’ve hardly spoken to him, or looked at him for that matter.” Caspar commented.

You shrugged your shoulders and sighed.

“It’s just that, he’s seeing his stag party as being more important than the actual wedding. Joe’s using the wedding as an excuse to get pissed and he doesn’t really seem interested in the wedding at all Caspar. I don’t really see the point of it. He doesn’t even seem like he wants to marry me anymore.” You told Caspar, tears brimming your eyes before something out the corner of your eye, caught your attention.

“That’s what you think?” Joe mumbled, glancing at Caspar as a signal for him to leave the room.

Caspar nodded silently and gave you a weak smile before leaving, closing the door behind him.

“Well its true isn’t it?” you frowned, looking back down at your hand as the blood continued to flow.

Joe stayed quiet until you heard his footsteps approaching and the clicking of a box before he reached over you and turned the water off, drying it with a towel and started wrapping a bandage around your hand.

But still, he said nothing at all.

“Joe?” you said, wanting an answer off him.

“I know it seems like I only care about this stag party, but it’s sort of my last night out as a free man.” He shrugged, still concentrating on your hand.

“Free man? Before you get tied to me for the rest of your life?” you frowned, pulling your hand away from him as Joe let out a deep sigh.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“That’s what you said though.” You narrowed your eyes at him. Maybe you were being paranoid, or maybe your thoughts were confirmed and he really wasn’t bothered whether you got married in 3 weeks time or not.

“Don’t assume that I don’t want to marry you, just because I’m excited about my stag party. Don’t put words into my mouth and expect me to be alright with it!” Joe frowned; raising his voice at you as you flinched, not expecting this kind of behaviour from him at all.

He had never raised his voice at you, because whenever you normally had disagreements, he normally walked away until you both calmed down… And it looked like he was about to do that now, as you watched him grab his jacket and walk out the door without a second glance.

You let out a shaky sigh as you wiped your eyes with the back of your hand, before going back into the living room.

“What just happened?” Jack asked, looking at you concerned.

Maybe they couldn’t hear you and Caspar talking quietly before, but they had definitely heard yours and Joe’s disagreement.

“Joe knows he just walked out of his own apartment, right?” Conor asked stupidly.

“Erm, guys. I really don’t mean to sound rude but I think it would be best if you all left. You can organise his stag party another night.” You told them, your eyes still fresh with tears.

That’s if there will be a stag party, you thought.

All of them got up, grabbed their jackets and left, quickly. Except Caspar who stayed where he was, arms folded across his chest.

“Caspar,” you started, before he shook his head.

“Say what you want, I’m staying.” Caspar protested, grabbing his phone. “I’m just going to let Maddie know where I am, don’t move.”

You nodded slightly as he went into the kitchen and sat down at the table where Josh was previously sat as you looked down at your cut hand, the blood starting to seep through the bandage and even though the pain was now striking through your hand, it didn’t bother you.

Caspar came back minutes later and sat next to you.

“I’m guessing you heard everything.” You mumbled, glancing up from your hand as Caspar simply nodded.

“Couldn’t help but hear.” You chuckled weakly as a tear rolled down your cheek.

“Joe will calm down soon, you know he will.” Caspar told you, gently rubbing your hand. “Maybe just sleep on it and see how things are in the morning?”

You nodded slightly, looking at the clock that was nailed to the wall as it read the time.


“I didn’t even realise it was that late.” You sighed, standing up and rubbing your eyes. “Sleeping on the sofa?”

Caspar nodded and gently hugged you, kissing the top of your head.

“I’m not leaving you, but I’ll grab pillows and stuff, you just go to bed.” He told you.

Caspar had stayed over more than enough times to know where you kept spare bedding, so you did as he sad and dragged yourself to your bedroom.

Your eyes felt like they were burning but you weren’t really sure why. Because you’d been crying? Or because you were extremely tired? I guess the reason didn’t matter.

You didn’t even go to the effort of changing your clothes, you simply got into bed in what you were wearing, which was grey joggers and one of Joe’s hoodies and you instantly fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.

Though after a few minutes, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“I’m sorry.” You heard a deep voice mumble, nuzzling into your neck.

You sighed slightly in relief as you heard Joe’s voice, his strong arms around you.

“Just forget it happened.” You told him, turning onto your other side as you looked up at him, the moonlight shining through your window.

“Caspar called me, told me I was being a dickhead.” Joe chuckled, his eyes still shining with tears, making his eyes look like glass.

“I’m not saying anything.” You chuckled, gently wiping his eyes with your thumbs as you nuzzled into his chest.

“Y/N?” Joe mumbled, his voice sounding tired.

You looked up at him, waiting for his next sentence.

“I think roses are better for the centre pieces.” He grinned sleepily before falling asleep with your bodies intertwined in each other.

Maybe he was listening after all.

CSSV Fic: Happenstance (full version)

A/N: For @killiarious. Thank you for your patience, love! Here is the full version of your gift. Again, it was lovely chatting and please feel free to swing by to chat more any time you like! Thanks also to @tnlph and @mryddinwilt for providing the initial inspiration for this story from this convo a year ago.  

Summary: He was just trying to escape everything. She wasn’t part of his plan.

Words: 3400 | Rating: M | ao3


He should thank Liam, he knew it. He wouldn’t need to leave the flat, minus the initial trip to the market, for days. There were enough books, along with wine and rum, to last him for weeks. And the view, Killian still wasn’t sure there were words.

Good god, brother. The pictures you sent weren’t enough.

I know. Don’t skulk your entire stay. The city is better up close.

Killian rolled his eyes. He was almost grateful when he found out his brother would be out of town when he sent his plea for a place to crash. He needed to be away from Tink, away from town, their apartment. From everything, really. And while he hadn’t seen Liam since his transfer to Istanbul, the prospect of the judgement in his eyes, even as he would welcome him in, was more than Killian thought he could bear.

Liam sent him instructions on where he could pick up a set of keys and a warning that he promised a friend a place to stay later in the week while she was in town for a job.

And stay as long as you like, little brother. I’m due home in a couple weeks.

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Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 20: Coral Reefs (2 of 2)

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.”

This is the first biome post that I have made in over a year, so I’m really excited for this post! I’m sorry for the inactivity, but I’m back, so here we go!

This is actually the second coral reefs post, and you can find the first one here, and that post was uploaded two years ago today! In the last post, I had mentioned how there are four main types of coral reefs: fringing, barrier, atolls, and patch reefs. Since this is my first post since Sun and Moon was released I am going to try to focus my analysis more on the fringing coral reefs around Hawaii, the region that Alola is based off of.

The Hawaiian coral reefs stretch for 2000 km, and account for more than 85% of the reef systems in the United States. With more than a quarter of all of the fish, plant, and invertebrate species in the Hawaiian coral reefs being endemic to Hawaii, there is a huge diversity of life that can’t be found anywhere else. This may explain the unusual designs that many Alolan Pokémon have, and maybe I can shed some light on how their morphological and anatomical traits have evolved to help them in Alola, like so many species in Hawaii have traits that help them survive.

Let’s get started!

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Zach Werenski #7

Again, another imagine that wasn’t requested.. But I do have some Zach requests so hopefully this ties you all over till I get to those :) I got this inspiration while listening to Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy so give that a listen if you wanna! 

Word Count: 2,278

It couldn’t be him. What in the world were the odds that he would be at the farmers market so early on a Sunday morning. But you swore you saw him, as you picked up a fresh soft peach from the wooden bucket, you saw him. That dark brown hair, his wide hazel eyes, and you couldn’t miss though stupidly perfect eyebrows either. Truthfully, you thought your eyes were just playing tricks on you, till you looked up again and he was closer this time. 

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earth moons + relationships

earth moons (taurus/virgo/capricorn), emotionally, need security. the emotions of an earth moon like to be kept to themselves as they strive to balance themselves without help. earth signs like efficiency and dislike dependency. they need a sounding board, someone to simply listen when it comes to be more than they bargained for. giving advice or suggestions isn’t what they want to hear, they want to know they’ve been heard. as the words come out, their head will be searching for their next step. 

earth moon + fire venus

molten lava; gushing but solid. this combo needs for their lover to have the spontaneity you’d find in an affair but the consistency of a relationship. they will love to keep you on your toes but at the end of the day they need to know that you’ll stick around because although independent, their earth sensitivity will worry that you’re not the real deal. their emotions are a self-made foundation while their love is in your face demanding a hot pursuit. this lover may challenge you, test you if you will; it lets them know where you stand with them.

earth moon + earth venus

rock solid as heck. they yearn for a partnership that is of equals. a down to earth lover who wants you to be reliable, always there at the drop of a hat. an extensive level comfort is something that will be a necessity, whether it be in a casual fling or a serious relationship. maturity is a highly admirable trait for them as they want a well-rounded, established relationship. this person will stick around through the good, bad, and indifferent. a taurus venus is a high security bank, a virgo venus is the reliable assistant, and a capricorn venus is the CEO. 

earth moon + air venus

boss combo. as in, this person will be independent down to a ‘t’. they have the ability to look at their relationship in the most rational of ways and understand when to confront issues in such. they’ll be up for late night talks and they’ll be there for early morning blues. they can seem a bit flighty at times and they may even be flirtatious but commitment is something they’ll take somberly. though it may take a while to find someone to keep them stimulated, once that connection is made, its durable. 

earth moon + water venus

loving almost to a fault. the emotions of an earth moon are generally kept behind the curtain as the person sorts out any issues internally. earth moons will be inclined to seem sure of themselves as they feel they can handle it while a water venus will give themselves wholeheartedly in a relationship, no matter what. this person will strive for a safe, deep-rooted connection. they may get tugged between their earthy practicality and watery sentimentality which can lead to a feeling for them of being out of their element (no pun intended). their water venus’ sacrificing nature may drive their earth’s need for security. 

Return To Me

Emma Swan is dying. Her last remaining hope is a heart-transplant, and those aren’t easy to come by. But, as luck would have it, fate finds her worthy, and on a stormy autumn night, Emma is given a second chance at life.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the Boston hospital, Killian Jones has been devastated by the sudden loss of his wife.

Inspired by the 2000 film of the same title with Minnie Driver and David Duchovny.

Author Note: Shout out to my home girls @welllpthisishappening and @bleebug for looking this over for me and being soundboards for my gushing feelings. They’re awesome.

Find on A03 here.


Chapter One.

“Care to dance, captain?”

Killian had been staring at his wife, not bothering to hide the adoring expression on his face. She’d noticed. For her part, Milah found it sweet. His eyes crinkled when he smiled, crow’s feet well-earned throughout the seven years they had been together, and nothing made her heart leap quite like the smile that reached all the way to her husband’s eyes.

He rose, gave a slight bow, and extended a hand to her. “It would be my honor, m'lady,” he said, and she laughed, shaking her head at his theatrics. She took his hand, letting him lead her to the dance floor, where a dozen couples were already swaying serenely along to an old, sweet love song.

The Boston marina had been decorated exquisitely, hardly an expense spared, for the gala that evening. Museum heads, entrepreneurs and business executives alike had all been invited to the black-tie event, whether they had donated in the past or potentially would in the future, in hopes of raising both funds and awareness for the ship restoration program Killian manned. It was his passion, and this gala was the highlight of his year, as far as his career was concerned.

His eyes flit around the room, trying to make out the faces scattered throughout the immense ballroom to see if he recognized anyone. The turnout was phenomenal. This was fortunate for him, as most of the funding for the grandiose event had come out of Killian and Milah’s own pockets. But, by the looks of things, it had been well worth it.

The marina, as expected, held a pristine view of the harbor and sea. The wall facing the ocean was nearly all window, from floor to ceiling, and as night had fallen, the effect was absolutely mesmerizing. A lighthouse in the distance flashed, and the moon cast its white light over the water, the dark waves nearly as beautiful as the stars looming over it.

Most of the lights had dimmed after dinner, once the dancing began. Only the grand, ornate hanging chandeliers spread throughout the ballroom were lit now, casting a warm glow over the guests as the dance floor began to fill.

Milah was a sucker for this sort of music, those crooning, golden voices that seemed to capture an entire era and take their listeners back to a simpler time. It made her melt, and Killian was fully aware of this. The song playing faded into one they both knew well, and Milah couldn’t help the happy little sigh that escaped her as Killian began to sing along softly for only her to hear.

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Sweet Child O’Mine - Dean Ambrose Imagine

Imagine spending the night out with Dean. He gets a little more drunk that you would have wanted and soon becomes obsessed with a song he hears at the bar.

So… I guess in a way, you could say that this was inspired by the segment from TD where Dean is drinking. But I decided to make it… not as ridiculous as it was shown on TV. xD

Hope you enjoy. :)

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Little Beasts and Where to Hide Them

Summary:  You may or may not be hiding something from your boyfriend.  Takes place between Day 11 and the After Ending.

Pairing:  Zen x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life; Fluff

Rating:  G

Word Count:  Approx. 1900

It was a lazy Saturday night.  Zen had been hard at work for over a month, leaving early in the morning and returning well into the night.  Your boyfriend’s career had definitely been picking up; for the past several weeks, he had been juggling film sessions with a new TV drama series, as well as doing a lot of commercials.  The downside was that you hadn’t seen much of him, lately, other than a goodbye kiss in the morning and maybe a midnight snack once he got home, although you called and texted each other often.  You were happy for him, of course, but he knew that you missed him.

So, tonight was going to be all about the two of you.  He finally had an evening off, and he was determined to spend it with you.  You had just eaten a lovely dinner, together, cooked by you but with prep help from Zen.  Now, you two were cuddling on the couch, rubbing noses and being generally affectionate.  It was a beautiful evening.

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7 Days of Heaven (Day 6 – Bambam)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-Mark  Day 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson Day 5-YoungjaeDay 7-Yugyeom

Characters:  Bambam (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Sense deprivation (sight), Bondage cuffs (leather), Softdom!Bambam (ASKGHDKAD), Fingering, Sweet Dirty talk (with Bambam’s sweet accent alksdghalksd), Orgasm Denial, etc.

Length:  3,633 words

A/N:  HI!!! SURPRISE!!  YES, So here is the 6th Day of Heaven (which is looooooooooooong overdue) feat. the “Who told you I am not big” Bambam!!!!  OK so… this is going to be straight-up smut, nothing else.  Again read the warnings before you proceed ;) Also, the inspiration changed a bit from the teaser, though it may still be a bit similar, but, yeah.  Whatever lmao.  Proofreading is also zero for this one, so my apologies for any errors!

Also, I am celebrating my first anniversary as an Ahgase and for reaching 2k+ followers!  I am surprised that I still gain followers despite being on hiatus for too long ;)

This fic is also dedicated to my bestie, @wearkpop ;) Love you to the bones!!

After the boys have recovered from your confession about Youngjae, they are contemplating if they should proceed in asking you about the youngest members of their group.  Jinyoung sighed when you stood up and sat on the table in front of them.

“I have not missed any member yet, have I?”  You placed your index finger on top of your lips; thinking.

“I think we have heard enough-“

“Yah oppa, I have not talked about Bambam yet!”  You cut Jaebum off and crossed your arms over your chest and the boys dropped their bodies against the couch, before they can even stop you, you already started.

“That kinky li’l shit.  That boy will be a fucking tease – a bit dominant but on the softer side.  Dirty talking will be his absolute favorite.. His accent is just too perfect in bed, imagine him groan and dirty talk with that freaking Thai accent.”  You giggled and Jinyoung stood up and Mark laid a hand on his arm.

“What?  You two had gotten off already, why can’t I?”

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I Would (mRyder x Reyes)

I write so much Sara/Reyes I figured it was only fair to take the Scott one! I hope you enjoy it anyway, anon. Scott is so adorable. I took slight liberties with the prompt, too. I think it fits a little better with Reyes’ situation.

PS: @kadarakings I remember you mentioning your Scott wasn’t fond of crowds or confined spaces. I figured I’d sort of base this on your character. 💕

Kadara Port didn’t really have a work day, and it definitely didn’t have a weekend. It didn’t seem to have many parties, either, unless you counted the ones Sloane used to throw - but Scott had learned that some nights at Kralla’s came pretty close. Their timetable was predictable, too. The big nights always followed a Collective win, and Umi was always in a strangely good mood beforehand. Kadara Port was hundreds of feet above its closest water source, but the rhythm was like a tide. Ebb. Flow. Repeat.

Scott was grateful for it - because it meant he could avoid the crowds.

It wasn’t that he was scared, although the bustle of a close-pressed throng still made the back of his neck prickle. It was caution, really, and care honed to its finest point. He and Reyes were keeping low profiles. It bothered him a little, though Scott would never have admitted it. The simmering anxiety; that niggling fear of exposure - it all got very tiring. There were times when he dreamed about screaming it from the roof of the palace.

Reyes is the Charlatan! Come and fucking get us!

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Chapter Two: Marcus.

Jamie sends Claire thru the circle of standing stones atop Craigh na Dun.
The Catch? Jamie somehow manages to go with her.
The Double Catch? They’ve gone backwards instead of forwards into time.

You can find Chapter One here.

Jamie and I crouched low amid the underbrush at the base of Craigh na Dun. A cold wind swept thru the valley, the scent of coming rain heavy in its wake. I pulled the woolen arisaid tighter around my shoulders as I peered thru the leaves into the gathering darkness.

Recently thatched and boasting a brilliant coat of whitewash, the croft ahead of us barely resembled the abandoned structure we had spent the previous night in. A puff of welcoming smoke drifted out of its chimney and beckoned us forward. I, however, had vivid memories of my first encounter with the people of the past and had no wish to repeat the ordeal. Jamie seemed to be erring on the side of caution as well.

But, before we could make any sort of plan, the door suddenly opened and a weather-worn old man stepped out of the dim interior. He shuffled towards us, leaning on a large walking stick for support.

I gripped Jamie’s arm tightly. Would he be friend or foe?

“Ye can come oot o’ the bushes, lad,” a feeble voice spoke. “I can see ye both clear as day.”

Jamie rose slowly, ready for whatever challenge the man would lay at his feet. I followed suit once he had settled into position in front of me. Peeking around Jamie, I could see the man’s gap toothed smile.

He was ancient by modern standards, who knew how old he actually was. His hair was white as snow and fastened back in a long plait. His kilt was of a pattern I didn’t recognize, a matching plaid draped over his hunched shoulders. The boots on his feet were worn and roughly hewn.

“Ye havena reason to fear me,” he chuckled. A corner of my mouth tugged upwards as I envisioned the old man using that stick of his to ward us off. “I ken aboot the stones.”

The hint of a smile was gone in an instant at the mention of the standing stones.

He knows about the stones? What did that mean?

They were hardly a secret, visible here at the base of the hill.

Jamie reached a hand behind him and took hold of mine. I squeezed it, telling him I’d follow any plan he went with. He cleared his throat, my own felt as though I had swallowed a rock.

“Ye say ye ken the stones. Have ye gone thru them yerself?”

“Nae me, lad, but I ken the look of someone who has. My name is Marcus…” he trailed off, raising a brow in question.

“James,” my husband answered simply as he guided me to stand along side him, “and Claire.”

I copied the older man’s nod of deference and was rewarded with another grin.

“Aye, an’ a bonnie wife she is too, Jamie lad,” Marcus tittered as he gestured for us to follow him into the croft. “Ye’ll be hungry as the coos, nae doubt, an’ soaked clear thru. Come in, come in. Warm yerselves by the hearth. An’ tend that wound, aye?”

I took a deep breath and let it out again. Was this too good to be true? Could it be some sort of trap?

Jamie’s voice dropped low as we made our way across the clearing towards the croft.

“Dinna speak unless ye have to, Sassenach, at least until we have a plan.”

Oh, right, because he may think I’m an English spy. Here we go again.

I rolled my eyes, but squeezed his hand again in response. He gave me that slow, owl blink that passed for a wink with him and grinned. He knew exactly what I thought of the idea, preposterous and rude is what, but he also knew I trusted his instincts. Even if I wasn’t sure I liked his methods.

Despite his uneven and visibly painful gait, Marcus was deceptively spritely. He remained several paces ahead of us across the open clearing and didn’t stop talking the whole way. His voice, unfortunately, didn’t always keep up with his enthusiasm and I couldn’t make out half of what he said.

“…welcome… long as ye like… village … oddity… auld coot off on his own… fine company,” he broke off with a cackle.

Once inside, he set to work with a clatter of bowls and spoons. He all but shoved the both of us onto a three-legged stools near the fire. I reached over to take a better look at his leg, moving the wool cloth away from his burned flesh.

Jamie tried to downplay his injury, taking my hands away from the burn and holding them tightly in his. “‘Tis nothing, Claire.”

While he was right, the burn wasn’t overly serious, I still wanted to dress it before it had the chance to get infected. I gave him a look, knowing he’d get the message.

“I ken ye must be newlyweds.” Marcus beamed, not turning his gaze away from the steaming cauldron of stew. “Let her dote on ye, Jamie lad, makes a wife feel useful. ‘Tis what they’re for, aye? Tha’ an’ the bairns.”

He was doing his level best to keep a straight face, but the grin was winning. I poked Jamie in the ribs as he replied affirmatively.

Arching an eyebrow, he apparently felt the need to remind me to remain silent.

Heaven knows why, as I’ve always been the meek and obedient type. I reminded him with a swift kick to the shins.

Jamie winced and his grin widened.

“How long have ye been marrit? It canna be more than a year, I warrant, yer both naught but bairns yerself.”

Jamie’s thumb caressed my silver ring, turning around on my finger. His eyes were warm as he spoke. “It will be three come June.”

Three years. How could our wedding day have been three years ago already?

That familiar sinking feeling in my stomach returned as I corrected myself: our wedding hadn’t been three years ago, it would be hundreds of years from now. All people I had known, the people I had grown to love and care for were, for all intents and purposes, dead. And Jamie. His family, his whole life was now forever lost to him.

Quickly realizing that the feeling had more than one cause, I dashed towards the door, barely making it outside in time. Jamie was right on my heels and almost crashed into me as I heaved into the bush beside the door.

Bidh e thairis a dh'aithghearr, mo nighean donn,” he soothed as he held back my hair, gently rubbing my back.”

“What?” I asked as I straightened up, having no idea what he just said.

He wiped my face with the edge of his sark, then gathered me into his arms. “I said it will be over soon.”

I groaned into his chest. “No, it won’t. Not for months.”

“Aye, well, maybe ye won’t be as sick with this bairn,” he tried.

“One can only hope,” I muttered.

Skam 4x05 updated opinion

I had time to think about what happened in Skam lol, my last post was a little harsh, I just really can relate to Sana and was a bit out of it after seeing her in pain. This all just touched me more than I thought it could. But I trust Julie has this major plan. Anyways, so here my opinions after having calmed down:

Boy Squad vs Balloon Squad
I still stand with the Mikeal-was-outside and Isak-nagged-him-out-of-prior-shown-interest-to-the-Even-Mikael-relationship-theory. The Balloons saw it as a threat, then went and punched Isak. Just seems reasonable. Also I dont believe that Yousef is gay or whatever, that’s last seasons story, would be way to repetitive. But yes he probably had some bigger influence on the Evenstory. Maybe he was really unaccepting of Even being gay and feels guilty about it, which made him stop being religious. Also now I think that the incident could actually have an effect on the balloon squad. With Yousef bailing on his friends. Also Elias knew about Yousana, and he will know about Sana hurting. That could lead to a conflict. Sidenote: Really want to know why Elias got drunk last week..

Vilde and the Pepsi Max Bitches
It looks really bad still. But I just can’t believe its in Julie’s interest to make Vilde this racist villain, who backstabs her friends for blond and popular bitches. I heard some people say we are underestimating her like in S2 and she has a bigger plan.. Okay her judgmental behavior and snitching to the Pepsi Max Girls doesn’t look all that good, but maybe, just maaaybe there will be a way to explain this?!! Maybe not. I don’t know. We will have to suffer through this annoying Vilde a little longer. But I would love to see her be part in taking down the Pepsi Max hoes. That could make up for it…a little.

I tried to put myself into her shoes by now. Sana really had a few chances to tell her about Yousef, he had been a topic in their conversations a few times. She was hurt about William, felt betrayed by Sana and kissed this hot Turkish dude. Fine. Still find it bad that Noora never asked about Sana’s feelings.
Also that teaser.. (why is S4 so much about Noora ffs) It made me really nervous. It’s obviously Noora- her lips, her skin, her hand, her hair. She is biting down on a to the metaphorical carrot, representing Yousana. *Eskilds voice* DRAMA!

The more I think about that clip, the more pain I feel for this fictional character. It was just blow after blow for Sana. She really doesn’t deserve this, we can all agree that we just want Sana to be happy.
I have no idea where the second part of the season is headed. Maybe Sana will silently cut her social robes and confine even deeper into herself until she breaks? Or she will go all out and try revenge? Will she send an Email to William from Noora’s Account? Will she try to take down Pepsi Max? Will she call out her friends? Will she confront Yousef? Maybe all of the above will happen. Its all open at this point. I just want her to not get hurt anymore. That clip was just too much. Lets this be the lowest point and lets hope things will keep going up from now on.. please.

As we all know, Yousef was acting really OOC. First he’s smiling coming into the Bar, but once he looked at Even and then Sana he seemed sort of pissed. Then he ignored Sana throughout the night, until he calls her to break up a fight between 9 guys while touching her quiet intimately and his hand lingering on her neck/back, even though Yousef always respected Sana’s boundaries. Then he doesn’t even go to help his friends. And lastly he kisses Sana’s best friend.
So I’ve read alot of theories, but none make perfect sense to me personally. It seems there isn’t one reason for all this, there must have been multiple factors leading to this. Most people seem to think, that this scenario is reasonable: He was upset about Sana supposedly setting them up with Even and hiding that. Also being hurt, cause he believed she only invited them for that and not out of personal interest in Yousef. That anger made him not respect Sana’s boundries and touch her (a little rude?). He didn’t help his friends because Noora stopped him on his way (although: Bros before hoes. She would still be there after the fight to comfort). Noora being upset about Williams new GF tried her luck with Yousef and in the process innocently told him about what Sana had said to her, like him being immature and only playing with Norwegian girls. So he was even more upset and that made him kiss Noora back. But he didn’t seem that into it, cause he still likes Sana.
Personally I think (and I don’t know if anyone has said it already) Noora might have mentioned one more thing.. Also remember Julie never introduces characters if they don’t have a future influence.. so Noora might have mentioned Sana and her being in Grønland and meeting those muslim guys, that one dude and Jonas 2.0, who did seem to flirt with Sana. So Yousef thought she betrayed him first with her dating someone else and did what he did. If you look at it from this perspective, it was just blow after blow for him as well that night. Soo yeah, kind of feel bad for him too if that was the case. Sidenote: Imagine a jealous Yousef seeing Sana with Jonas 2.0, that would be an interesting scene.
Regarding the other theories. Like explained before, I don’t think he is gay and I dont believe Noora was his love interest all along, since he supposedly only actively connected to Sana after meeting the girls? (Kill me please) Digging way to deep here guys, cause how could we possibly misread the flower picking, the basketball playing, the shy looks, the smiling, the deep conversations, the speechlessness, the heart emoji, the alt for deg, the carrot pealing… Oh man, Julie better have this damn masterplan. She probably does too, and part of it is people like me going crazy about what this all could possibly mean. It will all end well but it might not be what we hoped for in the beginning of the season. And that also unsettles me.

Honorable Mentions:
- Evak singing was cute af
- The Boy Squad is back finally
- Sana looked so damn beautiful, still not over it
- Chris and Sana’s friendship and throwback was cuuute
- Vilde’s weird blinking when Magnus kissed her..
- I think I own that exact shirt Noora was wearing lol (H&M everybody, it’s actually a bodysuit)
- Balloon Squad looked on fleek as always
- Eskild is back finally
- The fight scene was actually really cool (New Level is a great work out song btw)

Sorry for the length. Just trying to get through this Pause while getting my shots of Skam (Skam - not even once). Thanks to all the people writing beautiful fanfics, much appreciated. How are you guys holding up?

#5 Hands

A/N: Surprise!! Bet you didn’t think I’d post two fics in two day! Don’t get too excited yet, this is a shortie, but hopefully a goodie. It sort of took a path of its own, but I quite like how it turned out.

This is a thank you to everyone who gave me an ego boost by sending feedback/review/comment/like last night. I love you for believing in me and my writing.

Prompt #5: Hands - She didn’t know how she really felt, until he held her hand that night.

Word count: 485

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RFA Valentines Week Day 5! 

(feat. baehee because we love her) 

Jaehee’s pokemon team: 

  • Dewott: When she went to choose her starter she saw Oshawott playing with its scalchop and her immediate reaction was “awwwwww” 
    • This particular Oshawott was female so she was like “a pokemon that can defend itself in a badass way AND is female? i will take it” 
    • ((side note but my oshawott in black 2 was female)) 
  • Komala: She can relate. So much. 
    • It reminds her to sleep because when she pulls all nighters working for Mr. Trust Fund Kid it rolls over and will not leave her alone until she stops working. 
  • Lucario: Her sparring partner for judo. 
    • Lucario is … combat challenged, and was chased out of its pack due to its inability to utilize its psychic powers (and being weaker in general) 
    • It was eventually adopted by the judo club Jaehee goes to, and they eventually got along so well that said club was like “just take lucario, he loves you more than us” 
  • Feebas: The Pokemon equivalent of Zen merch. (Kind of.) 
    • Since Zen partners with his Milotic in a lot of his musicals, Jaehee decided to add a Feebas to her team.
    • It doesn’t seem to want to evolve though, and Jaehee still can’t figure out why. Not that it matters much. She still loves her Feebas. 
  • Medicham: It helps her Chill™ (and is also sparring partner number two)
    • When Jaehee opens her cafe, it helps out as a server of sorts by utilizing its psychic powers. 
    • It takes a while for the customers to get used to floating coffee cups and plates zooming around her cafe. 
  • Jirachi:  Jaehee’s always been wishing for something better in life
    • One night she makes a wish at 3 am over a tear stained pile of documents about Mr. Han’s next Ninetales project, and Jirachi hears her wish. 
    • Seeing how supremely unhappy she is, it decides to stay with her. Eventually she opens a cafe with Jirachi as the mascot, and by this time Jirachi is way too attached. Not like it particularly cares about that fact.

(Jaehee keeps her Pokemon in Friend Balls, because that’s what they are to her - friends and equals.) 


(wow these keep getting longer and longer lmao what even)

| yoosung | unknown | 707 | zen | jaehee |