it's that guy that appeared out of nowhere


Guys I think I might have figured out whats going on in Naysaya. I think Monster Arm is coming back in this episode. It was heavily hinted to make a second appearance and I think this is it. In the description, it says that Marco “sprouts a second head”, not that Star’s magic went awry. And how could a normal human being like Marco sprout a second head out of nowhere? MONSTER ARM. Yes the demon thing in the poster has three eyes but remember we haven’t scene Monster Arm’s “face”. I’m calling it right now that its coming back this episode.

Unlikely Hero

Fandom: Marvel/Deadpool 

Character: Wade Wilson 

Reader Gender: Female 

Summary: When you and Wade end up in some deep shit, you didn’t expect the situation to end up how it did. 

Warnings: Swearing, Violence 

Word Count: 1844 


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  • Kagami [to Kuroko]: That Akashi guy you told me about can’t be THAT great-
  • Akashi [appearing out of nowhere]: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper-

alright shameless peeps considering that shameless is shit and let everyone down i’ve made a list of tv shows to watch to make up for it :) 

the 100

  • just amazing female characters, canon bisexual lead!!!, many poc people there’s so many, friendships!! siblings!! the relationships in this show are developed really well they’re beautiful, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, great plotlines that are interesting, the writers love its show and treats it very well, it’s so amazing!!, intersting political values, everyone is a morally grey character (maybe there are no good guys) and family is v important and its SUCH a top-notch show

black sails

  • really interesting plotlines that ALL CONNECT like they don’t appear out of nowhere, BADASS FEMALES like some of them are kickass-badass and some are political badass and they’re all great!!, really interesting characters!!, okay and it’s either FOUR CANON BISEXUAL CHARACTERS or THREE CANON BISEXUAL CHARACTERS AND ONE CANON GAY MAN, and then poc! not as many as we wish but still there and beautifu l and totally as fleshed out as the rest!! season 2 just ended so there’s time to catch up

orphan black

  • badass females everywhere, i love females, do you love females??? anyways all the females are different and amazing tatiana maslany is a GIFT it’s unbelievable, really important mother/daughter relationships, really important adopted-family relationships, females who can be kickass AND mothers AND eveyrthing really, plotlines are GREAT, evil people are believable and awesome, queer ladies let me get a hell yeaaaaah, als o one trans character that wasn’t there for too long but better be back in season 3 

the fosters!

  • okay so i don’t watch the fosters but i’m gonna try and give accounts based on other people who watch it: really important family ties, esp that of adopted families and families you make :), queer ladies!! interracial married women who are really cute and in love if what i’ve seen is correct, poc!! one of the mothers is poc and i’m pretty sure there are twins who are?? jesus and mariana??? idk i don’t watch it, tiny gay boys who are just developing their sexualities and it’s really important and cute :), if i remember it brings up other really important issues like suicide and sexual assault (again i don’t watch the show so you might wanna fact-check that) really great show okay 

how to get away with murder

  • reallly great storylines like everything is amazing, great poc!!! everywhere!!, awesome ladies who are very diverse!! like they cry and break down and are badass and want love and d o stupid shit they’re beautiful i love them all, queer representation that is gonna bring up pretty big issues (not like tragic gay storyline or anythign just stuff that isn’t usually discussed and it’s great!!!), morally grey characters everywhere, this show is amazing

i’m all out rn but if anyone else wants to add shows on, go ahead! 

So I feel like even though Michael’s a total guys guy and he totally loves your body and how you look he’s also like more educated now and knows that you probably want to be complimented on things other than your appearance. Like you’d be studying at your desk and suddenly you’d feel him rubbing your shoulders and he’d whisper in your ear “you’re so smart baby. You’re definitely gonna get an A on this test.” Or like while you were laying in bed late at night and he’d say out of nowhere “You know what I love about you? How passionate you are about everything.” And you’d be like at a family reunion and hanging with all the little kids in your family and later when you were driving home he would be like “you’re so like caring and good with kids. You’re gonna be a great mom one day.”

  • me: damn i want a boyfriend how do i get me one
  • *fuckboy appears out of nowhere*
  • me: *threatens to throw my shoe at him* fuck off
Me trying to be a good mature fan
  • Me: *streaming live performance* /saw hate comments in the chat room/
  • Me: guys please calm down a bit, don't be rude, respect the one who's performing
  • Hoseok: *appear out of nowhere with full smile*