it's texas right

Been slowly cleaning up my dash, so I’ll need to find new people to follow. I’m basically looking for pagan blogs (spells, herbs, crystals, wicca, Norse mythology, general witchy stuff). I’d also really like to make some witchy friends.

So, like/reblog and I’ll check out your blog

Imagine in the Texas episode Lucas and Maya get separated from the group and then Maya starts freaking out and Lucas is like all comforting and loving towards her and like she realizes that she really really likes him and she’s trying to push him away because she doesn’t want to be obvious about it and he’s just all cute and it’s all cute and I have no idea where this is going but it’s just cute LUCAYA


lets face the facts. ahmed was discriminated against. we’re just a couple days removed from 9/11, he’s middle eastern and smart, and it happened in a town in texas. it doesnt even matter what town it happened in. its texas, possibly the most right wing state in the nation. what happened to ahmed was institutionalized racism and i hate that my white privilege is showing but honestly, if i had walked up to my teacher in georgia (almost just as right wing as texas) with a clock that i had invented, they wouldnt have batted a fucking eye because im white and white people only do things wrong when they become suddenly mentally ill. this country (especially the south) is fucking backwards