it's teen wolf

I would like to make a point about Marrish here. People are calling us out for saying Lydia is underage when technically she’s not. You know why? Because the writers have upped her age for a reason to make it more acceptable to date Parish.

You really think a genius like Lydia would have been held back a year?


quicklikelight asked:

I think we're all of us, even the Scott fans, so overwhelmed by the rhetoric of "Scott violated Derek's bodily autonomy" that we completely space over the fact that Derek had control of his body the entire time. That's why the sterek meta group is so dangerous. Even I couldn't be 100% sure, and I've seen Season 2 about five times.

Sterek fandom meta be like:

But in all seriousness, it is sad that we’ve heard the same wrong argument so many times that we actually take Derek having zero control and Scott somehow forcing him to shift and bite Gerard as a given.

I haven’t even watched this season but like, imagine Derek was still around. You know he would totally believe Stiles’ suspicions about Theo, so my question is: who’s gonna write this? Stiles trying to figure it out all by himself, but then he remembers that Derek is also someone who doesn’t trust easily, and damn right he could use some werewolf instinct right now. So he goes to him and they team up to find out more about Theo. STILES AND DEREK WORKING TOGETHER.