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Predatorshipping Week Day 5: Shelter 


Tattoos are an art form. And to me, art is creativity. So no list will ever be complete, until there will be someone out there working on something new. But this (a rewriting of an old piece I wrote for ET on tumblr) can help to know a little bit more about modern tattoo styles. Take your time to understand the differencies, go through the names in the list, find your style. A good tattoo lasts forever, and knowledge is the roots of a good choice.

Old School/Traditional: Is usually referred to American classic tattooing. Artists like Amund Dietzel, Sailor Jerry, Herbert Hoffman or Bert Grimm, from the firtst decades of 1900, are the names to start from if you want to know its roots, Classical subjects (anchors, ships, roses, daggers, eagles, horses etc.), simple designs, bold lines and  basic color palettes. Traditional tattooing is definitely more than a trend, with its own philosophy and unwritten rules.

Tony Nilsson, Cassandra Frances, Samuele Briganti, Paul Dobleman, Paul Fulton, Florian Santus, Moira Ramone (pics: Moira Ramone, Paul Fulton, Mauro Quaresima)

There is also a different kind of traditional, widly diffused, enough to be considered a style, that people keep considering part of traditional or neo traditional. It keeps bold lines, and part of the classic imaginery, mixed with weird, modern, surreal, pop stuff. No limits for color palettes, no rules. Tradition meets creativity, one of the personal favourites.

El Carlo, Ron Wells, Luca Font, Pietro Sedda, Ray Wallace, Dane Mancini, Laura Yahna, Ibi Rothe, Deno Jr (pics: Ray Wallace, El Carlo, Laura Yahna, Dane Mancini)

Japanese: Originally called Irezumi, its roots runs deep in the history of its country. Its meaning in Japanese culture changed through the centuries, from tebori (tattooing by hand) to Yobori (tattooing by machine), to became part of the classic Japanese imaginaery, as we know it. Not every asian themed tattoo (common subjects like dragons, yokai demons, tigers, hannya masks and so on) is japanese style. Everything from colors to placement, to the shapes of the untattooed areas has its rules. As any other ancient styles, of course, you can find its modern, contaminated, version too (Gakkin or Wendy Pham’s works are a good example).  

Shige, Pino Cafaro, Caio Pinero, Bill Canales, Gotch, Rodrigo Souto, Yutaro (Bill Canales, Pino Cafaro, R. Souto, Shigenori Ywasaki)

Modern tribal and ornamental: usually referred to a mix of geometrical shapes, patterns, mandalas, asian motives, and Maori influences.

Guy le tatooer, Thomas Hooper, Marco Galdo, Chaim Machlev, Little Swastika (Guy, C. Machlev, T. Hooper)

Realism: From portraits, to a custom piece, to the perfect reproduction of a picture/painting. Realistic tattoos is one of the most spectacular styles in tattooing. No black outline, and lifelike shades, black and grey or colors. It easily mixes with different styles, like with Simone Pfaff or Andrey Lukovnikov, where realism is just a technical part of their own style.

Robert Hernandez, Chris Gherman, Alex De Pase, Scrappy Uno, Sandra Daukshta, Lippo, Sam Stokes (Lippo, A. Acosta, S. Daukshta)

Biomechanical: A trend in the late 90’, basically made of mechanical parts that looks like fused with the flesh. Organic and unorganic elements are realistically drawn, to create the illusion to be carved in the onwer’s body.

Don McDonald, Carson Hill, Guy Hatchinson (who creates bio organic style) (itp: Carson Hill, Don McDonald, Guy Atchinson)

New School/Cartoonish: Fantasy, big eyes subjects, rounded shapes, bright colors, crazy proportions and prospectives. Another style that was more popular in the 90’, now is often fused with different styles, specially with neo traditional.

Kati Berinkey (she fuses new school and sketchy/illustrative styles for her designs), Adam Hawtorne (another one with his own distintcive illustrative style), David Tevenal, Nathan Evans (mixing neo trad e new school) (A. Hawtorne, A. H., David Tevenal)

Neo Traditional: Illustrative like tattoos, where classical subjects like women, crows, snakes, triangles, wolves etc. (from the classic old school imaginery), are drawn with bright colors, and realistical shading, in a aperfect mix between traditional and realism.

Emily Rose, Dusty Neal, Lu’s Lips, Christophe Bonardi, Debora Cherrys, Rodrigo Kalaka El Uf, Jack Goks Pearce. (E. R. Murray, R. Kalaka, Teresa Sharpe, Lu’s Lips)

Lettering: Text tattoos are usually a bad idea, unless they are done in the proper style, and from a specialized artist.

Norm Will Rise, Justin Wilson, Big Meas (N. W. R., J. Wilson, Big Meas)

Chicano: the word “Chicano”, referred to American citizen of Mexican origin, ceased to be a slur in the 60’, while the style itself was born a couple decades before. Common subjects are wemen, skulls, roses, and religious icons, usually in black and gray.

Boog, Macko (Macko, Boog)

These are the most common, radicated, worldly reconized style. But is just a partial view of what the contemporary tattoo scene can offer. In the last 15 years, more and more styles are born. Some of them still don’t even have a name, some have more than one. Some of them will became classic and some are just a trend.

Fun fact: wikipidia’s italian “tattoo” page have “genital” listed as one of the most common styles.

Watercolors: The colors are spread to simulate watercolors. Often mixed with other styles. People keeps debating about how watercolor tattoos will age. Only time will tell.

Klaim, Amanda Wachob, Niko Inko (A. Wachob, G. Smash, Klaim)

Photoshop: the names probably comes from a folder where the artist Xoil (still one of the best in this style) used to store his works’ pics.

If you have ever used PS, you know what I’m talking about. PS style is basically a collage of different images and techniques, from watercolor to dotwork to lettering.

Xoil, Niko Inko, Voller Kontrast, Little Swastika, Jef Palumbo, Arlin ffrench (J. Palumbo, Xoil)

Illustrative Geometrical style: geometrical elements are common in modern tattoo designs, but some artists  generated a new trend, mixing illustrative elements, modern tribal patterns, and geometrical lines.

Maxime Buchi, Daniel Meyer, Valentin Hirsch, Kamil Czapiga  (C. Machlev, D. Meyer, Maxime Buchi) 

Illustrative, sketchy: The artist draw on skin all the lines that usually are ereased in a finished design, to create the illusion of a pencil sketch.

Lea Nahon, Sam Rulz, Nomi Chi, Sven Groenvald (Lea Nahon, S. Groenvald, Nomi Chi)

3D: Again, not exactly a style.  The artist uses realistic shading, shadows and prospectives to give the illusion of depth.

Russ Abbott, Jesse Rix (itp: Jesse Rix, Russ Abbott)

Engraving: on a thin line between illustrative, sketchy, and traditional tattoos, engraving uses black lines to simulate ancient wood engraving techniques, taking inspiration from medieval like illustration.

Sam Rulz, Maxime Buchi, Andrei Svetov (A. SV, Sam Rulz)

Next style has no name yet, and it’s slightly less diffused.. But I like it, so it’s in the list. ;) Tipical traditional pieces but coloured with flat colors, almost no shades, and twisted, experimental, original designs. 

Adrian Edek, Sany Kim, Aivaras Lee, Patryk Hilton

Girly: It’s a definition I hate, cause I’m convinced there is no room for sex differencies in art. I’m a big bearded boy and still I would proudly wear a Jody Dawber or Cassandra Frances’ piece. Still, this is how people call it. Bold lines and flat shading are mixed with bright colors like pink, yellow, light blue, that perfectly fits the “cuteness” of the subjects, often inspired from pop culture and cartoon characters.

Jody Dawber (basically a traditional artist), Alex Strangler, Sasha Mezoghlian (A. Strangler, J. Dawber, S. Mezoghlian)

The last style of this list have no name yet, but it’s still worth to be considered cause of it’s diffusion and people response to it. Basically the artists recreates a simpler, geometrical, version of the subjects, with no black outline, and a watercolor effect.

Sasha Unisex, Marius Trubisz, Marcin Surowiec, David Cote (M. Surowiec, Sasha Unisex)

anonymous asked:

hey birdloaf whats ur advice for drawing facial expressions

HMMMmmmm lets see. here are some random things

everyone probably says this but use REFERENCE!! a lot of times its easiest just to take a picture of yourself and use that. u dont have to copy everything exactly but itll help a lot. pay attention to which parts of the face are squashed, stretched, closer together/farther apart than usual etc, and exaggerate it

it depends what kinda style you’re going for but dont get caught up in proportions or anatomical accuracy. the less physically possible ur facial expression is the funnier it will be


also: the more lines u put on a face the more unsettling its probably gonna look

@eagleslouis (you have me blocked so i cant @) but can you please!! shut up!!! and delete your!!! blog!!!! all you do is constantly shit on harry and call him pretentious for literally no reason at all… u hate him but dont have a logical answer why and its literally all based on his media image which makes u a fucking hypocrite… show me some receipts of harry being anything but kind and generous… ill wait! if you hate harry so much then why are u constantly talking about him like wtf usually when u hate someone u dont bother to talk about them all the dam time! u seem a bit obsessed! you talk about him more than u talk about your fave haha!!! so how about you shut the hell up and stay in ya lane and take several seats. all hes done this whole break is stay quiet and avoid the spotlight yall literally get mad at him just for breathing oh my god…

Comtests are v much a girl-focused aspect of pokemon, its usually something they make girl characters into while the boys become champions (which is strange cos im pretty sure contests are much harder and rely more on rng). Theyre not particularly great. Gen 4 contests are more fun than the others, but take an extraneous amount of time to finish.

Props to the various writers, then, for attempting to legitimize contests as an alternative to battling.
Im thinking specifically of Mitsumi from Diamond and Pearl Adventure. She competitively DESTROYS Hareta (the boy protag) while she is serving Team Galactic, but he basically acts like a pokemon to beat her monsters, putting his heart into it. Later she sits talking to Champion Cynthia after forfeiting their match and tells her that while she coud probably demolish her for lulz, Mitsumi wants to slow down with battles and use contests to show the beautiful sides to her pokemon without putting them through any more dark fights.

Bianca from bw echoes this, but instead of contests, she becomes the professor’s assistant and bodyguard.

This talk makes me kinda question why people would prefer to show their pokemons potential through violence.

Oh well. Nuzleaf, use Beat Up!

On a different note, any of y'all that take medication for ADHD have time to chat a bit about it?

I am starting some trial meds today and I have a lot curiosity about the whole process and other people’s experiences with it. (Also I am wrestling with the whole imposter syndrome/ over-achiever thing where my brain keeps trying to tell me that if I don’t respond correctly to meds immediately I am doing ADHD *wrong* like a *wrong* person.)

Like. What was your experience with the process of getting on the right meds for you and fine-tuning the dosage? What did it feel like for you when the meds were working vs what did it feel like when they weren’t? What tips or tricks or issues did you encounter? Signs that it might be interacting badly w/ anxiety? Other thoughts?

Knowledge and anecdotes v appreciated.

“No animal or human sacrifices please.”

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 142 - Legends Of The Hidden Tower

Here’s the deal regarding my UT Mob Comics Updates

So, for the past two UT Mob comics, I haven’t been able to update it on time (I usually update them on weekends) and will have to postpone today’s update also.

UT Mob main story is ending, and the comics are just getting longer and more intense that it takes more than two days to finish. I spend between 25+ hours for my comics lately that my wrist and shoulder cannot handle it.

I just want to let you guys know that it’ll take 4 full days to finish my comics, which means two weekends.

I really hate doing this, especially with the story picking up pace and constantly leaving you guys on a cliffhanger, but I’m also feeling burned out lately…So, I’m going to try pacing myself.

Sorry to be doing this, my good friends. I promise you that I WILL update next weekend.

Here is one scene from the next comic:

    I was listening to Takayama’s  performance of Hinata’s voice this evening and there’s some details about his speaking voice that specifically stands out to me.

  • His tone is almost always pointed, as if most of his spoken lines sound like he’s asking a question or reaffirming something. It often takes the same volume and tempo, usually not raising beyond average speaking volume.
  • Except for when he’s angry or worried/scared. When angry, it becomes MUCH louder and becomes close to two times faster than normal. When he’s stressed or afraid, it often cracks, the tempo lowering and the volume raising.
  • Every break in speaking is accompanied by a breath. Every break. Some are much more silent than others, but if you listen to the end of a set of words there’s a sharp intake of breath (I don’t think it’s Takayama’s acting since other roles doesn’t have such a sharp breath peppered in from what I can hear).
  • At breaks and at the end of sentences, everything is terse and cut off extremely soon. It’s like a musician putting a small rest at the end of a phrase, or suddenly slamming a book shut at the end of a page.
  • Despite his impersonal use of people’s names without honorifics, he almost seems to draw out people’s names and say them with a lot more gentleness than his usual dialogue (except when he’s angry/tense).
Megane Oikawa Headcannon

I actually posted it but it wont upload
God must be giving me a chances but no im still gonna sin

●Iwa-chan is the reasons why oikawa always to buy new glasses

●The first things oikawa do in the morning after he wokes up is calling iwa-chan and saying his glasses are missing because he forgets where he puts it

●Everytimes oikawa goes to buy new frames he will always takes iwa-chan and ask him which looks great on him

●Once he forgot to buy new contact lenses and he had to go to school but he strongly refused because he wants to take cares of his images

●He clings to iwa-chan more than he usually do untill the reach back home

●Iwa-chan is the one who will wipes shittkawa glasses if they are smudged with things because oikawa is such a baby

●Oikawa still haven’t managed to understand why his eyes are bad (( its because he stays up all night long watching volleyball matches u fucking nerd ))

Was my first time writting headcannons but i hope u guys likes it!

hey everyone!! I just wanted to apologize to some people for the long delay i take for answering messages, my health is not at its best these days and i’m really exhausted most of the time… it might sounds dumb but answering messages kind of take a lot of energy to me recently, as my social battery seems to go from 100% to 0% much more quickly than usual haha so yeah. I’m really truly sorry, but fortunately next week i’m gonna have a one week break so things will probably be better then!!

Title: Take me to a Better Place.
Warnings: Canon-verse, Hurt/Comfort, Panic Attacks, Night Terrors, Queerplatonic Relationship
Summary: What is a soldier when there isn’t a war to fight anymore? A broken man.
A/N: This was supposed to be a tiny little drabble meant to make me feel better because of some stuff that happened irl and it somehow grew into this. Let me know what you think.   

“Has anyone seen Jaeger?”

The hall went silent as Levi’s words echoed in the wake of his steps, frown deepening as he anxiously continued his search. He’d been looking all around town, knocking on doors and asking if they’d seen Eren anywhere and was met by head shakes and shrugs. The military base was his last resort and even that proved to be a dead end.

He could feel himself losing grip; jaw clenched tight and hands balled into fists as he struggled to regulate his breathing when he heard footsteps racing behind him in the hall.

“Captain Levi!” Jean called out of breath as he tried to catch up to him. “I saw him a couple of hours ago, sir, said he was gonna head home for the day.”

Levi’s shoulders sagged a little bit and he managed to nod tersely dismissing Jean. The weight on his lungs lessened for the time being but the urgent need he felt to find Eren only increased as his mind started to panic no matter how much he tried to calm himself down.

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When I’m tired or overstimulated I generally go silent as it takes too much energy to formulate ideas and words and its easier to just observe. 

It’s not like a shutdown because im not anxious. I have the ability to communicate its just very difficult. Its takes more energy than usual and i often dont bother putting the effort in even if i want to interact. 

With the flurry of end-of-summer activity at the bar, and the flood in September, Cami realized she’d gone a lot longer than usual without paying a visit to Sean’s resting place. It felt wrong, it made her feel guilty… But all the more so at this time of year; a few weeks after the two-year anniversary of his death, and a few days before what would’ve been his twenty-fifth birthday. Their birthday.

So after fixing up her apartment and taking care of its (thankfully few) post-flood damages, Cami knew it was high-time to prioritize. She bought some flowers from the florist down the road - bluebells and white tulips to add some life - and headed for Lafayette Cemetery. She hoped to beat Kieran to it, if only so that he found the tomb tended to in his absence, and so that it took away one nagging thought at the back of his already over-burdened mind. But upon arrival, Cami saw that Sean’s vandals had beaten both of them to it.

apparently mobile ate my entire headcanon last night so I’m gonna write it again

The lights go out often in the underground because their generators aren’t good enough for the growing population. When that happens, it’s up to Toriel to check if everything is okay. That is, only if the blackouts take more than a few hours(lights usually come back after some time) or if she gets a phone call requesting her presence immediately.

While that doesn’t happen, Toriel calls all the kids and tells or reads them stories by the fireplace. Usually scary stories because Chara LOVES the spooky atmosphere. Goosebumps, to be more specific. Chara loves the cliche scary stories to bits and they have the entire Goosebumps collection. To make it better, they only read these books during blackouts because IT’S GOOD!!

When Toriel can’t stay home to read them, Chara is usually the one that does it. And they stand up while telling it. They make it REALLY DRAMATIC because they have SO MUCH FUN!!! TELLING THOSE SPOOKY SCARY STORIES!!! Frisk and Asriel are also REALLY into them, sometimes they’re even scared.

The monsters that live nearby show up to the spooky story meetings sometimes. They know Toriel will always welcome them with open arms and Chara loves having a large crowd to tell these.

It all ends up with Frisk and Asriel hugging each other tightly near the fireplace, surrounded by Froggits, Loox, Whimsuns and a Migosp while Chara stands in front of them holding a Goosebumps book(or telling a creepypasta they read on the internet once - Chara is into those too).

Chara has convinced Napstablook that, if they show up to these meetings, they gotta make a scary entrance first. Blooky isn’t very good at it, though.

“Y-you mean something like rattling pots and pans……?”

“Yeah, make a lot of noise, then a spooky “ooooOOOOooo””

Then Blooky just shows up holding a wooden spoon and a frying pan. Everyone looks at them. They hit the pan with the spoon gently while singing Ghouliday. Everyone shakes their heads to the beat.

Chara just looks at them disappointed for a second, but gives a thumbs up for the effort.

Sometimes the blackout ends while they’re still at it, but they just turn all the lights off and keep doing whatever they were doing by the fireplace to keep the mood. Chara loves the attention, after all.

If Toriel happens to come back while they’re still at it, she actually joins the circle to hear the stories. Nothing makes a mother happier than seeing her anti-social child telling scary tales to a crowd instead of staying in their room with a book by themselves.

Asriel loves bringing his guitar to the circle because usually, when the story time is over, he is excited to show everyone his progress on that cool song he’s been working on.

“This one is called Undertale”, he says, messing around with the strings before playing, “It’s not done yet, but I think you’ll like what I have so far”

In the middle of the song, no one expects it, but Frisk pulls out a flute and plays along. So THAT’S why the both went back to the room to get the guitar. Clever, very clever. Chara sits down on Toriel’s chair, Blooky lays down and closes their eyes to focus on the music, everyone else does the same.

Eventually, everyone is either asleep or too sleepy to move. Toriel holds her children in her arms and takes them to their room, tucking them in bed and giving them a gentle kiss on the forehead.

As for the other monsters, she tries to give them all a comfortable place to sleep, too. She put Chara and Frisk on the same bed, so the extra mattress on the floor could be of use for some Froggits. Two Loox are able to find their place on Asriel’s large bed - he doesn’t mind sharing. The remaining Whimsuns are given a place on Toriel’s own bed. And the Migosp got their own, comfortable spot on Toriel’s chair.

In the end, Toriel sits down by the table with a book. Napstablook silently floats on the other side; they don’t really sleep. Eventually, the goat mother falls asleep on the spot.

Blooky leaves a blanket for Toriel before going back to their home in Waterfall.

At nineteen, it seems to me, one has a right to be arrogant; time has usually not begun its stealthy and rotten subtractions. It takes away your hair and your jump-shot, according to a popular country song, but in truth it takes away a lot more than that. I didn’t know it in 1966 and ’67, and if I had, I wouldn’t have cared. I could imagine—barely—being forty, but fifty? No. Sixty? Never! Sixty was out of the question. And at nineteen, that’s just the way to be. Nineteen is the age where you say Look out, world, I’m smokin’ TNT and I’m drinkin’ dynamite, so if you know what’s good for ya, get out of my way […]

The compromises of middle age were distant, the insults of old age over the horizon. […] The world eventually sends out a mean-ass Patrol Boy to slow your progress and show you who’s boss. You reading this have undoubtedly met yours (or will); I met mine, and I’m sure he’ll be back. He’s got my address. He’s a mean guy, a Bad Lieutenant, the sworn enemy of goofery, fuckery, pride, ambition, loud music, and all things nineteen.

But I still think that’s a pretty fine age. Maybe the best age. You can rock and roll all night, but when the music dies out and the beer wears off, you’re able to think. And dream big dreams. The mean Patrol Boy cuts you down to size eventually, and if you start out small, why, there’s almost nothing left but the cuffs of your pants when he’s done with you. “Got another one!” he shouts, and strides on with his citation book in his hand. So a little arrogance (or even a lot) isn’t such a bad thing […].

If you don’t start out too big for your britches, how are you gonna fill ’em when you grow up? Let it rip regardless of what anybody tells you, that’s my idea; sit down and smoke that baby.
—  Stephen King, On Being Nineteen

thinkin’ bout things. ao3

Lucifer, predictably, has bitten off more than he can chew.

He’s gotten a couple of good hits in, but the blows land like mosquitos on an alligator. Amara’s had to use more of her strength in keeping him off her than usual – Dean watches her eyes dart around the arena and her fingers clench by her side, she’s actually trying not to get hit – but it’s nowhere near enough of a strain. Lucifer is flagging. His shoulders slump and he’s gotten a hole punched through Castiel’s chest cavity that’s certainly taking its time stitching itself back together.

In short, he knows they’re not going to win this one. Not even with the added firepower of an archangel. Lucifer had divine help last time the Darkness was locked away, and a couple of human hunters backing him for the final boss fight just don’t have enough firepower.

The angel and the Darkness face off, poised to pounce for the umpteenth time, and then. Then, the ground shakes. The sky itself seems to crack open, and a swoop of dread rocks Dean’s insides from where he’s crouched helplessly against the ground.

Billie steps onto the field, wind ripping through each and every one of them but her. She stands before the two celestial bodies squaring off in the battle-scarred field and she is stoic, ineffable, grim in a biblical way.

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