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Could you list all of the tropes that you consider "feel good violence"?

Okay, “Feel Good Violence” is very simple as a concept. It’s violence that feels good, when you’re reading it, when you’re watching it on screen, because for the perpetrator violence can feel really damn good. However, that is violence when taken outside of context. It is violence without consequences. It is violence for the sake of violence. Violence that serves no purpose but to prove the character or person is tough.

Protagonist Sanctioned Bullying - Bullying in general is a fairly popular method to achieve “Feel Good Violence” because bullying does feel good. The audience sympathizes with the protagonist, so when the protagonist acts they cheer for it. Its not presented as bullying by the narrative, but it is still bullying. Usually it’s a rival or a character set up to “deserve it”, but sometimes not.

Making people afraid makes you feel tough. Many authors will fall prey to the sweet lure of bullying and not even know it because bullying is violence without fear of consequence. Most often, they’ve been the recipients rather than the perpetrators, and acting as the bully is a very different ballgame. It is an emotional and psychological high. You feel big, strong, safe, and untouchable. Powerful. In their worst incarnations, most superheroes become bullies.

Bullying is all about control, protected status, and freedom from consequences. An entirely fictional world creates the opportunity for all these things, with the narrative itself siding with the bully. Bullying is Feel Good Violence writ large in real life. It’ll follow you into the fictional world just as easily. Power is a high you never forget.

This is very common trope for characters who also act as a means of self-insertion by the author. For them, it isn’t bullying. It’s an example of how awesome their character is and how tough they are.

Everything But Dead - When the only morals applied are if someone died, the rest is sanctioned without comment. There are no narrative consequences for the character’s behavior, and everyone cheers them on. Anyone who calls them out is an acceptable target, usually evil, or the protagonist wins them over in the end because their actions are “justified”.

By Any Means Stupid - This is the “by any means necessary“ trope, where the violence really isn’t necessary and the author just wanted an excuse to paint the room red.

Unprovoked Violence Is Always the Solution - This is the one where the protagonist skips all the other steps and goes straight to preemptive violence against a total stranger, for no reason other than it makes them appear tough. Usually not framed by the narrative as bad, but it is. Oh, yes, it is. Worse there usually aren’t any consequences for the hero physically assaulting someone in a room full of witnesses because everyone knows they’re the hero, right?

Random Violence Before Strangers is A-Okay -  The protagonist disembowels a bully in front of their victim in order to protect them and receives effusive thank yous. Nothing comes from this. The bad guy is dead. We all feel good. All is right in the world. Except… violence freaks people out.

Acceptable Targets - These are people designated by the writer as non-entities and targets for violence regardless of narrative context. A very slippery slope that is ever descending. But, you know, it feels good? Sure, so long as you’re not on the receiving end. This kind of dehumanization happens in real life too, just in case you were wondering.

Beating Up My Source - You have a character who collects information from an old standby, they threaten and beat up that standby regularly to show they’re tough. At what point does this seem like a terrible idea? Never! Hey, they’re a bad person so you feel good, right?

Waving My Gun Around - Trigger discipline is just the beginning of this problem. A gun is not a toy. but you’ll find a vast array of narratives who use it that way in order to look tough.

Killing Your Way to the Top - You can’t really destroy organizations like this. Killing the people at the top will just lead to someone else taking their place. Whenever you create a power vacuum someone will fill it. You can’t destroy an organization by killing. It doesn’t work. But, it feels good!

Must Obviously Be Boy - Because female fighters are unicorns and the mooks have never laid eyes on a woman before. Usually part of a larger narrative issue with violence, but acts as a “get out of jail free” card.

Clear the Building - That time the character decided to knock everyone out to prove that they are tough. Weirder when it happens on stealth missions.

I Am Not Gaining Levels - When you’re reading a book and the character is fighting like it’s a video game. They fight everyone like they’re in an RPG chasing XP. Why? We don’t know, but it makes them feel good.

Let Me Shoot Him Twenty Times - We could call this spray and pray, but let’s pretend for a moment the magazine could run dry.

Magic Bullets - The bullets that go where you want, stop when you want, and don’t cause accidental casualties. You know, like the protagonist blind firing through a wall and hitting a four year old playing in the yard across the street.

Body Armor Always Prevents A Blow-through - Nope!

New to Training, Perfect Sparring - That time the main character took on their evil rival (school’s top/better trained student) in a sparring match and won, especially when it was their first day.

Sparring Just In General - The vast majority of Western media doesn’t understand the concept or purpose of sparring. Many authors seem to think its a UFC match where you just beat each other up and the first thing you do during training to “assess your capabilities”.

Queuing for Combat - This is an old Hollywood trick where the burden of a group fight is lifted as the stuntmen wait their turn to fight the protagonist. Particularly egregious in written action sequences where the author doesn’t grasp the concept of teamwork. It also warps the understanding of how many people its possible for a human to fight at once.

Terrible At Torture - Torture is a terrible way to gain information in general because it doesn’t lead to a confession so much as confirmation bias. The subject will tell you whatever you want to hear because they want the pain to stop. It’s even worse when done poorly, which it is 90% of the time. Usually, media uses it for shock value or to prove how tough a protagonist is. Torture is not putting a blowtorch to someone’s foot and hoping for the best. It’s far, far more complicated than that. Neither torturer nor subject come out of the experience whole. Besides, the unimaginative protagonists say, “screw you!” The clever ones lie.

What Is: Dress for Success - How we dress our characters is often necessary for crafting a sense of narrative realism. This comes in often as a reason for why its so difficult to take female action heroes seriously, but it happens to the guys too. Not a bad trope on its own, but often symptomatic of a larger narrative approach to violence that ends with “feel” and “good”.

Beautiful and Badass - This one is a very specific female fantasy, which is that you can meet all the cultural standards and definitions for beauty while being in direct defiance of them. These are the female characters who are never touched by the combat they engage in. They are always graceful, always elegant, always beautiful in motion and the narrative will pause to tell us this often. “She fights like she’s dancing.” For these characters, their supermodel-esque beauty is a natural extension of their being. They don’t work at it. Combat is incidental. It’s a set piece to tell you how awesome the character is. It generally amounts to nothing, serves no real narrative purpose, but by god the author is going to walk us through it in excruciating detail. Combat and character are separate, and consequences are for other people.

My Instincts Performed A Wheel Kick - Your instincts just don’t work that way.

There’s probably more, but that hits most of the major sins.

Keep in mind that many of these tropes are not issues by themselves. They often work when context and consequences are taken into account by their narrative/setting. Generally, this results in characters with no accountability for their behavior and exhibit no responsibility for their actions. The issue, of course, is that responsibility and accountability are what make well-written violence work. Violence often drives the narrative. It’s part and parcel to who the character is, and their decision making. It’s the difference between a character who presents themselves as tough or skilled and one who actually is.


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I decided to draw a scene from the first chapter of my fic even though I should be writing the new chapter instead.

Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference. Don’t allow the phone to interrupt important moments. It’s there for your convenience, not the callers. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is. Don’t burn bridges. You’ll be surprised how many times you have to cross the same river. Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. Don’t major in minor things. Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Learn to say no politely and quickly. Don’t use time or words carelessly. Neither can be retrieved. Don’t waste time grieving over past mistakes Learn from them and move on. Every person needs to have their moment in the sun, when they raise their arms in victory, knowing that on this day, at his hour, they were at their very best. Get your priorities straight. No one ever said on his death bed, ‘Gee, if I’d only spent more time at the office’. Give people a second chance, but not a third. Judge your success by the degree that you’re enjoying peace, health and love. Learn to listen. Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly. Leave everything a little better than you found it. Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation. Loosen up. Relax. Except for rare life and death matters, nothing is as important as it first seems. Never cut what can be untied. Never overestimate your power to change others. Never underestimate your power to change yourself. Remember that overnight success usually takes about fifteen years. Remember that winners do what losers don’t want to do. Seek opportunity, not security. A boat in harbor is safe, but in time its bottom will rot out. Spend less time worrying who’s right, more time deciding what’s right. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life. Success is getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you get. The importance of winning is not what we get from it, but what we become because of it. When facing a difficult task, act as though it’s impossible to fail.
—  Jackson Brown Jr.
Vague Horoscopes (April 23, 2017)
  • Aries: The lessons we learn today are important, look out for them, or you may just miss them.
  • Taurus: Remember the people you've trusted recently aren't always good for you. Look out for lessons here.
  • Gemini: Your sexual appeal is more than usual, but one should be wary with how they enjoy it.
  • Cancer: The feelings of restriction aren't only felt by you, remember this.
  • Leo: Today is optimal for your story telling, especially of dark natures / secrets. You may feel upset, but with Neptune's illusions, it may not totally be present.
  • Virgo: The home life may be disruptive, and something elusive may be happening in your love life. It's imperative to look for instance in these times.
  • Libra: We feel and look even more beautiful than usual. The innocent vibe you have will work in your favor today.
  • Scorpio: Relationships should be ego-less. Is yours? What should you do?
  • Sagittarius: The cautious steps we take today will benefit us. The home life may try you, and may take the day to heal.
  • Capricorn: You aren't thinking things through, today. Don't rely on luck/intuition at this time.
  • Aquarius: You find yourself bringing more home today than usual. But today, what you bring home doesn't feel like it belongs there, and may take root for longer than anticipated. (Applies to people, feelings, and/or objects).
  • Pisces: Today the cloud that has been hovering over your head may weigh more than usual.

Requested Anonymously

The Doctor hadn’t imagined that you wearing a skirt would bother him so much. That’s not to say that he didn’t like it. He did like it. That was the problem - he liked it too much. It wasn’t even that short of a skirt, either. There wasn’t anything overly sexy or promiscuous about it. That, he would have been able to ignore. He had been ignoring flaunted sexuality all his lives (it never failed to make him uncomfortable), and it came easily to him at this point. But you weren’t flaunting anything. You were in a tasteful, flowing skirt that cut off right at the knee. It flared out a bit whenever you turned, giving just the slightest tease of your lower thigh, but there was no inappropriate exposure. None at all. It was perfectly perfect. But the Doctor was scared of it.

“Wait a minute. What are you dressed like that for?” he asked when you finally joined him in the console room. He immediately bit his tongue when he realized how he sounded, but… he really wanted to know why you were wearing that… thing. And heels. Oh, no, you were wearing heels. They weren’t especially tall and the wedge was hardly more than an inch, but this was more heel than he had ever seen you stand on.

You made a silly face at him in response, too accustomed to his non-ginger rudeness to be offended. “Is this alright for where we’re going? I’ll just change real quick if it’s not. I just never get to wear it.”

That’s right, you never got to wear it. (Forget the heels. Can’t run well in those, so they were out of the question.) The Doctor had never seen so much leg on you. You wore trousers, always, because you were smart enough to know that skirts were not for adventuring. Even in hot weather, though, you didn’t wear shorts. You just wore trousers with thinner material. Shorts were nice, but the idea of running through dense underbrush or stinging nettles or a bog with bare legs didn’t appeal to you, so you kept your legs safely covered. Until today.

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im sick so… have some sick newsies headcanons because why the hell not

(these are also totally not in character but im sick myself so i think that gives me a free pass to be a little ooc - also these are definitely modern au)

jack - literally everyone thinks he’d be that one sick friend that gets all obnoxious and loud as hell and whiny, but really its the exact opposite. he just stops talking .. jack just kinda totally just secludes himself from the other newsies and becomes super withdrawn and quiet and it FREAKS the others out because why isnt jack saying more than 3 words at a time??

davey - he has this weird fear of accidentally taking medicines with ingredients that will react with each other so he tries any and all home remedies he can think of (and find online), holding off on antibiotics until he ABSOLUTELY needs to take them, usually seen carrying around a half empty gallon of orange juice throughout the duration of his illness

crutchie - will vehemently deny any signs of illness, but secretly takes super super good care of himself if he feels the slightest bit under the weather. “crutchie, you feelin okay?” “yeah! of course— but wow its getting late im exhausted, i’ll see ya in the morning pal.” “crutchie its only 7pm” “i know, jack. goodnight.”

race - serial napper™, race: “nothin a good night’s rest cant solve”, also race: sleeps for upwards of 18 hours, the downside: when he’s awake, he’s either incredibly cranky or incredibly loopy and out of it, albert likes to screw with him when he’s loopy but davey just gives him the disapproving dad glare so he stops and makes sure race is comfortable and not in any pain instead

albert - is probably 100% convinced he’s dying during the course of any illness he’s had to deal with. one day, albert has a cough: “god, race what if i’ve got black lung?” “well, first off- you don’t work in a coal mine—”, coincidentally the ONE time his life is actually in danger, he has no idea. “albert, you could’ve died- for real. your appendix exploded” “you guys dont know what you’re talkin about, it was just some stomach cramps. i’m fine now!” “yeah after emergency surgery??”

spot - totally the whiny one, but isn’t afraid to be whiny because he’s spot conlon and his body is tryin ta kill him, dammit, but that doesn’t mean the other boys wont try to tease him, because they totally will.. although after the first time, spot’s cold, tired gaze and mostly empty threats freaked many of the boys out enough to lay off of him after that (not race tho lol, that boy is relentless)

finch - poor dude gets really persistent fever dreams.. buttons will sit by his bed sometimes while he’s out cold just to keep a watchful eye on him and catch finch mumbling about ‘toucan sam stealing his french toast’ or ‘batman beating him in the triathalon’, the funniest part is all the others recounting the stories to finch the next day because he doesn’t remember them

specs - kinda your average sick friend, only occasionally specs will lose his train of thought and completely zone out, or completely forget words sometimes (because his brain gets super super fuzzy when he’s sick, and he hates it, but there’s not really much he can do about it). “specs can you hand me that pencil over there?” “…………huh?” “the pencil. on that table over there.” “……….” “pencil-” “—oh, the uh- the- pencil, yeah sorry.”

romeo - binge watches like its nobody’s business, he’s usually pretty average when sick, but if you sit that boy in front of a television he’ll end up marathoning all the lord of the rings movies without even realizing it, and he’ll completely zone out, but still somehow remember everything he watched… sometimes he even falls asleep watching reruns of seinfeld and remembers vague details about the plot of the episodes that happened WHILE he was asleep.. nobody has any clue how he does it… race calls it his hidden talent

buttons - basically turns into a human magnet. he becomes super super touch starved when he’s sick, but he’s sick so none of the other newsies can be around him because they cant afford to get sick either. it got so bad at one point that finch just took one of his shirts, tied the sleeves off, and stuffed an old pillow inside of it. buttons was so out of it the first time he had no idea, but now pillow finch is his go-to sick buddy

jojo - jojo the jello fiend™, it doesn’t matter what he’s sick from, jojo will ALWAYS have jello when he’s feeling under the weather (i guess its like a comfort food maybe??) his favorite flavor’s orange and for some reason he only enjoys jello when he’s sick, if he’s offered jello on any other occasion he’ll refuse it? which nobody understands… but if the other boys are sick and jojo is particularly worried, he’ll make jello for them and it just becomes understood that jojo really cares about you if he’s made jello for you at any point in your life

Bath Potions

I just wanted to make a simpler post on how to make shower gel spells. They look really pretty and are fun to make and practical cause you can use them any time. Here is a few pictures of mine. (another)

I make these spells to either:

  • Evoke a feeling, put me in a mental state (state of calm, state of clarity, state of alertness to wake up)
  • Attract Something (friends, money, good energy)
  • Banish Something (sheilding, etc)

There’s a lot of other intentions you could do but those tend to be my top 3.

They also look like cute colorful potions and make the bathroom feel more magical.. Aside from the brass cauldron full of drying bath mixes and glitter and powder and strange shit everywhere.

You will need

  1. A bottle of your choice! Glass is the best because it doesn’t leak into the formula and you can reuse it. Squeezy plastic bottles are ok too but glass is preferred. You can get the cool potion-looking bottles at Michaels, AC Moore, Goodwill, wherever. They usually cost $1 each. (Usually $1.50 if they are large).
    If you do buy a glass bottle they have a lot of different shapes and sizes. I use square shapes for protection or stability, round for different mental states or energy, hearts for self love, compassion or attracting love or social interactions, I mean there are many shapes so keep in mind what type of bottle you would like for what spell. If you don’t want to get that complicated then just get the most plain glass bottle possible lol.

  2.  Scentless gel soap. You can get pure liquid castille soap at a few stores, many people love this. I just get a $4 whole foods scentless shower gel brand that works nicely. They used to have this amazing shower gel that was so soft and wonderful at whole foods and I can no longer find it, but it’s called Shikai and it makes your skin feel like angels rubbed themselves on it. I have no idea why I can’t find it anymore.

  3.  (Optional) Oils for the skin. Some oils has its own magical properties but adding argan oil, coconut oil, aloe (not oil, but good for the skin) or olive oil in small teaspoons can help to moisturize the skin or give it a nice glow. Coconut oil is fun cause it separates and leaves a cool milky layer on top and when you shake it the solution is thick and creamy.

  4. Essential oils, fragrance oils, your favorite perfume, flower water, for fragrance. Anything that will help to evoke the feeling or magic you would want. This is a very basic instruction post so its very open ended. Just ingredients for the fragrance. 

  5. Ingredients to help further evoke this magic:  dried herbs, petals, rain water, snow water, crushed ice, decorative glass pearls, seashells, citrus peels, seeds, your breath, eyelashes, black sand, colorful sand, charcoal (great for protection and extracting crap from the skin), home made flower or herb extracts and oils, (great seasonal activity to make fragrance oils from collected flowers and herbs outside), etc. You understand the point. Things that you collect in your craft that’s safe to go on skin and has magical properties. For things like crystals that don’t do well in these types of solutions, use them to charge your solution afterwards by placing them around or on top of the cork.

  6. Optional: Things to give it some presentation such as food coloring, mica powder, glitter (some I have stars or heart shaped glitter in it, its cute and the glitter is too heavy so it rinses off of me).

  7. Your Intent (of course!) When you have all your ingredients gathered in your bottle, they will naturally be separated since oils and shower gel have different weights and textures. When you shake it together fusing them for the first time, make sure your intent is strong, Maybe meditate or take time to focus your energy before doing this!

You can use these things when you need them daily in the shower (High five to those super busy or low energy witches who don’t have the time or energy to do magic everyday!) Usually this can last up to two weeks or if you have multiple, it can last for months so you can feel magical daily by just taking a quick shower with this, plus its way easier than making a bath and using bath salt mixtures (-also to add, I understand sometimes people with low energy have trouble even getting into a shower but when I was in a rush sometimes I would just wash my hands with a solution and feel great).
If you have more time you can pour the whole bottle into a bubble bath! So it works as something for the shower and for a bath! Adding baking soda makes a SUPER foamy fizzing bath. So if you ever need a magical bubble bath you got a cute potion bottle sitting ready to go. They are easy and once you get the hang of making them it becomes really fun too!

  • I have made rejuvenation/calming potions with mint leaves and rain water (colored it a soft green, added light green pearl dust powder)
  • potions to evoke a clear mind with eucalyptus, rain water and sandalwood
  • potions for confidence with honeysuckle, gold glitter, and amber (colored it a deep blue for the throat energy to communicate well). 
  • potions for social attractiveness and attracting good vibes with cherry blossom home made oil and pink heart glitter and sugar fragrance

And then its fun to give them names and write down the recipes in your grimoire (which I have been neglecting to do), usually when I don’t have a name I just call them by what they do like Rejuvination I, Confidence, Clarity, and when I do have a name usually based on how they look and smell I named one Sunburst and the cherry Blossom one Sugar Blossom cause it smells like spring flowers and baked sweets.

I’ve gotten some compliments from this too. Like I have used shower gels to attract friendships or social interactions and people would notice there is an alluring smell and ask about it then I would be like: OH DID YOU MEAN ME?!?! Cause you know, I love it when I smell good ;)  (Also I am a Libra attention seeking ho in social situations)

Anyway I hope this helps. Shoot me questions if you need them to be answered!


Tattoos are an art form. And to me, art is creativity. So no list will ever be complete, until there will be someone out there working on something new. But this (a rewriting of an old piece I wrote for ET on tumblr) can help to know a little bit more about modern tattoo styles. Take your time to understand the differencies, go through the names in the list, find your style. A good tattoo lasts forever, and knowledge is the roots of a good choice.

Old School/Traditional: Is usually referred to American classic tattooing. Artists like Amund Dietzel, Sailor Jerry, Herbert Hoffman or Bert Grimm, from the firtst decades of 1900, are the names to start from if you want to know its roots, Classical subjects (anchors, ships, roses, daggers, eagles, horses etc.), simple designs, bold lines and  basic color palettes. Traditional tattooing is definitely more than a trend, with its own philosophy and unwritten rules.

Tony Nilsson, Cassandra Frances, Samuele Briganti, Paul Dobleman, Paul Fulton, Florian Santus, Moira Ramone (pics: Moira Ramone, Paul Fulton, Mauro Quaresima)

There is also a different kind of traditional, widly diffused, enough to be considered a style, that people keep considering part of traditional or neo traditional. It keeps bold lines, and part of the classic imaginery, mixed with weird, modern, surreal, pop stuff. No limits for color palettes, no rules. Tradition meets creativity, one of the personal favourites.

El Carlo, Ron Wells, Luca Font, Pietro Sedda, Ray Wallace, Dane Mancini, Laura Yahna, Ibi Rothe, Deno Jr (pics: Ray Wallace, El Carlo, Laura Yahna, Dane Mancini)

Japanese: Originally called Irezumi, its roots runs deep in the history of its country. Its meaning in Japanese culture changed through the centuries, from tebori (tattooing by hand) to Yobori (tattooing by machine), to became part of the classic Japanese imaginaery, as we know it. Not every asian themed tattoo (common subjects like dragons, yokai demons, tigers, hannya masks and so on) is japanese style. Everything from colors to placement, to the shapes of the untattooed areas has its rules. As any other ancient styles, of course, you can find its modern, contaminated, version too (Gakkin or Wendy Pham’s works are a good example).  

Shige, Pino Cafaro, Caio Pinero, Bill Canales, Gotch, Rodrigo Souto, Yutaro (Bill Canales, Pino Cafaro, R. Souto, Shigenori Ywasaki)

Modern tribal and ornamental: usually referred to a mix of geometrical shapes, patterns, mandalas, asian motives, and Maori influences.

Guy le tatooer, Thomas Hooper, Marco Galdo, Chaim Machlev, Little Swastika (Guy, C. Machlev, T. Hooper)

Realism: From portraits, to a custom piece, to the perfect reproduction of a picture/painting. Realistic tattoos is one of the most spectacular styles in tattooing. No black outline, and lifelike shades, black and grey or colors. It easily mixes with different styles, like with Simone Pfaff or Andrey Lukovnikov, where realism is just a technical part of their own style.

Robert Hernandez, Chris Gherman, Alex De Pase, Scrappy Uno, Sandra Daukshta, Lippo, Sam Stokes (Lippo, A. Acosta, S. Daukshta)

Biomechanical: A trend in the late 90’, basically made of mechanical parts that looks like fused with the flesh. Organic and unorganic elements are realistically drawn, to create the illusion to be carved in the onwer’s body.

Don McDonald, Carson Hill, Guy Hatchinson (who creates bio organic style) (itp: Carson Hill, Don McDonald, Guy Atchinson)

New School/Cartoonish: Fantasy, big eyes subjects, rounded shapes, bright colors, crazy proportions and prospectives. Another style that was more popular in the 90’, now is often fused with different styles, specially with neo traditional.

Kati Berinkey (she fuses new school and sketchy/illustrative styles for her designs), Adam Hawtorne (another one with his own distintcive illustrative style), David Tevenal, Nathan Evans (mixing neo trad e new school) (A. Hawtorne, A. H., David Tevenal)

Neo Traditional: Illustrative like tattoos, where classical subjects like women, crows, snakes, triangles, wolves etc. (from the classic old school imaginery), are drawn with bright colors, and realistical shading, in a aperfect mix between traditional and realism.

Emily Rose, Dusty Neal, Lu’s Lips, Christophe Bonardi, Debora Cherrys, Rodrigo Kalaka El Uf, Jack Goks Pearce. (E. R. Murray, R. Kalaka, Teresa Sharpe, Lu’s Lips)

Lettering: Text tattoos are usually a bad idea, unless they are done in the proper style, and from a specialized artist.

Norm Will Rise, Justin Wilson, Big Meas (N. W. R., J. Wilson, Big Meas)

Chicano: the word “Chicano”, referred to American citizen of Mexican origin, ceased to be a slur in the 60’, while the style itself was born a couple decades before. Common subjects are wemen, skulls, roses, and religious icons, usually in black and gray.

Boog, Macko (Macko, Boog)

These are the most common, radicated, worldly reconized style. But is just a partial view of what the contemporary tattoo scene can offer. In the last 15 years, more and more styles are born. Some of them still don’t even have a name, some have more than one. Some of them will became classic and some are just a trend.

Fun fact: wikipidia’s italian “tattoo” page have “genital” listed as one of the most common styles.

Watercolors: The colors are spread to simulate watercolors. Often mixed with other styles. People keeps debating about how watercolor tattoos will age. Only time will tell.

Klaim, Amanda Wachob, Niko Inko (A. Wachob, G. Smash, Klaim)

Photoshop: the names probably comes from a folder where the artist Xoil (still one of the best in this style) used to store his works’ pics.

If you have ever used PS, you know what I’m talking about. PS style is basically a collage of different images and techniques, from watercolor to dotwork to lettering.

Xoil, Niko Inko, Voller Kontrast, Little Swastika, Jef Palumbo, Arlin ffrench (J. Palumbo, Xoil)

Illustrative Geometrical style: geometrical elements are common in modern tattoo designs, but some artists  generated a new trend, mixing illustrative elements, modern tribal patterns, and geometrical lines.

Maxime Buchi, Daniel Meyer, Valentin Hirsch, Kamil Czapiga  (C. Machlev, D. Meyer, Maxime Buchi) 

Illustrative, sketchy: The artist draw on skin all the lines that usually are ereased in a finished design, to create the illusion of a pencil sketch.

Lea Nahon, Sam Rulz, Nomi Chi, Sven Groenvald (Lea Nahon, S. Groenvald, Nomi Chi)

3D: Again, not exactly a style.  The artist uses realistic shading, shadows and prospectives to give the illusion of depth.

Russ Abbott, Jesse Rix (itp: Jesse Rix, Russ Abbott)

Engraving: on a thin line between illustrative, sketchy, and traditional tattoos, engraving uses black lines to simulate ancient wood engraving techniques, taking inspiration from medieval like illustration.

Sam Rulz, Maxime Buchi, Andrei Svetov (A. SV, Sam Rulz)

Next style has no name yet, and it’s slightly less diffused.. But I like it, so it’s in the list. ;) Tipical traditional pieces but coloured with flat colors, almost no shades, and twisted, experimental, original designs. 

Adrian Edek, Sany Kim, Aivaras Lee, Patryk Hilton

Girly: It’s a definition I hate, cause I’m convinced there is no room for sex differencies in art. I’m a big bearded boy and still I would proudly wear a Jody Dawber or Cassandra Frances’ piece. Still, this is how people call it. Bold lines and flat shading are mixed with bright colors like pink, yellow, light blue, that perfectly fits the “cuteness” of the subjects, often inspired from pop culture and cartoon characters.

Jody Dawber (basically a traditional artist), Alex Strangler, Sasha Mezoghlian (A. Strangler, J. Dawber, S. Mezoghlian)

The last style of this list have no name yet, but it’s still worth to be considered cause of it’s diffusion and people response to it. Basically the artists recreates a simpler, geometrical, version of the subjects, with no black outline, and a watercolor effect.

Sasha Unisex, Marius Trubisz, Marcin Surowiec, David Cote (M. Surowiec, Sasha Unisex)

Beta Care (Brett Talbot) NSFW

Alpha!Brett x Reader

Warnings: NSFW

A/N: This was kind of requested of an Anon and it happens to be inspired by a dream I had. Hehe, enjoyyyyy.

Brett Talbot Masterlist


You strode towards the living room with slow and quiet steps, looking at the tall werewolf leaning back onto the couch, legs stretched out under the table and eyes focused on a documentary on the TV-screen. He wasn’t interested in the subject at all, it just happen to be what the channel was airing at this time, after a long day.

Without a single word, you step in front of him and straddle his lap, making him snap his eyes up at you, looking at you with those bright blue eyes that you loved so much.

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A Sleepless Night

A story in which Roman can’t fall asleep and Anxiety might be able to help.

Roman sat on a stool in the kitchen, quietly sipping on his hot chocolate. It was nearly three in the morning and he couldn’t sleep. He had spent hours upon hours of tossing and turning, and finally gave up; it was going to be a sleepless night and he would deal with the consequences in the morning.He picked at the croissant that sat on a plate in front of him, his appetite little to nothing. He sighed and pushed the plate away. It was going to be a long night.

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headlines ; jjk

in which jungkook has a secret that he would prefer to tell you literally anywhere other than at a halloween party — but things don’t always go the way he plans.

pairing: jungkook x reader / word count 5k

: iron man!au, oh yes i did, mentions of violence and sex, a lot of swearing, angst, FLUFF I PROMISE

— part of the miracles in october collab with @workofteaguk​.

Well, this was it. Jungkook’s life was coming to an end, namely because Namjoon was going to kill him once he found out he’d snuck out of the house.

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itsgreywaterrichie  asked:

I will give you two dollars if you right me a reddie hc where Richie has nightmares and ends up at Eddie's house

- richie literally wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about what happened with IT, every night he’d get flashes of his friends trapped in the sewers, stan nearly dying, bev floating, henry fighting mike, ben crying, bill shooting georgie, eddie breaking his arm

- and one night he was tossing and turning for hours and he got so fed up he walked outside barefoot in his pyjama pants and just started walking and didn’t stop

- he didn’t even know he ended up at eddie’s until he saw the letterbox

- he’d throw stones at eddie’s window and climb up like nothing was wrong, and event at 4 am eddie looked adorable

- ‘richie what the hell?? its freezing out how can you not wear a shirt and shoes?!”

- ‘i thought you’d like it’

- eddie wraps richie up because he’s shivering even if he doesn’t realise it and makes him stay close to keep him warm

- richie seems to be making even more jokes tonight than usual but eddie can see the fear in his eyes and just listens to him ramble

- then richie gets quiet and eddie takes his hand and quietly says ‘what happened this time?’

- richie tells him, the flashes coming back into his mind, and his voice gets quiet and hoarse and he starts to shake and eddie just holds him and rocks the two of them back and forth

- richie doesn’t even realise he’s crying until eddie wipes his tears away

- ‘he can’t get us anymore, rich, we’re safe now, you’re safe’

Horoscopes - Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season Horoscopes

Scorpio season is here to whip us into shape. With Jupiter in action, Scorpio season may feel a bit more… intense than usual.

Aries: Martian energy will intensify things for you since Scorpio is also ruled by Mars. You might feel aggressive energy entering your calm zone from the residue of Libra’s diplomatic season. Control the urge to be mean and try to learn a few things from your sister sign. Take up some meditation and plan a trip because Sagittarius season is looming in the corner waiting for the intense cloud to lift and take you into its wings.

Taurus: Scorpio’s sister sign, so it is very probable you might be feeling confused by your sudden mood swings. This season has been pretty tough on everyone and you are now in the fighting spirit. Everything seems like a challenge for you but you have the strength to overcome it. Lazy Libra season with its wonderful Venusian energy is gone and now you are left with productive energies that are making you want to wake up earlier and take over the world. Now is the time to start new projects to balance whatever storm may be brewing inside.

Gemini: Feeling scattered? More so than usual? Traveling is always fun for the Gemini. New people, new experiences and a form of running away from whatever may be bothering you. There are other cheap methods of escape and that involved getting lost in a good novel. Now is the time to pen that novel you’ve been thinking about.

Cancer: Moody Cancer is wondering why that Capricorn has not called back. With the New Moon in Taurus, they might decide to pick up the phone and send you a loving and dorky text or…not. Either way, cheer up and think about how you can be the best at everything you put your mind to. There are wonderful opportunities in the horizon, maybe that job you wanted is closer than you think, and those debts are about to get paid. Put you first, work on you and then worry about your admirers.

Leo: Somehow, everything is about you this season. You might feel like you have some superpowers and that you are being powered by Jupiter. Maybe that third eye has opened up or maybe you’re just being a bit…you. You are amazing, Leo but that does not mean you have to insert yourself into every conversation or critique people for doing the same thing you do to them. Practice what you preach. Everything seems to be aligning itself for you, you are kicking ass at work, everyone loves you and Thanksgiving/Christmas are right around the corner…

Virgo: You feel at peace after a stressful October. Things might not be at 100% but they are getting there. Some thoughts might weigh you down but fret not, you will be able to overcome the challenges. Start planning for the next few months. Friends, family and random people might seek you for guidance, make sure to try your best but to take a break when everything overpowers you. Remember, you are a natural helper but you can also easily get consumed into other people’s troubles and forget about you. This is the perfect time to start or finish any pending projects or considering ways to increase your finances. Watch the purse strings, Virgo! But you rarely go crazy with the splurging.

Libra: Surprisingly, you might be feeling in the zone and that is a good thing. You have been in a charitable mood lately, helping friends and family, being the go to person and just being the wonderful version of you that everyone loves to hate. Keep up the good work and remember to put you first once in a while because being the good mediator friend can get draining. Plan a staycation and think about how you can save the world.

Scorpio: You are probably the only one that is smiling right now (or not). Things are going your way, you’ve entered a period of luck and expansion and you thrive on the drama that is going on around you (unless you’re a Pisces Moon or Rising). Hey! It’s still Halloween in November for Scorpios and the party does not stop. Fix up the house, water the plants and do some organizing. Maybe you want to transform your looks to match what you’re feeling inside? Don’t do anything drastic and do not be mean. We love you!

Sagittarius: The party animal is probably in a slump. But, aren’t we all? Take a break from people, focus on finishing some pending projects and plan your birthday shenanigans. Saturn is slowly leaving your sign, so you might feel a bit…tired? Zap that energy back by meditating and focusing on you. Things will brighten up soon once November 21st kicks in.

Capricorn: The hardworking Capricorns are gearing up for their time in the sun. With Saturn entering Capricorn in a month, you can feel it in your pores that things are going to go your way for 2018. Jupiter in Scorpio is pushing you to be more productive (super productive) and it may even be making you…happy? You have lots to look forward to and if you are feeling out of balance, try to take a break. Seriously. Relaxing will do you wonders, especially when your birthday season is closing in.

Aquarius: This is the perfect time for renovation. Aquarius is the sign of the individual and this season you might be feeling a bit out of it. Find your way back into the groove by reading up on something you have been putting off, watch some television to clear your mind or start a new project. Shopping can even be a bit cathartic for you. Reach out to a good friend that you have not talked to in a while, it might help you gain some creative juices flowing.

Pisces: This is the time for hidden truths to come out into the bright light, which might be a bit of a problem for the fish. You tend to hide but everything might be dragged out and you may or may not be ready for this exposure. Take time to think before you speak (seriously), since you can impulsively tell an entertaining tale on occasion and Scorpion energies may inspire this. Hang out with friends or take up some new adventures so you can focus on other things.

lijau  asked:

About your "I don't have any ships post," neither did I. When I watched Voltron I had no inclination to ship anyone. When I rewatched it before S3, no ships had made its way into my cold heart. Then S3 hits and Keith shows up looking for Shiro and I was like "Damn. He really cares about him." Finally Keith says "As many times as it takes" and I clutched my heart. You don't get more intimate than saying you'd put yourself through hell countless times in order to save someone you love.

Ya I can see what you mean, usually I don’t go into a series looking to ship something. But yes, watching Keith grieve Shiro throughout season 3 was just so damn heartbreaking. Even if I didn’t ship it, I’m pretty sure that character arc still would’ve broken me. Because you know it’s been weeks now, months–everyone else has moved on, but Keith’s still searching, he never loses hope. He’s still looking, because if he doesn’t, no one else will

And it’s always Keith who we see mourning Shiro. Keith who’s still carrying a torch for him all these time, who can’t bear the thought of losing Shiro when he’s endured that hell once already, who’s so overwhelmed by emotions both human and galran he lashes out in his rage and grief, taken aback by his own behavior because he’s bottled his feelings up for so long he’s just ready to burst. And we know from Joaquim that, “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep in check.” 

Later he mentions that “[Keith’s] got this emotional side to him,” and Lauren adds that, “It’s kind of exasperated by the fact that Shiro’s gone. Like he’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel. And I think he just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from the galra side.” Shiro literally helps Keith retain his humanity; he’s the only balm that can really soothe these volatile, intense galran emotions Keith really struggles with. And so to lose that one person who was so grounding, who was his anchor–you know that really hit him hard

And really, you feel Shiro’s loss through Keith. He’s the one aching and longing and hoping and fighting–he’ll save Shiro on his own if he has to, because it seems that’s exactly what Shiro did for him. And even though lots of fans don’t ship it I imagine it still must have been painful to watch Keith endure all of this, to know that he lost the person he cares for the most and would give anything to have them back. 

He’s so invested in Shiro, so adamant about finding him–it really stings to see the others pull him aside and say you have to move on. And the fact that he’s really the one with his heart bleeding out over Shiro, that you have people telling him Shiro would want him to go on, it does give me the sense that this is someone mourning a lover. Keith’s grief is almost singular and possessive in nature–he accuses the others of not caring about Shiro the way he does, reminding them that, “We don’t have Shiro anymore either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” This is a very deeply personal, intimate loss. And it runs much deeper than any connection he’s ever had with the other paladins 

and then that reunion!! When you finally see Keith save Kuron and the look of absolute adoration on his face–the way they both slowly drift into each other’s orbit in a scene that’s just the two of them. How Keith is the only one Kuron is comfortable having at his bedside, the fact that Keith must’ve been there to have these talks and care for him all this time. And the way Kuron says, so matter-of-factly, that Keith has always been there to save him, and just how unbelievable that is–again, really reads like something you’d expect from a love interest to me. And Keith’s confident, gentle promise of “As many times as it takes,” is just so heartfelt and sincere I can see why it changed your mind 

Daddy A-Z: Yuta

Originally posted by taei

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
Honestly, I feel like Yuta would be the s/o that immediately knows sometimes up with his love? Like ‘you’re really warm all of a sudden, are you okay?’ ‘you’re…eating a lot. have you ever eaten a pack of spaghetti all on your own?’ ‘did you…..did you used to eat pickles with peanut butter? or am i forgetting??’ before it clicks, and he’s just like ‘yoUR FKIN PREGNANT ARENT YOU?!!??!’ He figures it out on his own and you’re just like ‘yup.’ ‘duDE!!’ With telling others, I feel like he’d just do something normal, like posting pictures of the ultrasound or positive pregnancy test.

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
I don’t think Yuta does much dad reading, he’s more of a ‘we’re fine! we can figure it out together! people have kids…it’s got to be like….natural to take care of a kid right?….right?” so he’s more of a wing it/do what his parents did when raising his bub.

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
I swear Yuta’s the dad that just stands around and coos at watching his bub and s/o cuddling, rather than him doing the cuddler. He’ll take 1735 pictures of his s/o and the babe cuddling, and make an instagram dedicated to the cuddling fam.

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 

I feel like having kids with Yuta will be more planned than a surprise, so he’s fully aware the dad title is coming, and he’s very aware that he’s heading to that path. So I don’t think being called Daddy will be some fantastic thing in his mind, because he’s been seeing himself as dad before the test was even positive. I think he’d be pretty calm and just think ‘well yeah, i’m dad. i know that.’

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
With Yuta, I think it’ll be 50/50, or more like ‘who’s not currently holding the baby when we realize we’re out of something? okay then its your turn to make the supplies run’. It’s more just taking turns than one person’s role. 

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

Yuta usually leaves feeding time to his s/o, while he usually prepares the food/cleans the babe up afterwards, so he let’s his partner have the ‘food bonding time’.

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 

Obviously mr. healing smile Nakamoto is in charge of dealing with baby frowns a lot. Honestly, who doesn’t immediately smile when they see Yuta smile? C’mon now. All it takes is his pretty face smiling and laughing and the babe turns into the sun from the Teletubbies and we all know it.

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
Yuta’s got a few siblings, so I imagine he’d want or end up having a similar scenario with his kids. I can see him having 2 or 3, more likely close together in age, so they really bond as siblings and such. Plus he seems like the cocky dick to be like ‘babe we can totally hand 8 kids at once! trust me!’ and then a week into fatherhood he looks like the plague got him.

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 

“What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.
Yuta’s such a chubby cheek kisser, seriously. He attacks WinWin all the time, you know he’s gonna be smooching his lil bub so much god my heart hurts can NCT be on Hello Baby or Return of Superman please please please SM

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

I think Yuta’s pretty good at hiding his emotions and things, but holding your newborn for the first time is not something he can brush off, he’s gonna have that giant ass smile and he’s just yelling at everyone in the hospital room, ‘look at this! look at my baby! they’re fckin beautiful look at them! fck im a dad! babe look! look at our baby omg!’, he’s just so overcome with happiness and joy he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 

Yuta’s a dad that likes short titles, he’s the one that teaches the baby how to say mama and dada instead of mommy and daddy. #mama4life

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 

Yuta is suspiciously never near when diapers are dirty. Either he’s completely vanished from the house somehow, or he’s always doing someone he ‘just cant stop’. ‘im doing the dishes!’ ‘im cooking! if i walk away it’ll burn!’ his s/o is gonna have to give him the stink eye to make him change the diaper if you’re sick of him dipping out.

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
Listen….I think Yuta is pretty sensible with clothes……but when it comes to having control over another human, he’s really going to find the weirdest shit at the store. he’s gonna come downstairs after dressing the babe before you guys leave and you’re just going to see a circus clown where your kid should be. don’t let him dress the baby. dont. 

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 

Being Yuta’s spawn, I’m sure the bub is going to be the happiest little human in the world, I totally see Yuta nicknaming his bby sunshine or something cheesy like that because the babes, ‘the light of my life!’

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 

I swear to god Yuta will ask the nurse how long until you can have sex again or something fcking stupid like that. No but seriously, I think he’ll ask more question about your well being, seeing as damn…’his s/o just gave birth, how the fuck does he take care of you and the baby after that nurse tell me what to do!’

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 

I think with Yuta, the biggest thing needed is the partnership. Yuta cooks, his s/o feeds the baby. Yuta bathes the babe, his s/o dresses the babe. It’s a 50/50 take with responsibility, no one’s doing more than the other, it’s a lot less stressful having someone helping you in everything.

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 

It’s really a sense of who wakes up at the sound of the babe crying. If Yuta wakes up, he’s not going to wake his s/o up to go to the bub? If he wakes up, it’s his duty to go to his babe’s rescue.

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
Being Yuta, I just think he’ll fear that he’s not doing as good as he thinks. ‘am i actually doing good as a dad or am i failing completely?’, he’s just worried that he’s messing up and he’s not even aware of it. but that’s really all in his head, we all know Yuta will be just fine.

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
Similar to holding his baby for the first time, he’s just going to be a giant mess of smiles and coos at the monitor like, “oh my god, it’s just a blur but our baby is the most beautiful baby in the world! look at it! its moving and alive and we’re going to be parents…..f u ck”

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.

I think Yuta will be very firm on teaching the ‘love yourself’ mentality. While we know Yuta is a cocky little shit, he’s constantly voicing that he doesn’t think he’s as handsome as the other members, or he’s not his best at performing, while we know he is. He’s not as confident in himself as he should be, and I think he’ll be one that wants to make sure his kids know they’re perfect as they are and should be confident in themselves. 

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
Like I said, taking care of the baby is usually a partnership, pass off type of this. He cooks, you feed, he cleans, you dress. So usually he’s the one bathing the babe, and it probably takes ten years, I’m sure he’s a dad that makes bubble beards on his baby and plays with the bath toys more than the kid does.

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 

Honestly I think holidays are going to be hectic with Yuta. He doesn’t have a very small family, so there’s his family, his s/o’s family, he’s definitely the dad that wants to get a tree, and see Santa with the babe, take pictures, send cards, have a party with the members. It’s probably a damn mess but it’s so full of love and warm fuzzy feelings that no one could tell him no. 

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 

I feel like fights wouldn’t happen much, if at all? Knowing Yuta, it’ll probably just be a few hours of snarky comments back and forth and scowling until someone gives in and apologizes. He’s not one for yelling and screaming, he’s more of a under the breath cursing kind of fighter. 

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
Not even gonna try and lie, I know the house after birth with Yuta is going to look like a war zone. There’s things strung all over the house, but as Yuta will call it, it’s ‘organized chaos. i know where everything is! it’s all over the floor, leave it alone.’, bottles cover the living room table, diapers are strung around the house, Yuta just stepped on a pacifier, it’s a mess. Someone needs to call Taeyong….fast…..

Self-Care Saturday

Summary: Reader spends a regular Saturday in with Peter Parker.

Word Count:1,321

Warnings: its a bit wordier than my usual writing, i wanted to focus more on the details, just a lil something new. :) also fluff, good times

AN: i am a huuuge fan of taking days off for self-care, so here’s what its like spending it with peter haha. i hope you like this, please let me know what you think :) ennnnjoy

Originally posted by sexy-stan

The time on your phone read as 5 am and the sun was barely up. You’ve been trying to be a morning person all your life because you were tired of staying up till 4 am and waking up at noon with crust forming at the corner of your eyes. So instead, you decided that waking up at an earlier time and sorting your life out would keep you from being a grumpy night troll.

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The Alphabet of Love // Rafael Casal

Here I am, this was not the first thing in writing queue but it just begged to be written.

I blame Ren ( @alexanderhamllton ) for turning me into Rafa trash and thank Charley ( @always-blame-jefferson ) for listening to my ideas.

My other stuff is here!

Requests are always  open!

Word Count:3743, I’m not even sorry.


The Alphabet of Love

A is for Airport.

That’s where you first met.

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Trick or Treat

Pairing: Jackson x OC
Genre: Fluff; Dad AU
Word Count: 1200+
Summary: Bets were made and the loser wears whatever the winner picks as their costume. Secret Prompt: I really don’t care. You still look hot and I’m trying not to kiss you senseless right now.
Author’s Note: KpopTrashNetwork Collab Project with @katbeom and @knockknocksoosthere. Check out the masterlist here!

You walked down the busy sidewalk. Many creatures and monsters caught your eyes. Ghosts, vampires, zombies — all running back and forth across the way. Laughter and chatter echoed through the streets as it was nearly dusk. There was still a warm orange glow spilling into the dark gray skies that covered the neighborhood.  Houses were decorated for the festive holiday – cobwebs intertwined on porch rails, tombstones laid in the front yards and smoke machines were being used to create the perfect eerie atmosphere.

The October air was brisk enough to feel a chill and for the first time that evening,  you were thankful for your costume because it at least provided you with some warmth. You glanced down at your teal blue pants and yellow leotard. You grimaced at the situation. I can’t believe he won.

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