it's supposed to be in sync

Okay but imagine a Bellarke au where bellamy and Clarke are both actors in a show or movie and are the romantic leads, and they have to do (a quite explicit) sex scene and Clarkes never had an on screen sex scene (especially one so graphic) so she’s super nervous (doesn’t help that clarke has a total thing for bellamy either so it makes her more anxious and of course clarke over thinks this entire thing) and when the scene starts its just bad, (clarkes rigid as a board, unsure/nervous, she’s a bit shaky, they keep stumbling, they’re not in any kind of sync, and it’s even awkward. it’s not how her character is supposed to act, especially in that scene where they’re supposed to be acting lustful, passionate and rough so it ruins the scenes mood, they haven’t even gotten to taking off eachothers cloths and it was already practically a disaster) The director is yelling cut what feels like every minute having to redo it AGAIN, until Bellamy finally asks for a five minute break and the frustrated director grants it. (If not just because he was ready to blow a gas kit if she messed it up again)

So bellamy confronts her asking what was going on because they’re usually great, their chemistry is amazing, they’re scenes are always fun to film together and he wasn’t of course going to say this scene is a train wreck just from her end (she wouldn’t have blamed him if he did) but he knows something is up and they need to talk it through to help eachother so they can make this scene work. Clarke ends up confessing she’s never had an onscreen sex scene, and she’s nervous as hell for it because she’s never been so exposed Infront of cameras, and with him. (And since it’s a work environment it makes her even more uncomfortable, and again.. Add onto the high key crush she has on him. Not a good mix.) and fuck me up, Bellamy would understand completely and he’d also be relieved because he thought clarke was mad at him or something so that was why she was so off but this is something he could work with.

When their break is over, they are getting back into the beginning scenes position and he’s muttering if she trusts him, she of course nods her head, their eyes trained on one another and he tells her to keep her focus only on him, because right now it’s just them two, the cameras/crew are just background noise. And with the way he kisses her, it makes her forget that this is a scene at all. (Fuck he’d be so gentle, assuring, and if her eyes were ready to timidly drift to a camera focusing in on their near naked bodies on the bed he’d tilt her head back crushing his lips to hers and her mind would be focused back on just him, and of course the director if he yelled cut breaking them from their spell.

The scene ended up being so much better then expected, it was different from what the director wanted in the first place, but also so much better. (Instead of hot and heavy, it’s gentle and soft, full of care and love, the scene made its way to youtube when it came out and had a few million views in the first few weeks.) also, bellamy and clarke had their own love scenes after that.. Except without the cameras watching. (Yeah the director never had to worry about another train wreck sex scene between the two again, clarke was never nervous/reluctant about it again either, she had practice.)