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neo yokio is a subversive work of modern art considering: - that its animation style is based on early 2000′s anime w/ english voice overs (because the dub was usually out of sync with the animation) and its supposed to imitate abdridged anime - jayden smith’s near emotionless voiceover - a socially conservative bougie and really oblivious protagonist - an antagonistic force that the protagonist focuses on but seems to not be as important to the story then at first glance all of this makes it seem like a not-thought-out or terribly written show but behind all of those things are a solid story line with clear values that the show wants to promote and clear character motivations that makes the show work

are we supposed to consider the idea that Garrus asked Mordin for sex advice with a romanced Shep because

Mordin: “Enjoy yourself while possible, Shepard. Will be here, studying cell reproduction. Much simpler. Less alcohol and mood music required.”

Garrus: Enters Shep’s cabin, with mood music and alcohol

Two Classroom Idiots

Summary: Y/N is close to falling asleep during class so Peter does everything in his power to keep them awake, even if that means messing with Y/N by using his web-shooters.

Warnings: cursing 


word count: 697

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           As Mr. Del drones on about god knows what, it’s only a matter of time before Y/N falls asleep. For getting nearly no rest the night before, they were holding up pretty well. With the help of a couple shots of espresso, Y/N was able to stay up during first period, turn in their essay, and up all through lunch. Although the caffeine boost started to wear off around fifth period due to a monotonous lecture about stoichiometry. If it wasn’t for Peter, Y/N’s partner in crime, nudging Y/N every few minutes, they would’ve definitely earn themselves a detention for sleeping in Mr. Del’s class.

           As Peter is Y/N’s desk buddy, he took it upon himself to keep them conscious, because if he had to suffer through a lecture, so did Y/N. Luckily with the two of them sitting in the back of the class he’s able to mess with Y/N to ensure that they stay awake.

“Psst, Y/N,” Peter whispers, to which they groan in response. He asks, “Who has two thumbs, a drone, and a cool suit?”

“A loser,” Y/N deadpans.

“Actually the correct answer is a badass,” he says cockily. With his hands behind his head and tilting his chair on its back legs, Peter nearly falls, but due to his quick reflexes he suddenly shoots a web onto the desk to hold himself steady.

“Yeah a total badass,” they say with a snort.

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i havent seen e/lementary in a hot minute (not specifically, its just i got out of sync with all of the currently airing shows i watch) but hoo boy. i cant watch it and entertain the thought of them being who theyre supposed to be at all or else itd be physically painful. even then other stuff that happens thats totally original is fucked up. but yeah its not even hard to pretend they have different names because nothing about them is the same at all

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what about the rest of team ten why do you love them so much but hate on shikamaru

  • because they are far nicer characters than shikamaru as far as i’m concerned
  • because choji’s constantly called useless and ino’s constantly being called a bitch and yet people make a thousand excuses for shikamaru
  • because when ino cries, it’s wordlessly chalked up to her being a girl, when choji cries it’s all lumped in with him being useless but shikamaru crying is a touching, moving display
  • because i frequent the team 10 tag and it's predominantly shikamaru and asuma most of the time with ino in there sometimes and the occasional spattering of choji
  • because in canon shikamaru gets far more interaction with the protagonist and attention than his teammates
  • because when team 10’s teacher died, all we saw was shikamaru’s grief and shikamaru’s resolve to get revenge, not his teammates’
  • because the major plot points that ino and choji have had are so often used to contribute to those useless and bitch labels that are slapped right onto them while shikamaru’s are all wonderful character growth
  • because ino-shika-cho are supposed to be the closest, most integrated team in the entire series and unless it’s convenient for the plot for them to be completely in sync, shikamaru is painfully favoured over ino and choji

do i need to continue or

Game Development Glossary: Graphics 101

The other day, a friend of mine was going through the list of game options that adjusted various graphic-related settings, but didn’t understand what all of them actually meant. Some of them should be pretty self-explanatory (texture quality - low, medium, high, ultra, for example) but there’s also several other terms that are used that many people have a vague idea about, but aren’t quite sure. Today, I’ll try to explain what they are and how they work.


Bloom is a shader effect that allows lighting to create a sort of feathered halo-ish effect around hard edges. It’s what makes light sort of bleed out over and around corners on things, or when it is reflected on shiny surfaces.

VSync, or Vertical Sync

VSync forces your graphics card to synchronize its display at the same refresh rate as your monitor. This is supposed to guard against screen tearing - when your GPU is caught in between rendering two different frames. It doesn’t always work, though. Turning on VSync will also force your GPU to output at a lower rate, which results in worse overall performance.

Depth of Field

Depth of Field is when the programmers use various shaders to simulate focusing on a specific distance, making things further or closer appear blurry instead of uniformly focused. It’s a shader effect that gets run on top of what you should be seeing if everything were in perfect focus.

Motion Blur

When the camera moves faster than the eye can focus, the image gets interpolated with what has just passed to simulate speed. This makes things at lower frame rates feel better, though it will cost graphical computing power since it has to retain what it has just seen for the past few frames and use that data to interpolate what it is you see.


Anti Aliasing takes what you should see and smooths each pixel with the surrounding pixels. This helps keep edges from looking too jagged or pixelated. As a post-processing effect, it also soaks up graphical processing power.

Texture Filtering

Similar to Anti-Aliasing, it’s used to make textures appear less pixely. As such, you can turn down the texture quality/size without making the textured objects look too blocky if upscaled. It does this by interpolating the pixels on a texture with nearby pixels. The important thing to note here is that texture filtering occurs on the texture itself, while anti-aliasing occurs on what you see on screen.

FOV  (Field of View)

Field of View is the width of the camera’s view angle. The wider the angle, the more you can see overall. Extreme width will, however, cause distortions in the proportionality of things.

God Rays

God Rays are when you have concentrated, visible light beams break through cloud cover or around/in specific areas.

Ambient Occlusion

When deciding how to draw a given pixel, the GPU will sample the depth/distance from nearby pixels to figure out how much shadow/depth the nearby pixels should affect the given pixel. This makes crevices and nooks darker than the surroundings.

And that’s it for this blog in 2014. I will be on break and traveling for the next two weeks or so, so updates will be sporadic at best until the new year begins.

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[AU Series] L.H. Mr. Hemmings Pt. 10

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7* | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10* | Part 11*

Warning: **Smut**

Like before Cee started dropping you off and picking you up from work. However, these past few weeks of you going back to work you’ve noticed lately that Luke hasn’t been in the office that often. Today you had hoped he’d show up but it was already 7 in the evening, you’d guessed that he will not come anymore…

You told yourself that he was not your concerns anymore but you grew worried about him. Michael told you that Sydney returned to the US where she currently reside.

Your feelings for him wasn’t exactly gone. It’s still there in tacted. You brought yourself to call Luke using your personal phone instead of the work phone hoping he’d picked it up since it was you… right?

On the third ring he actually answered it. The first thing you noticed is that he was definitely drunk. “Y/N… hey” he answered giggling yet you could definitely hear him sniff here and there. You actually could not imagine him crying… the man he was? “What’s wrong? Where are you?” You bit your lips asking him. “Hn. Somewhere, you wouldn’t care anyway… you left me already”. You wouldn’t be calling if he didn’t concern the bits of you… “Come on Luke, so help me know where you are… I am worried, please” you sounded desperate and pleaded, he gave in and told you he was in his beach house on the outskirts of Sydney.

In less than half an hour you were in front of his beach house. You hestitated to knock but you did anyways however you got no answer. You went inside finding that his front door was open, going in you called for Luke; you took the liberty to lock his front door; the rich man he is. You looked around the house and you found him in the bar his head buried in his arms; cans and bottles of alcohol surrounded him. You immediately dropped your bag to aid him.

“Oh Luke, what have you been doing” you stated as you tried lifting him up. He stirred away and looked at you with sadness in his eyes. “Y/N” he whispered and stood up a bit wobbling but you supported him. You looked up and found him staring at you. He leaned forward closing the gap between you two; a kiss. It felt right… but it was wrong. You slightly pushed him, “No, Luke, this isn’t right” you scolded him but he tried yet again. “No! LUKE!” You exclaimed startling him a bit, his face looked so hurt by your strong rejection, you didn’t mean to sound angry at him… that was the last thing you wanted to do to him. You couldn’t bring yourself to unlove him or not care about him.

He inched back bringing his hand to his temple massaging it. “I… I am sorry” he muttered and turn his back to you. “What is it do you need?” He asked “Luke… I didn–” you were cut off by him “What is it that YOU need?” He coldly asked again, “I… I was wondering when you’ll be back for work…” it clearly was a lie… at least to yourself that is. “If that was your query then you may go, my stand-in will come tomorrow, assist him well” he dismissed you. “Luke…” you called tearing up, he was shutting himself from you. “What?! Clearly you rejected me… what am I supposed to do? You should leave…” His tone of voice changed from cold to a barely audible mutter.

You couldn’t stop yourself but you pulled his wrist and yanked him softly. Your hand found its way to his face caressing his stubble and his icy blue eyes looked into you confused. You pulled him down and kissed him… at first he didn’t return it but gradually your lips synced together. You undid his creased buttoned up shirt. His hands also doing your clothes. Everything felt right with him. Even lust.

He lifted you up and you hoisted your legs around his torso as he lead you to the bedroom still kissing you. He dropped you on his king-sized bed towering over you securing you under his grasp. Your dress flew all over the face as he trace trail of kisses down to your nape. You moaned to his kisses… it was a bliss him and his magical work of kisses.

You didn’t care anymore, you love him so much that you’d forget anything that had happened. “Luke…” you mewled gripping on his blond hair as he did your breast, massaging it and nibbling it. “God, Y/N, I miss you” he growled and you bit your lips delighted by his words. You turn him around him under you and looked him in the eyes. Hands travelling to his face cupping it and you leaned down to kiss him. Sweet chase kisses exchanged, turning to a hot passionate making out.

You started making your way down to his neck trailing kisses and occassionally leaving small marks. Going down more to his toned chest. When you were together, you were the one who always received all the pleasure and now you’re paying back to him. You unuckled his trousers and saw his ërected member, you pulled his pants down and handled it with care playing with it, probably teasing him. “Don’t tease sweetheart” he frustratedly groaned making you laugh. You took him by your mouth and started sücking him graciously and he was a moaning mess. “Y/N, dammit… your mouth do wonders” he commented and you continued pleasuring him. “Shit! I am near, babe” he cursed with pleasure and you sücked him faster and a second later he cümmed. You were both breathing eratically.

“Your turn babe, you did well” he turned you around and you were now captive under his grasp. Lust is a strong thing. It does wonders to people, lust it is.

His kissed you as he fïngered your clit rigorously, you gripped tightly onto his shoulder. “You’re so wet, are you quite ready?” He asked and all you could do was nod. He position himself to enter you. He slowly put his mëmber in not wanting to hurt you, “You’re tight, just the way I like it” he whispered to your ears, he stayed for the min time to make you adjust to his size, it had been forever since you two did it.

His thrust getting faster and faster each time. You moaned his name again and again, “I am near” you heaved telling him and nodded “Me too, babe”. You two had reached your climax at the same time. He pulled out and dropped himself beside you. Both of you breathing hard, chest was rising and falling.

You heard him giggle. “I am so stupid…” you looked at him, ‘was he regretting it’. “So stupid for letting you go” you saw tears trickling down his face, one of his arms covering his eyes. Your thought of him regretting it faded and your lips turned into a big curve of smile. You supported yourself using your hand to rollover to him. “This past few weeks was a torture, I don’t know it hurt more than when Sydney and I broke up… and that was mutual… but you… when you and I ended it, it’s as if you took everything away… it wasn’t even you”. “Sweetheart, I understand… I do… I just hope we had it in a better way…” you told him as your hand draw circles in his chest.

“I hope we can go a little more slower than what we did last time?” You asked him “If you are still considering to go out with me, that is?” You joked, he wouldn’t have had given in to this deed if he didn’t want it. “Of course… I would very much like that too…” this time he was looking into your eyes, you wiped his tears away and gave him a kiss.

“Now… you have a big problem to face courting me again…” you informed him, you don’t think Cee would forgive him that easily; talk about Michael too, they might be best buds but circumstances was that Cee has the upper hands over Michael. “I can see that… she gave me a death sentence that day already…” he chuckled but he knew it himself, he had to work hard for Cee’s approval.

Anyone could say that you were too kind for something like this. But like before, you will take any chances to be with him. You may sound so desperate but you feel like he was the one… the only one. There are millions and billions of men in this world but he was the only Luke Hemmings that could make your heart thump million kilometres per seconds.

It’s a crime to fall in love… you get held captive by your own feelings.

Author’s Note

Ciao everybody,
I DEEPLY APOLOGIZED for updating so late and slow. I just had the biggest block ever. Like ever. But I want to update and let you know I care about you so much guys. I hope this is to your standard even though, I was still in the crisis when I was writing it.
On the other hand, please give me a feedback if I should’ve approach more slowly or it’s alright? Have it escalated too fast? They’re back together again, is it wrong for me to do that?
Now that they’re back, I have to resolve the stalking business to end loose ties.
I had approached the shorter end for this story … there was supposed to be another conflict but nah, I think it would be too packed.
I really hope you like this chapter and hopefully you’ll look forward to the next Mr. CEO series.
This is bot the end YET. LEL.

Ciao. See you again soon.
P.S. sorry for the long author’s note.


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Which event would each Avenger compete in if they were forced to compete in the Olympics? Do any of them win medals?

Tony: Judge. If there was ever a time to use his connections and powers of persuasion, it’s now. He’s even able to bounce around and judge all the events his teammates participate in. What’s most important, though, is that Tony did research ahead of time. He respects the Olympics and what they stand for, and he has no intentions of coming in and throwing off the other judges. He learns how everything is scored and what to look for in a quality performance, and even finds that (very reluctantly), the committee has requested he consider coming back to judge the Winter Olympics. 

Steve: 1500m Men’s Race. Running is a breeze for him, so he decides to randomly select a race to do. However, he knows he has an unfair advantage, so he decides to stay in first for the majority of the race but then back off towards the end to take silver and let someone else feel victorious af because they “beat” him and got the gold. Sadly, though, his plan fails, and the winner of the gold knows exactly what happened.

Sam: 1500m Men’s Race. Gold. He just sort of randomly picks a sport to do, and it just so happens that he chooses to run. He’s so focused, though, that he doesn’t notice that Steve is also in it until he hears “on your left”. For the rest of the duration of the Olympic games, the obscenities he’s caught mouthing become somewhat of a joke. Especially after he looks beyond pissed off when he wins the gold.  

Bucky: Men’s Heavyweight Judo. He’s fantastic at hand-to-hand combat, so he might as well put his talents to use. His arm, however, becomes extremely controversial because obviously they’ve never run into a case like his so there’s no rule about mechanical limbs, and all drug tests came back clean. However, much to the committee’s relief, he was disqualified after getting a bit too rough. 

Nat: Individual All-Round Women's Gymnastics. She’s super nimble and graceful af so I think she’d definitely take the gold. Though, the medal wouldn’t be as important to her as the thought that maybe, just maybe her trainers from the Red Room are watching in disgust as she proudly represents the country that was supposed to be enemy number one. 

Clint: Archery. I think it goes without saying that he’d get gold

Wanda: Equestrian Jumping. She probably doesn’t have a ton of experience riding horses, but she is able to “connect” with her horse. Granted, a horse is not a human. She can’t read its thoughts or talk to them–nor would she attempt to, seeing as that’s essentially cheating. Instead she’d read its energy and project her own to help get in sync with one another. But she’s also still mastering her abilities, and that includes energy projection/reading, so she ends up with the silver medal.

Thor: 94kg Men’s Weightlifting. The dude is already ripped af and a fucking god. Sure, it’s not like he’s picking up pillows, but compared to the other opponents, he definitely makes it look like that. After winning gold, he goes through a series of drug tests, only for people to decide that he’s just some prestigious medical marvel. 

T’Challa: Men’s Team Gymnastics. Everyone is fascinated because this is the first time Wakanda has participated in the Olympic games. Everyone is even more fascinated because the king is participating. He comes out with his badass squad. Kicks ass. Easily takes the gold

Scott: Lightweight Men’s Boxing. He figures that if he can deal with prison fights and training with Hope, boxing should be no problem. He is very wrong and just barely gets by coming in fifth place.

Spidey: Table Tennis. The perfect event to make good use of his “spidey senses”. It’s difficult for him, though. Part of him knows that the other players have an extreme disadvantage against him, but the other part is dedicated to making Aunt May proud (plus, he’s at the fucking Olympics which is amazing enough). He goes with the latter and takes the gold. 

Vision: Men’s Volleyball. He knows nothing about sports, but after a briefing by Tony, he picks it up pretty quickly.It’s also nice because he’s able to have a teammate who can coach him a bit as they play. Unfortunately, he fails to realize that flying is not okay when playing any sport at all, really, and needless to say, he is disqualified because wtf. 

Bruce: Men’s Volleyball. He volunteers to keep an eye on Vision, and lowkey hopes that Vision will be able to carry both their weight. Unfortunately, they are disqualified after the flying fiasco. 


“Everybody else analyses you from your hair to your eyebrows to the way you wave your hand. If you start to worry about it and overthinking everything you do, all just becomes false. So I think, just carry on as you are, do what you do, and get on with it.” - Harry Styles

♥♡♥ Thank you for bringing happiness to the lives of 19+Million people with your charm and genuine love for life. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay the sweetheart that you are ♥♡♥