it's supposed to be in order of appearance

FIRST SPOKEN WORDS- The Lunar Chronicles Edition
  • Cinder: It's not like wires are contagious.
  • Kai: I'm sorry. I didn't realize anyone was back there.
  • Iko: Cinder! I've got it!
  • Scarlet: Accept!
  • Wolf: Thank you.
  • Thorne: I'm sorry. It seems you've stumbled into the wrong jail cell. Do you need directions to get back to yours?
  • Cress: Hello?
  • Jacin: I don't suppose you killed her?
  • Winter: My Queen?
  • Bonus: Queen Levana: My dear Prince Regent, may I be the first to offer my condolences on the loss of your father, the good Emperor Rikan. May he forever rest in peace.
  • note: they're in order of appearance, not when they spoke first in their respective books
  • someone: so what do you think about swtor
  • me: let me explain to you, in complete detail, how every aspect of swtor shits on the canon established in the original kotor games. chapter one- so the first thing you should know is the institutions of the sith, jedi, and republic were vastly different than the way they are represented within swtor, and its likely the only reason they have so much galactic power and resources was in order to replicate the dynamics of other popular MMO games 'factions' but the reality of the matter is that all of these institutions were critically unstable and would likely still be rebuilding and creating new infrastructure by the supposed timeline of swtor but instead we see them thriving as if none of that happened. talking now about characters, hk-47 as represented in swtor directly conflicts with his character growth and yet again swtor appears to just be using references to the kotor games for nostalgia but not actually meaningfully continuing any significant aspects of the universe

ok i drag greek a lot, we all do, but do you ever just get that romantic feeling while you are struggling through it? Like you are translating a dead language and you don’t know who is speaking but it is like catching whispers behind a curtain, the voices lost and indistinguishable but the words remain, a shadow play of light without heat from stars now dead and light years away, snatches of things in a language no one learns on their mother’s knees anymore, foreign phrases and idioms in strange orders that sound more and more natural the more they appear to you - “Truly, you speak?” “Why indeed?” “I do not understand what you say” “I suppose” “To be one, or two?” Watching these words drop like pebbles and pass through other centuries, other decades, other languages and transcriptions, as blurred as they are illuminated.

Is that why I am still studying this?

Miraculous Super Squad

So we have here the head-canons I have about (what I have dubbed) the Miraculous Super Squad. I was supposed to wait until after I finished my exam to write this but I have a little time so here they are.

I discussed most of them with @dreamwips. Check out her art about the Dream team, its awesome.

  • The order in which the heroes appear after Ladybug and Chat Noir are : 
    • Jade Turtle
    • Neel Mor
    • Volpina
    • Monarch
    • Queen Bee
  • I headcanon that the Peacock Miraculous Holder is called ‘Neel Mor’ which means Blue Peacock in Urdu which is my native language. (I just decided to call it that, its not like we have a fixed name and my people get so little representation anyway.) It’s pronounced Neel More.
  • Lila gets her Miraculous after Nino and Alya because she has to work for it. After Jade Turtle and Neel Mor appear and Lila gets worried that Volpina will appear soon. Every morning she wakes up in dread thinking ‘Today is the day the new Volpina will appear. The real Volpina.’
  • It forces her to be a better person. She tries forgiving Ladybug even though its hard. She apologizes for the lies. Its a work in progress and takes a good few months to become even a little bit better. She’s much happier though.
  • She finally receives a hexagonal box with a Chinese inscription in red. In it is a necklace exactly identical to the fake one she already owns. Only difference is it comes with a Kwami. (Somehow it still manages to slip LB and CN that its the same Volpina).
  • Ali gets his Miraculous after he begs to stay in Paris and go to school there. He likes Rose’s class and has made friends and wants to stay. Once his parents agree he is free to be the new Papillion, or as he prefers to be called, Monarch of the group.
  • Chloe is surprised when she finally gets her Miraculous. The kwami makes her work for it because what’s a bee without hard work, even a Queen Bee. Chloe is still the same, but less cruel and mean.
  • Within the first few months as a joint team the others find out each others identities except LB and CN. Ladybug and Chat Noir are still too oblivious to even seriously consider their classmates are their team. The others decide not to tell them because LB will worry too much and blow a fuse and its just fun to mess with Chat and how oblivious he is.
  • Chloe and Lila back off from Adrien because they know a lost game when they see one especially adding alter egos into the equation.
  • The other five quickly realize they can mess with Marinette and Adrien even more by pushing each side of the love square together. They listen to LB and CN rant on patrol about each other and their alter egos.
  • Monarch is all for Adrienette. Neel Mor is Ladynoir to the core. Jade Turtle supports Marichat and Volpina agrees with Monarch. Queen Bee is fine with Ladrien because her best friend and her past idol are happiest that way before all hell breaks lose.
  • The five realize its even more fun to push them together and see them whine and moan about their conflicted feelings. They have 3D Glasses and popcorn and “front row seats to Paris’ greatest Comedic Drama”. (In the words of Jade Turtle).
  • Bets are placed on which side will get together first. The rule is that no outside influence. (No one follows this rule).
  • Monarch and Chat Noir are patrolling and Monarch is encouraging Chat’s feelings for his civilian crush. Suddenly, a wild Neel Mor appears : “NO OUTSIDE INFLUENCE ! I SEE YOU MONARCH !”
  • Of course Alya herself breaks this rule ten times more than the others. 
    • “I’m the best friend. I get privileges !”
    • “In that case I’m the best friend and get special privileges too.”
    • “Woah Woah hold up Turtle, I was his best friend since we were children.”
    • “Not Anymore Bee. Its me now.”
    • “Me and Adrien relate on a personal level because of our duties to our parents. I deserve those privileges as well.”
    • “Yeah that’s good and all but in case none of you noticed, I spend a good chunk of time with them too. I also met them first in this form, even if it was as an Akuma.”
  • The next month is full of a tug of war on best friend rights. Mari and Adrien have no idea what’s going on or why Alya and Nino are so much nicer and Chloe suddenly wants to hang out, why Lila is planning outings and why Ali is so eager to see Paris again this time with them as tour guides.
  • Eventually it gets too noticeable that seven students disappear from class at the same time. Why they all seem to need to drink water and use the bathroom at the same time. And why are they always late ?
  • Eventually in a group meeting (sans LB and CN) they decide that for the good of them all they tell Mme Bustier and Monsieur Damocles so they can get excused easily without hurting records and too many questions asked.
  • They go out for fast food often. They realize they rarely spend time together as a superhero group and decide to order takeout and sit on top of the Trocadero and have a picnic.
  • One night they can’t sleep. All of them. So they go out for a late night run. They all end up meeting up (completely unintentional). So they go out for Fro-Yo and just spend half the night together on rooftops. That’s how they fall asleep. Huddled together for warmth at an angle shielding them from the wind. Together. Safe.
  • Nino and Alya have had the legendary iconic talk once before. They both enjoyed it more than they want to admit. It happened because Wayzz was chillin’ with Alya’s kwami when the Akuma attacked. 
    • “Alya ! Where’s my Turtle Suit ?”
    • “Your what ?”
    • “My Turtle Suit ?”
    • Why do you need to know ?”
    • “I need it !”
    • “Nuh Uh ! Don’t you go runnin off doing no daring-do. We’ve been planning this date for two weeks.”
    • “But the city is in danger !”
    • “My evening’s in danger !”
    • “You tell me where my suit is woman. We are talking about the Greater Good !”
    • Greater Good ? I am your girlfriend. I am the greatest good, you are ever gonna get !”
  • Chloe has a statue erected of the Miraculous Super Squad over the fountain in the lobby of her father’s hotel. When he asks if any one superhero should be focused upon she replies with “No. They’re all equals on the battle field.”
  • Queen Bee has more than often saved Sabrina. It always makes Chloe so happy to hear Sabrina gush about how nice the Bee themed superhero is. It’s nice to feel appreciated.
  • When Nino starts taking bets on when The Big Reveal will happen for LB and CN, Alya thinks its unethical despite participating in the bet of which ship will get together first. Jade Turtle just has to say “Closest guess gets the other Miraculouses for a day.” Alya silently forks over a fifty before betting Marinette will find out first.
  • The entire class takes two months tops to figure out who the Super Squad is. When seven of your classmates who look strikingly familiar to the heroes in the squad, all disappear from class without the teacher batting an eye, one tends to get suspicious. They silently help keep their identities from leaking to the whole school. 
  • They join the bet when the Super Squad catches on that they know.
  • Rose is sort of Ali’s go to ‘Akuma’ (what’s the positive connotation for Akuma ? Akuma means demon in Japanese). He changes her first and she assists the team a lot more than anyone else. She isn’t officially part of the Squad though.
  • Alya keeps up the Ladybug but in a Peter Parker type way by placing her phone in places where it gets the action. That, or she demands Ali help her by making someone be the makeshift reporter for the day’s attack. (Not too often though, and its always someone willing to do it).
  • Chat and Alya gush over their awesome pictures in magazines and take tons of selfies. The others join in from time to time.
  • They have an official Instagram, all of them do and they manage they joint account together. Their most popular hashtag is #MiraculousSuperSquad and #SquadGoalsForLife
  • The others have many pictures of LB and CN, whether spying on their patrol or just hanging out hash tagged #LovesickDorks or #ObliviousnessAtIt’sFinest. Ladybug denies them (while blushing furiously which directly opposes her statement).
  • After a particularly rough fight where they all are shaken up and one of them almost dies they need a cuddle party for a good hour before they can even manage to stand. (The kwami’s hold on for as long as they can to keep their identities safe from the reporters.)
  • They meet the Quantic Kids at some point of their superhero-ing. (I’ll elaborate more later when I have a better idea of how).

Whoo that’s a lot. I still have many more which I’ll write and post later.

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I probably won’t write a reveal just yet because I have so much fun imagining the shenanigans these kids come up with especially with the Squad involved. I have yet to properly work out Team dynamics but I’m really into this Squad so I’ll work it out and post it soon.

Also check out this comic Anna made based on one of the head-canons :

She HC’s that Lila and Ali are not in the same class as the others. (It’s different from my HC because I think they are, but I don’t mind her version either).

Also check out my fic called Fight the Dark based on the squad. It’s a bit different because Alya is Volpina and Rose is Neel Mor but I was conflicted and it just happened. Next fic will have the dorks in the HCs.

Check out the rest of My Writing page too.


The Thin Line Between Demons and Reapers - A Comparison of Sebastian and William

At first glance, there seems to be very few similarities between Sebastian and William aside from the fact they are both tall, dark-haired male characters with whom Grell enjoys flirting. Other than that, they seem almost like polar opposites. One is a demonic creature that feeds on souls while the other is a divine being charged with collecting, and thus protecting, human records. Sebastian likes to show off, is at ease socially, and can fit into nearly any role in which he is needed. William is no braggart, is socially awkward, and can’t really take on any persona other than his own – or at least the one he typically portrays.

Yet, in a series that is already known to subvert reader expectations, we really shouldn’t think things are precisely what they seem.

When you start peeling back the layers, it appears that perhaps these two characters are more alike than different. For one, both are seeking order. Sebastian likes to keep the manor running smoothly with everything in its proper place, and the same could be said for William’s approach at dispatch. In fact, there is even a comparison to be made about the other servants to Grell and Ronald. In both cases, the two groups have special jobs they are supposed to do to help their superior, and, while both have special talents, all too often it is their ‘boss’ that has to make things right. Also, William’s and Sebastian’s attempts at maintaining order is often hindered by surrounding chaos. While this doesn’t seem to bother Sebastian nearly as much as William, there is still a desire to bring things back to an orderly state.

Next, both characters believe in doing their very best in whatever they do. Undoubtedly Sebastian could take little shortcuts when working around the manor, and no one would be the wiser, but he doesn’t. He seems to take pride in putting forth his best effort. Likewise, William would never just do a job well enough. It has to be completed fully and correctly. They hold themselves to fairly high standards. If someone points out that Sebastian could have done a job better, he learns and improves. William strives to reach a level of perfection that he feels if forever out of his reach. (At least, he does according to the character song.)

Finally, both have a tendency to view things in a rather black and white manner. Sebastian doesn’t typically try to explain or understand human behavior, he simple define things as what did or didn’t happen. He rarely looks for the nuances, and William does the same. On Campaina, he didn’t ask for an explanation for why Grell and Ronald failed. He punished them for failing rather than wait for any reasoning, because it didn’t matter why. It only matter that they hadn’t completed their assigned task.

Perhaps, it’s even been recognized just how similar William and Sebastian can be in the OVA “Ciel in Wonderland.” While searching for White Rabbit Sebastian, Ciel thinks William might know since he also appears to be a rabbit. William is quick to point out, however, that he is a hare and not a rabbit. He seems very offended by the comparison, but to most of us – a rabbit and a hare are quite similar. In fact, I had to look up to see what the differences are only to find out that they are in the same family, but are different species, and hares have longer ears and are less social. This actually fits in rather well. Sebastian and William do seem very similar and are in the same family of creatures (supernatural) but different species (demonic vs divine) and Sebastian is definitely more social.

I almost have to wonder if this comparison hasn’t even been made already but someone like Grell. The very first time William came into contact with Sebastian, he obviously didn’t like him, and used his scythe to hand over his business card as if trying to avoid actually touching. Later, in the Circus Arc, William’s disgust and hatred towards Sebastian seems to have grown quite a bit. While it would be natural for Shinigami not to like demons, William’s feelings seem a bit more extreme than everyone else’s. Grell flirts with Sebastian, Ronald seems interested in defeating/killing Sebastian like some sort of conquest, Sascha is fascinated, Rudgar didn’t seem nearly as interested, and, while Undertaker seems to have no qualms about killing Sebastian, he doesn’t seem creeped out by his presence. Only William’s feelings and reactions seem so extreme, so it does lead to wonder what has occurred between meetings. Perhaps someone pointed out the similarities or William noticed on his own, but he denies it openly and expresses his disgust that this might be true by directing more hatred towards Sebastian.

After all, the traits that we hate in others are often the same traits that we actually despise about ourselves.

Liam - 1993

This is one my most favorite songs to sleep to. I know how weird it could sound. I’m also a bit peeved I can’t make these more 90s centric. I tried, but it’s a pretty lame attempt. Enjoy! There of course will be a bit of Liam-sex :)

You’ve got your ball you’ve got your chain

Liam noticed that you seemed to carry the entire world on your shoulders. It appeared you were the one for the job—Lord knows he definitely couldn’t handle the shit you put up with, but somehow you managed.

It was starting to weigh you down. Liam had been watching you crumble for years. Three years of being an adult when you only supposed to be in your mid-teens had taken its toll on you. Constant nights of staying up late trying to keep house, keep order, and keep sane had resulted in the beginning of dark circles beneath your eyes.

“Should sleep now, babe,” Liam said quietly to you as you once again took a short rest on your chemistry text book. Jolting awake as you heard his voice you sighed heavily glancing at the clock. It was nearing midnight and you still had too much to do…you still had too many things on your mind. And there was Liam, your next door neighbor, your best friend patiently rubbing your back as he tried to keep you from falling apart.

“I can’t,” you yawned.

“You’re falling asleep at the table, baby,” he reminded you.

You nodded. “I’m sleepy.”

“Darling,” he said firmly.

“Liam, he’s not home,” you whispered knowingly. You sighed. Liam was angered by your brother. He was troubled—very troubled and your dad was useless after your mum had left. You were mom, dad, and sister and yourself all in one. And it was hard. There was no way to get in touch with him, you knew your father wouldn’t parent him, and it just wasn’t going to work.

You continued working. Because what else could you do?

Liam felt terrible. He wanted to shake your brother to get him to understand how much you were doing and how hard you were trying. Liam heard the window scrape against the sill in the other room and the two of you walked into his room where you found your younger brother crawling through the space. You stared at him. “Seriously?” You asked. He rolled his eyes—they were blood shot. You sighed heavily. “You need to stop doing that. You need to go to school and get to sleep and—”

“Would you shut up? You’re not my mother,” he grumbled bitterly.

You sighed heavily and Liam’s heart ached as tears lined your beautiful lashes. “She’s not your mother, but she loves you, lad,” Liam whispered. “And she’s trying to keep what’s left of the two of you together and you’re not appreciating that,” Liam reminded him and closed the window and locked it. Your brother laid in his bed staring at the ceiling in a marijuana-haze. “Hey,” Liam said snapping his fingers in front of his face. “Get your shit together.”

You blushed at him. “You didn’t have to do that, Li,” you whispered quietly when the two of you left your brothers room.

“Least I could do,” he said and kissed your forehead. “Will you get some sleep, please?” He begged. “It’s so late,” he reminded you and rubbed your hands softly with his thumbs.

You nodded and Liam sighed pulling you in for a hug. He kissed the top of your head. Your eyes fluttered shut and you rested your head on his chest. You could have fallen asleep standing against Liam. Carefully, he swooped you into his arms. His heart sailing as he held your warm, snuggly body against him. He carried you to your bed and kissed your forehead as he covered you with warm blankets. You were asleep almost immediately.

“Stop carrying everything on your shoulders, okay?” He whispered to your sleeping figure.

Touch your lips just so I know
/ In your eyes, love, it glows so / I’m bare boned and crazy for you / When you come crash…into me

You sighed heavily as you carried the tray of dirty dishes to the back room. You rubbed your temples as you breathed for the first time in four hours. You still had two to go, but at least you got a break soon.

Liam was sitting in the back booth, the corner of the room. He was watching your stuff while you worked and he did his homework. He watched you flit back and forth across the room in the jean jacket and high-waisted shorts you had spent your hard-earned money on. His chest constricting each time you seemed to look more tired than the last time you passed him.

Finally you sat across from him. Your heart resting and he gazed at you. “I love this song,” you mumbled as a new song by Hootie and the Blowfish played from the radio overhead. Liam smiled weakly. He looked around and saw people chatting away, their lives so great, one person tapped away on a massive laptop, something he had only seen a handful of times. He knew you wanted one. One step closer to looking and feeling important.

Liam wanted to know you were okay. You were working yourself to death and he just wanted to make it all go away. But what could he do? He was only 17…he wasn’t old enough or smart enough to do anything to help the love of his life. He wasn’t sure he was old enough to have the love of his life but God he was willing to try.

“I don’t know how or why you got a job,” he murmured and gently rubbed your outstretched hand. It wasn’t normal. Teens were supposed to be in school. That’s what this was all about. Parents and administration were trying to get students to want to learn more and it seemed that group was getting smaller each year. Liam knew you were part of that small group and he was in love with you and proud of you for that.

In the meantime you rested your face on the table you would be cleaning later. Your tummy growled. “Can you go order me a salad?” You asked softly ignoring his question. You knew he already knew. You needed money to get out of here—to take care of your family and get the hell out of that draining household.

He practically ran behind the counter to make it himself. He was so worried you were going to wither away to nothing. Liam returned a few minutes later and settled the salad in front of you, along with a burger and a plate of fries. “The rest you can take home,” he said softly. You nodded and pressed the fork in your mouth.

“Tomorrow is Saturday,” he said softly as he gently nudged your foot beneath the table. You could barely lift your head up to respond.

“Mm,” you hummed around your food.

Liam was getting worried more and more each day that you weren’t okay. One more project, one more hour at work, he was worried you would break. He wondered if you knew how much he truly loved you. Even if you weren’t romantically together, he questioned whether or not you knew that despite everyone else in your life, he was so in love with you and he wanted to make everything better.

He wasn’t sure if you could love anymore…you seemed to love so wholly and then watched as it wasn’t reciprocated. He was afraid your heart was permanently broken. But he was also okay with that. If it was broken, it would be okay. He would take care of you and fix it so it would never break—or at the very least, it would not break because of him.

“What?” You asked as you shoveled in a few fries. “Do I have something on my face?” You asked.

Besides beauty? “No, you’re fine, babe. Just zoning out a bit.”

You smiled gently. “Will you come wake me up at nine tomorrow?” You asked. “And then we can do whatever you want, I’ve been such a terrible friend, we haven’t gone to the movies or done anything that you like to do in a month. Tomorrow I’m all yours,” you promised.

Liam loved the sound of that.

If I’ve gone overboard / Then I’m begging you / to forgive me / in my haste / When I’m holding you so girl / close to me

Liam wondered if this crossed a line. He figured it did, but he really couldn’t bring himself to care because he wanted to help you. He took naps (essentially whenever and wherever he could) he didn’t have a family he had to take care of because they were too useless to help themselves. So Liam helped clean your house. And he did your grocery shopping. He watched as your brother took off for his friend’s house and then your dad left to go to who knows which bar would serve him at nine in the morning…

And he woke you up at ten. He thought of all the things he did for you this morning that might be where you killed him.

“I said nine!” You groaned as you flopped back on your pillows. You looked better already. Whether it was the extra hour of sleep or the fact that you had slept an entire night without interruption, he wasn’t sure, but you were better.

“You needed the sleep, babe,” he said rubbing his hand down your back. “Please forgive me, but I think you look more well-rested than you have in years.

You sighed softly. “It’s fine…” you mumbled. It wasn’t really. It didn’t feel fine, but Liam was so gentle and sweet to you. You never wanted him to leave. He was too good to you, too sweet. He always made you feel better about everything. It was a blessing you were given such a beautiful and perfect best friend. You could never thank the heavens enough for Liam Payne living beside you and putting up with all your bullshit.

He kissed your forehead and rubbed your shoulders. “You’re doing too much,” he said softly.

“Someone has to do something,” you whispered and tried to find the energy to want to get out of bed. It wasn’t there, you could have laid there for forever. Especially if Liam continued to rub his hands against your achy back.

“Babe?” He whispered.

You could barely respond you felt so good with his hands on your body. You took a deep breath. “Yes?” You sighed.

“Do you know I love you?” He asked bravely.

Your heart stopped a moment before picking up at double the pace. You now had energy to get out of bed but you weren’t too sure you wanted to if Liam was going to stay here with you. “I…guess,” you said lamely.

He chuckled. “You guess? I was hoping you knew,” he whispered. “Sweet tea?” He asked. You blushed at the name—he had never called you anything other than babe and you think it was at this point you knew something was about to happen.

“W-what?” You murmured sleepily.

“I’m in love with you,” he whispered and rubbed his thumbs against your cheeks and gazed into your tired eyes. “As soon as we’re old enough we’re getting out of this town. We’ll buy a tiny little apartment, we’ll decorate it with posters of Green Day and whatever else you want; we’re getting you away from this toxic place and we’re going to be great,” he promised and slowly descended to press his mouth to yours.


Hike up your skirt a little more / and show the world to me

From there it was frenzy of hands shaking, rubbing up and down curves and muscles. He pulled his shirt over his head and you marveled at his warm skin as your fingers ran up and down his chest. Your shirt came off next and you knew this was right.

It had to be right; nothing felt awkward. Liam was all you wanted and you were absolutely in love with his warm, sweet touches. His mouth hadn’t left yours…and if it did it moved from your lips to your jaw and behind your ear. He gently squeezed each part of your curves and let his hands knead into your flesh.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered longingly as he pulled away for the first time in about ten minutes. His gaze was so gentle as he looked into your eyes. He was infatuated. Absolutely in love and could hardly breathe. You blushed as his hands found the waistband of the shorts you were wearing for pajamas. His stomach churned anxiously as he pushed them down your thighs and he all but moaned as he peeked at paradise at the apex of your thighs.

You blushed and turned your head but Liam was quick to gather your gaze again and you felt yourself drowning in his chocolate-eyed gaze. “You are beautiful,” he repeated and you knew he would repeat it for hours until you were secure, but the look on his face told you that once was enough and if you needed to, he would say it again. His pants slid off and were kicked to the floor with the rest of the clothes the two of you had shed.

“Liam,” you gasped softly when his lips attached to your neck and his hands pulled your thighs apart to allow him settling between them.

“Yes, sweet?” He whispered.

Your heart fluttered and everything felt strange but good strange. It felt right and that perhaps is why it felt the strangest of all.

“I love you too,” you whispered.

Liam’s heart was bursting at the seams. “M’gonna love you until the end of the universe, my beautiful girl,” he vowed.

Liam spent time rubbing his fingers over your center trying to make you more relaxed in comfortable. It should have felt awkward, but it couldn’t be awkward. This was Liam. This was the love of your life. There would never be anything that felt so right and perfect. You sighed in content, the first time you felt relaxed in years as Liam slowly and gently gave sweet pleasure. He carefully lined himself up with your body and gently, agonizingly pleasurably sank into you. His arms buckled as he held himself above you. Wrapping your legs around his hips you bit your lip at the small biting uncomfortable intrusion. Liam kept gasping and his mouth found your neck and he panted against your skin whispering how beautiful you were. His sweet words washed over you and you were too happy to have your first time to be with the most caring man in the world. He repeated his love for you as if it was a mantra and he never wanted to stop saying it. He wanted to shout it from rooftops. Sing it to the radio. Whisper it in your ear for the rest of life.

“Are you okay?” He asked. You nodded as you held yourself close to your favorite person in the world.

“I’m perfect, Liam,” you panted softly.

He couldn’t have agreed more.


And I stare at you / You wear nothing but you wear it so well

Liam was so in awe of you. He had never seen anything so beautiful. He was lying beside you watching you smile with your eyes closed. You were still totally naked and he thought it might be uncomfortable but that’s sort of how he knew it was perfect—it was perfect with you.

You only wore a smile, but it was the best thing you had ever worn. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your mouth. “I love you, sweetness,” he whispered.

You grinned brightly at him. You felt relaxed, everything felt better, and Liam truly believed you were absolutely glowing. “I love you too, Liam,” you said and pulled him down for a proper snog before you would ever get this day started.

Worked a bit more with that Spacegodzilla sketch. It’s amazing how prominent Spacegodzilla is within the Godzilla franchise considering how poorly received its only movie appearance is. Also considering how little it was explained. It’s origins are basically unknown, and more mysterious are what its motivations are supposed to be.

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You know how when you keep a whale in a tank that’s too small, it won’t thrive no matter how good of a time you think the whale is having getting its basic needs met? That’s what this feels like. I’m a droopy-fin whale in a tank that’s too small with keepers that feed me and make sure I don’t die but who do not help me thrive/grow because I have no space to. In fact, most of my energy is dedicated to doing tricks they’ve taught me in order to keep up appearances that I’m having a good time. And when I say I’d rather be in the wild fending for myself, I’m told I’m supposed to be grateful because hey, at least I’m not starving! And if the whale gets hurt or dies in captivity, everyone will act so surprised like they weren’t keeping a big ass wild animal in the equivalent of a fishbowl.

[TheTV] A Collaboration between AKB and Youkai Watch - NyaaKB debuts.

An amazing collaboration was born between the nationwide popular anime [Youkai Wach] and Japan’s Top Idol Group, AKB48! We interviewed the members Shimazaki Haruka, Kawaei Rina and Kizaki Yuria in order to expose the lifestyle of NyaaKB, so cute that even Tsuchinoko Panda got startled!

             ■ The ending theme for the anime [Youkai Watch], “Idol wa Uunyanya no ken] has been released on April 8. They were originally supposed to be just  imaginary idols, but they turned into a real unit. How do you feel, having been chosen as its members?  

             Shimazaki: My young brother, and I myself too, knew about the group called NyaaKB appearing in [Youkai Watch].

             Kawaei: I must say I’m kind of happy that Jibanyan likes NyaaKB.

             Kizaki: I boasted about it with my pre-schooler cousin, but it looks like she\he couldn’t understand who I was in the illustrated version (bitter smile)

             Kawaei:Same here! No matter how much I’d say “See? I’m one of the NyaaKB!”, it seems like she\he believes that the animated version is the real deal, so I can’t get her\him to believe me…. 

             ■ Just like in the anime, you’re wearing costumes with ears and tails…

             Kawaei: And to think I’m 20 already…

             Kizaki: I know, right? I kind of feel bad about it…Don’t you?

             Shimazaki: I was able to completely turn into Nyanshio (the name of her character. It could be translated as MeowSalt), so I’m perfectly okay! (laughs)

             Kawaei: You’re amazing (laughs) By the way, which do you prefer? Cats or dogs?

             Kizaki: I’d say cats. I also used to have one! (tln: the name was Nyanta)

             Shimazaki: My mom once brought a kitten home. I was still in grade school though.

             Kawaei: I think I prefer dogs. Truth is I’m allergic to cats (laughs)

             Kizaki: Oh, me too!

             Shimazaki: But didn’t you have one?

             Kizaki: That’s right. I didn’t know about it for the entire time I kept it. Then, when it passed away, I realized I wasn’t sneezing that much anymore! By the way my dad suffered from the same allergy (laughs)

             ■ Speaking of the lyrics, the “Uunyanya” bit is quite catchy and leaves a strong impact. But the contents of the song are actually quite strong in revealing the reality of idols! 

             Kawaei: Yeah, the “Oh, we said it!” feel is quite heavy!

             Kizaki: It’s not part of the short version used for the ending, but I must say I kind of understand the part that goes like “I’d like to be recognized even when wearing sunglasses and a mask”

             Shimazaki: WHAT!?

             Kawaei: Absurd!

             Kizaki: We all disguise a bit when we go outside, don’t you wish not even a bit that to be recognized?

             Kawaei:No way!

             Shimazaki: Not even a tiny bit!

             Kizaki: Eh? Is it just me?

             Kawaei: I think not even other members would agree on you on this one (laughs)

             Shimazaki: In the end the real point of the song is “Unyanyanya”, I think”.

             Kawaei: Yeah. Plus, let aside the lyrics and the melody, the choreography is really easy to memorize too.

             Kizaki: Right. Everyone can dance it at the karaoke and such!

             Kawaei: I’d love for kids to dance it in front of the TV-meow!!♪」

ps: I can’t be the only one thinking Yuria’s desire to be recognized isn’t absurd at all X°D Of course I also understand the wish to feel free and not to be bothered when doing your own things and I can also imagine very well how Paruru couldn’t possible share Yuria’s opinion on this X°°°D