it's supposed to be a clown
It’s now illegal in Russia to share an image of Putin as a gay clown
Warning: This post contains various images of Putin as a gay clown, and may therefore be illegal to share in Russia.

Russia has banned a picture depicting President Vladimir Putin as a potentially gay clown.

Russian news outlets are having trouble reporting exactly which image of the Internet’s many Putin-gay-clown memes is now illegal to share. Because, you know, it’s been banned.

But the picture was described last week on the Russian government’s list of things that constitute “extremism.”

Item 4071: a picture of a Putin-like person “with eyes and lips made up,” captioned with an implicit anti-gay slur, implying “the supposed non-standard sexual orientation of the president of the Russian Federation.”

I’m the person who works at a hotel and the person who delivers our USA Today’s cussed me out

Well, after that incident I emailed my managers to let them know and was told that the best course of action was to stop speaking to her. They also reported her to her manager for her unprofessional behavior. I guess she got reprimanded.

Well, the next day she was supposed to deliver, the newspapers didn’t show up. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but they didn’t come the next day either and a guest actually complained about it, so I had to let my managers know. The company tried to deny that happening, but my managers had already been through the camera footage to verify it had never come, just to be safe. They reimbursed us for the cost of the papers and that was fine….

Until the next time she delivered. She DEFINITELY got reprimanded for that, because on her way out the door she called me a lying bitch, and ever since it’s just been this endless cycle where I tell my manager, my manager makes a complaint, she’s quiet one day, and then the next she calls me a bitch or a cunt or something equally un-creative. One time I thought she called me a clown and I was actually kinda impressed she had stopped with the gendered insults but it turns out that was actually the first time she called me a cunt.

She’s not supposed to deliver to us anymore because she can’t behave herself, but she still is. I’ve told my manager but at this point its like what can you do? Bear in mind that ever since my managers told me not to speak to her, I haven’t said a WORD. I haven’t even looked in her direction. But for the last 3 weeks I’ve still been called names :(

Cardassian Memory and Truth




This line is all very cute and witty and everything but I think Garak does believe it. I wouldn’t be surprised if most Cardassians believe. 

Heres why:

In A Stitch in Time, Garak describes Cardassians experiencing all memories at all times. All of a Cardassians memories are experienced as the present. If this is true than one may presume that memories do not fade and distort to the same extent as human ones. 

NOW here’s the thing about that.  

The issue of perception and truth (in something less than a philosophical sense) is presented by scenarios such as those in the show Brain Games. 

In this particular example its possible a Cardassian would notice the switch due to the memory of the previous clerk being present. However there are other instances that I can’t seem to find clips of things such as clowns on unicycles going largely unseen on a college campus. 

Suppose two Cardassians were walking down a street and they were passed by a unicycle. Both saw it but only in their peripheral vision. 

One noticed and got a good look at it and one did not. A good look can be nothing more than a slight movement of the eye, presuming that only a small part of the Cardassian feild of vision is finely focused, as it is in humans.

The first remarks about it to the other but when he turns to look it has already rounded a corner out of sight. 

Both have a memory existing in their mind with the rest of their life’s memories in that moment. One features a unicycle. One does not. 

The second Cardassian that did not see is left with only a few possibilities

  • his friend is lying to him
  • his memory is fake (unlikely to be accepted as a memory that is always experienced as the present would likely be clear as bell) 
  • he and his friends had two distinct experiences of reality that are both experienced as Truth but are incompatible

It gets a lot more messy when you move to more complicated things. 

You don’t remember shouting at your mom. She definitely does. Your memories are contradictory. 

Now imagine EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED is subject to this. 

You would have to assume everyone no matter how trusted is lying to you.

Or you have to face the fact every person you encounter experiences reality in a way that they perceive as truth and may not be compatible with your own. 

Its the “is the blue you see the blue I see?” quandary expanded to all of reality. 

If this is the case, its hardly surprising that Cardassians would not believe in an ultimate Truth the way the average Star Fleet officer does. 

What if Donato isn’t the Clowns’ boss?

Wait, hear me out :) I know it sounds crazy when we all basically admitted he was with ch84 and 98…

…and he is extremely strong and clever, but technically no one ever said “Donato is the boss” and neither did he, so I’m just wondering about the possibilities that he is admitting to being “the boss” when he might in fact not be at all (he was always called “crown” not the boss and Uta referred to a “boss” in ch31.5).

 As for why I’m wondering about this, well, we now know that the one who caught Donato was Urie’s dad…

And seeing as Urie’s dad was killed by Eto…

that means Donato’s capture was at least 13 years ago if not even before.
However (and this is why my crack theory starts) the Clowns’ annihilation was…

  • 7 years ago at the end of TG
  • 10 years ago at the beginning of :Re
  • so basically 11 years to 12 years ago as of the current arc

And Donato went to prison for basically 14 years, which means that if he’s the Clowns’ boss, he was captured way before the annihilation happened + as he said to Urie…

He was running the orphanage at this time and it was “a life of peace/tranquility” which means that…

…I don’t see how a life of peace or tranquility running that orphanage (aka enjoying playing family with Amon) is supposed to also fit with the Clowns’ gang becoming more and more powerful (probably by fighting and gaining more members). 
So this is just bugging me because, even if the Clowns’ gang doesn’t have such a real hierarchy and its members work solo most of the time, then why would “the boss” be a guy who was apparently maybe not so involved with the gang (since he was busy with running peacefully that orphanage) as they were becoming more powerful?

For all I know it’s a plot hole because Ishida-sensei got messed up in his timeline or maybe Donato was being the boss as a part time job, but… meh, I feel something is off, even more because Donato was basically freed 1 month ago and yet the plan with Furuta launched off before he was even freed.

I know, I know, Donato was probably somehow getting intel even when in Cochlea (one way or another, or maybe even thanks to Furuta was had met with the Clowns) and besides, Nico, Uta and Itori were free doing their own things all these years, so Furuta’s plan could have been discussed while Donato remained in Cochlea but still, the timeline is bugging me…

The Clowns are an odd group, each member more used to doing things their own way instead of working together…

…So if we say the boss is Donato, that means that the Clowns managed to stay one of the most powerful organizations of the story with their boss-like figure only half into it the whole time + in prison for the last 14 years, but still somehow getting intel and planning things out carefully for when it would be time to counterattack.

Which means again that either it is a timeline mistake from Ishida’s part, or the CCG were beyond stupid when it comes to underestimating Donato and the Clowns. 

The whole Clowns’ annihilation is bullshit in the first place though, and I’m wondering if Ishida intends on explaining what exactly went wrong because the CCG saw this as a great victory (thanks to Houji, Arima, Hirako and a few others) and yet they’re still kicking it and powerful so I hope someone (Juuzou?) will bring up the fact that something apparently went wrong 12 years ago. 

Lastly, seeing as I don’t think the Clowns might stay Furuta’s buddies until the end, them making Furuta believe that Donato is the boss when he’s not would be a good prank to play on him.
As for who the boss would be if it’s not Donato, well: 

  • it has to be someone who was around at the time of the Clowns’ annihilation, 
  • it has to be someone who’s still alive
  • it has to be one of the reasons the Clowns managed to stay a strong group even when at a disadvantage after the annihilation
  • it could be someone who, like Furuta (or Yoshitoki before him) currently directing his people from a control room, is generally not seen fighting alongside the others.

And… well, we do have that one Clown who went missing ever since the beginning of :Re and whose existence is not even suspected by the CCG (see the panel of ch26 above). Besides, I made a list long ago of arguments as to why she could be seen as the boss, maybe.

Please keep in mind that it’s obviously a crack theory because Donato still is likely to be the boss but I am currently struggling with a small timeline issue that might or not get explained next chapter (since it seems Donato might start reminiscing), so I guess we’ll see next week whether this crack theory actually has some more basis or not.

After all, for all I know maybe Donato was initially the boss, then he got busy with the orphanage so he left the other Clowns on their own, but now that he’s free again and still angry at his peaceful life being taken away from him, he’s back into the gang and assuming the boss role again.  
I really can’t be sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts :)    

  • Batman: Where is the joker?
  • Henchmen: I don't know. Off making "ha ha" with Harley?
  • Batman: Where is the Joker?
  • Henchmen: I don't know. Off making "ha ha" With Harley?
  • Me(now): Sex. They mean Sex. This is supposed to be a kids show!
Joker and His Jester - Part 2

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Part 1

Requested by @deadpools-babe “Hey~! I love love love your joker x reader stories. So I thought I’d ask one where the reader reign Gotham city while the Joker’s residing in Arkham. She’s been a very big fan of the Joker and she’s the one who planned Joker’s escape in the Asylum. Maybe her alias is “Jester” if its possible. Thank you. :)”

A/n: This really needed a second part~ I hope you guys like it

Warnings: Murder, mentions of torture

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Another Time, Another Place...

“Ugh, it is positively dreary out there. I am soaking!” complained a mild voiced man as he shrugged off his woolen coat and scarf. He retained his jacket—it was rather cold in his opinion—which had elbow pads that likely belonged back in the seventies. But he liked the look. Plus, the jacket gave him bulk over his lanky frame. He didn’t like looking so wispy, but it was his lot in life he supposed.

 He had just walked into the restaurant, and had quickly found his table, seated there-upon were some of his dearest friends. Annoyingly early and cheerful for such an afternoon, but he could forgive that. There were worse things in the world than giddy friends. He knew that better than most.

“Oh Jon! I was hoping you’d make it! The rain is terrible, but looks beautiful, does it not?” Replied the man Jon chose to sit next to. He was short, had flyaway blonde hair and buck teeth. He still had on his lab coat, but the graphic t-shirt he wore seemed to soften the ‘mad scientist’ look. His blue eyes twinkled as he looked from the window their table was placed before and then back to Jon.

“Well, I almost didn’t.” Jon replied, tucking a piece of wet hair behind his ear. “By the way, Bruce texted me. He and Selina will be a bit late and said we should go ahead and order.”

“Oh, that won’t do at all. We can have a chat and wait. Besides, Jack is running late as well.” The blonde replied, leaning back in his chair. The woman sitting in front of him on the other side of the table, whose hair was a brilliant deep red seemed to blush a bit watching him. Sitting on Jon’s side (because everyone knew Jon preferred to sit beside Jervis—they were closest after all) was a man with light brown hair fiddling with a rubik’s cube, and beside the red-head was a woman with fair yellow hair in a messy bun.

“I was thinking the same.” Jon nodded. He then looked to the brunette man. “So, how are things at Wayne Tech, Edward? You and Jervis up to anything exciting?” He gestured to the blonde and then back to him.

Edward put down the cubical puzzle and smiled a tired smile, adjusting his glasses. “Oh, you know how it is. It’s more paper work than anything else this time of year.”

“Are you using the recycle bins I got for you?” The red-head asked. Edward rolled his eyes playfully. “Of course, Pammy. It’s saved us some money actually.”

“And precious trees.” Pamela muttered, taking a sip of her water. Jervis smiled at her dedication and Harleen smirked at her attitude.

“I can’t say anything overly interesting is happening at my work either. You, Harleen?” Jon said. It was a marvel how he could direct conversation like this. He used to be such a social outcast. He may come across as a tad cynical and stiff, but he was deeply grateful for finally finding people who he could trust. Who cared for him.

Harleen giggled a bit and stretched. “No way, Jonny-boy. Arkham’s still as dull as ever. We really miss your help though. Joan always says how good with the patients you were.”

Jon smiled softly. “Well, it was good helping people. But, I suppose teaching is my true calling. Kids these days need to understand how others think if they’re going to make it in this world.” Jervis smiled at Jonathan referring to his university students as children.

“It all comes back to the mind, doesn’t it?” Jervis said cheerfully. “There’s so many variables and consequences, especially in an uncontrolled mind.”

“Control the mind? Sounds like a bad joke.” Replied a voice that approached. It was a bit scratchy but also not as deep as say, Bruce’s voice. The others looked to him as he swung a chair beside Harleen’s backwards, mounting it and leaning on its back frame, arms folded atop it. Jonathan smirked at the man’s rather uncouth behavior. He had an infectious grin and unruly brown hair. His eyes were still a bit sad, but Jon knew from his sessions with him that he was slowly healing. Harleen was good for him, helping him move on after his wife and unborn child passed all those years ago.

“Puddin’!” Harleen squealed in a tone of voice reserved only for Jack. He smiled as she swung her arms about his neck.

“You two are such a spectacle.” Jon said into his glass as he took a sip of water. Jervis chuckled warmly.

“Oh come on Johnny, don’t be such a wet blanket.” Jack smiled, Jon rolled his eyes but smiled softly in return. Jack took off his scarf—a particularly garish one with gold and mauve patches, and threw it to Jon, who didn’t realized he was cold until given the scarf.  He was still pretty damp from the storm. He looked at Jack kindly (or as much as could be considered kind from the otherwise stiff psychologist professor) and put on the scarf despite its gaudy nature. Jon supposed they all had a flair for the extravagantly “unique” if last Halloween was any indication.

“How was work t’day, puddin’?” Harleen immediately asked after a moment. Jack sighed long-sufferingly. “Oh you know, Harley. Being head chemist is rather dangerous and intense—“

“Paper work-day too huh?” Edward commented, again fiddling with the cube.

“Same here, mate.” Jervis nodded in understanding. Jack looked mock-offended.

“Well, fine. But we did begin development on some new chemicals. That stuff is nasty though—I’d hate to fall in one of those vats, I’d probably come out looking like some kind of zombie-clown!” Jack laughed, slapping a knee, Harleen giggling along. Pamela shook her head in good humor at the couple.

“Oh, but at least we’ve got that whole ‘go green’ thing going, Pam.” Jack said to Pamela. She had been bugging him forever to try and implement the program. He had finally found a way to and not cause a lot of disruption to work-flow and yet remain at full quality with the new procedures. It was baby steps, but it was a start.

“I’m glad Jack.” Pamela smiled happily. “One day Gotham won’t be covered in smog…and more sunlight will reach the city.” She sighed wistfully.

“Sounds beautiful.” Jervis agreed, Jon nodding as well. “Sounds warm.” Jervis grinned at that.

“Oh hey!” Edward immediately perked up, eyes twinkling. Bruce and Selina had just arrived at the table and everyone greeted each other. Bruce Wayne had on a simple turtle-neck sweater under his coat, and Selina had on a dark grey sweater and pencil skirt. It was lovely, Jervis thought, that the most wealthy and important man in all of Gotham would be proud to date a lowly secretary. Of course, after getting over her nerves (with the help of Jon and Harley) she showed a much more daring and surprising side. She blossomed in his love and it was simply frabjous. A nice addition to their group of misfits, actually.

“Nice scarf.” Bruce chuckled and Jon simply glared, making Jervis giggle, knowing that glare to be playful.

“So, did you two see the new plans for the armor car yet?” Bruce asked Jervis and Edward, excitement in his voice and eyes. They had no problem reflecting the glee right back, obviously familiar and approving of the newest project underway in Wayne Tech technology.

“Boy, did we! It looks sweet!” Edward replied enthusiastically.

“And I think we could develop voice control for it, and voice identification.” Jervis mused, tapping his lips in thought.

“It would look great in green.” Edwards waggled his eyebrows. Bruce laughed.

“Or black.”

“Always black with you.” Jack sighed with a grin. It was a running joke between the two; Bruce was always in black or similar neutral colors while normally Jack was in the brightest colors of the spectrum imaginable.

“It’s simple and sleek.” Bruce shrugged.

“Okay now, boys. Let’s not talk work at the table, mmm?” Selina raised a brow, and the over-excited science geeks—Bruce included—mumbled but shared a look that they’d definitely continue this conversation later.

And so the colleagues—friends, one could say—settled in for a delightful meal. Good company and good food, with the steady peaceful rainfall and glittering lights of the city as a backdrop. It was something each of them had wanted for so long and had found in one another.

A sense of belonging.

Some small things about Trevor I picked up while replaying the game!!

- If Trevor had stayed in school, he would’ve been an art student
- Trevor was supposed to be shot in North Yankton, not Brad, meaning Michael tried to get his best friend killed
- (TW) Trevor was molested by a clown when he was young, which probably is a big reason for his fear of clowns
- Ron told Michael that Trevor actually loves animals and children (its up to you to believe)
- Trevor can’t type properly, probably because of his lack of education
- Trevor doesn’t like when people disrespect women (even though he kinda does it himself)
- He hates hipsters… but secretly loves being called a hipster by Michael (maybe he’s a masochist??)
- Trevor has a soft spot for Tracey
- Trevor mentions something about swallowing a nose ring during the 90’s,,, maybe he had a nose piercing?

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Why do female ENTP's have more masculine personalities than other types? I'm an ENTP and I never understood before I started reading about ENTP's why I felt like I didn't fit in with other girls--not because I have "masculine" interests like I love fashion and other typically "girly" things--but like I just feel that the way I think and speak is more masculine and it makes it hard for me to make new friends who are girls. I just understand why ENTP is more masculine

So this is going to be a little tough for me to explain. I definitely agree with you, I’ve experienced it myself. I just recently had the change of thought that the way we are isn’t masculine, it’s just associated with masculinity, if that makes any sense. Being bold, open, clever and accepting aren’t traits only available to men, they’re human characteristics. For whatever societal reason we’ve been trained to think that they are? Its just always pissed me off that being the class clown or the valedictorian who skips class or shit like that is supposed be a man’s role. You’re not masculine, you’re an individual. I don’t know if that answered the question, it just kind of became a rant

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What are some of your favourite artworks done by Naoko?

Ooooooh, I love this question! I could talk about this for pages upon pages, but I will keep it brief. I’ve looked through the artbooks in passing, and I am always struck by how stylistically soft and loose the art is. I especially love the ones where the characters are literally dressed like runway models. I’d love to someday take an in-depth look at all of them. Here are my top five off the top of my head!

Honorable Mention: This one has been my phone wallpaper for a long time, and it will therefore be the last thing I see when my phone finally gives up in exhaustion after playing too much Sailor Moon Drops. 

5. Michiru I understand that you need to maintain your “aesthetic” but this is absolutely not the proper care and keeping of a cello. 

4. This whole image is just “list of things Audrey is a sucker for.” Her silhouetted shadow is composed of negatives of newspaper clippings. The city skyline is encompassed in her bright canvas of a cape. The harsh red is being cut with the pastel colors that represent her friends. Usagi is in a mask. It features at least one cat. This image couldn’t possibly appeal to me more. 

3. I want to own all of these dresses; much like the sailor uniforms themselves, they are more or less the same style, but they have some notable differences that make them personalized. It’s like ten thin individual monochrome pieces put together into one place; this page is its own museum. The knotwork and illuminated letters at the top are both very art nouveau and very Middle English poetry and I have been well documented to enjoy both of these things.  

2. Naoko. What were you thinking. This is too much objective attractiveness in one place. They’re simply too pretty. You need to take it down a notch immediately. 

1. What the fuck is going on here?

From the background, I’d guess that Chibiusa is visiting the Neo-Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, which is now made entirely out of candy and is hosting a fundraiser barbecue out front. I can infer that this is supposed to be a celebration of some kind, based on the balloons and toys, but Chibiusa doesn’t look happy at all. Yet, she is not upset either. Those eyes scream emotional emptiness. Maybe it’s the tiny 1:4 scale clown dancing to her side. Maybe it’s the jellyfish alien nonchalantly wrapping a single pastalike tendril around her leg. She might just be overstimulated.

Anyway this is my favorite piece of Sailor Moon artwork of all time. 

kagetsukai ответил(a) на ваш пост“I work as a secretary in health services clinic for 11 years, I chose…”

I am so sorry you have to deal with this asshole :( And to be back-stabbed like that! Truly, there is nothing sacred in the world anymore. I hope it works out well for you *hugs*

fadedforyou ответил(a) на ваш пост“I work as a secretary in health services clinic for 11 years, I chose…”

Im sorry too, workplace disputes are the worst thing :( I hope it works out for you because its important that you get to heal properly and not get rushed into work. My thoughts are with you ❤❤

ladynorbert ответил(a) на ваш пост“I work as a secretary in health services clinic for 11 years, I chose…”

That is absolute bullshit, and I hope the doctors know how long you’re supposed to be recuperating and don’t listen to this clown. I hope you feel better soon.

m3zzamorphic ответил(a) на ваш пост“I work as a secretary in health services clinic for 11 years, I chose…”

I’m sorry :( sending good vibes your way❤️ also your english is just fine :)

ariannadi ответил(a) на ваш пост“I work as a secretary in health services clinic for 11 years, I chose…”

That’s super fucked up. I hope everything works out for you and I’m sorry you had to deal with that :(

sapphiccadash ответил(a) на ваш пост“I work as a secretary in health services clinic for 11 years, I chose…”

im so sorry! have some bees of affection🐝🐝

stregatadallostregatto ответил(a) на ваш пост“I work as a secretary in health services clinic for 11 years, I chose…”

You have all the rights to be hungry! Fight back that asshole, doctors can’t (hopefully) be blind and just believe him. And tell him that when he will have a surgery, he will have the right to speak.

Thank you lovelies for the kind words and support!
I decided not to wait and I called my boss, he’s a wise and reasonable man.
We talked and he assured me, that I don’t have a reason to worry, because the job is mine as long as I want it, and I should stay home until I’m fully recovered.
So I feel much better after our conversation.

Thank you again, you’re the best!

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Aquarium AUs
  • ➥ I didn't notice the octopus & when it hit the glass I screamed & jumped into you I'm very sorry please stop laughing at me AU
  • ➥ I was making a serious attempt to measure myself up against a six gill shark using a display made for that exact purpose except I'm really short & you're the employee I just caught laughing at me AU
  • ➥ I saw a clown fish & started quoting / crying over Finding Nemo and it's NOT FUNNY AU
  • ➥ I'm majoring in marine biology & from eavesdropping on your conversation you obviously know NOTHING about these fish I'm so mad what kind of employee are you here let me educate you AU
  • ➥ You caught me trying to convince some kids that mermaids are real I'm sorry please don't kick me out AU
  • ➥ You caught me trying to convince some kids that mermaids are real & joined in ( optional : & your boss caught us I'm so sorry please don't hate me ) AU
  • ➥ I was supposed to be taking pictures of the fish but you have a beautiful smile & I accidentally-on-purpose took 800 pictures of you with maybe some fish in the background please can I use your face for my art project AU
  • ➥ Small child if you run past me screaming ONE MORE TIME I'M GOING TO - oh hello Mr Employee I didn't see you there standing right behind me listening to every word I say AU
  • ➥ I dropped my phone into one of the exhibits & you heroically dived in after it except now we've both been kicked out & I'd like to give you my number but can't so can I buy you a drink instead AU

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hey i don't know if you're aware of this but there's some freaky clown sightings in the US and Canada. so can i request that you write a hc where rfa comforts MC after MC gets freaked out by a clown while driving/walking on the way to meet them?

  • <ahh, the clown sightings. i feel this one lolol, there was an apparent sighting near where i live, kinda freaked me out a lil bit but i got over it. thank you for the request anon!!>


  • Yoosung was waiting for you to arrive at his
  • you were supposed to be there 15 minutes ago
  • and you’re never late
  • he kept calling but you wouldn’t answer, he began to panic
  • but when you came in crying he instantly hugged you
  • “MC, what happened?” 
  • you sat and explained to him through your sobs that on your way to his there’s a forest you always pass and a clown came out of it, holding a knife in its hand
  • Yoosung held you close and told you it was okay
  • “I will never let a clown get their hands on my MC, never ever!” 
  • he sat with you and found a new and forest-free route to get to his place
  • you both cuddled until he asked you if you’d like to play some LOLOL with him, only for a little bit
  • you wound up spending the night playing LOLOL with him until you both passed out, at least you took your mind off the clown sighting

Jaehee Kang:

  • Jaehee always ordered you a cab to come to hers when you both wanted to hang out
  • but the cab was running later than normal
  • as she began to pace the room, waiting for you to come, she heard pounding at her front door
  • “Excuse me, but do you mind not knocking so lou-MC! Are you alright? Come in, please!”
  • she ushers you, the shaky and out of breath mess, into her home, sitting you on the couch as she begins to brew some tea for the two of you
  • once it’s finished, she hands you a cup but then takes it away since you were shaking too badly
  • she just wound up holding you before you having you speak
  • “I-I’m sorry, Jaehee it’s just you know the whole clown sighting thing going on…and when I was coming out of the cab there was this clown and I-I didn’t know what to…and I ran and it ran behind me and..”
  • “Shh, MC, it’s alright. No clowns will get to you, they’ll have to fight me first.”
  • you laughed, and finally took a sip of tea before relaxing 
  • Jaehee and you would normally watch one of Zen’s musicals, but tonight Jaehee let you pick
  • you picked one of Zen’s musicals anyways, and you both cuddled under a large blanket all night, watching Zen’s musicals


  • Zen was just sitting on his couch, he knew you were coming over sometime that day but he didn’t know why
  • but then he heard pounding at his front door, along with faint shouts
  • he sprinted to the front door, opening to reveal you sweaty, hunched over, and out of breath
  • before he could do anything you looked up, sprinted inside and shut the door
  • “MC what’s this all abo-”
  • “SHH!” 
  • you signaled him to come over to the curtain with you, so he walked over
  • there was a clown, right in front of Zen’s house, hunched over out of breath
  • He instantly closed the curtains, picked you up, and bolted into his room
  • “MC, what the hell?”
  • “It…that…chasing…down the street…so scared…couldn’t breathe…”
  • he engulfed you in a hug, rocking you until your heartbeat slowed some
  • “MC, it’s alright…let’s stay in here until the morning, I’m sure my little sprinter here out ran him so fast he couldn’t see where you went but let’s be safe and wait it out.” 
  • it was a nice little evening between the two of you, just a night full of talking and cuddling between you 

Jumin Han:

  • he sat petting Elizabeth as he suddenly got a call from security outside saying you were there
  • “I’ve told you before, if MC shows up at my building just let her in, I trust her. No need to ask.”
  • as you walked in he heard sniffles coming from the hallway
  • he walked to see you with red eyes, tears going down your cheeks 
  • “Who hurt my MC, tell me darling?”
  • he scooped you up bridal style and sat you on his lap as he sat on the couch, holding you close
  • “I’m sorry Jumin but as I was driving over and I saw one of those clowns-”
  • “What street?”
  • surely enough Jumin took care of that problem, so you’d never see a clown in that area ever again
  • “I never knew you had a fear of clowns, MC.”
  • “I don’t, but because of all the clown murder stories that are going around…”
  • “Clown murder stories?” 
  • you had to sit down and show him what you meant, pulling up articles and accounts on clown sightings until he understood 
  • “I’m sorry you had to go through that MC..”
  • “It’s alright…at least it didn’t stab me!!”


  • Seven was sitting, hacking away waiting for you to come
  • but he wasn’t expecting you to be crying when you came in
  • “MC? MC! What’s wrong hun?” 
  • you just sat and cried for a little before explaining that as you were walking to your car, you saw a clown nearby, and it started following your car as you were driving
  • “MC, I’m so so sorry…”
  • he held you until you calmed down
  • “MC you alright?” 
  • “Yeah…thank you Seven.”
  • you both sat side-by-side as you watched Seven do illegal stuff
  • “MC, don’t pay attention to what I’m doing okay?”
  • “Okay!~ I’m just here to feed you chips anyways.”
  • “…please marry me?”
  • you both giggled, as Seven went back to work and you fed him chips and Dr. Pepper

<okay but for Seven’s I literally put down at first “Alright you alright?” and then “Yeah…thank you MC.” instEAD OF “MC you alright?” and then “Yeah…thank you Seven” IM ACTUALLY CRYING OML>

ALRIGHT, DEAR FOLLOWERS LISTEN TO ME PLEASE. It’s time for me to get some shits straight, unpopular opinions about over sensitive Tumblr. It’s long, but I WOULD REALLY LIKE IT IF YOU READ IT. It’s so very important.


Some triggers are absolutely delusional. For example: gifs, eye contact, food, cursing and much more… Excuse me, you’re on the fucking internet, gifs are part of this culture and have been there since 1987. Eye contact? What do you live in, a grotto? Food? Mc donald’s sitting in your country with its balls at every corner of your city. And good news, you have to eat FOOD every day. I first thought the system was good, like if you have phobias or this disease with the flashing lights that gets your body convulsing, but people are being way too sensitive. I have coulrophobia, phobia of clowns. I don’t want any of that shit near me, but you know, like yesterday a clown popped up at a tv program. I coped with it. It really scares me that YOU people who’re supposed to be already adults are this way. You’re probably already in the work industry, and it’s a world where you have to toughen up, my teacher (an amazing woman) always kept repeating me so. I also saw a South park episode, and it represented so well Tumblr’s community nowadays! Basically, there were people hiding in a transparent block, and this block represented their safe zone, and outside was a man who represented “reality” and that thus, the people inside the block weren’t letting reality enter the block, and so never face it. And last but not least, I had that one time someone asking me to tag videos, because apparently “you won’t know if there’s a jump scare in the end or something, and that’s very triggering to some people”. Well again here are some good news from queen obvious: jump scares are MEANT to scare you. The first one I saw was when I was nine years old, I cried, it was scary as fuck… But I’m here, safe and sound. 


There was someone who once claimed that if you’re not a victim, you can’t rp certain themes. Like, if you’ve never been raped, you can’t rp rape RP. This is so… sad. So, if I want to rp incest for whatever reason, I have to fuck with my brother first? Absolutely not. I shouldn’t have the right or not to roleplay something based on my personal experiences. If I want to roleplay female with female fluff, do I have to become homosexual? Impossible.


OOOOO WE’RE GOING ON A TOUCHY SUBJECT. It’s a slippery sloppy slide. Just as anyone would do his or her or their, whatever, coming out. I am telling you that I am 17. Exactly, one year away from hitting 18 years old if you went at least in primary school in your life, you can count. But I roleplay-ED and roleplay smut. Now before making that cringing face and going to talk to your buddies about how much of a liar I am, let me tell you some things. We all did it. For those who like to write this I mean. We all wrote some shitty one liners that went along the lines of: he puts his dick in her belly button and gives her a baby. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but we sure all once were curious children, who had fun writing about these things. About the legality stuff now, more seriously. The police has other things to do than dealing with those affairs. If both rp partners agree to doing a fictional sex scene, then there’s no problem. You are not your character, you are simply depicting a scene. Now if your partner turns out to be a harasser, here you can do something, but otherwise if you agreed, you both will enjoy writing with each other, no? And how even would anyone even know your real age? Come on, we have no real proof that you are the age you claim to be. I find it strange that 99% of Tumblr blogs are directed by 18+ muns. No but honestly, please don’t be delusional and think about it. So underage writing gore with you is okay, hurting, torturing, guts everywhere, all of that is fine, but a breast touch and WHOOPS IT’S TABOO? Excuse my French (literally) but you’re an asshole. Now I can understand that you don’t feel comfortable, and in this case politely refuse to rp such things. That’s all. But as a matter of fact, I’ve seen so many adults unable to write smut correctly, things like: *moans, *sucks* and the likes.People need to do the difference between fiction and reality. If you want to draw, on a side note, DO IT. DRAW EVERYTHING YOU WANT, no matter how gross. I would rather have someone depicting abuse on a paper rather than relieving their rotten desires in reality. As I know that it sometimes help people. This does not mean that I condone it, far from it. I hate animal abuse, it’s truly the worst for me, but I’d rather have someone drawing a horrible thing rather than hurting a creature. Going to move on, because for personal reasons, this thing really disgust me and makes me sad.


HEY COWARD. YES YOU, WHO HIDES BEHIND A GREY FACE. GROW SOME BALLS HAH. I can’t fucking stand anon hate, Even if I had the whole world against me, I’d still face you and not go anonymous. That’s how you handle problems.FIN. Now if you decide to unfollow because boohoo, ha-hi-hoo, then do it I don’t mind it is your right. I will know who you are, and probably be disappointed, but apart from this, you can feel safe. I respect your choice to unfollow me if you decide to not enter reality with me.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: robbers, change of heart, and somebody else must all be connected. there's a lyric and music video references between robbers and change of heart and then somebody else starts with clown matty from change of heart going into the room and changing into somebody else matty. the story line would be that in robbers its the kind of happy relationship then change of heart is where that relationship ends and then somebody else is where the other person moved on and matty is sad. sad matty. THEN at the end of somebody else we have the scenes where matty sees himself instead of all the girls. that must be supposed to portray the fact that people can get so caught up in themselves and only see themselves that it ruins a relationship.

anonymous asked:

But what was Karkat suppose to do? gamzees religion is straight up whack shit, its like lettin a friend be a scientologist. It aint healthy

The thing is… Gamzee’s religion is one of the most real things that is in this comic. No, seriously, it’s Gamzee who is right when he talks about miracles, mirth, messiahs and special stardust, not people who mock him and if seeing his belief slowly come true in front of our very own eyes (Lord English/Angel of Double-Death exists, Caliborn and Calliope/Messiahs exist, SBURB/SGRUB mechanisms allow revivals and second life in bubbles, people everywhere grow wings and can imagine clothes and manipulate surroundings by sheer will of memories, etc. etc.) wasn’t enough, I’d advise to hold onto your seat for what’s coming up next.

Karkat, who is one of the disbelievers, will have to eat his words back, because as a literal Second Coming of Troll Jesus Christ, he is tied to this religious mess very tightly. So, every time he mocks it, he simply adds to the irony of the situation. As to what is he supposed to do? Well, he doesn’t have to believe in it if he doesn’t want to, but mocking Gamzee for it is something he could stop. In the end, they had a meaningful relationship, and I think this should warrant some respect if he used to care about the clown.