it's sunny in my room

So, my post-SDCC dash is like -

- and of course I’m happy people are happy, and even if I’m trying not to read spoilers and speculations (I’d rather be surprised), obviously I’ve seen some of them and I really hope they mean what we hope they mean and that next season is going to be this amazing Feelfest they’re sort of promising, but I just wanted to say - if you’re still grieving for those characters who died last season, if you feel let down by the show, if you don’t trust them to finally go there with Destiel or do right by Cas or whatever else - you’re not alone. I know that many of us are carefully navigated our broken hearts in this river of rainbows, so, yeah - we’re here. You’ve still got the right to be upset or annoyed or disappointed, no matter what happens during the hiatus, okay?

“And I’ve got an accordion!”

Of course you do, of course


I forgot this one


He had another one in his room


Finally finished redecorating my room!