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Gillian Anderson behind the scenes of “The Truth.” I have little idea what is happening, but it’s kind of great?


icb after all these weeks i get to make a cheesy good night post.


🍓 lee hongbin ft. a strawberry 🍓

I don’t know. Anytime I’ve been through a bad break up, it’s not even dating, it’s just keeping busy. It’s just like… do the things that you even might roll your eyes at sometimes. Like, go take a crazy kundalini yoga class. Or like… I got into pottery after a break up and now I have a pottery wheel in my house. […] Cause I think dating- and meeting people, too- the more you give, the more you’ll get back in return. In terms of giving positivity to the world. But, I also… Just keeping your mind and your soul busy, too, is really valuable. It has helped me.

Melissa Benoist’s advice for getting over someone you were in love with

Sunshine Sundays: Weekly positive Supergirl posts

Please refrain from adding criticisms or negativity regarding the show to Sunshine Sundays posts (this does not include sad headcanons or discussions of negatively toned events in character’s lives). Feel free to make Sunshine Sunday posts of your own.



- Everyone painting their faces and wearing fake tattoos, as well as matching their outfits to whatever team they support.  Even though none of you watch any other football games.  Lydia enforces the ‘costume’ rule

- Passing around a football during commercials, and watching the boys play.  It was particularly funny watching Stiles, seeing he barely understood the concept of sports.

- You and the other girls talking during the game.  Except for Allison, who screamed at the tv with Scott Liam and Derek.

- Playing ‘catch the food in your mouth’ across the room- Everyone taking over the not so large McCall living room.  

- Here and there Melissa attempting to watch the game with you, but got too overwhelmed with the boys throwing their arms around and yelling.

- Everyone enjoying the commercials, and explaining to Malia why it’s so expensive.  To which she replies with ‘it’s just a game’.  If the boys weren’t so afraid of her strength, they would’ve argued further.

- You and Lydia painting your nails to the design of the team you’re rooting for

- Derek slamming as many cans against his head (to make them flat) in a minute to beat his record each year

- Liam trying, and only getting one because it ‘give him a headache’

- Stiles trying and falling to the floor because he hurt himself.  The root beer can made a slight dent in the side.

You: “Stiles, you’re supposed to do it with an empty can”

- Making bets but most of the time everyone quickly backed out on them.

- But one time Kira had to do a back flip, and Isaac had to set one of his scarves on fire

- Malia constantly asking the rules of the game.  You and Lydia put your hands up unknowingly with a shake of your head.

- Sneaking into the kitchen with Kira and Stiles to eat most of the cookies and cupcakes before the others get the chance.

You: *whisper screaming* wait stiles! There’s frosting all over your mouth!

Stiles: *quickly licking it all off before anyone else in the pack could see*

- Riding around on Scott’s back when his team gets a point

Stiles: If (team) gets a point, you owe me a kiss!

You: Yeah, and if (opposing team) gets a point, you owe me twenty bucks!

- Getting twenty dollars from Stiles pretty often

- Playing Never Have I Ever, which you did a lot

- Malia growling when the team she picked to root for is loosing

You: calm down, it’s just a game.  No need to growl

Malia: not my fault they fucking suck

- Every once in a while nudging Lydia to wake her up

- Allison tackling Scott when mini games are played in the living room space

- Allison tackling anyone when mini games are played in the living room space

- Kira’s delayed cheering/booing with everyone else because she doesn’t know what’s happening.

- And sometimes you fake her out then tease her about it

- Scott making cheesy inspirational quotes about the teams

- Liam and Stiles making profane quotes about how much the teams suck

- At the end of the night, everyone passing out in the living room.  Scott and Allison tangled up on one of the recliners, Derek in the other one.  Stiles on one end of the couch, your body curled against his, his arms around you.  Malia and Kira next to you, and Lydia on the opposite end.  Isaac fell asleep on the floor, and Liam on the coffee table.  Crushing chips and other snacks set there during the game

- Having an all around fun and crazy time together.  As you usually always did.

BONUS: everyone angrily scrubbing their faces of colored paint the next day, crammed into the one bathroom in the McCall house

xoxo ~ jordie
ps: i only watch the superbowl for free food + funny commercials

i was excited to come home and open up the new tablet i ordered from amazon that said it was delivered today. but of course, it’s not here. apparently they delivered it somewhere, and someone signed my name for it, but it certainly wasn’t me, as i was at work all day. so that was a bit disappointing. 

but then i got a surprise package with this amazing little necklace from @hotsmugstache, and now everything is much better. <3 <3 <3


carl grimes week: day 1, favourite season » season 5
↳ you’re lucky your church has lasted this long. you can’t stay in one place anymore, not for too long. and then once you’re out there, you’re gonna find trouble you can’t hide from; you need to know how to fight.

out of character.   hi look at how handsome my son is !!

okay i just saw someone with a porg icon and i am v jealous

i’m gonna be commissioning me some bb8 + porg fanart, i bet you anything

no i don’t mean that in a shippy way. i mean, it’s me, so you can fairly ask that question; but not this time.