it's sunday and i have a heavy heart

DAY 2641

Jalsa, Mumbai              July 5,  2015              Sun  11:38 pm

And so another day goes by .. another 24, another minutes seconds of our living gone and giving to be a part of the 365 .. lost and over .. its feelings its thoughts its deeds all over …

But the moment is of now and the delight in our connect and our conversation and the out pouring of hearts and feelings and much more ..

It is another Sunday and the rains have been silent for a while .. they predict the wet ways again by the morrow … and the wishers and well beings of my life gather outside the gates of JALSA and in heavy multitudes and in some unpredictable crowd planning .. it worries me no end when the little children and the ladies are subjected to discomfort .. so .. I have had a word with the police and they shall plan out a more simpler yet effective way of dealing with the situation .. a situation that really is filled with so much passion and affection that at times it feels awkward to prevent them from expressing themselves ..

See :

How can one control love .. it is impossible .. and the level of the gratefulness increases each week .. which is why the song form Abhishek’s new film keeps playing in my mind the entire day :

“hafte mein chaar shanivaar hone chahiye’ :

Flowers and bouquets from Ef, that struggle at the gate .. thank you and thank you for bearing up, and thank you for all that you do for me ..

Contributions from those that have the equipment to construct these models of creativity .. they are sublime and so good .. wish I could get to learn this art and make some myself someday ..

Chatter on the Sunday family dining table revolves around speed and hypersensitivity of this generation and how this is being looked upon as a birth deficiency arising out of lack of certain factors that affect us nowadays socially !

We are thinking faster and speaking faster and evolving faster .. 

I find that in the young today .. a topic that they shall start on, shall move so rapidly that they shall be on the next chapter while you are still reeling with the first … in meetings now, when a conversation begins I find myself having understood the reason for the meet in the very first few words spoken, and begin to get anxious to move on and save time in expressing any further from the guest .. at times it feels disconcerting hinging close to being rude almost on my part, but there it is … immediacy is the hour .. from 5 day test matches in Cricket to 50 over one dayers to the T20 .. over and done with in a couple of hours … or as some of the Americans when first introduced to the game of cricket would reflect : “ you play the game for 5 days and at the end of the 5th you still do not know who has won !!!?’ … that’s ridiculous they would say !!

You look for and refer to the mobile for the latest score or news or songs or film clips or whatever .. you carry it live with it sleep with it permanently .. its your best friend , the mobile .. now on your wrist as a watch with similar features .. soon who knows .. they may build something that gets sewn into your brain at birth ..

O baby .. ! That would be fun .. (er   sorry for the pun ! )

Baby did you say ..?

They come with them to the Sunday event, on packs on shoulders and some when they need a vantage … on trees .. and some just be themselves, err .. ME .. turban from Gujarat tourism, and green watch and all .. he did paint his beard white, but got back to normal on this occasion … sincere and dedicated .. he has to be met .. he has some plans for me .. his paper book that he presented at the gate is most interesting :

Sincerity of love and the zeal to continue till they attain that moment .. I shall I shall indulge ..

The night beckons and the serial that shall soon emerge as the head hits the bed .. the duvet the pillows the soft sheets the rewind of the day and then …

Amitabh Bachchan