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author’s note: i’ve gotten quite a few requests for a mafia/gang!bts au and i am in the works of writing a few drabbles here and there, but in the meantime, enjoy these headcanons; also, gif credits are link as cr. under each member’s name—none of these gifs are my own, i only resize them to make the post easier to read
warnings: mentions of weaponry, blood, [mild] violence


  • poison specialist
  • he can make or break any poison
  • poison gas, liquid poison, organ specific poisons
  • you name it jin can mix it or find the antidote for it
  • if it’s necessary for him to be in the field, his kills are quick and efficient
  • knows the human body inside and out
  • he targets the body’s weak spots
  • he’s also bangtan’s doctor of sorts
  • it keeps them from having to deal with the whole process of checking into hospitals under aliases and explaining what happened to them
  • for the most part, the boys can fix themselves up, but jin cleans up any gunshot wounds or large gashes
  • and helps them get back up on their feet if any serious injuries occur
  • likes to piss off yoongi and give him pink bandages
  • also in charge of keeping everything organized
  • any kinds of records, medical or not, jin has got them sorted for easy access
  • knows all of the boys’ medical information from their allergies to their past injuries even down to their blood types
  • jin probably isn’t in the field most of the time bc if he even tho he can patch himself up, if he ever does get seriously hurt the rest of them are pretty fucked
  • but if he had to be, his weapon of choice would be a shiny silver switchblade
  • it’s clean, efficient and gets the job done just how he likes it


  • grandfather of this whole organization
  • basically mafia royalty
  • yoongi has all the connections he knows who to make friends with and who to strike against 
  • namjoon is the leader of bangtan but yoongi oversees everything namjoon oversees
  • he’s got a critical eye so he always double and triple checks for any flaws or open areas of attack
  • the strategist, the genius of the operation
  • he’s an expert at pretty much everything
  • but he favorite area of expertise is machinery
  • he can make or improve any kind of gun
  • the boys’ specialized weapons are all yoongi’s doing
  • all of their original guns, knives or earpieces are marked with a small MYG
  • yoongi is more of the backup kind of guy only because he hates dealing with people
  • so he doesn’t go in straight away but he’s always there if he needs to fight
  • but when he’s called in
  • oh boy you’d wish he hadn’t been
  • ofc his weapon of choice is a small gun, a myg original
  • he’s also a pretty good lock pick
  • he’s good at figuring things out quickly so lock picking, gun making, floor plans, weaving his way through other organizations
  • it all comes easily to him
  • protective of the boys but would rather shoot himself than say i love you to them
  • says shit like “watch what the fuck you’re doing taehyung you could have died”
  • but he cares
  • he’d be the first to take a bullet for any of them be sure of that


  • street fighter hobi
  • something like a black belt in karate but…. higher
  • i don’t know what that would be but he’s good is the point
  • he’s just an amazing fighter
  • and he’s self taught
  • his hand to hand combat puts everyone else’s to shame
  • when he’s really angry stay out of his path
  • unlike seokjin he doesn’t need to strategically aim for weak parts of the body
  • he’ll just knock the wind out of someone
  • trains every day no exceptions
  • boxing mostly
  • he’s the one who trained the rest of the boys in hand to hand combat
  • so all of them can handle themselves if need be
  • probably spars with jungkook every day
  • runner up for fist fighting is jimin tho don’t get it twisted just bc he’s small
  • his fists are his weapon
  • hobi with brass knuckles what a concept
  • namjoon requires all of them to know how to handle at least a small handgun but hobi never uses it
  • if he needs something besides his hands he’s rather resourceful
  • a stray pipe, leg chair, any kind of furniture laying around, another person….. anything he can swing with he’ll use
  • maybe a baseball bat if they wanna get rowdy


  • leader of bangtan and yoongi’s protégé
  • calm and collected when need be, but also not afraid to snap someone when they cross him
  • i wouldn’t recommend crossing him
  • smooth talker
  • by that i mean he could talk his way into any event or out of any situation
  • but i also mean he speaks 5 languages fluently
  • he’ll flirt with someone in french, read over files in english, threaten someone’s life in japanese, make underground deals with governments in russian and go home to speak korean
  • a full man
  • language is never a barrier for bangtan
  • oversees all of the boys’ training to make sure everyone is as well rounded as possible
  • always working to improve bangtan any way he can
  • he himself isn’t that good with hand to hand combat but yoongi’s taught him everything about guns there is to know so he’s never in trouble
  • perfect aim every time
  • extremely good at memorizing things
  • long codes, pins, floorpans, names, locations he can memorize it all
  • always first to enter the scene and the boys follow loyally
  • also bangtan’s interrogation machine
  • he doesn’t even need to physically torture anyone, he just puts all that psychology to work
  • he gets inside people’s head, make them tell him what he wants to know when he wants to know it
  • so if namjoon wants something, namjoon gets something


  • hacker extraordinaire
  • anything to do with computers, jimin’s your guy
  • any computer, database, safe, lock, password, encryption, jimin can get behind it
  • no firewall is too strong or code too dense
  • he’s the voice in their ears and their eye in the sky
  • jimin guides them through building through earpieces
  • tells him if there’s something going down while they’re on site
  • often teams up with yoongi to make sure their weaponry is the most advanced and efficient it can be
  • but jimin is also their playboy
  • he is rarely, almost never, working on the field as they boys need him to guide them through heists
  • but he’s got a pretty face most would melt for so they can’t let it go to waste
  • so when it comes to schmoozing their way into high snobiety, it’s jimin’s time to shine
  • everyone falls for him
  • people will spill their life stories to jimin merely an hour after meeting him because he’s that charming
  • with a smile that sweet and voice that enticing, you’d never suspect he’s a devil in disguise
  • he might be the computer guy but those hands are good for things besides hacking
  • he can knock someone out when he needs to
  • i’m talking knock someone to the ground with a single kick
  • he’s so extra when he’s fighting tho he’ll split kick and knock out two guys when it wasn’t really that big of a deal
  • even though he’s great at it, he prefers to be behind the scenes looking after the boys he has more control that way and he can ensure everyone is safe
  • so maybe he is an angel after all


  • sniper of all snipers
  • you wouldn’t think it from his personality but taehyung’s got deadly aim
  • always hits his target
  • and he loves guns
  • absolutely obsessed with them
  • always begging yoongi to buy him more or build him a new one
  • “hyung pleeeaaaaase it doesn’t have to be a big one it can be a medium sized one, yooooooongi hyuuuuung”
  • the only other thing taehyung loves more than guns is money
  • loves money and everything to do with it
  • stealing it, dealing it, wiring it, handling it
  • he’ll jump at any opportunity
  • namjoon and yoongi try to not to let him get too out of control so they let him spend only on things the boys need
  • so handles their wardrobe obviously
  • they have to dress to impress, at least according to taehyung anyway
  • they never walk into a casino or club or posh event without being dressed head to toe in armani or gucci
  • “taehyung why did you buy jin a silk pocket square” “um its prada namjoon get with it”
  • they also tame him by letting him play the games
  • so he’s bangtan’s main guy when it comes to gambling and handling cards
  • king of roulette
  • honestly half way through people give up and let him win, he’d win anyway
  • they think it’s luck but really he’s just good
  • tae’s basically a joker of sorts, a very mischievous, well dressed joker


  • ofc he’s their golden boy
  • jack of all trades
  • jungkook is good with any hand he’s dealt
  • whether it be literal cards, combat, guns, knives, anything
  • he can handle himself
  • partially because he’s naturally gifted
  • partially because he’s always trying to prove himself to his hyungs
  • has a temper worse than a provoked hoseok
  • i’m talking a real short fuse here jeon jungkook does not come to play around
  • the boys try their best to look after him when and how they can tho
  • jungkook can dish it out and take it, but he’s still their baby
  • pretty face number two
  • if they’re not sending in jimin to flirt his way to the top, they’re sending in jungkook
  • because who wouldn’t fall for those doe eyes and that baby face
  • a baby face the boys frequently use to their advantage
  • he’s often the bait on their missions
  • they’ll send him in and purposely let the enemy think he’s nothing but a street rat with a bad temper they can take advantage of but the tables quickly turn around
  • he’s their distraction man
  • jungkook is ridiculously strong we all know that
  • so if there’s anything or anywhere to get to that would require immense physical strength, jk is their boy
The Soldier’s Sister

Steve Rogers x Sister!Reader

Requested by anon

Summary: Steve has a sister, who also has the serum, but has never mentioned her before to the other Avengers, so when she goes to help out at Sokovia, they’re all shocked, but not as much as Tony and Pietro.

Warnings: as always, cursing,

Word Count: 1,157

Originally posted by buddyineedyou

Your name: submit What is this?

Seeing Rhodey set you down onto the floating city, Steve knew he was fucked. It wasn’t that he had done anything wrong to you - in fact, the two of you were the closest two siblings could be and didn’t keep a thing from each other. Maybe it was the fact that he forgot to call you last week or the fact that he was fighting robots on a floating city.

“Why didn’t tell me you were kicking robots around like crazy? You know this has been a dream of mine even before robots were possible!” You shouted to Steve as you fought your way towards him. “Shit, and why are they coming from…everywhere! What did Stark do this time?” 

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The roof is on

It’s a shame not to have detailed roofs in our game, so there is a kind of solution to that. You can actually replace roof texture of every lot (one by one) in your hood, but be aware of that it will disappear every time the lot is saved. Might work flawlessly on community lots though. Okay, let’s just start!
Things you’ll need:
— SimPE (with Nvidia DDS plugin)  
— Graphic editor of choice (I will use good old Photoshop CS4)
— Patience

Let’s choose which lot we want to see with better roofs first. Thyme has lots of them. But I’d be happy to start with this one. Take a screenshot of your lot, you might need it soon:

This old town block would look great with more variety in roof detail, so let’s proceed.

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leaderblake-deactivated20151003  asked:

I'm hoping you take prompts? I got an idea last night, but I'm way too busy to write it but yeah. So the idea is that Clarke has to teach sex-ed to the 100 because some of the kids were so young when they were arrested that they don't know anything and yeah idk it's just a general idea I had and if you'd be interested in writing it that'd be awesome. and I think it goes without saying the more Bellamy/Clarke interaction the better :) (if you/re not interested though please just let me know)

hey there leaderblake! thanks for trusting me with this idea and i hope you like the way i wrote it <3

the propagation of the species

It was a surprisingly peaceful day. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and no one was getting killed. Bellamy liberated an apple from storage and contentedly munched on it as he carried out his routine morning inspection of the camp, his spirits lifting with every second that passed without acid fog or attacking Grounders. He wasn’t an optimistic person in general, but today had all the makings of being stress-free, which was a rare and wondrous thing.

Jasper and Monty were playing Tic-tac-toe, scratching circles and crosses into the dirt with sticks. Bellamy wandered over to them and idly observed their game until he noticed that some of the younger members of the camp were shuffling into the dropship.

“What’s going on over there?” he asked, more curious than concerned. Nothing could ruin this tranquil day for him.

“Clarke’s teaching the younger kids sex ed,” Monty casually replied, not taking his eyes off the game.

Bellamy choked on his apple.

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continuing from right where you left off

I used to like this song gdi


“John, what are you doing here?” Sherlock had resumed his usual perfect posture, standing with his back to John, as though he were absentmindedly staring out the window. He was staring at nothing but the wall. His voice had gotten quiet; the kind of frightening quiet John knew could only mean an intense anger.

“What have you done with my chair?” John ignored Sherlock’s question, marvelling slightly at how much bigger the flat looked without one chair.

“Well, it’s just my flat now, isn’t it? My chair now too- I Just decided it was time to rearrange the furniture a bit.” Change it so it’s no longer reminiscent of you. His tone was back to its usual prattling grace, with only a hint of the words he wasn’t saying.

“I’m here because my best friend just sort of, left, you know, my wedding, which he basically organised all of, so-” John answered the original question, continuing the game of ‘how long can we talk about this without actually talking about it’. Couldn’t be much longer, as the silence between them built up like a wave about to crash.

“I never realised, John.” Sherlock finally said. Said, well, almost mumbled. “Not until you asked me to be your best man. Not until I saw, really saw, how happy you were with her.” There was no malice for Mary on his lips, but he just, for the life of him, could not say her name. “I wrote my best man speech a dozen times, each one more pathetic than the last- I just never knew the feeling, until you- and I suppose I never knew that I knew the feeling until it was too late.” Sherlock waited after that. He waited for what he was sure would happen- silence, then footsteps, then the door closing forever. After what must have been a while, he thought maybe he simply hadn’t heard John go- but when he turned, there John was. Like he’d always been. Except for right now he looked to be on the verge of exploding.

“And you never- you never said anything- why, Sherlock?” Why, Sherlock? That was the first question John had asked him at that cafe after the ‘not dead’ and the getting kicked out of the restaurant. I want to know why. The answer-

“I wanted you to be happy, John. And she- Mary is wonderful; I wanted you to have a life that was full of things you could have with her- a life that wasn’t constantly put in danger by its proximity to mine.” Sherlock’s eyes had glued to John’s and weren’t moving. His voice had risen to a crescendo.

“Oh, oh, and since when does Sherlock Holmes care about what will make other people happy?” John was turning a bit red in the face at this point; it almost felt familiar, like one of the good old-fashioned rows they used to have.

“That isn’t like you at all, Sherlock.” John almost accused. Sherlock blushed, yes, blushed, and dropped his gaze to the floor.

“Yes, well, I’ve come to understand that people can do a lot of things that are very ‘not like themselves’- when they’re in love.”

He thought it would  make things different- lighten or leaden the air around them- to actually say it out loud, but it had been there for so long, even if unspoken, that it was just as real as an actual admission of the fact. He was in love with John, and nothing had changed.

“You idiot.” John took two long strides across the room, right past where his chair should have been, and pulled Sherlock’s face down to meet his. He let his hands press over the tear tracks on the other’s cheeks- tears that he could taste in his mouth, as surely as he could say that he himself must have tasted of all the bitterness, wasted opportunities and could-have-beens that were swept under the rug they stood on. He wasn’t sure for a moment of Sherlock would kiss him back- if he hadn’t gone into shock- but that smart mouth of his pushed back, and it was a silent sigh of finally that passed between them.

And when the kiss ended, John was very proud of himself. Why? Because Sherlock was speechless.

“John, I-” was about all he could manage before John kissed him again.

“I know. I do too.” This time it was Sherlock who kissed John.

“You know, I never got to properly dance with you. All those lessons, wasted. Bloody shame, don’t you think?” John moved away for a moment, only to reach for the stereo and turn it back on. The song that Sherlock had been listening to, crying to, lilted back into the room, sorrowful and sweet. Sherlock just gaped, as John pulled him back into the space his chair once occupied, holding his right hand and guiding Sherlock’s left to his waist.  There were questions lost to his once so capable mind- ‘Does she know you’re here? Won’t she be missing you?’ The answer, more than likely would be- ‘probably.’

“Does Mary know?” He finally breathed when they got into a comfortable sway.

“Probably.” John didn’t look like he really cared at the moment.

At the moment. This moment, the moment in which they were dancing, John’s head resting on his chest every so often as they were lulled by the song Sherlock had so aptly chosen. This Moment, he decided, would be filed away in his mind somewhere he would never lose it, in a place where it would get replayed and worn out but never lose its shine. He didn’t know how long this moment would last, but he held onto it, his fingers pulling harder on the side of John’s jacket as he leaned down to kiss him once more.

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love him when you let him go

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missin’ home
Only know you love him when you let him go
And you let him go