it's such a pretty webcomic

OTP Idea #768

Person A, the resident punk of the school and Person B, the ultimate goody two shoes get paired together for a class project. Person B reluctantly goes along with the pairing, thinking A won’t do much work. Person A however is head over heels for Person B, and takes every chance they can to work up to A’s standards.

//whispers please read alice and the nightmare by mishacakes it’s so good

okay but i just realized: representation of lgbt characters in a webcomic is great, but its a pretty unknown and small genre. but a VIDEOGAME (a massively popular genre with arguably one of the most cishet male dominated fanbases), meant to be played by people who have never even heard of the comic, where 90% of the characters are canon bisexual with at least one mlm relationship already confirmed??? this shitstorm is gonna be GREAT.

Tired roboticist

Late night Isaac for fun since I’m tired. Also thank you guys so much for your positive response to AOI! I’m getting down to business to plan out when and how I’m going to attack this project (since I still have some other projects I still need to get done first…). I’m super excited :D