it's such a knowing loving family moment

Hi, I’m just gonna sit over here squealing because:
- ‘teachable moments’
- Cas sniffing the waitress to see if she actually smells like food (because if dean thinks its important, it is)
- hang on hold the phone everybody CASSIE LOVES HIS FAMILY
- Crowley you emotionally constipated cutie we know you love us
- Mary is a sly slithering lying snake I hate her
- also: MARY WINCHESTER’S “boys” INCLUDES CASTIEL. The world turns! the sun is up and Mama Winchester is the love of my soul!
- the colt!!
In short, whichever fan fiction author is holding the writers hostage, I AM LOVING YOU.

Okay possibly unpopular opinion:


Gem Harvest was a great thanksgiving episode without even mentioning thanksgiving. The jokes were sweet and showed how much the gems really don’t know about humans and how they are trying.

Andy was a character I thought I was supposed to hate, he was closed minded and furious that his family’s pride and joy straight up had a silo going through one wall. Yes, the “alien” joke was a little bit of an oh shit moment for me, but the creators made him start to tolerate the gems. They made him open his heart to them. Even in the smallest of ways. Steven helped Andy grow in a peaceful more tolerant way than I have seen on television in a long long time.

This episode was super important! We got to learn more about Greg and his human life. He has an Aunt Deb?? With a partner??? That’s amazing! His last name was once Demayo (the spelling is a guess) that’s super rad! Steven has a whole family he didn’t even know about and maybe we will meet them in later episodes, who knows?

Gem Harvest was one of my top 10 favorite episodes of Steven Universe and I don’t care if you all hate it or hate me for loving it.

no lie I tear up every single time goku tells chichi that he’s come back to life and they’re gonna be a family of four. her reaction is just so real and pure!! and he just looks at her lovingly and it’s one of the few times he’s very okay with pda. also everyone surrounding them just looks so happy but they know it’s not their moment to ambush him with hugs or whatever. its a very clear scene that this is just goku and chichi’s reunion

I just want to talk a little about Goku and Chi-Chi

I don’t know if its because we don’t get to see a lot of Goku and Chichi moments, that it makes me want to see more and makes me obsess over their relationship.. but

I just love them so much. I love them together.

Let’s go back to Dragonball:

A young Goku lives alone, is isolated from the rest of the world. Besides his Grandfather, Gohan, he didn’t have anyone else. He didn’t have a family, he had nothing, but that didn’t stop him. He continues to train, and go on adventures. Maybe because he was a strange child who was very strong for his young age. Then you have Chi-chi, a child who only has her father and dreams of being a wife and having a family.

When they first met, they were just 2 kids hanging out. Maybe for Chichi, Goku was the only kid she was able to hang out with because everyone else was scared of her father, anyway im not sure about this so dont quote me.

They really had cute moments together when they were kids, maybe on Chichi’s part because she was the only one thinking about having a relationship with Goku. Then they met at the martial art tournament in their teens and planned to get married, and after when Goku won the tournament he took Chichi and went flying off on the nimbus.

They hold hands for like a second once they’re on the ground 

And again, more cute moments

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K so my favorite moment from persuasion is when Wentworth knows Anne doesn’t want to go to her family’s party and he says, “maybe you haven’t learned to enjoy these parties they give” and Anne tells him that they mean nothing to her and that she’s “no card player”. And he smiles and says “you never were, were you.”

it’s such a little moment but it’s the first time where he acknowledges their past together and as such it’s so important. there’s a whole world of tenderness and love in that admission, the admission that they aren’t strangers at all, that he knows her, really knows her, and after all this time still knows her better than anyone else in the world. because that’s Anne’s particular cross to carry isn’t it. you have to be known before you can be loved and there aren’t that many people in Anne’s life who really love her because they can’t step out of themselves for enough time to know her or even to see her.

Wentworth has always known and seen her for who she truly is and has always loved, still loves her for it and it really moves me that seven or eight years later those little details about Anne are so present in his mind. He hasn’t seen her in years (years!); he has every reason to forget but he still remembers she hates cards. I love it so much.

About natasha in Civil War

I just loved how the Russo brothers bring Natasha to us. She is mature and strong, I think her character in the Captain America’s movies is my favorite. She was rised to be a black widow, so the pragmatism is one of its hallmarks. That is why she choose sign the Sokovia Accords even Steve not. I loved it! I loved that she has a voice in the movie and follow her points.

And I love even more that she helped Steve and Bucky. Because in that moment she knows it was the right thing to do. She wasn’t arrogant. And she decided to protect what they constructed: a family. HER family.

Some people think that she dint’t have a good participation on this movie but I really loved. I think that she is more mature. Love her conversations with Tony, Steve and T'challa, I think that se shows also a good leader. And her fights was the most beautiful in my opinion.

I am a BuckyNat shipper, and that is because I liked this movie even they didn’t have more scenes togheter. As I said before, I don’t care if they decide not bring their relationship in a romantic way. What I want is her serenity, protection and attention with Bucky once they showed they had a relationship, despiste he didn’t remind her yet.

So, I hope for the next avenger movies, they can bring natasha and bucky together, as a friends or whatever, cause he will need her. I know Steve is great, and believes Bucky, but this Bucky is not the same, he will be confusing and regretful no matter what he says, and I really think that he will be very comfortable when he start to talk with her and realizes that she is an example that he can carry on with no pain.

So thanks Russos to showed this great woman and not use her only for a love interest.

You know how theres that scene with muse moms/ family holding fans of their muse daughter and being all supportive but Nozomi’s family isn’t around?

Just picture like a moment where the girls are laughing and happy with their families and Nozomi is smiling a bit sadly because she kinda wishes she could do that too but its okay her parents probably support her from wherever they are.

But then she just turns around and Eli’s holding the fan with her on it and smiling and Nozomi doesn’t know why she was feeling so sad because her family is all around her and that’s all that matters as she hugs Eli and thanks her.

“And in those moments where you can’t breathe because you’re crying so damn hard or maybe you can’t breathe because you saw or heard something that broke your heart. In those moments where you wish you could scream but you can’t because your family is sleeping. In those moments when you can feel something coming and you know its gonna hurt when it hits you but you just stand there paralyzed. Just know that I love you”

-Excerpts from a book I’ll never write


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FAVORITE FICS: Three’s A Family, by popkin16 (+1k)

Steve and Danny take Grace trick-or-treating.

Danny, still feeling overcome by affection and totally caught up in the moment, rubbed his nose against Steve’s and pressed another quick kiss to his mouth. He pulled away, eyes meeting Steve’s, and they stood there like two ridiculous, goofy men in love, as around them parents carried their sleeping children home.

“You ready to go?” Steve asked, and Danny grinned.

“Of course I’m ready to go, I am ready for my bed, for sleep, for—“

"Let’s go home,” Steve said, and led the way, still carrying Grace, always carrying Danny’s heart.

As always, Danny followed.

(Never) Let Me Go

A/N: So the other day, captainmeerkat posted about wanting Liam to come back and I thought, instead of you selling your soul, ladybug, I’d randomly gift you this
Some Jones Brothers Feels, With Mama Snow (Cause I know you love Mama Snow) and of course Captain Swan. And its feelsy and angsty.

She’s not surprised when they ask him. She was expecting it really. From the minute Ursula brought them back Emma’s been waiting for this moment. When the battle would end and the adrenaline dies and there’s left to do but celebrate.

“Are you truly asking me to return with you?” Killian’s voice sounds distant but his tight grip on her hand feels suffocating.

“Aye. Come back with us Killian, we can be a family again.” His father is smiling brightly. His eyes full of pride at the man his son has become.  

“You don’t have to give us an answer now, brother.” Liam chimes in from somewhere behind his father. He’s almost exactly like she thought he would be. So similar to Killian, yet so different. “We don’t have to leave until the sun begins to set in a few hours.”

She feels like she’s intruding. Like this isn’t her place. So she quickly slips her hand out of his and retreats to the back hall.

Killian watches her leave, his gaze quickly shifting between his family and the back hall. “What about Emma?”

“Unfortunately, she can’t come with us, my boy. But it matters not because we’ll be together again.”

“Perhaps it matters to Killian, father.” Liam can see the pain and struggle behind his brother’s eyes. He may not have been here long, he may not have seen them together much, but it’s clear to anyone how much Killian loves the blonde lass. “Go talk to her and then come meet us at the docks. We’ve got to get preparing anyway.”

Killian nods, watching how Liam practically pushes their father out the door of the diner. He waits a minute longer before walking into the back. “Swan?” He asks cautiously, she’s leaning against the wall. The same one he had kissed her against after she returned his heart.

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And Killian proves again that he is an anchor for Emma, supporting and loving her as she faces her darkest moment yet. After all, what does an anchor do? Whether it is for a ship or a person, an anchor provides strength and support, keeps things steady and true, and is a symbol of hope. In this moment, Killian’s love for Emma gives her the strength she needs to make the right choice. For the entire episode, it was like Emma was in the middle of the ocean, the waves pulling her every which way and threatening to drag her down into its dark depths. But his words calm the seas raging inside her, the sun peeking through the clouds once more. In the moments after, we see a weight has been lifted off her shoulders as they entwine their hands and smile, the Emma we know breaking free with her family and Killian beside her. This may be the beginning of the story, but here we see beautifully how true love is indeed more powerful than darkness and that there is always hope that they can overcome anything together.
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Not enough people talk about the scene where Carolina tries to “loosen up” by making Tucker’s “Bow chicka wow wow” joke. That moment gives me life in the cold dark places of this world. Like, she didn’t even question it, she immediately applied herself to “loosening up” and was like “This joke. Perfect. I will do it and they will love me.”
Its just… so perfect. Carolina really does want to be included and she really does want to be part of the group. We find out a couple episodes later that she thinks of them all as family, but this is the moment when we really should have known.
She gets a little defensive when they all stare at her, but she thinks its because she got the joke wrong, but its just because she such a hard left turn that the crew just doesn’t know what to do with that.
I’d like to see her do it again, near the end of the season, and beat Tucker to it and then just drop the mic and walk out. Like, how perfect.
Oh Carolina.

2 Year Anniversary in the Kit Harington fandom

Today marks 2 years I joined the Kit fandom (aka the kitten club lol). I might not be on much today because I’m getting the kids ready for their first day of school tomorrow, but I just want to take this time to thank each and everyone one of you for your love and support these past two years. I started this blog during a time where I wasn’t in the best place and I was going threw so much hell. But the moment I came into the fandom you guys have been my biggest supporters and greatest outlet. I know I’ve deleted my blog twice already (sorry about that) and each time you guys have helped me come back and told me to stay because im valued here and loved here…and for that I thank you guys so much! Not only have you guys brought joy in my life but you have brought happiness in my family’s life and I am forever greatful. This is more than just Kit himself, its celebrating you guys being in my life and bringing me nothing but happiness :) Love You ALL!! And I can’t wait to celebrate two more years with you guys!!

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Happy Bday Andy Fucking Gray

For the lovely @siriusly-not-over-remus

Okay so as I said I sadly dont have anything for you love so this will have to do. Okay where to start. We are not close whatsoever. Haha. But I dont think that matters. My best moments of you are the ones where I slowly get to know you. That snape talk,when you answer my asks. Me stalking your blog haha. Its no wonder everyone adores you,and if they dont ,their loss. I have your blog notifications on because I enjoy your blog. I enjoy learning about your life. Your family. Your little flaws. The things you love,hate. Your beautiful love and relationship with KP. The Androgynous Assholes. How fitting. Andy Gray you are an enigma. You are a great person . You make me smile and others too. Your flaws,quirks are all a part of you and Im so glad youve been here for 20 years to share that. You little smol bean,no matter how much denying and claims of manliness you spout. Youre awesome,badass,and a good friend. This whole rp family youre a part of is great and refreshing.I like how youre so passionate about it. How dedicated you are. And like I hate when you and others get hate for it or for just being yourselves. Omg, I can go on and on. I dont even know if Im rambling or not. You give the best advice Andy. Youve helped me so much and you dont even know it. When I ask a question little or small,on anon or not, youre always and I mean always there. And you dont have to be. I really appreciate that. You could be rude,or ignore them,or spiteful,but you arent because youre not that person. You listen and help when you dont have to. All of these things Im saying, I appreciate it and everyday I love you more and more. Love your blog more and more. Your sadness makes me sad. Your happiness makes me happy. Your anger makes me angry. Youre funny and talented. Oh gosh you smol smol smol bean. I hope to continue learning more about you and asking questions and having hp convos and just being. Any insecurity you might have,any fear,any question we are here. KP im positively sure of,Katie,the others,me, we are here And i think thats all there is to it. Youre a star to a moon. Light to a darkness. Bark to a bite. Andy to a Gray hah. Thank you. And im glad to have stumbled upon this family. This blog. Im happy. And I hope you are too. Happy Birthday Andy.

~~~Niecy the Slytherin