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Looks like I’m playing the very popular game “let’s see in how many different ways I can have these two end up together”

Feelings Revealed

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Pairing: Peter Quill x Reader

Request: I was wondering if you could make an imagine where its peter quill during the mantis scene from the second movie and make the reader plus size  (by @warriorprincess1515)

Word count: 725

A/N: Sorry @warriorprincess1515 it took me so long to finally post this! I hope that this was what you were wishing for and that you’ll like it :)

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You were watching as Peter and Drax talked with Mantis. You had had the biggest crush on Peter since the day you met him. You loved everything about him: his sense of humor, how supportive he was, how he always knew just the way to cheer you up. Plus, he was smoking hot. But there was no way he would ever love you the same way you loved him. He had dated the hottest women on the whole galaxy and it was fair to say you could never compete with them. They were all so tall and skinny and just overall perfect. And you were pretty much the opposite. Why would he settle for someone like you when he could have a supermodel? You knew you would never have him but hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream, right? You stood further away from him, leaning on a wall just taking it all in… Trying not to seem creepy.

You admired his features as he focused on what Mantis was saying.

“If I touch someone I can feel their feelings” Mantis said and you got curious. You walked closer to them so you could join the conversation.

“Really? You just touch someone and you’ll feel what they are feeling?” You asked curiously.

“Yes. May I?” Mantis asked Peter his permission to read his feelings.

“Oh, alright” Peter shrugged and stretched his hand to her.

God, he was always so cool, you thought and tried to shake yourself awake from the daydreams.

“You feel love” Mantis told Peter making him seemingly uncomfortable.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess yeah I feel a general unselfish love for just about any…” Peter tried to nervously explain when Mantis interrupted him.

“No, romantic, sexual love…” Mantis clarified making you even more curious. He loved someone? A small wave of sadness rushed over you and you tried to hold back the tears. You didn’t want to hear this.

“No, no I don’t” Peter shook his head nervously trying to stop her.

“For her” Mantis finished pointing at you.

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Peter Quill x Reader -Ravagers-

Request: Ok so Peter is out thieving or something and he runs into reader. Which he has never met before. When he runs into her he notices that’s she’s wearing ravenger gear. Turns out she’s also Terran and she was also taken from her home by Yondu at a young age around the same time Peter was taken. Except both of them were kept apart in Yondu’s ship to make sure both of them wouldn’t meet and do something to escape (or something else I don’t care). Despite working for Yondu and being a ravenger readers actually a really kind person! So later on Peter and the reader become really good friends or something more, (again i dont care) XD Again Sorry if its so long and detailed. I hope it’s ok! And makes sense XD

A/N: I didn’t know how to end it dont hate me 

His shoes crashed against the hot, Xandarian pavement. Behind him bots were hot on his tail, firing and missing. A few turns into alleys, and through a couple shops Peter was sure he had lost them.
But like usual, he was wrong. He heard a buzzing coming down the road, more stupid robots.
He took off again, his jacket flying behind him. At the corner of the road was a rather small alley opening that looked perfect for hiding. He took his chance and slipped inside.
“Owch.” His body collided with another. And with a quick glace it looked like just an average woman. 

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, still occupied by the buzzing that drew closer.
“Get out of-”
Peter placed his hand over the girls mouth as the robot flew past. His body was pressed up against the woman who was much smaller then his, trying to not be seen.
Finally when Peter was sure the robot had passed he dropped his hand.
“Sorry, I-”
With a swift knee to the groin Peter was down on the ground with the girl hovering over him.
“Don’t ever touch me.” Her (h/c) hair draped over her face making it hard to make out any detail from Peter’s angle but her clothes were familiar. A dark red jacket covered a curvy figure. It was Ravager gear down to her boots.
“Where did you get those clothes?” He breathed in pain, working his way off his knees.
“I was going to ask you the same questions. Steal those too?” She reached down taking Peters satchel.
“If I wasn’t in so much pain I’d kick your ass right now.” He muttered.
“Oh, scary.” She laughed before turning to walk away. But Peter jumped up and grabbed her arm. He spun her around which rewarded him a fist to the face. A kick to the stomach landed her against the wall and Peter pressed up against her again, grabbing her hands and holding her legs with his knees.
“I asked you a question. Where did you get those clothes.” His face was so close to hers he could feel her hot breath. Her blue eyes gazed into his.
“I am a Ravager. Your turn.” Her head collided with his making Peters world spin, then suddenly he was against the wall, useless again.
“You aren’t a Ravager.” He yelled. “I am and I sure as hell know Yondu wouldn’t train no girl!”
“Then why would he train you, Princess?” She smirked. He felt her grip loosen slightly as she laughed and he took the opportunity. He slipped the hands out of her grasp and their battle for dominance continued.
“Okay, stop, stop, STOP!” Peter shot his hands up when he was a good distance away from her.  They both stood there panting but on guard.  
Peter finally got a good look at her as she stood where the sun entered the small Alley. She was Terran. She had to be.
“You’re a Terran? And you say you’re a Ravager?” He watched her closely.
“Yeah.” She answered.
“Did you live in space your whole life?”
“No. I was abducted from Earth.” She seemed to be loosening up a bit.
“In 1988?”
“How did you… Who are you?”
Did Yondu abduct two children the day Peter was taken? He was having trouble wrapping his head around it. He was always the only Terran on the ship. How could she say she was a Ravager?
“Come back to my ship. We can talk.”

With much hesitation the girl followed Peter. She told him her name and he decided to go by Starlord which she recognized because Yondu would always make fun of it.
“So, (Y/N), you’re saying you lived on the other side of the ship then me, and just by chance we never met?” They sat in the back of the Milano, which (Y/N) found absolutely disgusting.  
“I doubt it was by chance. I don’t think Yondu wanted us to meet. If you knew you weren’t alone would you want to stay on that damned ship?” She sipped her drink that Peter was actually nice enough to get her.
“Yeah but can you imagine an eight year old and a six year old ganging up on Yondu and trying to take over the ship?” Peter laughed. “We weren’t even tall enough to control it.”
The image made (Y/N) laugh too. A little buck tooth boy and a little girl in pigtails running an M-Ship by themselves.
“Yeah but now we’d make a good team. Two of the best trained thieves. Well, one of the best trained thieves and Starlord.” She joked.
“That’s actually not a bad idea.” Peter sat up in his seat and looked at (Y/N).
“Starlord and (Y/N), the galaxies greatest outlaws.” He smiled at her.
“(Y/N) and Starlord.” She corrected him.
“No way!”

A foolish traveler was on a journey. He was stupid because he was easily tricked. The townspeople took advantage of him. On that journey, he was tricked into giving away all his money, clothes, and shoes. But the traveler was foolish, so when the townspeople lied to him saying, “this will really help,” tears would stream down his face…and he would say, “please be happy.” When he gave away his last belonging…he was naked and ashamed to be seen. So he decided to travel into the forest. Then he met the monsters who lived in the forest. They wanted to eat him, so they tricked him with clever words. Of course, the traveler was fooled and when the monsters asked, he gave up his arms and legs. Eventually the traveler was nothing but a head. He even gave his eyes to the last monster he met. As the monster munched on his eyes…he said, “thank you. I’ll give this to you in return.” and left him. But that was a lie, too. His gift was a single piece of paper that had fool written on it. But the traveler cried saying: “Thank you, thank you. This is the first time anyone’s given me anything. I’m so happy. Thank you. Thank you.” And tears kept flowing from his eye sockets. And while he was crying…he died.

Momiji Sohma, Fruits Basket Volume 3, Chapter 17

“…Everyone… laughed. While they laughed I closed my eyes…and thought about the traveler. I thought about the traveler who was tricked into being nothing but a crying head saying, ‘thank you.’ and…I thought…how…lucky…he was. Loss…suffering…its pointless to think about them. The traveler didnt think about them.That might be stupid to some people…but it’s not stupid to me. That I won’t trick anyone, even if other people think that person deserves it. I just want to make them happy.”

Yatori Fanfic “Fever”

I just got an Idea for a new drawing but for the first time I decidet to write a fanfiction! This is my first fanfic and its also the first time I wrote a story in english >.< .. I really hope you will like it! 

Title: Fever
Word count: 1529
Summary: Hiyori is running a fever and Yato is taking care of her.

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anonymous asked:

I'm happy you like to receive prompts bc I've been itching to send like ten at once for you haha. But let me start by this: Derek discovering Stiles scars that he got saving the pack multiple times. :)

i love getting prompts. to me, it means people enjoy what i write, and that means the world to me. never hesitate to send me prompts, because i will love them, but it will probably take some time getting through them.

It never really occurred to anyone just how often Stiles saved them, how often Stiles would use himself as a human shield, even though they could heal quickly and he couldn’t. Even though something that wouldn’t kill them, would kill him.

It never occurred to anyone, because Stiles didn’t let them know how often he was hurt. Sure, everyone could smell the occasional blood or sense the occasional pain radiating from Stiles, but that was usually when they were all together, and everyone else was hurt too, so no one thought much of it.

Stiles usually pretended it was nothing, shrugged it off. And it was starting to annoy Derek.

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so yah i dont have any creativity or artistic talent so im just gonna ramble on about louis bc i really wanna get this out.

i’ve loved 1d since march of 2012 so it may not be a long time but it really is a LONG time for me and since the first time i watched that stupid fucking WMYB video i knew i was going to love the kid in the striped tshirt and i wasn’t wrong. i started watching video diaries and dumb behind the scenes factor stuff and it basically took me 2 days to be completely gone for louis. im trying not to sound sappy but its not gonna work so basically this kid makes me laugh when im feeling sad and his smile can bring a smile to my face and seeing where he came from and how hard he worked to get here and how fucking hard hes STILL working to become a better musician and a better person inspires me to better myself. i love his dumb hair and his stupid scruff and his silly tiny nose and his cute lil teeth and his big butt and pretty curves and the look on his face when he looks at harry makes me believe that someday i could look at someone that way. that i could find my soulmate and just KNOW the way he does.

im so god damn proud of louis and i hope im here every step of the way to see how much he succeeds and continues to take over the world with his boys and be a leader. i hope no one ever forgets him bc hes not the kind of person who deserves to be forgotten. he SHINES. 

happy birthday kiddo ily hope u live forever bc i can’t really deal with the alternative ha

also he has a thick cock ayyyy lmaooo