it's strange to blog now

So I got a message from a girl on tumblr last week, asking if I could answer some questions for an essays she’s doing on writers and how writing affects revision/editing techniques (focusing on fanfiction writers). I said yes and received an email from her with the questions plus a request for a first draft of my writing with a new, revised version. 

I just replied to the email with everything she needed and am sat in my room contemplating what just happened. Like, someone thought to ask me about all this. Me and my crappy little writing blog. I still can’t quite comprehend how and why someone would think of me but I’m also weirdly grateful - it feels so nicely heartwarming to be considered y’know? I can’t quite figure out how I got to this point in my life, but can I just say that I absolutely love it.

I love that this blog has led to me helping some girl with an essay, that it’s led to me becoming more active and engaged with my dream of becoming an author, that it’d led to me making some amazing friends ((will never forget kara buying and sending me jinyoung photocards bc i was sad i didn’t get him from the jjp album)). Just, tumblr has given me some amazing opportunities and I am so happy that I decided about a year and a half ago to do this. 

ALSO, on a side note I am seeing the new Thor movie tomorrow and cannot bloody wait. Me and Alyce (one of my flatmates) watched a little clip that Chris Hemsworth posted on instagram and were just fangirling over how good it looks




I have 1000 followers~!

Thank you all for your support!

I thought it’ll be fun to screen cap my stats here…. To my 4 biggest fans ( inkwerk , thatchickwiththeheadphones, thexnotxsoxidenticaltwin and ukthewhitewolf ), I see you =))))

Remember I mentioned that I’ll giveaway my fanart? Well, the above Butterfly Bog original will be given to stovallsspanish. Thank you for your 1000 followers request suggestion (though originally you wanted something else but I drifted to your latest request, I hope you do not mind…. And thank you so much for cheering me up when I was feeling down)!

As a mature, reasonable adult, I will now preface everything I say with this.