it's strange

this is your irregular reminder that aromantic people are human, they are whole, they are not broken or lacking just because they don’t love the way society thinks people should, and their forms of emotional closeness are as valid and fulfilling and beautiful and painful and messy and troubled as romance is for us

thank you for your time

Mukami Shitty Thing: Bloody lips

“Hey, I looked for y-”
You saw your boyfriend and stopped immediately, staring in shock at him.. His lips pressed to some blonde girl’s neck. You stuttered, not believing your eyes. 
He parted their bodies and looked at you with wide eyes.
Then you realized. There was blood dripping from his mouth.

♠ Ruki ♠

“…Livestock, I don’t remember giving you a permision to leave your class.”
“I-it’s… t-teacher said…” 
He narrowed his eyes.
“Is teacher more important than your master…?”
You widened your eyes, staring at him in pure terror, as he approached you slowly, his scornful glance making you freeze, even if you so desperately wanted to run away.
He stopped right in front of you, looking down at you.
“Do you want me to punish you for interrupting…? Or do you…” he leaned closer, wrapping arms around your waist “…want to please your master by giving him your own blood…?”
Your body reacted and you automatically struggled, as if wanting to escape a predator. But Ruki bit down into your neck.
Painfully - to make sure that you won’t ever forget who you belong to.

♣ Yuma ♣

“…What are you doing here?!” he growled, making you back away in fear. You were afraid of him being angry and now you knew it’s not only thing you should be afraid of.
“Y-Yuma…? W-what does it… W-what are you…?” You stuttered, not able to form a proper sentence. 
He wiped blood from his mouth and came closer. You looked up at him, too scared to move, fear paralyzed you.
“…Why did you come here…?”
You gulped.
“I-I was looking for you…”
He sighed, scratching the side of his head.
“Fuuuck…” He looked down at you. “Now you know.” He grabbed you and picked, throwing over his shoulder. You squeaked.
“W-wait, what are you-”
“Shut up! It doesn’t change anything. You’re still mine, Sow!”

♥ Kou ♥

“Huh? M-Neko…” 
You backed away in attempt to run away.
“W-wait!” He followed you and in a second appeared behind you, grabbing your wrist. You squeaked, struggling. “Oi, M-Neko-chan!”
“D-don’t touch me!”
He narrowed his eyes, pulling you to his chest, his arms around your waist, he wasn’t going to let you escape.
“What do you think are you doing, Kitten…?”
“It doesn’t change anything… You’re mine, so you have no right to run away… What? Were you thinking otherwise? Such a selfish Kitten you are…” He leaned down, nuzzling your neck. In the next moment, his sharp fangs pierced your untouched before flesh.
You couldn’t escape. Now nor later. You realized that you became a vampire’s property.

♦ Azusa ♦

“…” He frowned, looking at your scared form. You were trembling, too scared to speak or even move. Your heartbeat was so fast that you thought it could explode, and the boy felt it. Worried, he stepped in your direction. “No… don’t be… afraid of… me…” He spoke your name, coming closer.
“A-Azusa…” you managed to say, making him frown even more. He looked really worried and, as he was just before you, he hesitantly wrapped arms around your trembling form.
“Please… don’t be… scared… I won’t ever… hurt you… so please… don’t leave me…”
“I’d never leave you!” you said automatically, as if forgetting what you saw a while ago.
But you haven’t regretted said words and stayed by his side, as promised.