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Can I ask for Fraxus in a dragon captive AU setting except Freed is the captive cursed Prince that when at night, he turns into a demon setting? If You're doing the ship AU thing that is? If not then nevermind :)

Send me a pairing + an AU and I’ll write a three sentence fic

“What do you want from me?” The prince stood with his back pressed against a wall that was the farthest away from the creature, his gaze never leaving the dragon. His voice sounded upset but not quite fearful. He had asked the same question over and over again but never got an answer.

Freed had the one or other guess. He was the prince after all and everyone knew how the majority of humanity thought about dragons, at least in his Kingdom. But to him, being captured was just wandering from one cave to a different one. He was captured one way or another…

“Be quiet already,” the dragon finally snapped in his deep rumbling vox when he saw that the prince was about to probably yell another question at him. Couldn’t he just shut up? Wasn’t he scaring him? He usually had that effect on people. His bright yellow scales, black long claws. His jaws that bore sharp teeth and his enormous size in general. When capturing the prince he’d expected some meek creature and not somebody who nearly appeared like he didn’t care at all, had not a single fear for his life. It enraged him and after giving another hiss he suddenly began to change.

“I demand answers!” But instead of those the prince only got more questions when he watched how the beast suddenly began to shrink, to shapeshift and… all of a sudden he was facing a young man, perhaps two or three years older than himself and with a scar across one of his eyes. His hair was blond with a yellow shine to it much like his scales had been before and Freed snapped his mouth shut as he regarded the man stepping closer.

His fingernails were still long as were his teeth. His eyes were glimmering in a bright orange color. It was impossible for him to ever look completely human which was most likely why he couldn’t show himself in public even in his human form. Everyone would hunt him one way or another.

And suddenly the prince began to feel a connection. Perhaps… this man, this dragon wasn’t quite unlike him.

That brief hopeful thought vanished when a hand grabbed his chin gruffly and forced him to stare right into those shining eyes. Instinctively Freed’s own gaze turned hard and his breathing became a bit heavier.

“I told you to shut up, pretty man.”

The tension in the air was so thick that it almost felt tangible and then there was just heavy silence as the two men eyed each other.

Freed hadn’t been able to keep track of time. He had no clue that it had already begun to become darker but his own body reminded him of it violently when suddenly he began to shake. There was a brief hint of realization in greenish blue eyes but then all control slipped for a couple of moments.

Laxus let go of him, eyes wild when the prince broke down in front of him. His entire body was tremlbing, hands gripping the dusty ground beneath him and his head sank, his back curved until his appearance began to shift.

The hell… The dragon took a step back, never having experienced something like this before, and not knowing what was about to happen he kept staring as the prince turned into creature of the night.

Freed’s voice had turned into a growl when he threw his head back up, eyes pitch black and empty. Claws and fangs began to appear where human teeth and fingernails were supposed to be and purple horns grew out of his head and elbows, the energy around him turning into a crimson light as the transformation reached its peak.

And suddenly there was an untamed roar that echoed through the night, the red energy whirling around the demon like a storm forcing Laxus to take another step back and whilst he hated the feeling of unawareness he was experiencing right now he thought that maybe they had something important in common.

The List // Aiden & Audrey


“I got a call that some one on the list needs a ride, but I ain’t unlocking the door without a password chica.” He told the girl as he raised an eyebrow at her. He recognized her from school; Audrey Jensen outed lesbian–or whatever. From the news; Audrey Jensen survivor of both the lakewood killings and the murder island shit storm and most importantly as Audrey Jensen from the list, but still he figured he’d both to ask her for the password just like he would anyone else. 

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yO IF U HAVENT DONE NAMJIN YET!!! that'd be super coolio i love this stuff aaaAAAaAaAa

I gotchu fam I GOT YOU!! I hope you like this one because wow I went deep in this one <3 

Who’s more dominant: to be perfectly honest, they’re both the embodiment of dom (in different ways but dom nonetheless) SO what they do, occasionally, is play rock papers scissors to see who’s gonna be dom/sub because they literally will fight about it and so Jin just decided okay you know what fuck it, I just wanna go so lets play kaibaibo
Who’s the cuddler: Namjoon usually because Seokjin literally has the best shoulders to rest on, but when Seokjin gets really happy (like when he perfected a recipe) he like cuddles into Namjoon and asks him what he thinks of it *cute stuff like that*
Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Surprisingly, Jin is the big spoon only because they share this like semi queen sized bed and it’s kinda still too small for them width wise and Joon practically always falls off of it/rolls off of it, so it has become a habit of some sorts for Jin to always hold unto Joon and neither of them mind because Jin’s broad expanse feels good around Joon and he feels safe and secure and he honestly sleeps WAY better. 
What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: GROCERY SHOPPING. Now, they do this about once a week because Jin likes to cook every single day and Joon doesn’t mind because home cooked meals by Jin are the absolute best. SO, they’re at a nearby market, Jin looking at his list and rambling off some things for Joon to get like veggies and ‘yeah can you get me that meat, make sure it’s less fat and more lean’ ‘oh like me?’ ‘Namjoon I swear to GOD do not start’ ‘start what?’ and Jin is just like ugh you are ridiculous and pushes the cart away and Joon is all smiley because this is not over yet. So they get to the baking aisle because Jin found this recipe on buzzfeed about these killer nutella muffins and he HAS to try it out so he orders Joon to get the the sugar and flour and chocolate and Joon is holding up two bags of different sugars and he’s asking Jin which one he prefers and Jin (naturally) picks Namjoon and he’s like ‘hyung, i’m not part of the choice?’ ‘yeah but you’re the sweetest’ ‘and you said i was ridiculous’ and never in their shopping adventures do they fail in making the other blush OR laugh until they’re on the floor from some stupid groecry pun (which despite Jin’s protests, he usually does more than Joon). 
Who uses all the hot water: Seokjin, ‘You may be taller but I have more body mass than you so I need more water’ ‘But hyung you could try to save me some!’ ‘its okay i’ll warm you up after your shower’ and Namjoon is just smiling, gritting through cold water because the afterthought of Jin is a big motivation for him to get in and get out and run back to his bf.
Most trivial thing they fight over: One day, Namjoon has to go grocery shopping alone, a quick run because Jin totally forgot that they ran out of cooking oil. So Joon gets back with like three bags of groceries and Jin is just staring at him like ‘I asked for cooking oil Namjoon, what did you buy?’ ‘Uh yeah so I don’t know which cooking oil… so i bought all the brands’ ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS, JOON WE ONLY USE VEGETABLE OIL IN THIS HOUSE’ ‘OKAY BUT I HEARD ALMOND OIL IS GOOD FOR YOU’ ‘THAT’S NOT FOR COOKING YOU IDIOT’ ‘HEY THERE ARE AT LEAST 80% HERE THAT YOU COULD USE FOR COOKING’ and Jin is quiet for a second (because it is true) until he gets the last bag and just about screams ‘NAMJOON THIS IS MOTOR OIL WHAT THE FUCK’
Who does most of the cleaning: Jin, though because of Jin, Namjoon has become a little less cluttered though he still leaves stuff lying around after using them but ITS A WHOLE LOT BETTER, like their room never looks like a storm just passed by.
What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Of course it’s Seokjin, he watches everything BUT Namjoon is so super glad that he even watches documentaries with him and stops watching his favorite drama whenever Namjoon gets home and always asks what show he wants him to put on and Namjoon swears Seokjin is an angel.

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: It’s Namjoon, because then that also means the hot water is out and if he gets to the landlord first that means he can also get to the shower and FINALLY use the hot water.
Who leaves their stuff around: Namjoon, he’s a mess at home and Jin always wonders why he cannot be as organized as he is at work compared to when he’s home.
Who remembers to buy the milk: Seokjin, because he always puts it on the list. *also has coupons for it because milk is a second necessity for them*
Who remembers anniversaries: BOTH!
Who cooks normally: Ahahaha yeah right, you really think Seokjin would let Namjoon enter HIS kitchen. Nope. Never. He does let Namjoon sit on the island and watch him though, BUT HE CAN NEVER TOUCH ANYTHING. 
How often do they fight: Not very often at all. Like, all their friends are jealous of them because they are literally like an old married couple who are just so deeply in love and everything about them is just so perfect? LIKE YES OF COURSE they have their arguments and shit like that, but they know how to talk to each other, how to talk it out. Usually, if Namjoon is in a bad mood and an argument gets way too intense he just goes out for a walk to cool his head and Jin always waits for him because he knows (even in the midst of anger and harshly spoken words) that they love each other and he knows how Namjoon gets and always gives him his time to let his brain settle down and Joon does, he always comes back, picks up a bouquet of yellow daisies on the way and he already has his apology ready and Jin is the first to say sorry though and Joon is like ‘no no hyung, no stop. i’m sorry, I just… i’m so stressed out and i’m so sorry for taking it out on you’ ‘it’s okay, i’m sorry for yelling too’ ‘hey i love you’ ‘i know Joon-ah, i love you too’ and they talk it out, Jin listens to Joon’s problems at work and he offers his support and this is how they always are, they just talk and Joon is always so thankful with how patient Jin is. 
What do they do when they’re away from each other: Namjoon works at an entertainment company and Jin is the manager/editor of this really popular manga artist (Jungkook) and they’re usually really busy when they’re at work so they never have time to look at their phone, so what Namjoon does whenever he does get time on his break is he orders food for the both of them, sends one out for delivery at Jin’s building and Jin is BEAMING because ‘i didn’t order any food but i’ll take it!’ and he reads the little letter on top of the food saying ‘i’m eating this as well, enjoy the food hyung, i’ll see you later at home <3 -Joonie’ and they always call each other up when they’re on break, eating the same food, talking about it and its honestly the cutest thing ever (Jungkook drew out this scene for one of his mangas because he thought it was JUST NEEDED and Jin was crying because wow okay him and joon are in a manga alright)
Nicknames for each other: Jin has Namjoon saved on his phone as ‘Joonie Bug’ and Joon has Jin saved on his phone as ‘My Angel’
Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Namjoon, because Seokjin already cooks for him at home so if they ever do go out because somehow Seokjin doesn’t wanna cook, then he pays for dinner because it’s the only right thing to do for his inability to help out in the kitchen :3
Who steals the covers at night: Neither, when they wake up they always find their blanket like smushed at the end of the bed or in a corner somewhere because Seokjin is literally so warm, and they always cuddle so being under the covers gets too hot so they always (in their sleep) kick the sheets off. 
What would they get each other for gifts: So, Namjoon decides he will try his hand in baking a cake for Seokjin’s birthday and he has the actual present ready but he wanted it to be hidden in a cake (cliche and cute). He goes to Hoseok’s house practically begging to use his kitchen and the boy is skeptical and scared because honestly Joon really can’t be around the kitchen unsupervised by like ten people so Hoseok calls up their friends (Yoongs and Jimin) and they help Namjoon bake this freaking cake. And it comes out semi good, the bottom is burned but they cut it off and just douse it in icing (pink icing) and he draws little mushrooms and mario hats around it and he goes back home and finds that Jin is still not there so he takes the time to set it up. puts the present in the box with the cake and he waits for Jin who doesn’t come. He starts to get worried so he calls him, but no answer. And when Jin finally comes home, disgruntled because it was a tough day, Joon like hugs him and leads him to the living room and starts singing really loud and Jin is laughing, almost crying, because he really had a tough day and this is just making him even more emotional and he’s like ‘JOON YOU BAKED ME A CAKE’ ‘yeah hyung, i almost died making this for you’ ‘aw babe thats so sweet of you’ and Jin is laughing at the horrible drawings of mario but it’s so cute and he’s about to eat a slice when Joon tells him to look inside the box cuz he’s missing something and he does and there’s a small case inside and Jin whispers ‘no, joon, no please don’t tell me’ and Namjoon is just smiling, kissing his cheek as Jin opens the box and it’s a simple bracelet (platinum, hella expensive but Joon only gives the finest things to his bf) and there’s a solid bar that fits just on top of Jin’s wrist as if it was perfectly measured for him and theres soft lettering on it, only visible when you twist it up against the light and it reads ‘to my angel, lets spend an eternity loving together’ and Jin cries. 
Who kissed who first: Namjoon!
Who made the first move: Namjoon, and it was a really quiet and soft gesture. They had just finished going on their first date, and they were about to leave the restaurant but it started to rain and Jin was wearing this light colored shirt so Joon was like oh no, so he takes off his jacket, swings it around Jin’s shoulders and wraps him up and is like ‘don’t want you to get wet’ as he ducks into the rain, Jin following him kind of shocked and they reach the car, Joon is like kinda soaked and Jin is laughing because ‘you idiot, now you’re drenched’ ‘but i’m wearing black you’re not’ ‘what do you mean?’ and Jin gets it a little later and he was about to move to kiss Namjoon goodnight but the other boy was already leaning in and softly presses their lips together ‘keep the jacket, i’ll see you again’ and JIN WOULD HAVE FALLEN OVER THAT ONE LINE ALONE IF HE WASNT SITTING DOWN.
Who remembers things: More often, Jin. But Namjoon remembers the important things.
Who started the relationship: Namjoon. They met up again, Jin saying how he needs to return the jacket (also an excuse to see him again) and Joon is feeling really confident (because he just finished and contracted new artists in his work) and he’s like ‘you can return it but you can’t return my heart’ and JIN SWEARS to this day, Joon is still as sappy as when they first started going out. 
What would they do if the other one was hurt: Jin would take out his box of medicines other first aid kit stuff and he bandages Namjoon up, cleans him up, reminds him to take the pill for his headache. As for Namjoon, he literally googles how to fix broken finger and Jin is just like ‘seriously babe, drive me to the hospital, i’m in PAIN i don’t have time for this!’ 
Who is the dirty talker: Namjoon
A head canon: They met through unconventional means? That is to say, their circle of friends know each other and thus said circle of friends decided that they are doing the world a favor by pairing two incredible people together. So the story goes like this, Namjoon’s bff Yoongi works as an illustrator in the publishing comp that Jin works in. He knows Jin as that editor that seriously always manages to get number one book records for his artists/authors so he’s a name that everyone knows and Yoongi has worked with him a couple of times. AND Jin’s current artist (Jungkook) is friends with Jimin (works as a singer in Joon’s comp) and he’s dating Hoseok and the boy thought that ‘hey, you know Namjoon-hyung is single right? My friend’s editor is really cute and seems like his type, we should set them up’ and so HOSEOK, JIMIN, and YOONGI all work together and pull every string they could to get Seokjin and Namjoon to meet but like all fated and shit like that because Namjoon hates being set up. So, they meet almost LIKE fate honestly the three goons didn’t plan it like this but it played out better than they thought. Joon goes to the publishing comp to visit Yoongi (as per his orders) and he’s waiting in the lobby and he gets intrigued by the books so he decides to go on a little tour and he ends up in the manga department (because he gets lost) and he’s asking around how to get to the Literature section?? and people are like what are you talking about and then Jin comes along and is like ‘hey are you lost?’ ‘yeah a bit, was visting a friend but yeah…’ ‘haha! you wanted to see novels?’ ‘yeah, I thought it was on this floor’ ‘no it’s on the seventh floor, i’ll take you’ and Jin is just talking to him about book production and Joon is so thoroughly interested (both by the subject of convo and JIn) and by the time Joon gets to the floor and finds Yoongi, he’s like ‘hey nice meeting you’ and Jin is like ‘yeah i hope to see you around again!” and afterwards Joon pesters Yoongi to get him to give Jin his number and Yoongi feigns ignorance and is like noooo can do (but inside he’s like YES YES TAKE IT) and so they have their cute meetups there because Joon really does love books and Jin brings him and gives him a couple of books before they’re released and that makes Joon literally fall for him even more so he asks him out on a date soon after! <3

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Midnight Storms

based on this picture 

Clint supposes that running into someone and causing them to ruin their suit in a pile of mud isn’t the romantic thing in the world, but no one’s ever accused Clint of being a romantic. 

Clint didn’t meet Phil on a sunny day, or even a warm day. No Clint met Phil at 6:30 in the morning on a cold and rainy day. He had been taking Lucky for a quick walk, right before he was expecting to meet with the Avengers, when out of nowhere Lucky went crazy and dragged Clint across the whole park and right into a man wearing a suit walking his dog. 

It wasn’t love at first sight for Phil and Clint, but it was love at first sight for their dogs. 

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