it's still ridiculous

not shipping related, but jamie would 1OO% cock-block kevin. every time kevin would try to be a (nauseous) smooth flirt and pulls his infamous “its kevin time” line, jamie would purposely jump the fuck in out of no where and shouts “ITS MAIL TIME” (in melody to the blues clues mail time song and continue to horribly sing the rest of the song)

Marriage isn't inherently religious, it's a social concept and contract.

Maybe I could buy that marriage was originally defined as just between one man and one woman if Emperor Constantine had beaten The Yellow Emperor and those who followed in China to the punch. But he was over two thousand years too late to stop a long legacy of male concubines and homosexual courting amongst the nobility, so stop pretending marriage didn’t exist before everyone ran into Jesus.


for exlibrisvademecum - have a lovely birthday!♥

Just thought I’d remind you how canon johnlock is :) I feel like this isn’t a surprise at all! I actually had a whole other (and longer) project in mind but my computer decided to rebel against me at the worst possible time… I apologize on its behalf. Still hope you like that vid, and that you have a great day!

reason number 239623906823 why I highly doubt that my boyfriend is real: today he brought me a hoodie he has worn recently to “keep me warm” and I can return it when it stops smelling like him

this is all I ever WANTED FROM LIFE

Yes, I’m sure that when the political, social, and environmental issues activists of the world created they were hoping & expecting it to be useful for petty petitions over fictional superhero shows and the fictional characters therein. Absolutely. Keeping the important things of the world in perspective. Stay classy, anti-Olicity fandom.