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I feel like when I sit by myself to meditate, my mind runs into this negative spiral which becomes really difficult to control by myself. I thought of trying guided meditation to try and give my thoughts more structure. I thought that if an external voice is telling me what to think then my "monkey mind" would probably shut up...How do I start and build a sustainable meditation practice? Because right now it's painful being in my mind.

The mind is like a ceiling fan. It is always turning, driven by the energy of our restlessness. 

When you sit for meditation, you learn to become still and the energy of that restlessness dissipates. However, the ceiling fan keeps turning for a time due to its momentum. 

This is what you are experiencing when you sit to meditate. The mind’s momentum continues. 

What I recommend is mantra meditation. By mentally repeating a mantra, you give yourself just one thought to focus on. Every time your attention jumps into a train of thought, you just bring it back to the mantra. 

When your mind is focused on just one thing, a strange kind of peace and bliss arises. It is similar to the flow state you experience when engaged in playing a game you love. A state of singular focus that is both relaxed and whole. 

A mantra is a phrase, usually in sanskrit, that you repeat. A few examples are Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Namah Shivaya, or Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

The mantra is neither negative nor positive. It is pure. This is how I first started meditation. I would do about fifteen minutes of mantra meditation per day for about six months. Eventually this led to me having some very real spiritual experiences. Then I found myself capable of sitting for silent meditation. 

The pain you experience from being in your mind is not unusual in this day and age. However, you can absolutely free yourself from it. That is the timeless path of spirituality. 

Practice mantra meditation. Continue to seek peace. I see you live in New Delhi; there are many spiritual establishments accessible to you. Many enlightened humans in whose presence you can be transformed. My guru lives in Dehradun. When the opportunity arises and he is there, go see him and say Ben sent you. 

All will be well. 

Namaste :)


Ahhh, just look at the amazing commission of Jack and my Overwatch OC Trish Danvers from talented @replica-004​ ❤ ❤ ❤ Words cannot express how much I love it!

I even wrote a short fluffy drabble about this scene ;w; (and I was struggling with that for a week, because apparently it’s easier for me to make them suffer)

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That other Black sitcom right now:  The Carmichael Show

I knew there was a sitcom on network TV about a Black family that wasn’t Blackish, but I hadn’t actually looked up anything about it.  Now I’ve watched the first two seasons of The Carmichael Show on Netflix, and if you haven’t gotten into it, put it on your list before the season three premiere next month.

Jerrod Carmichael is a stand-up comedian with a family sitcom in the tradition of Bill Cosby, Roseanne Barr, Tim Allen, Grace Butler, etc, but this isn’t a Black sitcom I’ve seen before.  Roc, Everybody Hates Chris, and Family Matters are the first three Black sitcoms that come to mind when I picture an average family (unlike the Huxtables or the Bankses), but they didn’t really do topical episodes.  Episodes of The Carmichael Show have names like “Guns” and “Gender” and “Gentrification” and words that don’t start with G, like “Prayer.”  And this is an average Black family in the South written by a guy from North Carolina, so that carries another layer of interest since I can’t name any family sitcoms set in the South off the top of my head (and Designing Women is the only one that comes to mind at all).

Check out this clip where the Carmichaels are trying to impress their pastor over dinner and Jerrod’s girlfriend is outed as a non-Christian.

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Ice Cream Flavored Kisses

For @stregaomega, a SQ fix-it set during 6.15. This was originally intended to be a one-shot, but I have thinky thoughts about where it will go next (and may expand the end of this into smut), so this is likely to just be the beginning.

               Regina had to admit, when she’d had the bright idea for girls’ night out, she hadn’t expected to be walking a very drunk Snow back to her loft afterward with Emma supporting her on the other side. What’s more, even if she had expected it, she never would have expected the very drunk Snow to be wearing a horned Viking helmet and rambling about throwing knives. That had been a rather sexy trick, Regina had to say. Of course, the only person she was about to say that to was herself.  Deep down, the two of them already had a strange sort of relationship, and she wasn’t about to make it even more so.

               Between the two of them, Regina and Emma helped Snow to bed beside the sleeping Charming, Regina prying the helmet from Snow’s fingers and setting it on the nightstand.  “It’ll be right here when you wake up,” she assured the protesting Snow, sharing an amused look with Emma.

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Hello! Can you do a scenario for Lance helping his s/o while they're on their period and having awful cramps? Thank you so much, have a lovely day!

;;;hello!! Thank u sm for sending + i hope u have a wonderful day too!!! I wrote this with gender neutral pronouns so that it’s trans friendly :>

    Lance forces down the last of his cup of space juice, groaning as the bitter, sour taste kills his tastebuds. He would have had Hunk make him a proper breakfast if he had any more of an appetite, but right now he feels like space juice is the only thing that’ll energize him for the training session soon. Otherwise, he just chugged down a full cup of that nectar of the gods for nothing.

    Honestly, he’s been too concerned over [Y/N] to have an appetite. The last few days, they’ve been moodier than usual, enough so that Lance had begun wondering if something was bothering them. But [Y/N] always dismissed him with the usual ‘I’m fine’ or ‘You worry too much’. So he stopped asking, assuming that the space juice must have some kind of Altean behavior fluctuation ingredient Coran hasn’t told them about.

    Hunk walked up to him, already clad in his suit as he leans an elbow against the wall, “Lance, I haven’t seen [Y/N] come out of their room. We’re training soon, and you know how Allura gets when we slack off…”

    Lance stares at him, his eyebrow cocking, “What, really? Maybe [Y/N] just slept in on accident.” He feels a tinge of concern rise in his chest, “I mean, they can’t be, right? No one can sleep through Coran’s old man voice yelling through the intercom.” He points out to himself out loud, his gaze falling onto the marble floor of the kitchen.

    “Dude, I think you should go find out for yourself.” Hunk suggests, lifting his shoulders into a loose shrug, “Everyone’s probably gonna be waiting on them, then the whole schedule gets jacked, and Allura gets pisse–”

    “Okay, Hunk, I get it.” Lance gives him a lopsided smile. It must be nothing, right? He had just checked up on them the night before. He turns and starts towards the doorway, “I’ll be back with [Y/N] in no time, don’t start training without us!”

… . .

    Sure enough, [Y/N]’s door is still closed shut when Lance stumbles upon it. The touch pad beside the doors is red, indicating its non vacancy.

    “Knock, knock.” Lance purrs, pressing his wrist plate to the scanner to unlock it, “[Y/N], I’m coming in, alright?”

    When the doors part, Lance peeks inside. At first, he sees no one, but it takes a double take to spot the lump of blanket on the bed. Of course [Y/N] slept in.

    He steps in, hearing the doors automatically shut behind him as he approaches the bedside. He’s subconsciously walking soundlessly, trying to avoid waking them up more abruptly than needed, he’s learned the hard way not to use that fashion with [Y/N]. The bed dips a little when he sits down, and the bunched outline in the covers shifts, stifling a muffled groan.

    “[Y/N], you know we always practice early on Mondays.” Lance smiles a little, reaching over to pull the covers off of the sleeping beauty, “Come on, you’re the only one not up yet, sleepyhead.”

    [Y/N] doesn’t even try to stop him from pulling the cover away. Which is surprising, because usually they don’t like him seeing them with bed hair or anything. And when he uncovers their face, he can see that they look like absolute shit.

    Their hair is slicked to their forehead with sweat, face twisted and strained as if they’re in pain. [Y/N] doesn’t even open their eyes, only letting out another whimper as they reach up to cover their face.

    “Not training today.”

    Lance stares down at them, taking a moment to register their condition. Then, he clicks, “[Y/N], what’s wrong with y–I mean, no offense, but you look pretty awful?” He moves to rake the damp hair from their face, frowning worriedly, “What’s wrong?”

    They’re quiet for a moment, before shifting onto their back and looking up at Lance with a dim gaze, “Calm down, alright? That time of the month again, but it feels worse than usual, that’s all.”

    Lance’s eyebrows furrow, failing to feel relieved at all by their attempts to dismiss their health, “What do you mean ‘that’s all’? You look a few days passed death, I don’t think that’s okay.” [Y/N] only sighs and turns away in response, so he goes on to scoot closer and rub circles on their back, “Do you need anything? Food? Space juice? I’ll get you anything, just name it.”

    [Y/N] thinks for a moment, easing into his touch leisurely, “A heating pad would be nice.”

    Lance nods, already lifting himself off of the bed despite being reluctant to leave their side so soon, “Got it, I’ll get one out of the infirmary.” [Y/N] already closes their eyes once more before he leaves a chaste kiss on their forehead, smiling playfully as they flinch and blink up at him owlishly, face flushing, “I’m sure the others will excuse you from training, too! Don’t worry about it.”

    Lance makes his way back towards the doors, pausing before entering the proximity of the motion sensor, “You know, maybe the healing pods could work their magic on something like this…” He’s half joking as he lifts a quizzical finger to his chin in thought.

    “Lance. The heating pad.

    “Oh, right–!”

Drunk - Taehyung BTS SMUT

 “You wanna come tonight?”

“Where are you going?”

“Parties, the usual..”

“Nah.. I guess I’ll stay at home..”

“What? doing your homework.. again?” he asked you with one of his eyebrows raised. Look at him, idiot. He parties all weekend its irritating. you thought.

“Well, I have a lot of work to do.. unlike you!” you said, hitting his shoulder lightly. His face turned a little disappointed. 

“Oh come on… it’ll be fun..” he said with his best assuring smile.

“I don’t want to meet your drunk friends. Plus, i know you’re gonna get drunk and guess what’ll happens next? You’re gonna leave me, sleeping with some random girls, and-” “Jealous?” he said while he stretch his lips into a smirk. “I wasn’t quite done.. and how am i going to go home while you have sex with those sluts?” you clearly see the disappointment on his face, but don’t know why he looks disappointed. 

“Fine.. just do your homework to death! oh and please do mine too! love you~” he said kissing your forehead, but you push him away. “Ugh.. do it yourself!” you said as you go back to your laptop and focusing on what you were doing.

You hear the door opened and closed as he left. you sigh. you just hope that you can spend more time with him instead of him leaving you alone with your tons of work to go to parties and get drunk and sleep with girls. same old stuff. ugh when is he going to change? why can’t he just stay at home, its more convenient. 

after some minute that feels like hours, you get up and walk to your kitchen. you found some snacks and bring it up stairs to your room, where you do your homework. taehyung… ‘why are you even thinking about him when you’re supposed to do your homework?’ your unconscious self snapped you. tf no I’m not. ‘yea you clearly did you idiot!’. sigh. ‘its not like you’re his gf! so you have no right to control him. let him be for God sake! he’s a jerk!’ he’s clearly not a jerk! he’s my best friend! ‘yeah, best. friend.’

whatever. you thought.

It’s been hours and you’re not even done with your first homework. you look at the clock once again. its 1.30 a.m. should I just go to sleep? taehyung will probably get back here at 4. and it’s not like i care.. ‘of course you don’t..’ your unconscious self snapped back at you again in a sarcastic tone. 

by that you were so done and decided to close everything and go to bed. you checked your phone and see miscalls from taehyung. what? you thought. but you ignored it because you thought that its one of his drunk calls and you’re just so done with it because all he talks about when he’s drunk is sex. just before you’re about to lock your phone, a call from taehyung shows up.. should i pick up or not..? your thumb accidentally press the green button. fuck ughh. “Hey. you okay? why are you calling me?” 


tf..? “Taehyung, where are you now?”

“UM.. MY MOM’S HOUSE? OF COURSE IM AT THE FRONT DOOR U IDIOT!” he ended the call right at that second. 

you immediately run for him to the front door and checked the gate, only to find nothing there. ugh.. why did i even go here. he’s probably drunk talking and he's still at his friend’s house. you thought and go back inside. 

“Hey babe..” he says as he kisses you harshly. “Oh my god.. taehyung stop! what are you going?” you try to push him but its useless, he’s too strong for you. but he doesn’t give up just like that. he keeps on holding you by your arms and push you against the wall and kisses you deeply. he bites your lower lip and put his tongue in. you can taste the alcohol in his mouth, and for some reason you like it so much. you let out a moan but tried to control it. you can feel him smirking in-between the kisses. “Feeling wet, yet?” you can’t believe he could make you feel like this. 

he start to move to your neck, sucking it and leave his wet trails. “taehyungah~” without any warning he carries you to the nearest sofa and put you down. you look at him in the eye, he sure is drunk. he takes off your pyjamas and stared at your bare boobs while tracing it slowly and playing with your nipples. “Did you take off your bra because you knew I was coming?” he asked. before you could answer he starts to kiss your neck again and goes down to your boobs. every little touches that he does makes you shiver and leaves you wanting more. he stops right at your hips. “want me to go further, honey?” he asked you, looking at you in the eye but still manages to send vibrates to your skin through his mouth. “y-yes..” “yes what?” he replied as he moves his mouth down to your inner thigh. “mmmm..” he hums on your thigh making you feel the tingling feeling through his vibrations. “eat me out..” “what? i can’t hear you,” he moves his head to face your pussy. “EAT ME OUT TAEHYUNG! FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH!” you screamed, making him smirk. “Say no more,” he said while tearing your panties apart. He spreads your legs away from each other and start licking your pussy, sending chills to our whole body. After a little more teasing, he spits out his saliva to your honeypot then eat your whole thing. His tongue flicking your clitoris and moving in and out of your hole. The pleasure was unbearable, so was your moans, but suddenly you remembered that he’s just a friend and that he’s drunk. 

I really shouldn’t take advantage of this.. you thought. But your moans brought you back to reality. but why would I? I’m having fun right now anyway! those thoughts blacked out when he stopped eating you out. the feeling of emptiness fills your heat. He looked at you in the eye, then up to bottom, and back to your eyes. what is he thinking? you thought to yourself. Suddenly his face is in front of yours, “How can no one has ever fuck you?” he whispers. how tf does he know that I’m a virgin? He take off his shirt, looking as hot as possible, not breaking the eye contact with you, but your eyes shift as he reveals his defined abs. damn. is the only work you could think of. He scoffs as he realised what he’s doing to you. “Wanna take this one off?” he asked, aiming to his pants. You can see his big bulge showing underneath those fabrics. You slide down his pants and undergarment in one motion, letting out his erection out. you gasp seeing how big it is. Still in amazed state, you squeeze his dick and start putting it in your mouth, bobbing it up and down while continues to licking and sucking it up and down. “mmm ahhh~ yes (y/n)~” he moans. For some reason, he stopped your movement and flip your position and his. “Ready?” he asked. “For what?” you replied innocently and he scoffs. 

He moves you to the kitchen counter and places you on top of it. the coldness of the marble kitchen counter sends chills from your bottom through the rest of your body. “What do you need? Ice? Vibrator? Dildo?” he asked. you tilt your head a little, confused. “Oh right, you don’t even know what those are,” he said as he laughs his ass off. He take a cube of ice and place it in his mouth. After that he tracks your neck, your chest, stomach, and your thighs with his full of ice mouth. “Fuck!! urrrghh!! Taehyungg!!” you moan. He the spreads your legs out and move his cold mouth up and down right on your clit. “Goddammnittt taehyung!!” you start to go crazy because of what he’s doing to you. just when you feel heat on your lower part, he stops. a groan of disappointment escapes your mouth. “No worries, princess.. i’ll make it up to you,” he said as he winks at you. 

He carries you bridal style to your room upstairs. as you get there, he throws you on your bed and crawls up on to you. Impatiently, you pull him by his shoulder and start kissing him. “Eager much?” he said breaking the kiss. But continues to kiss you deeper after that. Without realising, he starts to push his long erect sex into your dripping wet pussy. He thrust it into you, in and out, sending you so much pleasure and making you moan in-between the kisses. One of his hands holds your hands still so you won’t move, and the other hand he uses to pleasure your clit. He goes faster and deeper each time, your moans gets louder too each time. “Ahhh~ (y/n) i think I’m close..” “Me too~” you said quietly, not able to contain the pleasure that he’s giving. “Aaahhh taehyung~~” “OHH FUCK (y/n)~”

Still panting, he rests on top of you then some seconds later he moves next to you. Heavy breathing from both of you is all that you can hear. Shocked, don’t know what to say or what to do next. where will this friendship go? fuck buddies? boyfriend/girlfriend? strangers? or will it still be the same? you thought. “thank you…” taehyung whispers to you as he put his arms around you. “I wasn’t really drunk.”

  • ppl: idk man... adhd is? not real? like I don't think it's an actual disorder because all doctors wanna do is give kids drugs so they shut up? it's really toxic and not real.
  • adhd ppl: that wasnt our fault. medicine companies paid off doctors to prescribe brand name meds back in the day, and greedy asshole doctors would misdiagnosed kids to get money out of it. we still exist.
  • ppl: okay but like... adults can't really have adhd. you grow out of it right? so you're probably faking it anyway.
  • adhd ppl: not everyone "grows out of it" and by "growing out if it" they mean "getting older and learning more self control over the more obvious symptoms like hyperactivity" not "I am cured my mental illness is gone"
  • ppl: but like, you just need to get organized! put up sticky notes and stuff. if you do that there is no way you can forget. why would you not do something when you know it needs to be done.
  • adhd ppl: executive dysfunction is a symptom of adhd, and often times adhd facilitates a childhood that promotes other disorders such as depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. a lot of adhd children are abused for being "too rambunctious" or for "not trying hard enough" and this contributes to self-loathing and suicidal tendencies. it's also unlikely for simple notes to help because the exdys makes us procrastinate. it's not simply a problem of remembering.
  • ppl: okay but like you should just get meds if you want to feel better!
  • adhd ppl: a lot of adhd medications are high powered stimulants and can often be too hard for people to take. some adhders don't want to take meds bc it makes them feel out of place, or takes away some of the benefits that they've basically built their lives around. not to mention, because neurotypical people buy and sell our medications illegally, we're often made to go through expensive testing over and over just to "make sure" we need them. we also have to have this information if we want to have accommodations made at work or at school.
  • ppl: well you act so childish all the time! it's time to grow up and face the real world. don't use your illness as an excuse :) sweaty.
  • adhd ppl: adhders develop about a year slower than their peers. we also need to stim, have special interests, have a hard time reading big walls of text, often have audio processing and memory problems. these are real things and we need to be taken seriously. we are "grown up". we are grown ups with adhd.
  • ppl: lol whatever my cousin is autistic and those are things THEY do so you're just appropriating them you ableist faker.


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you cant just give me a fucking raccoon dick bone…

What are you even doing that someone would gIVE YOU THAT

look man, the south is weird

theres like, 4 uses for this thing

The first 3 are magic related

You wear it as a charm for luck/love, use it in love spells, or put it under your bed to enhance your sex life

the last is for courtship

you give it to a woman you like to signify interest or you bury it under her front porch 

I’m like, 90% sure he doesnt know that though, thats ANCIENT southern stuff and its mostly in Appalachia. He probably just dug it up while out fucking around on the back acre and thought “shit, D’s into that weird fuckery, maybe she’d like a raccoon dick bone” 

And i mean yeah he’s right  im putting it with my other ingredients 

still though you should specify why you’re givin a girl a racoon dick bone you cant just spring that on me unexpectedly 

Changes to this blog (+ leaving the phandom)

Hey, frens!

So, I think most people have realized by now that I decided to take a few steps to change this blog from what it originally was. When I first conceived this blog, it was a place to post about D&P only, because it was my new Thing and it was taking up too much space on my main blog, so I figured that having a fandom-specific blog would be a good idea. And it was, for a long time. I can say I had some great times here in this community, despite all the bad moments I’m sure you all have seen. 

I don’t feel like I fit in the phandom anymore for a number of reasons and that’s why I decided to take some definite steps to move this blog away from a phan blog into something more general. Some people have asked about it (and I don’t mind answering if you have any further questions, there’s also a few stuff in my opinions tag), but basically I disagree with a lot of decision D&P have made recently and their content doesn’t bring me the same enjoyment it used to. Plus, they haven’t been posting enough anyway to keep this blog running like it used to, especially since there’s more touring ahead of us. 

I guess I can say running this blog the way it was before was getting to be more of a chore than a pleasure to me. The only thing that kept me here was all the history I had and the difficult time I had letting go of the good parts of it. But I realized I don’t really have to let go of the good times or anything silly like that. 

I can keep this blog and make it into something that makes me happy and you guys get to decide if it’s something you want to see or not. No hurt feelings either way. It’s been an amazing journey and I had some great times, but it’s definitely time for me to broaden this blog’s horizons. Maybe one day, if things change, I’ll go back to being a phan blog. It’s hard for me to continue calling myself a part of this community as it stands now.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like/watch Dan and Phil anymore, I just toned it down a lot. I still love them and I will continue to watch their videos casually (and reblog some stuff about them from time to time, why not?), but it won’t be what this blog is about anymore. I also intend to continue to read (and rec) phanfiction because I honestly love the creativity from this community. And, if you’ll still have me, I’d still love to continue to be a phanfic writer, maybe write more AUs and stuff like that. I think I can make it work and I love having people who want to read it still. I feel like I have more stories to tell.

Anyway, this isn’t a goodbye. But if you’re here only for the phan, it might as well be. This is a general youtubers blog now and I intend to blog about some of the other creators I’ve enjoyed for a while (and you can see most of them already by the posts I’ve been reblogging but yeah there’s probably more that you’ll find out along the way). I think it’s exciting to bring some variety to the content and I feel happier with this blog than I’ve felt in a long time! I hope you’ll stay in for the ride, but, again, if this isn’t your cup of tea you’re totally free to go <3 I’ll understand.

And thank you to the phandom. It may be pretty broken at the moment (and I’ll be the first to say that it’s REALLY bad right now like omg), but it’s been a (albeit a bit dysfunctional) home for me and so many others. I made some amazing friends who I love very dearly and met so many special incredible people in this community. Thank you! <3 And I’m truly sorry it has to end this way.

You want me to be honest? Well here i go. I don’t know if its a flaw i have but i tend to like complications. I like to salvage what i think people have lost and i like to make them see what i see. I know its hard to do as everyone has different perspectives, different views but i know what i see and everything i see sums up to nothing more than you. You’ve asked me before why i keep you on a pedestal or why i treasure you so much. I cant really answer that question as i hide things from myself too. Im an emotional wreck, always have been and always will be. I tend to fall hard and quick. Its my curse i guess. You always talk about your darkness and your recklessness in such a negative connotation but you don’t realize that what you see as baggage and what you feel as bad is actually nothing but good to me. Ever since i met you my thoughts have never been more clear. My heart never more decided on someone and my will to fight never more willing to combat any threat. You always talk about how you can’t give me what i want but what if you already have? What if what i really needed wasn’t an official relationship or to go through this to become stronger but rather go through this to test my limits and my will. Find out what i want and what i don’t. Test my boundaries and break my limits. I have never wanted anything more so dearly in my life. Ive never been selfish because I’ve put others before me but for the first time in my life i want to be selfish and i don’t care what people think of me. I don’t want to follow their advice when they tell me things because they aren’t me. They don’t know what i want they don’t know what i need. They might know that I’m heading at 100mph to a brick wall and that ill probably end up crashing right to it but its my crash, my decision. I want to give it my all to the very end and if it doesn’t work out then at least i know theres nothing more i could’ve done. My insecurities? They’re gone. My emotion of feeling inferior to others? Its gone. My yearn of love? Its still there but i learned. I learned i cant always obtain what i want. Some things in life are meant to be not messed with. I’ve never loved as hard as i have loved you. And maybe you’re right, maybe shes right and you might not even be my first love but its the first time in my life that i feel this way towards someone and I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say something else when i know theres more. Im tired of feeling like there’s something wrong with me. You’ve pushed my limits you have made me live more in a couple months than i have in 17 years of life. Yes you might cause me confusion and doubt but if thats the small price i have to pay for my happiness after all the hardships I’ve gone through this year then be it. I might sound like i crumble easily and i might act like it too but I’m a person that never puts her head down. Im a fighter and i continue to fight the world day by day. Its so hard for me to tell you things to your face not because I’m scared but because when i see you and when I’m with you i forget anything negative. Negative plus negative is positive. You’re my positivity. And without you at this moment I’m scared to think where i would be. You’re probably thinking shes so young how would she know, she exaggerating, shes infatuated by me cause of what we’ve done and because how its different than other times but the truth in this situation you have been my anchor. The reason that i have such strong feelings is not for any other reason but rather because its just simply you. I like how you make me feel and i like how comfortable i am with you. I could care less what anyone thinks of it cause when I’m with you nothing else matters. Yes i get jealous about other girls. Yes i go out of my lane at times, with reason though. And yes i do overthink but all of this because i care and i don’t want to loose you. You’re the only thing that has stayed by my side when everything came crumbling down and i don’t mean my friends. Maybe i became obsessed with the idea of having a bf and i pushed it too much on you and for that i apologize but i will not apologize for the way i show my feelings because there is nothing more pure than that. I might have serious flaws but my feelings aren’t one of them. I might not be pure but my emotions are nothing but that. I might be messed up and i might carry a lot of things from my past with me but i can reassure you that my true feelings are not affected by anything else except the way i feel at that very moment. I am avery analytical person even if it seems i am not. Im critical about my every move because I’ve lived in fear of fucking up but i now know that its human to fuck up sometimes. So to sum it up i don’t care what you think or anyone thinks about this situation i will pursue it no matter what because there is nothing sinister about us. I am just as guilty as you are for this, but i will step down from the cloud and face reality. I will no longer hold u up on my pedestal or treat you any different than who you are. I will no longer pursue you the way i used to but ill still keep you in arms reach as i will still try to win your heart unless you tell me not to. I will no longer be that relentless and naive girl but rather ill be more pre-cautious with the way i present myself. I guess this is what i wanted to tell you and i regret not saying it sooner but I’m glad that i was able to tell you now before it was too late.
—  Iomara M

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Basically, it's a Stranded Deep au where Mark gets shipwrecked (for reasons I can explain later) and spends three days on the open ocean before he reaches an island. While on the island, Mark does his best to survive, but every once in a while, will notice a shadow lurking in the water, a shark. Or so he thinks until a merman decides to stop by and say hello. Short version: Merman Jack annoys the cute human while Mark lives on an island. *jazz hands*

God u dont know how much i love this holy shit my dude.

Like this is honest to god the worst thing thats ever happened to him; its his absolute worst nightmare fully realized and the longer he sits there floating on this small piece of wreckage, the more hopeless he becomes. Theres no island in sight and he can spot the early signs of a storm heading his way. He can technically try to swim but his near-debilitating fear of the ocean prevents him from doing so.

After being stranded for 2 days with no sign of a helicopter rescue anywhere,the looming threat of a thunderstorm closing in, he gives up. He lays down on his backside and stares up at the rapidly darkening skies. Part of him wants to scream and cry, pound his fists into the wreckage with reckless abandon. How does this shit happen? How does this shit happen to GOOD people? He doesnt deserve this, no one does…

But part of him is just so at ease with the inevitable. It frightens him a little; shouldnt he be fighting? Kicking and screaming until his last breath? As the sky darkens and the stars come alive, he asks himself why hes so okay with this. Starving? Dehydrated? Has he finally lost his mind? Why is he so resigned to his fate?

As if trying to ease his guilt, he shouts for help, screaming as loud as his lungs will let him. He knows its futile and he probably wasted whatever little energy he had doing that taxing action but his conscious is a bit clearer knowing that he at least tried to help himself, tried to survive…

When he wakes up, he blankly stares up into the now beautiful blue, sunny skies with extreme confusion.

‘Am I dead?’ He questions. He looks to his left and right and gives out a long drawn out sigh when he sees nothing but water surrounding him. ‘If I am, this is fucking bullshit. Why would I still be stranded?’

He gazes at the skies above when suddenly, something clicks in his mind. The storm; its gone. Or it at least passed by him by but he quickly dismisses the idea. The storm was massive and his 'boat’ was heading straight for it. With the freezing cold air and rain, he wouldve died from hypothermia, theres no way he couldve survived it though…

“But here I am.” He mumbles. Hes still here and hes still stranded and all this does is remind him that by some sick twist of fate, his inevitable death has just been prolonged. He wants to cry, ot maybe think of some nice final thoughts before it happens but these fucking birds flying above him are cawing too loud for him to think straight.

He stills, as he realizes what he just said. Theres birds, circling above him. And if theres birds, then that means theres land nearby…

He shoots up, back ramrod straight as he frantically looks around him hoping to see some kind of land or ship standing out against the horizon. He looks behind him and fuck, if he didnt believe in a god or miracles before this moment, well… he does now.

The island is fairly close and with back facing towards it, its understandable how easily he missed it. If hr paddled for maybe 20 mins tops, he would be on the shore and finally out of the water. The entire time hes paddling hes crying his eyes out in a mix of disbelief,shock, and extreme relief.

As he gets closer, he notices that the island isnt as small as he initially thought; he might actually have to explore and see what else is inland. He spies some bushes and trees and he already sees some little sea critters scurrying around the shoreline.

The first thing he does when he stumbles onto the hot sand is collapse to his knees and laugh. He cant remember anything in his life that even compares to the overwhelming wave of happiness and relief that hes feeling in this moment.

He knows more than just the basics to survive and hes so glad he took classes and read up on different guides for worst-case scenarios. Hed admit that it was a bit dorky at the time but now that hes in a dire position to exactly what he needs to do here, he doesnt regret it.

His first night on the island is fantastic; hes hacked off some pretty big palm tree leaves for shelter and hes got fire going and some food with some to spare in the morning. For the first time in the past 4 days, hes falls asleep soundly.

The next morning, hes jolted awake by the sound of water splashing to the left of him. He snaps his attention to the sound only to see the water calm back down as if nothing had disturbed it. He hadnt noticed any other predators on land but he had completely ignored any possible ocean predators he may encounter…

Periodically throughtout the day, he would hear splashing sounds while he was out foraging. Each time, he would snap his head towards the noise but without his glasses, trying to pinpoint something so far away from him was nearly impossible. He hated the feeling that was coiling in his stomach… the feeling of someone watching him; of someone stalking their prey…

Whenever he ventured towards the sea, there was always a shadow floating right below the surface and everytime he would try and walk towards it, it would dash away into the ocean depths.

After a couple of days, he decided to try and risk fishing; theyre were super healthy and if he managed to be able to fish properly, he would last alot longer than with a diet of just coconuts and crabs. Besides, whatevers been 'stalking’ him is honestly too scared to attack him when he’s conscious, hell be fine.

Except, chucking a makeshift spear in the water to try and catch a fish is way fucking harder than he imagined. He had the tools just not the proper skill and if he wanted to survive out here long, he was gonna have to learn real quick. For now though, he gives up and decides to try his hand at it tomorrow.

When he wakes up the next day, he picks up his spear and heads for the ocean again. Hell give it one more shot and if he cant do it, hell go foraging for more supplies and just try again later. As he approaches the water, he notices not one, but two decent sized fish laying in the hot sand. They havent been out here for long he notes as he eyes the huge watery trail behind them thats yet to dry up in the morning sun.

As he stares at the fish he hears a splashing sound ahead of him. He glances up only to see the tail end of a fish quickly swimig away from him. Did they see him coming and accidentally drop their meal in a panic? Well, it doesnt matter how he got the fish, what matters is that he has the fish and he has an extra meal for later.

This strange occurence happens every morning and afternoon for the next 3 days. Hell go and try to fish at the crack of dawn only to have some already sitting there in a pile. In the the late afternoon, another pile. He feels like, someone is trying to help him… and he is so sure hes gone crazy at this point to even consider it but he cant explain why theres food just laying there for him every morning and evening as if to make sure hes never on an empty stomach…

Hes so determined to understand whats happening and hes willing to risk his own damn life to do so.

Instead of sleeping by the trees inland, he pulls his makeshift cot by the ocean water and prepare himself for the worst. He slides underneath it and falls asleep.

When morning comes, rather than waking up, he sits there absolutely still as he breaths as slowly he physically can. He hears a splash and he squashes his instinct to flinch at the sound.

He can he chattering and clicking as the creature swims back and forth from the water to shoreline. On the third trip, Mark takes a deep breath and flips over, lunging at the creature with his bare hands. The second the adrenine pumping through his veins dies down, he notices that whatever this thing is is green. Well its hair is green…

The creature is staring at him with wide eyes, crippling fear etched onto its features as they nervously click in the back of their throat. Mark looks down at what hes grabbed and realizes that hes grabbed the wrists… of a fish…

It doesnt take him long to realize that its a fucking mermaid, that much is obvious but he has no idea what it want with him. But theyve clearly been helping him for the past week or so, and for that he nods his head in approval.

“Thank you” he forces out, his voice raspy and dry from lack of use. He lets go of the mermaids wrists, unclear of what to do at the moment and from the look of it, the mermaid is just as confused.

“You asked for help…” It muttered, eyes wide as he spoke. The clicking noises in the back of his throat have subsided and now Mark can hear his voice clearly now.

“Help?” He questions. He honestly cant remember saying anything since he got here.

The mermaid quickly nods his head.

“Yeah, in the water, you were on a boat and you yelled at someone to help you. I was gonna swim away because of the storm but when i heard you, i turned around and dragged you with me.”

Mark stares at him and smiles. “That was you? I knew i wasnt supposed to survive that but not i know why…” He laughs and rakes his hand through his hair.

“I cant believe that worked, i cant believe-”

He looks at Jack and gives him a soft smile. “Thank you…” Mark leaves the sentence openended…

The mermaid takes the hint and shouts “Oh!”

“Jack, m'names Jack.” And yours?

“Mark. Just, yeah just Mark.”

He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes. Started making his way past two in the morning, he hasn’t been sober for days.

Her body was a gateway, but it was her whole personality that got him hooked on her. She was a drug and was the only thing in his system. For days he had barely eaten or slept and he didn’t even care. The dream was ending though, she said. She told him that it would be over and that last night was the last time he would see her. Somehow, though, he convinced her to spend a few normal days with him in the real world. He tried not to fall, he really did, but she was mesmerizing.

Leaning now, into the breeze, remembering Sunday, he falls to his knees. They had breakfast together, but two eggs don’t last like the feeling of what he needs.

He was certain that he would never forget the night before. Hell, he never stopped thinking about it. It would hit him when he was walking down the street or eating or even sleeping. He got a bad taste in his mouth, like the taste of the eggs she made that had too much pepper in them the last time that he saw her. She said that she would see him later and it all seemed so normal. Nothing was wrong, nothing was off, he was just going to work and would come back and she would still be there.

Now this place seems familiar to him. She pulled on his hand with a devilish grin. She led him upstairs, she led him upstairs, left him dying to get in.

His friends told him to forget about it. They thought that a different girl every other night bringing him up another flight of stairs in another house after another night of too much drinking was going to fix what was wrong with him, but they weren’t even close. He just saw a piece of her in them but they could never measure up. Their hair was never the right length or color and their eyes never had the same sparkle that he pathetically fawned over. He didn’t want to only be thinking about her and he sure as hell didn’t ask for it.

Forgive me, I’m trying to find- my calling, I’m calling at night- I don’t mean to be a bother but have you seen this girl? She’s been running through my dreams, but it’s driving me crazy, it seems. I’m going to ask her to marry me.

On another night of flowing drinks and loud music, he snapped. He was telling anyone in ear shot about her and asking anyone if they had seen “the girl from a few Sunday’s ago.” No one had. He claimed that he was going to find her and get her back and even keep her forever. He knew he was embarrassing himself but he was going to get to her, damnit. How did he even let her go in the first place?

Even though she doesn’t believe in love, he’s determined to call her bluff. Who could deny these butterflies? They’re filling his gut.

How could she not feel what he’s feeling? She has to be in the same agony that he’s in because she’s not seeing his face every day, not hearing his voice when she’s falling asleep, not seeing his face when she wakes up. He can hardly go day to day without feeling like he wanted to cry. He was going insane and as stupid as it was, every time he heard church bells or passed a jewelry store he had to stop himself from thinking too hard about her that he went even more insane than he already was.

Waking the neighbors, unfamiliar faces. He pleads, oh, he tries, but he’s only denied. Now he’s dying to get inside.

He didn’t remember exactly what house number was hers in the state he was in. He stumbled from door to door trying to get her to come outside, but she wasn’t in any of them. He begged her neighbors to tell him where she was, but they were just trying to get the drunk guy off of their porch and onto someone, anyone, else’s. He thinks he may actually be dying.

Forgive me, I’m trying to find-my calling, I’m calling at night- I don’t mean to be a bother, but have you seen this girl? She’s been running through my dreams, and it’s driving me crazy it seems, I’m going to ask her to marry me.

He was certifiably insane. At least, according to anyone that came into contact with him. He went through all of his texts and all of the pictures he had taken in their less than a month together. He was trying to find her like she wanted to be found. Maybe she did, but certainly not by him.

The neighbors said, “She moved away.” Funny how it rained all day. I didn’t think much of it then but it’s starting to all make sense. Oh, I can see now that all of these clouds are following me in my desperate endeavor to find my whoever. Wherever she may be.

His world was ending and she was supposed to be there. She was supposed to swoop in at the last minute and make him okay again. The thunderstorms inside of his mind and heart weren’t letting up and the rain only got harder when he knew he would never see her again. A few times he opened the picture that he had of her and went to search for her, but he just felt like he was dragging the weight of the world behind him when he stood up to put on his shoes. If she wanted him then she would come back, right? She would come back.

I’m not coming back, I’ve done something so terrible, I’m terrified to speak, but you’d expect that from me. I’m mixed up, I’ll be blunt, now the rain is just washing you out of my hair and out of my mind. Keeping an eye on the world, I’m so many thousands of feet off the ground. I’m over you now, I’m at home in the clouds, towering over your head.

She really was gone. She had a hold over him and wasn’t letting up. Seeing her would be better, at least he would know where she was and where she had been. He thought that she was going to come back and apologize for putting him through actual hell, but in the back of his mind he knew that he hadn’t been on her mind since he had been in her bed.

Well, I guess I’ll go home now. I guess I’ll go home now. I guess I’ll go home now. I guess I’ll go home.

Finally, he was giving up. For the better, honestly. She was still always going to be on his mind, probably a little too much for it to be alright. But he was going to try, which was more than she ever did.

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Prompt: Tattoo Artist!Hanzo opens his own shop and a local biker gang named "Overwatch" start getting tattoo's here. McCree's plan for a tattoo gets thrown away as soon as he sees Hanzo and now he needs to get the biggest tattoo he can afford so he can go see Hanzo a lot.

I’m so so sorry this took so long to answer i couldn’t think of anything for a long time and 2 b honest i still didn’t really think of anything good but i tried to throw something together!! its probably not what you wanted at all but i was really struggling with it i guess also i did blackwatch instead of overwatch. here it is. also its short. sorry.

“My boy here has never been inked,” Reyes teased, giving Jesse a light shove. “Think you can set him up with something?”

“Right. You called in with Hanzo,” huffed the secretary. “Walk round back.”

Reyes stayed behind; McCree slipped to a back room. A young man crouched over a customer’s shoulder, telling McCree to wait one moment without even looking back. Behind hair dark as the night, an incredibly detailed lotus flower was painted on skin, on her back, right below the neck. He took a moment to study it, to admire it. The artist mumbled something to the woman, and she strode out with a nod and a thank you. “May I help you?” the artist spoke, and Jesse was brought back to earth. Somewhat. Hanzo’s feature matched that of his artwork.

“Pardon me,” he started. “Was told you’d help me with a design. Didn’t mean to intrude.”

“It was no trouble,” he assured, gesturing for him to sit. “Do you have an idea in mind?”

“Some,” he blinked. “Might need your advice.”

“Let’s start with where. How big?”

Jesse’s throat went dry. “‘M sorry?”

“Where do you want the tattoo?” Hanzo clarified; Jesse exhaled.

“Depends,” McCree stammered. “How much of your time can I take?”

“As much as it takes,” he said. “What you can afford.”

“Maybe I should get something big. Wouldn’t mind comin’ in to see you again,” he answered shamelessly, then caught himself, “but I wouldn’t want to burden you either.”

“This is literally my job,” Hanzo blinked. “I’m not certain what you mean.”

McCree sighed with a blush. “‘M sorry. Makin’ a fool of myself here; I’ve never done this before.”

“Then maybe you should start smaller?” he suggested. “Or if you’re too hesitant, you can always leave to think on it.”

“I think the boys would kill me if I came out with nothin’.”

“Would you like to look at my book?”

McCree agreed and started skimming through the pages. “Hell,” he said.

“What?” Hanzo shrunk.

“These are goddamn beautiful,” McCree whistled. “You’re really somethin’.”

“I- thank you,” he replied with a small smile.

They continued with unrelated topics: where was Hanzo from, why was McCree here, when Hanzo started doing tattoos. Hanzo looked down at his book and reminded himself where he was.

“Ah- I’m sorry. I have to cut this short,” Hanzo frowned. “I’ve talked away our time.”

“That was my fault. Don’t worry your pretty little head,” McCree smiled. “I would’a stopped you if I wanted to stop.”

“If you’d like to talk more…” Hanzo blushed, scribbling on the back of a business card. “This is my personal number. If you’d like to talk about your commission, you’d better stick to the number on the front.”

Hanzo slid the slip of paper across the table, watching Jesse blink, dumbfounded. “Oh,” he finally said. “Oh! Ah, shit. I mean. Thank you kindly.”

“I apologize if I’m making you uncomfortable, I just –”

“No, darlin’. You saved me the trouble,” McCree grinned. “I’ll call you and see when you ain’t working. Maybe grab coffee. That sound alright with you?”

“I would like that,” he beamed. “And the tattoo?”

“We’ll talk on it. Over coffee.”

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Hc that Dipper would crash FLARPing sessions and pretend to be mortal until he casts actual spells or makes real monsters for the group to fight. This works great for the first year or two after the Transcendence, but the joke looses its charm as the world gets more magical over time. Sometimes he'll still try and yes, Bentley, I know you can make a sigil for scaly skin just LET ME HAVE THIS.

When FLARPing sessions become magical quests in their own right with actual spells and armor and constructed monsters, Dipper finally realizes it’s probably time to give up the joke… (not that it actually makes him stop).


okay! okay. so i made this my whole process, but it’s pretty self explanatory once it hits the photoshop phase. the commission, as we all know, is from chapter 36 of TRK where everything (and most everyone) is alive and we are all happy friends.

so this post won’t be ridiculous on y’all’s dashes, my detailed process is under the cut. it’s long.

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I had to give up my best friend today and it was the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm going to college and she's a horse. Her new home's great and she'll be happy and it's for the best, but I'm a total fucking mess right now... Anyway, what I was getting at is, do you have any cute wolfstar headcanons or something to help cheer me up? Sorry to bother you.

I’m so sorry, lovebug. But you know what they say, “if you love them let them go”. And hey, you can go visit her when you get back and she’ll probably still recognise you and it will be so great :)

Let me give you a list of my favourite headcanons.

Hogwarts years:

  • Remus always carries chocolate along, and when he runs out of it, Sirius always has an emergency bar of his favourite flavour tucked in his pocket.
  • When Sirius feels bad he likes to steal Remus’ sweaters and wear them instead of his school jumper. (the teachers would say something about them, but it keeps Sirius quiet and calm so they don’t)
  • Sirius smokes, which Remus hates, but gives him an excuse to wrap himself around Sirius’ back when he’s leaning out of the window. (He tells Sirius it’s so he won’t get a cold, but they both know that’s a lie)
  • Sirius will sometimes just flop on top of Remus when he’s reading in the common room, and then they arrange themselves until they’re comfortably tucked against each other and Remus can continue reading while Sirius huffs against his neck.
  • They sneak out at night for a visit to the kitchens even more than James and Sirius do. In Remus’ words, “there’s nothing better to help you sleep than hot chocolate at 2am”
  • Remus is fascinated by how in tune with magic Sirius can be (coming from an old magical family and all that), and Sirius likes to pass the feeling it on to Remus so they can feel it hum under their skin.
  • They both try to out-eat each other during feasts. (spoiler: Remus always wins and Sirius ends up on his back on the floor breathing heavily through his nose so he won’t throw up)
  • During holidays they wrote each other endless letters. As in, sometimes several a day until Sirius’ owl refused to get out of his cage.
  • Every Christmas Remus gives Sirius a can of dog food, and Sirius gives Remus a raw steak.
  • Whenever the two of them get too close and touchy, James has a dog whistle he isn’t afraid of using. (that is until Remus throws it in the fire)
  • Sometimes they fall asleep in front of the fire place in the common room.
  • It’s not really a well-known fact that they’re together, but everyone in Gryffindor knows not to mess with whatever the two of them have going on because you will end up hexed with your head in a toilet.

Living together:

  • Sirius hogs the bed. At Hogwarts he sometimes slept all curled up, but even since he got away from his family, he’s started to sleep all sprawled out over the mattress.
  • Remus is really happy about it, but also sometimes want to push Sirius off the bed.
  • Remus in turn hogs all the blankets because he likes being a little werewolf-burrito.
  • They definitely have those glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling and they’re enchanted to mimic the movements of the constellations.
  • Sirius has a little drawer in the bathroom for all his punk-accessories like eyeliner and nailpolish and his spiky bracelets. Remus sometimes buys him little nicknacks and leaves them there.
  • Sirius is a bit messy, but after an incident where Remus burned his hand on Sirius’ silver cufflinks, he always cleans up after himself.
  • They fight quite often, mostly these little ones, but sometimes they yell and throw pillows at each other (they agreed on only throwing pillows because it was about venting anger, not hurting each other) - and Sirius likes that much better than when Remus gives him the cold shoulder.
  • They have sex on all the surfaces. It’s partially a canine thing - spreading their scent everywhere makes them more relaxed - and partially a Sirius thing - “I didn’t buy this wizarding kama sutra to leave it unused, Remus.”
  • Their flat is covered with blankets and pillows because they like to just snuggle into them and it needs to be soft everywhere.
  • Also sex is much more comfortable, let’s be real
  • There are books everywhere, Remus has lots of them for research and some of his favourite classics & Muggle Mystery Novels, Sirius has a thing for Romantic novels and those Harlequin love stories (Remus would tease him with it but it’s not really fair because if Sirius laughs and reads a paragraph aloud he loves it).
  • They try to cook as many meals themselves as possible, but always keep pamphlets close for take-out in case the quiche turns out to be alive or something (you never know with wizarding recipes).

I hope this made you feel a lot better :)

Its Over...

So im sure as many of you know MDE is splitting up. I am so heartbroken and upset over this and wish it were all a dream. But its probably what is best for all of them right now so i understand completely. So now i have nothing to put on this page anymore so im considering deleting it or keeping it for you all to just veiw when you want. I have met so many wonderful people through this page and wouldn’t give them up for anything. So just comment or message what i should do. Stay strong all my fellow escapers and remember no matter what we are all still a family ❤ if you ever need anything feel free to message me on my personal @samanta-le-batgirl

So I got my b-day email from Misha this morning, the one that every GISHer gets but wtf cares its awesome and beautiful and it was a lovely thing to wake up to. I read it to my husband. He patted my face and rolled over to go back to sleep.

But I was awake, I was pumped and ready to go win the world because of that silly form email that I’m on an automated system to get. My day and my mood was made better by the thoughtfulness of this person who I really admire taking the time to write this email (even if he had only written it once when GISHWHES first started sending out b-day emails or didn’t write it at all and just allowed for his name to be tacked on to it). It was just…really great. Even though that feels like an inadequate way of describing it.

But that’s Misha Collins. 

He’s abnosome without trying, he gives without being asked, and he is probably one of the most selfless people on the planet right now. There aren’t enough words to describe him.

I got home after my great b-day to find out that Misha Collins was mugged last night. That he was hurt and robbed and still managed to show up to MinnCon today to sign autographs and take pictures with fans who had been looking forward to meeting him.  It’s  really inspiring, even if Misha thinks its just the right thing to do.

2015 had already been declared “the year we adult” by my husband and I. This year we’re going to pay off our credit cards and actually use our savings account the way the bank would like us to. My husband is dedicated to getting healthy so that his bad genes don’t have to be a predictor of whether or not any children we might have get to have him around. I decided to stop wearing eyeliner on the inside of my lid and to start loving myself the way I am.

Misha has inspired me (and my husband by proxy) to go further than that. 2015 will be the year we start to give back. Even if its just a little, even if its time-consuming and tiresome.

I’m going to start by taking a page out of dancinglachelle ‘s book. Beginning tomorrow (August 23rd) I’m going to #payitforward #forMisha as often as I can, where ever I can. Sometimes a small, random act of kindness is what someone needs to completely turn around their day.

So I encourage you for Misha (and also a little bit because its my birthday and I haven’t blown out any candles yet, so consider it my wish) to all try to be that unexpected spot of brightness in a stranger’s day. Buy the tired looking Freshman a coffee, help a overburdened mom take her groceries to her car, mow your elderly neighbors lawn; just #payitforward #forMisha. 

I know I will.

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I hope that you are okay! Sending prayers to anyone affected. Do you think it could be a year plus before the coming out? I have this sad feeling it's not happening soon :/ Though I suppose if i've waited 5 years I can wait however many more.

Hi! You’ve sent this probably earlier yesterday…are you still of the same opinion? 

I wonder if people will keep being so cautious and doubtful if an official team switching announcement comes up. I hope they go for it soon!

You know, generally I’d give a generic, politically correct answer along the line of  “they’ll do it whenever they’re ready for it, whenever the right moment comes, whenever the other things are settled”, but given the specifity of their situation I prefer to come clean. They want it. They have for such a long time, they’ve had NT help and support them for about 2 years and somehow actively operate for 1. This coming out has been in the works, adjusted, delayed, afflicted for centuries and their moment has finally come. I DO think it is absolutely one of the main concerns in NT’s scheme, towering the list of the to-do-things in their list. Everyone is ready, everyone wants it, I believe Harry and Louis have gone through too much, endured too much, been brave too much (and got hurt too much) and finally had to live through this hell of baby affair to just go and wait any longer. Wait for what, anyway? They will most likely take some well deserved time to decompress, get some relief and recharge, enjoy a bit of free time and peaceful calm. 

If we’re so tired and so eager for it, can you imagine how it must be for them? We’ll obviously be on board with whatever they decide to do (when, how), I just very genuinely don’t think it’ll be that long. Not at all ;)

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So, I just found about your webcomic "Insomnia" and I have to say it's probably the greatest webcomic I've seen in possibly my life. The story is deep and confusing. The dialogue is funny and gives just enough information. The pacing is just right; not too fast nor too slow. Your art style is absolutely beautiful, where it's a bit messy but in a good way. I can't wait for the rest of it! Keep up all the amazing work, and I hope everything is okay from that car wreck.

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much! It’s been so much fun working on the story and I still get really excited for so many parts of it. It’s awesome that so many people have been enjoying it too!

And no worries. I’m doing fine. I should be well enough to work on some art this weekend. Thank you for the concern! =)