it's still one of the best films ever

Michael After Midnight: John Wick

I may as well just come out and say it: John Wick is a modern masterpiece, one of the finest action films ever made, and a contender for my #1 favorite film of all time, as well as one of the best films of the decade so far. That might just be me speaking as someone who loves action films, revenge films, and the work of Keeanu Reeves, but even putting that all aside this film is still pretty damn good. With its sequel out and dominating the box office alongside The Lego Batman Movie, I figured I’d talk about the original film and why exactly its worthy of such a critically-acclaimed sequel as what it got.

The story, as you may know, is about John Wick, played by Keeanu Reeves. John’s wife recently died of an illness and, to ensure he wouldn’t be alone in his grieving, gifts him a puppy. One day a Russian punk sees his nice car and tries to buy it; John tells the punk no. The punk finds John’s house, breaks in, and kills John’s dog all before stealing the car.

This is a fatal mistake.

As this Russian punk, who is the son of a very powerful crime lord, soon learns, John Wick is no ordinary man; he is the deadliest hitman in the world, a truly unstoppable force, an incredibly deadly and focused professional who is so far beyond pissed at this point that this little shithead may as well just sit down and twiddle his thumbs because nothing is going to stop John Wick; this brat is well and truly fucked… or he would be if his dad, who happens to be John’s former employer, didn’t try and pull out all the stops to save his son from his impending doom. With an army of Russian mobsters, bodyguards, and a couple of money-hungry assassins out for his blood, surely John Wick won’t get his revenge… right


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