it's still in the car tbh

Leon Kennedy, after crashing yet another car, again: I have done nothing wrong, ever, in my life

Ashley Graham: We know this, and we love you

President Graham, sweating: A-Ashley, sweetie, this is the fifteenth car he’s crashed this week–

Ashley Graham, squeezing her dad’s shoulder harder: We know this, and we love him

If we all collectively don’t watch tonight’s episode then Cal doesn’t die and we all (well I can) pretend that he’s off training to be a surgeon because Sam got him a training position in America. Okay? deal? everyone agree?

why is everyone making fun of the cars fandom tbh why dont they just let people love whatever they want? is it THAT bad liking a movie and getting dedicated to it? yes its reputed to be a “kids” movie but older people such as myself can appreciate it too. making fun of me and other people for liking it is the most ridiculous thing ever. i still dont understand why liking lightning mcqueen is seen a fucking joke, let us like whatever we want, its not like we bother yall anyway.

So I work at a pretty big food chain, we sell subs. One night I messaged my manager saying I’ve beenn throwing up all night. She told me to find my own coverage. Of course I cannot text or call people when I can barely open my eyes to read one message from my manager. So I go to work the next day (only a 3 hour shift but still) and aftet 4 times in the bathroom throwing up between serving customers food. I message my manager again and she tells me theres nothing she can do about it and to just try my best.

Its disgusting tbh

Oh also my coworker ran out to grab something from her car when I was mid puking and we were the only ones on shift.

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I don't know if people have mentioned this already but sanas parents discussing the buying of a new car together is important because it shows that the whole men have all the power in the marriage and make all the decisions thing is wrong like its such a simple thing but a powerful impact

Hi, Anon!!



Like TBH, my Abba STILL asks my Ammi when it comes to buying stuff in the house, tbh. Like, my Ammi is the BOSS WOMAN lmaooo at home when it comes to buying stuff? My Abba will always negotiate with her!

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♦ pliroy ♒ otapliroy

  • ♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

jj is like. fiercely into singing and karaoke. he doesnt stop. he sings in the shower or when hes cooking, he hums out his program music while he practices, he whistles wherever he fucking goes. he doesnt even think about it tbh he just does it??? it was immensely irritating for yuri at first but hes grown used to it and they have definitely sung My Heart Will Go On e x t r e me ly loudly in the car before

yuri cant stand still like anywhere?? he’ll always be tapping his foot or stretching every now and again or jiggling his leg its virtually impossible for him to stay still

but it all works out when jj sings and yuri dances :”)


  • ♒ - cooking/food headcanon

in order of most to least proficient in cooking: jj > yuri > beka

jj knows how to cook bc he’s used to cooking for his younger siblings and making weird-but-actually-fuckin-amazing dishes for them

yuri knows how to cook bc he had to live alone, and he knows a few recipes by heart but most of the time he sticks to recipes

bekas kinda new to it bc he always had either his parents or his older siblings to cook. he can do recipes but if you dont give him a cookbook hes pretty much useless lmao

jj LOVES to cook breakfast in bed for his bfs like he gets up really early in the morning and goes all out he fucking makes his own orange juice instead of using powdered mix and he gets a lil vase with a flower for ?? Aesthetic?? when he delivers them the meal and its a lot of work but otabek and yuris blushes and smiles are worth Everything

Omfg something just hit me

It finally clicked why all my life (up to this day) I have animal like behaviours and tendencies.

A common things for autistic people is to mimic their favourite things, and mimicking animals. I’ve always had it easier to connect with animals than humans. And my mother has noted several times that I had a 3 years long period where I pretended to be a cat (or lion some times), walking around on all four and making sounds, the whole kit.

Sure I don’t walk around on all four any more (although I must say its tempting hahahaha), I still have cat-like behaviours. When I’m scared I act like a cat, I stare and I hiss (I have even hissed at cars in the streets), when I’m very relaxed I act like a cat, I slowly blink and if I feel like it I will purr for fun.

I have no idea if I will ever stop acting like this, TBH I don’t really want to. It’s odd, but not to me.

“Eyes” - Xiumin scenario

A xiumin angst/ fluff scenario, where they are in the car while having an argument and they get into a pretty bad accident where the car flips and the S/O is trapped, while in the hospital the S/O is blind but they dont know its temporary, xiumin never leaves the S/O side and they get closer than ever in the relationship because of that and she finally gets her sight back in the end…

AN (Authors Note): I tried my best with this scenario. I have a writers block ugh, also I am still not very familiar with Xiumin tbh so expect this to be crappy (IM SORRY UGHHHH) -L

Genre: angst/fluff
Characters: Xiumin (Kim Minseok) and reader
Word count: 1,306

Originally posted by dayafterdae

The pain in his entire body made Xiumin to wake up. He felt how the cold water drops hit his face making the blood that was coming out of a cut he’d gotten on his forehead to wash out. He tried to get up but the dizziness and pain only allowed him to kneel on, what he soon realized, was the middle of the street. His eyes scanned his surroundings, people were already gathering around the sidewalks and the sound of an ambulance increased as it got closer. Xiumin’s heartbeat started increasing and he could swear his heart stopped when he saw you were still inside the car unconscious.

“Y/N!” he screamed your name at the same time he instinctively got up and started running towards the car. The paramedics stopped him from getting closer to the car as the firefighters started cutting the door off it to take you out. He saw how they took you out and took you to the ambulance. Before they could close the door of the ambulance Xiumin fell how his head started spinning and ended up falling to the floor unconscious. The crowd that was looking at the scene from the sidewalks gasped when they saw him fall.

The next time Xiumin opened his eyes, he found himself lying on a hospital bed. The first thing he saw was the face of a nurse that was healing the wounds on his head.

“What happened?” he asked as he tried to get up from the bed but the nurse stopped him. Xiumin just nagged at the pain that he felt running down his left arm. He noticed he had a cast.

“You were in a car accident, now please lay back down” the nurse examined him one more time just to make sure he was alright.

“Y/N, where is she? is she okay?” Xiumin started sounding more desperate and the nurse just sighed before telling him what happened.

“Miss Y/N suffered several contusions. She lost her sight” The nurse said with a really gentle but sympathetic voice. Xiumin’s expression was blank and he felt how his entire world cracked.

“Can I see her? Please” he finally asked the nurse and she nodded at him. She took him to your room “Thank you…for everything” Xiumin said as the nurse just smiled at him, still feeling guilty for what she told him. Cases like this were really hard to explain to a patient’s relatives or significant others, since they didn’t know what kind of reaction they would have.

Xiumin walked into your room and he saw you were asleep. He felt a knot on his throat when he saw the bandage that was covering your eyes. He pulled a chair closer and sat down by your side. With his right hand he grabbed yours and squeezed it lightly. Then a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Y/N…I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault” tears started coming out of his eyes uncontrollably. He kissed your hand several times and thought about all the stupid things he said while you were in the car. Whatever got into him that day, he never meant any of those words he said and now he was paying for it “I promise you that I will never…ever leave your side. I will be your eyes from now on”

You woke up the next day, unable to see anything. You’d fallen asleep the night before after crying because of what the doctors told you. It was scary. Your world used to be full of colors and out of a sudden it became dark. You wouldn’t be able to see the faces of your family and friends, but what made you more sad was the fact that you would not be able to see Xiumin’s face again. The last thing you saw from him was his annoyed expression when you were still arguing in the car before the accident happened.

“Y/N…” Xiumin’s voice caught you by surprise. It was louder than usual, maybe it was because your other senses started getting sharper.

“Xiu…” your hand searched for his until he held it.

“I’m here, don’t worry” he kissed the back of your hand then kissed your forehead.

They let you out of the hospital that same day. The first week was hard for you since you started using a cane to clear your way as you walked. You were not able to do many of the things you used to. Eventually you fell into a state of depression that the only thing you want dot do was sleeping. The only one that could keep you expecting for a new day was Xiumin. Even though he had work and was busy most of the time he would still spend the rest of his free time with you, taking care of you.

The things you liked, the things you hated, what scared you, what made you happy, you had become like an open book for Xiumin. He was surprised at the amount of things that he didn’t know about you and about the things he knew but forgot were there. That day when you had the accident he realized that what your argument had a point. He barely spent time with you before. His concert schedules, the tours, the variety shows, the photoshoots, promotions and more had him more stressed. He felt guilty for not spending that much time with you and your arguments had become more and more usual as the days went by. Most of the time you ended up crying or he would leave you to calm down. Xiumin knew he had to sort his priorities, but the company would always find a way to be first on his list. Not this time. You had become his number one priority, and if that meant he was going to be kicked out from EXO by the company so be it.

“It’s been just a month but it feels like an eternity” you said while lying on your bed. Xiumin was lying by your side, his arm healed really fast so now he had his arms around your waist while his head rested on top of yours “I wish this was only a bad dream” you held one of his hands in yours and squeezed it “Thank you for staying with me” You couldn’t see it but you were sure Xiumin was smiling at you.

“I will always stay here” he said before kissing your cheek. You two fell asleep into each others arms. You woke up in what it seemed like a dream. You turned to your side and saw Xiumin sleeping peacefully. Carefully you removed his arms from you and stood up from the bed. You walked towards the window and saw the sunset. It was so surreal, probably the most realistic dream you could have ever had in the longest time.

“Y/N?” Xiumin’s sleepy voice called your name, you turned around and saw him “Why are you…? wait…can you, see me?”

“I’m not dreaming…” you said covering your mouth and feeling your eyes getting watery “I can see” you ran towards Xiumin and hugged him. He held you tight against his body and left kisses all over your face holding his tears back.

“I’m so sorry, it was all my fault. I love you, Y/N and I would never want you to go through something like that ever again…” you looked at him and noticed the tears were about to fall from his eyes. With your index finger you covered his lips.

You didn’t want to hear any more apologies. All you wanted was to look into his eyes forever, not caring about anything or anybody. It was just the two of you looking into each others worlds.

I was on my way home after doing my exam and then I saw a man hitting on an elder man because he didn’t want to let him pass with his car. This man was so brutal and had no pity. Out of nowhere he dragged the man out of his car and threw him on the ground. Luckily someone came to stop the fight but it was so shocking ! My hands were shaking and I probably should have filmed everything and show it to the police but I was so shocked. I hope he’s alright…I cannot stand violence and this was literally for no reason. He could have just gone home but instead acted violently. I don’t understand violent people. It does no good and it’s clearly a sign of weakness to react in such ways.

so im really glad i failed my driving test the first two times tbh? like, i wish i hadn’t taken them at that point but the extra time has left me at a point where im no longer scared to drive. even when things go wrong in “stressful” places, i’ve had enough practice as a learner to know how to deal with it quickly and calmly. i wasn’t in that place with my first try, even with my second i was still wobbly. my sister passed first time and she had a lot of stress getting used to my mum’s car and going out driving with her without an instructor.

so [finger guns] if you’ve failed a driving test sometimes that actually works out best.

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Can I request a hc of the rfa+v&saeran reacting to finding out that MC is secretly the masked vigilante heroine that the news had been blowing up about. (Bonus points if you come up with a neat superhero name and powers)

yiis, this was really fun to do! thx, cupcake <3 

lol its very long tho 

it fucking crashed after i spent 2 hours on this i had to rewrite it all again, that part wasnt fun lmfao


-he had heard of a masked woman saving some kids from being sold 

 -rumor were she was as flexible and elegant as a cat, could jump unnaturally high, and had a fantastic balance.

-basically a cat..the public had named her purrty girl, because if you were lucky, or unlucky enough to get close enough, she had the most beautiful eyes

-there were a clip of her going around where her beautiful eyes could be seen 

-his lovers eyes

-he had brushed it off as a coincidence at first

-he found out a night, when he had been working late and you had a little too much to drink

-and your drunk brain thought it as a good idea to practice some balance on the railing of jumins balcony 

-only jumin walked in on you balancing on a railing a good 30 stores above the ground 

-then the pieces suddenly fit together 

-he loves the cat part but….do you really have to do something as dangerous as fighting criminals? 

-he´d only stop worrying about 3 months later, when you hadn´t once come home with more than a scratch 


-there were a clip on the news of a girl beating up some gang members and then seemingly disappearing when she left the alley.

-zen is super intrigued and fascinated by this clip

-he´s reading every singly ridiculous theory he can find on her

-”mc! this one says she´s an alien and that´s why she could dissapear!” 

-the public call her the chameleon 

-you almost burst out laughing bc your boyfriend thinks you´re an alien 

-he finds out when rushing to work one day

-and suddenly an unfamiliar person with a very familiar voice is yelling out his name 

-”zen! watch out!” 

-he missed the car by a centimeter 

-the unfamiliar person is rushing towards him now 

-”omg Zen! babe, are you okay?” 

-then it clicks, and you realize your slip up 

-he drags you to an alleyway to allow you to change back to the real you 

-”mc, i love you, this won´t change anything in our relationship, but you have to talk with me about this, come on” 

-he cancels everything he had planned for that day, and spends it cuddling and talking with you instead 


-he is obsessed with the news clip of a masked girl, rescuing a girl from getting raped by sending a hoard of dogs,cats,rats and birds after the pig 

-the public call her urban snow, because 1. that is some disney princess shit and 2. urban sounds cool lmfao 

-he is constantly calling her a disney princess

-he doesen´t suspect a thing, even tho it is common for stray animals to be very comfortable around you 

-everytime that happens yoosung is like 

-”wow animals really like you mc! you´re almost like Urban snow!!!!” 

-lol thx for telling me i´m almost myself yoosung 

-he finds out on a way home from a date one evening 

-you´re very aware of the two guys following you, and sure enough

-suddenly there a weapons being pointed at you, and a gross guy ordering you to give you his money 

-yoosung is just about to step in front of you, in an attempt to shield you, when a dog bites one of the guys in the leg, a rat crawling up the other leg 

-they run off

-yoosung stands there confused for a few seconds, looking around for Urban snow before slowly turning towards you

-you can almost see the hearts in his eyes, as he pulls you into a tight embrace

-”you´re so cool mc!!! you really are a disney princess”


-she had seen the news of a masked girl, trapping two criminals in a ring of fire, and then walking away 

-her public name were fiery match, as she seemed to be able to draw fire from thin air 

-jaehee said it was all fake and computer effects oh jaehee if only you knew 

-she´s suprised so many actually think it´s real 

-she finds out in a much  less dramatic way than the others 

-you two are at the cafe, it´s way past closing time, so you´re just enjoying each others company and drinking coffee 

-you two talk so much that jaehee forgets to drink her coffee, before it turns cold

-without thinking you place your hand over the mug, and abracadabra, its hot again, that´s what you usually do when you´re alone 

-you only realize your mistake when you lift your head and see jaehees shocked expression

-she´s frozen in place

-her eyes are moving from the mug, to you, to your hand, again and again

-you´re almost scared she´ll run off and leave you 

-instead she takes your hands in hers, looks you in the eyes and…

-apologizes for believing it was computer effects lmfao jaehee bby you don´t have to apologise for that! 

-she´s very shook, but more than okay with it 


-she´s your new 1# fan


-he´s been trying to find this so called “Angel of salem”, ever since the news showed the clip of a suspected serial killer, being pulled up in a tree by his feet…by a branch, a masked girl standing by, and calmly watching everything unfold 

-you had been planning to tell him, but this was too hilarious, if he only knew he´s actually looking for his own girlfriend 

-when you ask him why he wants to find ´her´he says something along the lines of “i need her to teach me to do that” 

-you reply with “well maybe she´s closer than you think! i´m sure you´ll find her soon” 

-you had originally planned on having him wake up in a room covered with flowers, growing from walls and the ceiling as well

-but that´s not how it went 

-you were simply getting some water and taking care of the small cactus on the window-still, making it bloom

-not even 3 seconds later there were fast footsteps heading straight towards you, whoops the cctvs 

-you turned your head just in time to catch a glimpse of sevens excited expression, before being pulled into a big hug, and spun around 

-”why didn´t you tell me i was looking for you? you´re really my Angel!….ok now, teach me how you do it” ffs seven it´s not something you can learn 

-needless to say he is more than okay with it..purchases way to many plants for the house 


-he had heard about the clip going viral of 3 criminals being tied up, very very fast and only in one frame of the clip, was the masked girl visible 

-he doesen´t really care too much tbh 

-the public call you grease lightening as the colours on your suit is very similar to the ones of the car 

-he finds out when he comes home earlier than expected and catches you vaccuming the house, wayyy too fast than any human would be capable of doing 

-”oh…why didn´t you tell me you´re grease lightening?…its cool” 

-that´s really all he has to say on the matter 

-on the inside he´s an excited little child tho


-the masked girl were all over the news, altough blind V could still hear 

-the masked girl snuck into a childrens hospital at night, and everyone woke up feeling better than ever 

-when the doctor made tests they were indeed cured of all disease

-the kids named you Rapunzel bc of the tangled movie i ain´t bout to call her an saviour or messiah or whatever fuk rika

-you had been talking with v about his eye sight the other day. how he didn´t need to punish himself for Rika, and he deserved to be happy as well. as well as photography being his true passion, would he really give all that up?

-surprisingly he agreed 

-”i know.. i couldn´t save rika…but i can at least save myself, and i want to wake up everyday seeing you as the first thin in the morning..but it´s too late now”

-you gently placed your hands over his closed eyes 

-”mc it doesen´t work like th-…how did you do that??…Rapunzel??!!” 

-you couldn´t help but laugh at being called Rapunzel by a grown man

-lots of happy tears and new plans for the future god bless 


Kingsmanniversay Day 3: Feed My Lines: What is your favorite quote? My brother’s favorite quote is the top and mine’s the bottom.

My bro: It’s just really hilarious how he described Eggsy stealing his car, like he didn’t need to specifically say ‘15 donuts in my fucking face’ but he still did.

Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I used to pace but mostly danced when I daydreamed. Ive never heard anyone else say they would dance. I mean dancing corrolated a LOT to what i daydreamed most about but even when I wasnt using that particular world, I still would dance. Idk its sorta weird? Now I just swing or go on car rides and play out my daydreams but not to that extent of dancing anymore

the dancing makes a lot of sense tbh, it’s not weird! it’s pretty much the equivalent of pacing, but less repetitive and with more movement

there’s a soldier’s chorus on the other side (you lay your head on my shoulder and maybe we cry)

Summary: A month later, they’ll be at a stakeout, eleven pm with the bag of sour gummies being passed between them and Amy tricks herself into believing that things are different again when Jake says, “So I told Sophia I loved her,” into the coldish car air. 

Amy swallows and feels the sugar granules coating the gummie in her hand dig against her skin. “Oh,” she says.

“And then she dumped me,” he adds, muttered against the car window, and Amy wonders what different is supposed to mean when they still tell each other everything and a half.

so anyway ive had this half done for literally a million years and i didnt want to study nutrition so i finished it and its terrible and half proofread and i really need to stop hurting jake but. here it is. i used that one line from hamilton in the title because i really like it and weirdly it felt right God knows tbh anyway anyway. immediately post defense rests: amy looks out for her best friend when he gets his heart broken (again), and it’s all sorts of different and normal at the same time. pls give feedback and i love u all xx

His skin is warm where her fingers press, curled underneath the damp material of his dress shirt. Amy shifts her feet against the tiled floor of the bar, presses them further apart to give herself a more solid center of balance, and eases her partner’s weight against her shoulder.

“Thanks, Hank,” she tells the bartender quietly. Hank’s expression has gone from exasperated to sympathetic. A crease appears between his eyebrows as he looks at Jake, who mumbles, “’M fine,” at the general direction of the chair opposite to them.

“Take it easy, kid,” says Hank, clapping a hand gently against Jake’s shoulder. “Breakups are shit to deal with, I know.”

Amy’s spent most of the night on her feet, never staying in one seat for long enough. She’s been flitting from conversation to conversation and trying to focus on something other than the moment where Jake fell into her and Charles’s booth, already half drunk, and managed to announce that Sophia had broken up with him. The rush of adrenaline that had accompanied her pleasure at successfully resolving the tension between Charles and Gina has long since petered out; Amy found suddenly that she had nothing on which to blame the sudden, traitorous swoop in her stomach.

She plays three rounds of pool with Louise from downstairs, watches Rosa’s drink for the three minutes the other woman disappears into the bathroom, and politely asks Terry about Sharon’s pregnancy. Against her will, her shoulders are tense and her heartrate refuses to slow down and, just for that, she feels the guilt roil in her gut, unanticipated.

(She thinks about how Jake had sent her encouraging texts after the mess at the Maple Drip Inn, about how she kept getting Google pics of cute baby animals the whole next day. But that’s her problem, she thinks: Jake did that for her with a clear conscience.)

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BTS as taxi drivers:

Jin: safety first evry1!! *buckles everyone’s seatbelts, does a thousand checkups, turns on 4 gps* no such thing as being too safe

Rapmon: dw ladies, ur in very capable hands- *accidentally breaks off steering wheel* wait, come back!! i have really cool jams to make up for this

J-Hope: *has a car with the word HOPE written all over in a bold and eye blinding colour and a sign that says “For UR Hope call: 1234”*

*wonders why nobody approaches him*

V: Seoul tower? I think I can get u there but tbh idk where i am rn haha- w8 y r u walkin away???

Jungkook: *during the ride casually mentions* oh yea im underaged to be a taxi driver and also havnt got my license yet but its ok, ive watched enuf video gam- misS dONT JUMP OUT, THE CAR IS STILL MOVING

Jimin: ayy ladies, thanks for choosing to take a ride in my cab but lets be real here, wat u actually chose was to take a ride on me- *gets slapped and sued*

Suga: *drives at 95mph cutting corners and nearly hits an old lady crossing the road* swag, ur here *police sirens can be heard in the near distance*

~request by mr.anon

hi yeah im sure you guys remember me but anyways this is tumblr user jaegerofficial asking for help a final time (literally after this im done because though ive gotten some response its really disheartening that im still so far in the hole in my situation so im not going to bother making another post because it makes me feel worse tbh)

im currently staying with my parents (still) but still no job and no car and $10 to my name because my friend thinks its a GRAND idea to piss off my money on stupid shit!!! so fucking cool!!!

anyways i have -$215 in my bank account and i need at least $150 to fix that issue but also i need about $400 or so to help my friend move out from cali and away from her shitty abusive parents and into a much better environment

so if you guys have spare change or anything it would be really awesome if you could send it my way

again my paypal is and if you dont have a paypal and feel comfortable mailing cash/checks instead i am more than willing to give my address

please help me out here this is literally my last-ditch effort and i dont know what im going to do if i cant accomplish these two tasks

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what does "fuckboy" actually mean? I've seen it used to mean a straight white guy a lot and I knew people twisted it from its original meaning but I still don't know what it really means

it means aint shit ass weak ass weak dick game ass let me get a hug ass my car in the shop ass i got 7 baby mamas i aint taking care of ass fakin fa instagram ass ashy ass ball is life ass 40 and still tryna be a rapper ass side hoe having ass cheating ass nigga basically tbh