it's still in the car tbh

Leon Kennedy, after crashing yet another car, again: I have done nothing wrong, ever, in my life

Ashley Graham: We know this, and we love you

President Graham, sweating: A-Ashley, sweetie, this is the fifteenth car he’s crashed this week–

Ashley Graham, squeezing her dad’s shoulder harder: We know this, and we love him

sugar daddy | baekhyun

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  • we could go down the lotto route or the kaching route with this
  • he got the money come n get it now
  • 1 sec let me just get this out of the way
  • ka-ching ka-ching-ching ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching-ching
  • life is way too short dont waste ur time and stop the music n listen kaching x14 HE ON A PAYROLL
  • literally just there to give u money or lipstick chateau wainbit colour, white champagne, shower with bubbles, diamonds, dresses, cars, no limit what do u choose? do what u do
  • the sugar daddy ur kinda scared of 
  • cos he isnt secretive of u being his sugar bby but secretive about how gets all the money
  • ill tell u its gambling and dishonest work lol duh
  • somehow doesnt get caught by anyone
  • such a messy sugar daddy that ur like am i risking my life but then u forget when hes around
  • not just cos of the money but cos hes a genuinely gr8 guy
  • sometimes disappears for days or weeks but still sends money and flirty texts
  • really impulsive n dirty tbh 
  • honestly will get off from just making out with u and biting ur lip 
  • really into l8 night drives to the middle of nowhere and he just makes out with u, a lot of tongue
  • is like “bite me baby” “mark me”
  • likes going to crowded places like clubs and all that headache worthy stuff
  • really unpredictable 
  • kaching

minseok | junmyeon | yixing | jongdae | chanyeol | kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

sugar daddy!fic series

If we all collectively don’t watch tonight’s episode then Cal doesn’t die and we all (well I can) pretend that he’s off training to be a surgeon because Sam got him a training position in America. Okay? deal? everyone agree?

Dinner options:

  • Order dominos, where I don’t have to leave the house (I’ll get delievery) but I’ll have way more food than I want and I don’t love dealing with a ton of left overs
  • McDonalds, but I actually have to walk to my car, and then drive there, and then there’s the shame of having had it last sunday night, but it’s also like the easiest option
  • Red Robin, where I don’t actually have to pay for it (I have a gift card) but it’s gonna be a longer wait and again I have to drive there and idk if they even do orders to go
  • Actually make my own dinner, but I forgot to get anything to go with my pasta (like pesto or cheese or something), so it would just be plain pasta and i don’t really like that
  • Something else that I’m not thinking of??? I’ll take ideas

((OOC: As much as I hate Grease, today we acknowledged Breast Cancer Awareness month so everyone wore pink!

And I chose to be a Pink Lady…………………………………. LOOK THE JACKETS ARE COOL BUT THE PLAY IS MISOGYNISTIC

damn i know i can’t wink jesus

yeah……just wanted to share that with you))

why is everyone making fun of the cars fandom tbh why dont they just let people love whatever they want? is it THAT bad liking a movie and getting dedicated to it? yes its reputed to be a “kids” movie but older people such as myself can appreciate it too. making fun of me and other people for liking it is the most ridiculous thing ever. i still dont understand why liking lightning mcqueen is seen a fucking joke, let us like whatever we want, its not like we bother yall anyway.

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peter needs to start racking in a little more dough for college tuition and he doesn't want to just rely on tony & may, so he goes part time as a pizza delivery guy. but he can't juggle being a superhero & a job so he meshes them together & in Queens you can see spiderman biking down the streets with hot pizza pies. & then michelle one day orders a pizza, spiderman shows up at her doorstep with a plain cheese and he teases her for her lame topping choices. you can go from there haha!! :)

HIYA FOLKS - here are some more silly headcanons for you. thnx for sending them my way, I’m really enjoying filling them. THIS FANDOM IS SO GREAT.

okay. next–

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Ok TBH, if you have the time and if you want to, could you write something where Lance is in a big car crash ( with maybe a little klance in it) If you don't want to it's fine to! BTW, I adore your blog

This hits close to home

Description of Car Crash and Minor Injuries! 

Everything happened so fast. Lance did nothing wrong but yet he still managed to have an accident, he didn’t understand he was doing everything right. Still, laying in a car when it’s on it’s side, your head bleeding from the broken glass, soaking the white snow with it’s deep red color and you can’t move your legs, even though they are free makes you retrace your steps. 


(One Hour Before The Crash)

“Lance for the last time, I don’t need you to come over. I’ll be okay.” Keith fell into a coughing fit and Lance pulled his phone away from his ear and waited for him to calm, down. 

“Babe, you’re sick and I have soup for you. You’ve been stressing yourself too much.” Lance continued stirring the post on the stove containing the soup he just referred to on the phone.

Keith was silent but eventually his voice floated through the phone. “I haven’t been that stressed.” 

Lance laughed and turned the stove on medium, “you’ve been spending 3 hours everyday at the gym. You’re a little stressed.”  

“It’s cause it’s Christmas time and I need to impresses your family.” Keith sounded nervous and Lance galnced at his calendar hanging on the wall. 

“Christmas is in 16 days and my family loves you, you’ve met them before.” Lance started to pull down containers to put the soup in and Keith groaned. 

“I’ve met your parents and that’s it. I haven’t met you siblings or anything. What if they hate me?” Keith’s breath started to pick up and a frown grew across Lance’s face. He really is stressed about this. 

“Sweetheart, don’t worry about them. They’re not going to hate you and even if they did I still love you.” Lance smiled and started to pour the soup into the various containers. 

“Are you sure?” Keith coughed again. 

“I’m positive, now I need to go shower and get dressed. I’ll be over in an hour, I need to stop at Hunks and give him some soup cause he’s also sick.” Lance placed the containers in the fridge and started to make his way up the stairs. 

“How come you’re not sick?” Keith’s voice sounded envious and Lance responded with a giggle. 

“I’ll see you soon love.” 

“See you soon, I love you sharpshooter.” 

“I love you too mullet.” Lance hung up and started to get ready, he really wanted to see his boyfriend and help him through his cold. He’s so dramatic.


Lance was driving a bit slower on the back roads as he drove back from Hunks house. It had snowed earlier that day and no one had been out to plow really, since the main streets are more important. 

Lance sighed at the conditions and held his steering wheel tighter as he turned down a steeper hill. 

Lance will never forget anything about those few moments of moving down that hill. He would never forget how fast he was going, 32 mph. He would never forget what song was playing on the radio, If I die Young by The Band Perry. He would never forget the feeling of the car jerking to the left, it felt as if gravity became stronger and pulled him over as his wheels fought for any form of traction on the ice. He would never forget the feeling of the car hitting the ditch and flying into the air or how his body jerked against the seat belt, knocking the breath out of him. He would never forget how many times the car rolled before it’s tail gate snagged the ditched and stop him, with the driving side door on the road. He flipped 6 times. 

The airbags never went off and Lance fought to bring his head off the ground. Nearly every window was smashes, his windshield broken into the car, raining down on Lance and attacking any skin it could. Lance reached for his head and whimper in pain as his hand came back red, everything hurt. What just happened? Lance trailed his right arm down the seat belt and clicked the button, praying for release. It never came, the seatbelt jammed and Lance fought to control his breath as the world seemed to cave on him. Shit, shit, shit, this is not how I’m going. Please just unlock. He clicked the button 1,000 more times and nearly cried when it finally clicked open and Lance pulled himself away from the seat. 

He winced at the red that formed on his hands from the glass and his eyes widened at what he discovered next. He couldn’t move his legs, no matter what he did he couldn’t move them. There was nothing on them either he just couldn’t move them. Lance couldn’t stop the tears that started to flow from his eyes as he grabbed at his legs. “Come on move! Just work!” He kept grabbing until he couldn’t breathe and he started to hyperventilate. Come on Lance focus, I need to get out of here. I need to get help. Lance Reached in his coat pocket and pulled out his phone, quickly dialed 911 and exhaling a breath of relief when a man picked up the phone. 

He described the situation and roughly 7 minutes later bright lights were flashing by his car. Lance squinted at the lights and cried even more when he saw Shiro jump out of the ambulance. 

“LANCE!” The older man ran over to Lance, kneeling down at here he sat. “Are you okay? Where does it hurt? Are you bleeding anywhere else?” He reached up and wiped Lance’s head. 

Lance nodded and gestured to his legs, “I can’t move them.” He will never forget how panicked Shiro looked when he said that, but the trip to the hospital was a blur. 


Lance awoke a few hours later in a hospital bed, hooked up to different monitors. He was alone and he hated it. He didn’t like being alone and Lance pressed the bottom for someone to come get him. Shiro bursted into the door a few moments later and quickly checked Lance out. “Are you feeling better?” Lance nodded and Shiro gave him a small smile. “That was one hell of a crash, but lucky for you no broken bones.” 

Lance gave Shiro a confused look, he was sure his back had been broken or sprained or something. He couldn’t move his legs after all. “But my legs.”

Shiro looked at Lance and pulled up one of the chairs next to him. “Your legs are fine, you kicked me in the jaw when we tried to hook up you IV. I’ve concluded it was the shock of the crash and sometimes that can make you think something is broken when it’s really not.”

Lance gave the older man a small smile, “I thought I was paralyzed, not going to lie.” Shiro nodded and placed a comforting hand on Lance’s shoulder. 

“Everyone is worried about you, and Keith is here. Can I send him in? He’s been going crazy since we told him.” Lance nodded and Shiro left the room once more. 

Not even a minute later Keith bolted into the room and frantically hugged Lance, being mindful of the bandages that scattered the tanner males body. “Lance! Fuck I was so scared for you, when you didn’t show up I knew something was wrong and then Shiro called me and just fuck. I thought I lost you.” 

Lance hugged his boyfriend back and pulled away to wiped the tears that streaked his pale face. “I’m sorry the soup got ruined.” 

Keith gave him a confused look then pulled away from Lance. “You nearly just died and all you care about is the fucking soup?” Lance sheepishly nodded and mumbled “it’s good soup.” and Keith sighed, sitting down at the edge of the bed, intertwining his fingers into Lance’s. “I thought you were going to die.” 

Lance squeezed his boyfriends hand harder and pulled him down so they were laying next to each other on the hospital bed. “Not going to lie, I thought I was too. I was so scared. Scared of what happened, scared I would never see you again, scared of just everything.” 

Keith hugged the taller boy tighter and Lance kissed his forehead. “I love you mullet.”

Keith looked at Lance and smiled, “I love you sharpshooter.” He pulled him down for a kiss and at that moment Lance wasn’t scared, he knew he would be alright. 

So if you couldn’t have guessed it, that car crash (plus some of the injuries) is based of one of my real life experiences! It happened when I was twelve and man it has given me major anxiety when it comes to driving in snow or rain. 

I hope you like it!

Thank you!

So I work at a pretty big food chain, we sell subs. One night I messaged my manager saying I’ve beenn throwing up all night. She told me to find my own coverage. Of course I cannot text or call people when I can barely open my eyes to read one message from my manager. So I go to work the next day (only a 3 hour shift but still) and aftet 4 times in the bathroom throwing up between serving customers food. I message my manager again and she tells me theres nothing she can do about it and to just try my best.

Its disgusting tbh

Oh also my coworker ran out to grab something from her car when I was mid puking and we were the only ones on shift.

His age was indeterminate. But in cynicism and general world weariness, which is a sort of carbon dating of the personality, he was about seven thousand years old.
—  Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

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Ash, Do you think we'll get a Richonne wedding this season? If the 100th episode is like a callback to earlier seasons in a flash forward kind of way, I picture the first scene of the premiere to be a parallel to one of the first scenes in the show. The one with Rick and Shane talking in the cop car about relationships and Lori but instead its Rick talking to Daryl maybe Aaron about Michonne and what she means to him. Gimple asked Andy about his first scenes to shoot at the SDCC panel. Hmm...

I can’t really see that happening, tbh. I’m still not even clear on when and how Glenn and Maggie got married, and that was back when they had time to show stuff like that, lol. I think Rick and Michonne have essentially already said their vows (“We’re the ones who live”), and everyone calling 7x12 their honeymoon kind of solidified it for me. So I think any version of a traditional wedding on the show is pretty unlikely. It may be alluded to once we get to the time jump, but that’d probably be the extent of it.

But I would definitely like to see Rick talk to someone else about Michonne, how she’s the greatest love of his life and all that. (Makes me extra wish Glenn was still around. 😞) We’ve heard Andy say it, of course, but to hear Rick actually profess that in-universe? I would die.

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I don't know if people have mentioned this already but sanas parents discussing the buying of a new car together is important because it shows that the whole men have all the power in the marriage and make all the decisions thing is wrong like its such a simple thing but a powerful impact

Hi, Anon!!



Like TBH, my Abba STILL asks my Ammi when it comes to buying stuff in the house, tbh. Like, my Ammi is the BOSS WOMAN lmaooo at home when it comes to buying stuff? My Abba will always negotiate with her!

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How can I change my voice to a more feminine sound? I've seen dozens of YouTube videos but most are so squeaky and almost drag queen like :/ I'm about to start hrt, and might just look into voice lessons that are $50 a session an hour away

Hi Nonny! 
So for changing your voice its a pretty tedious and long process tbh. The way that I ended up changing mine was by actually working up my voice through singing. By singing you tend to be able to free up your vocal chords a little more and it typically will allow you to understand how they work a bit better as you go. I started out by singing along with Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco just because he was one of the singers with the largest vocal range that still overlapped my original while giving me a lot of room to grow. I sang in the car tbh and tried to match the pitch and keep my voice as soft as possible throughout the entire song. The biggest tip I can always give is to take it slow (if you go too fast you will just lose your voice), drink LOTS of water (I am talking upwards of 3-4 liters a day), finally, try to move your sound production from your chest into your throat.  You know you are doing it right when you can place your hand on your chest and not feel it vibrate when you sing or speak. After you get this down, its easy to continue with other artists and work to mimic their sound in order to find a pitch you enjoy. I used the progression from Panic! to Paramore, then on to Bebe Rexha, and finally on to Melanie Martinez. The entire process with practicing about 3 hours daily took about 3 months till it was comfortable to use my voice at the correct pitch and to have no rumble. Sorry, I can’t give much more information without just showing you, but I am hoping to make a video on this one pretty soon now that I have my audio equipment setup finally. :) 



“Eyes” - Xiumin scenario

A xiumin angst/ fluff scenario, where they are in the car while having an argument and they get into a pretty bad accident where the car flips and the S/O is trapped, while in the hospital the S/O is blind but they dont know its temporary, xiumin never leaves the S/O side and they get closer than ever in the relationship because of that and she finally gets her sight back in the end…

AN (Authors Note): I tried my best with this scenario. I have a writers block ugh, also I am still not very familiar with Xiumin tbh so expect this to be crappy (IM SORRY UGHHHH) -L

Genre: angst/fluff
Characters: Xiumin (Kim Minseok) and reader
Word count: 1,306

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The pain in his entire body made Xiumin to wake up. He felt how the cold water drops hit his face making the blood that was coming out of a cut he’d gotten on his forehead to wash out. He tried to get up but the dizziness and pain only allowed him to kneel on, what he soon realized, was the middle of the street. His eyes scanned his surroundings, people were already gathering around the sidewalks and the sound of an ambulance increased as it got closer. Xiumin’s heartbeat started increasing and he could swear his heart stopped when he saw you were still inside the car unconscious.

“Y/N!” he screamed your name at the same time he instinctively got up and started running towards the car. The paramedics stopped him from getting closer to the car as the firefighters started cutting the door off it to take you out. He saw how they took you out and took you to the ambulance. Before they could close the door of the ambulance Xiumin fell how his head started spinning and ended up falling to the floor unconscious. The crowd that was looking at the scene from the sidewalks gasped when they saw him fall.

The next time Xiumin opened his eyes, he found himself lying on a hospital bed. The first thing he saw was the face of a nurse that was healing the wounds on his head.

“What happened?” he asked as he tried to get up from the bed but the nurse stopped him. Xiumin just nagged at the pain that he felt running down his left arm. He noticed he had a cast.

“You were in a car accident, now please lay back down” the nurse examined him one more time just to make sure he was alright.

“Y/N, where is she? is she okay?” Xiumin started sounding more desperate and the nurse just sighed before telling him what happened.

“Miss Y/N suffered several contusions. She lost her sight” The nurse said with a really gentle but sympathetic voice. Xiumin’s expression was blank and he felt how his entire world cracked.

“Can I see her? Please” he finally asked the nurse and she nodded at him. She took him to your room “Thank you…for everything” Xiumin said as the nurse just smiled at him, still feeling guilty for what she told him. Cases like this were really hard to explain to a patient’s relatives or significant others, since they didn’t know what kind of reaction they would have.

Xiumin walked into your room and he saw you were asleep. He felt a knot on his throat when he saw the bandage that was covering your eyes. He pulled a chair closer and sat down by your side. With his right hand he grabbed yours and squeezed it lightly. Then a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Y/N…I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault” tears started coming out of his eyes uncontrollably. He kissed your hand several times and thought about all the stupid things he said while you were in the car. Whatever got into him that day, he never meant any of those words he said and now he was paying for it “I promise you that I will never…ever leave your side. I will be your eyes from now on”

You woke up the next day, unable to see anything. You’d fallen asleep the night before after crying because of what the doctors told you. It was scary. Your world used to be full of colors and out of a sudden it became dark. You wouldn’t be able to see the faces of your family and friends, but what made you more sad was the fact that you would not be able to see Xiumin’s face again. The last thing you saw from him was his annoyed expression when you were still arguing in the car before the accident happened.

“Y/N…” Xiumin’s voice caught you by surprise. It was louder than usual, maybe it was because your other senses started getting sharper.

“Xiu…” your hand searched for his until he held it.

“I’m here, don’t worry” he kissed the back of your hand then kissed your forehead.

They let you out of the hospital that same day. The first week was hard for you since you started using a cane to clear your way as you walked. You were not able to do many of the things you used to. Eventually you fell into a state of depression that the only thing you want dot do was sleeping. The only one that could keep you expecting for a new day was Xiumin. Even though he had work and was busy most of the time he would still spend the rest of his free time with you, taking care of you.

The things you liked, the things you hated, what scared you, what made you happy, you had become like an open book for Xiumin. He was surprised at the amount of things that he didn’t know about you and about the things he knew but forgot were there. That day when you had the accident he realized that what your argument had a point. He barely spent time with you before. His concert schedules, the tours, the variety shows, the photoshoots, promotions and more had him more stressed. He felt guilty for not spending that much time with you and your arguments had become more and more usual as the days went by. Most of the time you ended up crying or he would leave you to calm down. Xiumin knew he had to sort his priorities, but the company would always find a way to be first on his list. Not this time. You had become his number one priority, and if that meant he was going to be kicked out from EXO by the company so be it.

“It’s been just a month but it feels like an eternity” you said while lying on your bed. Xiumin was lying by your side, his arm healed really fast so now he had his arms around your waist while his head rested on top of yours “I wish this was only a bad dream” you held one of his hands in yours and squeezed it “Thank you for staying with me” You couldn’t see it but you were sure Xiumin was smiling at you.

“I will always stay here” he said before kissing your cheek. You two fell asleep into each others arms. You woke up in what it seemed like a dream. You turned to your side and saw Xiumin sleeping peacefully. Carefully you removed his arms from you and stood up from the bed. You walked towards the window and saw the sunset. It was so surreal, probably the most realistic dream you could have ever had in the longest time.

“Y/N?” Xiumin’s sleepy voice called your name, you turned around and saw him “Why are you…? wait…can you, see me?”

“I’m not dreaming…” you said covering your mouth and feeling your eyes getting watery “I can see” you ran towards Xiumin and hugged him. He held you tight against his body and left kisses all over your face holding his tears back.

“I’m so sorry, it was all my fault. I love you, Y/N and I would never want you to go through something like that ever again…” you looked at him and noticed the tears were about to fall from his eyes. With your index finger you covered his lips.

You didn’t want to hear any more apologies. All you wanted was to look into his eyes forever, not caring about anything or anybody. It was just the two of you looking into each others worlds.

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♦ pliroy ♒ otapliroy

  • ♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

jj is like. fiercely into singing and karaoke. he doesnt stop. he sings in the shower or when hes cooking, he hums out his program music while he practices, he whistles wherever he fucking goes. he doesnt even think about it tbh he just does it??? it was immensely irritating for yuri at first but hes grown used to it and they have definitely sung My Heart Will Go On e x t r e me ly loudly in the car before

yuri cant stand still like anywhere?? he’ll always be tapping his foot or stretching every now and again or jiggling his leg its virtually impossible for him to stay still

but it all works out when jj sings and yuri dances :”)


  • ♒ - cooking/food headcanon

in order of most to least proficient in cooking: jj > yuri > beka

jj knows how to cook bc he’s used to cooking for his younger siblings and making weird-but-actually-fuckin-amazing dishes for them

yuri knows how to cook bc he had to live alone, and he knows a few recipes by heart but most of the time he sticks to recipes

bekas kinda new to it bc he always had either his parents or his older siblings to cook. he can do recipes but if you dont give him a cookbook hes pretty much useless lmao

jj LOVES to cook breakfast in bed for his bfs like he gets up really early in the morning and goes all out he fucking makes his own orange juice instead of using powdered mix and he gets a lil vase with a flower for ?? Aesthetic?? when he delivers them the meal and its a lot of work but otabek and yuris blushes and smiles are worth Everything

Well, out of this whole thing I got a fancy shmancy new lock that doesn’t match any others in the building, an automatic 100% on my thesis statement for literature, a little pumpkin, and a lot of meals brought to me. My neighbor who came in is also probably terrified because I keep loudly discussing how I’m going to file a police report if the camera footage isn’t reviewed by tomorrow.

Tbh the thesis statement grade was great because I would have had to do multiple revisions. I sent my first revision in this morning and a little note that mentioned I was sorry it was late and that I had an intruder in my apartment and was busy addressing the situation. He switched my grade to a 100% and said absolutely nothing.

Like, I still feel shitty, but at least everyone’s treating me nicely about it.

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Why is everyone just assuming Aaron is upset about the baby? The guy is about to find out about Robert and Lawrence too. I STILL NEED BLEACH FOR MY EYES! Robert may completely regret telling him too. That's a heck of a thing to dump on someone.

if rob turned around to me and out of the blue, told me the story of robrence, i too would tell him to leave the village and also probably the country full offence @ robert


but also we know aaron is probably upset about the baby as well from one or two spoilers





Kingsmanniversay Day 3: Feed My Lines: What is your favorite quote? My brother’s favorite quote is the top and mine’s the bottom.

My bro: It’s just really hilarious how he described Eggsy stealing his car, like he didn’t need to specifically say ‘15 donuts in my fucking face’ but he still did.

Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)