it's still her

i accidentally taught this nine-year-old girl i babysit what a glabella is 

she thought she was learning a new fun fact but little did she know i was actually teaching her a dnp reference 

Jealous Teja (RCD Headcanon)

Requested by anon; sorry if it doesn’t seem in character. I still don’t really know her so some of this is based off of vibes and impressions lol

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  • You’re working on the set of Tender Nothings as usual.
  • You’re up for your sex scene with THE Matt Rodriguez
  • And Teja doesn’t usually get jealous easily, she’s a professional, this is a job, she knows that.
  • But come on it’s Matt Rodriguez, big shot movie star.
  • It’s hard for her not to think about you wanting him instead of her. A lot of women want him.
    • Especially when he’s kissing you like the way he does in your scenes.
    • She notes that breathless look on your face afterwards.And sometimes she doubts you’re acting.
    • But hey, maybe you’re just that great.
    • What bothers her the most though is how friendly you two are beyond the scenes.
  • Like when Markus kept yelling at you two to redo the scene.
    • “More… PASSION. Like the iconic romance in a favorite film of mine–”
    • “Please don’t say–”
    • “Shrek! Yes. The donkey and the dragon, you must embody them! Again!”
    • You and Matt roll your eyes and try your hardest not to laugh
    • Teja catches the little looks you two have. That closeness underneath the acting.
  • And then Markus made you practice lines with Victoria again.
    • And Teja has to watch you two practice flirting with each other, being so close when she wants to be that close to you.
    • She’s jealous of Victoria and Matt, really, getting to touch you and kiss you and ogle you shamelessly at work. 
  • Teja keeps professional of course.
  • And she’ll be damned if she lets this get to her
  • She just makes it perfectly clear that your hers.
    • You’re talking to Matt after the shoot. Teja walks up to you and announces, “Work day’s over, it’s my turn, Rodriguez.”
    • And she just kisses you shamelessly like he got to all day.
    • Matt laughs because he honestly finds you two adorable.
    • Teja pulls away, smiling, and you swear that was the best kiss you’ve had all day.
    • “Hey, I know, I just borrow her for work,” he says chuckling.
    • Teja turns to Matt, hand still on your hip, “So, drinks?”

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The words that truly describe me.

They acuse me of not caring,

Not wanting to understand.

They get mad

When I tell them to own up to their actions.

They tell me I’m the abusive one

When I say their actions aren’t right.

Being pushed past my limits and told not to break

Has changed me.

For better

or for worse

I cannot say,

But I can say if anything, it’s made me empty,

Numb when faced with your act,

Because I know it’s not real.

I will tell you how it is,

And I won’t back down.

I’ve learned how to fight and how to hold my own.

I’m no coward

me: Flemeth is such an interesting character! I can’t wait to see her story arc unfold and learn more about her! 

also me when Flemeth as much as breathes in Morrigan’s direction:

So Rick used to worry about young Beth coming across a neighbor or a defenseless animal. At her request, he invented tons of creepy things to keep her busy, including Floopyland itself. One of the items he made for her was “a teddy bear with anatomically correct organs” or something along those lines.

Hey, who’s just now realizing Beth didn’t become a surgeon because she’s smart, she became a surgeon because she likes CUTTING THINGS OPEN AND PLAYING WITH THEIR INSIDES?


All my life I’ve never been anywhere without feeling like I should be someplace else. Like I hadn’t found where I belonged. But when I’m with you, steadfast and solid, I know I am in the right place. The only place where I know for sure who I am. Wherever I belong, Barry Allen… It’s with you.