it's still hard for me to believe i saw this

Rainy Day Road Rage

If you’ve ever driven down a backroad of Florida, you know to worry about the rain. I’m not talking about the typical afternoon showers that are common during the summer; I mean the torrential downpours that come out of nowhere and just dump waves of water across your windshield so that you can barely see the hood of your own car. The kind that forces you to pull over until it passes.

I grew up here, I learned to drive here, I’ve never been afraid of the long, flat roads that run through the almost empty center of the state or the weather, whatever its conditions (which usually range from hot to hotter). It’s just home to me.

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Knock Out

Request: Can I please have an imagine were the reader gets seriously injured and Stiles finds her in the hospital and the rest is up to you as long as they kiss (by: @anntol2001  )

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N: Just a heads up there’s an accident somewhere along the way. I hope you enjoy!

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(Y/N)’s POV

You have this all under control. Trust me, you’ve got this (Y/N).

The truth is I knew I was lying to myself, but if I repeat it enough maybe I’ll actually start to believe it’s true. Beacon Hills had been my home away from home, yet there are still moments where I need to get escape.

Everyone left for Mexico to rescue Scott, while I stayed behind to pick up the pieces. I told Lydia I was alright and like a true friend she saw right through it. It was taking its toll on me no matter how hard I denied it.

I had to stay behind to keep myself from falling apart again.

It’s not everyday you find out your family has been behind the murders of your classmates. They wanted me to join them as the Benefactor, nut how could I join them and allow my friends to be killed?

We fought tooth and nail until we were able to bring them down so they could be sent as far away from me as possible. So many terrible things has happened here, yet I’m not ready to move on from Beacon Hills yet.

So far the good has always outweighed the bad.

Even with my families being the catalyst behind the murders, I still wanted to stay. I needed to stay to fight alongside my friends to protect everyone. And then there was Stiles.

He’s been my friend ever since I moved here. We know we like each other and so does majority of the town. With everything that goes on here starting a relationship never seemed to be a good idea at the time.

Before the school year started, Stiles came by my house almost everyday, asking if I wanted to hang out. I wanted to be with him more than anything so naturally I wanted him to finally ask if we could be something more. I would be willing to take that risk with him, until people started dying once school started. Everything was pushed aside and we were back in detective mode once again.

I gripped the steering wheel to turn the car straight again. Between the tears threatening to spill and the rain, I knew this was a bad idea. As soon as I reach the gas station I’ll wait until it stops pouring.

It felt like my heart was actually breaking. My own parents were behind everything. They knew putting Scott at the top of the list would put a giant target on his back and they didn’t care. He was my friend. He was Stiles’ best friend. How would I have helped him cope with losing him?

My parents never thought about all of that. They just wanted to rid Beacon Hills of anyone that wasn’t human.

It would never happen, but they tried their hardest.

I loved my parents with all my heart, but they were reason I was on the road at 2 AM attempting to clear my head for awhile. They used to take me out for rides to calm me down and it was doing little to help right now.

They killed Melanie, the first friend I made when I came here. Just as I started to have some normalcy in my life, they took it away.

Things would never be the same.

Stiles’ POV

We finally made it back home with Scott in one piece and trust me it wasn’t easy.

I tried calling (Y/N) once I got to school and I got no response. She either slept in or she’s in the library. My best bet is she’s sleeping in. After what happened to her family and friends, I wouldn’t have come back to school so quickly either.

As Scott and I left our lockers, I called her again and her phone went straight to voicemail.

“Have any of you been able to get a hold of (Y/N)? She isn’t responding to anything”, I asked as I gripped my phone in my hand

“No. My mom hasn’t been answering her phone either”, Scott responded

Lydia made her way up to us with a painful expression making its way across her face, “My mother said she hasn’t seen (Y/N) at all today. Usually she gets to class early, but no one has seen her since last night. Something doesn’t feel right”

“Lydia, what is it?”, I asked frantically

“It feels like someone is close to dying. I felt it when I passed (Y/N)’s locker”, she said quietly

“Now I’m worr-”, Scott froze and quirked his head in the direction of the principal’s office, “You’re dad is here. He’s talking about-”

The door flew open and Dad’s eyes met mine. He dismissed his colleague and walked up to me, avoiding eye contact.

“Dad what’s going on? Do you know where (Y/N) is?”, I quipped

“Son”, he paused, “(Y/N)’s been in an accident and it doesn’t look to good”


I spent the past few hours trying to make sense of it all. (Y/N) went for a drive to clear her head which was pretty normal, but she never factored in that it was going to rain that night. According to the records, she hydroplaned and went through a guardrail.

At first none of the nurses and doctors would allow me in her room, but Melissa let me in anyway. It was touch and go since she first arrived, yet they were still able to stabilize her. Melissa worked nonstop with Liam’s father until they knew she would be alright.

Now we play the waiting game.

Her family wouldn’t be here to ensure she fully recovers, since they’ll be in prison for a very long time. Most of the time it’s just me, my Dad, Scott, and Lydia watching over her. Scott takes her pain away every once and awhile, but that’s all he can do at the moment. The rest is up to her. She hit her head pretty hard on the steering wheel, which is what knocked her out in the first place. She has a few cracked ribs, a concussion, sprained wrist, and a broken clavicle. The rest of her body was swollen and bruised.

It was far too painful to see her in this condition, but I want to be her when she wakes up just to let her know that everything would be alright and I would be with her during every step of her recovery and even after that. I would always be there for her and this was no exception.

I had fallen in love with (Y/N) a long time ago, yet I never had the courage to say it to her face. Given her condition and the life we live, it would best that I tell her sooner than later.


“Has anything changed?”, Scott asked as he walked through the door

“Not much. They said her vitals are looking better than before, but that’s it. They’re just waiting for her to wake up”, I said as I kept my eyes trained on her

Scott held onto (Y/N)’s hand and his veins turned black once again. This time it only lasted for a few seconds.


“What does ‘hmph’ even mean? What’s wrong with you?”

“She’s not in pain anymore. They really are just waiting for her to wake up. It’s all up to her. You know I heard my mom say that when someone’s in a coma it helps to talk to them. Sometimes they recall what they hear sometime’s they don’t”, he said as he shrugged his shoulders, “I think it’s worth a shot”

“Yeah I think you’re right”

Scott kept me company for few moments before heading to Deaton’s.

It had been a few days since I came to the hospital to first check on her. Most of the swelling has gone down and her bruises were beginning to fade. She was taking her time to recover, but I knew she would get there (Y/N) was never much of a quitter.

I reached over to hold her hand. I didn’t even know where to begin.

We had been through so much, yet the hardest thing for me to do was tell her how I feel.

“(Y/N)…I…uhhh…”, I finally managed to get out, “I know you’re in so much pain right now. Not physically, but emotionally. You’re hurting because the two people in your life that were never supposed to hurt you, were the ones that betrayed your trust. They hurt you the most. I’m sure by now you feel like your heart is broken into a million pieces and you don’t even know where to begin to put it back together but you have me. I’m going to be the one helping you every step of the way and I won’t stop until you’re whole again. I’ll stay with you through physical therapy…even regular therapy if you decide to go and you need me there. The bottom line is I’m staying by your side no matter happens”

Oddly enough, it felt good to talk to her. I gave her hand a squeeze, kissed her on the cheek, and made my way back home.

I followed the same schedule everyday. I came to the hospital in the morning and after school, just to tell her about what happened during the day. Sometimes Scott, Kira, Lydia, Liam, Malia, and Mason would come by too. We all just wanted her to wake up and be alright.

“So how is she?”, Liam asked as he pushed the door open with Mason following behind him

“She’s the same as yesterday Liam and the day before that”

I didn’t mean to sound so aggravated, but this was taking a long time.

Liam grew quiet, his eyes trained on (Y/N), “Say something again”

“Like what?”

“Anything no matter how stupid you sound”

“Liam! What does this have to do with anything!?”, I nearly yelled

“Because she can hear you. Every time you speak, her heart rate picks up. It only works with your voice”, he smiled, “Keep talking to her”

“(Y/N)? I…umm…”

“Just tell her already. I can hear your heartbeat too”

“You not making this any easier for me, ya know?”, I turned my attention back to (Y/N), “I just wanted to let you know that I’ve wanted to be there for you since the very beginning. Even before this stuff with your family started. I wanted to be the one you turned to when things go awry or if you just need someone to talk to. I thought I could be that friend for you, but as it turns out, I want to be a more than that because somewhere along the way…”

“He fell in love with you”, Mason said absentmindedly

He looked up, panicked as he realized the room fell to a dead silence.

“Mason!”, Liam sighed

“I’m sorry! I truly am, but this is really sweet though”, the smile on his face dissipating as he caught my glare, “I’ll keep quiet then”

“You know this probably isn’t even working. How would I know that (Y/N) can actually hear me? It doesn’t make–”

Liam sensed my hesitation and kept his eyes on (Y/N) as well. I looked down in my hand that was intertwined with hers and her grip grew a little tighter. She softly squeezed my hand with her eyes dancing behind her eyelids.

“Stiles?”, she said softly

Her eyes were slowly regaining their focus as a small smile spread across her face.

“You’re still here”

“There was no way I wouldn’t be here when you woke up”

“I figured”, she said as Liam left to go get his father, “Mainly because you fell in love with me”

(Y/N) began to giggle and Mason tried his best not to laugh. She definitely heard it all.

“If it makes you feel any better, somewhere along the way I fell in love with you too”

I was thankful for a moment that Liam had left the room. My heart was beating a mile a minute. She was the only person I would ever take this risk with.

“So we’re really doing–”

Before I could finish, she pulled me in, her lips on mine. My arms wrapped around her as I pulled her even closer, forgetting that Mason was in the room or hearing the door slide open.

“Stiles when you’ve unattached yourself from my patient. I’d like to check her vitals”

“That might be a while”, (Y/N) grinned as she pulled me in again

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my parents and i watch fns together every week. i've hated matthew from the start and they kept teasing me for being hard on him, but in recent weeks they've come to share my dislike because he keeps fucking stealing everyone's limelights. i've finally shown them the truth

omg congrats lol its rly funny to diss on him. I still can’t believe he stuck his finger in his food on camera–I just saw that episode today and I’m reeling over it honestly

The Aftermath.

A/N: This is a follow-up to previously posted imagines titled ‘The Ask’ and ‘The Pregnancy’ which can be found here and here.

It felt weird to be baby free, to now be able to bend and twist my body at my own discretion without worrying about that uncomfortable feeling of thinking I was carrying an extra 50 pounds on me. It seemed like the last few months of the pregnancy were a blur. A blur of pampering, odd cravings, terrible sleep and what was surprisingly a smooth birth.

That was probably the oddest part because eventually I was faced with the question of who would be in the hospital room with me when I gave birth. It felt awkward to have my parents in there considering technically this wasn’t their granddaughter coming into the world and having Thiago or Julia’s parents in the room was just…well, even more awkward so I shot down both of those suggestions. I didn’t want Thiago or Julia in the room either.

I just think I didn’t want anyone to see me naked, sweaty and gross.

I did eventually agree to have my best friend, Katy, accompany me so at least there would be one person there to hold my hand and tell me things would be okay. Everyone else was stuck sitting in the waiting room to suffer through the wait.

That was now a month ago and here I was sitting on a sofa talking to my best friend as if things were back to normal.

I mean, they were kind of back to normal. My body was slowly shrinking back to its original size, I wasn’t scarfing down pickles and peanut butter and I could enjoy nights out with my friends again. I still had to attend various appointments to make sure I was okay emotionally and physically but so far I hadn’t really felt anything. It did feel weird to no longer have a baby attached to me but once I saw Ariel in person, that feeling vanished. She was simply gorgeous and it was really hard to believe sometimes that I was the one who had carried her for all of those months.

The only thing that remained were my feelings for Thiago. I had only confessed to Katy after much probing on her end and it seemed she took up every opportunity to bring it up just like she was doing now.

“Maybe the baby is why I’m feeling these things. My emotions have been so out of whack so now that I’ve given birth once my body starts restoring to its normal habitat I’ll be fine,” I shrugged. “No feelings at all.” I brushed my hands against each other as if I was wiping my slate clean of my feelings for my best friend.

“What if this is all some sort of optical illusion?” I snapped my fingers as an example popped in my head to back up my case. “Like that time I had a crush on Thomas Müller. Optical illusion.”

I was quite proud of my fitting example. My best friend? Not so much. “There is a difference between you having a two week crush on Müller because he laughed at one of your stupid jokes and you having feelings for Thiago. I think we both know what that difference is.”

“So you want me to finally give them this piece of happiness they’ve been waiting for only for me to snatch it away and say ‘Haha I want your man. Let me ruin everything.’?!”

“That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying be honest with yourself,” she suggested.

“I’m being really honest with myself actually. To think Thiago is going to be happy if I just profess these feelings I have just to ruin his current happiness would ruin everything for me too! He doesn’t want me, Katy.”

She interrupted that notion quickly. “You don’t know that.”

“Oh trust me I know. He seems so happy. With Julia, with Ariel. I’ve never seen him smile so much. I can’t be that selfish to ruin everything.”

The sound of a knock on my door made me jolt awake, soon realizing I was asleep on my couch. I groaned and began to get up from my seat and head to the door. “Coming,” I muttered though I was sure it couldn’t be heard by the person on the other side of the door.

I didn’t even bother to look and make sure I knew the person on the other side but thankfully the person was just Thiago, a baby car seat dangling in his hand.

“Did I wake you?” He smiled and entered the home without hesitation. Had I not taken his key back a few days after giving birth I would have expected him to just waltz in and shake me awake instead of knocking.

“You did.”

I bent down and smiled at the sight of a small, sleeping Ariel. She literally looked like an angel. “Hiiii.”

Thiago chuckled. “Sometimes I think you get more excited to see her than to see me now.”

“Well she is much cuter than you,” I joked.

“I can’t argue that.” He found a seat and lay back as if he was exhausted, his eyes closing while I was focusing on the baby.


Thiago just nodded. “Being a father is…”

“Tiring? An all-day affair? More exhausting than playing football?”

“Yes. All of that.”

Every time I got around him I thought of verbalizing my feelings, confessing every little thing I felt about him and the moments that made me want more out of him than a friendship. He seemed so enveloped in his own world that I don’t think he even noticed all that was whirling around in my head.

He peaked an eye open and looked at me. “How’s the post-baby life?”

“Eh,” I shrugged. “You get so used to this little thing inside of you dictating all of your choices and now that I don’t have that I don’t even know what I want to eat these days,” I laughed.

“Well I’m sure Ariel misses controlling your life.”

The old me would have made this moment all about myself. I would have taken his face into my hands and kissed him as a way of non-verbally sharing all of the thoughts I had of him over the past few months but that was the old me…

I had no desire to ruin everything for Thiago and Julia because I knew if I said anything I could potentially shatter every plan they had for their future.

A happy future of being a family. Just the three of them.

I couldn’t intrude on that picture.

“I just want to say thank you again. You have no idea how much this means to us and…” Thiago paused and reached into his pocket. Soon enough there were keys dangling from his palm until he placed them into my hand.

“No way…”

“Yes way,” he laughed. “I promised you, didn’t I?”

“Yeah but…” I stared down at the keys in my hand to the car I had been lusting after since I saw it. It was now mine and I could only imagine how many trips I planned to take in it.

“It’s my way of saying thank you though I’m not sure a car is enough.”

“Uh yeah a car with that price tag is.”

“Well I’m glad you feel that way.”

I gave my best friend a gentle smile and he gave one back. It was best to continue on, to act as if everything was just…normal.

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Mind Fucked pt.4- Bachelor Pad

By: Whitebird

I took a one day break. On Friday, I fucked Pika and Jesus, leaving them completely bendable to my will, and now, frankly I’m bored. Since today is Sunday, and all of my friends are out doing whatever, I figured I’d go out and do something, instead of sitting around. So I walked around town until I found a flyer for a open house in the Parker west section of town. Those are mansions! Since I had nothing else to do, I figured, why not tour a mansion! It’ll be fun!
So I arrived to the mansion with the door wide open and a for sale sign on the front lawn. I walked in and it was greater then I could imagine. There was a staircase, and a chandelier and it all looked so grand! There was a sign that said go ahead and take a look around, so I did.

I wound my way through the hall and through rooms until I found the master bedroom. It looked nice and big and grand. I looked out the window and saw 4 men out on the back patio sitting and drinking beer, one of them was the owner I figured, and they all were pretty hot. Then I instantly realized, this was a bachelor pad!

I looked out the window and ducked down under the bed, and easy enough, there it was. What bachelors room would be complete without the sex stash! I pushed through the the piles of Playboys and condoms and found a Fleshlight. Fucking hot, think of all the times a man flooded his cum all up inside this Fleshlight and drenched it. I looked down in it and saw it was used just a while ago and I sniffed it. I could practically smell the testosterone flooding my airways, but then suddenly I snapped out of it as I noticed the mass standing in the doorway staring at me.
This big muscular man stood there arms crossed and looking down at me.

“You need to leave or I’m calling the cops, I’m trying to sell a house here, and you-”

With a blink of a eye, I made him freeze and step forward.

“Tell me your name.”

“Thomas Calvin”

Everyone in town knew Thomas Calvin, he was the owner of the local gyms, no wonder he lived in a place like this.

“Thomas, you own a gym, right? Show me your abs”

Without hesitations, Thomas tore his shirt off his body, showing me his tight chest. I just had to put my hands and run him down. By the feeling of his chest and his stomach, you could tell he owns a gym by the rock hard abs he was sporting, he looked like a real Hercules in the flesh. The more I felt the dumb gymrat the more my hand moved down into his pants on his own. I slid past the waste of his pants and down into his underwear, and I was shocked.
Without further hesitation I pulled his pants off in a rush to see what I felt and in a shocked rush of wonder, out flopped a huge 10 inch dick right in front of my face. I gasped in shock as it sat there bobbing in front of my face, and to my surprise, it flopped right into my mouth and quickly down my throat.
I looked up in semi-shock to see Thomas’s tranced blank face looking off into space. It seems that Thomas knew what I wanted to do that second and ‘helped me’. I pulled the throbbing monster out of my mouth and stood onto my feet.

“Thomas are you ready for it?”

In a few unintelligible grunts, Thomas fell onto his knees and pulled out my cock and started vigorously sucking on it, as if it were the most important task of his life. This beefy straight 25 year old gymrat was sucking my teenage high school cock and loving it.

I looked down at his dangling cock and licked my lips, “hey Thomas, want to test my limits?”

In a sudden jolt Thomas grabbed my ass cheeks and picked me up, my cock still in his mouth, and walked me over to his massage chair and laid me down.

Thomas then wandered to his bedside tablet and took a huge bottle of lube and smeared it all over the head of his cock, and moved down to the base with his hands. Once he finished he rubbed some lube onto my ass slowly, my hand still feeling his tight chest.

We both made eye contact as he thrusted as hard as he could into my ass. I couldn’t believe it, the pain I felt as his ten inch dick jammed up me and hit my prostate on the ride up. Slowly the pain subsided as he slowly thrusted into me, his dick, the size of my wrist, smoothly ran its way into my ass hole. I moaned in ecstasy, as my eyes flickered. I felt a sudden jolt of pure pleasure and my vision changed. As I opened my eyes, I looked down and saw me being plowed by a huge dick, pistoning in and out of my asshole.
I looked at my hands and grabbed my chest. I pulled the fat dick out and let it bob down, then I walked over to the mirror. There I was, I had taken over Thomas’s body. I looked my body up and down and smiled as I stared at my huge ass dick in between my muscular legs.

I looked over at my original read body laying on the couch squirming around in complete happiness, asshole still stretched out. I walked back over and looked my body straight in the eye as us jammed the cock back in me. My real body squealed with each thrust of the titanic sized cock, and suddenly, we both blew our loads, I made sure Thomas blasted every rope of his spunk right into my asshole and in a blink, I was back in my own body, blowing load after load of powerful cum all over my face.

Thomas pulled out and backed off I looked at him and pointed at myself,“ clean up time.” In a instance, Thomas got down on his knees as started licking and lapping all of my cum off of me. The feeling was incredible, a straight man, the total picture of masculine features, from his chiseled abs to his enormous cock, lapping cum off of me while I lay here in complete wonder. I took one big look around the room and decided, I might be interested in living here, and now seeing I can take over not only minds, but also bodies, I know the perfect plan in doing so, all I need a little planning and a little luck. Thomas finished and nestled up to my chest in adulation.

“That was incredible master”

“Yah it was Thomas, why don’t we go try out that shower and wash off, and maybe you can show me a few more tricks?”

Thomas stood up and picked me up off the chair and carried me to the bathroom. As me and Thomas started round two in the shower; his huge cock sliding back into me where it feels as though it was destined to be, I remembered, from looking out the window, I saw that Thomas was only one of the four gym rats who are living here, so I guess I better head downstairs and meet my new roommates, I’m going to be staying here a while.

To be continued…

Its just still so surreal to me that I saw Mark live
I fucking flew to the united states just to see him and his stupid fucking friends give dumb improv onstage and it was FUCKING AMAZING
My dissociation makes it so hard to remember it :( I can only remember it in little pieces and snapshots and I still cant actually believe it happened
And just.. and tyler and ethan and wade were there and everyone was screaming and I was screaming and everyone was dying and i was dying and i fucking wow i can’t believe that actually happened

He {said} and I...

We can’t, he said. And I didn’t believe him.

I need time to think, he whispered. And I saw his walls crumble.

Ar lath ma, he admitted. And I believed him.

I can’t, he whimpered. And I refused to understand it.

I will never forget you, he said at last. And I still tried to change his mind.

Var lath vir suledin, I claimed. And he stopped for a moment…before walking away.

Come back to me, I cried to the night. And the wolf’s howling answered.

It's weird...


I’m Katherine. I’m 15 and pansexual.  Now let me tell you,  sexuality is weird. I have always been really open with my sexuality but I just never knew it. When I was in Kindergarten, I had my first crush. My best friend Miranda. Now Miranda and I were REEEAALLLY close. We used to kiss A LOT in elementary school. I never thought anything of it for years. Every crush I had after Miranda was a boy so I didn’t think about it…. until seventh grade. I started to fall for my best friend and boy did I fall HARD.  I tried to distance myself from this crush as much as possible because I had just broken up with my fairly long term boyfriend so I couldn’t be gay. that made NO sense. But it did. I started to think about Miranda again… I was really confused. Why was I thinking of this long kept secret again??? It was because I had forgotten I had liked girls before then… I’d liked girls for a long time. Now this brought me to terms with the fact that I liked girls… but what about guys???  So I stopped thinking about it… I just accepted I liked girls and guys. I started going on tumblr at about this time and I started learning about sexualities. At first I thought “hey I’m just bi!” But then I learned about genders. “What there isn’t just two genders?!?!” my 12/13 yr old self thought.  I started finding out I was attracted to people outside the binary…. so now I was really confused… what do I call myself now??? and then one day I saw it and everything clicked. Pansexual. That was me…. I was pansexual. I have never thought anything different. It was a difficult journey for me to get here but I did it. I came out on June 26, 2015 and have never regretted doing that.  It’s still hard for me sometimes but I power though. It’s not easy but I do it.  Anyone can. You just have to believe in yourself.
For some its a long and confusing journey but it’s necessary.  Take your time with your decision and don’t let anyone get you down. Keep your head up and just keep moving.  And remember, everyone’s story is unique and it’s weird…there’s nothing like it…

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Do you imagine that arima has any lovers? Maybe someone on the CCG like akira or someone who works closely with him? It's hard to imagine him having any romantic relations within or outside work but still

Well I can imagine a lot of things that clash with reality xD But objectively speaking, I don’t think Arima’s had or has a lover. As of now, he’s shown no interest in having a sexual or romantic relationship or attraction to any of the cast, including Akira. Akira herself seemingly shows no attraction towards Kishou. Her love for her ex-colleagues and closest people still hasn’t died, since she believes Amon and Seidou (who she already saw) are alive:


To be completely honest, since 31.5, to me Kishou and Akira look like those aggressively hot siblings that everybody swoons over:

Arima stabbing all the unworthy suitors with IXA or his chin though

"Can't Continue- Part 2" One Shot

Author: amorluzymelodia

Summary: Imagine Sam and Dean saving you from an abusive relationship

Warnings: abuse (both verbal and physical), self hatred/loathing, cursing, mentioned sexual abuse

Word Count: 3079

A/N: I’m coming off anon so please be kind. I just liked part 1 and couldn’t stop writing so I wrote a part 2. Hope you guys enjoy!


When you woke up, you were in a dingy motel room. Bandages covered your body and your ribs and wrist burned. You opened your eyes slowly and saw the two agents sitting at the table, laptop and books open. They were speaking in hushed tones but the room was small and you heard every word.

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Omg so I was scrolling through your blog and I saw the quote "where do I start with my dark history? Start with your past selfies" and idk if you know but that is not an incorrect quote that was literally jimin and I think Jin in an interview. Lol bts are such memes it's hard to tell the difference between incorrect quotes and shit they actually said



Hi everyone! I know my chances of Taylor ever seeing this are, like, zero… But I thought I’d give it a try! So if you guys could please help me out it’d mean the world to me. I only have a few followers so a quick reblog would mean so much!

taylorswift, if by some miracle you see this post… First of all HI I LOVE YOU. Secondly, here’s my little post showing you my 1989 World Tour outfit! Me and my friend Annie worked very hard on our idea, and although she isn’t pictured in her outfit because she’s still missing a few components, I can guarantee you its just as obnoxious and fun as mine. (You can see her egging me on as I aggressively saw our heart apart)
I included a picture of where we’re sitting, mostly because I can’t stop looking at it because I can’t believe WE’RE THAT CLOSE. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME SEEING YOU FROM THE FLOOR AND I AM SO HYPE. But yeah, if you happen to glance over to your left and notice some girls in giant American flag capes totally losing their chill, that’s us.
We can’t wait to see you at your second Chicago show on July 19, LOVE YOU ❤️


DARA - Meg (July) Magazine Interview!

Switch On: Dara

In this exclusive cover feature with meg, Sandara reveals what she believes is her secret to success, how difficult it was to break through in Korea, what she still wants to achieve in her career (Clue: it has something to do with the Philippines!), and even how she was almost removed from 2NE1. We re-introduce you, Sandara Park.

Soundtrack of her life

A lot of 2NE1 songs may scream girl power, but Sandara shares what her personality is more like. “Almost all of our songs, like I DON’T CARE— they’re about independence. But its the opposite of my personality.”

I’M THE BEST— “maybe because I want to be that way, the lyrics are very confident but I don’t have that much confidence when i’m not on stage. That’s my dream song.”

LONELY — “I can relate to it.”

GOOD TO YOU — “its a song that is included in our new album along with COME BACK HOME. I can very much relate to it because it is about a good girl singing to a bad boy. It seems like I always fall in love with bad boys. So, its very relatable (laughs).”

“MAHAL KO KAYO (I LOVE YOU [plural])” 

She captured every Pinoy’s heart in the first ever Star Circle Quest in 2004 and enjoyed a fruitful television and movie career, reportedly made up to one million pesos a month worth of commission from her KTexts (an ABS-CBN text messaging service pre-Instagram days), and dubbed the Pambansang Krung Krung of the Philippines. She loved and owned the title so much that to this day, her twitter ID is @krungy21. She makes it a point to watch Filipino movies via Star Cinema DVDs sent to her by fans—with this, Sandara actually improved speaking Tagalog despite living in Korea for the past eight years.

MEG: Sometimes you go to the Philippines in secret and for fun. What is it about the Philippines that makes you keep coming back?

DARA: I like the place! i like the beaches and the food. There are so many good memories from the Philippines that I won’t ever forget.

MEG: When you’re here, you prefer doing interview in Tagalog. Why?

DARA: Because at first, in SCQ, I did not know Tagalog. And people were telling others to not vote for me because I did not know how to speak Tagalog. Once I learned, I became comfortable in speaking Tagalog. And for the fans as well, they are happier that I did not forget how to speak Tagalog.

MEG: Aah, okay! I am curious about it because before in SCQ, your fan base was purely filipinos . Now your fans are from all over the world! Yet you still hold your filipino fans so dear to you…

DARA: I’m not sure, but I think my biggest fan base is still from the Philippines. Of course, its because we were together for a long time. They’ve been supporting me for 10 years already. They’re like my friends.


With absolutely no Filipino blood, she joined a program in search for a celebrity just for the experience. Cute, charming, but not a legit performer— that was the people’s impression of her back then. They say it was because she showed her vulnerability that endeared her to the judges (a tough trio composed of Boy Abunda, Gloria Diaz & Director Laurenti Dyogi)  and to the fans.

MEG: I don’t know if you remember the feeling, but let’s go back to when you joined SCQ. When you auditioned, did you think you would win?

DARA: No, i didn’t even imagine

MEG: What did you think? What were your expectations?

DARA: Its like…Okay, I’ll try it for the experience. But I never imagined that I would enter the top 50, then top 20, and top 10. I really didn’t imagine/expect it at all.

MEG: Did that experience change you? Did you become more confident? Imagine, it really exceeded your expectations.

DARA: At first, I was really a cry baby! At top 10, top 5, I was always crying. But because of my fans, I became more confident. I saw their banners that had my name on it, their screams. I realized that I really can do it.


With reality shows , you quickly get thrusted into fame but you can also just quickly fade from the limelight. As the Philippines showbiz industry got more cutthroat and new talents started to gain popularity, Sandara decided to take things a step further by trying to make it in the K-pop world.

MEG: You decided to move to Korea around 2007, and then you started training for dancing and singing. And you were saying that you did not have any allowance back then. It really was just training only. When you started there, did you think you would make it this big eventually?

DARA: Not even, I didn’t even think about it. But I really thought to myself that I want to be like this, on stage. I think that is the secret to success.

MEG: Did you used to visualize singing & dancing on stage?

DARA: Mmm, that’s all I could think about.

MEG: So after all the training, all the hard work. You have to acknowledge to yourself that you’ve made it?

DARA: When we started recording, I wasn’t even sure. (At that time) They could still take me out after recording. But I felt it when we started shooting for our first commercial as a group with BIGBANG. And then finally when we shot the music video for FIRE, I said to myself, “This is it! Its really happening!”.

MEG: Do you remember the first time you heard your song on the radio or saw your video on TV? What did you feel at that time?

DARA: I can’t believe it! When I heard the song, we were walking and we stopped abruptly. I said, ‘Wait! let’s listen to it first!’, Its really like a dream come true.


Making it in the Philippines is extremely different from making it in Korea. In Sandara’s local career post-SCQ, she used to sing and dance novelty acts. In Seoul, she is an artist who performs international pop hits and does sold out world tours. It took years of training and intense discipline for Sandara to get where she is now, complete with six-pack abs.

MEG: No doubt, all the public sees is when you’re made up in magazines or performing on stage. In short, they just see all the glamour. How tough, or how difficult does it get behind the scenes?

DARA: It was very hard. Because if you’re a trainee, you do not know when you’re making your debut. You do not know when you will become successful. It was really hard at that time, and I was really scared. In Korea, it was cold. So lack of sleep, hunger, cold weather, almost every type of hardship it was there.

MEG: You mentioned to me that before you arrived here in Manila, you did not sleep for three days. Why is that?

DARA: Ah, we were shooting a music video for a Japanese album. Then after that, we had the photoshoot for the Japanese album. I went straight from the studio to the airport.

MEG: Wow I can imagine how tiring it was, but with your work, when you’re on cam, you are expected to look 100%. How do you deal with that?

DARA: Maybe, I was born to do this. (Laughs) Cause I’m really happy when I am in front of the camera. When we’re shooting, its like…magic.

MEG: What do you love the most about your job?

DARA: I love photoshoots. I like tapings too. But what I really love the most is if the live show has an audience. The energy is really different. 

MEG: Do you get nervous? For example, during countdowns (seconds) before going on stage?

DARA: No! Those are actually my favorite moments, when you hear their screams. Its the most exciting.

MEG: So you don’t get nervous anymore? That’s so interesting!

DARA: Not anymore. But I was nervous earlier before entering the PBB house as a visitor.

MEG: Is that so? Why?

DARA: Its cause I do not know what will happen. On stage, I know what I need to do. If there is music, I don’t get scared. But if there isn’t any, I am a little bit shy.


Then and now, Sandara has her fair share of bashers (antis). From non-believers when she was starting, to this who continue to bring her down.

MEG: Now you have so many fans, but when you were starting out, of course there would be haters. When you started in SCQ, there were a lot of people who did not believe that you can do it. They felt that, you’re not going to make it. What is your advice to girls like you who have a dream but people would tell them ‘You can’t do it, why are you still trying?’

DARA: Before, I remember I really had a lot of haters. But I think I did it/made it because I know that I had fans who would always support me. I really believe that I can do it, even if its just one person who believes in you, that’s enough. Just try your best to improve.

MEG: But what is your attitude towards bashers (antis/haters)?

DARA: I don’t read them. When I know its not something nice, I just don’t read it at all so it won’t affect my mood.


This year, Sandara along with CL,Bom & Minzy celebrated their 5th year as 2NE1 with their All Or Nothing concert tour. How did Sandy transform into Dara? According to her, she just dreamt it, visualized it, and worked for it. At 29, Sandara is living the life of her dreams. 

MEG: What else do you want to achieve in your career?

DARA: I want to go on tour to different countries. I want to go to Europe, and Brazil.  To far places. I also want to go back here (Philippines) to make a movie. Its one of my many dreams

MEG: That would be great! You think its possible, even with your very busy schedule?

DARA: Yes, well…when i’m not that busy anymore. Because there are always times where we’re very busy and then times when we’re not busy at all. So that’s what I always imagine.

MEG: What kind of project would you want to do if ever? Your movies before were romantic comedies.

DARA: Like those too! Romantic comedies is really my favorite genre. The ‘kilig’ (giddy movies/movies that leave butterflies in your tummy)  here is really endearing.

MEG: Who will you be paired with? There are too many new actors here!

DARA: Seriously, I need a new partner. If possible can it be John Lloyd! (Laughs)

MEG: How about your personal life? What else do you want to achieve?

DARA: Personally of course, I want to have a love life in the future. But right now, I’m not really interested in getting a boyfriend because I’m still enjoying what I do. When I stop being busy, maybe I’d want to.

MEG: Are you allowed to date right now?

DARA: Mmm yeah, well our boss told us that after 3 years (into debut) its okay. And we’re already on our 5th year anniversary so…it should be okay? (Laughs)


When you come across Sandara in person, she is the same sweet, charming, and down to earth girl that she was before. She is unassuming when she enters a room and doesn’t draw attention to herself— its her amazing outfits and glowing pore less skin that do that. So how does this soft spoken girl transform into a super fierce pop star the moment she steps on the stage? “I don’t know, its like there is a switch, like magic,” Sandara says. She also says she was almost booted out of 2NE1.

MEG: If you were to give life advice to a young girl reading this, what would you want to tell her?

DARA: Like what I always say, “If you want something, try until you succeed. Never give up,” Like me, before I was just being sweet, but my dream was to have swag, to have charisma on stage. So I really tried hard to be a member of 2NE1. Before, I was cut by our boss. He told me it was because all I could do was look cute. So you should really try your best.

MEG: Ha?! What convinced him to put you back in 2NE1?

DARA: At that time, I sang Jlo’s Get Right. Its a bit hip hop so I practiced it every day for two months. With almost no sleep, I practiced so I can perfect it. So once I performed it in front of him, he nodded his head (in approval) and told me, “Okay you can practice together with them again.”

MEG: Looking back at everything you’ve been through, if you were to give an advice to the 20 year old Sandara, what would that be?

DARA: Be Happy. Don’t get too crazy, behave. Like that. I want to tell her to become confident, Its the only thing I didn’t have back then. Believe in yourself.


She may be an international superstar but her basic needs and favorites reveals that she’s still the same Sandy we always loved.


DARA: Blush— so it looks like you’re always fresh. Not too pink, but the right amount.


DARA: CAP OR HAT — Its my favorite item to complete my look.


DARA: SPICY NOODLES WITH SOUP — But I can’t eat that these days, it’ll ruin my abs (Laughs)


DARA: Running on the machine — Even if its just 5km (3 miles) or running for 50 to 60 minutes is okay. It has to be everyday!

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Transcribed & Translated by: cami@ygfamilyy


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