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#ehhhhh#i know this is true#but why does it feel like the only people who say this#are people who are already in relationships#i've read so many books about christian dating and what-not#all written by married people of course / I can relate to this so much. Also, every Christian dating book I've read has been awful purity culture bullshit, I wish I never read them because they fucked me up

I’m guessing you’ve read “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”? My dad got that book for me as a teenager and it’s one of the worst offenders. The fact that the author has since apologized for some of the things he wrote and is making a film about the book’s impact is proof to me that the stuff he said doesn’t work. When people can’t get to know potential mates in a low pressure environment since the weighty expectancy of marriage is always there, no wonder so many people have been messed up.

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I honestly love your artstyle! You earned yourself a new follower! ;) I especially like that you're a fellow M Corrin lover. I mean I love both versions but male Corrin definitely deserves more love! Can I ask what's your favorite thing or things about Corrin?

AHH thank you so much for the compliment and for the follow!! YES I AM A LARGE TRASH FOR M!CORRIN–

My absolute favourite thing about Corrin is how sweet and caring they are towards others! In many of their supports when they raise their concerns over other characters’ difficulties, they’re told that “it’s not something Lord/Lady Corrin should trouble themselves with”. But Corrin always encourages the others to open up to them (and they eventually do in the subsequent supports), and after listening, Corrin would go to all lengths to help and resolve the problems.

Honestly many parts of Fates are so poorly written (out of the three FE games I’ve finished so far, I rank Fates as my third fav lmao) but I really, really adore Corrin’s altruistic personality. Their innocence makes them sweeter (instead of bratty) and they’re justtttt really adorable aaaaaa

Also the fact that they can turn into a dragon… Corrin’s dragon skill animations are just so epic sign me the heck up for Corrin’s partial dragon transformations

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Hi I was wonder if you could recommend any good Yoonkook fics with bottom!Yoongi that aren't just smut? Thank youu <3

Hi! Sorry this took a while to answer! I had to go through my bookmarks to find good fics for you :} I took this to mean fics that aren’t just about sex, but have actual plot. I have quite a few fics I really like that aren’t just about the boys having a good tumble in the sheets. Some of these stories do have sex scenes in there. Some of them bring up sex as a subject, but it doesn’t happen. But all of them are about their relationship and I think that’s what you are looking for :} Just a good relationship building fic. I did leave out some of the ones that have huge amounts of sex in it even though they are very relationship and plot based. I put an [M] next to stories that do have a sex scene or anything sexual (Just in case you didn’t want that or would like a warning!) I also separated them because some (most) of these fics are still being worked on. 


Cigarettes, Liquor, Sweet As Sugar by SongMaelin [M]
(They Long To Be) Close To You by cluelesskaru
You Could Throw Me to the Flames (I Will Follow You) by thatdamrenegade
Him. by freakymochi


Flowers by Tiredwriter21
Minor Details by TheyCallMe [M]
Why Are You Mean? by agustadams
since when do we say yes to love? by riverlikespine [M]
A Dream That Flies Away by mylittlesunandstars
Cool Hot Sweet Love by backwardsties95 [M]
Death By Paint by uddyuddy [M]
california english: part 2 by yoojung (kyungchul)
See Life Through My Eyes by Sugashark
Bite Me by Sugashark [M]

Hopefully this is what you were hoping for! Let me know if this is what you wanted :}

yukari and yuyuko are such a good couple honestly… hangin out for tea talkin abt their “kids” (youmu, ran and chen ofc) but yukari is such a bad mom can you imagine if she had kids. “yukari did you remember to pick the kids up from their soccer practice” “we have kids?” 

yuyuko is a good mom who makes the kids (but since she doesnt have children we are using youmu) wear protective gear like swim floaties for swimming or a big winter coat when its snowy

“yuyuko im half dead i think i’ll be ok” “youmu do you want to be 100% dead? no? then put this pool float on!! yukari went through all that trouble of finding that”


I call these “raiding my other fandoms for clothing ideas” - McCree’s poncho stolen from Red Dead Redemption and Hanzo’s Nagajuban-under-a-suit look nicked from Inception’s Saito.


This got everything you need.

  • Period drama.
  • The classic that was Romeo & Juliet.
  • POC, plenty of them, multiple leads are POC. And you have a female lead who’s a WOC*
  • This was given to us by Shonda Rhimes, who gave us Grey’s, Scandal and HTGAWM

This doesn’t disappoint.

*Edit: Mistake made. It should say “And you have a female lead who’s a Black woman.”

Me, through tears: Fuck, dude, you sure are…

Hi my name’s amanda and I’m real messed up about Davenport. Catch me in your local broom closet crying about this gnome. You’re welcome to join me.

i am in love with art school graffiti tracer
(there’s a colour breakdown of this piece on my patreon!)