it's still full of mistakes but... yeah

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I feel like most of the criticism around andromeda is just circle jerking. Like yeah they have made mistakes that a Triple A studio shouldn't have made but mostly that can be fixed in patches. I'm genuinely enjoying the game and the conversations do feel natural, with awkward silences and all. I think that people forget that 6.5-7.5 is still above average, and in the range of "good"

the main problem is that patches or not, no studio should get away with selling an unpolished product for full price, so even though the criticism is overshadowing that the game outside of its problems is still good and fun, they deserve to get backlash for things that were done sloppily 

it’s the only way they learn that it’s not being accepted anymore, also ratings wise on average big budget titles get way too many points for just hitting the marks of what a triple A title needs to include / look like at minimum, what else they bring to the table makes the difference between a 7 or a 9

Day 14: Duo Pinup Pose

Yes, I know I didn’t post the smut like I said. And yeah, I know I’m still lagging my ass behind, but I wanted to post something. I actually did the sketch for the smut, and I’m debating on whether or not I should post it when it’s fully done. It’s not explicitly sexual, but it’s still enough to tell that they’re fucking. This isn’t an adult blog, but I might just go ahead and post it tomorrow or something. Who knows. It would be my luck I get flagged or some shit, lol.

insight into misty’s anger problem

IF you can call it an anger problem.

This is less of a headcanon and more of a thought I’ve been mulling for ages and ages. But yes, either way, it’s still long and rambly. Lol. Saddle up, kids, this post is gonna go on forever.

Misty was not very close with her sisters before leaving home. We see this in The Water Flowers of Cerulean City and The Misty Mermaid and even a bit in Gotta Catch Ya Later, as well as in flashbacks from Princess Vs Princess and Cerulean Blues, but yeah. It wasn’t like it was abuse or neglect or anything but… there was a bridge, a gap, a wall, that had clearly been placed there.

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5sos preference: Surprise tattoo/piercing

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Ashton: It was a week after Ashton got home from tour and you were taking a vacation to the beach. On your way to the beach you wore some clothes over your bikini so you didn’t have to walk to the beach with only your bathing suit. When you and Ashton get to the beach you put out towels to lay on and work on your tans. At first your hesitant to take off your clothes because you had gotten a tattoo while Ashton was away. You weren’t sure how to bring it up so you decided that you’d just let him see it for himself at the beach.You weren’t nervous about Ashton’s reaction to you getting a tattoo, you were nervous about his reaction of what the tattoo was. You had gotten the quote, “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. It was a really special quote to you because before you met Ashton you were in a dark place. It was the darkest you’ve been with your self esteem and when you were almost at your breaking point, Ashton came into your life. You like to believe that Ashton came into your life to save you from yourself. Which is why you consider Ashton your dawn. You take off your shirt first and pause before taking off your shorts which would expose your tattoo. “Babe, are you going to lay down?” Ashton asked already laying on his towel. “Yeah, let me just take off my shorts.” You say slowly undoing the button of your shorts. You slowly pulls off you shorts, knowing that since Ashton will be staring at your butt anyway, that he’ll see the tattoo right away. You completely remove your shorts and patiently wait to hear Ashton’s voice. “Did you get a tattoo?” You turn around to face Ashton who is sitting up and looking at you with a confused face. “Yes.” “When did you get it?” He asks as I sit down next to him. “While you were gone.” “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” He runs his fingers through his hair. “I didn’t know how to tell you, so I just thought I’d let you see for your self.” you smile. “Let me see it again.” Ashton says. You turn around and face your tattoo to Ashton. He looks at it for a while and runs a finger over it a couple times. “What does it mean?” he asks. “Well, it’s to represent how dark my life was and how my life dawned again when I met you.” I smile. Ashton doesn’t say anything he just pulls you in his arms. “I love you, you know that right.” He says kissing you on top of your head. “I know.” You say cuddling into his chest.

Luke: You were going to meet Luke at the airport from being on tour. You were excited yet nervous to see Luke. You got your nose pierced a couple days ago. You successfully avoided Skyping and snap chatting with Luke so it was a surprise when he saw you. You had always talked about getting your nose pierced, but you don’t think he would think you’d actually go through with it. You wait nervously in the airport and when you see him turn the corner you get the biggest smile on your face. He drops his bags and you run into his arms. “I missed you.” He says kissing you softly on the lips. He looks down at your face and he looks at you confused. Luke doesn’t say anything he just touches your nose ring with his finger. “When did you get this?” He asks smiling. “A couple weeks ago.” you smile back. ” Well this makes sense to why you practically ended my phone call when I asked you to Skype the other day.” he laughs. “So do you like it?” you ask biting your lip. “Love it.” Luke smiles kissing the tip of your nose. “Does this make me punk rock?” you giggle. “No, you’re too cute to ever be punk rock.” Luke smiles kissing your forehead.

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Michael: Michael had been home from tour for approximately 2 hours and you were already making out on your couch. Michael’s puts his hands on your waist and accidentally lifts your shirt a little bit when he brings his hands to your face. “Wait what is that?” Michael asks when something on your lower back catches his eye. “Oh its nothings just-” “Did you get a tramp stamp?” Michael laughs sitting up to get a better look at your tattoo. “Oh my god you got a tramp stamp.” Michael says holding back a laugh. “When did you get this?” Michael asks leaning back on the couch, you still on top of him. “A couple weeks ago I went out with my friends and I made the drunken mistake of getting a butterfly tramp stamp.” You confess as Michael tries his hardest not to laugh. “I’m getting it removed in two days anyway.” “Doesn’t that hurt, like really bad.” Michael asks his eyes full of fear for you. “Yeah, but it’ll be worth the pain.” Michael stretches his head to get another look at your tattoo. “Are you sure you want to get it remove?” “Yes, I’m 100% sure I want to get it removed.” “Its kinda hot.” Michael confesses biting his lip. “What?” you asks confused to why Michael was saying this when a minute ago he was laughing about it. “I think it’s extremely hot, you should keep it.” “No I’m not keeping it.” you say. “Please baby?” Michael whines giving his best puppy dog face. “Nope, you’re not convincing me.” you say crossing your arms. Michael leans his head back on the couch and groans. “Fine, let me at least enjoy it before you get it removed.” Michael smiles a devilish smile and pulls you down to his level.

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Calum: You were getting your first tattoo and you were scared out of your mind. You only wish your boyfriend Calum could have been here, but he is on tour. You brought your best friend with you to be your support and to hold your hand. You nervously sat in the chair while the tattoo artist prepped your arm. Your best friend went out to her car to grab something and you see her walking in with her laptop. “What do you have that for?” you ask. “I have a surprise for you.” she smiles and turns around her laptop. On the screen you see Calum sitting in a hotel room smiling. “Hey babe.” Calum laughs and waves. “I thought since he couldn’t be here physically for your tattoo I thought he could at least be here virtually.” you friend says setting Calum down on a table next to you. “Are you nervous?” he asks. “A little.” “Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt as bad as you’re expecting. At least you’re not getting it on your collar bone those hurt like hell.” Calum says pulling down the neckline of his tank top to expose his two of his three tattoos. “You ready?” The tattoo artist asks. You take a deep breath and look over at Calum, “You got this baby, I believe in you”. You smiles and nod to the tattoo artist. “(Y/f/n), will you hold (y/n)’s hand for me?” Calum asks your friend. She smiles and grabs your hand. When the tattoo artist is finish the first person you show your tattoo to is Calum. “”Live without regret”, love it.” Calum says. “Thanks for being here with me.” you smile. “Well, my baby only gets her first tattoo once.” Calum smiles making you smile. “I love you.” you say tearing up because you don’t get to see Calum all the time since he’s always on tour. “I love you more.”

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Sorry the Calum one didn’t really follow the request but I couldn’t think of another idea for him.