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snowbarry peeps!

I got some free time so send me some requests for gifs cos I can’t really tell what’s been giffed and what hasn’t (sorry for using gif as a verb but hey it’s the internet) and to complete this post, here are two gifs. 

#because Caitlin couldn’t break them out by freezing and shattering the prison bars or anything

Over a year ago, I started and never finished creating Fake AH Crew arrest records. When one was found today, I decided to redo it, and maybe try picking this project back up. And it’s a bit different from the original.

I do NOT want Caitlin Snow to be Iris West nor do I want her to become her replacement. I love her just the way she is. And it is exactly because Caitlin Snow is who she is and Barry Allen is the way he is that I love snowbarry so much. They have helped each other’s growth throughout the season and it is exactly that interaction that I love so much. I just can’t wait for the Killer Frost arc and all the angst coming from that.

Besides that, Iris West is a wonderful character and I do NOT want to see her replaced. I want her to have her own story line and grow as a character. I want her to become the amazing journalist that she’s meant to be and I want to see this growth on screen.


Barry’s first priority after waking up is Iris, and Cisco’s is Caitlin
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The Flash OTPs + Zombies
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