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snowbarry peeps!

I got some free time so send me some requests for gifs cos I can’t really tell what’s been giffed and what hasn’t (sorry for using gif as a verb but hey it’s the internet) and to complete this post, here are two gifs. 

#because Caitlin couldn’t break them out by freezing and shattering the prison bars or anything


both of us have been hung up on people
f o r   w a y   t o o    l o n g  
        time for me to move on, find someone one new
                  t o    b e    c r a z y   a b o u  t

Over a year ago, I started and never finished creating Fake AH Crew arrest records. When one was found today, I decided to redo it, and maybe try picking this project back up. And it’s a bit different from the original.

the last thing she remembered was iris finding the helmet. the first she felt was the striking cold that struck her to the bone, even with her body wrapped tightly in blankets and an iv delivering warm fluids into her body. she struggled to remember more of what happened, where she was, but her body wouldn’t comply, all she could do was try to articulate words through shivering lips, trying and failing to see through barely open eyes “w-where’s kara…are we h-ome…”

I do NOT want Caitlin Snow to be Iris West nor do I want her to become her replacement. I love her just the way she is. And it is exactly because Caitlin Snow is who she is and Barry Allen is the way he is that I love snowbarry so much. They have helped each other’s growth throughout the season and it is exactly that interaction that I love so much. I just can’t wait for the Killer Frost arc and all the angst coming from that.

Besides that, Iris West is a wonderful character and I do NOT want to see her replaced. I want her to have her own story line and grow as a character. I want her to become the amazing journalist that she’s meant to be and I want to see this growth on screen.


Barry’s first priority after waking up is Iris, and Cisco’s is Caitlin
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i hate having that relationship with someone where if you ever saw them again you dont know whether you would punch them in the face or run straight back into their arms


Carlos Valdes & Candice Patton: “We get along together in real life, so can we get some scenes?”
Andrew Kreisberg: “Sure!”


The Flash OTPs + Zombies
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