it's still an ugly color


Aren’t you scared? I was so scared. I thought I’d never see you again. I had practiced that song just for you. That’s why I couldn’t sing. Because I didn’t see you. W i l l  y o u  s t a y  w i t h  m e ? 

train to busan (2016) dir. yeon sangho

 working on taako tictac long time no digital lets see how this goes  👍

[Griffin McElroy Voice] We have to keep this one with us, ‘cause I’m in love with them now~ <3

ssssssoooo…….. guess who y’all are probably gonna be seeing a substantial bit more of from now on out? :3c :,3c


“She loves you, you know,” says Peeta. “She as good as told me after they whipped you.”

“Don’t believe it,”Gale answers. “The way she kissed you in the Quarter Quell…well she never kissed me like that.”