it's still a show that has ended last year


Venezuela’s currency crisis: The nation’s reserves down to last $10 billion

  • Data from cash-strapped Venezuela’s central bank shows that the country has just $10.5 billion left in its reserves, CNN Money reports. 
  • Combined with the fact that the country still owes $7.2 billion in debt obligations by the end of the year, the math is extremely bleak.
  • The oil-rich nation has faced crippling economic insecurity in recent years after its currency, the bolivar, went into free fall as a result of hyperinflation caused by widespread government corruption and the falling global price of oil.
  • To combat inflation, the Venezuelan government has pumped more bolivars into circulation, forcing civilians to cart wheelbarrows full of cash around in some instances in order to pay for simple goods. 
  • But the country, unable to import food, medicine and other essentials, finds itself in the midst of a humanitarian nightmare in which the aisles of supermarkets lay barren and civilians languish in bread lines. Read more (3/2/17 12:38 PM)

LOL I’m watching that post I made about only the white actors coming back already make it to the triple digits. And rolling my eyes because a quick perusal of some of the reblogs already shows that a bunch of them are white S/terek or S/tydia fans who seem to be under the impression that the six years their portions of fandom have spent ignoring or vilifying the various actors of color on the show has absolutely nothing to do with Jeff and the show’s continued sidelining and mistreatment of them.


It’s like…..S/terek fandom has so much influence that despite most of said fandom spending the last three years loudly shouting about how much Jeff sucks and nobody should watch the show ever because he refuses to make S/terek canon, the show is STILL relying on baiting the ship in order to get people to watch as well as using its social media to hype up that part of the fandom. 

So…..okay cool, you’re a white S/terek or S/tydia fan reblogging a post about how Teen Wolf’s treatment of its cast remains racist as shit down to the very end…on your page that’s otherwise nothing but gifsets about two white faves, plus the occasional ‘omg I’m so glad Jackson’s back’ or ‘wow cool, glad they got Ethan to come back’.

Umm. So. Like, yes? Davis is trash, his casting decisions are trash and all the actors of color on the show deserve better. Awesome. Glad we’re all on the same page there.

But as has been definitively proven countless times over the past several years, he is also trash who loves ratings and free marketing and lots and lots of hits on social media. And its like huh, weird, random thought, but maybe, MAYBE if those very loud, very vocal portions of fandom who’ve so successfully milked scenes AIMED SPECIFICALLY AT PLEASING THEM AND ONLY THEM out of the show by being so ride or die for their crack ship over the past five years had allocated even a QUARTER of that much time or energy towards talking about how awesome Kira, Braeden and Danny were, like…back when they were actually on the show, then its almost like trash-but-obsessed-with-ratings-and-good-publicity Jeff might have had like…..some inclination before now that you all gave a shit about those characters and actors and made him think, hey, maybe I better put some actual fucking effort into getting them back too, instead of just the big faves and then whichever random white actors I personally liked the most?

LOL, I don’t mean to come across as though I’m still sore about that whole ‘let’s throw Danny under the bus and scream gaybaiting at the show for Motel California and teasing us with a gay sex scene that like….contains the actual gay characters on the show’, but oh wait, I’m still super sore about that and just kinda laughing here because sure, NOW you guys miss him? 

But hey, like I said. The important part here is that we’re all agreed that Jeff is a very bad man who makes racist casting choices and good on you for recognizing that This Is A Problem. But its definitely not one that has anything to do with any of us, because like, we’re just fans! It’s not like we have any power! We’ve certainly never shouted ourselves hoarse before about what we’re owed and that this show would be NOTHING without its fans and it needs to appreciate the time and effort and energy put into fandom!

But srsly, thanks for the notes! They’re super helpful!

Okay so rant alert!!!!

I’m not pissed off at Jen for leaving OUAT - i mean I think we all knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. 6 years is a freakin long time playing one character. I don’t think people realise how gruelling a tv schedule is - working 16-18 hour days every day for the majority of 6 years would take a toll on anyone - i couldn’t do it.

But i am pissed off at Adam, Eddy and ABC. I just rewatched the musical episode (yes i was brave af for doing that considering everything that’s happened over the last 48 hours) and i couldn’t help but feel like it felt like the end. I felt it the first time i watched the musical. But everything just seemed so… final?

So if this really is going to be the Final Battle that Emma has to face (BUT HELLO SPOILERS) it seems like she’ll survive and be with her new husband, why can’t they just end the show there?

This is the end of the storybook that has been the core of this show for 6 years. The last chapter is written and it ends with the finale battle - we’ve known this all season. So why reinvent the show and drag it to the grave? Why don’t they just give the show the ending it throughly deserves and finish OUAT while all the main cast are still together and it’s a sensible ending (hello storybook reference again.)

But its true - its the end of Henry’s storybook, its the FINAL BATTLE and we know this will probably be the last time we see Emma - the heroine that has transformed the way we see Disney Princess’ in her red leather jackets, jeans and her knee high boots. And we’ll say goodbye to Jen, the amazing woman who has brought this character to life.

So please ABC, Adam and Eddy. Give the show the ending it deserves. Not this time next year when you’ve tried to drag it through the ashes to get more money. This is a sensible ending point and everything will feel complete.
Vanity Fair | Sam Heughan Reveals Outlander’s Most Surprising Celebrity Fan
The 18th century Scottish drama is even popular in deep space, it seems.
By Paul Chi

Since Outlander first premiered globally in August of 2014, it has attracted a passionate group of fans from all over the world—including, at least, a celebrity who was a TV heartthrob decades before the kilted men of Outlander took over the role.

“I had dinner with William Shatner last week and I couldn’t believe it. He’s a fan of the show,” revealed star Sam Heughan at the show’s Season 2 premiere on Monday night. “He’s really funny, and I owe him dinner now. I still can’t believe I met him!”

Nearly one year after Starz’s popular time-traveling, romance series, Outlander, ended its first season, the “Droughtlander” is almost over for Shatner and millions of other fans. Breakout stars Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and Tobias Menzies gathered Monday evening for an extravagant world-premiere event at the American Museum of Natural History, which included a party in the museum’s famous “whale room.”

“My life has changed in so many ways because of the show,” said Heughan, who plays swoon-worthy Highlander Jamie Fraser. One of the biggest changes has been seeing his face plastered on billboards. “It’s very odd. I had just come from Los Angeles, and there’s a lot of billboards around the city and on buses and it’s really strange to be driving past and see myself up there,” he said. “It’s kind of overwhelming, really.”

Despite the high level of emotions, he had to capture the milestone moment in his career with a photo. “I may have one selfie somewhere, which I sent to my mum,” he modestly said. “Ultimately, it’s those sort of things that I want my family to see and to share the special moments that I am experiencing.”


Heughan, 35, playing the beloved heartthrob can be daunting. “He’s a very noble and trustworthy guy and trying to live up to him can be difficult at times,” he admits. “I’m lucky to play such a great guy who is so loved. I hope to be as great as Jamie is. I do share his sense of loyalty. I am a very loyal man and always keep my promises when I commit to something.”


The on-screen chemistry between Balfe and Heughan is so hot that many fans are convinced that their spark has translated into a real-life romantic relationship. “I’m sorry to disappoint people, but we’re just good friends,” explained Heughan. “Caitriona is wonderful to work with and she’s very natural. I guess the rumors show that we’ve done a good job.”

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Hey Rosy i'm really worried,because you know after 6 years without seeing each other and we back and they gave bellamy and clarke another love interests,what developement has bellarke if they are with another people,so i think if they give clarke a LI its bellamy,after the 4x13 and what JR said last year she will love again she did (i'm not saying they are gonna give them) no because i really think that next season we are gonna see huge bellarke rom,so if he has hook ups in space stays there.

So don’t be worried. Believe in Bellarke. It’s a love story. There are going to be obstacles. They’ve been explicitly clear that this is the story of Clarke and her relationship with Bellamy. They ended the show with Clarke alone, but still focused on Bellamy. This is how the season is going to start and when they reunite that is not going away.

What will they do with it? That’s the question. Sounds like a good story. Expect lots of drama.

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okay so I'm not in the 1D family but I was curious because it was trending but like can you fill me in on what's happening I'm literally so confused??

Oh gosh, rip rip. This is going to be SO surface-level, bear with me.

So the context for the situation at hand is that, as you’d expect, 1D was an boyband fabricated in 2010 to specifically and exclusively cater to a young, heterosexual female demographic as boybands always are: a cashcow investment for Simon Cowell that was always supposed to be milked dry until their ‘lifespan’ was up and the next pretty things came along. It’s a formula that’s worked for 20+ years, nothing new. However, the difference this time was that their presence and rapid-fire popularity was because of fans on social media, so their marketing team played on that and we’ve always had this incredible day-to-day ‘access’ to the boys ever since.

The thing is, Simon had been trying for decades to break one of his clients into the US (which is pretty much a ‘make or break’ achievement in the industry), so come 2012 there was an instant change of tone and an agenda to 'snuff out’ anything that could 'threaten’ 1D’s appeal to its hetero pre-teen audience, one of which was the flamboyancy and 'heavily and happily implied as not straight’ Louis Tomlinson, who essentially stepped up to become the heart/glue of the band after being heavily and constantly shat on by his own management (who even go so far as to turn his mic off during performances, etc). Anyway, Louis has probably THE most fascinating personality I’ve ever come across in a person - multifaceted, charismatic and so, so generous - but his constant standing up for the good of his bandmates is likely what made him an enemy of Modest! and Syco verrrry quickly.

Forced closeting isn’t 'legal’ but insisting a client stay closeted for the success of the band is. Cue 'girlfriend’ who he supposedly 'started dating’ within days of their first ever global album release (though literally no one, not even Louis, could ever do more than um-and-ah over when their 'anniversary’ was supposed to be) and for the next four years would be painted as a quiet recluse who would only venture outside his house if he was with Eleanor and painted as an absolute homophobe on his Twitter (an account we have irrefutable proof of that he’s not the only one tweeting). He’s been the victim in the most frustrating smear campaign I’ve seen in a long time and it’s coming from his own team - a team whose motto is the DEFINITION of 'any publicity is good publicity’.

We’ve been spending years trying to speculate when all contracts end so when he and Eleanor 'broke up’ last March we thought that’d finally be indication that all the bullshit was over… until July 14 last year when they gave him a baby scandal that was so obviously orchestrated, unsustainable and for PR that we know it has an end date… only we believe he got fucked over once again (he’s literally been doing everything he legally can to show he doesn’t want this). It’s clear that one or more of their contracts are still in play because Simon’s still around, but there’s been someone (likely whoever the boys will sign with next) working behind the scenes to help counteract this mess since last year, TMZ is playing an important role, 'babygate’ is finally in its last stages and everything from here is pure performance art.

Moffat appreciation, Day 5

For Day 5 of the ongoing countdown to Steven Moffat Appreciation Day we’re being asked for our thoughts on Series 8. Otherwise known as the season where Doctor Who was finally allowed to act like a grown-up. And not everyone liked it. But I loved it. (More after the break as this is a long one.)

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Happy 8th Birthday, Primeval!

Or Happy Primeversary, as we dubbed it last year!

Eight years ago today, on 10th February 2007, the first episode of Primeval was aired on ITV.

It says a lot about a show that, eight years on, still has a loyal fan base and a steady stream of newcomers - especially when the last new episode of that show aired four years ago (three, for those watching on terrestrial TV in the UK.)

Primeval is more than a show about dinosaurs, time travel and anomalies, though the Sci-Fi aspect is certainly something that appears to many of its fans. A large part of its enduring nature is due to the characters that drove the show, those who we loved and lost and who managed to stay alive until the end (as it currently stands), and the dynamics between them.

It’s these characters we fell in love with, their stories we wanted to know more of - and still do.

Through our love of these characters and the stories they share, the Primeval fandom - the Primevamily to some, ARCadians to others - has established itself as one of the nicest fandoms I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of. We may be small in comparison to some, but there’s plenty of us around and - thankfully - none of the bickering or in-fighting that plagues many of the other fandoms actively around today.

We support each other as much as we support the show; we each have our favourite characters and relationships but we don’t argue with those whose view differs from our own.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the cast and crew, and powers that be, for creating a show that is still very much loved today, on behalf of the primeval fandom. I’d also like to say an equally big thank you for my fellow fans, for being the loveliest, hugely talented and creative group I’ve had the pleasure of being part of. 

I am proud to count myself as a Primeval fan because of you all, and always will be.

Decision on Best Couple category regarding Hannibal

I am posting this here, instead of in my blog for the awards, because I know SOME of you are quite bitter with me & want to boycott my site. So I decided to post here, where you can see it without going to my site & giving me views since a couple of you think that’s all I want.

This week I was met with a very committed fanbase (again) who wanted to see a nominee from their show in a category I felt they did not belong in (again). This is hardly new at this point. Seems every year now the BOTVA’s have a fanbase who want to mould the interpretation of things to fit their preference.

Last year, as many of you who have been following them year after year, the Lost Girl fans got punished hard for their defiance in the face of facts. This year, Hannibal fans are attempting to make a statement.

After hours of arguing/debating it last night & giving the entire fanbase on twitter a chance to show me proof, none of them could. They stated that its implied, that the showrunner Bryan Fuller has even stated they are together etc etc etc. But the fact still at the end of the day was, they could not show me anything that fit the parameters of the category which are (characters must be either married, dating or shared intimate romantic exchange any time in 2015.) .

This ended with me asking the fanbase to suggest two episodes for me to check out & see what it is they think is there that I am missing from reading very dectailed synopsises of all the episodes in 2015. I got a DM suggesting two episodes, episode 307 “Digestivo” and episode 313 “The Wrath of The Lamb”. I asked twitter if this is the two episodes they want representing their show, and was met with replies consisting of indifference to “you should watch them all” (which wasnt the offer).

Tonight I watched the two episodes suggested. The first episode I saw nothing. Absolutely 100% no reason to think theres anything romantic there in any way. Not even an implied sub-contect form. To be honest, I dont know why the episode was suggested.
After that, I watched the finale. Again for the majority of the episode it was similar. No direct or indirect suggestion of them being a couple or romantically involved in any way. In fact at 1 point Will seemed more disgusted with Hannibal than fond of him. At the end of the episode there is a scene where the pair kill a man together, and afterwards Hannibal speaks to Will and tells him thats all he ever wanted for Will. Then Will drags them off a cliff. THIS was what was heavily pushed at me the night before as the proof. I re-watched this scene 3 times, to see if I missed something subtle the first time and the second time. After 3 viewings, I do not see what they feel is there. There was nothing there that I couldnt see, considering the circumstances of them being there, 2 good friends could have said, I’d even say two nemeses that have fought hard against each other and have a mutual respect for each other. There was nothing obviously romantic. I can see how fans could see it and want/feel/think it, but it is not definitive. I showed two of my housemates after I finished it the scene and didnt give them any of the contect on why… just asked them to tell me what they feel the relationship of the two characters was. One outright said he didnt know and couldnt come up with a reasonable answer. The other thought they were enemies that had joined forces to fight a bigger evil. Its a pretty reasonable assumption.

So, despite the mountain of hate mail I will get from the considerable amount of unreasonable fans that have crawled out of the woodwork to attack my decision. I am NOT going to allow Hannibal & Will in the category of Best Couple. They simply do not meet the guidelines, and I feel, dont really even come close.

To those Hannibal fans that were reasonable and calm with your debate. Sorry that I disagree with you on it. I’d rather have made you happy, because at the end of the day thats going to equal more time on my site. But in this instance, I cant do it. To those Hannibal fans who called me homophobic, a variety of trash talk names, and told me I was simply wrong. I’m not so sorry. Attacking me is fine. I get that from a lot of people.But stick to points you can prove or, that cant be disproved with a simple tweet including 1screencapped picture.

As for the penalties. There will be some. I am going to however decide at what time I am going to count them from. I will disregard the ones prior to when I sent out the warning on twitter. After that however…. I’m going to think about it more. Word of advice for those who were writing it in…. its not JUST the Best Couple category write ins thats hurting you…. writing them in for Best Non-Human character or Prop, or Best Talk Show Host are added to the totals at the end as well. Last year Lost Girl fans racked up just about 2000 penalty votes, about 40-50% of those were in categories they had absolutely no right being in, such as putting female actresses in male categories, or Show categories, or non-human character/prop categories etc, or even writing them in on categories THEY ARE ALREASY NOMINATED IN. So, before you write in that next write in vote for “Best Youth Actor” next round as Mads Mikkelsen or Hugh Dancy, remember, all you are doing is penalizing YOUR FELLOW FANS down the road.

To those who feel compelled to “boycott” me because of this decision. You have the right to do whatever you want. Wont get me begging you to stick around. To those of you from the fanbase still wanting to see your show win something this year… I count 8 candidates you guys currently have (plus any VALID ones written in that were missed) that you should work on getting behind for Rounds 2 & 3. Your road will be a bit tougher than you probably wanted it to be. But I dont think its impossible. Lost Girl last year still finished 2nd in 7 categories, and 4th in 2. Their penalties by finals time were only a couple votes per challenger. It wasnt the penalties that stopped them from winning ANY of the categories, it was the boycotters poisoning their casual fans into not voting..You should learn a lesson from their mistakes.

Sorry to those of you who spent your time & effort working to try & convince me. Seems everyone lost some time in this venture. Good luck with getting your show back on. Maybe sometime down the line this debate wont be disputed next time.

i can’t believe it’s been a year since merlin ended. i remember being so worried this time last year that the fandom would just disappear after the last episode and that would kind of be it. but actually, in the last 12 months the fandom has actually grown, there is even more love for the show, the graphics and gifs people make are beautiful and it’s just so nice that the fandom is still here supporting the cast and loving the show and still just as strong.

Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour Has Now Grossed $130 Million

Taylor Swift has taken her 1989 World Tour to the $130 million mark in ticket sales, according to Billboard Boxscore, and it’s on track to become her highest-grossing tour ever.

The 1989 tour has grossed just $20 million less than the final box office tally from her Red tour that wrapped last summer after a 15-month span (its currently her highest-grossing tour). And the 1989 tour still has four months to go before ending on Dec. 12 in Australia.

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Robin deserved BETTER

I’m still really mad. 

Robin was treated like SHIT (mostly by Zelena) the entire time he was on the show. 

Let’s examine:

  • His child was used for bait for Peter Pan, against his better judgement (only there to move the plot forward)
  • His son was almost killed by flying monkeys
  • His wife was killed by his future girlfriend 
  • He fell in love with Regina, and then his memories were immediately wiped by Zelena’s curse.
  • He fell in love again in modern time, only for his “wife” to come back (because of Zelena’s time travel curse). 
  • He was backed into a corner and made to choose between his wife and Regina (he originally chose Regina), and OQ was separated once more. 
  • He FINALLY had a chance to be happy with who he thought was his wife. They had shit figured out, and they were- arguably- happy living in New York for a while. As far as  he is concerned, he is back with his wife and she is pregnant and happy…. 
  • And then Regina comes back into the mix and he is thrown back into the chaos of having to choose.
  • Hahahahaha, his wife isn’t really his wife and he was actually deceived by Zelena into having sex with her and getting her pregnant. Isn’t that hilarious? The writers obviously thought so. Shady rape storylines are FUN, right?? RIGHT?????
  • Robin and Regina FINALLY seemed to have shit together and worked out alright, when… oh fuck, a Fury wants to steal his soul and bring him down to the Underworld. FAN. FUCKING. TASTIC. Just great. Awesome. 
  • Robin recovers from this, but has still NEVER had the opportunity to come to terms with the fact that he was raped, and now has a child with his rapist, and that all just got thrown under the bus in favor (I am sorry to my fellow CSers who refuse to see this, but it is true) of spending way too much time on the CS Dark Ones plot. Sorry, not sorry. Sue me. I’m not a traitor against CS, I just see the writing for what it was, and it did focus a LOT on that arc. 
  • The baby is born, and he IMMEDIATELY gets involved in the quest to go to the UnderWorld, so ofc, he has to leave this brand new baby girl up in Storybrooke. He was RAPED for that baby to even exist, and he can’t even spend any time with her. 
  • The baby is brought (by his psycho baby mama) down to the Underworld, and he has to go through literal hell to get her back. 
  • Regina BEFRIENDS and totally FORGIVES and EXCUSES Zelena’s actions, and speaks FOR him, and lets her have the baby (which he is 10000000000% against, for good fucking reason). Here we finally see it. We see him crack and break and go in that room to have a nice cry, because dude… HOW WOULD THAT FEEELLLLLL??????? The guy gets raped, can’t see the baby, finally gets to see the baby, and then gets the baby GIVEN AWAY by Regina, to the woman who did it. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???? And then he’s not allowed to grieve, or be upset, and the other characters try and convince him he’s being irrational for being upset over this. Like WHAT THE FUCK? HOW can you be that insensitive???? REALIZE what he went through, and how that can be taxing to a human soul!!!!
  • Then… THEN…. THEN… he dies. HE JUST DIES. No pomp and circumstance, no ceremonious departure, no #RESPECT. He’s just DISPOSED OF, like he never even mattered. And all because he wanted to protect his daughter and Regina from being hurt. 
  • BONUS ROUND: ZELENA got to name the baby. 

And so I have this to say to Adam, Eddy, and Jerome Schwartz (who wrote the episode): FUCK. YOU. After a storyline filled with disappointment, half- assery, and bullshit for this character, THIS is how it ends???? This is it??? 

This is a man who gave up everything for Maid Marian, who righted his wrongs and became a good man. He stole from the rich, gave to the poor, and did right by his son because he wanted Roland to grow up a man of honor. He was FIERCELY loyal, even when maybe he shouldn’t have been. He was strong, stronger than anyone I know tbh. And he was GOOD. He did so much good, so much right, so much… And that was his lot? That was the stick he drew???

To say NOTHING of Sean, who just recently uprooted his WHOLE LIFE in England to come and live in Vancouver permanently, who has a son and a wife that obviously came too… Who was unceremoniously tossed aside by Adam and Eddy as if he were an old toothbrush. Sean, who is an angel in the flesh in person, and SO FUNNY, and SO SWEET, Sean who personally went “Holy shit, did you make this???” and genuinely seemed SO INCREDIBLY SUPPORTIVE of ALL of his fans, not because he had to but because he was THAT excited about it. Sean who deserved the world and more…. 


I refuse to continue watching Once Upon a Time because I have forgiven so many sins in the past, SO many wrongs and SO many fuckups. But this… this is out- and- out CHARACTER ASSASSINATION. This is disrespectful to the fans, to the actor (multiple actors, actually, like Colin who has grown so close to Sean), to the character, and to the very story these guys CLAIM to care so much about. It’s such a huge disservice, I don’t even know what to say, other than Robin Hood deserved SO MUCH MORE. 

I just didn’t expect- after all these past 5 years- for THIS to be the way it ends. I didn’t expect there to be ONE episode, so foul, so disrespectful, so absolutely fucking callous and rude, that I would drop this show I have loved so ferociously and so passionately for so many years, like a hot rock. 

I’ve hung in there through so much. But THIS… It took one episode, 20~ minutes, ONE SCENE, to make me leave. 

It’s unforgivable. I’m sorry, it’s just not something I will EVER be able to rectify in my own mind, over how badly Adam and Eddy fucked up. There is- as I predicted if Sean was out- a MASS EXODUS of viewers from the show. I have seen at LEAST 100 people who are done, who feel so betrayed and wronged by this, that they can’t go on watching. And that’s just people I, personally, follow. I only follow 500 people. I know it’s renewed for a sixth season, but let’s be real: for a LOT of people, Once Upon a Time ended last night. This show is no longer the same show it was (and not in a good way; I don’t want to hear the word “evolve” any more because it’s not evolving). It sealed its fate last night; the show can NEVER be the same as it once was, and a lot of people aren’t going to stick around to see if they give a fuck about the new reality of Robin being gone. There isn’t enough hope to KEEP us around. True love was built as this great thing that could overcome ANY odds. And yet… some fucking glowy- ass rock candy broke up a TL couple? Hmmm, maybe True Love isn’t as great as y’all once led us to believe. Maybe there wasn’t really a point to the past FIVE FUCKING YEARS of this show, if it’s seriously that easy to dispose of. I mean, SOULMATES? God damn, literal actual confirmed soulmates. And still, hasta la bye- bye? I feel cheated, betrayed, and hurt. As a Hoodie, as an OQer, and as a ONCER. 

This goes against everything this show has preached for the last five years. So for me, Once Upon a Time ended its run last night, regardless of how many more seasons the writers shit out. 

Robin deserved SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Whose grave did they really dig last night- Robin’s, or the show’s?

anonymous asked:

I think people are making a little too much out of the use of "The Gambler," it was most likely a simple call back to "Weekend at Bobby's." Of course the big thing no one has apparently picked up on was that Dean ordered a "Hervé Villechaize" at the bar, Hervé Villechaize was a dwarf actor who killed himself due to his health issues. Take that for what it's worth.

I don’t think you CAN make ‘too much’ of a song in a show tbh - even if the meanings/ideas taken from the lyrics/timing/etc. weren’t intentional by the writers/editors, that doesn’t mean that any relevance to the plot/characters fans find in the song aren’t still valid. If nothing else song lyrics can be a springboard for people to discover and explore themes within the story.

Generally in spn, however, I get the feeling that song choices are often v. deliberate - Robbie Thompson talked about wanting “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” v. specifically for Meta Fiction last season for instance - so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was more intent behind “The Gambler” than just a nod back to a previous ep… 

…in fact, there’s something to examine there in itself ie. the RE-USE of previous songs, since this marks the SECOND time that has happened this season. The other example was “Cherry Pie” in Reichenbach that harks back to use of the song in The Song Remains the Same… ha, I’d never actually sat down and realised which episode “Cherry Pie” was originally used in before! What a fitting title, since the song indeed remain the same :p

You could argue that the re-use of songs, harking back to old episodes, is partly designed to set up a comparison between how things were before, when the song was originally used, and how they are now - highlighting what has changed, what hasn’t, and leading to contemplation on whether that’s a good thing or not. 

And even without comparing to the situation in the original episodes specifically, re-using the same song is on its own a notable REPETITION, which could be a nod to the constant repetitive cycle the show and its characters tend to end up in (ie. Sam and Dean making transgressive sacrifices for each other with dark consequences, lying to each other, going behind each other’s backs etc.) and/or be implying the NEED FOR CHANGE. 

Because thinking back to when the songs were last used highlights how long ago that was (4/5 years?) and how much has happened since then, and perhaps serves to show that to be listening just to the same song(s) still after all that ie. to be repeating the same old (tired) behaviours, mistakes, trying to be the same person despite the influence of subsequent events and gaining of new knowledge/understandings, is a problem. Because it’s denying growth and development, it’s keeping you stuck in a rut, holding you back, and such.

Then, of course, if you expand on this a little further and add the repetition of “Cherry Pie” to the possible ‘pie-cake as symbolic of bisexuality’ reading going round, then the re-use of “Cherry Pie” was perhaps partly about implying that Dean’s womanising persona, like his love of pie, is getting old/repetitive and becoming unfulfilling for him, and thus, like he is trying something different in his choice of dessert by tasting cake instead of pie, he needs to try changing his romantic/sexual partners, say to a different gender ;p …although it also works as an implication that his casual sex-focused one-night-stand relationships are getting old, of course, and that what he needs/wants is a more serious, lasting, romantic relationship, which doesn’t have to involve bisexuality - that’s the thing with interpreting symbolism/subtext, there are usually multiple readings you can find!

Repetition of “The Gambler” can also be connected to the theme of ‘playing games’ that has been around in the show for a while now (going back at LEAST to Pac-Man Fever), which is also about the destructive cycle the show/brothers get stuck in and how it needs to change. Repetition of a song about gambling, therefore, implies that the boys destructive cycle is like Charlie’s Djinn induced fear game - one that if they keep playing will ultimately destroy them completely, and the only way out is to STOP PLAYING ie. change. This is an idea I think Bobby reinforces when he tells Cas how working behind Dean’s back to save him is right out of the ‘Winchester playbook’ - a GAME metaphor. And yet Bobby too is unable to change/stop playing in the episode, basically admitting he wouldn’t have done differently to Cas and, ofc, going along with the plan to spring Metatron, so he’s as much a part of the cycle as the others (as is Cas).

…I’m SO SORRY, you messaged me to say that you weren’t interested in lengthy musing on possible significance of “The Gambler” basically, and I’ve responded with a MASSIVE ESSAY about it! If it’s not of interest to you you can just ignore all that x

VERY INTERESTING about the Hervé Villechaize connection - I had NO IDEA about that, so thank you! :) That is indeed perfectly fitting for Dean’s current situation with the Mark - he is ALSO v. much moving towards suicide (if he can find out HOW) because of his ‘health’ after all. Nice catch! :D

Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour Has Now Grossed $130 Million

Taylor Swift has taken her 1989 World Tour to the $130 million mark in ticket sales, according to Billboard Boxscore, and it’s on track to become her highest-grossing tour ever.

The 1989 tour has grossed just $20 million less than the final box office tally from her Red tour that wrapped last summer after a 15-month span (its currently her highest-grossing tour). And the 1989 tour still has four months to go before ending on Dec. 12 in Australia.

So far, the 1989 tour has reported 1.1 million tickets sold tickets from 37 performances through the end of August.

Swift easily tops Billboard’s latest Hot Tours tally (see list, below), her fourth appearance this year on the list. Her ranking is based on box-office grosses totaling $43.5 million. Her shows reported during the past week were 17 concerts from three arenas during her European run in June as well as six venues on her ongoing trek through North American markets that stretches through the end of October.

The tour’s European trek included a headlining appearance at the Barclaycard British Summer Time festival at London’s Hyde Park on June 27 along with five arena performances in four countries. This recap includes the sold out shows in Glasgow, Manchester and Dublin.

Among the six North American venues, Staples Center in Los Angeles logged $8.9 million in box office revenue from five sellout shows. It’s the 1989 tour’s top gross at an arena since the May launch.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what is going to be quite cool about the comeback? Is that by the end of the year Bigbang will have spent almost a decade together and as solos as the top boy group in Korea. Technically it would be the anniversary of 'Lies' which would mark the transition but I don't think any other boyband has lasted this long with as much success & together in Korea, still with steam to keep going higher. We know each still has so much they've yet to show its still very exciting.


like, many popular mainstream bands, after 10 years together, they have either - ‘settled’ into their genre and musical style, and you sort of know what music to expect from them - or they’ve grown apart and it’s only the leader that has much of a musical career… 

BB are basically the opposite of these two things ? 

BB as OT5 have always managed to ‘recreate themselves’ so none of us really know what their new album is going to sound like ? and literally each of the BB members have so many completely different horizons to grow in… all of that’s part of what makes them so unique and amazing to me. even after all these years it’s still so exciting to be part of their fandom bc they still manage to simultaneously improve and give a fresh-feeling new sound and image :’)