it's sticky as hell!!!

wanted: f/nb. gf / fwb / sorority sister / (step) sister / (step) mother / etc etc

        “you didn’t do as you were told.” lexie’s voice came out soft and sweet, a giggle leaving her pink lips as she kept her hands pressed carefully into the other girl’s back, holding her down. she was more excited than mad when she returned home to find the other girl asleep on the couch, but that was because it meant she had an excuse to be a little meaner than usual. one of her hands reached up, wrapping around her hair as she ground down against the other girl’s ass, her barely there panties still on her hips but not interrupting the friction by any means. “this means i get to make you do so many dirty things to make up for it.” again, the delight in her voice was clear, especially when it was followed by a whine and her hips bucking, offering the other girl nothing but the feeling of lexie’s wetness against her ass. 


Requested by anonymous! I hope you like it!! I wrote this at like midnight and it’s been a long day but inspiration hit me! 181. If he’s going to treat you like shit, I am going to kick his ass
George Washington

“What are you good for anyways? Standing here while men die on the battle field. Women are such vile creatures, wanting men to fight, pay, and die for them with little in return. Pathetic.” A man by the name of Lance Dunham hissed out. He was watching the women nurses hurry about, trying to get everything packed up and ready to leave for the next battle. He scowled at them all, a stinging pain from his hand made him grimace.
‘They don’t have a fucking clue what it’s like out there. Those Bitches don’t have to worry about loosing their life.’ He thought, grabbing a young nurse by the hair as she walked passed. It was a trap, a spider as it crawls along its sticky hell to kill its prey.
“You have no fucking clue, bitch. You can’t even fix my arm to keep it from hurting so damn much!” He bellowed out, capturing the attention of a few fellow soldiers and many of the nurses, a particular one who had h/c hair and E/c eyes.
She was known as y/n and was a well respected nurse. Y/n did her best and did amazing in times of stress. Her skills had caught the eyes of many unbeknownst to her. She was outspoken at times and many didn’t know if that would be her saving grace or her doom.
Lance raised his hand to smack her, a wicked smirk plastered along his face. The young nurses face held fright and she tried to defend her self. He brought his hand down and many closed their eyes, waiting for two sounds. The sound of flesh and flesh contact and a shrill scream from the young nurses but none of that came. Instead there was a shout from Lance.
“What the hell!”
Onlookers watched in shock as the nurse with h/c hair and e/c eyes and known by the name of y/n stood before him. Y/n had a tight grip around his arm and and with all her strength pushed it away from the Youngblood nurses face. Lance had been shocked when y/n fought back and used that as her advantage. Y/n quickly pushed him away from he nurse, a deadly look on her face.
“Get back to packing, jackass! I don’t want to hear another word from you,” y/n seethed, pushing the young nurse back into the crowd for safety. Y/n knew she had started a fight but she would be damned if she didn’t finish it. She had recognized him, Lance. He would always talk shit about the nurses when they had done so much and frankly she was tired of it.
“You sit on your ass and talk about how useless we are in the battle but who is it sticking you up? Cleaning your wounds? Digging bullets out? Through all the blood and gore it is us. We are contributing to the war and last I checked women weren’t aloud to fight. Don’t go bitching about us again. We won’t stand for it.” Y/n snarled, her e/c eyes filling with hate as she looked at the scrawny man in front of her. Her (height) frame was the same size as he and she knew she could take him if he wanted a real fight.
“Y-you’re only a woman! You can’t talk down to me like that!” Lance sputtered out. His pale face was engulfed in flames. To y/n, lance’s behaviors resembled one of a child whom had been caught trying to steal a cookie and got in trouble. Lance had never once been in this situation. His pride was shattered as this woman stood in front of him calling him out.
Y/n tried to subside a smirk as she heard his retort. He was all talk and no bite if someone were to question him. Her words had brought him down a few notches.
“Watch me,” y/n taunted, spinning on her heels and marching toward the unpacked boxes.
Lance watched her, memorizing everything about that dreadful y/n. Her figure swaying side to side, The way her hair bounced as she walked, even the way her arms would swing as she walked. Y/n had made a laughing stock out of him and she was going to pay.
~*~ time skip: two days later ~*~
The group of soldiers and nurses had walked and walked until they were all to settled down for the night. An attack against the British was currently being formed by George and his right hand man and the plan had to be ready in two days time. The soldiers had been complaining and with such an important matter at hand it was decided to camp out. The general was hoping quiet.
Y/n on the other hand had hated the idea of stopping. They needed to get to the battle as soon as possible. It’s not like the soldiers around her were her favorite people. Some had been acting rude towards her after her fight with Lance, others told her they admired her courageousness.
Y/n had been sitting in the grass all day in the summers heat. It seemed as if the sun would rather battle them than the British. Other nurses sitting around her; gossiping and telling stories of back home. She smiled at each one, laughing they open behavior.
It had seemed like hours since they had sat down and y/n was tired of it. With a sigh she heaved herself off of the ground.
“I’m going to stretch my legs for a bit. I’ll be back soon!” She called, walking away from her friends. It had only seemed like seconds had passed before she was pushed behind a tent and out of view of others. Y/n trashed around and tried to scream but a hand clamped her mouth shut. Y/n looked up, trying to catch a glimpse but they had already violated another one of her senses. Whoever it was wreaked of alcohol. The stench was so fowl y/n wanted to wretch. She shook her head and looked to see who it was, and surprise surprise it was lance Dunham.
His eyes seemed glazed and his hair was ragged.
“Your going to pay for what you did, bitch! Never talk back to a man unless you want to face the consequences!” He barked, his weight keeping her pinned to the ground. In a blink of an eye lance had brought his hand down to y/n’s cheek. Her whole face seemed numb, y/n found herself in a state of shock. The next thing she knew was that there was shouting, lance being thrown off of her and callused hands were touching her face gently.
Y/n brought herself back to the world. General George Washington was kneeling in front of her. A pained expression on his face as he looked at y/n.
“Are you alright Ms.l/n? Miss?” George inquired, his voice both stern yet soothing at he same time. Y/n shook her head still dazed as of what happened. She looked for lance, looking to see if she could find his retreating figure but to her surprise he was being held down by Alexander and Lafayette.
“I’m going to take Ms.l/n inside the tent. You two keep him there.” George barked as he looked at the two. It angered him to see a woman that he was fond of watching grow so distant in seconds. He searched y/n’s eyes for anything. Sadness? Fear? Anger?
George helped y/n up and brought her inside quickly, allowing her to sit in his chair as he grabbed a glass of water.
“Ms. l/n, please drink up. What happened? We heard shouting and ran to help.”
Y/n eyed the general. Not once had she met this man face to face yet he already knew her name.
“How do you know my name?” Each word she spoke becoming more and more confident. George let out a small laugh, everyone had heard about her. Her reputation drawn her out to be someone with a personality that could at times resemble Alexander’s with a spitfire behavior.
“You’re a very popular nurse, ms. L/n. It would be hard not hearing about your latest fight.” She nodded in response looking toward the exit of the tent. So word traveled quickly about her, how fast until this incident would spread?
“Lance, was drunk. He didn’t know what he was doing. He just frightened me that was all. The hit wasn’t hard at all, just a shock. He just wanted to get back at me for what happened days ago. It’s no problem, general. Now I have to get back to the other nurses before they worry.” Y/n got up to leave, her steps too slow as she tried to escape. She felt someone grab her wrist, not hard though. It was gentle as if they didn’t want to break her.
“Please stay y/n.” His voice made her melt. It soothed her in ways many can’t. She turned to look at him, his chocolate brown eyes meeting with her e/c eyes. His expression pleading.
“Please stay. What lance did was inexcusable and if he’s going to treat you like shit, I am going to kick his ass,” George growled, glaring daggers to the tent entrance where Lance Dunham laid.
“Why are you being like this? We just want general and what just happened was nothing. Far worse has happened to me.” Y/n questioned, her face etched with confusion.
“My dear, you have captured my every thought. You are a very amazing woman from all the stories I have heard. Ive seen you work and you have saved the lives of my many soldiers. Truth be told I was nervous to face a woman with your reputation. You’re a strong woman and never once did I think we would meet this way. I wish to know more about you and hopefully court you if this war is on our side.” He never broke eye contact, every word made y/n’s heart pound. She felt like she was flying.
“I-I would very much appreciate that, general.”
“George.” He said quickly.
“Hmm?” She asked, confused once again for the night. It was night neither one would forget though.
“My name is George. You may call me George if that makes you comfortable.”
Y/n let a small smile creep it’s way onto her face.
“I would like that very much, George.”



Our prompt was “Dave teaches Killian how to shop online” 

Check out @whimsicallyenchantedrose take on the same prompt here. 

Killian Goes Shopping 

This takes place sometime in the near future

Killian and Emma had settled into a routine of sorts with their living arrangements and he was getting adept at playing games with Emma’s boy on the picture box, but using the magic box was not something that gave him comfort.  He preferred getting his information from books, thank you very much.

And the fact that he enjoyed books, is how he came to be in his current dilemma.   He and Emma had made a point to have what she termed ‘date nights’ each week and he had taken those opportunities to purchase trinkets for her.  A new pirate key fob for her yellow vessel, a new tube of her favorite lotion, a bar of chocolate, all trinkets he could purchase at the local market. But the item he currently wanted to purchase, he did not want to be the talk of the entire town.

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Prompt : "your RA almost caught your illegal cat but I convinced them that it was just me meowing."

(No beta-ed and written at 3AM, you’re warned)

Fenris had the worst luck in the world. He only patted the damn thing one time. One. Time. And it was enough to make it attach itself to him like glue. The comparison was barely exagerated, this cat was sticky as hell, its fur matted and dirty. Fenris grimaced as it rubbed against his shirt. 

Yes he was holding this thing. And yes he was bringing it back home despise the university dorm’s rules. Because he was maybe not above growling at the parasite who had followed him all the way from the campus, little shadow in the dark sneaking its way after him. But he wasn’t cruel, he had yielded and took it in his arms when the stupid cat tried to cross the road to follow him, freezing in the middle when caught in a car’s headlights. So now he was tied to a stinky, skinny, smelly cat who looked at him with an adoration he wasn’t sure he deserved or wanted. But he didn’t have a choice. The thing was frail, obviously tired and malnurished, a helpless stray without a doubt. He had tried to leave it at the residence’s doors but one look back at this hopeful face and he was resignedly walking back to pick it up. It’s wide yellow eyes stared at Fenris as this one opened the door to his appartment.

“Go ahead but don’t get used to it too fast. I’m certainly not keeping you.” He warned as the cat took some tentative steps in the living room, sniffing at his stuff and already rubbing against the couch. Now that Fenris could see it under a decent light he could see how pitiful the animal looked, ribs slightly visible even under the fur. He winced and immediatly opened his fridge, hoping he had something else than wine and apple pie. No such luck. Finally in one cupboard he hunted down an old can of tuna.

“The hell ?” 

He would have never bought that, surely another attempt from Garrett and Merrill to ‘broaden his alimentary horizon’. Well at least someone would enjoy it. Carefully he sat down, opening the cursed can of cursed fish and took some in his hand with a disgusted rictus. The cat practically jumped on it, devoring the appalling aliment with gusto, tongue laping his skin until the last of it disappeared in its mouth. Fenris repeated the process several time, stopping when half of the can was empty. 

“No.” He groaned when the cat started to headbutt his legs, giving him its best supplying gaze to convince him of feeding it a little more. “Too much food at once won’t do you any good, you don’t want to vomit on my carpet and neither do I.”

This answer didn’t seem to convince the cat. And it started mewling.

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Nourry visiting Zayn in LA

Zayn: yeah and here’s the master bedroom
Harry: nice
Niall: wait….isn’t that a lifesize cutout of Liam? Like those standup ones?
Zayn: uh no
Louis: that damn sure is
Harry: why the hell is it sticky?
Zayn:…its been a while
Louis: man what the fuck