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@whispycas submitted: I am gonna try adding flowers to this, but I wanted to share this with you in case I don’t get them done tomorrow. Thank you s o much for all your fics and contributions to the fandom! Sometimes I wonder how you do it lol. I hope you’re doing wonderful, and have a very happy birthday!!! :D

!!!!!!!!!! This is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for sending this in. I love it, flowers or no <3

I ALSO sometimes wonder how I do this - balance fandom with life - but then I remember how much fun I have here in this little corner of the world with all y’all. And then I realize that it’s really no trouble at all. I can only thank you guys for giving my contributions so much attention and praise. I love you.

Come Home

Characters: Dean / Reader (daddy!Dean)

Requested by anonymous:  Hi! Can you write a daddy-daughter Dean imagine? One where Dean has a daughter that he and Sam leave alone for some reason, and she gets really worried about them? Also, can it be written in 3rd person, but still us y/n??

Warnings: slight angst

A/N: I had a really cool (I think) idea for this, so I hope you guys like it :) Sorry if you don’t like 3rd person…I’ll have an imagine written in 2nd person up soon!

“You be good now, y/n, you hear?” Dean said to his daughter, looking her sternly in the eyes. “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do if I were here.”

“Dad, I’m 13,” y/n rolled her eyes. “I know how to look after myself.”

“I know you do,” Dean chuckled as he ruffled y/n’s hair. “I’ll see you soon, alright?” With that, Dean, hugged y/n tightly, giving her a little squeeze before pulling away.

Sam and Dean had gotten a troubling call from Sheriff Jody Mills. They wanted to go check it out, but Dean was reluctant to take his daughter along. She knew about the life that her dad lived, but she hadn’t been hunting, yet. 

That was why Sam suggested leaving her alone in a motel room that they were staying in. At first, Dean was even more opposed to this. However, after some reassuring from Sam, he agreed that this would be the safest place for y/n while he and Sam were seeing what was going on with Sheriff Mills. 

“You ready to go?” Sam asked his brother. 

“Yeah,” Dean nodded, picking up his bag. “Be careful, y/n. I mean it,” he said as he walked out the door, closing it behind him. 

y/n ran to the window, watching as Dean waved from the Impala. The car pulled away, and soon it was no longer in sight. She smiled, already thinking of the things she would be able to do while she was alone. 

I can blast music as loud as I want! she thought, her eyes widening at the idea of so much freedom. I have dad’s credit card; I can order what ever food I wanna eat!

It had been 4 days since Sam and Dean had left y/n. She had gotten a few phone calls a day for the first 2 days, but after that, they stopped. She tried calling Sam’s phone, too, just in case Dean had lost his or something. But Sam’s phone went straight to voicemail. And y/n was starting to worry. 

5 days. Still no signs from Sam or Dean. She had texted them both about 20 times, but neither of them replied. 

6 days. Maybe they left you, she started to think. Maybe they just didn’t want to have to take care of you anymore, so they ran away. 

7 days. One week since her dad and her uncle had left, and 5 days since they’d stopped communicating with her. And, to be honest, y/n was starting to lose hope that they would ever come back. 

A week later, y/n was laying in bed sleeping. Sleeping was the only thing that stopped her from worrying about her dad, and even then, she still had dreams about the terrible things that could be happening to him. 

At about 2:30 in the morning, y/n heard the door to the motel room open. She sat up right away, suddenly wide awake. 

“y/n?” she heard a voice call. 

“Uncle Sam?” y/n replied, relief flooding her voice. “What happened? I tried contacting you, and no one answered.”

Sam turned on the lights, and y/n was momentarily blinded. “I know, I’m so sorry,” Sam apologized, sitting on the side of her bed. “I was so focused on getting here as quick as I could, I didn’t even pick up my phone. I’m sorry, I should have let you know what was going on.”

y/n nodded, accepting her uncle’s apology. “So, where’s dad?” she asked. “Shouldn’t he be here with you?”

Sam took a deep breath and looking down at the covers on the bed. “I…There’s really no easy way to say this…”

“Say what?” y/n wondered. Anxiety was creeping its way into her thoughts, and she automatically thought of worst case scenarios. 

“Well, um…your dad’s on a hunting trip. And he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

A/N: Sorry this is kinda short, but I wanted to know if you guys are even interested in something like this! If you want, I can make a sequel to this or whatever, but only if you’d be interested in it! Let me know :)

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