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ahhh hey it's me again the sparky kaminari asker ~~ could I request bakugou's and kaminari's reaction when their s/o asks them can they kiss or cuddle or sleep in the same bed for the first time please !!! i hope this is okay


I hope you like this one as well! & hope you’ve been well!!!

ヽ(〃v〃)ノ cuddles with Kacchan are my dream okay~?!

Bakugou, Katsuki

  • Kiss; His crimson irises would widen slightly and stare at his S/O surprised, caught off guard by the question entirely and then suddenly he would be utterly annoyed. “Gross! Why ask for something like that?” But he would actually be upset over the fact that it was his S/O making the first move and not him. His cheeks would start to turn a tint of red no matter how much he didn’t want them to, because in all honesty he DOES really want to kiss his S/O. He just didn’t know when the proper timing was to ask for such a thing. Seeing his S/O slump down disappointed he would scoff like he normally did and turn towards them, “….I guess we could…. j-just don’t get used to this kind of crap!”  
  • Cuddle; “Haaaah? Who the hell cuddles now’a days?!” The blonde would snap at his S/O, his face twisting into a defiant pout. He only ever cuddled with his mother when he was six and found it useless. That was until he was guilt tripped into cuddling with his S/O for the first time. Having them so close to him was weird at first but their warmth mixing with his own quickly calmed his nervousness. His face would be red and he would deny enjoying any of it at all but if his S/O tried to move away from him, his arms would tighten around them keeping them in place. Bakugou would then realize that he in fact enjoyed the hell out of this cuddling crap and would cuddle his S/O in private every chance he got.
  • Sleep with; Depends on when they asked him. If he’s still wide awake, he would throw a pillow at their face and tell them, “Why don’t you sleep in your own goddamn bed! Freeloader!” But he wouldn’t kick them out if they curled up next to him and kept their ground, looks like he was all bark and no bite when it came to denying his love. If Bakugou was worn out from training and classes, then asked this question he would sigh out his displeasure at first. He would throw the covers aside and scoot over to give them room to curl up against his toned body, he would be too tired to argue and pull them in while falling asleep.

Kaminari, Denki

  • Kiss; Kaminari’s face would go instantly red but that red face would nod yes none stop until his S/O grabbed him by the cheeks. He would give them a dork lopsided smirk with two thumbs raised high, “N-No need to ask!” he’d stutter before perking his lips exaggeratedly, ready to be kissed as many times as his S/O pleased. This sparky boy would be happy he had a S/O all together, let alone one who actually wanted to kiss him!
  • Cuddle; If Kaminari didn’t already begin to cuddle his S/O first, he would be ecstatic to get the chance to start to. Kaminari is a clinger, once he’s gotten a taste of what it’s like to be in the arms of someone so special, he would want to cuddle with his S/O every second of the day. His arms would be wrapped around his partner at all times and if they weren’t, he’d quickly pull them in for some cuddling immediately. “Looks like I got a severe case of static cling!”
  • Sleep with; This boy would cry literal tears of joy, his S/O wanted to spend so much time with him that they even wanted to do so while asleep? Count him in! If they planned ahead, his bed would be made as perfectly as Kaminari could make it and even his cluttered room would look a bit more tidy. His cheeks would never lose their blush because it was the first time he was sharing a bed with S/O and his folks weren’t there to interrupt! His constant rapid heart beat of the possibility of also doing other things in bed would send him to sleep straight away.

Everybody screeeeeeeeam…

…it’s almost Halloween!

Since Halloween is basically around the corner, I’ve decided for the whole of October I am going to make my blog spooky themed. This includes my name, header image and profile picture but also the themes of my prompted work. Every day from October 1st to the grand finale of Samhain I want to write something either scary, creepy or just plain weird. Hopefully being familiar with all three will help me take Tumblr prompts and turn them into something Halloween worthy. But I would really appreciate your guys help as well! Send me Halloween themed prompts in an ask starting with ‘Spooky Stories’ and I will use it some time next month. I’m hoping to continue my battle with writer’s block as well as celebrate my favourite holiday. Think of it as an early NaNoWriMo 😊

~ Sparky

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when u have a crush on ur best friend and u dont know if u should ask them out or not and ur scared if they say no itll ruin the friendship

Okay, serious talk here (for once). The only 2 serious crushes I’ve had in my life were my best friends and these were definitely not fun situations. The first was when I was 17, and it was the first time I ever felt anything serious about anybody. I ended up telling them because my emotional stability couldn’t hold up around them anymore, after many many months, and I actually broke down in front of them. And the result of my emotional confession? They turned me down. Amazingly, we stayed best friends tho! (even after a second time I had to admit I still had feelings for them, but that’s not worth talking about). The point here is, I told them and things stayed fine between us! I didn’t exactly feel better, but after a while, I eventually did. It helped that they got a girlfriend soon after (ha, did I say helped? I meant ‘destroyed me’) and that made it so I had to move on. 

Well, the friendship didn’t last, just before I turned 19 I realized how much of an asshole they really were and they’ve been erased from my life, but  that was definitely for the best. I just want you to do what feels right. Relationships that start with friendship are the best (from what I’ve heard) and telling them your feelings shouldn’t ruin things, even if they say no. If they’re a good friend, they’ll still be your friend. You’ll be alright :) ♥♥

- Mod Sparky