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when u have a crush on ur best friend and u dont know if u should ask them out or not and ur scared if they say no itll ruin the friendship

Okay, serious talk here (for once). The only 2 serious crushes I’ve had in my life were my best friends and these were definitely not fun situations. The first was when I was 17, and it was the first time I ever felt anything serious about anybody. I ended up telling them because my emotional stability couldn’t hold up around them anymore, after many many months, and I actually broke down in front of them. And the result of my emotional confession? They turned me down. Amazingly, we stayed best friends tho! (even after a second time I had to admit I still had feelings for them, but that’s not worth talking about). The point here is, I told them and things stayed fine between us! I didn’t exactly feel better, but after a while, I eventually did. It helped that they got a girlfriend soon after (ha, did I say helped? I meant ‘destroyed me’) and that made it so I had to move on. 

Well, the friendship didn’t last, just before I turned 19 I realized how much of an asshole they really were and they’ve been erased from my life, but  that was definitely for the best. I just want you to do what feels right. Relationships that start with friendship are the best (from what I’ve heard) and telling them your feelings shouldn’t ruin things, even if they say no. If they’re a good friend, they’ll still be your friend. You’ll be alright :) ♥♥

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Idk if this is helpful but I started painting my nails regularly so I'd stop chewing on them, and then I just pick at the polish instead and put more on when it's gone. May not look the nicest but it works. Idk maybe you've already tried that but I figured I'd leave the suggestion.

i think at one point i tried that but i still chewed on my nails lmao. so i ended up eating flakes of nail polish and i was worried i was poisoning myself, so i stopped painting my nails (also im just not really a nail polish kind of person).

honestly i just have a big problem with oral fixations, like i bet if i had ever tried smoking i wouldn’t be able to quit (not that i would tho, for many reasons). i chew my nails without even thinking about it most of the time. i gotta find a substitute, like maybe gum or some sort of chewy toy. i ordered a fidget cube earlier so i hope that can help!