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Imagine Tony don't liking to be close/being touched by Steve after CW but the guys keeps insisting until Natasha calls him out on it (Protective Natasha, please!)

Oh, I like it! I struggle a lot with Nat’s role in CW (to be fair, I struggle with everyone’s roles in CW), but I’m gonna try :) Here goes nothing: 

It doesn’t start in New York. By the time they finally get back to New York–it takes three months longer than Natasha initially expected–she’s already close to the end of her rope, only the merciless training of her childhood keeping her from completely losing it. Because Wakanda may be a nice place, a pleasant exile even, but she has to spend five months listening to Lang’s whining, Clint’s endless complaints, Steve’s tragically upset stares into nothingness–or at a phone that doesn’t ring, and really, she could’ve told him that from the start–and Wanda’s temper tantrums.

Also the amount of biting replies she swallows down ought to have killed her by now. They were poisonous enough for sure.

So getting back to New York, to their old compound, is a relief. It means Natasha can avoid the others for weeks if she tries–and boy does she try, she’s seen far too much of them lately. It helps. The lack of a golden cage helps all of them, eases some of the tension, but it doesn’t solve any of their problems.

And there are problems, and not just between Tony and the others, or her and the others either. There are a lot of issues that have never been resolved, arguments they couldn’t have when they were all scooped up in Wakanda and unable to stay out of each other’s way for long. Coming back, signing documents that are pointedly not called The Revised Accords, it’s like slapping a bandage on an inflamed wound so you don’t have to look at it anymore, and hope it will heal.

But every now and then they accidentally brush against said untreated wound and the pain flares up again, reminding everyone that it’s there and it’s staying.

Like when Clint calls Laura and she lets it go to voicemail. Or when Sam tries to ask about how Rhodey is doing without making it awkward, and fails spectacularly. Or when Tony flinches away from Steve.

It’s only the last one though that really gets Natasha’s blood boiling. It’s there right from the start, when Tony symbolically shakes Steve’s hand, and even though he’s smiling, his body is all tense muscles ready to jump. It doesn’t get better after that.

There are moments where Steve tries to reach out that are almost physically painful to watch. When he rests a hand on Tony’s shoulder and the poor man almost jumps out of his skin for example (they’ve lost a lot off cups to that particular move). Or when Steve always picks the seat closest to Tony, only to have Tony be tense and defensive thorough the whole meeting. The list goes on.

Steve isn’t doing it out of cruelty, that much Natasha is willing to grant him. He’s honestly, desperately trying to fix things between them, bridge the unacknowledged gap in the team. He’s apologised multiple times–and he’s meant every word of it. But the thing is? Regret isn’t going to change the past.

And Steve, Steve is so focused on fixing, he doesn’t even seem to realise that all he really does when using force, is break. Because it’s so clear, written all over Tony’s face and body language, how uncomfortable he is, and yet Steve keeps pushing and pushing, for a resolution that can’t happen by backing Tony into a corner.

The issue comes to a head when Steve tries to hand Tony a plate with a piece of apple pie. It’s an innocent enough action on the surface, but Natasha can see Tony literally freezing in place. And really, it’s anything but innocent in every way that matters.

“Grow up, Stark!” Clint mutters from somewhere behind her, and really, that’s not helping. She’s going to kick his ass for that later. “Just take the damn plate!”

Tony doesn’t though. His wide eyes flicker back and forth between the plate Steve’s holding out with a pleading expression and the door he’s probably thinking of escaping. Being put on the spot like that only makes it worse, makes the slight tremble in his hands more visible and Natasha’s had enough.

“Give me that!” she snaps, rips the plate out of Steve’s hand and throws it onto the ground. The plate shatters. Steve gapes at her but she doesn’t even let him get the question out. “I’m sick of this shit you’re pulling here!” she continues in a righteous fury that’s been building up for six months. 

“You need to back up, Steve! I don’t care how many times you’ve tried to reach out to Tony, you don’t have a right towards his friendship or his trust and you’ve done fucking shit to earn it! You need to learn to respect his feelings instead of bulldozing past them just because they don’t happen to suit you! Because you know what happens when you push? This!” She points at the mess of pie and shards at her feet. “And you know what you do when you make a mess? You apologise and clean it up! And you don’t use force to do it!”

She’s breathing hard by the end of her rant, but when she turns around to face Tony, the hesitant smile on her face is genuine. “Let’s get out of here,” she says, and it’s a question filled with all the things she hasn’t been able to voice.

Tony doesn’t reach for her the way he used to, stays out of her reach, but he smiles, just as hesitantly, and nods. “Lead the way,” he says, and they’ve got a lot to talk about and even more to work through, but it’s a start.

“Aren’t you gonna clean that up?” Clint yells somewhere behind them. Natasha doesn’t even bother to turn around.

“I haven’t seen anyone else taking responsibility for the mess they’ve made,” she throws over her shoulder with all the sugary pleasantness of a Black Widow about to reveal her true face. “Why should I?”

There’s no answer but then she didn’t expect one anyways.

conflict is when u want to Make Content bc ur thirsty desperate ass requires validation but also when u dont want to Make Content bc u know that u won’t get notes bc ur a small blog and bigger blogs that have Even Bigger Mutuals to rb their stuff and seeing that comparison will make u feel even shittier and dejected 

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So if you're still doing the drabble thing, can you do 38 with either adrinino or ladrien?

“Mmmrghfff… Wh-where…? What?” Ladybug mumbled as she awoke, vision blurry and room spinning around her.

“You fainted straight into my arms,” she heard. “You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go so far.”

“Mhh…” she grumbled, not up for anything much more intelligent than a, “Shut up, Chat.”

Chat choked.

Which was odd, because it wasn’t some witty rejoinder or a snort of laughter. Ladybug pried her eyes open out of confusion.

And then choked herself.

The thing about hearing that line while half-conscious? Ladybug heard the person she expected to hear it from, which was how she somehow ended up telling Adrien Agreste to shut up.

End. her. now.

“S-s-sorry!” she yelped, trying (and failing) to scramble out of her crush’s arms as her face burned and her heart tried to beat its way out of her chest. “I-I-I um! Thought you were someone else!!”

Adrien, she couldn’t help but notice, was almost as red as she was. “No problem!”

‘No problem’? She’d told him to shut up of course it was a problem

“Great!” she chirped, panic crawling hot in her veins as she pushed herself up. “Just-just great! I’ll just. Be going. That way.”

“Okay,” said one mildly shell-shocked golden boy, and let her go. “Um. Good luck!”

He was too good, too pure to be real, and Ladybug spared a moment to thank whatever deity was responsible for his existence.

And then something rumbled as it was destroyed by today’s akuma.

“Thanks!” she had time to gasp, and then she jumped back into the fray, Adrien waving goodbye behind her.

your leg pressed against mine

a thlaise au ; essentially a messy train of thought because i’m struggling with maths so word dump it is.

this is dedicated to everyone who has blessed me with their thlaise, you know who u are 💓 , you’re all the bestest ily.

  • the first domino that falls is the bash of a cheek against drunken lips in the dark of the corridor 
  • the next morning, they write it off as an anomaly, both pretending to have forgotten the feverish way blaise had then pressed theodore against the wall, the warmth of theodore’s breath against the shell of blaise’s ear 
  • and the soft slow slide of lips as theodore curled up and up into blaise as if he was trying to ingrain himself in blaise’s soul. he was already there but he didn’t know that.
  • and so the second domino teetered and toppled.
  • a mistake, a mistake, a mistake 
  • the thought throbbed deep and heavy in theodore’s head when he woke up hungover with the unmistakeable indent of blaise in his sheets, on his skin
  • he meets blaise’s eye when he enters the kitchen and he knows that he can’t let “whatever this is” happen if he wants to keep blaise.
  • he wants to keep the blaise who runs his hand soothingly through theo’s hair when he’s ill and asleep (or at least, whilst he thinks theodore is asleep) 
  • the blaise who returns theodore’s books to the library when he forgets
  • the blaise who slumps down next to him on the sofa and passes him a mug of lemon and honey tea with his slight crooked smile. 
  • but what he doesn’t know is that keeping that blaise is not a choice he gets to make. 
  • they can’t go back, not now that blaise knows what his lips taste like, not when blaise has realised he’s been in love with his best friend for longer than he’s been aware.
  • and so the rest of the dominoes begin to fall. 

i know some ppl just Care about this point a lot but tbfh while i agree that sometimes some of the cat descrips in warriors are Laughable in how unrealistic they are [all the tortie toms, blackstar’s design, gray cats w/ brown spots etc etc] at the same time i dont… while i’ll mention it sometimes, i dont think that that point Deserves to be held to the same regard as the failed character developments and the failure at lore in wc

like yeah it’s sorta irritating that the cats are really unrealistically colored sometimes but like…..wc is just a fictional cat series. they’re def not the first series to take artistic liberties w/ their animal characters and they wont be the last tbfh

and plus if u think about it, it just makes some characters more Recognizable u feel me??? like you know who blackstar is immediately by looking at him - he looks nothing like the other white toms in the series. you can tell scourge apart from every other black-furred cats in the whole series bc of his one white paw, same w/’ squirrelflight

like Yeah it’s sorta annoying, but wc is a fictional cat series set in a diff universe - like compared to the other MASSIVE problems in the series i feel like a white cat having only black paws is one of the last problems tbfh

So I had to chop off a bit of the intro and outro but here’s a thing I just spent an hour working on. Idek it’s kinda garbage but you guys might like it. I’ll reblog later with all the tags cause idk where my tag list is rn.

Lance, extremely distressed: “my peonies!!”
Keith: “they’re marigolds!”
Hunk, comforting Lance: “by Jove, I think she’s right! I think they are marigolds!”
Lance, sobbing: “I may not know my flowers (shouting in Keith’s general direction), but I know a BITCH when I see one!”

(Based on that video. I can’t find it, but you know the one)

1036. Lily and James' first time was in the Room of Requirement. They didn't mean to spend the night there and didn't even know the room existed until then- it just happened. When they came back to the dorm they found banners that said "it’s about bloody time" and all their friends clapping. Sirius even came and shook their hands. Lily didn't know where to bury herself but James enjoyed every second. He felt like he just won but not at Quidditch- he won something much more important, Lily.