it's sort of hard to color

Been pulling my hair out over a particularly background-heavy project but…I think I’m off to a…pretty alright start?


A sort of concept art of a random idea? She’s a perfectly normal girl from the outside but actually a demon is living in her lmao also she’s mute

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Dude okay lemme tell ya smth your art style is just so amazing?? It isn't just "nice" or "cool" its got this whole feeling to it, its got a few like hard (dunnohowtoexplain) features and its amazingly realistic yet maintains that sort of aesthetically pleasing softness in the shading?? Like the lines and certain things have a definite boldness to them and the colors are always so soft and just kdenjxndd I'm honestly a bit jealous, but also amazed and just so damn in awe of your art, iloveitandu

aaAaH Thank you so much! This means a lot to hear Im getting emotional aA

klance art school au

klance art school au cause i l o v e this idea

also just an fyi this is super long because i have no idea how to shorten anything

  • keith got in on an art scholarship. the only reason he chose this school was because shiro recommended it to him
  • lance was one of those kids that always knew he was gonna be an artist and when it came down to choosing a school, there were so many he just. flipped a coin. what to heck lance
  • they end up as roommates, and are immediately at each other’s throats. keith thinks lance is too messy, lance thinks keith has a paintbrush up his ass or something
  • they also absolutely cannot agree on a medium to work in
  • (hints at adhd lance) anyways lance cant just pick one medium to work in so he has basically anything you could ever need ever. ink block printing? check. specifically water soluble oil paints? theyre probably somewhere. if its in an art store hes buying it
  • keith works in predominantely charcoal which terrifies lance. usually the most he does for color is just a red wash over his pieces. whenever he does paint, he would literally fight someone on oil paints vs acrylics
  • lance is the kind of artist that doesnt own a single piece of clothing without paint on it, usually has pigment on his hands/face, and probably has a 72 piece marker set on him at all times, just in case. pencils behind his ears, paintbrushes in his pockets, the works
  • this drives keith  n u t s
  • keith only works at his desk, and nothing ever leaves that desk. including him. this kid is always working wtf. his supplies are all neat and he would rather lay down in traffic than leave his workplace messy
  • so anyways, theyre getting into the semester, and they have their figure drawing class together, and theyre both pissed about this fact, and are absolutely certain that the other guy is just gonna piss them off so much that they dont know how this is gonna work
  • lance would rather admit that a mullet is a good hairstyle than let keith be the one that keeps him from going to class, and he bets keith wont be able to do it. keith is ready to #fite 24/7 so when lance said that he just. bolted out the door. he was going to get there first. this leads to a very loud race across the campus
  • but unfortunately they both have poor time management skills (theyre artists what do u expect) and had spent so much time arguing before they left that when they get to the class, there’s only 2 easels left. right next to each other. they agree to disagree, and decide to just ignore each other
  • the class starts smoothly enough, but WHOOP the model is a guy, and when he strips to start doing the poses, lance loses whatever shred of professionalism he had and squeaks, and keith is no better off
  • they share a look that says “oh no he’s HOT” and go through the entire class bright red
  • this leads to a sort of truce
  • they still dont get along too well, but now keith will go to lance because he needs colored pencils, and lance tries to clean up as best as he can, but its hard, sue him
  • and a sort of tentative friendship develops
  • so time passes and theyve learned how to handle each other, and they have another class together. when they show up to the class, the professor gives the class a project; they have to recreate someome or something important to them in the medium they think suits the subject best
  • lance’s mind immediately jumps to his family, but when he looks over to keith, soft hair falling over his face, chewing on the end of a pencil, it hits him
  • his first reaction is to be insulted that its KEITH of all people, moody and broody keith, who gripes about lance’s mess, who has a MULLET for gods sake, but its also the keith that nodded his head when lance told him he was bisexual, who answered “im gay”, keith who distracts him with bad jokes and chipped nail polish and stupid bets, and he decides its ok
  • keith on the other hand is completely lost. the only family he really had was shiro, and the only thing really important to him was simply art, but he figured a lot of people were doing that
  • and back in their dorm, when they’re both working, and keith needs a very specific marker, and lance gives it to him without thinking, he stops
  • lance, who insists on being his rival, who is constantly picking on keith and calling him out, but its also lance that gives him obscure materials, doesnt push him about his past, who sings in the shower but its grounding and keith accepts it
  • this leads to very bad attempts at drawing the other when hes not looking
  • i hope you never have to draw someone when they keep moving its impossible
  • its been weeks and the project is due soon, lance is out, and keith stayed back to work. when he ends up needing some different markers because none of them are the right blue of lance’s eyes, he heads over to his desk
  • it looks like a warzone
  • keith spends almost 5 minutes trying to find the markers, and he stumbles across lance’s sketchbook
  • lo and behold its filled with drawings of him, and keith’s initial reaction is to freak out, but he realizes that it must mean lance feels the same way, and he’s elated and a little terrified, but he’s never been one to sit around, and decides to tell lance when he gets back
  • when lance shows up, keith doesnt even end up saying anything, just shoving his open sketchbook into lance’s arms
  • and as lance flips through his face lights up, because keith feels the same way  and he’s so excited  and this poor noodle cant think through something to save his life, and he just smooches keith
  • keith is 100% behind this
  • keith ends up doing his final piece in as many mediums as he possibly can
  • lance does his in charcoal with a red wash
  • they both pass


@leefa-fr SURPRISE here’s the color version.

He’s got blue eyes but shhh let’s ignore it.
ALSO his green markings sort of glow in the dark a little bit.

@wrenfeathers I did a thing.

Dear Jamie, Part Two

SO, my Dear Jamie Fic from earlier this week was not at all intended to be a two-parter.

 I concluded the last piece with the idea that Brianna chose not to write to Jamie because, deep down, she already knew that one day she would go through the stones herself.

However, thanks to the request of a lovely anon, I’ve written a wee follow up, and while it wasn’t part of the original plan, I am SO VERY HAPPY with it. 

I was so inspired, in fact, that I couldn’t even wait until next week to share it.

So anon, whoever you may be, THANK YOU, and I hope this speaks to you.


Dear Jamie, Part Two 


November, 1766

Jamie woke in the night with a jolt. Then he relaxed and nearly went to tears from joy. Claire, his Claire, had walked into his shop today, and was now lying here beside him, as perfect and graceful as though she had been carved of white stone.

Mo ghraidh,” he whispered to her in the dark. His love. His everything. The spoken word, inspired by tenderness, came out sounding unmistakably urgent, almost anxious in the still of the night, and small wonder, if so. He wanted so badly to touch her. Wanted to kiss every inch of her. Wanted to draw her close against him, around him, and not let go for another twenty years. But she was sleeping so peacefully…and he was fair starved.

Raising himself quietly out of the bed, he tiptoed carefully in the direction of the door. He hadn’t had time to restock the bedside table, but his stomach was growling loud enough to merit a trip down to the kitchens. After a moment’s reflection, he plucked his shirt from the end of the bed and pulled it over his head as he walked. The sight of a naked man would certainly be no novelty in this place, but surely Claire wouldn’t be pleased to learn after the fact that–

Temporarily blinded by the shirt still halfway over his face, his toe collided with the leg of a wooden chair and he stumbled, flailing in the darkness and catching whatever had been resting on the chair in the crook of his thumb as he grappled with the air. A clatter resounded as whatever it was catapulted across the floor, he himself following suit right behind it.

Subsuming a string of curses into a low growl, he snapped his head in the direction of the bed. Thankfully, somehow, Claire was still asleep. Toe still throbbing, he stumped across to the fire and stoked it, bringing light into the darkened room so that he might survey the damage.

It was Claire’s traveling satchel that he had happened to grab while falling. He had apparently flung it quite hard, for what appeared to be the entirety of its contents were now strewn across the floor. He got to his hands and knees to gather the detritus.

A small pouch of coins.

A packet of….he didn’t rightly know what they were, at that. Needles, some narrow glass cylinders of some sort, and what looked to be tiny, colored pebbles. Baffled, he replaced their pouch carefully in the satchel.

Some papers.

A pair of gloves.

A white envelope. Strange, he thought, that it should be sealed so, without any trace of wax. And made of the smoothest paper he’d ever felt. Lord, was this elegant stuff what they used for letters in the future? Whatever was inside was heavy, as far as paper went. He gingerly tried flexing it: stiff as a board. Curious, he turned it over to examine the front, and his heart very nearly stopped.

Dear Jamie.

It wasn’t Claire’s hand, he’d have sworn to it. His heart pounded.

There was only one other person alive two hundred years hence who would know his name and have reason to…

Dear Jamie.

Unopened…Surely, if Claire had known of this, she would have given it to him with the photographs and the lass’s kiss?

Dear Jamie.

Hands shaking, he groped on the nearby table for his knife and knelt by the fire, carefully slitting the thing open. Even in the dim light, he could see a flash of bright color within. Another photograph, then? It’s the proper size for it, to be sure. Gingerly, he took hold of the thing between his fingertips and withdrew it into the light.

“Good God in Heaven,” he breathed, meaning every word.

It was perfect. The colors so rich and real. Every detail of the house, the valley, all of it captured in exquisite detail, as though every daub of paint was made of the very earth and air of Lallybroch. The very color of the stone of the house. The exact way the mountain cast its shadows in late afternoon. The slope and swoop of the fields and pastures he knew by heart. The exact bend and grace of the tree by the dooryard, in full October glory. It was all there, captured in tiny, miraculous strokes.

And in the foreground, three figures sat on the crest of the broch hill, their backs to view. A woman–dark hair loose and flowing, gowned in green and brown–leaned back easily on both hands, head turned in profile to smile fondly at her companions. A red-haired man in shirt and plaid (the tartan all wrong, but that didn’t matter) was pointing to something in the distance. His face was hidden from view, but his head was cocked low as though to better hear the wee lass. She was very young indeed, surely no more than five or so. She was leaned against him, snuggled right against his hip and supported by his arm planted behind her. Her eyes, chin, and tiny snub nose were just visible behind the tremendous curtain of copper. She wasn’t following the direction in which he pointed, though. She was looking up into his face.

Jesus, lass…” he tried to croak, but couldn’t manage it. He was, quite literally, dumbstruck.

It was as if she had reached in and plucked the scene directly from his dreams, those deepest and most closely-guarded of his dreams. Created in abject loneliness, played over and over in his mind; a tiny respite, an ounce of fleeting salvation to which he had clung amid so many years of darkness, and cold, and longing. To see it here played out, practically breathing in his hand…

A sob burst forth to break the night silence, and he pressed the back of his hand hard to his lips, unable to tear his eyes away, no matter how fiercely they stung.

Claire’s photographs had shown him another world. This…

This showed him his.

Shaking, barely able to see for the dark and tears, he turned the tiny, precious thing over, losing his breath entirely as he read the words; the two most beautiful words that had ever been written to him.



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ate, i have a question. i tried your mixing colors tutorial and it works fine, but my colors always turn out desaturated, and when i increase the saturation filter, its tops looking harmonious. how do you make your colors a bit more saturated but still harmonious?

This is actually kinda hard to explain because it depends on your technique in utilizing color and the sort of palette you choose to use. But it mostly centers on how well you are in changing the hue, saturation, contrast and color intensity as well as the color and opacity of a new color that is added using overlay, multiply, luminosity and screen. So this means that you have to make your color palette clear before even starting the piece.

Some important tips:

1. Do all of the color mixing before actually applying it to your work because as you color you will tend to add new colors which is why you have to make sure that your flats are the final color you want.

2. Remember that flat colors set the tone so make sure that it is already harmonious to the piece and your palette.

3. When you are mostly done with coloring you can adjust the  hue, saturation, contrast and color intensity a little bit just to make it either more vibrant or dull but changing the settings too high or low will result in an awkward color arrangement because it shows how the original colors were not harmonious in the first place.

I’m super sorry if this might not be the best explanation because it really depends on how you draw and since our styles are different then my technique might not end up being the same for you. Maybe you should try experimenting on color first and see how you apply shades to best understand. 

oh my it been a week already…

I did art this week but not something i feel showing in the art blog. Mostly it was screwing around in rpg maker and making very bad autotiles and fixing Alice colors, cus mine default color choices in sprites tend to be very pale in values.

so here’s wip picture of Alice and planning is hard. Like i think her costume was supposed to be like a space suit of sorts but instead its more like a weird pajama?.. at least its cute right?

yeah, the idea about yn game jam still excite me, but i kinda keep worried if i even will be alble to pull off something…

Does anyone else ever get a little tired of the usual RotBTD Hogwarts sorting patterns? Always one main character per house, always choosing this one characteristic or that to justify placements, always running up against others who go for different characteristics for an alternate placement and wondering how?

I did. It didn’t make sense that Hiccup, Rapunzel, Jack, and Merida would each necessarily fall into different houses, or that they would slot into each so completely and perfectly that in much of the fandom there’s little discussion room for alternatives.

Still, I get the symmetry. Four movies, four main human protags, four houses…how could one resist?

So…I did something a little different.

What if…just what ifthese four characters were indeed all wizards and witches. What if they did live in the same era and in more or less the same place? But what if instead of attending a school of magic as children, they founded it as adults?

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So I was about to finish watching Life is Strange for probably the 15th-ish time(I know I should stop) when I noticed in the last scene of the finale…

Most of the colors of this scene aren’t eye-catching or anything, including the characters’ black outfits(because funeral, duh) and the basic background. But those flowers near Victoria and Justin at the funeral? It’s green, red, and yellow, definitely standing out from the other objects(despite its position which made it hard to notice the first time through…)

So I took a good look at it. It kept looking familiar until it occurred to me that

It sort of resembles Chloe Price’s arm tattoo

Is this just a coincidence?

On an obscure level, I do feel like the flowers faintly reference the tattoo.

I mean, Chloe’s dead body in a casket(which by the way is the only other noticeable thing in the frame) is right next to it, which maybe fills the tattoo skull’s role. And the blue morpho butterfly comes in at the end to complete what is shown in the tattoo image.

The flowers, dead Chloe, and the butterfly all in the scene=her tattoo.

I do already know that the tattoo symbolizes+foreshadows many things including death and sacrifice and stuff like that. (Source of this knowledge is one of @geekremix videos, about Chloe, which I saw decades ago and is too lazy to check which one lol)

But those flowers in the final scene really struck me as important, and even if I’m totally off, it was an interesting thing to look at nonetheless.

I was tagged by @annedey. Thank you!

Relationship Status: Single. Forever.

Favorite Color: Red

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick

Last Song I Listened To: About You - Hamasaki Ayumi

Last Movie I Watched: Hidden Figures

Top 3 TV Shows: I don’t watch much TV, so I had to think back hard on this one. I tend to like most historical dramas, especially those on Chinese history, they’re so opulent! My favorite is The Legend of Zhen Huan. Its sort-of not-really sequel, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, seems very promising and I think once it airs it’ll certainly top my list. I also adored Pushing Daisies. And I do enjoy Doctor Who, though I watch it in bits.

Top 3 Characters: 1) My number one favorite character is forever Luffy from One Piece. I can’t say that I’ve not outgrown my ardor for the series but I’ll always love my darling rubber boy. 2) Bayonetta. Fabulous witch senpai, please step on me with your heels. Seriously though, she was such an inspiration to me. My graduation thesis was on her. 3) Of course, I can’t leave out someone from Hellsing, but it’s a tough choice between Integra and Seras. I’ll say it’s a tie, I love them both so much. Obviously.

Top 3 Ships: 1) To no one’s surprise, Alucard x Integra from Hellsing. 2) Bayonetta x Jeanne. 3) Wait, what was my third? Well I guess the only ships I actually currently give a shit about are those two. I have a soft spot for Luffy x Nami, but it’s not exactly an “otp” since I’d rather have no romance in One Piece. Sometimes I have intense Integra x Seras feels that go beyond my usual motherly/sisterly headcanons. But that’s a story for another time.

Books I’m Currently Reading: Why the World Does Not Exist by Markus Gabriel (Korean edition)

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SCREAMS because im so sorry I wasn't clear,,,, I meant to ask like what's your process of when you color a picture?

I JUST PREPARED A SPEED PAINT LOL IM SORRY ;;______;; i will upload a image by image tutorial if youd like tomorrow but it was sort of hard to approach at first so i thought id record myself. SORRY SORRY SORRY SO—

oh i have a bad habit of flipping the canvas too so it looks jittery and im not sure why photoshop is so glitchy lol. i think the gamma from my new desktop really skews my colors.

i hate the way i color tbqh 8^)

I did! A thing! 

First of all, let me be very clear in saying I didn’t actually draw this. I just lined and colored my best bud @bucketofchum ‘s original sketch. If you like this one, pls go like its origin! 

This was really really fun. I know my pitiful attempt at shading is just that, but I still liked playing around with it. Also don’t talk to me about hands because wow that shit’s hard I really need to be practicing generating my own sketches and such…but probably don’t be surprised if you see more of this sort of thing. 

So I found this candle at Rue 21 of all places and it’s surprisingly good.

Between the art of the front and the color I knew I needed it. Its a rather complex scent. It can tell theres some sort of flowering tree and maybe a berry? Due to the cotton in the art I suspecr thats in there too somehow. There’s no scent description anywhere so it’s hard to put my thumb on what exactly it is. But it’s also not heavy for having several scents blended together.

I don’t know why it’s called “hello fall” as it definitely smells more like a late spring sort of scent to me, but whatever.

I was just hella surprised to find a quality candle at the same store that sells shirts for like $3.

*KNB x TG Crossover* Ghoul! GOM and Kagami Headcanons

So, I’ve really gotten into the whole idea of KNB x TG, so I’m going to be posting stuff like this from time to time ;u; maybe upload a couple of drawings, too ;u; maybe ;u;

Wows, this took me a long time to get together, so I hope you all like my headcanons~!~

Akashi Headcanons:

★ Akashi would be a natural born Half Ghoul whose mother would have been a Human and strict father a Ghoul. Because of his unique natural mix of species, his father would be stricter and colder than he is already known to be.

★ Akashi would be able to blend in with Humans expertly, even somehow managing to mask his Ghoulish scent to keep himself hidden from any other Ghouls that may be nearby.

★ Akashi would have no affiliation with anybody. He wouldn’t necessarily be good or evil; he’d just be on his own side. Likewise, he would probably make his own organization for powerful Ghouls like himself.

★ Akashi’s alias would be The Two-Faced Fox due to the coloration and form of his Kagune along with his actual personality. He would be able to act as civilized as the highest classed Human and, likewise, be able to act as a very vicious Ghoul one wouldn’t want to deal with. He also has a very sharp tongue with a sly speech pattern that could easily convince anybody into thinking he was on their side or the other way around.

★ Despite his alias, Akashi would refuse to wear a mask to hide his identity. He would be too prideful of himself and would find no shame in showing who he was. He would also have no fear of any Dove that would find their way into his path.

★ Akashi would have a bright red Bikaku tail with streaks of amber gold by its tip, giving the image to the alias he was given. He would only ever use his Bikaku if totally and completely necessary, so those who do see it don’t live to tell the tale.

★ Due to the way he was brought up, Akashi would think that eating a Ghoul is the worst thing someone could do. It is the worst kind of taboo in his eyes and he would never do it himself. However, he wouldn’t care if somebody else cannibalized. It wouldn’t be his problem.

Aomine Headcanons:

★ Aomine would be a full pure bred Ghoul with a very aggressive nature. He would be one of those Ghouls who deems a specific portion of a ward his own turf and any other Ghoul who would dare step foot in his territory would most certainly regret it.  

★ Aomine wouldn’t be part of any organization and, instead, would be a Rogue Ghoul. Basically what this means is that he would plan out his own attacks against Doves and Ghouls on his own. Sometimes he’d have other Ghouls come with him, sometimes not.

★ Aomine would have a very strong hatred towards any and all Humans. Whenever he gets the chance to kill one of them, it’s complete man slaughter. For him to actually enjoy a Human’s company would be a complete miracle. You would have to be something very special for him to give a damn and give you a chance. However, just because most of his hatred is focused on Humans, doesn’t mean he’s very fond of his own race. He would be proud of what he was, but would generally have a very prominent disliking towards a lot of his own people as well.

★ Aomine’s alias would be The Formless Panther because of the fact that he would prefer to hunt and plan out his strikes at night, hidden away in the shadows. He would also have a mask that resembles a Panther’s facial features.

★ Aomine would have four slick pitch black Rinkaku tentacles as his Kagune. His Rinkaku also adds to his alias because of the way people see him in the shadows before he attacks. First, they see his piercing Ghoulish black and red hues and then they’d see the swishing of his Rinkaku in the shadows. Due to the fact that there are four tentacles and his movements are so quick, nobody ever really gets a good look at him until he attacks.

★ Aomine would always wear an old Black Panther mask whenever he goes out to kill or hunt. He wouldn’t care if somebody saw who he was, but that would mean a lot more trouble with the Doves that he really wouldn’t want to deal with. His mask would have no zipper, but instead, a gaping mouth in which his own would show off his bloodied lips and twisted grin.

★ Aomine would both kill for sport and be a binge eater. He wouldn’t care what he eats, be it Human or Ghoul, so he would be in danger of being a Kakuja, but he wouldn’t care all too much. He wouldn’t be the sanest Ghoul to begin with, so becoming a Kakuja would just mean more abilities. However, he would keep check of it. He’d rather not become a Kakuja, but if it comes to it, so be it.

Kagami Headcanons:

★ Kagami would be a pure bred Ghoul, but wouldn’t be too proud of it like others are. He wouldn’t hate who he was, but he would feel very apprehensive of showing his true self to people because of the constant prejudice towards his species. He would be a very tame Ghoul despite his fiery personality as well. He would refuse to use his Kagune and hurt anybody without necessity. He would find it to be an unnecessary cruelty to kill people in such a manner.

★ Kagami would often times starve himself. Though he does have quite an appetite, he wouldn’t have the heart to constantly kill a living, breathing Human each time he needs to eat. However, due to his starvation, this would also sometimes lead him to a rampage when the hunger becomes too much. He wouldn’t even realize he’s gone on a killing spree until he finally sees himself coated in blood, feasting on his fresh kills.

★ Kagami would be in affiliation with the Anteiku crew. Thankfully, because of their kind staff, he wouldn’t have to starve as often with their help. Of course, to repay their kindness when they give him food from suicide victims and all, he would work for them and be a very cooperative member to the gang.

★ Kagami, despite the nervousness he would feel because of what he was, would be able to make friends with both Humans and Ghouls. He would see no reason why he couldn’t befriend both species, so he would do his best to be as friendly as possible with everyone who returned the treatment to him.

★ Kagami’s alias would be The Chimaera because of his mixed, very differing Kagunes and choice of mask. None of it would seem to match to one specific known being and this would earn him his mythological title.

★ Kagami would have a deep crimson red pair of Ukaku wings with thick bases and thin membranes along with a slick bright red Bikaku tail because of the mix his parents would have. His Ukaku would resemble the wings of a Dragon, the membranes having very dark cherry red veins running through them. In contrast to the Ukaku’s dark appearance, his Bikaku would be long and bright with a split at the end, both tips spanning out into a thick oval shape with sharpened ends. His Bikaku would almost look like a two headed snake, closely resembling the snake tail of the mythological Chimaera everybody is so accustomed to.

★ Contrary to his Kagune, Kagami would have a mask made especially by Uta in a Tiger’s patterns because of the connection the mask maker would make with his first name. It would be a full-face mask in a Bengal Tiger’s colors, but the mouth would be permanently zipped closed into a snarl because of his dislike of eating.

Kise Headcanons:

★ A pure bred like most of the GOM, Kise would be a kind coffee loving Ghoul. He wouldn’t be too keen on eating Human, but he would do it to survive.

★ Kise would be a very good natured Ghoul in affiliation with the Anteiku gang. He would be known as a very sweet and cheerful waiter in the quaint café who is always seen with a cup of coffee nearby. He would do anything to play his hunger out and detain it as much as he could. However, he would not starve himself. He would simply hunt whenever it is absolutely necessary.

★ Kise would make it a point to be friends with both species, Human and Ghoul. He would be a strong believer of equality between the races, seeing no point in hating the people who simply react to their predators.

★ Kise would have a great fear of Kakujas and ever becoming one. He would see the Kakuja state as one that would completely and totally envelope who a person is, swallowing them whole forever. His worst nightmare would be becoming a Kakuja despite the fact that he refuses to ever eat another Ghoul.

★ Kise’s alias would be The Copy Cat because of the mix of his peculiar techniques whenever he is faced in some sort of a fight with Doves and Ghouls alike. He wouldn’t just attack with his own moves; he would study his opponent, learn how they work, before striking them twice as hard with near perfect copies of their moves depending on who his opponent is.

★ Kise would have sort of an albino Bikaku tail. The eggshell white color of his Kagune would add to his alias because of the technical blank canvas that the color gives off. The tail would be thin by his lower back, but would thicken towards its tip almost like a fluffed up cat’s tail without the fur.

★ Kise would receive his alias name before joining Anteiku and getting a mask. So, when he is advised to hide his identity with one, it would only be natural to him to base it off of his alias. His mask would be a pure white color that would only cover his mouth with a very wide Cheshire like zipper-grin.        

Kuroko Headcanons:

★ Though Kuroko would be a full Ghoul, not many would really believe it. He would be very good at keeping what he was a secret despite not really trying to. Because of his low presence, not many people would notice him, anyways, so it would be easy for him to go about both Ghoul and Human territory without being noticed.

★ In the place of his vanilla shakes, Kuroko would always be seen drinking coffee. Now, he wouldn’t necessarily drink it just because it helps keep his hunger in control, but simply because he enjoys the drink that both species can share.

★ Everywhere he goes, Kuroko would carry around those ‘special sugar cubes’ with him. Since he would try to have coffee as often as he could, this would just be a must in his book to help keep him feeling full and happy.

★ Just like Kagami, Kuroko’s affiliation would be with Anteiku. He would actually be the one to introduce the redhead to the quaint café and would help him learn the ropes on how things work there. He would be very devoted to the small café and sort of be its little ghost, scaring customers there with his little presence all the time.

★ Kuroko’s alias would be The Shadow for very obvious reasons. His little presence is something that would greatly influence his name and the fact that no Dove would be able to get a good look of him at the time of naming him. They would know very little because of that and the fact that he isn’t one to get into too much trouble.

★ Kuroko would find it unnecessary to wear a mask since nobody really has a specific description or idea of who he is despite the fact that he would be filed in the CCG’s database. Though many at Anteiku would try to convince him to get a mask, he would insistently refuse.

★ Kuroko would rarely release his Kagune, but when he does, two dark smoky gray Ukaku wings with no real distinct shape would sprout from his upper back, adding further to his alias and the real shadow he actually is.

Midorima Headcanons:  

★ Midorima would be a very indifferent pure bred Ghoul. He wouldn’t care for either the Human or Ghoul species, only really being on good terms with those he seems to get along with and those he could benefit from.

★ Midorima would not care about what he was and what people thought of him or his race. He would live his life normally like any other person would. The only difference with him would be the fact that he would go out on specific nights to hunt for his meals.

★ It would be pretty troublesome in Midorima’s opinion to constantly have to be hunting, so he would hunt down his kills, eat his filling, and package a couple of packs of meat to bring home. He would preserve the packs of meat for as long as he could until he would have to repeat the process over again.

★ Midorima would have no affiliation with anybody. In his eyes, none of the sides mattered. He would feel that everybody was making too much of a big deal over the other species, so he would be a simple Ghoul living in his home on his own terms like any other ordinary person.

★ Despite the fact that he would be a very neutral and generally none confrontational Ghoul, Midorima would have a record within the CCG’s database due to past run-ins when he was hunting. The alias given to him would be The Orb Weaver. He would gain this alias because of his strategic and rather complex hunting methods that would bring his victim into his clutches one-hundred percent of the time. It is said, after all, that the Orb Weaver Spider is the keeper of fate and when someone is in his sights, their fate is sealed.

★ Living up to his alias, Midorima would have a set of four long, slick and thin Rinkaku tentacles deeply set in forest green with specs of light gray over their lengths. His Kagune would give off the illusion that he were a large spider with the way he uses them, carrying him about and grasping his prey like a real Orb Weaver.

★ Because of his neutral standing in the mixed up world of Ghouls and Humans, Midorima would find it pointless to have a mask with which to hide his identity with. He wouldn’t see the Doves as much of a threat to him since he himself wouldn’t go out of his way in search for trouble. Basically his way of thinking would be that if he leaves the Doves alone, the Doves will leave him alone.

Murasakibara Headcanons:

★ Murasakibara would be the rare unnaturally made Half Ghoul. He would have gotten into some sort of accident just like our beloved Kaneki and would be given an organ transplant which changes his very being forever. This would be a devastating blow to him because, all of a sudden, all the food he used to love binge eating would make him sick.

★ At first, Murasakibara would be in denial of what he had become. He would refuse to accept the fact that he can’t eat Human food and would try to force it down, but even when he succeeds to keep it in his system, he would still be unsatisfied. The taste would still be absolutely atrocious to him, but he wouldn’t be able to let go of his precious sweets and junk food so easily.

★ For a while in the start, Murasakibara would actually starve without intending to. Having his life so suddenly flipped upside down, he wouldn’t really know how to control his new Kagune and would be extremely apprehensive to the thought of eating a Human. However, when the hunger finally gets to be too much, he would unintentionally allow the new voice in his head to take control and kill quite a few people in alleyways all throughout the ward he lived in. When he finally comes to again after his first snap, he would realize what he had done and finally accept what he is.

★ At some point, Murasakibara would meet The Manager after a long while of running from the CCG and binge eating both Humans and Ghouls. He would have gained quite a reputation amongst both races and this would be how The Manager finds out about him. Being the kind man he is, The Manager would offer him a position back in his café and help with food and controlling his hunger-triggered habits. Not seeing much other paths to take, Murasakibara would accept.

★ Murasakibara, due to his large build and the way he would so easily kill and devour anybody in his way regardless of their race, would be given the alias The Tank by CCG. Living up to his alias, he would actually seem to have a high tolerance to the insanity that follows cannibalism. Now, this doesn’t mean he would be completely immune. No, it just means that, for an unnatural Half Ghoul, he would be able to retain his normal personality longer than expected.

★ Murasakibara would have a steely gray thick Koukaku that winds over his upper back to completely cover his arms (depending on how he chooses to use them) with long sharpened ends. His Kagune would be a great reliance he’d have on defense and it would be another reason why he earned the title CCG gave him, but don’t underestimate their bulky appearance. Though they are amazing for defense, their sharpened ends are made to kill.

★ Murasakibara would be completely against wearing a mask at first because he wouldn’t want to hide who he is. He’d find it to be a rather dumb gesture since most people would know him for the reputation he picked up before Anteiku, but eventually, he would be coaxed into getting one anyway. His mask would closely resemble the one the infamous villain Bane from Batman would use, but the mouth piece would instead be bolted shut with large, thick screws to build around his alias.

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3. WHAT ARE YOU TALENTED AT? im pretty good at writing but thats bc i’ve been doing it since 6th grade and its my passion and i’ve worked hard to get to my current skill level. i dont really believe in a “natural talent” sort of thign u know??? if u want to get better at something, you need to work for it!!

4. WHAT IS A BIG GOAL YOU ARE WORKING TOWARDS/HAVE ALREADY ACHIEVED? um i just hit 10k in a oneshot im writing which is the longest solo thing i’ve ever written so im pretty proud about that


6. DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING? i dont necessarily collect anything but im a fuckin pack rat so i keep EVERYTHING

7. WHAT IS A TOPIC YOU ALWAYS BRING UP IN CONVERSATION? without fail i will always bring up my OTPs or whatever im currently obsessed with. 


9. GOOD ADVICE TO GIVE? um im shit at advice but?? i guess just to reiterate what i said earlier if u want to get better at something, u gotta work at it! i didnt come out of my moms vagina writing 10/10 prose i used to suck ASSHOLE when it came to writing but i really liked it so i kept doing it and i took classes and i got critiqued and now im actually pretty good! 

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friction - imagine dragons
down - marian hill

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teatime-brutality  asked:

Rosy Rupeeland is REALLY HARD, Kristie! It is really hard and unfair and mean! I have tried playing it so many times and each time made a right pig's ear of it. How do you get on with it?

Rupeeland is way hard for me too! But too wonderfully strange for me to avoid. Capitalism: The Game is a concept fitting for Tingle in a odd sort of way. What I find difficult is all the spending while you’re saving ON TOP of bleeding out money whenever you get hurt. Its a game where I feel easily defeated but more intense about than any other Zelda property. THE STAKES ARE SO HIGH. 

One day I know I’ll have to try and play Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip because Tingle + Puzzles + Dating Sim + The Wizard of Oz is frightfully me. 

Hey, I’m curious to hear what you think about this one. It was my first tattoo, and I still love it despite the flaws.

Hi! Thanks for the submission, we’re happy you still love your tattoo!

I suppose the first critique I have is legibility, since it took me a minute to figure out the dog (wolf?) on its back. It’s sort of hard to tell, but it does look like there’s some varying line weight and too-thin lines in places like the neck, legs, and face, and perhaps some anatomical quirks as a result (then again, that could be a style thing too- the wolf in particular looks sort of disney-esque). 

I’m intrigued by the coloring because, while it does look a bit faint, the little speckles in the middle have me curious as to what it looked like when it was fresh. Was it space-themed? Honestly I think you could have done a lot worse for a first tattoo, especially considering you still love it! 

- peach mod