it's sort of flattering

So If I get this mess clear, they’re pushing the story that her family and father are flattered that a guy wrote a song about her supposedly having sex with him and made it public to the entire world… ????? What parents in their right mind would let this be a thing???

Okay, Im a lil miffed so let me be clear.
I dont care if Oranhamme and Fairy fit the mold of whatever it is you’re into. Dont draw them being eaten by your characters, eating your characters, or just anything that is that sort of ‘intimate’ in nature. Seriously, dont. Its not flattering, its creepy. Especially when I dont even know you. That is like an instant way for me to want to have nothing to do with you.

If you see me postin or rebloging something like that chances are its from a friend who I trust and feel comfortable with and has received permission from me prior.

If you dont know whether or not something is okay then just ask me. Please. Just. Ask. Me. I might not get to it right away but then wait. Dont assume its okay just because you didnt get an immediate answer. If you’re afraid to ask then chances are ID PROBABLY SAY NO SO DONT DO IT!

I know these types of themes pop up in Monster Office and they can be fun to joke about but that does not mean you automatically get a free pass to treat someone’s characters however you like.

This doesnt apply to just my characters, this goes for everyones characters. If you dont know whether someone is okay with you flirting with them, teasing them, or touching them in a way that might make someone uncomfortable then dont do it until you know theyre okay with it. Dont assume. Ask politely. Dont Push. Get permission. If you dont get permission then drop it.

This is starting to happen to more characters and if this is going to be a situation Im going to start blocking and banning people. And if that doesnt work I will consider closing Monster Office down because I dont want this place to be grounds for  people to push their own likes and dislikes onto other people and their characters.

End rant.