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the perfect space

inuchiyo (maeda toshiie) x mc (misaki kasagi)

a/n: i heard it was a certain puppy dog’s birthday and decided to join in on the celebration, enjoy~!!

“Are you happy?” He asks, voice low, drawing lazy circles on her shoulder with his thumb. Misaki furrows her brows, shifting in their bedding until she’s facing him.

“What kind of question is that?” She teases, but Inuchiyo’s eyes are serious, if a little sad. His hand, which he had retracted as she moved, now winds a strand of her hair around his index finger. He looks at it rather than her, cheeks flushed pink and strands of black hair falling in his eyes. His eyebrows are pinched, a show of concentration that looks almost like anger.

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chaymino  asked:

Why don't you use a Tablet for art? Do you not like them or is it because they're too expensive? There isn't anything wrong with using a mouse or anything, I'd just imagine it'd be easier with a tablet?

I just don’t want to bother with a tablet.

My mouse works for me just fine, and I never struggle with using it, because I’ve had over 10 years of practice using it.

Also, getting a tablet would mess up my regular routine for drawing, and would take up too much space on my work desk, and I like having room to move things around or draw. 

And, it would take far too long for me to learn how to use it after so much practice of using a mouse. Every time I’ve attempted to draw a picture with a tablet before, it’s ended up a scribbly, unrecognizable mess.

For me, tablets are just unnecessary. I don’t need them, all they will do is waste my money on something that won’t even help me draw. I’m just fine with the equipment I have at the moment.

(W-was somebodies birthday oops an hour late)

I don’t know if you guys have seen those ridiculous ‘oc meme’ things but they are awesome and they 100% inspired this unspeakably weird piece.

SO WE GOT CAM, ROWAN, GABE, @nicoleships TAM, @vigorouslygreen BABYPRAMS BIRTHDAYBOY, @coffeesheizendraws COFFEE(–table doyougetithahahahahhaah), LA, @madeofeyebrows JAMS, BLUE, @delilyrous LILY, NICK, @owlizard OWL, KAT, AND @hexabeast HEXA!

the signs as 13 year olds
  • aries: gets detention every single day and probably sets stuff on fire
  • taurus: the only cool one who brings cake to school when its somebodys birthday
  • gemini: the "WAFFLES!!!! im so random XD" kid
  • cancer: emo af, probably thinks theyre super edgy
  • leo: the first to hit puberty
  • virgo: biggest nerd, probably has colour coded binders and everything
  • libra: the one with the superwholock phase
  • scorpio: weird goth who pretends to be a misanthrope
  • sagittarius: annoying jock, probably wears basketball shorts regardless of weather.
  • capricorn: teacher's pet, acts like theyre 80 and probably licks their finger before turning the page in a book
  • aquarius: the "The crap they make today isn't REAL music. I only listen to The Beatles. I differ." kid
  • pisces: the one inevitably obsessed w/ either horses, dragons or wolves
I Think Its Somebody’s Birthday!

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Pairing: Sam x reader, (brief) Dean x reader

Warnings: Nothing except fluffiness

Word Count: 2,291

A/N: I so wanted to write something for the youngest Winchester so I did. 

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You told Dean about your plan briefly the night before while Sam was taking his shower. “Tomorrow is Sam’s birthday.” You start off with before you are stopped and cut off by your future brother-in-law. “I know when my little brother’s birthday is woman.” Dean exclaimed. “As I was saying. It’s Sam birthday and I want to do something.” You smiled widely as a way to get Dean on board with your plan. 

“You know how Sam feels about doing anything for his birthday, Y/N.” Dean was right about something for once. “Does it look like I care? No!” You realized you sounded a little bit like Bobby when you said that. “I’m listening.” Dean said showing very little interest. “Okay well I need you to take him and out have a bro day and them bring him back on my cue and I can’t tell you the rest.”

You had a hard time holding back your giggles at Dean’s facial reaction. “You’re killing me, Y/N but alright.” Dean sighed and agreed to do it for you. You were beyond happy at your success at recruiting Dean. “Yay!” You squealed with excitement. Dean shook his head at you and rolled his eyes in the process.

“Y/N? Dean? Where are you guys?” Sam’s loud voice bounced off the long hallway of the bunker walls. “Not a word.” You said to Dean making the I am keeping my eye on you signal. Dean nodded his head and crossed his arms across his chest,

“Where in here Sam!” You called from Dean’s bedroom. Sam followed your voice and found you and Dean exactly how you were. “What are you guys doing?” Sam asked looking at you and Dean suspiciously. “Uh..nothing.” YOu and Dean said together. “Okay..” Sam threw his hands up in surrender as to whatever you and Dean were master minding. 

“Tomorrow is a bid day…” You chirped at Sam. Sam rolled his eyes at the fact that tomorrow was his birthday. “Oh, come on birthday boy! You have to be a little excited for your birthday, Sammy?” You poked fun at him.  “Oh yeah I’m turning lucky number 33.” Sam said full of sarcasm. “Oh cheer up Sammy it could be worst. You could be turning 40.” Dean pointed out.

“You’re closer to forty than I am old man,” Sam said with his confidence back in his voice,  “Oh really were going to that back up again.” Dean continued to roll his eyes. Sam laughed and you couldn’t stop smiling at the boys. “Well,” You said breaking into the conversation. “I think its time me and head to the bed. right Sam?” You looked lovingly into his eyes. Sam smiled down at you and said sure. 

“But we might be doing more than sleeping.” Sam winked as you and him walked out the door and saying good night to Dean. Then Sam scooped you up into his arms and carried you the rest of the way. Your face was bright red and you couldn’t stop giggling. Sam let out a hearty and you could hear Dean slamming his door. 

That made you and Sam laugh even more. Once ou and Sam got into the bed you found something on Netflix and you two cuddled close in the bed and you both fell asleep before the movie was even over. Then, at six o’clock Sam’s alarm starts to go off. You and Sam both groaned at the same time. Sam released you from his hold and he went to find his phone so he turn that blasted thing off. 

You turned over and threw a pillow on your head. But then you remembered. It’s Sam’s birthday! You decided you might as well get up now with Sam and make him breakfast and just enough for you and Dean whenever he wakes up. You roll over to your side after Sam shuts his annoying phone off and laid back down. 

“Happy Birthday, Honey.” You smiled sleepily. Sam smiled back at you with his eyes still closed. “You keep sleeping and I’ll let you know when your breakfast is ready.” You said kissing him on the cheek. You were about to get out of the bed when you were pulled back from a arm. Sam’s arm. 

“You don’t have to do that, Y/N.” Sam yawned. “Yes I do silly head. Its your birthday.” You said just to annoy him. Sam cracked one eye open at that comment. You laughed out loud but not too loud to wake poor Dean up too. Dean needs his beauty rest. “Let me go and I’ll be back soon okay?” You reassured Sam as he released his grip on you. 

“Okay!” Sam yawned again and rolled and you believed fell right back off to sleep. Which was never bad thing. You decided you would make him an assortment of things. Scrambled eggs, french toast, bacon, sasgage, and a few pancakes on the side. Nothing much. It was almost an hour when you went back for Sam, 

Sam wasn’t asleep though, he was finishing up the movie you didn’t finish the night before. You sat down on the edge of the bed and you finished it with him. “Your breakfast is ready.” You hummed. “I could smell it from in here, Y/n and you must have made quite a feast if you took you that long.” Sam rose an eyebrow. 

“You’ll find out once you get into the kitchen.” You said getting up and walking over to the door. “Close your eyes and I’ll lead you there!” You liked giving SAm surprises. Sam gave you a look and you told him to do it now.  And he did just that. 

“You can open them now.” You said grinning. Sam quickly opened his eyes and saw a fest fit for a king before him. “Oh my gosh, Y/N.” Sam shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t use this kitchen enough.” You said making up an excuse yourself. “That’s your excuse?”Sam scoffed as he filled his plate. 

“Okay its not my best but who cares!” You said sitting down across from him and getting some breakfast. You didn’t realize how hungry you were until you put something in your mouth. Damn you could cook. It wasn’t much later when Dean was able to sniff out there was breakfast. 

“Ooh breakfast!” Was the first thing that came out of his mouth. Dean came up from behind you and he rested his hands on your shoulders. He did those little things to annoy the crap out of you. You nudged him pretty hard in the side and looked up at him saying are you forgetting anything. Dean remembered after you made it crystal clear for him. 

“Oh Happy Birthday Sammy.” Dean said slightly hunched over from where you hit him. Sam laughed at his older brother and how he couldn’t even take a hit from his girlfriend. Dean proceeded to sit down and grab a bite to eat. After a little while you looked at Dean again and moved your head ever so slightly in Sam’s direction. Dean winked at you in response. 

“Hey I was thinking in a little while we could go out?” Dean didn’t know where yet but he’ll figure it out soon enough. “Uh sure where to?” Sam looked sort of confused. “Uh wherever you want to little bro.” Dean said with a grin of regret evident on his face. “Okay…maybe we could take ride over to that new museum that opened.” Sam decided to give that a shot.

“It’s settled then!” Dean forced himself to smile. Sam got up and went to get ready. You got up to clear the table and clean the kitchen. Dean stayed behind to talk to you. “Where is this museum?” You wondered out loud.”Forty- five minutes away.” Dean remembered something for the first time today. “Okay that should give me plenty of time and thank you again, Dean.” You really did appreciate him doing this for you. 

“This is nothing, Y/N.” Dean reassured you as he walked to go get dressed himself. Before you knew it both of the boys were dressed and heading at the door. “Have fun you two!” You yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Sam looked back at you and blew you a kiss from the doorway. You pretended to catch it with your hand. Dean made the shoot me sign with a gun to his head. 

You rolled your eyes at Dean being over dramatic again. This was your time to get everything ready for the big surprise. Hours felt like minutes and minutes felt like seconds. At 3:30 Dean texted you saying there were just leaving. Now you only had forty-five minutes to finish everything up. 

The cake was out of the oven and iced. Dinner was currently in the oven. You basically made another feast of food for whoever wants anything. Dean didn’t even though you have testing Charlie for the past couple of weeks and she is coming over and staying the night. Then you received a text from her. “I’ll be there in two.” Is what it said. Everything was working out perfectly. 

Now you had to get Sam’s present ready. It was just a little box with something big inside. That sounds impossible but it isn’t. Once you went over everything again and saw that it was close to perfection. You heard Charlie at the top of the stairs. 

“What’s up bitch?” Charlie squealed happily. You met her halfway up the stairs and you two hugged. Okay I need you to hid in the kitchen when the boys come home.” You said walking down together. Charlie was your only girlfriend. “They don’t even know I came? This just got even more interesting.” Charlie said giddily. 

You laughed at her silliness. Then you heard the roar of the engine from the impala. “They’re here! Go Hide!” You said pushing her into the kitchen where the party was at. “Were back!” Sam and Dean said at the same time. You met them at the bottom of the stairs. You kissed Sam hello and you asked the both of them how was it. 

Dean said it was just fine but Sam told you it was so cool. “Well, I have dinner ready if boys are hungry.” You welcomed them into the kitchen. “Let me wash my hands first.” Sam announced. You three enter the kitchen and they see Charlie. 

“How are my bitches?” Charlie smiled at their faces. Dean was a mix of happy and shocked and Sam was taken completely off guard. “Charlie, you’re here how did that happened?” Sam asked after Dean and him both gave her a hug. You were right behind them and you stood beside Charlie. 

“It was all Y/N, guys.” Charlie admitted. Sam and Dean looked at you with a little surprise. “I’m surprised you kept a secret that long, Y/N.” Dean smirked. You and Charlie gave him the stink eye. Dean’s face after that was priceless. 

“You two should be sisters.” Dean muttered under his breath lud enough to where you both still heard what he said. 

You both smiled at Dean’s answer. Sam just should his head at all three of you. “And wait I have another surprise!” You announced because you actuall almost forgot. 

You moved past everyone and you quickly went over to your bedroom. In there you took the little present you got for Sam out and dusted it off a little bit. You have had for quite awhile now and now you were able to finally give it to him. 

You walked back up to the kitchen with your next surprise in store for Sam. “This is the present I got you. I’m sorry it doesn’t look like much.” You said trying really hard to contain yourself.

“You don’t need to apologize for anything.” He said thanking and kissing you on the cheek. You handed him his present that was adorned with a bow. “Well, I are you going to open or not Winchester!” You joked. “Well I don’t want to ruin it.” Sam said tugging at the blue and pink ribbon. 

Charlie and Dean looked slightly confuse but after he finally opened the box and pulled his present out everyone understood. It was a picture. But it wasn’t just any picture of you and Sam. It was a picture from a ultrasound. The ultrasound picture was of a baby! Your baby! 

“Do you know what that is?” Sam’s eye widened when he realized. “It’s a baby It’s our baby!” Sam yelled loudly. 

Then he looked at you and then your belly. “You’re going to be a mom and I’m going to be a DAD!” He yelled out even more. He wrapped you in a hug and asked how long have you known. 

“About a month. That’s where I’ve been going off to.” You admitted after your hug. 

“I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it! This is the best birthday present every honey!” Sam said hugging you again. 

“Well believe it because pretty soon we’ll be chasing him or her around.” You smiled at Sam. 

“This is so cool! Congratulations guys!!” Charlie came over and hugged you and Sam and she wanted to get a better look at the pictures. Dean clapped his little brother on the back and then he came over to you. 

He hugged and he whispered in your ear.

“You did a good job, Y/N.” Dean said kissing you softly on the cheek. 

This is everything you ever wanted in life. Now that you have achieved that goal you have to make a new one. 

But what? 

The End!! 

Happy Birthday Betty ♥

A testament to the phrase that age is but a number, many many wonderful wishes to you, Betty White, on your 90th birthday! Your kindness and warmth never fail to leap off the screen and into the hearts of millions of people and that is among the many reasons why you always were, are, and will remain my favourite Golden Girl. Thanks for the laughs and wild fun. And thank you for being a friend, the greatest friend