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About how much in total is a nendo (for the Hetalia ones), including shipping fees and what not, in USD?

Based on my experience the average Nendo is around 40USD to buy from the source (Japanese retailers) - shipping included. Unless they lack extra parts, Nendos tend to start at around 3500 yen, which rounds out to maybe 30 dollars with currency conversions (will vary with the payment method).

This was the total for Japan on AmiAmi when shipped ALONE by the cheapest option:

(35-6 USD total after my bank converted it and charged their international fee) Assuming future Nendos won’t have meticulous or many extra parts that’ll cause a jump in their price, expect the cost to be around this much.

Princess Lucy Heartfilia requested by @lucyanna-art

I worked on this one for a few months, trying new things and determining my style. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I’ll be continuing with my other requests as well so if you requested something it’ll be out sooner or later!

You can buy this print at my art print shop:


every time bts’ releases merchandise information ,,, SOEMTHINGGG FROM THE LIST TRENDS IN KOREA

last time it was essay it’s the lenticulars oh my